This is the 13th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Tree Rex & Crusher

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & Professor Worminkle

Special Guest Characters: Spongegar, Patar & Squog

Story #1: Transcript

Ooga Booga! (Part 1)

(We see Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters carrying the pieces of the SWATbots & the Prototype Jack-4 Bots in a wheelbarrow & dumping them in Robotropolis near Robotnik's Lair into a big pile of robotic trash)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic the Hedgehog & the All Stars are piling up all of our robots that they trashed!!!

Plankton: I still wish that I had the blueprints of my Jack-4 Bots. And I had to replan them by scratch.

Sonic: How metallically ironic...we're into recycling!!

Spongebob: Yeah! See you later!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to leave)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (grumbles) (holding some of the parts of the destroyed Grounder & Crabmeat) That blue-blooded do-gooder along with the crossover cavelry foils our evil schemes every time! Time after time...after TIME!..Hmmm...

Sonic: Gotta juice, Lord lard! (runs off)

Plankton: (gets an idea) Wait, that's it ! (whispers in Robotnik's ear)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Gadzooks! What an idea! A time machine!! Your a genius Plankton! Ho ho ho haw haw he ho!!

Sonic: (suddendly hears Dr. Robotnik) I bust up his 'bots, and he laughs! There's a fine line between comedy and tragedy!!

Crusher: Wow, we're very good at smashing those bots

Bouncer: Yeah, you said it !

Tree Rex: Remember, we must not stop until Robotnik & Plankton are in jail.

Spongebob: I guess your right. Come on, let's go back!

Sonic: Okay, let's dive into the hidden entrance to the secret village of know the drill ! (goes through the hidden entrace to Knothole)

Spongebob: Got it. (follows Sonic)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (follows Sonic & Spongebob through the hidden entrance to Knothole)

Patrick: Whee! Let's go again.

Edd: Maybe later.

Sonic & Ed: Hiya, Tails!

Sonic: Where's the rest of the Freedom Fighters?

Tails: Princess Sally wnats to show us something on television... C'mon! (flys up to the door to Sally's room by using his 2 tails as propellers)

Sonic: How does he do that tail thing?

Eddy: Yeah, how does he do that?

Ninjini: We need to get to Sally. How was she?

(We see Sally crying while using a tissue to wipe the tears off her eyes)

Sally: Oh, the gut-wrenching tragedy! (sobs) The mega-heartache! (chokes)

Sonic: Wow! Someting horrible must be happening!

Vezok: Is the Master Jack Bot has been activated early?

Tails: The what?

Zaktan: It's a long story. And it's also the reason why we're here.

Tails: Oh well, nah...she's watching her soap opera!!

Ed: SOAP?! Not the Soap!

Rarity: No not actual soap, darling. Soap Opera. And it's really touching.

Edd: Ed is still afraid of a bar of soap when we tried to get the ship in a bottle off of his finger.

Duncan: Sally, what are you doing?

Sally: (notices Sonic, Tails & the All Stars) Oh, hi, Sonic! just about to turn on the news! (changes the tv channel to the News)

Sonic: Suuuuure you were!

Tails: (giggles)

Duncan: Riiiight.

SWATbot #2176: (on tv) (wearing a bow tie) Good day! Our lumpy leader Ivo Robotnik & his partner Plankton has just univeiled Robotnik's latest invention...the mobile monster chainsaw!

(The screen shows Robotnik Prime & Plankton with the mobile monster chainsaw machine in the Great Forest)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (on tv with Plankton) Indeed!!

Plankton: Come and get us.

SWATbot #2176: Watch how easily it mows down the great forest! It wood clear (snickers) fifty acres per minute!!

(The Heroes notices the sight of the Mobile Monster Chainsaw cutting the trees of the great forest down one by one)

All: (gasps)

Sonic: Omigosh...(covers Tails' Eyes) Don't look, Kid!!

Tails: ?

Sally: (gasps)

Spongebob: Oh no! Not again!

SWATbot #2176: And now...the weather...

Dawn: Oh no, I senced something horrible. It could be a trap.

Sonic: (didn't hear Dawn) I already know what the temperature boiling point!!!

Tree Rex: No! This cannot be! That's it I had enough!

Sally: Sonic, Tree Rex...wait!!

Tails: Too late...big blue is bright red!

Applejack: What on Ponyville is Sonic going?

Sonic: (spindashes up to the surface by burning a hole on the ceiling upwards)

Sally: (looks shocked) Wow!! Sonic's so hot, he burned a hole to the surface!!

Tails: Robotnik & Plankton had pushed him over the edge!

Tree Rex: (follows Sonic)

Hot Head: Same thing to Tree Rex. We gotta find them quick!

Sonic: Whoops! I'm over the edge...of the paper!

Spongebob: Come back! It's a trap!

(The All Stars follows an angered Sonic & Tree Rex)

Plankton: This was almost too easy.

Sonic: (on a stump) That's the last tree you cut, Blubberbutt & Tiny Bean!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (sarcastic) What?

Tree Rex: Stop cutting down the trees!

Plankton: We can't hear you!

Sonic: You heard me & Tree Rex, 10-W-40 Breath! Now come down here with Plankton and take your punishment like men!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Still can't hear you...come closer...a little bit more...

Spongebob: Wait, stop! It's a...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: HAW! (activates the machine firing a green beam at Sonic & All Star Freedom Fighters)

Tree Rex: Whoa!

Spongebob: Trap

Plankton: You bet it is.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The Chainsaw is only a decoy to lure you into the range of my time teleporter!!!

Sonic: Whoa!

Geoff: Well party's over.

Reidak: Not good.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Farewell forever, Hedgehog!

Plankton: Same to you, All Star Freedom Fighters! (activates the machine, but then it overloads) Uh-oh! (accidently warps Sonic to his Prehistoric Age & the All Star Freedom Fighters to Spongebob's Stone Age)

Sonic: Yeow! I'm having one those "I've been here before" experiences!

Spongebob: Whoa! Me too!

Avak: Ok what's with the "Whoa!"?

(The All Stars are seperated from Sonic & has exit the portal & they arrived in Bikini Bottom in the Stone Age to see a muddy swamp]

Spongebob: Is it Bikini Bottom?

Crusher: It's in the Stone Age.

Tree Rex: I'm sorry, I've let all of you into a trap. If I haven't crush the Time Machine in the first place, none of this would've happen.

Edd: It's ok, we cannot change the past, but we can effect the future, I mean the Mobian Past or our future, know what I mean.

Ed: Look! (points to prehistoric Conch street, where three houses similar to SpongeBob's pineapple, Patrick's rock, and Squidward's Easter Island Head, except SpongeBob's house has a fern growing out of the top, Squidward's is more like a monkey-shaped head, and Patrick's has no bamboo weathervane. These are prehistoric homes to the three's cavemen ancestors)

Eddy: What?

Spongebob: Wait a minute, those are Patrick's, Squidward's & my ancestor!

Zaktan: No way!

Ooga Booga! (Part 2)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are looking around, until they spotted a familiar relative of Spongebob, which is Spongegar, who is inside his cave which is a one large, empty room with cave drawings of him jellyfishing on the walls and rocks and bones on a shelf above his blanket, which he sleeps under.)

Spongegar: (snoring)

Vezok: Is that you?

Spongebob: That's my Stone Age Relative.

All: (whispers) Wow!

Courtney: (gulps) Maybe we should get outta here.

Applejack: But how Courtney, how are we gunna get outta this place without that fancy scmancy time machine?

Courtney: You may got a point.

(Back outside, a giant purple dinosaur wakes up under a beam of sunlight)

Hot Head: (notices the giant purple dinosaurs) Uh you might wanna cover our ears.

Gwen: Why's that?

(The Giant Purple Dinosaurs gurgle out a call similar to SpongeBob's foghorn alarm clock.)

Thumpback: That's why!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (covers their ears)

(From not to far away, we see Professor Worminkle from "Worms 4 Mayhem" sleeping inside a cave, until he hears the sound waves coming from the Giant Purple Dinosaurs, causing him to wake up)

Prof. Worminkle: (yawns & then looks at all of the bones he collected because he was hungry to eat some meat from off of dinosaur bones) Oh, all out of meat again. (sighs) (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters, especially Boggy B) What?! Not Boggy B again! What's he doing here with those strange dimensional worlders? I gotta get outta here!

(Back with the All Star Freedom Fighters)

(The sound waves cause the rock to rattle off a shelf and it falls on Spongegar's head. Alarmed, Spongegar shrieks, but calms down when he notices the rock. He laughs and shoves the rock back on the shelf.)

Edd: Looks like he's awake. Fascinating

(He then takes his hide blanket from on the floor and puts it on as a pair of caveman pants. He puts on arm through a sleeve)

Ed: Cool. Can I be a Caveman guys?

Geoff: Please stay with us dude.

Spongegar: and walks outside of his pineapple, dragging a vine behind him]

SpongeGar: Banooga ready! (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters) Huh?

Spongebob: Great Grandpa Spongegar!

Spongegar: Gree Gra-su Spongegar!

(Spongebob & Spongegar walks up to each other & gave each other a hug)

Harold: I think I need to translate Spongegar's words. He said "Great Grandson Spongebob" in Caveman.

Astro Boy: Your right, that's the same thing we said now.

Boggy B: Harold understands the language of "Caveman". That's amazing.

Spongegar: (notices the All Stars behind Spongebob) Who er they?

Spongebob: It's a long story.

(But they didn't notice that Professor Worminkle is watching them)

Professor Worminkle: That's it! Once they're heading back to the present, I'll follow them without them seeing me! It's brilliant & I can be free from the Stone Age forever! (evil laughter & then dances happily about his plan will be sucessful) "I'm going home, back to my Unversity, la la dee, la la dum, la la doo!"

(Back at the Present, at this moment)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (dancing, singing happily) Tra-la-dee do dee da...Sonic is gone! Hooray! Goodbye!!

Plankton: Oh brother. You just sent him & the All Stars in the past, so what?

Crabmeat: (notices Robotnik dancing, singing & smiling) (gasps) Robotnik! Singing! Dancing!! Smiling!!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices Crabmeat & grabs him) Ahem!...harumph! will forget everything you just saw!

Crabmeat: Oh, how can I You broke your own rules!! It's forever etched in my memory!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Very well...let's do it the easy way...(smashes Crabmeat to pieces on the floor)

Plankton: And Crabmeat has beefed it.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Are we all set out there, SWATbot?

SWATbot: Affirmative, oh oval ogre!

Plankton: (sighs) Fine, let's get this over with.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (holding scissors) I shall cut the ribbon and open the display of my time machine! Where's the crowd?

Prototype Jack Bot: They went for a keg of 10-W-40...

SWATbot: (hears something in the distance) Hey!! Did you hear something?

Plankton: Like what? (notices Sally, STH Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine & Tails charging towards the 2 doctors) GASP!

SWATbot: (notices as well) Danger-Danger!!! A surprise attack by the Freedom Fighters!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices also) Egad!...I can't escape--

Plankton: And why not?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Cause mother told me never to run with scissors!

Plankton: Never mind, you start walking while I take care of them myself ! Prototype Jack Bots get them!

Prototype Jack Bots: (charges towards the Freedom Fighters)

Tails: Forward for Sonic and our cause!

Sally: (holding a Freedom Fighter Flag) CHARGE!

(Back at the Stone Age)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are talking to Spongegar about who they are & where they come from, not knowing that from inside a primitive tiki lair that holds prehistoric Squidward named Squog, who looks out the window to see Spongegar with the All Star Freedom Fighters]

Squog: Huh? Grrr...

[He is about to walk outside, but stops]

Squog: Wait a minute...

[He runs over and picks up two clubs. He debates with himself over which one to use. He takes the bigger one and walks out chuckling. The club left behind cries. Squog approaches SpongeGar and the All Star Freedom Fighter, who are out in the clearing]

Squog: SpongeGar!

Owen: Uh oh, here comes Prehistoric Squidward.

Squog: SpongeGar! Manaka! No tabonga strangah! [Dino Gary rolls his eyes and slithers away as Squogg displays a small pile of snail slime and points to his front walkway, covered in the snail goop] Tabonga as a go o saila! Tabonga doo. Tabonga doo!

SpongeGar: Tabonga doo? Hmm... Tabonga doo...

[Squog fumes and stamps off, but slips on Corroder's slime, sliding as if on a "Slip 'n' Slide", screaming for SpongeGar's help. But SpongeGar is too busy pondering the meaning of Squog's demand.]

Corroder: Oops, sorry! Guess I got a slime split.

Squidward: Hold on Great Grandpappy, I'm coming to rescue you...! (goes to help Squog, but slips on Corroder's slime, sliding like Squog did before, screaming for the All Star's help)

Owen: Good luck & watch out for that...!

[Squidward & Squog slams into caveman Patrick's rock, which opens, revealing Patrick's ancestor named Patar, who is sticking to the underside of it as Patrick often does]

Owen: ...Rock.

Patar: Patar!

[He walks over to Squidward & Squog, who are covered in Corroder's slime, but not sliding any longer]

Patar: Hmm... Yuk! [He sniffs his slime coating] Blecch! [He tastes some of the slime cautiously] Blecch! [He then takes out a salt shaker and adds some salt to the slime and tastes it again. This time it appears to be somewhat palatable, and he is satisfied, giving a thumbs up] Mowonga!

[Squog, gets angry and shakes the slime off himself]

Squog: Patar! Grrr...

Squidward: Wait, that's Patrick's ancestor! Oh no! (runs off back to the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Patar: Squog! [He laughs and hugs him] Patar unga Squog!

[He squeezes him so tightly, that the veins in his arms pop out, and Squog is slightly strangled]

Patar: Squog.

Squog: [ Gets strangled even harder ] Eeek!

Patar: Squog!

Hank: That's gonna leave a mark if he doesn't stop.

[SpongeGar notices Patar]

SpongeGar: Patar!

[Patar sees him and lets go of Squog, and Squog passes out onto the ground. The two run up to each other]

Patar: SpongeGar! [SpongeGar smiles and hits himself on the head. Patar smiles and punches himself in the face a couple times.]

Reidak: Now what?

Twilight Sparkle: What on earth are they doing?

Bouncer: I think it's best that we should stay out of it.

[SpongeGar pulls out his nose and lets it go, slamming it back into his face. He screams, then stops suddenly and smiles. Patar pulls his lower lip over his head, and it tears off. He screams, then smiles]

Patar: SpongeGar!

SpongeGar: Patar.

[Patar and SpongeGar hug]

Squog: SpongeGar and Patar no got malonka palinka. Heh, heh. Palinka... [He is about to walk home again, when he slips on the slime again, and slides for a moment longer before sliding into his clay monkey head house and crashing into the back wall, where cave paintings of hunters with arrows point at his rear] Wima soe...

Corroder: Whoops, sorry again. Forgot to clean it up!

Spongebob: Wait, look! (points to Spongegar & Patar)

[SpongeGar reaches into his pants and pulls out half of a coconut shell with juice inside. He howls in glee. Patar sniffs it.]

Rainbow Dash: What are they doing now?

[SpongeGar gets a log and pours the liquid into it and blows into a hollow branch sticking out of the top of it, producing a bubble in a hole on the other side of the log. Patar tries to take cover from the bubble, but then sees it pop and realizes it's harmless and that there is no need to protect himself from it. So he claps and howls in delight.]

Vezok: Now that's clever.

[Then, clouds appear and it begins to rain.]

Kitty: (growls) Now it's raining.

Rarity: Oh no! My wonderfully styled mane shall be ruined!

Applejack: Ya shoulda hurried up and finished the job already.

Eddy: And a way to get out of the past

Rarity: (trying her best to dodge the raindrops) Oh! Ah! Oh Ph!! It's coming down too fast! Ah! Oh! Oh! Ah! Help me!

Applejack: Uh, (spots Spongegar's cave) there. Hunker down to yer heart's content whilst we figure a way to get back to the present.

Rarity: (takes cover inside the cave)

Spongebob: Take a look at this guys

Tree Rex: What is it?

[Patar then claps again and the rain stops, and the clouds relocate themselves. Patar smiles. SpongeGar tries his hand at it, but the rain stall. A few moments later, the clouds re-appear and it rains. Both cheer.]

Crusher: What are they doing?

Hakann: I don't know, summoning rain by clapping?

[Patar claps, and the rain ceases once more. The two get excited, and clap excessively. The rain begins, but won't stop. Next, thunder sounds, and the two stop their howling.]

Heather: Please tell me that was Owen's stomach.

Avak: Shh

STH Rotor: Was that Thunder?

Thunder: Yes, can I help you?

[Patar claps again, but nothing happens & both SpongeGar & Patar started hooting & screaming & runs around the Bubble Blowing Log as another thunder sound has been heard]

Rainbow Dash: Should I clear the clouds.

Edd: You do know that this is not Equestria. They move all on their own by the wind.

Applejack, Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash: Just like the Everfree Forest?!

Noah: Dude, most clouds suppose to move on their own by the wind. It's only Natural

Rarity: (faints)

[Squog watches them from the second story window in his house]

Squog: Patar an SpongeGar bawannagog. No pooca Squog. Squog tay taila foo.

[Squog starts to paint when thunder sounds, and lightning strike. Squog looks out his window and gasps to see that the bubble-blowing log has been ignited in flames, and Patar and SpongeGar have been injured by the lightning]

Squog: (gasps) Patar! SpongeGar!

Spongebob & Patrick: Grandpa!

Squidward: I didn't know that my ancestor cares about Spongebob's & Patrick's Ancestors.

Patrick: Are they ok?

[Both get up and run behind a rock, startled.]

Hot Head: H-hey, that log's on fire.

Harold: Guess they discovered fire.

Crusher: Let's see how they react

[They peek out from behind it to see the fire. SpongeGar, Squog, and Patar slowly approach it, quaking. Squog sniffs it and sticks his hand into it. His hand burns and he takes it out and screams in pain. SpongeGar and Patar put their hands in]

SpongeGar & Patar: Huh? Hmmm... Uh-huh, Uh-huh... Ahhh...

[Suddenly, both scream, and all three suck their hands.]

Ed: That had to hurt, huh guys?

Raw Jaw: Your telling me.

[Then, Patrick sniffs his, and turns away from it. Then, he adds salt and gnaws on his hand, and crawls away, thinking that SpongeGar and Squog will eat it. They don't want it, but they do get hungry.]

Spongebob: (his tummy growls) Oh my, my stomach must be running on empty

Twilight Sparkle: (her tummy started growling) (giggles nervously) I guess we can get some food.

[SpongeGar sees two plants]

SpongeGar: Mmm! (licks his lips) Fongar!

[As he runs over to get them, Squog calls him a protozoa]

Squog: Monga.

Cameron: Hmmm, these plants could be good to eat in the Stone Age.

Scott: What?! You expect us to eat plants!

[SpongeGar is walking back when he trips and the plants fly into the fire]

Hakann: Aw man!

Squog: SpongeGar!

[He angrilly speaks gibberish. When he's done, he turns to see that Patar is salting his burnt hand. When Patar goes to bite Squog's hand, Squog smashes his head in with a stick]

Mordecai: Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

Squog: Patar! Chonga!

[Patar crawls away disappointedly]

Fluttershy: Oh my, what should we do?

Rigby: What are we gonna eat now?

[SpongeGar stares at Squog's stick, the two plants in the fire, then the stick again, then the plants, back and forth. We hear mystical music as he looks at the two faster and faster.]

Dudley: What's he doing now?

Spongebob: I think I know.

[Suddenly, SpongeGar gets an idea]

SpongeGar: Aha! Squog! Squog! [Motions towards the stick] Tooka SpongeGar? Hmm? [Squog nods happily and hits SpongeGar on the head with the stick] Nah! Nah! Nah!

[He slowly impales one of the plants with the stick. He sniffs it and then eats it. He then begins jumping up and down in delight, hooting. Apparently, it tasted good. Squog watches him.]

Preytor: Wow, I think Spongegar likes it.

Spongebob: You betta believe it

[Then, SpongeGar offers the other plant to Squog, who hesitantly takes it and eats it. But he ends up liking it, and hoots and jumps up and down as SpongeGar watches.]

Squidward: And my ancestor likes it too.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow, I don't believe it. They actually loved these plants.

[Squog and SpongeGar then shake hands]

Squog: Taila foo, SpongeGar! Taila foo! SpongeGar na dumbo!

[A speech balloon appears from Squog's mouth with Albert Einstein in it.]

Spongebob: It's lunch time!

[Later, SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog have a cookout. SpongeGar sticks a marshmallow-like plant through the stick, and roasts it in the fire and eats it. Squog does the same with a piece of coral. Patar toasts a stick and eats it]

SpongeGar: Patar! Uh-uh. Wa SpongeGar!

[a prehistoric crab scuttles by]

Prehistoric Crab: Money! Money! Ooga booga! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Ooga boo...Agh! [SpongeGar steps on it, takes Patar's stick, and impales it. Patar takes the stick, puts it in the fire, and then eats it. The three jump up and down hooting and hollering.]

Eddy: So what should we eat?

Spongebob: Let's find some food

[They all run off. Spongebob impales some long grass, toasts them, and eats them. Ed impales some primitive flowers and leaves, toasts them, and takes a bit out of them. Boggy B impales some primitive leaves & then eats it. Zaktan twirls up some vines on the stick, toasts it, and slurps it up. Xplode puts some rocks in a pan, toasts it, and it becomes popcorn. He eats some. Owen lifts up a rock, and a bunch of Primitive crabs, crawl out.]

Owen: Mmm, fiber.

[Dudley draws a circle in the sand, impales it, and lifts it, revealing a sand Krabby Patty. He toasts it. Cut to the Cavemen & the All Star Freedom Fighters chewing vigorously. They all continue to eat, and they burp & the girls say excuse me when they burp. The three continue to run off, get something, toast it, and eat it. Over and over and over and over and over...and the full food cavemen are walking slow to get it and toast it and eat it and they run fast to get, toast and eat Over and over and over and over and over and over again! Eventually, they are all on the ground, now much fatter, satisfied. They yawn and get up]

(The All Stars felt the same surge from the beam from the time machine, meaning that they're about to go back to the present of Mobius)

Tree Rex: Looks like we're going home

Spongebob: Bye Spongegar, Patar & Squog.

Squog: Ganoga, All Stars.

Patar: Ganoga, All Stars.

Spongegar: Ganoga, All Stars.

(The All Stars have been sent back to the present, also Sonic as well, not knowing that Professor Worminkle follows them)

Spongebob: Ow! That had to hurt.

Eddy: Guess who else is back. (points to Sonic)

Sonic: WHOOF! I gotta talk to the boss about a stunt double!

Zaktan: Welcome back Sonic.

Sonic: Sally! Tails! Rotor! How did I get back here?

Spongebob: And how did we even get here?

Tails: The Freedom Fighters raided Robotnik's Head-quarters!

Sally: We swiped his time machine, and brought you home!!

Crusher: What about Plankton?

Sally: Taken care of.

Spongebob: That's good, perhaps certain events are better left untold.

(But the Heroes didn't know that Professor Worminkle has escaped from the Prehistoric Times)

Professor Worminkle: (leaving the Great Forest) Yes! Professor Worminkle is back! (evil laughter)

The End