This is the 34th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Hank, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Patrick (Part 5) & Kineticlops (Part 6)

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime (Part 1 - 3), Plankton, Snively (Part 1 - 3), the Chameleon & Raptros

Story #1: Transcript

Steel Belted Madness, Hank J. Wimbleton to the Rescue! (Part 1)

Spongebob: (with the All Star Freedom Fighters who we're running from Aerial Jack-1 Bots) (notices the audience) Oh hi, your proberbly wondering who is that dragon. I'll tell you the whole story on who she is & why did she come to us. I'll tell you but it'll have to be nice & easy. Now then...


(The story begins with a short flashback review about how dragons used to roam Mobius...)

Spongebob: Once upon a time, majestic dragons roamed the skies of Mobius flying and living free...

(...until Robotnik roboticized all of them, including Sabina. Sabina's daughter, Dulcy, was able to escape...)

Spongebob: ...Until ROBOTNIK cast his evil shadow upon the planet and the dragons vanished...all roboticized, including one named SABINA...

(...Dulcy, now grown-up, has joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their quest to rid the planet of Robotnik's dictatorship...)

Spongebob: But Sabina's daughter survived, the last of the dragons! Now she has joined with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters in their battle to make Mobian skies free once again!

Spongebob: Presenting...

Sonic: ...DULCY! And she's pretty cool for a fire breather!

(End of Flashback)

Spongebob: Now that you know who Dulcy is, on with the show.

(The All Stars continues their run as a SWATbot hovercraft in hot pursuit of Sonic and Dulcy)

Rainbow Dash: Hang on! The SWATbot hovercraft & those Jack-1 Bots are on our tail !

Sonic: (notices) That hovercraft is a plane in the neck, Dulcy! We've gotta get it off your tail!

Applejack: And we also gettin' those bots off of ours!

Dulcy: I know what to do, Sonic! Hang on! One...two...three...DIVE! (does a quick dive, causing the ship to crash into a cliff)

Hank: (open fires at the Jack-1 Bots with his 2 Spectre M4 Guns)

(Sonic & Dulcy land beside the wreckage)

Sonic: Tsk! Tsk! They didn't see the cliff!...Next time they'll keep their windshield.

Edd: Now that those Jack-1 Bots are taken care of. Let's investigate this SWATbot hovercraft.

Vezok: Alright! Let's do it!


(The All Stars begins to examine the SWATbot hovercraft)

Noah: Interesting.

Dulcy: Shouldn't we leave before another hovercraft shows up, Sonic?

Sonic: Not until we've checked this one for souvenirs, Dulcy! Better keep your distance! (examines the SWATbot hovercraft as well) Yo, any "bot-ty" home?

Bouncer: (spots a damaged Swatbot inside the hovercraft) There's a damaged Swatbot.

Spongebob: Is there something else?

Sanford: Yes, look. (points to an odd machine, beeping near the destroyed SWATbot)

Sonic: Hel-lo? What have we here?

Blue Bird: Looks like it's beeping.

Dudley: Gee, I wonder why...(scratches his head in confusion & suddendly chews his butt)

(While in the dark heart of Robotropolis...Robotnik's lair)

Plankton: That's strange, those Jack-1 Bots are destroyed. King Pig!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: SNIVELY!! What's keeping hover-craft number four-o-six-nine?! It should have returned ten minutes ago!

Plankton: And where are a group of Aerial Jack-1 Bots, they should be back by now.

Snively: appears to have crashed Doctor Robotnik!

King Pig: And it appears that the Aerial Jack-1 Bots are taken down by some gunfire

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?!! That craft was carrying a portable de-roboticizer! Now to mention my supply of "Super-shine" head polish!

Plankton: And those Aerial Jack-1 Bots are supposed to guard the de-roboticizer.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: If that device falls into the wrong hands, it could have grave consequences...especially for YOU! (points at Snively)

Plankton: And you! (points to King Pig) That is why your my lackey, King Pig! Because you've released the Monster Pig against the Sonic & All Star Underground, even me!

King Pig: (gulps)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Activate the self-destruct mechanism and blow the craft up, Snively...NOW!!

Snively: Y-y-yes, sir! (activates the self-destruct)

(Back with the Heroes)

LeShawna: (hears the beeping that is even louder) Why do I hear ticking?

Spongebob: It's gonna blow!

Sonic: Uh-oh! Something tells me we'd better juice! (grabs the odd machine)

Reidak: Go go!

(Sonic & the All Stars begins to run away from the craft, before it explodes)

Spongebob: That was close.

Sonic: See you later, detonator!

Twilight Sparkle: It was only a trap.

Applejack: Whoa nelly! It's a good thin' we escaped from the blast.

Bridgette: What do you think the device is?

Rainbow Dash: I don't even know what that is.

Edd: Maybe we can find out once we get back

Spongebob: Good idea, let's go!

Sonic: Let's get this toy back to Knothole and have Rotor look it over, Dulcy!

(Sonic, Dulcy & the All Star Freedom Fighters depart the area to return to Knothole with their new-found technology)

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe they know what this machine really is.

(In Knothole Village...)

Harold: It's a de-roboticizer?

Deimos: From the looks of it, I believe it is.

STH Rotor: There's just enough power left to use this one more time!

Bunnie: Are you sure it's a de-roboticizer, Rotor?

Hank: Yes it is, how many times do we have to tell you...?

Tails: It looks more like a deodorizer!

Sonic: Hey! That's good news for you, Ant!

Hakann: Ha, ha...

Sally: If it is a de-roboticizer...then we should use it to make Bunnie a complete rabbit again!

Bunnie: Thanks, Sally...but I think we should use it as part of a plan to turn one of us into a ROBOT!

Eddy & Antoine: What?!

Ed: (screams)

Spongebob: Calm down everyone. Calm down. You guys can't be serious.

Antoine: (grabs Bunnie by the waist) Help! She is a spying for Robotnik!

Applejack: Antoine, calm down!

Rainbow Dash: Why that little...!

Bunnie: Let go Antoine!

Spongebob: Hold it!

Sally: Wait, everyone, I know what Bunnie means, and her idea is brilliant...and very noble! Except that I'M the one who's going to let Robotnik change me into a Robot!!

Xplode: Dude, he already tried. Remember what last time when you...(notices that everyone is already heading to Robotropolis) Guys? (groans) We gotta go after them.

Spongebob: Ok, but first we need to take down the Power Station in Robotropolis. Everyone, it's time for us to act...on our own!

(Days later, on a hill near Robotropolis...)

(The All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters group up to prepare to send Sally into the city)

Spongebob: We're here.

Sonic: I still think this idea is a loser, Sal!

Hank: That's what Xplode said as well.

Antoine: Sonic & Xplode are right! It eez much too dangerous, Princess!

Sally: I'm touched by your concern guys, but this is our best chance yet to sabotage Robotnik's headquarters...and finally close the book on his reign of terror!

Spongebob: And let's not forget Plankton's reign of terror.

Ezekiel: A book?

Antoine: Eh? Zee "book"? I have not red zis book!

Sonic: Forget it, Ant! pictures!

Applejack: So any ideas on how Sally can still have her free will?

STH Rotor: Here, Sally! (holds a device) Place this behind yout right ear! (puts the device behind Sally's right ear) It will give you control of your mind, even after you've been roboticized!..and you'll be able to damage Robotnik's power base, big time!

Astro: And we must be careful cause the All Star Freedom Fighters are going to shut down the power generator of the Mega Chum Bucket.

Sonic: Good luck, Sal !

Sally: Don't worry, Sonic...(runs off towards Robotropolis)...we'll be together again!

Spongebob: Ok then, let's go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then runs off towards Robotropolis in another way inside the city)

Hank: I have a bad feeling about this.

Steel Belted Madness, Hank J. Wimbleton to the Rescue! (Part 2)

(In Robotropolis, the All Stars are standing in a fog, which causes Eddy to cough.]

Eddy: Oh! (sarcastic) Don't you just love all this fresh air?

Spongebob: Yeah, about as much as I love Plankton.

[Harold works on an hand held computer while Sanford rummages through Spongebob's backpack.]

Harold: Arm cannisters, Bouncer

Bouncer: (arming the cannisters) The Cannisters are arming.

[Sanford places a cannister in Spongebob's backpack, which already has 3. They all light up.]

Applejack: Cannisters are now armed.

Sanford: You're all loaded, Spongebob

Spongebob: Cool, synchronize your watches.

[The All Stars look at their watches and put their arms out, activating a timer together.]

Spongebob: Okay, meet you at the usual. If anybody's late, head back to South Knothole. Check?

All Star Freedom Fighters: Check. [runs off]

Applejack: Good luck, y'all!

Rainbow Dash: Let's do it, to it.

Hank: (goes through an air vent) I'm going to take down the roboticizer after Sally's roboticized. See you later.

Deimos: Very well.

[At a Robotropolis factory, Jack-1 bots guard an immense entrance. Crane machinery is moving inside. Nearby, behind a pile of scrap metal, Spongebob & the Piraka does some sleuthing. The Jack-1 bots are accompanied by security cameras at the entrance.]

Reidak: Must've forgot the welcome mat.

Vezok: Gotta find another way in.

[They looks around and sees a large ship entering a port at the top of the factory]

Thok: Hm (grabs a piece of metal and throws it at the security camera, destroying it) There we go.

[The Jack-1 bots notice and vacate the entrance to investigate, giving Spongebob time to pick up the 6 Piraka & enter the area.]

Spongebob: Juice time!

[He runs up the side of the building beside the entrance and enters the port, which is full of garbage. He stops as he hits an edge and looks down at a vat of a hot liquid. Another ship comes and pushes the garbage further into the port and toward the edge.]

Avak: Yikes! Wrong way!

Spongebob: What?!

Zaktan: Bad move, Spongebob! Very bad move!

[The scrap metal pushes Spongebob & the Piraka with it as parts of the scrap pile fall into the vat of hot liquid.]

Spongebob: Sorry! We're outta here!

[Before the 7 falls over the edge, they jumps at a bucket that is hanging over the vat, hanging onto a rope suspending it. A crane, which is holding the bucket and rope, moves aside with Spongebob & the Piraka in tow. Below, Hakann sees a conveyor belt assembly line for Jack-1 Bots.]

Hakann: Hey guys, we got company!

[Back outside in Robotropolis, the rest of the All Stars stops running at a red panel. Applejack looks around and sees a shuttle swatbot approach.]

Applejack: A shuttle is coming! Everypony er...everybody, hide! (The All Stars ducks, but the shuttle computer in the shuttle detects them.]

Jack-1 Bot #1: Alert, Alert. Organic lifeforms detected.

[The Jack-1 Bot slaps the control panel.]

Jack-1 Bot #2: Don't bother. Substation electricity interferes with heat sensor. Ignore.

[The shuttle continues on as Congar stands up and looks.]

Congar: All clear! (runs back to the red panel, ripping it open with his strength) Got it!

Courtney: [looks back at her watch.] 19...18...17...

[In the factory, Spongebob & the Piraka switches ropes and slides to the ground. They rushes aside to cover as a yellow shuttle bot passes by. He looks at his watch.]

Spongebob: 8...7...6...

[Outside, Xplode looks at his watch as well as a shuttle bot flies behind the rest of the All Stars.]

Xplode: 5...4...3...

[Kineticlops is holding onto a switch in the panel.]

Kineticlops: 2...1...Bingo! [pulls down the switch, shutting down the Swatbot factory.]

[In the factory, Spongebob & the Piraka treads slowly, then pulling out two of the cannisters, which are beeping. They puts them down.]

Spongebob: All set up

Avak: Chao!

[Spongebob picks up the Piraka & charges up and rushes away, holding the Piraka. Outside, Edd, using the holographic map of Robotropolis in a hand held computer watches Spongebob's & the Piraka's progress.]

Twilight Sparkle: Come on Spongebob & the Piraka...get outta there.

[The shuttlebot approaches behind the All Stars and fires a laser at them. They gasps as it narrowly misses them, packing up the hand held computer and running away, not before Crusher smashes the shuttlebot with his signature hammer.]

Crusher: No problem.

Applejack: Nice one partner. Rainbow Dash, you & I will go after them!

Rainbow Dash: Alright! Let's go!

(Applejack & Rainbow Dash goes inside the factory to help Spongebob & the Piraka)

Geoff: Good luck dudettes!

Bridgette: And be careful.

[In the factory, Spongebob & the Piraka runs away as two Jack-1 Bots chase after them, firing lasers.]

Applejack & Rainbow Dash: (bucks the Jack-1 Bots away)

Applejack: Y'all need some help?

Spongebob: Yes we do please.

Zaktan: I have an idea, but Spongebob & I need time. DISTRACT THEM!!

Spongebob & Zaktan: [eludes the Jack-1 Bots by going a level above.]

Reidak: Wait, distract them how?

Rainbow Dash: (notices more Jack-1 Bots appearing) I think I know!

(Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Rainbow Dash & Applejack starts attacking the Jack-1 Bots)

Spongebob: Yo, botbrains! Looks like you could use a shout! [Holding up a bucket of scrap metal by a rope, Spongebob lets go, dropping the metal on the Jack-1 bots, trapping them.]

Applejack: Way to go Sugar-Sponge!

[Spongebob & Zaktan jumps down beside the pile of scrap they made and dashes off with Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Applejack & Rainbow Dash, dropping a cannister behind them. More Jack-1 bots arrive and fire on Spongebob, Applejack, Rainbow Dash & the Piraka as they try to elude them through various quick movements.]

Hakann: Hurry man!

Spongebob: Stop!

[They stops as he sees more Jack-1 bots approaching from ahead, they go back but is stopped by Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots, they returns ahead and stops.]

Avak: It's an ambush!

Vezok: Whoa! This place is getting crowded!

Spongebob: We have to find our way out.

[Spongebob looks around and tries to dash ahead, but stops before hitting a shuttle bot. He jumps upwards as the Swatbot from behind fires a missile, causing the shuttle bots to jump aside to miss it. As Spongebob falls back down, he sees the missile returning and dashes back.]

Rainbow Dash: Watch out, Spongebob!

Spongebob: [takes out a power ring.] High Speed time!

[Just as the missile approaches Spongebob, the power ring makes him increase his speed exponentially, leaving a trail of fire. He escapes the factory at high speed, with Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Rainbow Dash & Applejack, as the rest of the All Stars watch on]

Twilight Sparkle: Noah, prepare for...

Jack-1 Bot: Raise your hands, prisoners

[Two Jack-1 Bots aim their weapons at the All Stars, but Sanford uses his signature hook to slice at the Jack-1 Bots, destroying them.]

Sanford: Never mind that, let's get outta here!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters [minus Hank] regroups together & makes their escape from the city)

Spongebob: Oh man, we forgot about Hank.

Deimos: Don't worry, he's going to take down that Roboticizer for us.

(With Hank)

Hank: (crawling in the air vent & finds a grate of the air vent & peeks through it to find Dr. Robotnik Prime, Snively, Plankton, King Pig & the Chameleon in the Roboticizer room, roboticizing Princess Sally Acorn) There you are.

Snively: Congratulations, sir! The roboticization process has been completed!

King Pig: And now Princess Sally is now belongs to us now.

Plankton: Excellent.

The Chameleon: I'm very impressed, this roboticizer can turn anyone into robots, except robots who really are robots.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'd be overjoyed Snively...if joy wasn't against my laws!

Hank: (in thought: The plan's working)

Snively: There is one other thing, Sir!

Plankton: Oh yeah? What's that?

Snively: (holds up the same device that Sally has behind her right ear before)

Hank: (in thought: Guess that plan is a failure. We're close, but no sucess.)

King Pig: Here's what Snively & I found.

Snively: This little gizmo fell from the prisoner while she was being transformed! I analyzed it...and found that it's a type of neuro-overrider! It would have allowed the princess to retain her freedom of will even after we roboticized her!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: SO!...The Freedom Fighters almost tricked me again, Snively! And all because I'm so trusting and innocent!

The Chameleon: Why's that?

King Pig: Snively & I we're getting to that. We're almost been bamboozled by the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Plankton: And almost been tricked is unnacceptable!

Snively: Hmph! Like a shark!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (turns to Snively with angry looks) What was that?!!

Plankton: What did you say to us?!

Snively: said "I like the dark,"'s...uh...much easier to be sneaky in the dark! Heh-heh!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Never mind! I think I'll give my first command to Princess Sally...(the roboticization is complete & a Roboticized Sally Acorn steps out of the roboticizer)...or, shall I call you 'bot number 3-3-9-0! (evil laughter) Heeheehahaho!

Plankton: Just call her Mecha Sally, that sounded much better than your name calling.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (growls) Fine.

Hank: (in thought: That does not look good)

Mecha Sally: How may I serve you, master?

Plankton: For starters...(whispers the plan)

The Chameleon: Now that's clever! (evil laughter) I love my job!

Hank: (in thought: Whatever they're whispering that does not sound good. I have to go tell the others.) (crawls through the air vent & quietly escape Robotnik's Lair while taking down Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots on the way)

(Back with the All Star Freedom Fighters who we're in the outskirts of Robotropolis)

Spongebob: (spots Hank coming towards them) Here comes Hank!

Hank: (arrives) All Stars, I got some bad news.

Spongebob: Really? What is it?

Hank: The bad news is that the device has fallen off of Sally's ear when she is pushed in the roboticizer & Snively & King Pig have found it.

All Stars: (gasps)

Hank: Where are the Knothole Freedom Fighters? I have to tell them the bad news.

Eddy: (normal) Well that's just it.

Reidak: We also have worse news. The Knothole Freedom Fighters didn't know that they're in a trap & goes inside the secret entrance to Robotnik's lair!

Hank: Oh great! Now we have to go save them!

Rainbow Dash: Come on, what are we waiting for, let's go! (about to fly towards Robotnik's lair)

HF Rotor: (grabs Rainbow Dash's tail & pulls her down) Whoa there! We don't know where the secret entrance is.

Spongebob: Oh man, the Knothole Freedom Fighters forgot to tell us. Now how are we gonna find the secret entrance.

Applejack: We'll just have to enter Robotnik's lair, the hard way.

Agamo: Very well. Let's do this!

Spongebob: Becareful, spread out, but stay together, ok? And don't worry, I've contacted Dulcy to help us. She is on our way right now.

Zaktan: Ok then. Let's go.

Rarity: Alright then.

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to check throughout Robotropolis to find the Knothole Freedom Fighters, but there's no sign of them anywhere)

Spongebob: Anything?

Deimos: Nothing.

Kitty: They're not here. We checked everywhere & there's no sign of them anywhere.

Donkey Kong: It's just like finding a needle in a haystack.

Rigby: Sheesh. That makes me tired.

Mordecai: Dude...

Rigby: (sits down & groans) You sound like Benson.

Mordecai: Dude listen, Benson's not here & we've been chosen by the All Star Freedom Fighters to join us & we both did.

Spongebob: That's right, we need all the help we can get.

Applejack: Have we y'all tried the sewers?

Sanford: No, but that's actually a good idea.

Astro: Let's go check it out.

Spongebob: Alright, Hank & Astro you two come with me. The rest of you, stay hidden.

Hank: Alright then.

(Spongebob, Hank & Astro goes inside the sewer, finding a secret entrance to see the Knothole Freedom Fighters at gunpoint with a roboticizer by "Mecha Sally", and Robotnik Prime, Plankton, King Pig and Snively standing to the side)

Hank: Get down!

(Spongebob, Hank & Astro hides behind a pile of junk)

Spongebob: We're too late.

Steel Belted Madness, Hank J. Wimbleton to the Rescue! (Part 3)

Spongebob: We're too late.

Hank: And Sally's being roboticized & lost her freedom will.

Astro: Hold on, let me check. (scans Mecha Sally with his eyes to see that the device is not on Sally's right ear) Hank's right, there's no device on Sally. (notices something & gasps) Wait a minute. Something's not right here.

Spongebob: What is it?

Hank: Wait, look! (points to the Knothole Freedom Fighters being hauled to the roboticizer room by "Mecha Sally", Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Snively & King Pig) We have to warn the others & fast.

Spongebob: (makes contact with the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters) All Stars, Dulcy! We need some back up, especially Dulcy, to get to the roboticizer room, A.S.A.P.!

(That night, as the gloomy darkness covers Robotropolis...)

Dulcy: (flying towards Robotnik's lair) I'm so worried! The others never returned to Knothole...and there are no bot-planes guarding the skies! Something weird is going on! I'm going to snoop around Robotnik's headquarters!...There's a light coming from that window!

Monsters & Giants: (climbing up to Robotropolis, carrying the All Stars)

Tree Rex: Hey Dulcy!

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, HF Rotor, Jetbug & Waspix: (flys up to Dulcy)

HF Rotor: Hi Dulcy!

Rainbow Dash: We need your help!

Jetbug: Look! (points at inside of Robotnik's lair to see the Knothole Freedom Fighters about to be roboticized)

Dulcy: OH NO!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters & Dulcy looks through the window)

(Inside Robotnik's Lair)

Plankton: So, now that we have the Knothole Freedom Fighters inside multiple Roboticizers. What's your big plan now?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I've decided to forget about the de-roboticizer! After all, once you've all been roboticized no one will be able to stop us!

Snively: That's right! And as a symbol of Doctor Robotnik's & Plankton's victory...the roboticizer will be activated by your former colleague...robot 3-3-9-0!

King Pig: That's Mecha Sally!

Snively: Whatever.

Mecha Sally: I am ready, master!


Gwen: They're about to activate the Roboticizers!

Dulcy: (pulls out the Hand-held De-Roboticizer) Don't worry, I brought the De-Roboticizer...just in case our plan failed...but I'm not sure how to use it!

Heather: (facepalms) Just find out how it works & go!

Spongebob: She's right, we're running out of time!

Dulcy: Well, Dulcy, you'll just have to do the best you can! Nobody's gonna turn our friends into Robots! No offence

Astro, Bouncer, Ultra-V, Robo-47: None taken.

Dulcy: Here we go!...

(Dulcy & the All Star Freedom Fighters charges through the windows)


Dr. Robotnik & Plankton: WHAT?


Tails: It's DULCY & the ALL STARS!

Snively & King Pig: !!

King Pig: Do something!


Dr. Robotnik Prime: Quick! Roboticize the Freedom Fighters, Bot 3-3-9-0! I command you!

Plankton & King Pig: That's Mecha Sally!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Whatever!

Spongebob: Mecha Sally's gonna press the button!

Sonic: Sally, this is Sonic! Don't do it! We're your friends!

"Mecha Sally": (goes up to the Roboticizer controls) Must obey...must roboticize...must obey...must...

Dulcy: Here goes nothing...(activates the de-roboticizer, firing a beam at "Mecha Sally", changing her back to "Sally")

Kineticlops: Bullseye! Minus the bull, of course.

"Sally": Wh...where am I?

Hank: No time to explain, we gotta get outta here now!

Snively: She's back to normal, sir!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (pushes "Sally" aside from the controls) I'll do it myself! Out of the way!

"Sally": !

Rainbow Dash & Applejack: (bucks King Pig away)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no!

Dulcy: Oh no you won't! (breathes fire at Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (got his pants on fire) EEEYIIII! (runs off with Snively) HALP! Run and get my asbestos boxer shorts, Snively!

Snively: Get'em yourself, Pyro Pants!

Spongebob: Nice job Dulcy!

"Sally" & the All Stars: (freeing the Knothole Freedom Fighters from the roboticizers)

Hakann: Nice one!

"Sally" That's way, Dulcy! Hold them until we can free everyone!

Spongebob: Ok, now that everyones out. Let's get outta here!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters make their escape, as the Knothole Freedom Fighters hops on Dulcy)

Dulcy: Hang on! (flys upwards)

"Sally": Alright, prepare for...!

(Suddendly a red dragon tackles Dulcy & the Knothole Freedom Fighters to the ground & the red dragon appears to be...Raptros)

Raptros: NOT SO FAST!

Knothole Freedom Fighters: (gasps)

Plankton: I hear that you know my new enforcer from "War of the Monsters", known as Raptros!

Raptros: (traps the Knothole Freedom Fighters, except "Sally") Ha ha! I got you now!

Sonic: Sally! Do something!

"Sally": Sorry Sonic...(the Chameleon's voice)...but this girl's not here right now. Leave a message at the sound of this sound! (transforms back to the Chameleon)

Knothole Freedom Fighters: The Chameleon?!

The Chameleon: Yes! Heheheheheh! It is I, the Chameleon! I've been ordered by Plankton to disguise myself as Mecha Sally & take the blast of the De-roboticizer & now that it's out of power, Sally has become Mecha Sally FOREVER!!! (evil laughter) It's clever, I love myself ! (spots a meal worm) Ooh, Mealworm! (catches the meal worm with his tounge)

Plankton: The real Sally is over there! (points to Mecha Sally behind him) Now get back in your roboticizers cause your over.

Steel Belted Madness, Hank J. Wimbleton to the Rescue! (Part 4)

[In South Knothole Village, The All Star Freedom Fighters arrives through the front gate & they're now in the village]

Spongebob: Is everyone here? Ed, Edd & Eddy? Patrick? The Piraka? The Mane 6 are still here? Guys?

Vezok: Uh...where are the Knothole Freedom Fighters?

Hot Head: (looks around) They're not with us!

Owen: (places his hands on his head in shock) Oh no! Not again!

Spongebob: We gotta go back!

Rainbow Dash: (flying in mid air) Yeah! Let's go!

Applejack: Whao there partners! Spongebob needs a power ring first.

Rainbow Dash: (got bored & fold her fore-legs) Fine.

[In Robotropolis, a thunderstorm has started as thunder is heard. A lightning bolt strikes near Plankton's lair, the Mega Chum Bucket.]

Plankton: I know the All Stars will come for you, dear children...

[Sonic, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor, Tails & Dulcy are all in a glass prison tube with a metallic copy beside her in Plankton's control room. Plankton is sitting in his chair.]

Plankton: ...and when they do, I have a surprise.

King Pig: (holding 6 computer chips) Here they are, Master Plankton, enough memory to duplicate Human complexity.

Plankton: Excellent, King Pig. Install it.

[King Pig opens up a panel in the back of the robots (Robo-Sonic, Robo-Bunnie, Robo-Antoine, Robo-STH Rotor, Robo-Tails & Robo-Dulcy) and installs one chip for each robot. A display near the Knothole Freedom Fighters' prison activates, showing Plankton.]

Plankton: I don't suppose you'd tell me the location of Knothole?

Sonic: (sarcastic) Suure, we will. (normal voice) When you get a life!

Plankton: That's it. Raptros, activate.

Raptros: Yes sir. [nods & presses a series of buttons on Plankton's chair. The Robo-Sonic, Robo-Bunnie, Robo-Antoine, Robo-STH Rotor, Robo-Tails & Robo-Dulcy are all active and Robo-Sonic growling, then speaks in Sonic's voice.]

Robo-Sonic: When you get a life!

[Antoine gasps at hearing Sonic's voice & then faints.]

Plankton: Now then Mecha Sally, activate Disguise mode.

[Mecha Sally presses a button on Robo-Sonic, Robo-Bunnie, Robo-Antoine, Robo-STH Rotor, Robo-Tails & Robo-Dulcy and it starts walking forward into a tube similar to the Knothole Freedom Fighters'. The Knothole Freedom Fighters gasps in fear as a scan occurs around her body. The Robo-Sonic, Robo-Bunnie, Robo-Antoine, Robo-STH Rotor, Robo-Tails & Robo-Dulcy suddenly lights up and takes the same form as the Knothole Freedom Fighters themselves. They all look at each other.]

The Chameleon: Now it's my turn (uses the transformation suit that he's wearing to disguise himself as Sally Acorn) Ta-da!

STH Rotor: Whoa, this is too weird.

Sonic: The All Stars are too smart to be fooled by an evil robot. [Plankton is viewing the Knothole Freedom Fighters from a monitor on his chair.] Even a good one.

Plankton: Oh, but we're not finished, Sonic. We need to add you & your friends' spark of personalities. [laughs evily as he presses another button on his chair as the glass tube ascents and halos of purple energy surrounds Sonic, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor, Tails & Dulcy's head. A halo of purple energy also surrounds Robo-Sonic, Robo-Bunnie, Robo-Antoine, Robo-STH Rotor, Robo-Tails & Robo Dulcy's head.]

[It is day time in South Knothole. Spongebob, Dudley, Hank, Sanford, Deimos & Rainbow Dash are standing at the edge of a pond, Rainbow Dash walking around impatiently as Spongebob, Dudley, Hank, Sanford & Deimos look into the pond. Rainbow Dash walks up to the two and taps his hoof on the ground.]

Rainbow Dash: That's it! I'm outta here!

[She charges up, but Hank grabs him before he can leave. He holds him off the ground so she can't leave.]

Hank: Rainbow Dash! Spongebob can't go without a ring.

Rainbow Dash: The Knothole Freedom Fighter's are in mondo-trouble, and I'm going, ring or no ring!

Deimos: Guys! A ring's coming!

[He points at the pond as Hank lets go of Rainbow Dash. He walks over and looks, patting his feet on the ground.]

Spongebob: Oh boy

Rainbow Dash: It's about time.

[The water bubbles slightly as a ring ascends from the water. Dudley jumps on an old log over the pond and snatches it.]

Dudley: I got it! [loses his grip on the log and falls, but Sanford catches him before he hits the water. Spongebob grabs the ring from Dudley.]

Hank: The Ring is ready.

Applejack: (arrives) It's time to go.

Spongebob: Then let's go. Gotta juice & cut it loose!! [charges up, and falls] Whoops...(chuckles)...have the silly thing in reverse. [He tries again and dashes away]

All Star Freedom Fighters (except Spongebob): [Follow Spongebob]

[In the Mega Chum Bucket [Plankton's lair], the Knothole Freedom Fighters [minus Sally] is in one of his jail cells, surrounded by bars of blue energy. They groans as they wakes up and Bunnie touches on the bars of energy.]

Bunnie: OUCH!

Sonic: Bunnie, are you alright?

[They looks past the bars to see Raptros & a display with Plankton.]

Raptros: Hello there little Knothole Freedom Fighters. Welcome to the Mega Chum Bucket.

Antoine: (whimpering in fear)

Plankton: Oh, cheer up. I've sent you all visitors!

[The Chameleon [as Sally], Robo-Sonic, Robo-Bunnie, Robo-Antoine, Robo-STH Rotor, Robo-Tails & Robo-Dulcy is outside the jail cell.]

The Chalmeleon: Yoo hoo! I'm preparing for my impression of Sally. Listen to this (clears his throat) (Sally's Voice) Hi! I'm Sally, oh, don't get up! I am a Princess but out in the Great Forest, titles are meaningless.

Robo-Sonic: And Sonic's the name & speeds my game!

[Bunnie looks on, distraught at the sight and sound of Sonic's & Sally's copy]

Sonic: Mondo uncool.

[Elsewhere, in Robotropolis, a shuttle bot flies by.]

All Star Freedom Fighters: [hiding behind some scrap metal]

Spongebob: [looks aside as he hears some mechanical whirring] I hear something coming, get down.

All Star Freedom Fighters: (gets down)

Spongebob: [sees a security camera right beside him] It's a security camera!

Eddy: No problemo. [grabs a rock and destroys it]

[Back in Plankton's control room.]

Plankton: Activate all exterior traps.

King Pig: But I thought you 'wanted' him to get in, sir?

Plankton: Yeees, but we can't make it too easy.

King Pig: I can see.

[Outside, the All Stars are dashing away as a shuttle bot fires its laser at them, but they dodge the blasts]

Red Bird: We need to escape that shuttle bot & fast.

Twilight Sparkle: (notices a narrow alley) It's a dead-end!

Giants & Monsters: (picks up the All Stars)

Congar: Hold on!

[They enters a narrow alley, but ends up at a dead-end.]

Yellow Bird: [turns around to see the bot approaching, still firing at him & the All Stars.] Uh oh!

Bouncer: Jump!

(The Giants & the Monsters jumps over the wall while carrying the rest of the All Stars)

[The shuttle can't react in time and slams into the wall, destroying it.]

Mordecai: Nice one guys

Kineticlops: Thanks. Now to get inside.

[The All Stars continues climbing up a building, which is equipped with security cameras.]

Meltdown: (spots a hatch) Look, there's a hatch.

HF Rotor: Oh boy, did we win?

Squidward: (facepalms) Let's just go in.

[As the All Stars enters a hatch into the building, Plankton watches on. He turns to the monitor on his chair and calls up King Pig.]

Plankton: Recall off Jack-1 Bots. Let the All Stars in.

[The All Stars exits a floor hatch into a large corridor in the lair.]

Deimos: Huh, must be my lucky day.

[They go down the corridor, passing by a monitor with the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters on it. They go back and looks at the monitor.]

Alejandro: (notices the monitor) Senoritas & Amigos, Look!

Spongebob: There they are!

Hank: Hm? Hold on, I gotta go do something first. I'll come back when I'm ready. (runs off)

Applejack: Alrighty then. Good luck, y'all.

[The All Stars [minus Hank] continues on with determination. They end up at a ramp, which takes them down to the jail area]

Sanford: Wait, stop.

[They stop at a corner as they see two Jack-1 Bots on guard.]

Fluttershy: Uh...excuse me...All Stars? Um, how can we pass those guards?

Harold: I got an idea [turns aside and presses a button, which opens up a glass door with a cup of water in it & takes it and spills the water on the ground.]

Spongebob: I see what you're getting at. [He goes back to the corner and takes the cup, using it to sound like Plankton.] (Plankton's Voice) Attention Jack-1 Bots, this is Sheldon J. Plankton, report to the ward room immediately.

[The Jack-1 Bots fall for the trick and leave the area. After they leave, he dashes over and finds Sally [The Chameleon] & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters in a cell.]

Spongebob: (normal voice) Don't worry guys, we're gonna blow this pop stand! [walks over to the control panel for the cell. He takes out the cup again to impersonate Plankton] (Plankton's voice) Open cell number 54.

Computer: Voice print approved. Hand-print necessary for certification.

Patrick: (grabs the cup from Spongebob) (Plankton's voice) Open up this cell or I'll rip out your electronic brain...NOW!

Computer: Certification unnecessary. You are Plankton.

[The cell door opens and Sally [The Chameleon] & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters runs out.]

Patrick: (normal voice) How did I do?

Spongebob: (normal voice) Wow, Patrick. I didn't know you can do impressions as well.

Mordecai: Yeah dude, you two sound just like him. It's like dead on!

Boggy B: Good, now let's get outta here!

[They all dash out. Plankton watches this from surveillance.]

Plankton: Hurry home little All Stars, hurry home.

[Outside, Spongebob is carrying the gang & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & Sally (The Chameleon) with his super speed, away to safety.]

Spongebob: Hang tight, guys, clear building ahead.

[They reach an abandoned building and stop. He looks outside a window and ducks with the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & Sally (the Chameleon) as a shuttle bot flies by.]

Vezok: You okay?

Sally (The Chameleon): Fine. Thank you for asking.

Spongebob: Now then let's go!

Robo-Bunnie: Thank y'all guys for saving us sugah.

Avak: No problem. Now let's go.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then continues to run, carrying the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters)

[Continuing through Robotropolis, a shuttle bot discovers them and enters a pursuit.]

Spongebob: Hang on, guys. Time to light it up! [reaches into his backpack and takes out a power ring. Holding it up, just as the shuttle bot swoops down to catch them, he & the All Stars speeds up. Plankton continues to watch on.]

Plankton: Yes, All Stars, the faster, the better! [presses a button on his chair that brings up King Pig on one of the main displays.]

King Pig: Ready to roboticize, sir.

Plankton: Activate!

King Pig: Yes sir.

[Sonic, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor, Tails & Dulcy is back in their glass prison tubes, with King Pig at a long console with Robotnik on the monitor. Snively activates the roboticizer, which lights up numerous purple halos around the 6.]

Plankton: Tomorrow, Knothole will be a wasteland and all the Freedom Fighters, including the All Stars, will be my loyal servants.

Raptros: Bye bye.

Tails: No!

[Plankton's display deactivates suddenly as Raptros roars in anger.]

Plankton: What is this? Raptros?! King Pig?!

[In King Pig's area, many of the electronics are sparking.]

King Pig: The system's overloaded, master Plankton, I better turn off the...

[King Pig's console explodes, forcing him away, while the Knothole Freedom Fighters tries to escape from the tube. King Pig coughs from the smoke. It's all because that Hank J. Wimbleton is secretly overloading the systems & the power source by ripping off the electrical wires from the consoles & the machines]

Hank: (quietly) Gotcha.

[Plankton's displays are still not working but sound communication is.]

Raptros: What's going on?

King Pig: The video is gone, Master Plankton!

Spongebob: *Communication* Here we are, gang, home sweet Knothole!

Plankton: The communication system works, we can still monitor the All Stars' every move.

Steel Belted Madness, Hank J. Wimbleton to the Rescue! (Part 5)

(At Night Time, the All Star Freedom Fighters [minus Hank], the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & Sally [The Chameleon] arrives back at South Knothole)

Spongebob: (panting) We

Robo-Sonic: You were awesome, Dulcy! Robotnik and Snively are porbably still running!!

Robo-Dulcy: Thanks, Sonic! But thank the All Stars for saving us from Plankton

Sally (The Chameleon): Sorry I didn't get the job done, guys! With the failures & the mishaps, you know how it is.

Vezok: That's ok. At least you tried.

Robo-Sonic: Hey! We're way past proud of you for even tryin', Sal!

Robo-Dulcy; Besides, it was Robotnik who didn't get the job done!...That's why I FIRED him!

(The Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters begins to laugh, but in a robotic way)

Sally (The Chameleon):  (laughs) That's clever. (notices a silver fish) Ooh, Silver Fish! (sticks his tounge out & catches the silver fish with his tounge & eats it)

Patrick: (notices this & thinks about) Hmm...

Rainbow Dash: Hank should be back by now. What's taking him so long?

Hakann: Come on, Hank is a professional. He's one of the best All Star Freedom Fighters we have. Come on, don't expect him to lie down on the job.

Rainbow Dash: Fine.

Applejack: Besides we have taken down the power station.

Edd: Uh about that...? We didn't manage to detonate the cannisters because of the interference by the Jack-1 Bots.

Zaktan: Aw man!

[In Robotnik's lair, The Knothole Freedom Fighters is still confined to her prison tube. King Pig & Raptros are working at King Pig's console, with the main display still malfunctioning. Robo-Sonic's communication can be heard over speakers.]

Zaktan: (In communicator) Now we gotta go back & detonate those bombs!

[Plankton is still watching over King Pig's & Raptros' progress on a monitor.]

Plankton: (sneers after hearing Zaktan) Perfect. [laughs manically as Sonic turns around, looking at Plankton. He shakes his head in disbelief.]

[Back in South Knothole, in Spongebob's, Patrick's & Squidward's hut]

Patrick: [sleeping, but suddenly wakes up and looks out his bedside window] Huh? Who's...? [sees the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters walking outside with Sally (The Chameleon) holding a broom]

Sally (The Chameleon): (transforms back to the Chameleon & she sets it down) Is the coast clear?

Robo-Sonic: (his eyes glow red)

Patrick: (ducks down)

Robo-Sonic: (emits a red halo-like scanner from her eyes and looks around the area & then stops) All clear Chameleon.

The Chameleon: Yes! (laughs evily) We fooled them all! Now to sabatoge Knothole & the Freedom Fighters...(transforms back into Sally) Once...(Sally's voice)...and for all.

Patrick: (looks back out, gasping at what he saw. The Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters walks away, leaving the broom behind] That's not the Knothole Freedom Fighters... [returns to his bed and hides under the sheets, shaking in fear.]

Applejack: (With Rainbow Dash) I have to admit, somethin's wrong.

Rainbow Dash: And we have no idea what it is.

Patrick: (enters inside the Confession Room) Applejack? Rainbow Dash?

Applejack: Yes sugah?

Patrick: We need to talk...

[In the morning, Sally (The Chameleon) is asleep in her bed]

Sally (The Chalmeleon): (snoring)

Beth: [enters.] Sally, wake up!

Sally (The Chameleon): [wakes up and looks at Beth, gasping.] Beth, what's wrong?!

[Outside, the All Star Freedom Fighters are at a Knothole garden, everything is dead. Beth holds up a dead carrot.]

Beth: What in the heck happened?

Sally (The Chameleon: I-I don't know! This is terrible. [gasps as he & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters picks up dead carrots. They grasps them, giving angry looks.] (mutters under his breathe) Your dead meat, but your more of a vegetable...

Patrick: [looks on in suspicion.] Hmm...

Patrick: I never felt more sub-specious in my whole entire life. I never been concerned about anything serious before. Because I don't have a brain at all, no joke.

[Later, the All Star Freedom Fighters & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters are walking a bridge in Knothole over a body of water. They look back as Patrick calls out.]

Patrick: (with Applejack & Rainbow Dash) Spongebob! Wait for us!

Spongebob: Hi Patrick, what's up?

Patricia: Spongebob, Applejack, Rainbow Dash & I gotta tell you something. [looks at the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & then leans in at Spongebob.] It's a secret.

[Spongebob looks up at the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters. The rest of the All Stars [Minus Applejac have already walked ahead past the bridge.]

Spongebob: Later, guys. All Star-talk.

Robo-Dulcy: Ok then.

Robo-Bunnie: Catch ya later, sugah.

[The Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters continues down the bridge as they continue their conversation.]

Spongebob: Okay guys, lets make it quick, please. We got a Jack Bot factory to destroy.

Patrick: That's not the Knothole Freedom Fighters!

Spongebob: Huh?!

Patrick: (flapping his arms like crazy) In night time, I saw light shining from Sonic's eyes, then he went outside with the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Sonic's eyes turned all red and yucky! And Sally has been transformed into one of Plankton's officers known as, the Chameleon!

Applejack: Patrick just told me & Rainbow Dash all about it.

Rainbow Dash: And we gotta stop those Imposters now!

Spongebob: Hey guys, you must've had one monster dream all together. We'll talk about it later, okay?

Rainbow Dash: But...but...(groans) Fine.

Applejack: Alrighty then. We'll meet Hank once we get there to Robotropolis.

Spongebob: Cool. Let's go [charges up and continues on down the bridge with Patrick, Applejack & Rainbow Dash, following the All Stars & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters]

Patrick: Uh oh...

Steel Belted Mandess, Hank J. Wimbleton to the Rescue! (Part 6)

[In Robotropolis, Raptros & a shuttlebot discovers the All Star Freedom Fighters and they both fires at them. They all dash over some debris.]

Raptros: (flying by, breathing fire at the All Stars, but misses them) Get back here Freedom Fighters!

Astro: They're both coming back.

[Hank arrives back & pulls out some rope and hooks from Spongebob's backpack.]

Hank: Greetings. I'd sabatoged the roboticizers so that no one's about to be roboticized...for now.

Spongebob: Thanks Hank. Get ready everybody.

[He dashes away and twirls an end of the rope around a metal pole. He tosses the hook ends back at the All Stars Freedom Fighters & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & Sally [The Chameleon] and dashes back before the hooks hit the ground. He grabs one while the others grab their own.]

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her magic to catch the hook) My friends & I don't have any fingers.

Timon: Hooks are in place.

Eddy: Ready...

[They twirl them as the shuttlebot returns and fires]

Mordecai: 1...

Mordecai & Rigby: ...2...3!

[As Raptros & the shuttlebot passes, the All Stars throw the hooks at Raptros & the shuttlebot, attaching them to it.]

Raptros: Hey!

Spongebob: Now!

Rigby: YEEAH!

[The All Stars begins to pull, causing Raptros to fall down to the ground & breaking the bot and causing both to crash.]

Raptros: Ow!

Spongebob: Yes! Raptros is down! Way to go, guys!

[The All Stars high-five while the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & Sally [The Chameleon] stands aside. He turns around to acknowledge Robo-Sonic.]

Spongebob: Alright, Sonic! Hi five!

[They go to high-five, but Robo-Sonic's robotic strength sends Spongebob flying away. He lands on his back.]

Spongebob: Ow! (gets up) What'd you put in your cereal this morning? Must've been filled with "iron" (laughs)

Sally [The Chameleon]: Wow, that is very clever.

[Zaktan walks over to Spongebob.]

Zaktan: Well, that's our third close one tonight.

Sanford: Come on, we gotta move it.

Spongebob: Ok then, let's go.

[The All Stars & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & Sally [The Chameleon] continue on. They all arrive at an abandoned building with many openings. Spongebob, Justin & Black Bird look outside, but instantly fall back in as Jack-1 bots marches by & a shuttlebot & Raptros flies by. They look back outside.]

Raptros: (still looking for them) Come out, come out, wherever you are, Freedom Fighters!

Justin: Uh Spongebob, this is too weird.

Black Bird: Yeah, it's like the Swatbots know every move before we make it.

Spongebob: Yeah...the shuttlebots & the Jack-1 seem sharper than normal.

[He looks back behind him at Sally (The Chameleon) and walks over to her.]

Spongebob: Okay guys, we're ready. Let's do it to it.

Zaktan: Yeah, let's do this.

[He & Zaktan goes to give their secret handshake, but Sally [The Chameleon] doesn't know what to do.]

Sally (The Chameleon): Uh...right, the secret handshake.

Robo-Sonic: Oh right...

[She & Robo-Sonic goes to give him & Zaktan props only, but Spongebob continues with the handshake. Sally [The Chameleon] slowly tries to figure out what to do, making the All Stars confused.]

Rainbow Dash: Hmm...(whispers to Spongebob & Zaktan)

Sally (The Chameleon): Is that all?

Spongebob: Come on, Sal! You forgot the last part.

Zaktan: Yeah, you need to do the last part.

[He gives a silver fish to Sally as Zaktan gives a thumbs down)

Sally (The Chameleon): Oh yeah...(suddendly spots a silver fish in Spongebob's hand) (The Chameleon's voice) Ooh, Silverfish! (sticks out his long tounge, catching the silver fish & eats it)

[Robo-Sonic does the same. Spongebob & Zaktan stops the handshake.]

Dudely: Wait a minute, I recognise that tounge before.

Spongebob: Patrick, Applejack & Rainbow Dash we're right, you're not Sally!

Patrick: Wait, who's Sally?

Zaktan: Hold on, the others are not the Knothole Freedom Fighters as well. Look! (points to the Robo-Freedom Fighters who gives a thumbs down as well)

Hank: Who are you guys?

[Hank & the rest of the All Stars walks toward Sally (The Chameleon) & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters, causing them to walk backwards. Sally [The Chameleon] backed to a column. They stay there for a moment...]

Sally (The Chameleon): Uh, you name is...uh...(points to something behind them, causing them to look behind) Oh look, the Easter Bunny!

Spongebob & Dudley: Where?

Sally (The Chameleon) & the Robo-Freedom Fighters: [rushes past the All Stars, knocking them down.]

Spongebob: Hey!


[Spongebob dashes at Sally (The Chameleon) & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters as the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters fires a laser from their hands, destroying a wall. They runs through the hole in the wall with Spongebob & the All Stars in pursuit.]

Spongebob: Come back!

Applejack & Rainbow Dash: (looks at each other)

Rainbow Dash: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Applejack: Yeah, we gotta help Spongebob.

Hank: Agreed.

(Hank, Rainbow Dash & Applejack follows Spongebob & the All Stars)

(The Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters continues running, stopping every few seconds to fire at him, while Sally [The Chameleon] just runs away like crazy, following them. He still continues on as Sally & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters descends a ramp into a factory.)

Sally (The Chameleon): Stick'em and hide!

Robo-Antoine: (drops a green substance onto the ground and they hide behind a column. Spongebob & the All Stars [minus Hank, Applejack & Rainbow Dash] ]dashes in over the substance, which sticks to them, forcing them to a halt. He tries to escape, but the glue won't budge.)

Harold: What the?!

Spongebob: Oh no, Mega-muck!

[They try to escape again, to no avail.]

Ed: Aah! Get it off, get it off!

Red Bird: Great, now we're all stuck.

Sally [The Chameleon] & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters emerges from the column and walks over to the All Stars.]

Sally [The Chameleon]: We got you all now!

Robo-Sonic: Say goodnight, All Stars!

[The Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters sticks their hand out to fire a laser...]

Hank: Oi !

[Hank rushes in and kicks Sally [The Chameleon] aside while Applejack & Rainbow Dash rushes in and bucks the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters. The three walks over to the All Stars and, Hank uses his mutated arm, pulls Spongebob out of the mega-muck.]

Hank: There you go, Spongebob! You're free

Spongebob: Thanks Hank, Applejack & Rainbow Dash. I owe you guys one 

[Sally [The Chameleon] & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters watches from aside and runs out the ramp exit. Spongebob leaves Hank's grip and charges up.]

Spongebob: Gotta go! Continue releasing the rest of the gang.

[He dashes after Sally [The Chameleon] & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters, who is now outside. The robot imposters continues to fire lasers, but Sonic is catching up, using the power ring to boost his speed, leaving a trail of fire.]

Spongebob: Prepare to feel the speed! Now don't blink! [dashes around Robo-Sally at an extremely fast speed, causing Sally [The Chameleon] to become dizzy & falls down & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters to become disoriented and malfunction.]

[Spongebob stops as the Robot Imposters deactivates & Sally is transformed back to the Chameleon. The rest of the All Stars, who are now free, catch up.]

The Chameleon: (dizzy) I think I'm going to throw up pickles.

Togera: Boy, Plankton is good. They fooled everybody!

Spongebob: Except Patrick, Applejack & Rainbow Dash.

Bridgette: But if they're not the Knothole Freedom Fighters, where in the world are they?

Spongebob: I don't know. [looks at the still-standing deactivated Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters.] But I bet these robots can tell us.

[In the workshop of the Mega Chum Bucket, King Pig continues to perform his repairs with Plankton watching on via a monitor. The Knothole Freedom Fighters is out of the tube, but strapped down to a chair by Mecha Sally.]

King Pig: It's ready, master.

Mecha Sally: Ready for Roboticization.

Plankton: Well, Knothole Freedom Fighters, since the All Stars captured the Chameleon & destroyed my robots, I'll make improved models

[Outside, The All Star Freedom Fighters look over the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters, who are on the ground.]

The Chameleon: (who is tied up & got his mouth taped up by Duncan)

Robo-Sonic: ...and the bot factory is guarded by 20 security bots and hover units.

Courtney: What about the Knothole Freedom Fighters?

Robo-Bunnie: They are now being roboticized.

Spongebob: What?! I gotta go save'em!

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob, wait a sec.

[Twilight is working on Robo-Bunnie, using the panel on its back. Using her magic to hold onto a wrench, she works on it, then closes the panel.]

Twilight Sparkle: Surprise for iron-lips

Xplode: D'oh!

Spongebob: Cool. You guys do the factory, Hank & I will get the Knothole Freedom Fighters & come back to us when you're done.

[The All Stars share their secret handshake.]

Spongebob: Catch you guys, later.

[The All Stars run for the factory as Spongebob & Hank grabs the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chameleon, dragging them along as they dash away.]

Kineticlops: (pulls out the hand-held De-roboticizer & begins to recharge it with his electricity powers) There. Now to stop the roboticization.

[In the workshop of the Mega Chum Bucket, the glass tube drops down towards the Knothole Freedom Fighters with Robotnik watching from his monitor. Before it reaches them, the power cuts, stopping it and causing Tails & Bunnie to gasp.]

Antoine: What is happening?

Plankton: Oh, now what?!

King Pig: Not again!

[Spongebob, Hank & Kineticlops arrives at an air duct with the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Chameleon in tow. The three looks around and tries to pull the air duct vent cover off unsuccessfully.]

Spongebob: The coast is clear.

Kineticlops: Yeah, but the vent won't open.

Hank: Must've been tighter than we thought. [looks down at the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters and stands them up.] Torch it. [aims the robots' hands hand at the vent cover and they fire lasers at it, cutting along the perimeter.]

[At the factory, the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters hide behind a pile of scrap metal as a shuttle flies out.]

Eddy: [throws a rock toward it, causing it to stop and land. A Jack-1 Bot walks out to investigate while the All Stars look on] Hook, line and sinker.

Sanford: [takes out his signature hook and rope, twirling and throwing it at the Jack-1 Bot. It wraps itself around the Jack-1 Bot's legs, causing it to fall. Sanford & Deimos both board the shuttle.] We're in.

Applejack: Let's do it, sugar!

Deimos: [nods] Right. [activates the shuttle and flies away.] Up, up & away!

(The All Stars hops on Swarm, Ninjini, Preytor & Ultra-V flies up while HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Astro, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy flies up, catching up to them)

[Back in the Mega Chum Bucket, in the workshop, King Pig is working on getting the roboticizer running.]

King Pig: Ready, Master Plankton

[Nearby, at an air duct vent cover, a laser beam appears, cutting around the perimeter of the vent.]

Plankton: Activate.

[Just as King Pig goes to activate the roboticizer, Spongebob, Hank & Kineticlops hops out of the vent with the Chameleon & Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters.]

Plankton: Bye-bye, Freedom Fighters!

[The tube continues on its descent, but an explosion occurs, shaking the area and stopping the tube. Robotnik looks around as numerous explosions go off in the factory.]

Plankton: Hey! What's going on?

[The All Stars fly over a trash ship, dropping explosives into its scrap heap.]

Rainbow Dash: This'll take care of those factories for sure.

[More explosions occur as Plankton witnesses the destruction from his control room.]

Plankton: No! [presses a button on his seat, zooming in on the All Star Freedom Fighters & Sanford & Deimos' shuttle.] Infiltration detected! All units, especially Raptros attack!

[Hank sabotages King Pig's workshop, pulling a steam line.]

Kineticlops: Go, go!

[King Pig looks over to see the issue while Spongebob, Hank & Kineticlops rescues the Knothole Freedom Fighters, helping them out of the seat.]

Spongebob: How ya doing, guys?

Bunnie: Fine, thanks to you, sugar-sponge!

[Spongebob, Hank & Kineticlops takes the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters and puts them on the seat instead.]

Sonic: Let's cruise, I don't like the company here.

Hank: Alright, but first we have to find Sally & deroboticize her.

Kineticlops: Go, the All Stars & I will take care of everything here.

[The Knothole Freedom Fighters leave the building, with Tails closing the entrance door behind her. They high-five.]

Sonic: Past cool!

Spongebob: Let's go gang.

(Spongebob, Hank & Kineticlops set out to regroup with the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters)

[King Pig returns to his workstation and finishes activating the roboticizer.]

King Pig: Bye bye, Freedom Fighters! (laughing & snorting evily)

The Chameleon: Wait, that's not...!

[The tube drops down entrapping the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters and lights up, causing it to fritz.]

The Chameleon: Never mind.

(With the All Stars)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to regroup with each other)

Spongebob: Alright, everyone's here. Now to free Sally from being Mecha Sally forever...(suddendly got tackled by Mecha Sally)

Mecha Sally: Prepare for your biggest downfall, Spongebob!

Spongebob: I don't think so, now!

(The All Stars begins to tackle at Mecha Sally, preventing her from going anywhere)

Hank: (holding Mecha Sally's body) We got her! Now, Kineticlops!

Kineticlops: Who's the best team now? (fires the De-roboticizer at Mecha Sally, deroboticizing her back to normal, not knowingly also Hank J. Wimbleton back to his Madness Combat 1 & 2 Form with a bright white light) Oops.
Hank's Madness Combat 1 & 2 Form

Hank's First Form (Madness Combat 1 & Madness Combat 2)

Hank: (looks at himself) I'm......normal.

Sanford: Good to have your original self back...I guess.

Deimos: No worries, it'll come back to you eventually.

Sally: (felt dizzy) Huh? What happened?

Spongebob: We'll discuss this later...ok?

Sally: Ok. Let's go.

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

[Plankton in the meantime, is watching the whole thing]

Plankton: No! This can't be! [watches as Spongebob runs up to the security camera Robotnik is watching, with Sally in Xplode's arms.]

Xplode: Hey there Plankton.

Spongebob: You were close Plankton, but close only counts in horseshoes. Remember that.

Sally: Have a dreadful day.

[Spongebob pulls out a power ring and dashes away at high speed with the All Stars. King Pig appears on Plankton's chair monitor.]

King Pig: The Knothole Freedom Fighters are roboticized, sir, but there seem to be some glitches.

[Robo-Sonic walks over, grabs the Chameleon, pointing him at the monitor.]

The Chameleon: Help me!

Plankton: You fool! Get that out of...

[He fires the Chameleon at the monitor, causing him to crash atdestroying it. In their glitched state, their starts firing lasers at random locations with Robo-Sonic slamming the Chameleon at random locations]

The Chameleon: Ooh! Ow! Ouch!

[Robo-Sonic then turns toward another monitor that is showing Plankton]

Plankton: No!

Robo-Sonic: [fires the Chameleon at it as well.]

The Chameleon: (crashes into another moniter & falls to the ground with a thud)

King Pig: Oh dear, Chameleon, are you ok?

The Chameleon: I'm in a lot of pain.

(In South Knothole)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (walking back inside the village, safely returning the Knothole Freedom Fighters back in Knothole)

Spongebob: Thanks for saving us Hank, Applejack & Rainbow Dash.

Hank: Your welcome. I'll get to work on how to get my latest form back.

Rainbow Dash: Sometimes my friendly rivarly with Applejack comes in handy

Applejack: I think so too, but we all still have something an evil robot will never have: a mind and a heart of our own.

[The 4 share the secret handshake.]

Spongebob: And a mission is a sucess, all thanks to Patrick Star.

Patrick: Aww, thanks guys. Your the best friends a guy could ever have.

Applejack: (blushes) Aw shucks. Thanks Patrick.

Avak: Yeah, home sweet home.

Hank: (in thought: Don't worry, I'll get my latest form back. It'll be back soon, you'll see.)

The End