This is the 12th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob & Owen

Main Villains: Evil Sonic (Scourge) & Doodlebob

Story #1: Transcript

The Good Sponge, the Bad Doodle & the Owen (Part 1)

(From Outside)

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters discover Dr. Robotnik & Plankton spreading some of his Mega Muck across the land.)

STH Rotor: (looking through his binoculars) This looks like a job for Sonic the Hedgehog, Spongebob Squarepants & the All Star Freedom Fighters!

Sally: You're right, Rotor! Robotnik's evil machine is polluting the river with Toxic Slop!

Tails: Yuck!

Antoine: Where is Sonic, Spongebob & the All Stars, anyway?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in his Egg-o-matic, flying towards the machine) Hahaha! If only the Freedom Fighters could see me now!

Plankton: (in his Chum-o-matic, following Robotnik) Oh please. I've could've done better myself than that.

Sally: I don't know! I'll send Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters a signal with my super secret sonic signal watch! (sending them a signal with her Super Secret Sonic Signal Watch)

(Meanwhile somewhere on the other side of Mobius...)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters finishing defeat Scratch, Grounder & the HenchCombots)

LeShawna: (steps on Scratch)

Scratch: AWK!

LeShawna: And never mess with the wrong All Star, ya hear me?

Twilight Sparkle (hears Sonic's watch ringing) Your watch is ringing.

Sonic: (to Scratch, Grounder & the HenchCombots) It's been fun, boy! But I gotta go! Duty calls! (answers it) What's cookin', Sal?

Owen: Did someone say cookin? (licking his lips) Mmm, I like some food.

Sally: (in watch) Robotnik & Plankton are making a mess, as usual!

Owen: (salutes) We're on the job, Princess Sally!

Sonic: We're on our way!

Edd: Looks like we have to go to the other side of Mobius to get there.

Eddy: But that's gonna take forever!

Sonic: Hrumph! These local highways and byways are too slow for my liking! Better take a shortcut! (runs off with the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Spongebob: Okie dokie then

Zaktan: What is the shortcut?

Sonic: ...And the shortest cut I through this secret zone onto the cosmic interstate!

Reidak: What? The Cosmic interstate? Now wait just a minute.

Vezok: Nope too late.

(Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters goes inside the Secret Zone)

Gwen: (notices 3 roads) Which way do we go?

Spongebob: I don't know!

Sonic: It's a long and winding road...(go for the Shortest cut)...that leads to everybody's door!

Spongebob: The Shortest cut it is.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters follows Sonic through the Shortest cut, until they've stopped at the end of the road)

Sonic: Uh-oh!

Xplode: What's this? (reads a sign) "WHOOPS! You just missed the last exit to Mobius! (Sorry, Charlie!)"

Sonic: I think we made our trip a little too long--I overshot!

Corroder: Who's Charlie?

Ed: Charlie? Where'd you go?

Eva: If I have my hands at Charlie, I'm gonna...!

AppleJack: Simmer down, Sally.

Eva: My name's Eva & so your funny now, huh?!

Owen: Let's not break out into a fight, ok?

Sonic: No time to take a magical mystery tour!

Sam: We could be lost.

Cameron: Oh, I hope we get back

Sonic: No worries, we gotta backtrack double back to where we're once belonged!

Spongebob: Good Idea.

(Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters tries their best to find their way out)

(Many twists and countless turns later...)

(They arrived back at Mobius, except at what they didn't know is that it's a different zone of Mobius)

Sonic: This is where we get ask directions!

Astro Boy: Is there another way to get back?

Sonic: I don't know how to get where we're going...(notices that this is not the Prime Zone)...from where I...AM?! (looks around)

Owen: Is something wrong?

Sonic: Where are we?

Boggy B: Something wrong?

(The All Star Freedom Fighters also took notice)

Spongebob: Whao! What happen here?

Twilight Sparkle: The better question is, where are we?

Sonic: It looks like Mobius...(smells the air) and it smells like Mobius-- but everything is---Diferrent!

Pinkie Pie: Wow, everything is different. Now that's surprizing indeedy.

Hank: Though different this Zone is, but I have a feeling that this place could be the opposite.

Hank: It is very different. We gotta search all over the place to make sure it's different

Sanford: A very good idea.

Sonic: Yeah, cause something's very wrong! (he & the All Star Freedom Fighters have started running)

Owen: (panting) Where are we going?

Sonic: Better hightail it to Freedom Fighters' HQ!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (notices a building called the "Veterinary Clinic") (stops) Whao!

Sonic: Maybe Princess Sally knows what's going on...(notices the building as well)...around...(stops)!

Deimos: What is that?

Rarity: And where did it came from?

Sonic: This is new! Have we been gone that long?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't think so.

Edd: Shall we investigate?

Eddy: Alright, alright. We'll go inside. What can go wrong?

(Everybody goes inside, not before Ed saying...)

Ed: Cause Eddy's the man, with the plan.

Sonic: Hellooo! Anybody home? Sally?

Spongebob: Bunnie?

Sonic: Rotor?

HF Rotor: Yes?

Sonic: I meant my Rotor.

HF Rotor: Oh.

Zaktan: Oh Antoine. Antoine.

Sonic: (notices Anti Robotnik, wearing a doctor's outfit, wrapping bandages around the rabbit's leg) Doctor ROBOTNIK?!

Rabbit: (notices Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters) Hey, Doc, Look!

Anti Robotnik [Dr. Kintobor]: Gadzooks! It's Sonic the Hedgehog! And there's a lot of folks that has hold Sonic for us!

Spognebob: What?

Anti Robotnik: (to the Animals) Hold him, Boys! Don't let him get away!

Red Dog: Don't worry, doc--he won't!

Animals: (corners Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Rainbow Dash: I didn't know that in this zone that Robotnik's the good guy & the Freedom Fighters are the bad guys.

Courtney: Guess that reminds me where Sonic, Sonia & Manic told us about the possible future they're gone to where they are the bad guys & Robotnik along with the Smiling SWATbots are the good guys.

Owen: Oh, it's like our anti selves are evil. EEEEVIL! And why do I suddendly feel like Mermaid Man?

Owen: Oh no, not again! I'm a naturalist!

Sonic: (gulps) Looks like we're in the wrong place at the wrong time! (notices an opened window) But...

Duncan: But what?

Thunder: What is it?

Sonic: (goes through the window & runs downwards on a wall, down to the ground)...That window...could possibly...have been placed...for a timely escape! (races off away from the building)

Spongebob: Quick, let's get outta here!

Boggy B: I don't know, this Robotnik seems a nice guy.

Jo: Just come on! (grabs Boggy B's hand)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (goes downstairs & escapes the building)

Sonic: (running) I need to find the All Stars & put some distance between me and this madhouse...(looks back at the building while running)...Before I run into any more...(accidently bumps into someone)


(Meanwhile back with the All Stars)

Eddy: (looks around) Guys? Where's Sonic?


(Suddendly they heard a loud crash coming from nearby)

Ed: (points to Sonic & someone who Sonic bumps into) There.

All Star Freedom Fighters: (notices that there's 2 Sonic's, one is Sonic & the other is identical to Sonic except he wears black sunglass, a black leather coat & black leather boots instead of his original sneakers, which is Evil Sonic [Scourge]) What the?!

Sonic: (notices Evil Sonic) (looks Shocked)...Trouble!!

Spongebob: There's two Sonics?!

Owen: Ok, now I'm confused

Spongebob: But how...?

(Suddendly a famillair Doodle of Spongebob appears & it's...)

Spongebob & Patrick: DOODLEBOB?!?!

DoodleBob: Surprize!

The Good Sponge, the Bad Doodle & the Owen (Part 2)

(We see Sonic & Evil Sonic running around in circles, while Spongebob & Doodlebob are side-stepping in a circle, while the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters just blankly staring at the 4)

Sonic & Evil Sonic: Hey! You're not Sonic the Hedgehog. I AM!

Spongebob: I thought your trapped in the piece of paper!

Doodlebob: You Doodle, me Spongebob!

Sonic & Spongebob: Are not!

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: Am too! / NEOFINEYIN!

Sonic & Spongebob: Sez who?

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: Sez me! / MEYAIOVAH!!!

Squidward: (in shock) There's 2 of Sonic's & Spongebob's?! (screams & then faints)

Owen: Uh guys? Are we seeing what I'm seeing?

Crusher: We're seeing what your seeing...

Donkey Kong: But we can't believe that we're seeing.

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! There's 2 Sonics & 2 Spongebobs

Patrick: And the white one's the Evil Doodle!

Twilight Sparkle: The evil doodle? I don't get it.

Sonic: Hold on! Wait a minute! (stops) Slow down and run that by me again! (elbows Evil Sonic, causing him to fall down) Whoa! Speed bump!

Spongebob: (tackles Doodlebob) If I still have the magic pencil I will erase you! But it's power are too mighty for us ocean dwellers.

Evil Sonic: What's the hassle, schmassle?

Doodlebob: (gibberish)

Sonic: That's what we'd like to know!

Spongebob: Me too.

Sonic: One wrong turn on the cosmic interstate, and suddendly we're beside myself.

Squidward: And I still can't believe that Doodlebob actually existed.

Evil Sonic: !

Doodlebob: Huh?

Evil Sonic: Cosmic Interstate? Doodlebob exists again? I think I know the deal, schlemiel! (runs off) Wait here!

Spongebob & Sonic: ?

Evil Sonic: (comes back with a blackboard) I'll draw you a picture! But it ain't gonna be a very pretty one! (starts drawing a diagram of the cosmic interstate) You can get anywhere from the cosmic interstate! But if you cross this imaginary could go from good to bad...or from bad to worse!

Xplode: (suddendly remembers the time when he was transformed into Pure Devil Xplode, once Evil Sonic said "Worse") (growls)

Evil Sonic: Comprende?

Xplode: (grabs Evil Sonic by the collar of his leather jacket) Yes, I do comprende, but if you meation about my Pure Devil Form one more time or I'm really hurt you!

Owen: (grabs Xplode) Whoa there Xplode, let's not get hasty.

Sonic: Anyways, no! I'm all turned around!

Evil Sonic: Exactly! That's my point!

Fangz: What point?

Evil Sonic: You've gone totally 'round the bend, pal!

Spongebob: Wait, you don't mean...?

Evil Sonic: Now your getting the idea. Welcome to the Reverse Universe!


(We see the Anti versions of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Anti Sally [Alicia], Anti Antoine [Patch], Anti Tails [Miles] & Anti STH Rotor [Boomer] )

Evil Sonic: Here's the Freedom Fighters fight against Freedom! (sarcastic) Try saying that five times fast!

Harold: I think that would be impossible to do that, so...

Evil Sonic: (normal) I was being sarcastic, Harold! And by the way, your Anti is an evil genius & his name is "Doris".

Harold: (gasps) (looks shocked) How did you know about the "Doris" part?

Evil Sonic: Shut up & listen.

Harold: How could you, Evil Sonic?! That's the lowest, meanest, dirtiest... GOSH! Well that's the last secret you're gonna get from this guy! Now you'll never know about my teapot collection, or the fact that I wear a wizard's cape when I play Solitaire...

(Now we see Anti Robotnik helping a squirrel by making a cast around the squirrel's right leg)

Evil Sonic: And kindly ol' Doc Robotnik is left picking up the pieces! Oooh, how I dislike him!

Anti Robotnik: (petting the Squirrel's head gently) Better?

Squirrel: Yes, thanks!

Fluttershy: The Anti Robotnik really likes animals & cares about them, just like me.

(Now we see the Veterinary Clinic building)

Evil Sonic: And when Sonic the Hedgehog dislikes someone, he stays disliked! One of these days, me and the gang are gonna toppe his tower of healing once and for all !

(End of Flashback)

Boggy B: So that means in the reverse world, the Anti Freedom Fighters are the BAD GUYS?!?!

Spongebob: Looks like it, but still doesn't face the fact about Doodlebob being here, unless...(gasps) Plankton!

Sonic: Hooo boy! We really are in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Edd: What are we gonna do?

Spongebob: Plankton must've send Doodlebob to slow us down!

Sonic: This ain't kansas--(points to Evil Sonic) and you're no dorothy! We've gotta get back to my own world before it's too...(runs off, but got tripped by Evil Sonic) Oof! ...late!

Doodlebob: (pins Spongebob) NAAAAAHH!

Spongebob: What are you two think you're doing?

Evil Sonic: Not so fast, pal ! I'm giving the orders around here, capeesh?!

Mordecai: Capeesh this! (punches Evil Sonic in the face)

Evil Sonic: Ow!

Mordecai: Now!


(The All Star Freedom Fighters then started to attack Evil Sonic & Doodlebob & then after a few minutes, the All Star Freedom Fighters finally pins Evil Sonic & Doodlebob)

Rigby: In your face!

Vezok: Alright, now tell us how to get outta here & how to get back to the Prime Zone, right now!

(Meanwhile, back on the Prime Zone of Mobius we all know and love...)

Sally: Where could Sonic & the All Stars be keeping themselves?

Tails: Never mind that! What are we going to do with this gross slime?

STH Rotor: (holding a bucket full of slime & scoops up some of the slime with his finger) I bet it would taste great on toast! Yum!

Antoine: (sighs) This is like watching paint dry!

(Back in the Reverse Universe [Moebius])

Eddy: What do you mean, you won't tell us!?

Evil Sonic: No way, hosay! I ain't telling ya! And it ain't often I run into someone who can keep up with me--(lowers his sunglasses) And I intend to make the most of it !

Sonic: You're the least of our worries, pal! Get lost !

Corroder: Same goes for Doodlebob.

Evil Sonic: You say yes, I say no! You say stop--(starts running on the spot) And I say--Go GO! GO! (zooms off)

Sonic: (follows after Evil Sonic)

Doodlebob: (holding onto Evil Sonic) Bye, bye.

Spongebob: Oh no you don't ! (zooms off after Sonic & Evil Sonic to get to Doodlebob) Wait for me!

Hakann: They're too fast. Should we wait?

Rainbow Dash: But it's gonna take forever!

Eddy: Let's go do something!

Ed: Like what?

(Suddendly Eddy starts thinking, then everyone started thinking until...)

Ed: Oh I got an idea.

Owen: Me too.

(Sonic, Evil Sonic & Spongebob are zooming around the world of the Reverse World, with Doodlebob holding onto Evil Sonic)

Evil Sonic: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zip-a-dee-day! You can't lose me by running away!

Sonic: (in thought: Sheesh! My evil self is really giving me the run-around!)

Doodlebob: (gibberish)

Spongebob: (thought: Oh my, he's the same old Doodlebob like I face him. At least he didn't have super speed like Sonic & I have.)

Sonic: Quit chasing my tail !

Evil Sonic: No way! This is too much fun!

Sonic: (thought: I'll say this much for him--he's certainly persistent !)

Spongebob: Alright Evil Sonic & Doodlebob, just try to catch me! (boosts up & now he's in front of Evil Sonic & right beside Sonic)

(The 4 are heading towards Veterinary Clinic)

Evil Sonic: You've got an attitude--but mine's badder!

Sonic: (thought: I'm only running a second or two ahead of the guy & the evil doodle! But with a little luck...a second might be all I

Spongebob: Alright Evil Sonic & Doodle, it's time that we take you out! Any last words?

Doodlebob: (gibberish)

SpongeBob: I'm sorry, what was that?

DoodleBob: BEE HA, BALA HALA BA BA! [DoodleBob starts to shout more gibberish as Sonic & Spongebob goes inside the building)

Sonic: (makes a teasing face with his tounge sticking out) NYAH! NYAH!

Anti Robotnik: Gyahh!! He's back! Quick! Grab him!

Doodlebob: Huh?

Evil Sonic: Hey! What the-?!

Sonic: That's our cue to ski-doo!

(Before the Animals attack Sonic & Spongebob, the two heroes dodges out of the way, making the Animals & the All Star Freedom Fighters attacking & trapping Evil Sonic & Doodlebob in a net instead)

Owen: Whoo hoo! We got Evil Sonic & the Evil Doodle!

Evil Sonic: Curses! Foiled again!

Spongebob: Hi Anti Doctor Robotnik.

Sonic: Eh, what's up, doc?

Anti Robotnik: (notices Sonic) Egads! A second Sonic!

Spongebob: Whao! Hold on, we need to talk.

(Later, after explanations have been made...)

Anti Robotnik: (using his stethoscope on Sonic) Let me stethoscope you out!

Sonic: Sorry, but Space / Time is of the essence!

Spongebob: Can we please burrow your quicker picker upper machine?

Anti Robotnik: Be my guest. As a gift for my new friends.

Owen: Thank you.

Noah: Now then, let's go stop Plankton & Robotnik & get this over with already.


(Sonic & the All Stars are in the Cosmic Interstate, headin back to the Prime Zone)

Sonic: There's our exit up ahead!

Spongebob: And not a moment too soon!

Drilldozer: Time to put this machine into good use.

(Finally Sonic & the All Stars have made it back to the Mobius Prime Zone)

Sonic: Though you don't always get what you want...

Sally, STH Rotor & Tails: SONIC!

Twilight Sparkle: ...Sometimes with a little help from your get exactly what you need!

Sonic: Heh! Guess minds do think alike. Kindly Ol' Doc Robotnik's super scooper should get the scoop on this goop!

Spongebob: And turns into clean bubbles.

Thok: And they smell sweet too.

Sonic: It's a quicker picker-upper!

Tails: Go, Sonic!

(In Robotnik's Slop maker factory)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices the alarm just went off) It can't be!

Plankton: Aw, what now?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic & the All Stars are slurping up the slop faster than my slop maker can sling it !

Plankton: That's not good!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It's going to blow!

Plankton: Quick, let's get outta here! (hops in his Chum-O-Matic & flys away)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (hops in his Egg-O-Matic) I'd better make like a banana...(flys away in his Egg-O-Matic)...and split !

(Suddendly the Slop maker factory explodes)


Dr. Robotnik Prime: We'll be back!

Plankton: And you can count on it, Sonic & Spongebob!

Spongebob: Well, looks like we've done it again!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes we've did.

Sally: My hero! (kisses Sonic's cheek) You're one of a kind!

Sonic: (blushes) Princess--if you only knew...!

Patrick: So uh, what are we gonna do with Doodlebob?

Spongebob: He was just a two-dimensional creature lost in our three-dimensional world longing for a purpose.

Boggy B: You mean we have to let him go for now, just because he's a drawing & won't do us no harm?

SpongeBob: Exactly! See how happy Doodlebob is?

Ezekiel: He still looks kind of creepy, eh?

Geoff: Whatever the case, maybe.

The End