This is the 20th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog.

It's also the 1st Sonic & Spongebob Special.

Main All Star Heroes: Twilight Sparkle & Reidak

Main Villains: Von Nebula

Story #1: Transcript

Sonic in your face, Reidak's new COM Love

(The All Stars begins their training with Sonic & Sally)

Twilight Sparkle: That's it guys, you can do this.

Spongebob: Alright, keep it up guys!

Sonic: Heads up, intruder! I'm springing ahead...(spindashes towards Sally, wearing safety gear & a safety mask)...and you're going to be falling backward!

Sally: (didn't listen to Sonic)

Xplode: Uh oh! Watch out!

Sonic: Hey! Look out!

Sally: (notices Sonic) Wha...(barely dodges the attack)

Sonic: (about to land until...)

Xplode: (tackles Sonic to the ground) Stop that!

Sonic: Sorry, but why did you tackle me for?

Xplode: You nearly took Sally's head off ! So be careful next time

Sonic: Oh sorry.

Xplode: Sometimes, I had feelings for Sally

Sonic: (to Sally) I almost took your head off! Are you fighting or sleeping?

Reidak: Whatever this is, it looks like your mind went off somewhere

Sally: Huh? (takes off her safety mask) Oh! Sorry, Sonic! Sorry All Stars. It's just that my thoughts have been...elsewhere.

Reidak: Ha! I knew it.

Mordecai: (punches Reidak)

Reidak: Ow!

Rigby: (unimpressed) Welcome to my world.


(Sally & Twilight Sparkle noticed the mysterious orb crash landed in the ground)

Sally: First, it was the mysterious orb that fell from the sky...

(Now we can see Sally with a dead Julayla in bed)

Sally: And then...Julayla.

(End of Flashback)

Reidak: Who's Julayla?

Rosie: (arrive, opening the door) Speaking of Julayla, m'lady...there be matters which require your personal attention!

Sally: (notices Rosie) Oh? But of course, Rosie.

Twilight Sparkle: Do you mind if me & my friends can help? If that's ok with you.

Sally: Sure. Come along guys.

(Rosie leads Sally & the All Stars to her room)

Rosie: Your mentor has been most explicit about the division of her estate. (opens the door)

Izzy: Wow-we! Would you look at all of these packages!

Rosie: Yes, all that she owned...lock, stock and barrel...she left to you!

Sally: That you, Rosie! We'll be here if anyone needs us.

(Rosie leaves)

Spongebob: Come on guys, let's go clean up!

(The All Stars begins cleaning while Sally is checking everything)

Sally: Amazing! ...That a person could gather so many material goods in a lifetime...(notices a chest) Oh my. Julayla's hope chest.

Rarity: A chest?

Eddy: What's with the chest?

Sally: She meant for me to have it on my wedding day.

Squidward: What'd you say?

Sally: (opens the chest & pulls out a blue vest) What a handsome vest! I always wanted pockets!

Vezok: You do?

Sally: Yes. I wonder what other treasures are inside? (finds a picture of her young self with her father, King Maxilliam Acorn)

Owen: Say, who's that? (points to King Maxilliam in the picture)

Sally: Oh, father...(sniffs) Those were good times...before you were taken from us.

Hakann: So that's your father? Why didn't you say so?

Sally: (sheds a tear) I'm sorry, but you wouldn't understand. (notices a map inside the hope's chest & picks it up) A map. With instructions to be followed if...if...

Noah: "If" what?

Twilight Sparkle: Anything else in the map?

Sally: This is all too much for one day! I'll finish tomorrow!

Reidak: Ok. (thinking about the mysterious orb) Hm... (softly) Betta watch the orb, just in case my wish can come true. I'll stay up all night if I had too.

(That night...)

(We see Sally sleeping without her boots & the All Stars Freedom Fighters are all sleeping, especially Reidak who is sleeping next to the orb in the STH's Rotor workshop)

Reidak: (snoring)

(The Mysterious Orb starts glowing more than usual, causing Reidak to wake up)

Reidak: Dude, turn off the light, I'm trying to sleep. (notices the Mysterious Orb glowing more than usual) Huh? What the?

Twilight Sparkle: (wakes up, noticing the light) Huh? (gallops inside STH Rotor's workshop) Reidak? What happened?

Reidak: I don't know, the orb started glowing all of the sudden.

(The orb then started floating in mid-air)

Mysterious Orb: (robotic female voice) Greetings, I have come for Sally.

Reidak & Twilight Sparkle: Sally?

Reidak: (shocked) Wait, did that orb just said something?

Twilight Sparkle: (shocked) Looks like it did talked & it's voice is a she

Reidak: (thought: Could it be the perfect girl that I wished for?)

(Sally, sensing something, wakes up and walks slowly to the workshop. She arrives to see Reidak & Twilight Sparkle the orb floating in mid-air, glowing madly.)

Reidak: (spots Sally) Hi Sally, I think this orb wants to talk to you.

Mysterious Orb: Hello, Sally...(turns into a flip-top hand-held computer device)

Hand-Held Computer Device: My NICOLE.

Reidak: Whoa!

Twilight Sparkle: Nice to meet you.

Sally: That tells me who you are...but not what!

Twilight Sparkle My name is Twilight Sparkle & the black Piraka is Reidak (points to Reidak)

Reidak: Hi

NICOLE: Please to meet you (to Sally) I would be your friend...but that is a choice only you can make.

Sally: Hmmm. You remind me very much of someone else who always encouraged me to make my own decisions.

NICOLE: Thank you. A higher compliment I could scarcely imagine.

Reidak: Ok then

(Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine & STH Rotor & the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters suddendly enters the Workshop)

Squidward: What is with all the yelling about?

Reidak: (notices them) Ah, guys! What a nice surprize

Sonic: Princess Sally!

Spongebob: Twilight, Reidak!

Sonic: What are you three doing up so late? Is everything all right?

Spongebob: And are you guys ok?

STH Rotor: We heard voices!

Dudley: Are there ghosts?

Twilight Sparkle: There's no ghosts, Dudley.

Sonic: Who have you been talking to, Sal?

Sally: I'm not sure. You tell me!

Ezekiel: (notices NICOLE) Hey, is that a new phone, eh?

Edd: Please stay with us, Ezekiel

Ezekiel: I am Homeschooled all in my life, I've never been to school before in my life. That's why I was a bit slow...about a gallon & a half, yo.

Sonic: (grabs NICOLE & shakes her, but got electrocuted by her in the process)

Reidak: Ouch, she really packs a punch.

Kineticlops: Or in this case, packs a shocking delevopment.

Sonic: (got shocked & feels dizzy) Woah! Little sucker really packs a wallop!

Reidak: Her name is NICOLE, you know

Sally: (grabs NICOLE) That wasn't very nice, NICOLE!

NICOLE: Neither was nearly shaking me to pieces!

Twilight Sparkle: Sonic? Are you ok?

Spongebob: I think he's ok

Zaktan: Well I think that machine is too dangerous for any of us to handle.

Sonic: (gets up) That gadget is more trouble than it's worth. I say get rid of it!

Sally: No...

Meltdown: No? What do you mean "No"?

Sally: Like it or not...she's here now...and she's staying! Besides...everyone needs a friend!

Reidak: (sighs) I know.

(Sunset, the following day...)

(In Sally's room)

Twilight: (arrives) Hi Sally

Sally: (putting on her blue boots) Oh Hello Sally?

Twilight Sparkle: Are you ready?

Sally: (puts on her blue vest) Yes. Julayla's final testament claimed that all I need to attain oneness of the soul is locked within the darkness of the forbidden zone...

Twilight Sparkle: The forbidden zone? Where's that? I've never heard of this place

Sally: It's a place where even Doctor Robotnik fears to tread.

Twilight Sparkle: Not even Plankton?

Sally: Yeah, you can say that. I could never ask the other freedom fighters to accompany me on what could prove to be such a dangerous and personal mission. (puts the slingshot inside her inner left pocket) So... (puts NICOLE inside her inner right pocket) ...except for you, NICOLE & you, Twilight Sparkle... (puts a blue headband on) ...I'll have to go it alone! (opens the door)

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: (notices the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters with STH Rotor's biplane & the Sponge Flyer)

Sonic: (leaning on the biplane) Going somewhere, Princess? Weren't thinking of hogging all the glory for yourself, were you?

Spongebob: (waves at Sally & Twilight Sparkle) Hi girls

Reidak: Let's get going.

Sally: Guys, I appectiate your support, but this could be dangerous! Besides it's something I need to do on my own! (points to herself)

Bunnie: Sez who?

Tyler: Yeah, says who?

Sonic: Everyone needs a friend, Sal...

Tails: ...and danger is our business!

Owen: We'll use our teamwork to get through any challenge.

Spongebob: Please, let us come with you.

Pinkie Pie: Pretty please with chocolate icing & a cherry on top? (does the cute adorable puppy eyes)

Owen: Mmmm, Chocolate Icing & cherries.

Sally: (sighs) I can see it's pointless to argue...

Twilight Sparkle: Ok guys, you can come

Vezok: Alright !

Eddy: Let's go!

Owen: (being carried by DJ) No! Please! I'm too young to die!

DJ: Owen's afraid of flying, he still has his phobia from Season 3 of Total Drama

Rainbow Dash: Come on Owen, you can do this

Fluttershy: Pretty Please?

Pinkie Pie: Pretty please with sugar cakes one top? (fluttering her eyes)

Avak: Now boarding!

Owen: No! I can't ride in that! Call the United Nations, call a cab, call my Mom! I'm not doing this, I'm out! This is unethical!

Avak: (looks unimpressed & walks over to Owen with a frying pan in his hand and hits him in the head off-screen with it)

Owen: (in a high-pitched voice) Mommy.

Avak: Sorry, but anyone else got a problem with it?

Cody: No!

Lindsay: Love it!

Bridgette: Dibs on the window seat!

Twilight Sparkle: Ok.

(Both the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters starts flying in STH Rotor's Biplane, while Owen, the 8 Monsters & the Skylander Giants starts following the Bi-planes on foot & HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy flys)

Sally: I just hope everyone knows what we're getting ourselves into!

(At Robotropolis)

Von Nebula: (notices the alarm blaring & Owen & the 8 Monsters & the Skylander Giants started smashing the SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots) What's this? It's the Freedom Fighters, they'll be dead once I'm done with them

Tree Rex: (looks around) (to walkie talkie) All Clear

(With the Knothole & the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Spongebob: (to Tree Rex in walkie talkie) Got that Tree Rex

STH Rotor: We're over the drop site now Princess!

Sally: Roger, Rotor.

HF Rotor: Meet you guys down there.

(HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy flys down to Owen, the 8 Monsters & the Skylander Giants)

STH Rotor: Good luck!

Mike: Thanks.

Sally: Everyone together, on my mark...

Twilight Sparkle: Go!

(The Knothole & the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters jumps off the 2 Bi-planes & uses their parachutes to float down to the ground near Owen)

Antoine: Oh, my...I have conveniently forgotten my fear of zee heights!

Owen: (notices them landing softly on the ground & burying the chutes in the ground) Hey guys! We've tooken care of the bots.

Reidak: Hi Guys, nice job.

Sally: Quickly! Bury your chutes and move out! We mustn't let Robotnik's & Plankton's border patrol spot us till we're over the wall!

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters then begins crawling down on their hands & their feet [and their hooves, to the Ponies perspective] )

Sonic: What's to worry, Sal? Even if the SWATbots spot us...those tin cans couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!

Owen: (his stomach growls) Uh guys...?

Sally: What is it, Owen?

Owen: Uh...(accidently lets out a loud & gassy fart, that echoed throughout the city)

SWATbot #1: (notices the Heroes) Intruder alert!

Sally: P.U.! Owen!

Owen: Sorry, I can't help it.

Ezekiel: I thought it was funny, eh?

SWATbot #1: Response mode...initiated!

Sally: (loads her slingshot with a "yellow paintball")

SWATbot #1: Ready...aim...

Sally: (fires the paintball at the SWATbot, which is actually Yellow Bird who gets on the slingshot)

Yellow Bird: Wheee! (boosts up & rams at the SWATbot's head, blinding it) Gotcha!

SWATbot #1: (got blinded by Yellow Bird's attack) Visual status...non-existent!

Prototype Jack Bots: (notices the Heroes) Intruder alert!

Von Nebula: (arrives) (aims his staff at the heroes) Seize them!

Black Bird: Nice one!

Sally: They've spotted us, but these concentrated paint balls will blind them!

White Bird: But you launched Yellow Bird instead

Sally: Sorry

Yellow Bird: No worries

Red Bird: Just like old times where the Angry Birds & I use the slingshot to launch ourselves at the Bad Piggies

Twilight Sparkle: It's Von Nebula, he's leading the bots this time. Let's go & watch out for his staff, you might get asorbed in.

Reidak: (firing Zamor Spheres at the Prototype Jack Bots) Eat Zamor Spheres!

Sally: (firing yellow paintballs at the SWATbots, blinding them)

SWATbot #2: Can't see!

SWATbot #3: Can't see!

SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots: (firing lasers at the heroes, but keeps dodging their lasers)

Spongebob & Sonic: (dodging the lasers)

Sonic: Whao!

Sonic: That was...cutting things...a little too close for comfort!

Spongebob: Your telling me

Sonic: And speaking of close shaves...(spindashes at the SWATbots)...let's cut these sentries down to size!

Spongebob: (spindashes at the Prototype Jack Bots)

Von Nebula: (notices the All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters escaping in the Forbidden Zone) Cease fire!

SWATbot: Hold your fire. They have passed beyond the point of no return. The forbidden zone will make short work of them and prove their ultimate undoing!

Von Nebula: Or does it? (notices the Heroes going over the wall) I'll find out myself (changes into a Black & Purple mist & follows the Heroes)

(The Heroes made it over the wall & finds a cave)

Spongebob: That was kinda hard, but we made it

Sonic: We're in! Now what?

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: (checking the scroll)

Sally: The map say we head thataway! (points to the tunnel)

Twilight Sparkle: It's inside that tunnel.

Reidak: Are you sure, that there's no bats in here

Eye-Brawl: Hey

Reidak: Just kidding.

Sally: It also says there are a few our path.

Sonic: Oh? Like what?

Sally: (notices the robotic cyclops) that!

Antoine: Mon dieu! It ees zee cyclops!

Kineticlops & Eye-Brawl: Hey! I resent that ! (punches Antoine)

Antoine: Ouchie!

Sonic: (gulps) Looks more like a one-eyed monster to me!

Von Nebula: (mist form) Get them!

Robotic Cyclops: (tries to punch at Sonic)

Sonic: (dodges) Stand back gang...(uses his super-speed to beat its attacks) Tall, dark and gruesome is all mine!

Robotic Cyclops: (tries to squash Sonic with both of his hands)

Spongebob: (saves Sonic) Gotcha

Sonic: Thanks. (goes in to attack it, but is deflected by the metal on its stomach)

Bouncer: Wow, that robotic cyclops looks very strong, kinda reminds of me of the old days of being an All Star Roboto player. I promise that I never let my fans down.

Sonic: (panting) Big palooka doesn't know when to quit! How are we supposed to get past him...I mean it?!

Bouncer: Sally, Twilight, got any ideas?

Sally: We couldn't say, guys...but I know someone who might.

Reidak: You do? Who?

Sally: You'll see. (pulls out NICOLE from her inside right pocket) NICOLE?

Twilight Sparkle: Got any bright ideas on how to stop the Robotic Cyclops?

NICOLE: The Mechanoid's sensors have been keyed to detect motion, Sally.

Hakann: Like a dinosaur in the movies?

Sonic: Motion? (snaps his fingers) That's it! Everyone! Follow my lead!

Spongebob: Okie dokie, we'll follow you

Patrick: Yeah-ha-ha! Whoo!

Sally: But...what are you doing?

Sonic: Exactly what it looks like...nothing!

Pinkie Pie: Oh boy! (sits down & does nothing)

(Everyone else begins to do nothing while the Robotic Cyclops begins to shut down after that)

Sonic: Whew! I thought so. Without a target to track...he went back into stand-by mode.

Spongebob: It works

(The Heroes continues to journey through the tunnel)

Sonic: And not a moment too soon! Patience has never been my strong suit!

Sally: No kidding?

Eddy: Boring!

Avak: He's right, let's get going.

(The Heroes continues to journey even further in the tunnel, not knowing that Von Nebula [still in his mist form] is continuing following the heroes)

Sally: We're getting warmer now! I can feel it...(suddendly dodges the fire that has been fired to the ground)...and see it !

Sonic: (gasps) A fire breathing griffin!!

Spongebob: And he looks red hot mad!

Rainbow Dash: That griffin reminds me of Glida, I can't believe how rude she was. I guess Pinkie Pie is right about Glida this entire time. Guess Pinkie didn't get jealous after all

Hakann: (attacks at the griffin) Your gonna get it you half eagle, half lion creep!

Griffin: (burns Hakann)

Hakann: (doesn't feel harm cause he is a Piraka of fire) Thanks, I needed that.

Vezok: Looks like the griffin's burning mad.

Sally: We'd better fall back and...

Rainbow Dash: No way!

Rainbow Dash & Tails (flys up & charges at the Griffin)

Sally: TAILS!

Twilight: RAINBOW!

Sally: Where are you two going?

Tails: I'm the only one who can fly, Princess!

Rainbow Dash: And I'm not scared of that Griffin, besides I had a former friend that Pinkie Pie thinks that he is not only a grump & a theif, but also a bully.

Tails: With luck, maybe Rainbow & I can knock it out of the sky before...(got slapped by the Griffin's tail & crashes to the ground)

Rainbow Dash: Get...out! (bucks at the Griffin's face)

Griffin: (gets angry & tries to burn Rainbow Dash)

Rainbow Dash: (manuvers the fire, dodging the attacks)

Tails: (groans) That griffin's tough! If only I had some sort of... (notices a sword in the stone) Weapon?

Reidak: (with Sonic, Spongebob & Rainbow Dash, dodging the flames coming from the griffin) Uh, Tails? A little help here?

Tails: (notices them) Uh-oh! For Sonic's sake I hope that plaque isn't someone's idea of a bad joke!

Scott: Hey!

Tails: Better pull the sword out, pronto...(starts pulling the sword, but it won't budge)...but it's stuck tight! Musn't...give...up...(starts pulling even harder, but it still won't budge) Gotta keep pulling until...(finally pulls the sword out of the stone)

Griffin: (flying lower & slower & crashes to the ground)

Spongebob: The Griffin stopped?

Sonic: Excuse me...but what just happened here?

NICOLE: (still in Sally's hand) By freeing the sword from the stone...Tails broke the circuit which granted the griffin it's mobility.

Twilight Sparkle: Excellent job Tails.

Sally: That was very brave, Tails! But next time promis me you'll look before you leap!

Tails: Yes, ma'am!

(They still not noticing the mist form of Von Nebula is still following them)

Von Nebula: (mist form) "Whosoever pulls the sword from this stone shall best the beast", huh? Prehaps, I'll follow them & then destroy them once they find out what the treasure is.

Reidak: (with Zaktan) Remind me how a sword in the stone is in the tunnel, it's from Medieval Times.

Zaktan: (to Reidak) I believe it's the main part on shutting down the Griffin's circuit or it's from a Medieval Movie of King Arthur. (Reidak looks at Zaktan with an arkward look on his face) What? We're on a budget.

(The Heroes continues walking in the tunnel)

Sally: According to the map, we're almost there.

Twilight Sparkle: It says that at the other end of the tunnel, there are two doors.

Spongebob: Only 2 doors?

Squidward: Why not 1 door?

Twilight Sparkle: I think we're gonna find out

Sally: I just hope we don't run into any more...(notices a 2 headed dragon)...trouble.

Reidak: Oh man! A 2 headed dragon!

Fluttershy: (gasps) (in shock & fear) A d-d-d-d-dragon?! (her limbs lock up & stiffly fall to the side, accompanied by a goat bleat)

Sonic: Aw, no! Not again!

Owen: Great canadian cheese! It's bigger than I am!

Sonic: Zowee! This one's bigger than the others put together! If we have to fight

Sally: Maybe we don't.

Harold: Huh?

Astro Boy: Hold on, scanning (scans the 2 headed dragon)

Sally: What can you & Astro tell us about that thing, NICOLE?

NICOLE: The creature before you is the legendary polysaurus rex. Long though to be extinct, this two headed, two faced biomechanical watchdog is a walking contradiction in terms. One head always tells the truth, while the other always lies...and no one can ever be quite sure which head is which. Beyond it lie two doors, one leades to your quest's end...the other, toward certain doom

(The sound of lightning crashes to the ground, once Von Nebula suddendly appears from the black & purple fog)

Von Nebula: (suddendly appears in his normal form) Exactly!

Spongebob: Von Nebula?! What are you doing here?

Von Nebula: I'm here to destroy you!

Reidak: Not today you black mastermind. Guys, I'll take care of Von Nebula while you continue with the quest. 1, 2, 3!


All Star Freedom Fighters: (starts attack Von Nebula)

Reidak: (does the spear at Von Nebula) For NICOLE!

NICOLE: Choose your words with care, Sally.

Spongebob: Whoa (spindashes at Von Nebula)

Sally: Choose mean I have to ask it a question?

Dragon Head #1: One question...and one only!

Dragon Head #2: Pick a head...and take your best shot!

Twilight Sparkle: Good luck, Sally.

Sally: Very well. You...(points to Dragon Head #1 of the 2 headed dragon) On the left! Which door would the other head claim leads to quest's end?

(The two heads look at each other and started laughing)

Squidward: What?

Dragon Head #1: Truly, you are wise beyond your years, little princess. My brethren would council you to use the door on your left.

Sonic: That's it, then! Let's juice!

Ezekiel: Hot digigity...!

Twilight Sparkle: (stops everyone) Ah, ah, ah.

Sally: No, Sonic...Twilight's right, we're taking the door on the right!

Sonic: WHAT? But he just said...

Sally: That's right! Think about it...if he was the head that tells the truth, he would have told us truthfully that the other head would have lied.

Hakann: Huh?

Xplode: What do you mean?

Sally: On the other hand, if he was the head that lies...then obviously it would still be the door on the right! (goes up to the door)

Duncan: Ok, but we have one problem & it's Von Nebula with an attitude

Reidak: I got an idea, everyone go in the door, while I push Von Nebula through the other door.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok then. Good luck, Reidak!

Reidak: Thanks (tackles Von Nebula)


Sally: (opens the door)

Sonic: Well, since we aren't pushing up daisies, I guess you made the right choice.

Spongebob: Yeah.

Sonic: But that still doesn't tell me which head was which!

Sally: For what it's worth, I don't know either! But none of that matters now! We've arrived at...

(With Reidak)

Von Nebula: (pushes Reidak to the ground) You'll never stop me from destroying the freedom fighters

Reidak: Oh yeah?

Von Nebula: Ironic, really, that a Piraka like you will be the first in your species to be trapped in my Black Hole Staff. Goodbye. [laughs] (about to inhale Reidak in his Black Hole Staff)

Reidak: (suddendly throws Von Nebula through the left door)

Von Nebula: (crashes through the left door & got sucked in by his own Black Hole Staff) Not again! Nooooo! (his staff falls & then stabs at the ground)

Reidak: Once you've escaped from your own staff, tell Plankton that I said "Hello" (goes back to the Heroes) Hey guys, what do I miss?

Sally: Nothing, but you've arrived at QUEST'S END!

Spongebob: We've made it & Reidak stopped Von Nebula

Sonic: Wow...look at that!

(They witness a pedestal on a large raised platform with a spotlight shining on it)

Sally: (walks up to the pedestal) I see it, Sonic! A miniature version of Julayla's hope chest!

Sonic: This must be what we came for!

Twilight Sparkle: Your right. Let's take a look inside the chest

Spongebob: Good idea

Sally: (opens the chest) I wonder what's...(notices something inside of it) Inside?!

Rigby: Aw what?!

(They all noticed a scroll inside the chest)

Sonic: A scroll! I don't get it!

Mordecai: (punches Sonic)

Sonic: Ow! I mean...what's so important about a lousy scrap of paper?

Reidak: Check the inside of the scroll & start reading

Twilight Sparkle: That's a great idea.

Avak: (carrying Fluttershy inside) (panting)

Spongebob: Anyways, let's start reading.

Sally: (starts reading) I didn't understand the significance of the moment then...

(In the Future Zone)

(We see Future Sally wearing a Queen's crown, reading the same note)

Sally: But I do today!

Future Sally: (with Future Sonic [wearing a king's crown], Future STH Rotor [wearing glasses & a red coat], a de-roboticized Future Bunnie, Future Tails [wearing glasses] & Future Antoine)

Sally: Julayla's words have served me in good stead for fully two decades! As her final testament clearly stated, the fulfillment of my quest has indeed granted me oneness of the soul...and a sense of peace and well-being worth any past...or future...price. By having faith in myself, the war against Robotnik was was the heart of my beloved hedgehog. We have a kingdom now...

(Sally's two children, the one looks like Sonic named Manic Acorn & the other looks like Sonia Acorn suddendly runs very fast in super sonic speed just like her father, Sonic)

Manic Acorn  & Sonia Acorn: Vieeee!

Sally: A family...and the children...

Future Maximilian Acorn: (catches the kids) Hold up, you little scamps! (picks the 2 kids up)

Sally: Have a grandfather.

Future Maximilian Acorn: (panting) You two are quite the handful...but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sally: Now, after all these many years...the final link in an elaborate chian of events is about to be forged...

Future STH Rotor: (finishes building a hand-held computer) Done.  (notices Future Sonic & Future Sally) I give you...(shows the hand held computer to them) NICOLE!

Future Sally: (holds NICOLE) Hello...old friend. (sheds a tear) It's been...a long time.

Sally: And it would be longer still. Rotor had spent years striving to reclaim the technology that was lost when NICOLE was destroyed during the decisive battle with Robotnik. And now that we're finally together again...

(We see Future STH Rotor activates a force field around NICOLE)

Sally: I must once more say good-bye.

(Now we see NICOLE gets transported back in time to the past)

Sally: Ever since the discovery of the trans-time portal, I know where NICOLE had come from. And why.

(Future Sally goes to the balcony & looks at the stars)

Sally: She was a fight to myself, from myself. A friend, when I needed one the most. Without her, I might never have lived to see this day...or to fully appreciate Julayla's passing, and the six little words she left thine own selft be true.

(A Shooting star falls from the night time sky)

(Back to the Present)

Reidak: You mean, you give it to yourself?

Ezekiel: I think I don't get it eh?

Sally: (sighs) You'll find out more eventually. Come on, let's go home.

(Everyone goes back to Knothole, except for Reidak who holds onto NICOLE)

Reidak: (sighs) Guess my wish didn't came true after all (felt a bit down)

NICOLE: (send a pink spark to Reidak)

Reidak: (felt the pink spark from NICOLE) Huh? What does that pink spark mean? (thinks about it until...)

Trent: Come on, dude. Let's go.

Reidak: Oh coming. (follows the Heroes & gives NICOLE back to Sally) (in thought: One day, I'll find out what that pink spark means...)

(Back with the Black Hole Staff)

(We see the Staff still stands, stabbed at the ground, sticking upwards)

Prototype Jack Bot: (picks up the Black Hole Staff with Von Nebula inside) Von Nebula has been defeated. Must report to Plankton at once (goes back to the Mega Chum Bucket with the Black Hole Staff in his hands)

The End