This is the 10th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick & Fluttershy

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob

Story #1: Transcript

Robo-Sponge returns (Part 1)

(In Robotnik's lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (checking the chart) Sonic the Hedgehog, I know everything about you!

Plankton: Spongebob Squarepants, you'll be down for the count.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And I've used this information to create--(thought: Now I know I've said this before, but this time I really mean it)--The Ultimate Evil Robot! (wraps the Chart like a curtain)...PSEUDO-SONIC!!

Pseudo-Sonic: (a robot that looks like Sonic) At your service, oh great and overweight one!

Plankton: And now I've used an electronic brain instead for the robot chef. Now he'll responde to my orders & I named him ROBOT SPONGEBOB!
Robot Spongebob

Robot SpongeBob

Robot Spongebob: (arrives, now has a Robotic Brain) At your service, Plankton.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Aside from knowing how to properly address his superiors, Pseudo-Sonic has many powers...let's see..."Requires 3500 AA batteries"...No-that's not one...

Pseudo-Sonic: (rattles in anger) (picks up Dr. Robotnik & litterally goes through the wall)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: EEEEEEYOW!...That's it! His speed is equal to that of the hated Hedgehog

Plankton: Whao! (sarcastic) Think you can do that?

Robot Spongebob: Response: Yes I do! (picks up Plankton & goes through the hole Pseudo-Sonic made)

Plankton: YIPE! I was being sarcastic!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And he can stop on a....

Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob: (stops, letting go of Robotnik & Plankton)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......


Plankton: Ouch.

Pseudo-Sonic: You said the word "Stop"!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (feels dizzy) Harumph! Of course, there are still a few bot bugs to iron out! (holding an Iron)

Bugs: (inside Pseudo-Sonic) Yipe! (jumps out of the bot) Flee!

Robot Spongebob: We will take care of the bugs later.

Pseudo-Sonic: That's right, we'll flee when we're ready...don't tick me off!

Robot Spongebob: He has his methods.

(Meanwhile, deep in the great forest...)

Antoine: (standing guard of the entrace to the underground city of knothole which is a stump)

Sonic: (opens the entrace hatch, accidently hitting Antoine at the back of his head)

Antoine: OW!

Sonic: Oh, Sorry, 'Twan...hope that doesn't make your swollen head any worse! (chuckles) (comes out of the entrance)

Spongebob: (follows Sonic) Hi Antoine. What are you doing?

Antoine: Tsk, tsk, Sonic--I'm on guard duty, protecting the secret entrance to Knothole...

Spongebob: Ok then

Sonic: Yeah, yeah...I'll see you later...

Antoine: Wait! You have to tell the guard where you're...(Sonic zooms off) gooooooooooing!!

Sonic: No way! I'm not going to tell anyone that I'm on my way to pick flowers for Princess Sally! And don't you tell anyone, either!

Spongebob: Your picking flowers for Sally?

Sonic: Wait, how did you...? Never mind, you have to come with me.

Spongebob: Okie dokie. (follows Sonic)


(They both arrived at the meadow, then they both spotted a pink & white butterfly flying by & her name is Betty Butterfly)

Betty Butterfly: Sonic the Hedgehog! What are you doing in the meadow? And who's your yellow friend?

Sonic: Hey, Betty Butterfly, this is my friend, Spongebob Squarepants. Spongebob, Betty Butterfly.

Spongebob: Hi there.

Betty Butterfly: Pleasure to meet you.

Sonic: By the way, I'm just picking a that okay? (picking the flowers

Betty Butterfly: I guess...but who wants a bunch of poison sumac blossoms?

Sonic: WHAT! (notices what kind of flowers he's holding & lets the flowers go) Oh, no! I'm really allergic to this stuff! (starts itching all over his body) AAAGH!!

Spongebob: Oh my!

Betty Butterfly: Don't scratch! You'll make it worse!

(But Sonic didn't listen to Betty)

Betty Butterfly: Yow...this is really getting gross! Maybe I should block your view! (blocks Spongebob's view from Sonic)

Spongebob: Please, I just wanna help him. Just please let me see.

Betty Butterfly: No? Are you sure?...

Spongebob: (nods yes)

Betty Butterfly: Okay...(goes away from Spongebob, making him see again)

Spongebob: (sighs) Much better. (notices Sonic is now swollen because of his allergies to the poison sumac blossoms) Holy Krabby Patties, what happen to you?

Betty Butterfly: You asked for it...SWOLLEN SONIC!

Sonic: (felt very sick) Ooooogah...I don't feel very good...

Spongebob: Well next time, think twice before grabbing those flowers like that? You stay here, I'll go get some help! (runs off)

Sonic: You do that. (groans)

Spongebob: Sonic's not the only one who has allergies. Ed is allergic to Rabbits, Eels, Dandelions & Butterscotch.

(Just then:)

Antoine: (with the silhouettes of Sonic & Spongebob, which are actually Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob) Well, it's about time!

Scott: (opens the hatch & notices the same silhouettes) We've been waiting for you two! Come on!

Antoine: You know we lock the door at dusk!...Curfew, you know...Curfew!!

??? #1 (Pseudo-Sonic): Gesundheit! (reveals himself)

??? #2 (Robot Spongebob): Response: Bless you. (reveals himself)

Antoine: (goes inside the underground village) Very funny!...I suppose you'd also laugh if one of Robotnik's robots discovered how to reach our headquarters...

Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob: (snickers)

(Down below:)

Reidak: Where is Spongebob?

Squidward: Don't know, don't care.

Patrick: But where could he be? I miss him.

Tails: (sweeping the cut hair from the salon)

Bunnie: Ain't you sweet, Tails...y'all swept the hair outta mah shop!

Tails: Hair today, gone tomorrow, Ms. Rabbot!

Heather: At least, I'm not bald anymore back in Season 2 of Total Drama.

Gwen: Yeah, because of Lindsay's dare to have your hair shaved off.

Heather: So your funny now, huh?!

STH Rotor: Sonic and 'Twan are late!

Eva: So is Spongebob.

(Everyone except Fluttershy didn't take notice of Betty Butterfly flying through the entrace)

Fluttershy: (softly) Oh my, a pink & white butterfly

Sally: I hear them coming!

Antoine: (comes down & lands on a stack of hay) All right, all right !!! Stop pushing!

Fluttershy: (hears Betty Butterfly whispering) (gasps) Oh my goodness

Tails: And then, Son...(gasps)

Patrick: Who's Son...gasp? Ah, there's Sponge...(notices) AAH!

Bunnie: (closing the security gate of her shop) "Son gasp"? Don't y'all mean "Son-(notices) gasps"?

Sally: Gasp!

STH Rotor: Gasp!

Vezok: Whao

Squidward: What the...?

(They all noticed Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob)

Bunnie: Oh, mah stars an' heavens!

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! It's Spongebob, why is he wearing a metal suit?

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, that's not Spongebob.

Tails: And that's not Sonic! They're phony duplicates! Robotic look-alikes!

Pseudo-Sonic: Pseudo-Sonic to Robotnik...prepare to receive Knothole's coordinates!

Antoine:'s a bot plot!

Congar: You think?!

Robo-Sponge returns (Part 2)

(We see Robotnik & Plankton watching through the moniter back in Robotnik's Lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob!

Plankton: How did you two discover the secret location of the Freedom Fighters?

Dr. Robtonik Prime: That was I was thinking too.

Pseudo-Sonic: It was simple, oh keeper of the spare tire... I criss-crossed the Great Forest at super speed until I spotted Antoine and easily duped him into revealing the entrance!

(Everyone looks angrily at Antoine)

Antoine: Gimmie a break! It was dark! He was drawn in silhouette!

Eddy: Yeah, right.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well done! Give us the coordinates!

Pseudo-Sonic: As you command, your flabesty!

Robot Spongebob (bzzt) The location...(sqeee) Argle bargle (wzzzzt) (crackle)

(Suddendly the comunications shut down)

Plankton: Hey! Who did that?

Dr, Robotnik Prime: What? What?! C'mon--I paid my cable bill! AAARGH!

(Back at Knothole)

Tails: (dragging his two tails super fast around Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob, creating electricity)

Sally: Tails! What are you doing?

Tails: A trick Sonic taught dragging my tails around, I'm creating a field of static electricity

Boggy B: And you did it, just fine. Look. (points to the Robotic Duplicates, malfunctioning)

Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob: (malfunctions) Overloard (boop) will explode! (explodes into pieces)

Kinecticlops: Wow, I wonder how'd Tails does that trick? Has he been practicing or something?

Spongebob: (comes down) Hi there. What's going on here?

Bunnie: The tin can contraptions blew up!

Spongebob: Oh.

STH Rotor: Let's get it into my shop so I can analyze it!

Zaktan: Good idea.

(They started walking inside STH Rotor's shop while carrying Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob inside)

Patrick: Glad all that's over.

Rigby: For now.

STH Rotor: I'm glad this Pseudo-Sonic is inoperative

Sally: But it doesn't answer the big question!

Twilight Sparkle: Where's Sonic?

Spongebob: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Fluttershy: Me too, if you don't mind.

Spongebob: Then Fluttershy, you have to find Sonic, (whispers) he's at the Poison Sumac Patch.

Fluttershy: (gasps) Oh my, Sonic's at the poison sumac patch. I must go there right away. I'll see you later (flys outside)

Fluttershy: Um, hi? I'm Fluttershy, when I noticed that Sonic's in the poison sumac patch, I know I have to help. All it took is some compassion & a little kindness.

(In the great forest)

Fluttershy: (flying low to the ground, finding Sonic & founds him crawling out of the poison sumac patch) Oh my goodness. (flys up to Sonic)

Sonic: (still itchy & feels very sick & woozy) (crawling out of the poison sumac patch) (panting) Hooboy!...It took all of my strength to crawl out of that  poison sumac patch!...(notices Fluttershy) Fluttershy? What are you doing here? (felt itchy again) Yaaaa! (starts scratching rapidly) And I'm still itching like crazy!

Fluttershy: Are you alright? You look very ill.

Sonic: I'm fine Fluttershy (gets up) ...And I'm just itching to get back to Knothole...stand by for a Sonic Spin...(tries to do a sonic spin, but due for being too sick, he falls down) Oof! Not quite!

Fluttershy: I'm sorry, but your too sick to move very fast. Here you can hop onto that cart over there & I'll take you back to Knothole. (points her hoof at the cart) Now easy does it

Sonic: Ok. (slowly crawls towards the cart)

Fluttershy: Good, you can do it. It's ok. I can't touch you, because I was afraid I might catch it. I'm sorry.

Sonic: (climbs up slowly on the cart, very painfully) Augh! (gets inside the wagon) Ok, I'm in. (panting)

Fluttershy: (straps herself to the cart) Hold on. I hope I can carry you gently (flys into the woods, pulling a cart with Sonic inside it)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (arrives in the Egg-o-Matic)

Plankton: (follows in his Chum-o-Matic) Are we there yet?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I've triangulated the approximate area of Pseudo-Sonic's last and

Plankton: (notices Fluttershy pulling the cart with Sonic inside) Wait, look!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gasps) What's this? Sonic the Hedgehog! And he's deffenseless! Just how I like my victims!

Plankton: But he's been carried away by Fluttershy

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Even better.

Plankton: Fluttershy's too chicken to stop us.

Sonic: (gurgles)...Must get into the woods...too vulnerable out in the open...

Fluttershy: It's ok. You'll get there soon.


STH Rotor & Edd: (checking out the pieces of Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob)

Edd: Intriguing. This Robot Spongebob is designed by Plankton.

Spongebob: Plankton?!

STH Rotor: No doubt about it--(points to the parts of Pseudo-Sonic) This was manufactured by Robotnik!

Tails: So what happened to Sonic?

Spongebob: I told Fluttershy to go look for her.

Staci: Like my...

All: STACI !

Staci: Sorry.

Timon: (places a sticker around Staci's mouth that says "Do not open till Xmas") Quiet Staci, we're talking about Sonic.

Zaktan: "What happened to Sonic?". That even I don't know

Eddy: How should I know?

???: (from offscreen) I know!

Sally: Who?

(They all turned to see Betty Buttefly)

Betty Butterfly: It's me--Betty Butterfly!

Spongebob: Hi Betty, what's going on?

Corroder: You know this butterfly?

Spongebob: Yes, yes I do.

Beth: What's the problem?

Betty Butterfly: Sonic's trapped in a field of poison sumac! He's having a real bad reaction!

Sally: Oh no!!

Spongebob: It's ok, I've sent Fluttershy to help Sonic.

Betty Butterfly: Well that's just it, Sonic & Fluttershy are sitting ducks...I mean Hedgehog & Pegasus.

Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy is one of my friends in cloudsdale, I was stood up against all odds, defending Fluttershy's honour. And once I've made the Sonic Rainboom, I discovered that the legends about that move is true, I made the impossible happened when I was a filly. And I've done it again once in the Best Young Flyer Competition when I've saved the Wonderbolts & Rarity from a rough landing. But I soon learn that there's nothing to brag about.

Spongebob: Plankton & Robotnik.

Boggy B: We gotta find them, quick!

(Back outside)

Fluttershy: (got scared)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ho! Ho! Ho! (his Egg-O-Matic had used it's flamethrower open fire at Sonic with Fire, luckily Sonic falls off the cart)

Sonic: ROBOTNIK! (crashes to the ground on his back) Ow!

(The fire burns off the Cart into ash)

Plankton: We got you now

Fluttershy: (got scared by the flames, makes her stiffly fall to the side, accompanied by a goat bleat, alluding to the tendency of some breeds of goat to stiffen after being startled)

Sonic: Oh man.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You're finished, Sonic! (his Egg-O-Match activates a mace) I'm going to drop an a-mace-ing load on you!

Sonic: (still feels dizzy) (gasps)...Too weak to move...

Plankton: Don't blink.

???: Y'all forgot to say "May I?", Blubberbolts! (fires a laser out of her robotic finger at the Egg-O-Matic & the Chum-O-Matic, destroying it)

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (falls down) Agh!! (crashes to the ground)

Sonic: Huh?

???: (reveals to be Bunnie Rabbot)

Spongebob & the All Star Freedom Fighters: (with Bunnie Rabbot)

Sonic: Bunnie Rabbot! All Stars! In the nick of time!

Thok: (carries Fluttershy who is still stiff)

Plankton: (notices Bunnie) What the barnicles?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices Bunnie & is in shock) Gadzooks! She's half hare and half robot! (got lifted up by Bunnie Rabbot's Robotic Half)

Bunnie: Sho' nuff, Chubby!

Plankton: Hey! You put him down this...(got lifted up by Bunnie's robotic half as well) Instant?!

Bunnie: My cyborg half is super strong... I'll demonstrate!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: NO! I'll take your word for it!

Plankton: Just put us down!

Bunnie: (super jumps very high to the sky, carrying Robotnik & Plankton) I've been told I have great legs...Bionic ones!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Aieee! I'm afraid of heights!

Plankton: GET US DOWN NOW!!!

Sonic: Go, Buns!

Tyler: Show those evil villains who's boss!

Bunnie Rabbot: I'd love to do this all night, but it's way past your 'bot-time!

Plankton: You mean Bed time?

Bunnie: Whatever floats your boat. Off you go, Fat Boy & Chicken legs! (bounces Dr. Robotnik Prime back to his Lair, with Plankton holding onto him)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oooch! Eech! Ow! Oof! Gleep!

Plankton: I'!

(Both villains crash through the door)


Plankton: Ouch.

Bunnie: (lands) So much for him!

Twilight Sparkle: Way to go, Bunnie.

Fluttershy: (not stiff anymore) What happen?

Thok: It's a long story.

Fluttershy: O-okay

Bunnie: Thanks, All Stars. How do you feel, Sonic?

Sonic: (gets up) I don't mean to sound rash, but find me someone to sue, mac!

Cameron: But how are we gonna clear up Sonic's rash?

Bunnie: (squirts ointment on Sonic out of her finger) That rash will clear up with a dose of my Aunt Lulumae's ointment...cornmeal paste with cloves, kudzu root, bramble berry pits, eye of newt...

Sonic: Yuk...

Spongebob: Something wrong Sonic?

Sonic: Sometimes the cure's worse than the disease.

Trent: But don't worry, it's gonna make you feel better in no time.


(Sonic [now feeling 100% better], Bunnie & the All Stars walks back to Knothole)

Tree Rex: (sighs) Home sweet home.

STH Rotor: (coming out of the stump hatch) Hey, everyone--here comes Bunnie, the All Stars, the real Spongebob, and the real Sonic!!! Say, as long as I'm here, I might as well put out the trash! (comes out with a trash can filled with the parts of Pseudo-Sonic & Robot Spongebob) Welcome back, Blue buddy!

Sonic: Thanks, Rotor!

Patrick: What should we do now?

Spongebob: Let's just relax, ok?

Squidward: Whatever.

Sonic: Did I miss any excitment?

STH Rotor: Aw, nothin' much happens without you around!

Rigby: You mean you don't even know that robotic copies of you & Spongebob had attacked us? (got punched in the shoulder by Mordecai) Ow!

Sonic: Wait, what?

Mordecai: Never mind, it's just that we have a busy day ourselves.

Sonic: Ok then, I guess I am pretty hard to replace!

Bunnie: (giggles)

Betty Butterfly: (gulps) Don't be so sure!

Robot Spongebob: (inside the Trash Can with Pseudo-Sonic) (bzzzt) That really hurt.

Pseudo-Sonic: (bzzzt) Pseudo-Sonic to Robotropolis...Hmmm - if enough fans write to Sonic-Grams can I have sequel? (crackle)

Reidak: (goes up to the trash) Ahhhh, put a cork in it! (closes the trash can, with a trash can lid)

The End