This is the 27th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, DJ

Main Villains: Evil Sonic (Scourge), Doodlebob, Evil Sally (Alicia), Evil Tails (Miles), Evil Antoine (Patch), Evil STH Rotor (Boomer)

Story #1: Transcript

When Sponges Collide, Spongebob vs Doodlebob (Part 1)

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (sitting on the grass)

Spongebob: What a beautiful day.

Patrick: You said it, pal. I can look at the sun all day.

Edd: Relish the fine summer's day, Eddy. Absorb the solitude of the Great Forest. The aroma of fresh-cut grass.

Eddy: [grumpily] It stinks. I'm bored.

Ed: I forgot to wear underwear, guys.

Spongebob: (looks at Ed) Seriously?

(A Pig boy is hanging around a mud pond, when "Sonic the Hedgehog" appearing more evil than usual, kicks the pig into the pond)

Pig Boy: Ow! What'd you do that for, Sonic the Hedgehog?

"Sonic": Because I felt like it, that's why!

Pig Boy: (falls into the mud)

Eddy: What the...?

"Sonic" Besides...I don't much like your face! (He runs away laughing, leaving the pig confused)

Eddy: Did you see that?

Edd: How rude! It's not like Sonic for just kicking the pig in the mud & ran away without apologizing

Spongebob: That's strange, let's follow him just to make sure. (helps the pig get up) There you go.

Pig Boy: Thank you

(They nod & the 5 followed "Sonic")

(With the Piraka)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (relaxing on fold-up chairs, fishing together)

Zaktan: (inhales & exhales) Aaaah. There's nothing like a beautiful sunny day for fishing

Reidak: Yeah, what would be better for us in fishing?

Vezok: How about actually catching a fish?

Thok: Yes, a Girl Squirrel over there is really good at this.

Avak: (got a bit) Hey! I got something (reeling in) I got it, it's's a...(reels in a bottle & it accidently hits him the face, knocking him over) WHOA! (falls on his back)

Hakann: Bot-tle...

Zaktan: Avak, are you ok?

Avak: Yeah, but I've already caught my unlimited bottles for today.

"Sally": (arrives)

Squirrel: (turns to see here) Hi, Princess Sally! Care to join me? THey're really biting today!

Reidak: Or maybe you can join us & help us out.

Vezok: Please Sally...

"Sally": (smirks evily) thanks, little girl & blue beast! But you two... (grabs a stool underneath the Squirrel Girl & knocks her into the lake)

Squirrel Girl: Hey! (knocks into Vezok)

Vezok: Hey! (got bumped & lost his balance) WHOA! (falls into the lake with the Squirrel)


"Sally": ...Can go fish! (laughs evily & leaves)

Squirrel Girl: (crying)

Zaktan: (gets in front of "Sally") Hey! You apologize to the girl right now or...!

"Sally": (suddendly grabs Zaktan's Arm) HIIIYA! (throws him at the other 4 Piraka, knocking the other 5 Piraka into Lake)

Zaktan: WHOA!

Reidak, Hakann, Zaktan, Avak Thok: AAAAH!!!


Vezok: Welcome to the club.

Zaktan: (carries the Squirrel Girl out of the lake) There you go.

Squirrel Girl: Oh thank you kind man. Why is Sally mean to me?

Reidak: That's a question we want to know. Let's go!

Vezok: After her!

(Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok follows "Sally")

(With the Total Drama Gang)

Owen: So what should we do now?

Duncan: I'm not sure

DJ: (notices "Antoine" driving recklessly) Uh, guys? You think maybe we should get out of the road?

Courtney: There is hardly any car in the market for miles DJ.

Gwen: Uh, not necessarily!

(Everyone soon noticed the engine noise from behind them. When they turn around, they see a car coming at them at full speed.)


(The Total Drama Gang jumped out of the way before the red car zoomed right pass them)

Alejandro: Is everyone ok?

Leshawna: Do we look like we're okay?!

Izzy: Yeah! That driver almost made road pizza out of us!

DJ: Is that Antoine?

Harold: Looks like it.

Courtney: Watch it, Antoine!

Dog: Wow! I've never seen Antoine drive so recklessly! Must be important for him to be in such a hurry!

Eva: Hey! Come back you dork!

"Antoine": (stops the car) Zut alors! Ow clumsy of me! (revs up the car)

Dog: (felt scared as he noticed) A-Antoine? What are you doing?

Geoff: Uh oh, not again!

"Antoine": (backs the car up and smashes the dog's apples) I am...ow you say...making Applesauce! (evil laughter & drives away)

(We see that the Total Drama Gang are covered in applesauce after "Antoine" smashes the apples)

Eva: (growls & shakes her fist in anger) COME BACK YOU DESERT COYOTE!!!

Noah: Well you said you want Antoine to come back so...

Gwen: No time, we gotta follow that car. After him!

(The Total Drama Gang chases after "Antoine")

(With the Hero Factory Villains)

Xplode: What can we do?

Meltdown: Not sure. (hears whistling coming from "STH Rotor") But it sounds like Rotor coming

HF Rotor: But I didn't say anything?

Rat: (in the labour) (notices "STH Rotor") Howdy, Rotor! Anything I can do for you?

"STH Rotor": a matter of fact...(picks up a baseball bat & breaks everything in the labour)...there is!

Corroder: What are you doing?!

Rat: Holy...!

Thunder: Stop it right now!

"STH Rotor": Hrmph! (writing in his note book) Just as I thought ! Not enough room in here to swing a bat! I'm gonna have to report this! In the meantime...have a nice day! (gives the rat the ticket & leaves, laughing evily)

HF Rotor: Bye bye.

Drilldozer: Hey! Who's gonna pay the damages?

Nitroblast: At least we're not that evil anymore.

Jetbug: Yeah.

Scorpio: We gotta go after him

Raw Jaw & Fangz: Yeah!

Waspix: Let's get him!

(The Hero Factory Villains goes after "STH Rotor")

(With the Mane 6)

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity: (walking on the dirt path)

Applejack: Boy howdy, it sure is a perfect day for working as a freedom fighter.

Rainbow Dash: And also the perfect day to fly (flys upwards)

Pinkie Pie: (notices "Tails") Ooh! Here comes Tails!

Turtle: (is running away from "Tails", who is chasing him down) (runs out of energy)

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness.

"Tails": (attacks the turtle with a dive attack)

Turtle: Unngh!

Rarity: Hey! Don't you dare hurt that Turtle.

"Tails": (catches up) What's your hurry, big fella & my little ponies? I just want to play...(throws tomatoes at the helpless turtle & at the ponies)...rough! (the tomatos hit the Turtle & Rarity's hair)

Rarity: MY HAIR!

"Tails": Bulls-eye!

Rainbow Dash: Hey! You can't do that to our...(got hit by the tomato that "Tails" has thrown) Hey!

Twilight Sparkle: (got hit by another tomato as well) Aah!

Fluttershy: (dodges the tomato) Oh dear!

Pinkie Pie: (suddedly catches the Tomato with her mouth & eats it) Mmm, juicy!

"Tails": (laughs evily as he flies away) (sighs) That's enough "Fun-and-games" for one day...(goes to the great forest)...I've got a meeting to attend!

(Back with the Heroes)

(Everyone has a meeting back in South Knothole)

Spongebob: Everyone has the same story?

Sanford: Yes.

Black Bird: Yeah, how many times do we have to tell you?! The Knothole Freedom Fighters have an new hatred of people like Robotnik

Rarity: How dare that Tails messed my hair! He's gonna pay for that!

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on, let's not jump into any conclusions. There might be imposters causing trouble.

Liu Bei: (with Cao Cao, Sun Jian & Yuan Shao) She's right, we have strange sightings of a portal being opened in the Great Forest

Zaktan: That's where the imposters are at now.

Sun Jian: We need you to stop these imposters & clear the name of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Hank: (nods)

Yuan Shao: Good luck All Stars & be careful.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes off to the Great Forest)

Cao Cao: Whoever's the imposters, they'll change their tune soon enough.

(In the Great Forest)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are all in camo & are hiding in bushes, in trees & even the water types are hiding in the lake

Tree Rex: (blends in the tree because he's a tree giant) All clear, let's move.

(The All Stars then starts sneaking into the Great Forest & hides behind the bushes big & small)

Spongebob: (notices the imposters) (whispers) There they are!

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps as he noticed Doodlebob with the imposters which are...) (whispers) It's Doodlebob the Anties. Get down.

Evil Tails: (arrives & meets up with Evil Sonic & Evil Sally, two members of the Anti Freedom Fighters)

Evil Sonic: (without his black leather jacket) (leaning back on a yellow motobike waiting) Bout time you goons showed yer ugly mugs! Anybody on to us?

Evil Sally: (wearing Sally's clothes) Nope! They swallowed it...hook line and sinker! Heh heh heh!

Evil STH Rotor & Evil Antoine: (arrives)

Doodlebob: All according to plan.

Duncan: (whispers) That's Evil Sonic

DJ: (gulps)

Owen: (whispers) That's not good.

Evil Sonic: Good deal ! These jerks have even less on the ball than you! Now listen close! Cause here's where things start to get interesting!

Spongebob: (gasps quietly)

When Sponges Collide, Spongebob vs Doodlebob (Part 2)

Zuo Ci: (appears from the purple smoke) Greetings, my friends.

Spongebob: Wow, who are you?

Zuo Ci: I am Zuo Ci & you must be the All Star Warrior, Spongebob Squarepants, who has been chosen by the majestic & wise, Queen Aleena.

Spongebob: That's me.

Owen: Wow, Queen Aleena did have beauty & brains.

Gwen: Owen!

Zuo Ci: (chuckles quietly) That's quite alright. A little sence of humor will help you on your journey soon enough.

Zaktan: So then, what are you doing out here?

Zuo Ci: I am here to help. And you probably wonder why Evil Sonic & the Anti Freedom Fighters are impersonating the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, maybe you can shed some light on the whole imposter plan.

Zuo Ci: Very well. I'll tell you the whole story, but first to better understand, let us turn back the clock, back to a few hours, and everything will be revealed.

(A Few Hours Ago)

(In the Negative Zone [Moebius])

Evil Sonic: (sits in an office, playing with darts) Bored, bored, bored! Same ol' routine, day in and day out! The only time anything exciting ever happens to me in this universe...or when I butt heads with that butt-head Sonic the Hedgehog!

Doodlebob: (leaning against a wall) Doodle hear that.

Evil Sonic: (looks outside to see a Swatbot cleaning the sidewalk as Anti-Antoine and Anti-Tails walk by, littering) (sighs) I mean just look Doodlebob, things are just too cushy around here! The Swatbots do our work...and "Archfoe" kindly ol' Doc Robotnik, is a grade-a wimp! Where's the challenge in that?

Doodlebob: Forgetting Anti Plankton? Known as Dr. Sheldon J. Plankton?

Evil Sally: (wearing a black leather jumpsuit, black belt & black boots) (bursts in the room) I tell me!

Evil Sonic: Oh...hi, Sal! Got a problem?

Doodlebob: About our Mobian Counterparts?

Evil Sally: Yeah...(kicks Evil Sonic to the ground)...and I'm starin at it!

Evil Sonic: Hey! That hurt!

Doodlebob: (laughing)

Evil Sally: Good! (suddendly pins Doodlebob easily)

Doodlebob: Huh?! (tries to break free)

Evil Sally: I need to kick some tail that might actually kick back for a change! Any bright ideas?

Evil Sonic: ! Don't beat me or yourself up over it, Sal...not when you can beat yourself up!

Doodlebob: (breaks free from Evil Sally's grip)

Evil Sally: Huh? I don't get the joke!

Doodlebob: We don't get it.

Evil Sonic: You will...once I've taken you two on a little trip down memory lane...


(We see Sonic & the All Stars going through the Cosmic Interstate)

Evil Sonic: ...along the Cosmic Interstate! You can get anywhere from there...

(Now we see Sonic, Spongebob, Evil Sonic & Doodlebob running around in a circle facing each other)

Evil Sonic: But so could my...ugh! "Good twin"! He took a wrong turn, and ended up in our universe!

Doodlebob: Oooh! How Doodlebob hate Spongebob

Sonic & Evil Sonic: Hey! You're not Sonic the Hedgehog. I AM!

Spongebob: I thought your trapped in the piece of paper!

Doodlebob: You Doodle, me Spongebob!

Sonic & Spongebob: Are not!

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: Am too! / NEOFINEYIN!

Sonic & Spongebob: Sez who?

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: Sez me! / MEYAIOVAH!!!

(Now we see Sonic & the All Stars has Evil Sonic & Doodlebob trapped in a net)

Evil Sonic: I sent him packing! (in thought: I don't need to tell her I got beat!)

(Now we see Evil Sonic & Doodlebob being teleported in a lair by Robo-Robotnik 1.0 & Cyborg Plankton)

Evil Sonic: when that "Robo-Robotnik" character asked me to repeat my performance...

(Now we see Evil Sonic & Doodlebob got tripped by Sonic & Spongebob)

Evil Sonic: ...I was only too happy to oblige!

(End of Flashback)

Evil Sonic: (gets even more angry) My counterpart is everything I'm not...helpful, kind, obedient, cheerful and thrifty! A regular boy scout! Ooooh, how I "Hate that Hedgehog!"

Doodlebob: That's what I said to Spongebob.

Evil Sonic: And when Sonic the Hedgehog hates someone, they stay hated! That good guy is bad news...

Doodlebob: So are All Stars.

Evil Sonic: ...but sometimes, bad news can be a good thing! (to Evil STH Rotor) Grease th' hogs and round up the posse, Rotor...cause tonight...we ride!

(With their vehicles, the Anti-Freedom Fighters take to the Cosmic Interstate, locating the regular universe, with Evil STH Rotor riding on an orange motorbike with Evil Tails riding in the Green side car, Evil Antoine riding in a red speed car & Evil Sonic riding on a yellow motorcycle with Evil Sally holding around his waist behind him)

Doodlebob: (chasing after the Anti-Freedom Fighters) HEY!! WAIT FOR ME!!! (gibberish) (jumps inside the red speed car)

Evil Tails: (bored) Are we there yet?

Doodlebob: No!

Evil Sonic: Sheesh! Gimme a break, Tails! We get there when we get there, capeesh? (looking at a map) And...accordin' to this map I stole from the gas station a few miles back...(they all arrived on Mobius)...we're here! Everybody off...

Doodlebob: Huh?

(The Anti-Freedom Fighters & Doodlebob hops off)

Evil Sonic: ...and off with the leathers! (he & the Anti-Freedom Fighters taking off the leather & replaces it with the Knothole Freedom Fighters original clothing) Remember...we're incognito!

Evil STH Rotor: Incog-whatsis?

Evil Sonic: shaddup!

Doodlebob: Yeah, shaddup!

Evil Sonic: Doodlebob, you stay here cause you can't fit in as that yellow sponge, Spongebob. Cause you're too flat!

Doodlebob: Aw what?!

(The Anti Freedom Fighters proceed to frame the Knothole Freedom Fighters by doing some rotten things to the citizens in Knothole)

(Present Time)

Spongebob: (gasps) Really?!

Zuo Ci: Yes. So you see, that is why Sonic was not himself today, because he was not Sonic. It's his Anti Self named Evil Sonic.

DJ: So your saying that the Anti-Freedom Fighters are the real imposters the entire time & now we're alone, while those crazy Anti Freedom Fighters are framing the Knothole Freedom Fighters?

Zuo Ci: Nothing's impossible. I'm not here for status. I wait for the possible future to come & I'll be ready when it comes.

Courtney: Wait a minute, what does that mean?

(When they look back at Zuo Ci, only to find that he's already gone)

Pinkie Pie: Where'd he go?

Fluttershy: I'm not sure, but I'm also not sure why he dissapeared into thin air.

Reidak: Well whatever this is, we have to stop those Anti Freedom Fighters at all costs. Before the entire village of Knothole will start a riot.

Reidak: And I hope I don't jinx that either.

Spongebob: Come on, All Stars. Let's get outta here!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes back to Knothole feeling very concern about their friends)

When Sponges Collide, Spongebob vs Doodlebob (Part 3)

(In STH Rotor's Workshop)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are searching for the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Geoff: Sonic the Hedgehog, are you in here?

Owen: Tails? Where are you?

Hakann: Antoine? Antoine?

Spongebob: (notices an interdimensional portal opening up) Look!

Tails: (from in the portal with Sonic & Antoine) We made it...Sonic the Hedgehog! We're back!

Sonic: (from in the portal) Yeah...but we're not out of the woods yet! Everyone...brace for dimensional interface!

Harold: They're coming.

Spongebob: And look! (points to STH Rotor who was in his workshop the entire time)

STH Rotor: Welcome home, people! How was your trip?

Sonic: All things considered, Rotor...I'd rather be in Robotropolis!

DJ: There you guys are.

Rainbow Dash: Where have you 3 been?

Sonic: Hey All Stars! Rotor's timespcae matter projector sent us into negative reality, no problemo...but we still couldn't pierce the zone of silence where Robotnik exiled Sally's dad King Acorn!

Avak: Your investigating in the Negative Zone?

Noah: (not impressed) Imagine that.

Spongebob: Wow, the negative zone.

Patrick: Now that is very weird.

Sonic: (pulls out NICOLE) Hrmph! Fat lot of good you turned out to be, NICOLE! I thought you came along to help!

NICOLE: Watch the mouth, Hedgehog! It's not my fault Negative reality wreaks havoc with my software!

Reidak: And Sonic, you know it's not nice to talk back to NICOLE.

NICOLE: (to Sonic) Next time...bring a compass!

Sonic: (sighs) Guess all we can do is keep trying...

Rigby: So what, that my body will be worn out from all this walking around doing nothing...(got punched by Mordecai) Ow!

Mordecai: Sorry, shall we continue?

Sonic: ...Sorry, but until we're ready to mount a full scale rescue attempt, I don't want to get Sally's hopes up!

Harold: Aw what?! But I like doing discoveries.

Edd: But I guess we'll have to wait.

Spongebob: Look, we have something to say.

Sonic: We mustn't tell her that...

Spongebob: Uh excuse me, but I have something to tell you. You see...

???: Tell her what?

(They all turned to see Sally with Alejandro & the 2nd Generation of Total Drama)

Sonic: (gulps) S-s-s-Sally!

Spongebob: Hi Sally! I see that you & the others are back.

Alejandro: Thank you amigos.

Antoine: Welcome back, Princess! Ow went zee mission with zee Trainees?

Cameron: Yes we did, thanks for asking.

Sally: And that's...a long story, Antoine! Besides I'd much rather hear what you guys have been up to while I was...!

Mike: And Hank, Sanford & Deimos decided to come back early

Eddy: No wonder Sally's not back yet.

Lightning: So uh...what do we miss?

Sonic: (hears something) Hold it! What's that?!

Ed: (hears it too & points at the front door) Guests.

Meltdown: Yep, someone's at the door.

Sonic: (opens the door to see an Angry Mob with the pitch forks and the torches) Yes? Can I help you...? (dodges a pitch fork which is held by an old white mobian dog) Hey! Watch where you point that thing! What's the big idea?

Zoey: What's going on?

Old Dog: (to Sonic) Don't play innocent with me, young fella...

Pig: ...I got witnesses! (points to Sonic) You kicked me!

Squirrel:(to ...threw me in the lake!

Yellow Dog: ...ran over my cart!

Rat: ...wrecked my store!

Turtle: ...hit me with ripe tomatoes!

Owen: (as the angry mob gets louder) Oh man.

Reidak: Darn it, I jinxed it!

Sonic: Uh oh...this could get ugly...(got hit at the face by a Tomato as the angry mob starts throwing food at the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Owen & Patrick: (catches a tomato & a carrot with his mouth & eats it) Yummy!

Sally: What do you mean, "could"? It already has! Why is everyone so mad at us?

Sonic I'm not sure, Sal...

Spongebob: (to the angry mob) STOP!

(They suddendly stop as they heard Spongebob's yell)

Spongebob: Time out! You don't need to do this anymore, because...(faking) the All Stars Freedom Fighters will take care of them for ya!

Angry Mob: (cheers & then loudly chants "Fight" as the All Stars crowd around the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Sonic: What?!

Sally: It can't be!

Antoine: No! Please, don't do this!

Tails: Look inside yourselves this isn't you.

Spongebob: (whispers to the Knothole Freedom Fighters) We're gonna get you outta here by fake fighting you guys.

STH Rotor: Oh, word.

Chris McLean: (with Chef Hatchet, holding 1 cup of coffee each) What's going on here? [everyone stops as he & Chef reveals himself] I'll have no fighting on our watch. Oh, the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters. I might have known!

Chef Hatchet: What are you all gotten yourselves into now?

Vezok: Sorry, but...

Spongebob: GET THEM!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters "fake" fight the Knothole Freedom Fighters, forming a fight cloud around themselves, the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Chris & Chef, so that the angry mob can't see)

Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet: Hey!

(Then when the fight cloud clears, the Angry Mob's cheer went into confusion as they noticed that the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters have suddendly dissapeared, leaving a dazed Chris McLean & a dazed Chef Hatchet behind)

Chris McLean: (dazed & dizzy) Power to the people. (faints)

Chef Hatchet: (dazed & dizzy) (salutes) We salute you the power of the people (faints)

Old Dog: Hey, where'd they go?

(We see that the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters are running away into the Forest)

Scott: Can someone tell us what's going on?

Sam: I don't know

Sonic: ...but we're gonna find out! Let's juice!

Beth: Sorry Chris & Chef, but it's for the greater good.


Thok & Dawn: (meditating)

Spongebob: And that's the whole story.

Owen: So you see, you didn't do anything wrong.

Sonic: If we didn't do those things...thensomeone else posing as us did! But who? And how can we prove it?

Geoff: Uh...

DJ: I'm too scared to answer that.

Sally: Been there! Done that! (clicks her fingers) I know exactly how to draw our imposters into the open!

Dudley: Really? How do we do that?

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters huddles together)

Sally: Now listen closely! Here's my plan! (starts whispering the plan)

(After a few moments of listening)

Swarm: Now that is a goood plan.

When Sponges Collide, Spongebob vs Doodlebob (Part 4)

(Back in Knothole)

(We see that the Anti-Freedom Fighters are at it again, as they terrorize a part of Knothole with their vehicles)

Mother Rabbit: (with a rabbit boy) Look out! It's Sonic the Hedgehog!

Cat: Lock up the women and children!

Goat: Where are the All Star Freedom Fighters?!

Evil Sally: Well, aren't you the wild one!

Evil Sonic: Yeah! Let's see who else we can terrorize...starting with those poor innocent gypsies! (evil laughter as he revs up his motorcycle)

(The gypsies are actually the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the All Star Freedom Fighters, in disguise, all except for Spongebob)

Sonic: (sarcastic) Oh, no! It is Sonic the Hedgehog and his gang of outlaw freedom fighters, come to terrorize us poor, innocent gypsies! Whatever shall we do? (winks at Sally who is also in disguise)

Sally: (readies her bow

???: (suddendly behind them) (whistles)

(The Anti-Freedom Fighters stops & turns around to see Spongebob)

Spongebob: Hey, biker boy! You got an All Star Problem on your hands. What are you Anties gonna do about it? (makes a funny face) Nyah, nyah, nyah nyah, nyah! (runs off in super sonic speed)

Evil Sonic: After that yellow idiot!


(The Anti-Freedom Fighters chases after Spongebob in their vehicles all around Knothole)

(A few minutes later)

Spongebob: (suddendly trips) Yikes! (was sent flying behind the "gypsies" & crashes) Ouch! (was upside down) Well, there is my exercize for the day. (gets up & turns to the Anti-Freedom Fighters which are in front of them) Hey Anties. You couldn't catch me when I'm standing still.

Evil Sonic: You're wrong you yellow doofus! There's 5 of us & only 1 of you.

Anti-Freedom Fighters: (charges at Spongebob on their vehicles)

Spongebob: Huh, could've fooled me.

Spongebob: That's it, keep coming. Keep coming. (Sleeps a bit & then notices) Whoa! You guys are fast. (gives Sally the signal)

Sally: (fire a tripwire)

Evil Sonic: (notices the trip wire) Uh-oh!

(The anti-fighters can't react in time, as they hit the tripwire with their vehicles, sending them flying into the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters)

Evil Sonic: Awk!


Evil Tails: Oof!

Evil STH Rotor: Ungh!

Evil Sonic: (grunts in pain)

Spongebob: Fast, but stupid.

Owen: (Gypsy Voice) (to the Anties) Oh dear, you must've tooken a wrong turn from Alburquerque.

DJ: (Gypsy Voice) I wonder why you tooken the right instead of the left?

Evil Sonic: Oh ho! A wise guy, eh?

Sonic: (Gypsy Voice) Wise enough to know that violence is the first act of the incompetent!

Edd: Violence only brings out more violence.

Evil Sonic: Grrr! I'll show you "Incompetent," you little... (tries to punch Spongebob & a disguised Sonic, but misses)

Sonic: (yawns)

Spongebob: Missed me.

Evil Sonic: (tries to punch at them again, but Spongebob & Sonic dodged out of the way) Hey! What th...!

Spongebob: Missed me again.

Sonic: Tsk! Tsk! How many times I gotta tell ya...(punches Evil Sonic, knocking him to the ground & the Knothole & All Star [minus Spongebob] took off their disguises)...never lead with with a right cross!

Evil Sonic: (holding his head with one hand in pain) Right cross? Double cross is more like it!

Owen: (normal voice) Hi.

Patrick: Hi guys.

Evil Sally:'s our better selves!

Spongebob: And don't forget the All Star Freedom Fighter.

Evil Sonic: Why, you cheated!

Sonic: Nope...just playing by your rules, that's all !

Spongebob: (smirks) Aren't I a stinker?

Sonic: What's good for the goose...

Zaktan: ...Is good for the gander.

Evil Sonic: Your goose is already cooked, pal ! Everyone...GET READY TO RUMBLE!


(They all turned to see Doodlebob along with all of the Anti Versions of the All Star Freedom Fighters)

DJ: Doodlebob?!

Patrick: It's the evil doodle!

Harold: And it looks like he has back up!

Anti Tree Rex: So, are you ready for a beat down?

Tree Rex: Not if we take you down first.

Spongebob: All Star Freedom Fighters...

Doodlebob: Anti All Star Freedom Fighters...

Spongebob & Doodlebob: ATACK!


(The Knothole Freedom Fighters & All Star Freedom Fighters starts fighting together against Anti Freedom Fighters & Anti All Star Freedom Fighters)

Evil Sonic & Sonic: (tries to land a punch at each other but misses)

Evil Sonic: Hold still !

Sonic: No, you hold still !

Evil Sonic: No, you!

Xplode: Hiiya! (karate chops the wrong Tyler)

Tyler: Ow! Xplode, it's me!

Xplode: Oops, sorry.

Evil Sally & Sally: (yanks each others hair & land punches at each other)

Evil Sally: Love the color,'s almost looks natural !

Sally: Funny, I was thinking the same about yours!

Hakann: (punches at the wrong Eddy)

Eddy: Ow! Hakann, it's me!

Hakann: Oops, sorry.

Evil Tails & Tails: (flying by using their 2 tails as propellers)

Evil Tails: Take your best shot, twerp!

Tails: You got it, "Shorty"!

Anti Ed: Choo Choo! (rams at the wrong Nitroblast)

Anti Nitroblast: Hey! Anti Ed, it's me!

Anti Ed: Whoops, sorry my good man.

Evil STH Rotor & STH Rotor: (ramming at each other, hitting each other)

Evil STH Rotor: Think you're so smart !

STH Rotor: Not half as smart as your mouth...

Anti Mordecai: (punches at the wrong Reidak)

Anti Reidak: Ow! Anti Mordecai, it's me!

Anti Mordecai: Oh, sorry.

Anti Antoine: (tries to kick at Antoine, but misses) Don't just stand somzing!

Antoine: I am! I am being like ze fox...very swift !

Applejack: (applebucks at the wrong Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Ow! Applejack, that's me, eh?

Applejack: Whoops, sorry there partner.

Anti Sanford: (punches at the wrong Donkey Kong)

Anti Donkey Kong: Ow! That's me, Sanford.

Anti Sanford: Sorry.

Spongebob: Ok, now we're all confused. Guys, enough! This isn't working, let's just fight our counterparts, ok?

All Star Freedom Fighters & Anti All Star Freedom Fighters: Ok.

Spongebob: Ready? Ok? Go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters & the Anti All Star Freedom Fighters: (starts fighting their own counterparts so that no one's confused)

Sally: This is getting us nowhere! They're matching us...move for move!

Sonic: Tell me about it! It's like shadow boxing...but these shadows box back! If only there was some way to throw them off balance...

Alejandro: So that we have an advantage.

Owen: Yeah, this is getting confusing with all 2 of us being the same guy.

Sally: Hmm...(notices the All Stars & the Anti All Stars getting really confused with their counterparts & gets an idea)...maybe there is!

Spongebob: That's it. Owen, you got us an idea.

Owen: I did? Wouldn't that include tarter sauce?

Patrick: Mmm, tarter sauce.

Sally: Everyone...CHANGE PARTNERS!

(Then the Heroes heard Sally & then suddendly changes their opponents to fight another)

Evil Sally: Wha...?!

Evil Sonic: Huh?

Vezok: Aha! (punches Anti Harold)

Anti Harold: Ow!

Sonic: Normally, I wouldn't hit a lady! ...but you're no lady, lady! (punches Evil Sally)

Ed: Me neither, my mom says I can't fight girls, but I can't make that acception who makes trouble, bad, big! (punches Anti Rainbow Dash)

Sally: Why don't you let your hair down a little, Twan? (punches Evil Antoine)

Anti Antoine: OOOF!

Spongebob: Come and get me! (spindashes at Anti Zaktan)

Twilight Sparkle: Your not gonna frame us anymore (uses her Unicorn Magic against Anti Eddy)

Anti Eddy: Ow!

Antoine: You are much like ze baboon, you beeg ape...(kicks Evil STH Rotor)...slow and clumsy!

Corroder: Say goodnight, Anti ! (tackles at Anti Deimos)

Anti Deimos: Hey!

Hank: (punches at Anti Boggy B) Stay down!

STH Rotor: Sorry, little fella! (throws Evil Tails)

Evil Tails: Hrmph! Who are you calling "Little"? Ooof!

Astro Boy: (chasing Doodlebob) Your not gonna get away from us that easily!

Doodlebob: Leave me alone!

Tails: Looks like we've come full circle, "Sonic"!

Evil Sonic: That's mister Sonic ta you, ya mangy...

Tree Rex: (suddendly punches Doodlebob) Gotcha.

Sonic: (suddendly punches Evil Sonic)

Knothole Freedom Fighters & All Star Freedom Fighters: (ties up the Anti Freedom Fighters & the Anti All Star Freedom Fighters together)

Spongebob: Done & dusted.

Old Dog: (to Knothole Freedom Fighters) Guess we misjudged you kids!

Sonic: Forget it, old couldn't have known we weren't ourselves! And speaking of "selves"'re going back where you came from, handsome!

Doodlebob: I feel dizzy!

Evil Sonic: (groans)

Sonic: Game lose!

Spongebob: Thanks for playing. (laughs)

Doodlebob: Aah shadup!

Evil Sonic: Hah! Shows how much you know, pretty boy! I got what I came for! ...a fight! (falls down feeling dizzy)

Doodlebob: I'll be back. Just you wait...(falls down, feeling dizzy)

DJ: Looks like the Anties have been defeated.

Sally: Oh, brother! How can you live with yourself, Sonic?

Sonic: Conifdentially, ain't easy!

Spongebob: Yeah, because I can't tell who's who.

The End.