This is the 26th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Donkey Kong

Main Villains: Car-Heem, Dr. Robotnik, Plankton, Snively & Tiki Tong

Story #1: Transcript

Plankton's & Tiki Tong's Capture (Part 1)

(In Knothole)

(We see the Sonic, Sally, Tails & the All Stars are picking berries, until Sonic starts dancing rapidly, kicking up a ton of dust)

Spongebob: Sonic? Why are you dancing

Donkey Kong: Looks like Sonic's got some serious dance fever.

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog, you're supposed to be looking for berries! This is no time to dance!

Tails: You've got to admit, Sally! Sonic is really dancing up a storm...a dust storm!

Avak: Whatever it is, make him stop! The dust is covering us!

Sonic: (stops, sits down & takes off his right shoe, revealing ants) I'm not dancing, dudes! Some ants got into my shoe and they're itching me like crazy!

Tails: !

Twilight Sparkle: That is why your dancing all of the sudden

Sonic: Hmph! They look like the Mobian Farmer ants that Rotor keeps in his ant farm! They must have escaped!

Edd: And here comes Rotor.

STH Rotor: (arrives carrying a bucket of berries) Hey! Thanks a lot, Sonic! I wondered what happened to those little guys!

Zaktan: They got inside Sonic's shoe by mistake.

Sonic: Rotor, why do you keep ants as pets?

STH Rotor: Cause they're so interestiong to watch! Besides, they like living in the ant farm!

Ed: Cool.

Sonic: Then why do they keep escaping?

Donkey Kong: I'm not sure how, but I can sure go for a banana (eats a banana) Mmmmm....

Sally: Sonic, All Stars you're forgetting that we're dangerously close to Robotropolis! Hurry up with those medicinal berries before...

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (hiding behind the bushes)

Dr. Robotnik Prime:  Oh, there's no need to worry medicine Princess Sally...(sprouts out with a portable roboticizer)...ROBOTS are never ill !

Snively: Well said, sir!

Plankton: FIRE!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (fires at Sally. Sonic is quick to act, and moves her out of the way)

Spongebob: What the...?!

Sonic: Look out, Sal ! It's Robotnik!

Spongebob: And Plankton's back!

Sally: !!

Plankton: I'd say "I'll be back"

Rainbow Dash: Let's stop him!

Sally: He's got a portable Roboticizer! Wait Where's Rotor?!!

HF Rotor: I'm right over here.

Raw Jaw: Not you, Walrus Rotor.

Sonic: (notices STH Rotor looking for his ants) Oh no! He's looking for his ants!

Noah: Seriously, what's the deal with Rotor Walrus & his ants?

STH Rotor: Now here did I drop them?

Owen: That's not good.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (aims at STH Rotor) I've got him in my sights, Snively...and this time I won't miss!

Plankton: We have you now!

(Suddendly the Tiki Tak Tribe's Theme Music plays)

Plankton: What's that? Wait a minute, I know that theme song, it's the...(is shocked) Oh no.

Sally: (notices Sonic & Spongebob runs up to STH Rotor) !

Sonic: ...Fast as fast can be...

Tiki Tong: (arrives) Now!

(Before anything else can be done, a giant vacuum appears in the sky, sucking everything in the area, including the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Robotnik. Plankton and Snively)

Sonic: Hey! What's going up here?

Spongebob: I don't know.

Sally: ?!

STH Rotor: We're up!

Owen: By a vaccum cleaner?

Tails: !!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Help!

Plankton: What's going on?

(The vacuum (the umbilicus) leads to a square-shaped vessel in the sky)

Donkey Kong: This is not good.

Sally: We're being pulled through a huge tunnel !

STH Rotor: ...Or a humongous vaccum cleaner!

Geoff: ...or the Vaccum monster.

Sonic: ...Or the ghost of a giant anteater! But who "Nose"?

Snively: Not funny, Sonic!

Tiki Tong: (smiles & then goes inside the vessel)

(Everyone lands in the vessel, which consists of a large room with many windows around the perimeter)

Sonic: Oof!

Donkey Kong: Ouch!

Sally: !

Spongebob: Ow!

Patrick: Owie!

Harold: Gah!

Reidak: Aah!

Squidward: Ow!

Snively: YAHHHH!

Mordecai: Where are we?

Rigby: I don't know.

Sally: We...we must be miles above ground!

LeShawna: Oh great, we're inside a spaceship.

Plankton: This is all your fault.

Spongebob: Me?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Hedgehog! If this is one of your tricks...

Sonic: Yeah, right! I arranged this with one of my friends in high places!

Donkey Kong: Wait a minute guys, I think Tiki Tong has captured, but I have a feeling that he's not alone.

STH Rotor: Who could have bbrought us here...and why?!

Ed: I'm not so sure guys. Maybe it's a monster.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gets up & charges) I'm not waiting to out! I'm going back down that tunell right n...

????: (blocks Robotnik's path)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (got hit by ???'s hand) ...OW!

???: (carries Robotnik in his hand, revealing to be that he's a silver giant)

Tree Rex: He's a giant, just like me & my 7 companions

Congar: Same goes for me.

Tiki Tong: (captures Plankton with his floating hands) Hello there...

Donkey Kong: TIKI TONG?!?!

Tiki Tong: Long time, no see, Donkey Kong.

Giant: Do you think that I brought you here with my umbilicus so that you could escape back to your planet? You are going to stay with me...forever!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices the giant) EEEYAHH!

Hank: It's a silver giant.

Tails: That giant's caught Ro-bumnik!

Sam: Ro-bumnik? Ro-Bumnik?! (facepalms)

Snively: Yes! And he's even bigger than Robum-er...Dr. Robotnik's ego!

Sonic: Guys we've got ourselves a BIG problem!

Donkey Kong: And a Big Tiki Problem to boot!

Plankton's & Tiki Tong's Capture (Part 2)

Tiki Tong: Now for the introduction.

Sonic: I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!

Spongebob: And I'm Spongebob Squarepants!

Sonic: What's the idea of bringing us up here? Put us back on Mobius!

Tiki Tong: I'm Tiki Tong, leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe.

Giant: My name is Car-Heem! I am a collector from the Planet Weeet, I've decided to Collect and study your species!

Plankton: What?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: D-did you say study us? L-look here...(holds up his own guidebook)...I'll give you "The Robotnik Guidebook"! It's all about me, including a chapter on how to be evil ! And at the discounted price...a "collector's" discount that is...of only $12.99, you can't go wrong! So, keep the others and let me go!

Tiki Tong: SILENCE!!

Car-Heem: QUIET!! You & the one eye cyclops are obviously inferior members of inferior species! Perhaps I should dispose of you!

Plankton: WHAT?!?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: D-d-d-dispose?!!

Plankton: Somebody do something!

Spongebob & Sonic: (looks at each other & nods)

Sonic: Please don't harm them! Robotnik & Plankton are important members of our group, the Freedom Fighters!

Patrick: Wha...?!

Tails: He is?!

Spongebob: (winks at Tails)

Zaktan: Yes they are.

Sally: Yes! Our species depend on one another for survival! We need Robotnik & Plankton!

Tiki Tong: Hm? You two are Freedom Fighters...?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Th-that's right ! Heh-heh! We're all one big happy family!

Plankton: Yes, our bond are so strong that we shall never let go.

Car-Heem: My! What a strange concept...

Tiki Tong: In deed.

Car-Heem: ...You are interdependent! My species is trained to live alone in space! Very well ! I will put you all of you in my Observation Tank! (picking up everyone, except Tiki Tong)

STH Rotor: Uh, no "Tanks"!

Geoff: Whoa!

Snively: Don't resist, Sonic! He'll crush the rest of us!

Tiki Tong: Don't try to struggle.

Car-Heem: (setting them down inside an observation tank: a large replica of a part of Mobius in a tank environment) I have created a replica of your home planet Mobius! You will be able to live your normal lives while I study you!

Tiki Tong: We will watch your every move.

Owen: Wow, it's beautiful.

Tails: Wow! It looks just like the Great Forest!

Donkey Kong: Yeah & it's perfect

Tree Rex: (smells that nature air) I love this nature air. Don't you just love the smell of nature?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: How am I supposed to live in a place like this? It's Non-toxic!!

Twilight Sparkle: What are you talking about? It's perfect.

Fluttershy: The air is perfect.

Sonic: Yo! Car-Heem of Weeet! (thought: I couldn't wait to say that !) How about some chow!

Owen: Please? I'm starving.

Car-Heem: Chow?!

Tiki Tong: They need food to eat.

Car-Heem: Ahh, yes! Slang for foodstuffs! I will honor your request ! (goes to walks away to get some food for the group)

Owen: Thank you.

Donkey Kong: Can I please have bananas to go with that?

Tiki Tong: (sighs)

Sonic: It worked!

Spongebob: What worked? We're just hungry.

Sonic: Now we can escape while he's not looking!

Zoey: What do you mean?

Sonic: If a Sonic Spin doesn't put through this wall, nothing can! (does a sonic spin at the glass wall of the tank, but is bounced back) Nothing Can

Spongebob: Well that didn't work.

Sally: Let's face it, Sonic...there's no way out!

Tails: We're trapped!

STH Rotor: Just like (gulps) One of my ants!

Applejack: Don't worry partners, we can think of something.

Twilight Sparkle: Somehow...

Ezekiel: What do we look like? Lab Rats? On the count of that I've been with the rats before.

(As the days pass...)

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters try to adapt to their new home, building a shelter and preparing accommodations. Robotnik & Plankton, however, has remained his lazy self and doesn't help the others in their efforts, despite them saving his life.)

Spongebob: Plankton, Robotnik? What are you two doing?

Sally: We saved your life, Robotnik! The least you & Plankton can do is help us with the work!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Work?! Do I look like a slave?

Heather: Yes!

Tails: Actually, you looke like 5 slaves, but who's counting?

Donkey Kong: Come on, help us out.

Sonic: I think you'd better get busy, Robuttnik!

Spongebob: Yeah, you too Plankton.

Plankton: What? Why?

Sonic: You know we told Car-heem that you're a freedom fighter! He & Tiki Tong's going to be very suspicious if you don't act like one!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: He...he is?

Eddy: Yeah.

Sonic: Sure! Remember, he's watching your every move! And if he finds out you're not a freedom fighter...well...

Car-Heem: (taps the glass)

Tiki Tong: (growls underneath his breathe)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh, no!

Plankton: He's back!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We can we both do?!!

Edd: There's only one thing to do.

Sonic: Quick! Take the Freedom Fighter Oath!

Plankton: Fine, but standards won't let me. I, Sheldon J. Plankton, promise to fight for freedom, justice and good manners and oppose all evil tyrants...especially those with cheap red costumes and pointy heads!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I, Ivo Robotnik, promise to fight for freedom, justice and good manners and oppose all evil tyrants...especially those with cheap red costumes and pointy heads!

Spongebob: Congratulations!

Sonic: You are now a freedom fighter!

Donkey Kong: Now, we need a plan.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok then. Let's do this.

Snively: Congratulations, Sir! Let me be the first to shake your...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Shut up, Snively!

Plankton: (groans as he facepalms)

(That evening)

(While everybody else is asleep, Sonic. Spongebob, STH Rotor & Donkey Kong contemplate about being in the same situation as Rotor's ants)

Sonic: I've been thinking about what you said, Rotor...about us being just like your ants!

STH Rotor: What about it, Sonic?

Donkey Kong: Do you have an idea?

Spongebob: It looks like it.

Sonic: You watch ants because they're interesting, right? Well, maybe we should stop being interesting to Car-Heem!

Donkey Kong: You mean like standing still & do nothing?

STH Rotor: But what good would that do?

Sonic: It might get him & Tiki Tong to open up the top of this tank we're in !

Spongebob: Are you sure?

STH Rotor: Big deal ! How would we out of the tank and back down to Mobius?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (suddendly fully awake)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Leave that to me & Plankton!

Spongebob: Robotnik & Plankton? What are you two gonna do?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Plankton & I may be evil, but we're evil geniuses!

Plankton: Here's the plan.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: If you all help us gather materials, I'll build a vehicle that will allow us to escape from the tank!

Donkey Kong: Ok then. What's next?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Then, if Sonic & Spongebob can distract the giant, I'll operate his umbilicus and then fly us back to Mobius!

Plankton: Do you think you can do that?

Spongebob: I guess.

Sonic: How do we know that we can trust you & Plankton, Robotnik?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You're forgetting that Plankton & I are both Freedom Fighters! We're on your side! (thought: Fools! Heh! Heh! Heh!

Plankton: (in thought: Time for payback) (goes into the bushes & calls Tiki Tong in his walkie talkie) (whispers) Tiki Tong, the next morning, it's time for action.

Plankton's & Tiki Tong's Capture (Part 3)

(Later on, Car-Heem returns to see what the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters are up to. He looks in to see Sonic laying on the ground with no signs of life & Spongebob sleeping)

Car-Heem: Sonic the Hedgehog & Spongebob is not moving and apears lifeless I had better examine them! (opens up the tank & picks up Sonic & Spongebob) If the others are also lifeless I will simply dispose of them and collect a new species!

Tiki Tong: Fine. But be careful

Sonic: (suddendly wakes up & goes inside Car-Heem)

Spongebob: (suddendly wakes up) SUPRIZE! (spindashing at Tiki Tong)

Tiki Tong: What the...?! Spongebob's done a suprize attack on me!

Sonic: Looks like you've got something up your sleeve Car-Heem!

Car-Heem: (tries to get Sonic by itching himself out of Sonic, but fails everytime) The hedeghog is running around inside my uniform! I...I'm itching all over!!

(We see the rest of the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters are hiding in the bushes)

Sally: The cover's off! Quick! Clear away these bushes...and let's hope that this make-shift copter will get us out of here!

Donkey Kong: Right, let's get the copter.

(They reveal a make-shift helicopter that Robotnik built & they all hop inside)

Twilight Sparkle: Let's go to the control panel)

Sally: Ready? One...two...three...

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters, Robotnik & Snively lift off, while Car-Heem & Tiki Tong is not looking)

Izzy: Yee haw!

STH Rotor: We made it ! We're out !

HF Rotor: Now we can get outta here!

Plankton: I don't think so!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (lands the helicopter on the control panel)

LeShawna: Hey! The door's that way!

Sally: Robotnik! Why did you fly up here? This is no place to hide!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I've watched Car-Heem operate this control panel Princess! (jumps up & lands on the button, pressing it, causing the space door to open) We won't have to hide once I step on this button...and open the spaceship door!!

Car-Heem: (falls through the spaceship door, falling into space) Help! I'm being pulled into space!!

Tiki Tong: (holding onto something to stuck to the floor) Hey!

Spongebob: (holding onto Tiki Tong) Whoa! What's going on?!

(Everyone else is hanging on as well)

Owen: Not again!

Beth: Deja vu all over again.

Plankton: Do something!

Sally: Robotnik! Close the door before we're all sucked into space!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Gladly Princess...(presses the button again to close the spaceship door) that I've destroyed the creature that would dare imprison me and Sonic, too!

Plankton: Gotcha! (evil laughter)

Tiki Tong: (holding onto Spongebob tightly with his fist)

Spongebob: Help!

Snively: (snickers)

Donkey Kong: What have you done to Sonic?

Plankton: Me? I haven't done nothing at all, unless of course Robotnik sending Sonic off to space has anything to do with it, does it?

Applejack: Say what?!

Tails: You're no Freedom Fighters, mustache faces!

Lindsay: That's not fair !

Pink Bird: How do you even sleep at night.

Plankton: Like a baby.

Sally: A freedom fighter respects all life, whether friend or enemy!

Plankton: And Robotnik & I glad we're not those guys

Rainbow Dash: (gets angry) Why I oughta...!

STH Rotor: (notices Car-Heem in space) Looks like Car-Heem's uniform can protect him in Space...and Sonic, too! But they'll both float helpessly forever...unless I can catch them the same way Car-Heem caught us! Hold on to Robotnik, Plankton & Tiki Tong, guys!

(They hold onto Robotnik, Plankton & Tiki Tong)

Tiki Tong: HEY! Let me go!

Sally: Go ahead, Rotor! We've got him!

Donkey Kong: Do it, to it !

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Let go, you fools!

Plankton: Let go of me, A.S.A.P.!

Black Bird: No way!

STH Rotor: I'm no genius, but I do have a knack with machines! This button should do it...(activates the ship's umbilicus, that launches at Car-Heem. He grabs it and uses it to return to his ship)

Tyler: We got it !

Sally: You got 'em, Rotor! Now reel 'em in!


Car-Heem: (to Sonic, Spongebob & the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters) Thank you for saving me! You Freedom Fighters have taught Car-Heem a valuable lesson!

Spongebob: Really? What's that?

Car-Heem: It was me who was the "Inferior" being, in the way I treated species that we're different from my own! I shall return you to your home! From now on, I shall collect non-living things, like intergalactic comic books!

Sonic: That's cool, Car-Heem, but when you return Robotnik, Plankton & Snively to sure to drop them in a nice gooey pond of toxic slime!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Snively: (in a giant glass jar)

Plankton: (in the other glass jar, being held by Tiki Tong) Hey! You can't do this to me!

Tiki Tong: (angry face) (growls softly)


(Back at Knothole)

Donkey Kong: (eating bananas) Mmm, bananas. It's good to be back

STH Rotor: (holding an ant farm) I did it, guys! I freed all my ants! Aren't you proud of me?!

Spongebob: Yeah, aren't you proud of Rotor. (notices that everyone except Donkey Kong are itching) Oh my!

Sonic: We'll let you know as soon as we stop itching, Rotor!

STH Rotor: (notices this) !!

Avak: Don't just stand there, do something!

Donkey Kong: Poor Freedom Fighters. (Eats a banana) Someone needs to help their problems!

Spongebob: I hear that.

The End

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