This is the 118th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & Twilight Sparkle

Main Villain (Story #1): None Yet

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): The Mixels

Main Villains (Story #2): Tanya

Story #1: Transcript

Back to School with Mr. SquarePants

(In Knothole & South Knothole)

(We see a view of Knothole & South Knothole been upgraded with a few changes while keeping the Great Forest flourishing within about 6 1/2 weeks.)

Sonic: (narrating) It'd been nearly six & a half weeks since I'd been stripped of my royal title & somehow the Mega Chum Bucket being destroyed by the All Stars by accident... and during that time, Prince Elias had made whole other changes 'round Knothole, first a brand new Castle of Acorn... A hospital clinic... A prison... And the scariest of 'em all... Public school.

(We can hear Ed making car noises inside the All Star University, which is next to the Knothole Public School. The camera changes to the inside of University to see Ed holding a car door holding a car door)

Ed: Va-room, vroom vroom, rrrrr. Va-room, vroom vroom beep beep! Reet! Beep beep! Reet! Va-room, beep beep, rrrrr. Reet! Delivery, mister?

Eddy: Did you eat breakfast this morning, Ed? [taking out a blender] Here. Give it to Double D, Zaktan & Twilight to put on the table.

Ed: Service is my middle toe. Check please.

Reidak: (bringing in the books with the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains) Not usually my job, but... (Chuckles)

Eddy: Should've eaten breakfast, Ed.

Avak: Should've recharged yourself, Reidak.

Twilight Sparkle: Everyone & everypony stand back. (Begins using her unicorn magic to be reshelfing a bookcase) Let's see, History of Sword Making is $2. Oh, there's the History of Geography, it's also $2. That's classic.

XPlode: This big book seem to be in good condition. The History of Planet Mobius itself is... 4 bucks. A fair price.

Vezok: Hey, this cool helmet ought to bring in–

Ed: [running by with the car door, spinning Vezok around] Va-room!

Vezok: (is spinning around) Whoa whoa whoa!

Heather: Quit fooling around, Ed!

Ed: [stopping] It's for my table, Heather. [he throws it on an overweighted table] Car door, only 5 cents. Dad's canoe, 20 cents. Mom's dryer, 15 cents. [He tosses the items on the table.] No price will be refused at Honest Ed's! [Ed picks up the table everything is balanced on.] Table, five cents. [the pile starts to collapse] London bridge is falling!

[The pile of goods falls on Ed.]

Rainbow Dash & Applejack: (winches) Ohhhh...

Applejack: (as she & Rainbow help Ed out of the pile) Are you alright Ed?

Meltdown: Oh dear.

[When Ed gets up, he has a vase and a bow in his mouth. He uses the bow to shoot the vase, which hits Eddy on the back of the head.]

Ed: (begin launching random stuff with a bow) Café au lait!

Eddy: [dazed] What day is it?

Edd: Why, it's University sale day, Eddy! And I've just finished pricing my merchandise.

Duncan: [looking at prices with Vezok] Five cents for skates? Two cents for a stack of comics?

Vezok: What are ya? Up the ante, guys! I'm charging fifty bucks for this baby. [He holds up the helmet.]

Rarity: Fifty dollars? You have to be crazy for selling that kind of price!

Coco: I'm afraid Rarity is right, for you see the thinking behind a garage sale is to recycle one's unwanted items at a fair and economical price!

Eddy: Our stuff ain't economical. They're deluxe, one-of-a-kind items.

Edd: [picking a picture up] Your school photo? Eddy, please. This is hardly collectable.

Ed: More junk!

Izzy: My turn! [She grabs Timon and puts him in the bow.]

Timon: No! Wait! I'm not an arrow!

[Izzy & Ed draws back the string and fires. Timon flies through the front doors & onto Pumbaa who went outside to catch him.]

Pumbaa: Are you ok?

Timon: Don't bother asking.

Yellow Bird: Hey guys, have you seen SpongeBob & Patrick anyway?

Twilight Sparkle: (finishing setting up the books) Now that you mention it, I havent see them for about 6 weeks.

Edd: They must be pondering about the event of the destruction of the Mega Chum Bucket because of the vapor barrier that was meant for quick escapes not for explosives.

Black Bird: I seem to be very impressed of the explosion, but we missed the good Ol days. It's been very quiet for some time now.

Red Bird: I know, too quiet.

(With SpongeBob & Patrick)

(They are both seen with Sonic, Tails, Bunnie & STH Rotor)

Sonic: (narrating) I know that the All Stars had almost messed up of their secret mission they told me of the Chaos - Order Realm war, but this is weird from the get go. Since when did Freedom Fighters need to learn algebra anyway? Guess we're not Freedom Fighters... But not me. Anyway, specially since I was not to leave the hole anymore, especially since this Hotaru tried to kill us due to misjudging us as Havik's goons & the fact that the Treasurey has been stolen by Tanya. As if that wasn't enough to make me a hedgehog bum, I'd hadn't seen Sally the entire time. Bunnie said...

Bunnie: (playing video games with STH Rotor) Don't sweat it! Tomorrow is the first day o' classes and she's bound to be there, Sugah-Hog! SpongeBob & Patrick? Are you ok?

SpongeBob: We almost risked our lives for this secret mission. We've almost been compromised by Plankton, Havik & Hotaru. (Sighs) Patrick & I have been pondering on what to do now.

Patrick: It feels so... Bitter sweet. Like black licorice. (Eats black licorice)

SpongeBob: Ew, it's no wonder most people wouldn't eat this stuff. (Sighs) Haven't seen Twilight & the others for 6 weeks either. But Patrick we can be back to school, it's just like the time you went to boating school. You and me in school together as classmates! Think about it! [Patrick imagines a Kindergarten Class photo of him and SpongeBob smiling goofy with him]

Patrick: Wow.

(With Sally)

(Sally is seen getting all her school items ready, like pencils, a notebook & a ruler.)

Sally: (in thought: Let's see... Pencils, Notebook, Ruler...) (opens the book, releasing a picture as she noticed it) (in thought: Huh? What's this?

(Sally picks up the picture, revealing to be a picture of Sonic in his classic form & Sally, together)

Sally: (in thought: Oh my oh so brave hedgehog... I've been so overwhelmed with family affairs these past weeks that... (Hears Geoffrey coming as she quickly turns to him, while hiding the photo behind her back)

Geoffrey St. John: Princess, The King & Queen have requested your presence on the North Balcony.

Sally: Oh! T-thank you, Geoffrey... (Goes to the north balcony while putting the photo in her pocket)

Alicia Acorn: (with King Acorn & Elias Acorn) It was a wise decision to turn Knothole into a permanent habitat, Elias... Look how beautiful it looks. Let that nasty Robotnik & Plankton keep their awful city to themselves! (As Sally comes over to her family to be by their side) Come Sally... Join us.

Sonic: (narrating) And if she was happy doin' it.

(At Robotropolis)

(We can see the Overlanders wander around under safety patrol by the Shadowbots & the Gun Jacks.)

Sonic: (narrating) But, I had to be honest... I was also thinkin' about those Overlanders who'd gone to Robotrpolis.

Shadowbot: The time is now 8:45pm... three thousand seconds to curfew.

Sonic: (narrating) First he'd tricked them into going there. Who knows what he'd do next? With Dr. Robotnik & Plankton, you could never be sure.

(Inside Eggman's base)

(Plankton is seen inside the spare guest room with the entire Plankton family, due to the Mega Chum Bucket being destroyed by the vapour barrier & we're waiting for their base of operations to be rebuilt soon.)

Plankton: I can't believe this, my alliance with both Chaos & Order, all went up in smoke! Just wait til' I get my hands on those All Stars for destroying my base of operations!

Clem Plankton: Look at the bright side, Sheldon. At least we still have each other.

Plankton: (groans a bit) One; I suppose your right & Two; Don't ever call me Sheldon.

Colin: (notice Dr. Eggman working on the robots) Julian? Julian! You've been here for the past 6 weeks... What's so important that you can't spend time with relatives?

Plankton: What now? (Goes over to the crack of the door & peeks through it)

Dr. Eggman: (stops working & turns to Colin, Agnes & Hope) (groans) Your absolutely right, Colin. How daffy of me! Let's away from the stuffy old lab, bro! Your mother-in-law & stepdaughter are waiting! (Shows the group, the comfy chairs, sofas & glass coffee table) Make yourselves at home!

Plankton: (sighs) If only I could, because of the destruction of my Mega Chum Bucket. I'm now stuck here.

Lady Agnes: Julian, are those robots necessary inside the city? Couldn't they guard the outer perimeter?

Dr. Eggman: Ahem. Why certainly, Lady Agnes, but then the furies might get in!

Hope: (in thought: Wasnt this their city?)

Colin: Julian, you've changed so much since the last time I saw you...

Dr. Eggman: Well, I er...

Clem Plankton: Yeah Plankton, you also look different like the others, your now tall in size.

Plankton: I guess I did have a bit of exercise & eat some fruits & vegetables, now shush, would you?

Colin: As Minister of Justice, I sentenced you to 10 years in prison. I was obviously in error... You're a different person.

Dr. Eggman: Uh, yes, what about you, Colin? Why were you in outer space?

Colin: (thinking about the escape from Mobius long ago) After losing the war to those furballs, our people wanted something new...

Clem Plankton: Ever since you were gone, the Plankton Family & I searched high & low for you until we found a strange portal machine you've invented long ago.

Plankton: (snapping his fingers) Hello! We're over here!

Dr. Eggman: Uh, helloooo! See-Kay! I'm over here!

Colin: (is snapped back to reality) Sorry, I was just remembering the day we blasted off...

Plankton: Riiight. I'll be waiting.

Dr. Eggman: (in thought: Whatever...)

Shadowbot: (in monitor with Gun-Jack) Alert! Alert! Curfew was broken!

Gun-Jack: We have captured a rule breaker.

Dr. Eggman: (noticing Snively & King Pig on the monitor) Snively!

Plankton: King Pig!

(Back at Knothole)

(It was the middle of the night & everyone is fast asleep in their beds, except for SpongeBob, Patrick, Sonic & Tails.)

Sonic: (Narrating) That night, me & Tails couldn't sleep a wink, Pre-school jitters I guess... And SpongeBob & Patrick had been awfully quiet as of late. Wonder what they are thinking right now?

SpongeBob: (in his pyjamas) Patrick?

Patrick: (in his pyjamas as well) Yeah buddy?

SpongeBob: I believe the decision on going to All Star University is the right move. After all, we need to plan our missions & strategies better. Now we know what it feels like to lose & become part of a full scale war back there.

Patrick: Really?

SpongeBob: Really, really. Now let's get some sleep before the two of us are having another disastrous episode.

Patrick: (turns to SpongeBob, now mad) But what about the rest of the team? We can't just keep quiet from them forever, they're are friends. It's already about 6 weeks & your saying that it's all fun & games. Nothing really matters. [imitates SpongeBob] "Oh, let's go jellyfishing! We don't have any work to do! Life is just a big bowl of fancy assorted cashews, and nobody has anything to dust or to clean or to wipe! Or fabricate!"

SpongeBob: But Patrick, the only thing we ever seen you clean is your plate.

Patrick: (snaps out of his anger & begins crying) I don't know what to do SpongeBob! We can't be separated from each other, I'll miss them all!

SpongeBob: I'm sorry Patrick, but we will see them again in class, if it means getting separated into different aged grade classes in order to gain more knowledge of the battlefield in future missions, then yes. You & I will be together as best friends, just like old times. But we all had our wins & losses & the last thing we would ever do is...

SpongeBob & Patrick: Let everybody down. (Turns to each other & smiles a bit & begins to go to bed)

Patrick: See you in the morning.

SpongeBob: Goodnight Patrick.

(As SpongeBob & Patrick begin to sleep, we can see Sonic & Tails having a confession as well.)

Tails: Sonic, are you & Sally ever gonna get married someday?

Sonic: Haven't really thought about it. 'Sides were waaaay to young to tie the knot... And she probably hates me anyway.

Tails: (teasing) No way! The princess loooooves you! (Notices Sonic now annoyed) (normal) Awww, Sonic I was only kiddin'!

Sonic: (turns to the other side & turns off the lab) G'night bud.

(The Next Morning)

Sonic: (narrating) The Next Morning...

(SpongeBob & Patrick begin to wake up slowly from a sound of an earthquake, coming from Knothole)

SpongeBob: Huh? What was that? What time is it?

Patrick: Oh boy, 3am! (Eats a Krabby patty)

SpongeBob: An earthquake, come on!

(SpongeBob & Patrick hurries outside of South Knothole to Knothole, wondering what's going on)

(With Sonic & Tails)

Sonic & Tails: (suddenly wakes up from an earthquake rumble)

Sonic: Earthquake!

Tails: Talk about a wake up call!

Mecha Bernadette: (hurries inside with Jules) You guys all right?

Sonic: Yeah mom...

(From outside, where SpongeBob & Patrick arrive to see Sonic & Tails working together to save the citizens from falling construction equipment.)

Sonic: (narrating) ...But I knew somewhere else, there were folks who weren't. So Me n' Tails... Got busy doin' what we always do best. Bein' heroes. Was that really so bad?

SpongeBob: (noticing Sonic & Tails saving the day) Oh thank goodness. Saving the day as usual.

???: SpongeBob!

(SpongeBob & Patrick were surprised to hear a familiar female voice & they turn to see that it was Twilight Sparkle.)

Twilight Sparkle: (arrives with the rest of the All Stars) Thank goodness your here.

SpongeBob: Twilight?! It's you!

Twilight Sparkle: (as the All Stars were all concern) Listen, we need to talk.

(In Robotropolis)

Snively & King Pig: (sleeping in their cells)

Dr. Eggman & Plankton: (goes up to their cells)

Dr. Eggman: On your feet, you!

Snively & King Pig: (suddendly got spooked) ! Oh no!

Snively: I thought it was a terrible nightmare! Please don't roboticize me!

King Pig: Please! I can't afford prison food!

Dr. Eggman: So long as you swear alligence and don't rat me out to these overlanders, I won't!

King Pig: Wha...?

Plankton: King Pig, I need your help to do a Little... Experiment.

King Pig: ?

Dr. Eggman: (to Snively) Your reward? (Shows a hologram of Colin, on the palm of his hand) ...I gurantee revenge upon the father who could never appreciate your intellect! What'd you say?

Snively: (smirks evily)

Plankton: And as for you King Pig, I can gurantee you & the Bad Piggies a giant size feast, even a nice delicious cookie.

King Pig: (instantly smiles) I'm in.

(Back at Knothole, at the Knothole School & All Star University)

Sonic: (narrating) After breakfast... we hook up with Bunnie n' Rotor.

(We can see the All Stars approaching the building, with their backpacks.)

Twilight Sparkle: You see, going on missions without preparing a plan is dangerous, irrational & inconsequential. And we've been missing you guys for 6 weeks now.

SpongeBob: Yeah, we nearly messed up. Patrick & I just needed alone time to ourselves.

Squidward: And were lucky enough to survive this mission. If that was luck, bring me disaster. (Notice something offscreen) What the...?

Meltdown: (spots Bunnie & STH Rotor in different clothing) What kind of clothes are they wearing?

(We can see Sonic, Tails, Bunnie & STH Rotor together, with Sonic wearing sunglasses, STH Rotor wearing a wool cap, a black shirt, green vest & a gold medallion & Bunnie wearing a "Daisy Duke" style clothing.)

Sonic: We're like, so digging the new do, homegirl!

Bunnie: Thanks y'all!

(Sonic looks around for a bit, but no sign of Sally)

Sonic: (narrating) There are the All Stars. Still no sign of Sally thou...

Lindsay: Is that a Daisy Duke style outfit?

Beth: It is, isn't it.

(The Principal who is an Mobian Owl begins splitting up the students by age, while the All Stars were being lead inside the All Star University by two familiar faces in cloaks)

Sonic: (narrating) And before I can figure out why not, the principal showed up... To split us kids according to our age. Later dude...

(Sonic sadly left Tails knowing that he & Tails are different ages.)

(Meanwhile the All Stars continue to follow the cloaked figure throughout the white & yellow shiny hallways of All Star University, filled with blue lockers, all the way to the special All Star class room.)

Eddy: This stinks!

Duncan: Ditto on that, this is stupid.

Edd: Time for school now, Eddy & Duncan. There's no getting around it. Coming Ed?

Ed: Oh yes I am! [dancing obliviously] Stinky books, stinky books, stinky books, stinky books, stinky books.

Mordecai: Oh no... It's like the high school nightmare all over again.

Rigby: I know man, You & I hate high school & we both know it.

Mordecai: Come on, we need to power through this & we'll get better strategies & it'll be over before you know it.

[The warning bell rings.]

Ed: Hello bell! [Ed runs up the stairs. The All Stars continue to follow, while Edd follows a little more demurely. Ed runs into a locker.] [shaking its lock] Oh, hello locker! [He follows the clean floor.] Hello, shiny speckled floor!

Edd: [as Ed tries to hug the floor] Isn't this exhilarating? You can feel the knowledge in the air!

Eddy: [sarcastic] Yeah, call a nurse 'cause I'm choking on it.

Zaktan: Relax guys, let's make sure we don't mess up this time.

Timon: Please, don't remind me.

Geoff: Ok dude, it's not long back, it's takes like a whole week to fix the hut after Preytor crashes into one.

Timon: Did I say not to remind me?!

Vezok: Guys! We can pound through this.

Sirica: I must know everything about schools. For that, I must contribute.

Nitroblast: See? She doesn't mind, it's no problem. As long as we work together, we'll be fine.

(The All Stars enter in their classrooms, taking their seats behind their school desks)

???: (Old Male Voice) Attention class... (Removes both of their hoods, revealing to be Platinum the Skunk & Crystal Gem the Skunk)

Platinum: Class is now in session.

Twilight Sparkle: (is surprised) Platinum? Crystal Gem?

(At Robotropolis)

(We can see Hope Kintobor sneaking her way out of the building, wandering around the underbelly of Robotropolis.)

Hope: (in thought: It's taken me six weeks to work up the nerve... But still, it's crazy to sneak around like this. Can't help it, though. I don't trust Uncle Julian. I mean living alone in this city, with robots. way creepy. (climbing down the metal ladder)

(Meanwhile, the 4 HenchCombots are seen, trying to find the thief of the Sword of Acorns, even after 6 weeks of searching, but to no avail.)

RedBot: Where did she go?

YellowBot: She couldn't have just vanished. We've been searching for Arachnis for 6 weeks now.

GreenBot: This is no fun.

BlueBot: (hears running footsteps getting louder & notices a shadow in the hallway) Never mind that now, I can hear someone coming. Sounds like Arachnis. We can finally capture the Sword of Acorns for Master Plankton & get this mission over & done with.

RedBot: Right, I'll give you the signal.

(Back with Hope, she is hiding behind the crates from Shadowbots & Gun Jacks, which are normal, black, grey metal with black face & light blue metal.)

Hope: (in thought: Uh oh! Bots! Better get back to my bedroom before...!) (quickly hurries back, unaware of 4 shadows)

(However Hope stops in front of Bluebot, who was with RedBot, YellowBot & GreenBot)

RedBot: NOW!

Hope: (now frightened) Yaieeeee!

BlueBot: (notices the rest of the HenchCombots, about to pounce) No! Abort mission! Abort mission!

(Hope quickly runs away, leaving RedBot, YellowBot & GreenBot to pounce at BlueBot by mistake)

GreenBot: Huh? Sorry BlueBot. I think that's not Arachnis at all.

BlueBot: (now angry) You think?!

(Back at the Knothole School / All Star University)

Crystal Gem: Hello class, my name is Mrs. Crystal Gem & this is Mr. Platinum. And I see we have lots of new students. (To Patrick) Young man, why don't you stand up and introduce yourself first?

Patrick: Who's the skunk talking to?

SpongeBob: You, Patrick, she is the teacher & so is Platinum, they're Co-Teachers.

Patrick: Oh.

Platinum: Come on now, tell the class your name. Don't be nervous. [Patrick gets up and looks at the All Star class]

Patrick: (completely nervous & scared) Uh...uh...

Platinum: We just want to know your name. [Patrick gets more nervous]

Patrick: Uh...uh...UH!...24! [the All Star class laughs hysterically]

Crystal Gem: (giggles, liking Patrick's sense of humor)

Noah: [sarcastically] Oh great, another genius...

Ed: Yes I am.

Crystal Gem: (giggles a bit) Maybe we can skip with the introductions & move on to our first lesson, shall we?

Patrick: [sits back down] Why are they laughing?

Twilight Sparkle: I guess it's just in the timing.

Patrick: Oh. [Patrick laughs after a brief pause]

Zaktan: (sighs as he along with the rest of the gang, readies their pencils & books)

Crystal Gem: [writes on the chalkboard with Platinum] Today's first lesson will be on the creation of the Nexus Portals to other dimensions.

Patrick: 24. [both he & SpongeBob start to giggle]

Platinum: (stops for a moment, thinking that he heard something & turns to see the class acting civI listed people, sighs as he continues writing)

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick.

Patrick: What?

SpongeBob: I thought of something funnier than 24.

Patrick: Let me hear it.

SpongeBob: [stifled laugh] 25. [both try and fail to hold in their laughter. Patrick goes red in the face while SpongeBob bangs his fist on his desk]

Crystal Gem: (clears her throat) We seem to be boring you. Since were both kind, were just letting you both off with a warning, make sure it doesn't happen again, got it?

SpongeBob: Yes, Mrs. Crystal Gem. Sorry, Mrs. Crystal Gem.

Platinum: Now then, back to learning.

Dudley: (Between Kitty & Corroder) (having his hand up high, feeling a bit uncomfortable) Uh, excuse me? Teacher? I have to go pee pee, real bad! Can I use the rest rooms?

Platinum: (sighs) Can it wait til after class?

Corroder: (his eyes widen a bit from hearing loud water slushing sounds coming from Dudley) Aparently not.

Platinum: Ok, you can go.

Dudley: Thank you thank you thank you! (Quickly hurries into the restroom)

(Minutes later...)

(We can hearma flushing sound, meaning Dudley is done.)

Dudley: (exits the bathroom, now relieved) Much better... (About to head back inside, but stops noticing Tails, talking to someone, but he can plainly see nobody) Hey Tails, who are you talking to? Hello? Earth to Tails. It's me, Dudley... Do you understand?

(However Tails vanishes by Unknown magic, much to Dudley's surprise)

Dudley: Whoa! Cool magic trick! Wait... Tails? Where'd you go? (Looks around, sniffing the area, but no sign of him) Tails? T-2! Come out come out, wherever you are! (Was suddenly dragged by the ear by Kitty) Yeow!

Kitty: (dragging Dudley back to the All Star Classroom) Come on Dudley, time to get back to class!

Dudley: Ow Ow Ow Ow! Kitty! I was going to warn you about... Ow! Stop pulling my ear! I always put the seat down!

(As Dudley & Kitty went passed Sonic's classroom back to the All Star Classroom, the camera zooms into the inside of the class to see Sonic & Mina sitting together.)

Mina: (sitting next to Sonic! Hey, Sonic! We've gotta class together! Cool, huh?

Sonic: Way past, Mina!

Mina: Sonic? Who're you looking for?

Sonic: (is a bit concerned while looking around) Huh? I...

Bunnie: (comes over to Sonic) Da Rabbot's in the House! (Sits next to Sonic)

Sonic: Bunnie, you know Mina...

Bunnie: (a bit coldly) Howdy...

(A man steps inside, revealing himself to be Nate Morgan.)

Nate Morgan: All right, class. Settle down... I'm Mister Morgan... You're Physics Teacher.

(As class was now in session, the All Stars are beginning to learn more about ancient history of the All Star Order & the creation of the Nexus, which amazes them, meanwhile Sonic is feeling extremely uncomfortable for learning in school which takes a very long time with patience, throughout 6 whole hours.)

Sonic: (narrating) I told myself that this couldn't possibly be happening, but it was. Slowly. Very slowly... Until...

(Later... In 3pm.)

(The final bell rings as the All Stars exits their classrooms.)

Crystal Gem: (waving goodbye to the All Stars with Platinum. And don't forget that your homework on the history of the Nexus is due tomorrow. Good luck to you all.

SpongeBob: Well, that wasn't so bad.

Twilight Sparkle: It was very exciting.

Cody: Who knew that the Nexus Portals are created for Dimensional Travel? That does explain everything why the Nexus is very important to us.

Zaktan: Indeed, it brought us all together.

Hakann: Yeah, but I'm still concern about the Sword of Acorns. It's still out there.

Squidward: Never you mind about that Hakann. It's out of our grasp for some time now. (opens the door) Come on Sonic, it's time to go!

Sonic: Oh right, I'll be there in just a minute. (Turns to Nate) Hey, Nate, shouldn't Sally be in the same class as us?

Nate Morgan: Sonic, it is decided that the Princess is to receive private lessons at Castle Acorn.

Sonic & Bunnie: (is a bit surprised about this)

Squidward: (had overheard this) Wow...

"To Be Continued..."

Story #2: Transcript

The Mixels in... Glowkies in the Dark

(At Night Time, during the theft of the Sword of Acorns)

(A Mobian Guard is seen checking around the hallways with a flashlight, until he strange deep laughter.)

Mobian Guard: ! Who's there? (Looks around, about to shine a flashlight, until he noticed something glowing coming towards, carrying lots of treasure from the Castle of Acorns' Treasury.)

(We can see that it's the same 3 glowing beings from the previous episode, laughing micheviously.)

Mobian Guard: (falls backwards in shock, upon seeing the 3 glowing beings with hideous smiles & huge bulging glowing eyeballs) ?!

Glowing Beings #1, #2 & #3: (male voices) Howdy.

Mobian Guards: (begins to pass out from the shock, horror & disbelief)

Glowing Being #1: (deep British accent) Lying down on the job, huh? You look like you saw a ghost.

(The 3 Glowing Beings begin laughing hysterically as they make their get away with the treasury, flying away outside of the castle.)

(In the Present Day, somewhere on a moon of the Planet Mixels, the moon is known as the "Mixel Moon".)

(We can see a city in a hi-tech dome on the dome, the city is known as "Orbitopia".)

(Inside, we can see 3 White & Green Mixels sleeping peacefully, they are known as the Orbitons.

The Orbitons (Niksput, Rokit & Nurp-Naut (Nurp) )

The members are known as "Niksput, Rokit & Nurp-Naut"

Nurp-Naut (Naut Side)

. And they are sleeping peacefully.)

(Suddenly they were awoken by a red alert alarm.)

Niksput: Whoa! What happened?

Nurp: (Infant Voice) Red light go shiny?

Computer: (male voice) Evacuate! Evacuate!

Rokit: Oh schmixels! We're under attack!

Nurp: (switches head to Naut)

Naut: (Elder Voice) Quick, clear the building!

(The Orbitons begin to evacuate the building, but were surprised to see a messenger on the moon.)

Messenger: Sorry about the drill, but I have a postcard for you from the other Mixels. (Gives the postcard to Niksput & pulls out the portal remote to open a portal & enters inside, before it closes behind him)

Niksput: So it's only a drill?

Rokit: Let me see that. (Reading the postcard) Wish you were here on Planet Mobius for a special vacation, from the Mixels.

Naut: (noticing the picture of 27 Mixels in Knothole) Wow, they are very lucky. (Head switches to Nurp)

Nurp: Can we go guys? I want to go to another planet! Please please please!

Rokit: (sighs) Alright. Guess we have no choice. Come along. Let's get the ship ready.

(The Orbitons head inside their space-craft & leaves the dome by the exit, which opens & closes for them.)

Nipskut: Is the new portal machine all set dudes?

Nurp: (head switches to Naut)

Naut: We're all set. I think.

Rokit: (activates the portal machine behind them)

(The space craft launches a portal beam that transports them to Planet Mobius)

(Back on Planet Mixel in Infernites Land)

(We can see 3 new Infernites, packing their stuff as they saw a portal being opened up. The new Infernites were known as "Flamzer", "Burnard" & "Meltus".
Infernites (Series 4)

The Infernites (Series 4): Flamzer, Meltus & Burnard


Flamzer: (reading the same postcard delivered by the messenger) Who are we to argue on coming over to another beautiful planet.

Burnard: (chuckles) Yeah, this'll be a blast.

Meltus: I'm getting very nervous on meeting new people now. (Sneezes fire from his nostrils & wipes his nose) Do you think it's relaxing there?

Flamzer: There's nothing to worry about. We've been in outer space only once. Let's hope the folks are nice.

(The Series 4 Infernites began to enter the Portal to Planet Mobius)

(Back on Planet Mobius, in South Knothole Village.)

(There appear to be a meeting, created by Shu, Wei, Wu & Jin & they are discussing about the new situation regarding the treasury theft.)

Liu Bei: No one will ever set foot in the castle now.

Mecha Sun Jian: It is believed that it's been haunted by some sort of ghost.

Cao Cao: These rumours happen to be created by guardsmen who have seen them recently in the night. Also known as these glowing creatures have plagued us since Tanya escaped with the loot.

Sima Yi: And these thieves must be punished severely!

Zhuge Liang: Calm yourself, it is merely an illusion of a spirit. The spirits of these ancestors who walk among the plains are sleeping soundly. It appears that we are dealing with imposters with sorcery & they have been in league with Tanya recently for the heist.

Sima Yi: How would you know that? Those who have plague these sacred grounds will be captured immediately. The question is, who among us has the knowledge of Tanya's minions?

(A portal appears among them & the Orbitons appear in their ship before them, who are exiting the ship.)

Nurp: (with Niksput & Rokit) Are we there yet? (Switches to Naut)

Naut: It appears we are and...

(They noticed the meeting.)

Niksput: Uh... Hi?

Cao Pi: What do you make of these... Creatures?

Zhang Fei: (goes up to the Orbitons) They do look rather... Strange.

Naut: We're the Orbitons. This is Niksput...

Niksput: Yo.

Naut: And this is Rokit...

Rokit: Ten Hut! (Salutes)

Naut: And my name is Nurp-... (Switches to Nurp)

Nurp: Naut. (Giggles before switching back to Naut)

Naut: (clears his throat) Anyway, we heard that you know about strange glowing creatures?

Xiahou Dun: Yes, they have alligned with Tanya during the heist.

Rokit: Strange, we have also heard that a bunch of glowing creatures from the Mixel Moon have been mysteriously vanished recently. The glowing creatures are known as the mythical "Glowkies"! My Intel doesn't have much on those mysterious Mixels, except they have huge bulging eyes, hairy insect legs & razor sharp fangs!

Sun Quan: That is odd, the guard have seen these similarities before.

Geoffrey St. John: (comes over) Greetings officers of the ancient Chinese history.

Sima Yi: We know why your here Geoffrey & the answer is no.

Geoffrey St. John: I know, but we need the All Stars on the case, that's why I sent them to see Elias Acorn.

Zhuge Liang: Interesting. The prince feels that he is too inexperienced in battle & making tough choices isn't the happiest event when someone requires help from others. That's why the All Stars must attend at their first day at university & they wish not to be disturbed.

Geoffrey St. John: (is completely shocked) You did what?! You put the All Stars in school?

Zhuge Liang: They have magnificent powers, but they must understand the values of strategy of a battle & a true heart of the people. They appear weak to most men, but with their inner strength of their hearts & free will, they will overcome any odds & challenges for the greater good.

Geoffrey St. John: Then, who should I send the assignment too now?

Pang Tong: We would take on the assignment, but due to our recent message, we must head out to find Bird Brain & stop his villainous uprising. That's why we have decided that you should hand the job to the Mixels.

Geoffrey St. John: You can't be serious?

Dian Wei: As serious as a tiger rampage.

Geoffrey St. John: (sighs) Very well. (Turns to the Orbitons) You three, tell your kind to give their missions to them.

Niksput: We're on it!

Geoffrey St. John: (as the Orbitons head out) Tell me, how can the Mixels get to Knothole now?

Lu Xun: They already have.

Geoffrey St. John: What?

(In the Freedom Fighter Special)

(The Series 4 Infernites & the Orbitons both met together near the ship.)

Flamzer: Orbitons?

Niksput: Infernites?

Series 4 Infernites & Orbitons: Your back!

Naut: It's been so long that we've last met on the moon.

Burnard: Really? We thought that it was only a dream.

Meltus: What are you guys doing out here?

Rokit: We're just stopping by for visit & giving us & the rest of the Mixels on a special mission.

Burnard: But we don't know where they are now.

Niksput: Where could they be?

???: Hey, what's going on out here? (Comes out of the Freedom Fighter Special, appearing to be Flain)

Meltus: Look! It's Flain!

Flain: Flamzer? Burnard & Meltus too? Come on out guys! It's our Infernites Cousins!

(The rest of the Series 1, 2 & 3 tribes emerges from the Freedom Fighter Special, meeting up with the Series 4 Infernites Cousins & the Orbitons. There are Series 1 Infernites, Cragsters, Electroids, Frosticons, Fang Gang, Flexers, Glorp Corp, Spikels & Wiztastics)

Naut: Wow... (Switches back to Nurp)

Nurp: They're so many of you. (Giggles)

Flamzer: Flain, Vulk & Zorch, long time, no see.

Vulk: It's great to see you all again.

Zorch: Say, who's your friends?

Burnard: They're the Orbitons, they are Niksput, Rokit & Nurp-Naut.

Orbitons: Greeting & salutations to you, inferior Planetoids!

Krader: Planetoid? Us?

Nurp: That's you, we know Planetoid.

Kraw: So, what brings you here?

Rokit: You've been sent out on a mission by the Forces of Shu, Wei, Wu & Jin to find the Glowing Creatures, if we find them, we will find the mastermind.

Flurr: Ok, who's the mastermind?

Niksput: We don't know who this Tanya is.

Gobba: Oh boy! Road trip!

Glomp: So where do we star?

Nurp: (switches back to Naut)

Naut: This way.

(The Orbitons begin leading the Mixels to the Treasury, while Meltus & Magnifo looks around for some items.)

Meltus: Now where are those torches?

???: (offscreen, glowing, giving the torches to Meltus & Magnifo) (Surfer Accent) Here you go dudes.

Magnifo: (grabbing the torches) Wow thanks.

(The two were about to leave, but stopped upon hearing & seeing something strange, but when they look back, it was already gone.)

Meltus: (sighs) We must be hearing things.

(In the All Star Treasury)

(It was very dark inside, while the Mixels stay close together.)

Tentro: Stick together everyone. We don't know what will happen.

Niksput: Indeed, once we find the mastermind's glowing creatures, we will find out the answers.

Flamzer: (noticing glowing eyes watching the Mixels in the dark) Uh guys? I think we're surrounded.

(The Mixels turn to the glowing eyeballs which close suddenly.)

Shuff: You hear things?

Flamzer: I thought I saw something.

(While the Mixels turn back to continue the investigation, glowing eyeballs open up again & stare at the Mixels, following them.)

Telso: What do you think they are?

Torts: I hope it's not ghosts.

Volectro & Zaptor: Ghosts?! (Shivers in fear)

Shuff: (gulps)

Magnifo: Good thing Meltus & I got torches.

(Both Meltus & Magnifo pull out their torches & gives them to their fellow Mixels for them to use them to light the way.)

Flain: Now to find the glowing creatures before...

(Suddenly they arrived at the empty Treasurey, but was interrupted by Torts)

Torts: Aah! I felt something following me!

Gobba: (gulps) I'm scared.

Flain: (shines the light) Who's there?

(The Glowing Bat Creatures circles around the Mixels, preventing them to escape, scaring them silly.)

Rokit: Oh no! We're surrounded!

Niksput: Quick, everyone into battle Stations!

Rokit: It's the Glowing Creatures! We're under attack! Take cover!

Glomp: (pulling out the cubits) Quick, use the cubits so we can...!

??? #1: Not so fast, Cowboys.

(They all turn to three approaching figures, which are familiar to the Mixels, especially the Orbitons & the Series 4 Infernites. They are known as Glowbert, Vampos & Boogly, known as the Glowkies.

The Glowkies (Glowbert, Vampos & Boogly)


Glowbert: You dare enter the New Secret Treasurey Cave of the Glowkies?

Krader: Glowkies? What are they?

Rokit: (as the Glowing Bat Creatures surrounds the Mixels) They're the stuff nightmares are made of. Those sneaky ghouls are inhabitants of... The Dark Side.

Flamzer: Is that a bad thing?

Rokit: Are you ok with Blood Sucking Vampires?

Vulk: (shaking his head scared) No!

Shuff & Volectro: (holding onto each other in fear)

Flain: Wait, your Mixels too?

Telso: How did you make it to Planet Mobius?

Glowbert: We heard from our new friend that it's fun over there in the dark & we had so much fun doing jobs. This planet have so many wonders that we have to check it out.

Naut: What new friend? Tell us who?

Glowbert: I will never talk! It's a secret.

Vampos: (Surfer Accent) I'm Vampos.

Boogly: (Austrian Accent) I'm Boogly.

Glowbert: Please, I was having a dramatic moment. (Sighs) And I'm Glowbert. I'm afraid that we can't allow to leave here. (Pulls out the cubit) Now prepare to...

(The Glowkies touched their cubit as the Mixels readies themselves, however...)

Glowkies Max: (appears) PAR-TAY!

(Dance music begins to play as the Glowkies Max & the bat creatures begin to dance to the beat while the rest of the Mixels were flabbergasted & surprised by this turn of events)

Shuff: Wait, you no suck blood?

Glowkies Max: Of course not, we love the dark. That's where the fun is. Come, we'll show you! Hit it!

(Dance Montage Music from a SpongeBob episode "Jellyfish Jam" begins to play as the Glowkies Max showed the rest of the Mixels how to dance to the beat of the music, which the Mixels begin to get the hang of it together, as the Glowkies Max defuse back to Glowbert, Vampos & Boogly, watching the dance party from above as they are flying.)

(During that time when the montage ends, the Mixels, plus the Glowkies, who joined them recently have exploring around the Great Forest.)

Niksput: I guess they're not bloodsucking vampires after all.

Rokit: Well, that was somewhat embarrassing. We thought that your terrifying sneaky ghouls from the dark side.

Glowbert: I guess that apologies are in order. That dance party was a blast. What else did you do for fun?

Telso: We found it still in Mixels Land of our planet, hope it still works.

(The Mixels found something large, covered in leaves & pulls the leaves away to reveal the 3 wheeled Buggy from before, but it is now upgraded with 4 wheels.)

Vampos: Whoa, unreal.

Meltus: Wonder what contraption it is.

Niksput: Well then, perfect time to test it out to continue the case.

Flain: Wait, it's not big enough for all of us. It only fit for about 12. I know how to fix that.

(The Mixels pulls out their cubits & mixes to their Max Forms.)

Infernites Max 1: (Flain's voice) Perfect.

Infernites Max 2: (Burnard's voice) Everyone hop on.

(The Maxed Mixels hop on the buggy & begins riding around in it around the grassy plains, until they reach the cave.)

Electriods Max: (Teslo's voice) It's a cave.

Frosticons Max: (Flurr's voice) Do you think they went in there?

Flexers Max: (Kraw's voice) It's a possibility. Their tracks lead into here.

Infernites Max: Alright then, so ready out & find any clues.

(The Maxed Mixels defuse & the Mixels begin searching around the cave.)

Glowbert: Well now... This will be interesting.

(As the Mixels began their search, they were unaware that they were being watched by a female cloak figure)

???: Have fun with your little friends now, Glowkies... Because I've got big plans for you. (giggles evily)

(Later during Sunset...)

(The Mixels stops searching & regroups near the exit of the caves, finding nothing but glowing crystals.)

Naut: We've found nothing but glowing crystals. (Switches back to Nurp)

Nurp: Shiny rocks, shiny rocks.

Flain: Great, there must be a way to track down the stolen treasure.

Jawg & Glurt: (sniffing something on the ground & found tire tracks)

Glomp: I think they found something! Tire tracks!

Gobba: And look, the tire tracks from the fields, matches the tire tracks in here. (Points to the tire tracks back on the dirt path)

Kraw: And that would mean the tire tracks are heading back in there.

Flain: Alright, follow those tracks!

(The Mixels continue to follow the tire tracks with Jawg & Glurt, sniffing the rubber from the tracks. During that time, Jawg & Glurt reached the end of the tire tracks & found a large pile of treasure, especially the stole treasure from the Castle of Acorn Treasurey.)

Zorch: Holy cow! We've hit the jackpot!

Torts: Sounds like Tanya is very busy with her work.

Hoogi: How are we gonna bring all the treasure back to the Castle of Acorns?

Glomp: I don't know it seems like it was easy.

Teslo: Almost too easy. (Checks a gold coin)

Gobba: (smelling the gold) Something sure smells good.

Teslo: Wait a minute... (Smells the gold) Gold can't have a scent.

Chomly: Let me try. (Snatches the gold coin from Teslo)

Krader: Chomly no!

(Chomly bites on it, revealing that it's fake gold made out of chocolate)

Chomly: Mmmm, chocolate.

Mixels: Chocolate?!

Gobba & Jawg: (munching on the chocolate treasure)

Gobba: Try some it's delicious.

Flain: Wait, if that's nothing but chocolate treasure...

(The Mixels suddenly heard the Glowkies screams for help as they held captive by a cloaked figure, who is revealed to be Tanya.)

Tanya: Your nothing but a bunch of fools Now. (Presses the button on her remote, blocking the entrance with a rockslide, laughing evily)

(The Mixels tries to catch up to Tanya to save the Glowkies, but were too late as they are trapped in the caves in darkness. Only the Mixels' eyes & the Infernites' Fire were seen from the dark.)

Rokit: Oh no! We're trapped inside the caves!

Flamzer: And were fresh out of cubits & exhausted from our Max transformations.

Kraw: (panicking) What do we do? What do we DO?!

Krader: (with Seismo & Shuff) We dig dig! Smash through rocks to clear exit for our escape!

Glomp: What are we waiting for, let's dig!

(The Cragsters begin digging their way out of the caves, while the Mixels follow along, freeing themselves from the cave)

Cragsters: (falls down from exhaustion)

Flain: (looks around to see that Tanya had escaped with the Glowkies in captivity) They got away...

(In All Star HQ in South Knothole.)

(The Mixels were having a brief meeting about the Glowkies being captured by Tanya)

Flain: I just don't get it, what would Tanya want with the Glowkies?

Meltus: I just hope they are ok. (Sneezes a bit of fire from his nostrils, wiping his nose with a tissue, which got burnt)

Nurp: (sadly) Glowkies go bye bye...

Teslo: There's gotta be something about Tanya. (Checking info about Tanya in the Multiversal Database) Zaktan done this before. I'm sure it will be a breeze... Right?

Kraw: Let me & Tentro try.

Kraw & Tentro: (tries to help Teslo)

Niksput: Would you mind if we Orbitons help you out? (Nurp switches back to Naut)

Naut: We would use our superior knowledge to figure out the situation.

Teslo: Good luck.

Tentro: Knock yourselves out.

Orbitons: (begins checking the files of Tanya, for information for the Mixels & has found a file about Tanya)

Naut: Here it is. Tanya has been making decisions of her own, wanting to make the right choice for herself. And word has it, that Tanya has put together an army of Glowing Bat Henchmen to steal the treasure like a swarm of bees protecting the hive & their queen.

Flamzer: That's it!

(In Night Time, in Robotropolis.)

(We can hear glass breaking, as the Jewels from the jewellery stores, have been stolen by the same glowing creatures from before, while getting away in the Get-Away Car, escaping from the Gun-Jacks & the Shadowbots)

Tanya: (giggling in delight as he picks up a handful of gems) You three & your friends are getting very good of this game.

??? #1: Thank you very much.

??? #2: Yeah, may we please have some?

Tanya: Really? You want to cut in the action? (Giving the glowing creatures shiny orb shaped jewels) Here you go. Enjoy these the best you can.

??? #3: Wow... Pretty.

(With the Mixels in the woods.)

(We can see the Mixels in the woods, searching for Tanya's hut.)

Glomp: Are you sure we can do this?

Flain: There's no doubt about it, Chef Hatchet told us about her secret place. And now we will find her & save the Glowkies.

Flurr: Hold on Glowkies, were coming to save you!

(At Tanya's hut.)

Tanya: (arrives, entering inside with the 3 Glowing creatures)

Flamzer: (offscreen) And just where have you been? Well?

(They turn to see eyes in the dark, Flamzer turns on the light, revealing himself & the rest of the Mixels.)

Tanya: You Mixels again. Seems you escaped the caves. Remarkable.

Flain: Tanya, you don't have to do this.

Tanya: Oh really now? Allow me to introduce my new friends for you... Boys... If you please?

(The 3 Glowing Creatures emerges into the light, deeply saddened, appearing to be the Glowkies, which shocks them.)

Mixels: (gasps) You?!

Glowbert: We're ever so sorry for doing this. But it's nice to play the bad guy, even we all have these.

(The Glowkies shows them the jewels)

Vulk: Oh no...

Vampos: We got them from a game called "Cops & Robbers"

Niksput: Dude, it's not a game!

Boogly: It's not? We got them from Robotropolis.

Flurr: You gotta give the gems back! It doesn't matter if it's from Robotropolis or not, you just broke the law!

Glowbert: But Tanya said the treasure is ours. And tomorrow, we're going to take back the Queen's crown. Plus, we have prepared a guard belt to keep us stay in our Max Form.

Footi: Please, you must reconsider your actions & think about what your doing.

Tanya: (to the Glowkies) They're just teasing you, that's all. You always make the right choices, right?

Flain: No! Don't you get it, Glowkies? You have to stay away from her! We're your friends, Tanya's a thief! She's gonna get you in big trouble, do you understand that? (Noticing Glowbert now emotional) No, it's not like that, it's the truth.

Glowbert: (now emotional) I'm sorry, but you don't anything! Please... Leave us alone! (Holds up the Cubit) Tanya is our only friend! (Begins to mix with Vampos & Boogly, mixing into a max) MAX!

Glowkies Max: (grabbing a guard belt & puts it on) (Glowbert's voice) I have no other choice. Tanya, let's go.

Teslo: (gasps upon seeing the Guardbelt) Wait! That's no guardbelt! It's...!

(However the Glowkies Max flies upwards, breaking through the roof while Tanya gets back in the Get-Away Car, smirking evily)

Tanya: Good luck stopping our freedom now. (Drives away after Glowkies Max)

Zorch: Hey! You get back here you snake! (Runs after Tanya)

Flamzer: Wait, Zorch! No! And... He's gone.

Flain: Yep.

Mesmo: Flurr & I will take hold.

Flurr: (pulls out 2 cubits) Good thing we packed more Cubits for such an emergency.

Flurr & Mesmo: (mixes together into a mix, with Flurr taking Teslo & Mesmo taking Torts)

Flurr, Teslo, Mesmo & Torts: MIX! (Mixes into Flurr/Teslo Mix & Torts/Mesmo Mix)

Flurr/Teslo Mix: (Flurr's Voice) Quick! We'll meet you once we find the Glowkies! (Flies upwards with Torts/Mesmo after the Glowkies Max)

Torts/Mesmo Mix: Yay yay! (Following as well)

(The rest of the Mixels continue to follow on, following Tanya, while Zorch is closing in on her.)

Zorch: (turns to Tanya who's in the driver's seat) Hey! Pull the car over!

Tanya: (growls as she noticed Zorch & presses a big red button, causing the Get-Away Car to fly upwards, while it transforms into a Hover Car) Good luck catching us now!

Zorch: Come on! Let's move it!

(The Mixels continues to chase after the Glowkies Max & Tanya, while having trouble getting past the Glowing Bats Cretures, which divides them into 3 groups. Rokit, Nurp-Naut & Flamzer have a Cubit each.)

Rokit: Grab my Cubit!

[Meltus grabs it, the two are hoisted in the air screaming. The Cubit glows, and a mechanical monkey with cymbals and a spacesuit clangs the two together with a shriek. The Mix splash appears and the Rokit & Meltus Mix is formed.]

Rokit & Meltus Mix: (Has Rokit’s voice, laughs. He then shoots fireballs out of his hand cannons.)

[Cut to a few Bats. They are laughing still. A few fireballs land at the bats, which scares them off, and in the big bat's mouth, bloating him. He then shoots out a stream of fire from his mouth, then sighs in relief as smoke pours out of his mouth. Cut back to the Rokit & Meltus Mix, who is now covered in ashes. He growls. Cut to Nurp-Naut and Burnard running from a 2nd swarm of Bats.]

Burnard: (Panting.) What do they want?!

Naut: We assume they want to steal our souls and eat our entrails.

Burnard: (Still panting.) Has anyone asked?!

Nurp: (Switches heads.) I think they’re cute! (Giggles, then switches back to Naut)

Naut: (Holding out a Cubit.) Grab it!

[Burnard grabs onto the Cubit, laughing. Two mechanical hands grab each of them, and flip them like a deck of shuffling cards.]

Burnard: Mix!

[The Burnard & Nurp-Naut Mix is formed. He roars, breathing out a jet of fire. His top half changes to Nurp’s eyes and he giggles. He flips back to the single eye and continues to breathe fire. Cut to a few Bats. They are manically laughing and flying towards them, but pauses and shrieks when they notice them. They fly off, with the Mix following. The Mix shoots beams of flame every so often towards the Bats, who flies away from them, still shrieking while feeling the burn, which something sparked on their foreheads, which Tentro noticed. Cut to Niksput and Flamzer running from a final third swarm of bats. Flamzer is holding a Cubit.]

Flamzer: Well, I was saving this for a special occasion, but…

[Niksput grabs the Cubit. The two of them are zapped by a lightning cloud which changes them into electricity and the two of them scream. The lightning merges them into one being.]

Niksput and Flamzer: Mix!

[The Niksput & Flamzer Mix is formed. He yells in Niksput’s voice, and charges after the bats.]

Tentro: Guys! Aim at the foreheads!

(The Mixes open fires their flames at the bats one by one, which sparks when hit, something small has fallen out of their heads, which are small & mechanical)

Tentro: (checking the small mechanical objects, which are mind control chips) What are those things? (Noticing the Glowing Bats, shaking their heads slightly & smiles that they are free) Wait, theyre Mind Control Chips?!

(The Mixes lands reverting back to normal once they land.)

Niksput: Dude, real bummer...

Hoogi: Poor little bats...

Flain: (his fire on his head ignites more in anger) That despicable witch! Tanya didnt make the Glwoing Bats their friends, they brainwashed them into becoming evil henchmen, without the Glowkies knowing! We've got to warn the Glowkies now About the brainwashing!

Teslo: And about the belt!

Mixels: Huh?

Teslo: That's no Guardbelt! It's an EMP Device!

Mixels: (are shocked) What?!

Magnifo: Then we gotta go!

(The Mixels quickly hurries up to try & find the Glowkies Max, while the Glowkies Max is already inside the King & Queen's bedroom.)

Glowkies Max: Tanya & I will become kings & queens of the land! (slowly steals the king's crown & hurries outside, but hears someone outside)

Krader: GLOWKIE!

Glowkies Max: (turns to the Mixels, who were given a lift by the Glowing Bats) Whoa...

Flain: You must put it back!

Glowkies Max: Why should I? Did you tell...?

Shuff: No, we didn't!

Teslo: Glowkies! That's not a guard belt! It's an EMP Device! And Tanya has used these Mind Control Chips on your kind!

Glowkies Max: She what?! I won't believe it! Please tell him that it's a joke, please!

Flamzer: We're sorry Glowkies. We're not.

(Suddenly Tanya hovers up in the Hover Car.)

Tanya: Come on Glowkies... your babysitter's here.

Glowkies Max: Is it true? (Tanya's smile disappears a bit) Did you set us all up for all of this?

Tanya: (smiles again) Your Mixels are very clever creatures. But I am much more than a pretty face. (Holds up a handle with a button & presses it, activating the countdown to midnight, in the EMP Device)

Glowkies Max: What's it doing?

Tanya: Activating. It also keeps you from seperating back to yourselves. It's all because you three just want to be with your friends, let's see if your friends can save you now. (The Glowkies Max were angered by this) Adios Mixels! (Laughs evily as he flies away in the Hover Car)

Glowkies Max: (hissing angrily) No! (Quickly flies after Tanya) I won't let you!

Slumbo: Glowkies, No!

(The Glowkies Max quickly tackles at Tanya, with the Hover Car spiralling out of control)

Lunk: Oh no! We gotta catch that car!

Vulk: (to the Glowing Bats) Quick! Let's go save the Glowkies!

(The Glowing Bats then quickly carries the Mixels, chasing after Tanya in flight with Flurr & Mesmo, flying side by side.)

Flain: (looks at the clock, which is 11:50pm) (in thought: If the EMP Device detonates in Midnight, it will cause an electrical lockdown that will lock out all the power in Knothole & South Knothole! It could be a disaster to every Freedom Fighter & sooner or later, we will all be doomed! We can't let that happen!)

Tanya: (sets the hover car to auto pilot & quickly kicks Glowkies Max off of him)

Glowkies Max: Gah! What is this?

Tanya: I have made my point on that earlier remark.

Glowkies Max: Then bring it on!


(The Glowkies Max & Tanya then begins fighting each other in the hover Cor that goes around Knothole & South Knothole, throwing punches, kicks, elbows & knees to the gut, without backing down.)

(Meanwhile the Mixels, still in flight, continues to chase after the Glowkies Max)

Flain: We need to get that EMP Device away from Knothole!

Teslo: How? We can't get close it! We need a plan!

Rokit: Roger that! On the double!

(The Glowing Bats begin to swarm around the Hover Car, leaving Tanya distracted)

Tanya: What?

(The Glowkies Max quickly tackles at Tanya, who kicks him off & slaps him at the side of the face)

Tanya: How does it feel to become used?

Glowkies Max: It is shame. (Quickly rams Tanya away & steers with the steering wheel to move upside down)

(The Glowkies Max & Tanya quickly hangs on tight to the hood of the hover car, while kicking at each other.)

(The Mixels try to hang onto the Glowing Bats, but they landed near on a high balcony on top of Castle Acorn.)

Hoogi: Oh no! How do we get over there?

Glomp: I don't know, do we have any spare cubits?

Flain: (checks the clock to see that it's 11:55pm) Only 5 minutes left.

Naut: Hang on a sec, I think the Glowkies can handle this, look!

(They all noticed the upside down hover car still in flight.)

Glowkies Max: (getting flashbacks, now feeling emotional for what he has done, good & bad)


Flain: Tanya's a thief, do you know what that is?

(Flashback #2)

Shadowbot: Surrender!

(Flashback #3)

Gun-Jack: We can see you!

(Final Flashback)

Tanya: Adios, Glowkies! (Laughs evily)

(End of Flashback)

Glowkies Max: (now determined) (flies with his wings & grabs onto the hood)

Tanya: No, don't you dare!

Glowkies Max: This is the right choice! (uses all the strength to rip the hood off the hover car, causing all of the stolen treasure to fly off of the car, including the stolen crown)

Tanya: NO!

(The Stolen treasure has fallen out of the sky, with the stolen loot from the Castle of Acorn Treasurey landing on the soft grass & the stolen gems landing on the grounds of Robotropolis, returning to their respectful places, even the king's crown is caught by Wizwuz)

Wizwus: (laughing as he got the crown)

Meltus: Go Glowkies!

(Tanya turns the hovercar rightside up, with the steering wheel, while the Glowing Bats retreating)

Tanya: (sighs in relief)

Glowkies Max: You might wanna pull the breaks. (Flies away as well)

Tanya: (turns back, only to see a large building still in construction, screaming in horror as she tries to jump off the hovercar)

(However the hover car crashes into the unfinished building in a small explosion, while the Mixels cheer on for the Glowkies)

Seismo: Yay Glowkies!

Burnard: (hugging Flamzer) We did it because we're best friends!

Flamser: Ok, you can let go of me now.

Gobba: Hurry! You only got... (Notices that it's already 11:58pm) 2 minutes?!

Glowkies Max: We're coming. (Quickly zapped, screaming in pain & falls down)

Mixels: (gasps were quickly surprised & shocked to notice that the Glowkies Max is in danger & notices a being)

(Emerging from the wreckage is Tanya, battered, bruised & suffering damage after the crash & is now completely enraged)

Gobba: Tanya?!

Flain: Oh schmixel!

Rokit: Son of a cursing curse word!

Tanya: (going up to the Glowkies Max, now enraged with a handle button) Do you have any idea how much all of the loot I've stole?! It was worth a fortune! I'm gonna teach you a heart wrenching lesson you'll never forget! (Yells in anger as he brutally attacks Glowkies Max)

Glowkies Max: (quickly tries to push her off, while getting zapped again & again, screaming in pain)

Flain: (noticing that it's 11:59pm already) !!! Quick! We have no choice!

(The Mixels quickly grab the cubit & they quickly mix into a Max)

Mixel Maxes: MAX! (Quickly swoops down with their wings & rocket feet, while the clock ticking is heard)

Tanya: (readies her blades & her sharp boots) I will finish you!

Glowkies Max: That's a big boot!

Tanya: Any last words before I pound ya?!

(However the Mixel Maxes quickly Rams Tanya, picking her & the Glowkies Max while flying away into the sky, getting the EMP Device off of the Glowkies Max with the Electroid Max's electric tail, with the clock strikes at midnight.)

(The Forces of Shu, Wei, Wu, Jin, Yuan Shao, the Royal Guards, even Geoffrey St. John were surprised to see an EMP explosion in the sky, not knowing what is happening until now. Descending down slowly were the Maxed Mixels, with Glowbert, Vampos & Boogly in their arms, all charred a bit, but survived. The Forces of Shu, Wei, Wu, Jin & Yuan Shao let out a war cry for the Mixels' Victory against Tanya, similar to Kessen 1, while the Maxed Mixels fly back to the balcony with the Glowkies.)

(Meanwhile Tanya is seen falling down into a lake, now unconscious, but was found by Geoffrey St. John & the Secret Service.)

Hershey: It's Tanya! (Handcuffs Tanya) What about the Mixels? Including the Glowkies?

Geoffrey St. John: The danger is over. (Smiles) Just leave the kids alone.

(In the South Knothole, in the next morning in sunrise.)

Yuan Shao: (shaking hands with Glowbert) Congratulations Mixels. We're grateful to all of you. If it weren't for you, Tanya would've gotten away with the loot & an enternal power outage.

Glowbert: Thank you so very much. (A bit saddened) And yet, Vampos, Boogly & I would like to apologise for our actions.

Vampos: (saddened) Yeah man, we didn't mean to become thieves.

Boogly: But we have seen the error of our ways thanks to our friends.

(The rest of the Mixels smiles a bit.)

Flain: Your welcome, but it was you who confronted Tanya. That was very brave of you.

Rokit: We're sorry for ever doubting you, Glowkies.

Glowbert: It's alright, everyone. All is forgiven.

Yuan Shao: Indeed, for that we grant you full passage to Knothole & South Knothole for all eternity. You have earned the right to join the Freedom Fighters. For now, your family.

(The soldiers places medals on the Mixels, while the crowd gives them a round of applause for their heroic work, in which the Mixels were very proud.)

(Meanwhile, back at the Freedom Fighter Special, in which is the Mixels' temporary home. Meltus is seen, looking up to the sky, while crying.)

Burnard: (to Flamzer) Wow, these Freedom Fighters & Mobians really know how to throw a party even on the first day of school! (Laughs, the two of them look up to hear Meltus’ crying.)

Flamzer: Do you hear something?

Burnard: Yeah, it sounds like Meltus. (Laughs.)

[Cut to Meltus crying, Burnard and Flamzer goes up next to him.]

Burnard: Oh, there you are, Meltus. How come you’re not at the party? (Laughs.)

Meltus: I miss home. It’s so far away, how are we ever gonna get back to Planet Mixel?

Flamzer: I miss home, too!

Burnard: Heh-heh, you know what they say: there’s no place like home! (Starts to laugh.)

[All three start to cry as the color fades to black and white, as they is a glowing portal being activated, the Mixels can see it & we're happy to head back home. Camera cuts to the campsite in the grassy plains.]

Flamzer: We're home guys, we're finally home!

Glomp: It's good to be back guys!

Glowbert: Indeed. Come on everyone, it's time to Par-ta You!

Flain: (turns to the portal closing) We'll see you soon, Mobius. See you real soon.

(As the Mixels began to party, we can see a new Nexus Portal being created by familiar skunk girls, the camera zooms into the portal, a wormhole through, back to the Nexus)

(At the Nexus, we can see a brand new rainbow portal being created, with cubit like structures around the outside & inside of the new Nexus Portal to Planet Mixel. We can see that the Skunk Girl Guardians have all built the New Nexus Portal in the Nexus & on Planet Mixel.)

Amethyst: (smiling along with the rest of the Skunk Girl Guardians, as she finished the portal spell, knowing that the Mixels are back home & can visit Mobiua & the All Stars anytime) See you real soon indeed.

The End