This is the 25th episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Bouncer & Astro Boy

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Robo Robotnik 2.0 [Dr. Eggman] & Vezon

Story #1: Transcript

Robotnik's Return (Part 1)

(It is the future: a free peaceful Mobius run by Future Princess Sally, now married to Future Sonic with two children. Sally and Sonic are outside with their two children, until the sky starts to become filled with clouds and the wind picks up)

Future Sally: That's funny, Sonic the was sunny and clear skies just a moment ago! Now it looks like there's going to be quite a storm!

Future Sonic: That's mobius weather for you, Sal ! Give it a minute and it'll pass!

(All of a sudden, a lightning bolt strikes a tree near where his kids are playing. Sonic runs over in the knick-of-time and moves his children away, despite them having super-speed themselves)

Future Sonic: Everyone, get back!

Sonia Acorn: Daddy, I'm scared!

Future Sonic: It's only lightning,  honey! And you're faster than that!

(Future Sonic looks at the tree, as it is replaced with a glowing figure of Robotnik Prime, who glides down in front of Sonic & Plankton appears from the green portal)

Plankton: (screaming) (crashes to the ground)

Future Sonic: What the...and where did it come from?!

Future Sally: What is it, Sonic? (notices Robotnik Prime & Plankton) That can't be...

Sonia Acorn: Who is it, Mommy? That man looks mean and nasty!

Future Sonic: You don't know the half of it, Li'l princess.

Manic Acorn: Don't you know who that is?

Plankton: (emerges from the crater he made by his own crash site) (coughs) That actually hurt, where am I?

(Before Plankton can get an answer, Another lightning bolt hits right where he & the figure is, making he & Robotnik disappear)

Manic Acorn: It's the Bogey man!

Future Sonic: (smiles)

Future Sally: Sonic, do you think it's possible Robotnik has somehow come back?

Sonia Acorn: Robo-who, Mom?!

Future Sonic: He's gone, Sal! Finished! Kaput! You saw what happened along with me! Ol' Robo-butt isn't ever coming back! What we saw was a weird freak of nature & that one eyed pest...I hope.

(While "King" Sonic reassures his family all is well, the incredible surge of energy that flashed before him has been harnessed by an unseen force...unseen, that is, by those who live on Mobius...far below the unusual craft that now orbits the Planet...

???: It's been a long time since my sensors detected such power! No matter what, I must investigate! In doing so, I may find a solution to my dliemma.

(An intelligent computer system puts the energy ball into a machine, in an attempt to solve a dilemma of its own. The machine activates, turning the bright energy ball into 2 humanoid beings, Dr. Robotnik & Plankton.)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You can' (steps out of the machine, still in mid-sentence with his prior conversation with E.V.E.. He looks around) Where am I?

Plankton: That's what I want to know too.

???: Welcome, my friend, you are on my ship.

Plankton: What the...?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in thought: It's been a long time since anyone thought of me as a friend!) Who said that? Wha...?

Plankton: (notices that it was Robo Robotnik 2.0 [a.k.a. Dr. Eggman]) Who is this?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It looks like me...on some computer screen!

Robo Robotnik 2.0: )to Robotnik Prime) I am you!! Or will be me! In simpler terms, I am what's left of you!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Left? What do you mean?

Plankton: Can you explain to me?

Robo Robotnik 2.0: And here I thought Snively was a dolt! Haven't you figured it out yet? This world is an alternate time line from the Mobius you know!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You mean I'm in another dimension...dealing with another version of myself? That's happened before!

Plankton: The Multi Zones of Sonic innocent.


(We see Robo Robotnik 2.0 in flesh & bone roboticizing himself)

Robo Robotnik 2.0: (sighs) During my final battle with the hated hedgehog, I was left with little choice...I had to undergo Roboticization if I were to have any hope of overpowering Sonic. I merely delayed the inevitable with on chance remaining. I up-loaded my core memory to this station that I had designed and built with other intentions in mind.

(Now we see the space station orbiting around the planet)

Robo Robotnik 2.0: Unfortunately, the station was far from complete. I may have saved myself from that fool Sonic, but at an unforeseen cost.

(End of Flashback)

Robo Robotnik 2.0: Now all I can do is just operate the station's functions until my systems run down! lost!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Never!

Plankton: (to Robo Robotnik 2.0) Never say that !

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Plankton's right. You've just only lost another have I ! But the war continues! Look at me! If you  remember, I thought I was just obliterated! Instead I was flung into this alternate time line by my renegade creation, E.V.E.! I survive...and live to another day!

Plankton: And I've decided to go after him by using the Zone Transporter.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And someday in your will evolve to the next level ! Right now, the clearest course of action is for me & Plankton to return where I that I may ensure that this time...I win!

Plankton: And I'll win...against the Freedom Fighters that is.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Any ideas how we can jump onto the trans-dimensional highway to home?

Robo Robotnik 2.0: Well, if I reverse the polarity on the framistat and tweak the tolerances a tad on this doohickey...(activates the machine) Voila! Good luck...and "May the force of evil be with you!"

(With a few modifications, Robotnik & Plankton are sent on their way back to Robotnik's own time)

Robotnik's Return (Part 2)

(Back in the normal timeline, in the Freedom Fighters Dump

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters, having won, start to clean up and pack the left-over Swatbot & P-Jack Bot and robotic parts left over from the war)

Bouncer: (putting away 4 crates filled with robot parts) There we go.

STH Rotor: Easy with that, Sonic the Hedgehog! One wrong move and who knows what could happen! This stuff is still dangerous!

Sonic: (putting away a crate) C'mon, Rotor! It's only creates of Swatbot Parts!

Robo-47: Maybe those robotic parts can make an upgrade for battle.

Astro Boy: But still we need to be cautious cause Plankton & his officers are still on the loose.

Spongebob: Astro's right.

Sally: He is indeed right, cause something's not right, Rotor! Robotnik may be gone, but Snively should be able to keep things going!

STH Rotor: That depends, Princess...on how much information Ol' Doc Robotnik trusted him with!

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe Plankton is helping Snively run an empire.

(In Robotnik Prime's Lair)

Vezon: (listening) Hmm...

Snively: (watching the moniter, listening to the heroes' conversation) Sadly, they're closer to the truth than they realize! Curse you, Dr. Robotnik! (goes into a temper tantrum by lying down on his belly, banging his fists & feet repeatedly) I licked your boots like no one else! I was your lackey! Not even Crabmeat could grovel as well as me! And this is what I get in return?! To think that Sonic finally won it all! Oh, the pain! The pain!

Vezon: (groans) Quit being such a crybaby.

"Plankton": (arrives) Not exactly. (activates the moniters)

Snively: Huh?!! Plankton? What's going on here? (notices Robotnik are on every moniters)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Attention!!! Freedom Fighters Fighters!!

Vezon: What the...?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You may think you have beaten me...

(Back with the Heroes)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (on the moniters) ...but I haven't even begun to fight back!

Spongebob: (notices the moniter) Look who's back.

Sally: Huh? That's Robotnik!

Sonic: That can't be!

Mordecai: E.V.E. must've teleported Robotnik somewhere instead of destroying him

Dr. Robotnik Prime: In fact, if I can't have Mobius...

Tails: (notices as well) Over there, Sonic! On that monitor.

Rainbow Dash: We know.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...neither will you!

STH Rotor: It must be some sort of pre-recorded message!

Bouncer: Are you sure?

DJ: I'm too scared to ask.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: For my last act from beyond the grave...

Antoine: Zomehow, I don't theenk I'll like this!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...I will unleash my army of Swatbots and other assorted mechanoids to totall devastate, demolish and just plain turn Mobius into a wasteland!

Sonic: (notices something) Get down!

(They all get down & hide because a Swatbot & a Prototype Jack Bot are inside & had fired the lasers at them)

Zaktan: Looks like they're already here.

Sonic: We need a plan! We can't hide here forever!

Eddy: What are we going to do?

Sonic: Okay, you distract Im, Sal...while I strut my Super Sonic stuff!

Rainbow Dash: Not if I show my stuff first!

Spongebob: Ready to stop them?

Reidak: Always ready.

Sonic: Now...let's juice!! (He & the All Stars runs out as the Swatbots & the P-Jack Bots locate Sally)

Owen: I wonder if Sonic means a regular drink of juice because I'm very thirsty.

Sally: This is getting to be a tiresome habit these days! I'm a Princess, not a sitting duck!

Bouncer: (fires bullets at the P-Jack Bots)

Astro Boy: (punches at the Swatbots)

Sonic: Well, this bird is just plain scrapped! (spindashes at the Swatbot at it's back)

Spongebob: And this bot's gonna get trashed! (spindashes at the P-Jack Bots)

Bouncer: Are you alright?

Astro Boy: Is everyone ok?

Applejack: We're ok partners, thanks for asking.

Sally: Well, don't just stand there admiring your work! There're more of them on the loose!

Sonic: A Hedgehog's work is never done, is it?

Ed: Incoming attack!

Tails: Sonic!! Behind you!!

(They all look back to see more Swatbots & more P-Jack Bots)

Sonic: Well, if it isn't plum ugly, butt ugly and real ugly! Which is what we'll be if we don't put them down fast !

Hank: I got this! (pulls out 2 Uzi's & then open fires at the P-Jack Bots) Take that!

Rarity: I won't let me hooves get damaged. Aha! (uses her Unicorn Magic to rearrange the Swatbots into a sculpture) There.

Corroder: (rams through the Swatbots) Just take down the Swatbots already Rarity.

Sally: This isn't getting us anywhere! There're too many of them!

Sonic: What we need is a better plan!

Spongebob: But which one is it?

Antoine: (found a doorway) Over here! I think I have found ze way! (He looks back through the door again, only to see an extremely large horde of Swatbots & P-Jack Bots ready to attack)

Voice Speaker: Attention! Operation: Wasteland shall now commence! Attention! Operation: Wasteland...

Antoine: Mon dieu!!

Spongebob: What is it? (notices the horde) WHOA!

(They all noticed the horde)

Astro Boy: There might be hundreds of them

Bouncer: Make that thousands of them!

Owen: Oh man.

Robotnik's Return (Part 3)

(In Robotropolis, the Swatbots & the P-Jack Bots have arrived in Robotnik's lair and holds Snively at gunpoint.)

Snively Wait!! I'm the one you want!! Go after Sonic the Hedgehog, you fools!

Swatbot: Operation Wasteland is now in effect ! Directive...destroy everything in sight ! Leave no stone or hedgehog or all star unturned! (fires)

Snively: (jumps out of the way, just missing the laser blast) Not Robotropolis!! Everything else...yesss!!! (ducks on the ground)

P-Jack Bot: No one escapes from Operation Wasteland!

"Plankton": What?!

Swatbot: And now...(prepares to fire again)

Snively: NNNNOOOOOO...

Vezon: Not on my watch

(Suddendly. the wall behind it explodes)

"Plankton": Huh?

(Robotnik & Plankton arrives)

Vezon: Robotnik & Plankton?!

Plankton: Imposter! (takes down "Plankton" & takes off his mask)

"Plankton": (reveals to be a Robot Plankton)

Robot Plankton: (on the fritz) Curse yooouuu Plaaaaannnktooon! (shuts down)

Plankton: Fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice? I don't think so.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What's going on, Snively?

Snively: (notices Robotnik) Doctor Robotnik!

Vezon: What are you doing here?

Snively: Don't just stand there, sir...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Plankton & I can't leave you alone for more than a few minutes, can we?

Snively: ...Deactivate them!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices a Swatbot aiming at him) Wha...?! You dare aim at your master?! (blasts a Swatbot with his laser gun)

Snively: Yeah! Eat laser fire silicon breath!

Vezon: (notices a P-Jack bot aiming at Plankton) Master! (stabs the P-Jack Bot with his spear) Take that you robotic traitor!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You better have a good explanation for all of this, Snively!

Plankton: You have some explaining to do, Vezon.

Snively: It's not my fault, sir! It's not!! It's not!! Something called operation...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...wasteland?!! Oh my!

Plankton: What?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You must have uttered the necessary code words: "Sonic has finally won it all!"

Snively: How was I to know?!! You never tell me these things!!!

Vezon: (bonks Snively in the head) Shut up!

Plankton: Thank you Vezon.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Aren't you aware of the third rule of super villainy? "...The less the hired help knows, the harder for them to be treacherous!" (goes up to the monitor)

Snively: I see you're back to your old evil self, sir! It's so good to have you back...! (mumbles) Big Doof (grumbles)

Vezon: (to Snively) What was that?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes...and I can see I'm going to have to act quickly if I want to have anything to come home to!

Plankton: Let's see what we can tune in here.

(Back with the Heroes)

Sonic: (runs away from a group of Swatbots) I can bowl some of them over like ten pins...but I'm having trouble getting strikes! There's just too many of them, Sal !

Spongebob: (he & the All Stars are having trouble facing against the P-Jack Bots) We can't seem to stop them

Astro Boy: No matter how many times we took them down, they just keep coming, but we will never give up!

Bouncer: Yeah, cause we're Freedom Fighters & fighting against evil is what we do best.

Katie: Any new bright ideas?

Saide: Sally? What do you think?

Sally: Everybody clear out!

Tree Rex: We have to regroup!

Sonic: We're cut off this way!

Sally: Try down the other corridor!

Deimos: Wait, which way was it again?

(Everytime the heroes try to escape, they are cut off)

(Back with the Villains)

(the 4 villains are still watching the monitor)

Snively: They're finally going to get theirs, sir!

Vezon: Finally, we'll be rid of these Freedom Fighters once and for all.

Plankton: Isn't this great.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That's just the problem, Snively! If I don't stop all of the destruction my Swatbots & Plankton's P-Jack Bots are causing...there may not be anything left for me to control !

Plankton: Hmm, prehaps your right.

Vezon: What are you saying?

Plankton: This would be too early for our victory.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Therefore, much as it pains me...(presses the red button to abort the mission)...I am forced to do something I know I'll live to regret !

Plankton: Me too.

(Back with the Heroes)

(The Sonic, the All Stars and the others watch as every single Swatbot in the area is deactivated, confusing all of them)

Sonic: They stopped!

Spongebob: Huh?

Astro Boy: All of the Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots are deactivated by the press of an abort button.

Sally: What do you think, Rotor?

STH Rotor: It looks like something...or someone...deactivated them, Princess!

Bouncer: Yeah, with the abort button like Astro said.

Spongebob: But why?

Tails: Never mind that! Let's go while the gettings good!

Jetbug: At least we're glad all that's over.

(Back with the Villains)

Vezon: I don't get it.

Snively: Can you imagine if that Blue-furred boob knew that he owed his life to the generosity of his greatest enemy?

Vezon: Just like the time when Rarity cut her pony tail to fix the Sea Serpent's mustache? How weird.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Actually, Snively & Vezon...your "questions" translates into an excellent strategy! Letting Sonic stew over that thought should cripple his ego!

Plankton: And let's not forget the All Star Warrior's ego as well.

(Back with the heroes)

(As the heroes escape the dump, they heard a transmission)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You hapless Hedgehog!

Plankton: And you All Star Warrior Sponge!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Aren't you two the least bit curious who it was that saved your bacons?

Sonic: That voice!!

Spongebob: And that other voice.

Sonic: It could only be...

(They all noticed Robotnik & Plankton are both in the monitor)

Spongebob: Plankton!

Sonic: Ol' Robo-Butt !!! But Tails and I saw you zapped into Smithereens!

Fluttershy: And it's done by E.V.E.!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What you saw and what happened are two different realities! I'm very much alive and kicking! And I wanted the satisfaction of seeing your faces knowing it was I who saved your miserable necks!

Geoff: You saved us?!

Courtney: Still think that Plankton & Robotnik is still evil Duncan?

Duncan: Ok, maybe I'm wrong before.

Sonic: So what do you want from me? A medal?

Plankton: Oh no, not a medal.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Just you realizing that your fate is controlled by me is victory enough today!

Plankton: And that victory shall be mine!

Sonic: (gets mad) That'll be the day Robo-puss!

Sally: (holds Sonic back) Don't listen to them, Sonic!

Spongebob: Yeah & besides, the Freedom Fighters are still coming to get you!

Astro Boy: No matter how long it takes!

Bouncer: We'll be ready!

(The Heroes begins to leave)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The game is over...for now. You may leave through that door.

Plankton: And enjoy the rest of your day...if you can that is.

Sonic: But next time...

(The heroes begins to leave the dump)

(With the Villains)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...will be of my own choosing, Hedgehog. When you least expect it. There hass been no gain...there has been no loss! We shall live to fight...another day!

Plankton: And one day, like I said it before & I'll say it again..." I'll be back! "

The End