This is the 35th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is also the 5th Sonic & Spongebob Special.

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick, The Piraka (Part 2 & 3) & the Giants (Part 2 & 3)

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Crocbot, Vezon, the Flying Dutchman, Krekka & Nidhiki

Story #1: Transcript

The Southern Adventure (Part 1)

Spongebob & Patrick: (relaxing)

Spongebob: So Patrick, have you seen Tails? He dissapeared for nearly a whole day.

Patrick: I don't know.

Spongebob: I heard that Tails is somewhere at the docks. Let's go there.

Patrick: Okie dokie Spongebob.

Spongebob & Patrick: (goes to the docks) (At the Docks)

(Tails sits on a dock, finishing the work on his own comic)

Tails: This is great! I love writing and drawing my on comic book! Nobody can push me around or baby me! Of course, the Freedom Fighters will tell me I'm too young to have an "Artistic License"! I'll slip my comic in here with my other papers! (hiding the comic away in an envelope so that the others won't see it.) Hmm...Including this one!

Spongebob & Patrick: (arrives) Hi !

Tails: Oh hi Spongebob & Patrick, how's it going?

Spongebob: Good, how about you?

Tails: Uh...nothing?

Spongebob: Tails?

Tails: (sighs) Alright, I tell you, but don't tell anyone, ok?

Patrick: Okie dokie.

Tails: Ok then. I was on a mission on my own by accident & I have here the papers for Robotnik's list of supplies that I got during my recent battle with him and Fiona the False Fox!

Spongebob: Who?

Tails: The love of my life, who is actually an Auto Automaton Robotnik made. She was the perfect girl. When I rusted his Auto Automaton, Robobutt ran off, dropping this list along with lots of litter...

Spongebob: When there's Robotnik, there's always Plankton.

Patrick: Yeah, he''s...part...ner.

Tails: This is absolute proof that he's establishing a satellite operation elsewhere on Mobius!

Spongebob: A Satellite Operation? I gotta warn the All Stars and...

Tails: I'm sorry, but this is my investigation! I'm not telling...

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: (walking onto the docks) TAILS!

Spongebob & Patrick: (shrieks)


Patrick: Twilight Sparkle! You scared me

Twilight Sparkle: Oh my, I'm so sorry.

Sally: (notices a Submarine with a drill at the front like a driller) Well, well! Is this the submarine I've heard so much about...the "Sea Fox"?

Twilight Sparkle: Very nice submarine you got there.

Spongebob & Patrick: The Sea fox?

Tails: (to Sally) Yes, ma'am! (to the 4) Rotor built it for me right after the broken Chaos Emerald Episode!

Twilight Sparkle: That is very nice of your Rotor to work on a submarine like this one.

Sally: And I understand you really enjoy pretending it works!

Tails: Oh, yes! (flys above the Sea Fox) It's such harmless fun! (imitating gun fire) Putt-putt vroom! Pow! Zap Boing!

Patrick: Oh! Don't forget the thing that I like.

Spongebob: You mean like this? (imitating gun fire) Eheheheheheheheh

Patrick: (chuckles) Good one.

Sally: Now, Tails...don't be mad because I told Rotor not to put oil in the engine.

Twilight Sparkle: Hate to be rude, but I think it's best that it stays like a harmless boat. Do you understand?

Tails: (sweats a bit as he is nervous) Ha!

Twilight Sparkle: Oookay...

Sally: Twilight Sparkle & I are only trying to look out for the next generation of mobians! We're fighting Robotnik for you youngsters, understand?

Tails: Mmm hmmm

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: Good!

Sally: Well, have fun! Sonic, the All Stars & I have an important meeting soon! Play nice and be home before dark!

Twilight Sparkle: And be careful please. I have Spike as a baby dragon to look after. See you later. (she & Sally leaves the docks)

Tails: (angry) Grrr...

Spongebob: You sound mad, are you ok?

Tails: (opens the sub's cockpit window) FOOEY! That's exactly the kind of infantile treatment that's driven me to undertake this mission on my own! (hops inside & closes the cockpit window)

Patrick: Of course we care for you Tails, we just wanna protect you.

Spongebob: Like a wiseman once said "If you lose of youth, is a hope that is now lost".

Tails: Little do they kno that I filled the crankcase with oil and have already had two adventures in this submarine!

Spongebob: WHAT?! You can't go without us.

Tails: I'm sorry, but I have to do this. Make that three adventures...starting...

Spongebob & Patrick: But Tails...!!!

Tails: (turns on the engines) NOW! (sails the Sea Fox to the ocean)

Spongebob & Patrick: (sadly) Oooh...

Tails: (sailing away from the docks) I've stocked the Sea Fox with supplies and I'm gone! were good friends when I was a young pup...but today...I am a grown fox!

(But what Tails didn't know is that Spongebob & Patrick have secretly hopped on the Sea Fox behind the Cockpit)

Spongebob & Patrick: (giggles softly)

Spongebob: Shh...(he & Patrick hides in the cockpit behind Tails) (softly) We'll show Tails that he needs the All Stars' help more than ever. Since Robotnik is scheming, Plankton can't be too far behind.

( Robotropolis)

(Dr. Robotnik and his SWATbots have prepared a large supply blimp for their next operation, while Plankton, Vezon & their Jack-1 Bots are helping them)

Plankton: Status report?

SWATbot: The supply blimp is loaded and ready to go!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Well, it's about time!

Vezon: Anything else?

SWATbot: (holding a list) Here is the cargo list so you may check it against your own...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Err...n-never mind! I'm sure it's fine!...

SWATbot: But your orders were very specific, oh, rotund one...present list for compar...

Vezon: This can't be good.

Plankton: (angry) What?!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (grinding his teeth in anger) Are you questioning me, Swatbot? (grabs the SWATbot by the throat) As my old friend Darth would say: I find your lack of faith disturbing!" Hoooh-Ohhh! (smashes the Swatbot into a grey garbage cube)

Vezon: Oh brother. How does he even do that?

Plankton: Impressive strength against a Swatbot...this is prove to be amusing.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Would anyone else care to contradict the great dictator Ivo Robotnik?

Plankton: And the new & improved, Sheldon J. Plankton?

SWATbots & Jack-1 Bots: (answers "no")

Plankton: They all said no.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Good! Now you tin-horns get on board and prepare for takeoff!

Plankton: Cause we have some business to attend too.

Jack-1 Bots: Yes sir.

Swatbots: At once, King Cholesterol !

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (chortles) At last, my long-range plan for global domination is under new regional robo-underboss will be fully supplied and capable of dominating Moibus southern hemisphere!

Plankton: Prepare for a trip to the southern hemisphere. And take off.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Fair winds, my great dirigible! I christen thee with a bottle of sparkling 10o-w-40! (smashes the bottle at the blimp, causing the blimp to take off, even though the Swatbots are driving in it)

Vezon: Now, about the Freedom Fighters.

Dr. Robotnik Prime:...and just in case those accursed Freedom Fighters are monitoring the skies...I'll engage the zeppelin's "Umbrella cloak" Invisibility hardware, making it impossible to see unless one was directly beneath the blimp...(turns on the Umbrella cloak, causing the blimp to dissapear)...and since it's journey is totally over the ocean, no one will detect my scheme!! (leaves) (in thought: Unless of course, someone found the list I lost...)

Plankton: Now then about the list...

Vezon: It's not here, someone has grabbed the list while Robotnik's out & about in his previous mission.

Plankton: Hmm...I wonder...we must check the list & if someone has that list...they'll be in for some serious pain.

(Soon...with Tails [and unexpectingly Spongebob & Patrick] )

Tails: Ok, you're doing great Tails. You can do this, as long as nobody can figure out that your on a secret mission, especially...(sees Spongebob & Patrick as they peep their heads into view from the Sea Fox) ...(slowly) Spongebob and PATRICK?! (hit the brakes)

(Seconds later)

Tails: (looking at Spongebob & Patrick who they are sitting on the seats in the back) I can't believe this! I thought I told you guys not to come! Can't you even tell that you're gonna treat me like a baby again? And does the word "not" not process into your thick skulls?!

Patrick: Of course not! Wait, uh...what's a skull?

Spongebob: Look, Tails, we just wanted to help you make it across the mission!

Tails: (sighs) I'm sorry guys. I just don't wanna be treated like a baby again. I'm stressed, ok?

Spongebob: We understand, but we don't wanna lose you, ok?

Tails: I understand that too. Okay. Ideally, you guys would be a million miles away from me now. But since I don't have time to turn around and take you back due to the mission, I guess you can come with me! But since I don't wanna be treated like a baby again & you always told me what to do, we're gonna set things fair... (zoom into face) by you guys going to do exactly what I say. Does that sound fair to you guys?

Spongebob: Okie dokie then.

Patrick: Okie dokie.

Tails: Good. (looks through his telescope) Drat! Robotnik's list indicates this sea lane will be used for whatever his scheme is...but I don't see anything unusu...(notices a large shadow on the ocean) Hello!

Spongebob: What is it?

Patrick: Is someone there?

Tails: Why is there a huge shadow on the surface of the water when there isn't a cloud in the sky?

Spongebob: Could be a perfect time to check it out.

Patrick: But Spongebob, we can't swim! Remember when we get butt cramps?

Spongebob: Oh yeah, I forgot. If Vezok or Thumpback we're here. They can both swim to that shadow.

Tails: (begins flying over to the shadow, carrying Spongebob & Patrick in his arms) This looks like a job for CAPTAIN SUPER FOX-MAN the MUTANT CYBORG CLONE!

Spongebob & Patrick: Huh?

Tails: Hmm...I might want to consider shortening that name!

Spongebob: I wonder what Tails is talking about? Guess I'll never know.

Tails: (arrives at the shadow) I'll just hover in the shadow and a loooo...(noitces something upwards) Oh my!

Patrick: What is it, Tails? Is it something big?

Tails: A "cloaked" Robo-Blimp!...and here I was looking for a boat!

Spongebob: A Blimp? Must've been Plankton's & Robotnik's work.

Tails: A trick like that might have fooled a young, inexperienced Freedom Fighter...but not Captain Super...Umm...but not ME! (flys up to the blimp)

Spongebob & Patrick: Wheeee!

Tails: Bu stealthily approaching the pilothouse, maybe I can find out where this blimp is headed!...

Spongebob: Patrick, whatever you do, just don't look down.

Patrick: Down? (looks down to see the ocean & notices that he is way up high) AAH!

Spongebob: Patrick, I said "Don't look down".

Patrick: Huh? (looks down again) AAH! You did it again!

Spongebob: (sighs) Nevermind.

Tails: (looks inside the blimp to see Two Swatbots driving inside the blimp & Vezon) Aha! Swatbots at the helm! And there's the destination blinking on the navigation computer!

Vezon: (notices Tails, Spongebob & Patrick) 3 intruders huh? Blast them!

Tails: ...They're headed for downun...(got zapped by the laser being fired by a Swatbot who is equiped with a jetpack) DAAAAAGHH! (falls down feeling dizzy)

Spongebob & Patrick: (jumps up & dives through the door)

Swatbot #1: Intruder alert!

Swatbot #2: Relax...the aerobot's nailed him with his disruptor! Aerobot, pursue and destroy!

Areobot #1: Affirmative...summon starboard unit to assist...

Spongebob: Assist this! (spindashes at two of the Swatbots)

Vezon: Spongebob & Patrick, fancy meeting you two here. Where are the rest of the All Stars?

Spongebob: Because of Tails didn't want to be treated like a baby again, he has to go on his own.

Vezon: (chuckles evily) How stupid can he be? Doesn't he know the meaning of "Divide & Conquer"? He lead into his own peril...

Spongebob: What?!

Vezon: And soon, so will the both of you. (charges at Spongebob & Patrick & attacks the both of them)


Spongebob & Patrick: (charges at Vezon back & attacks him back)

Vezon: Jack-1 Bots, take over this blimp. Aerial Jack-1 Bots, take down Tails.

Jack-1 Bots: (continues the course to Downunda)

Aerial Jack-1 Bots: (flys off after Tails)

Tails: Uhhh...heading for the drink...must recover...(recovers & flys about over a feet or two above the water) Whoo! Just in time! (notices Aerobots & Aerial Jack-1 Bots are chasing them) come two airborne Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots!

Aerial Jack-1 Bot #1: Target is spotted.

Aerobot #1: Acquiring target...(aims & locks onto a target, Tails) Locked...loaded!

Tails: Come and get it, boys...(performs a new attack: a water spout attack. He spins his tails into the water and sends out a huge water spout that disorients the AERObots & the Aerial Jack-1 , sending them into a whirlpool into the ocean) I've been working on this maneuver for a while...hope you don't mind if I spout off about it...water spout that is!

(The Aerobots & the Aerial Jack-1 Bots sinks to the bottom of the ocean like going down the drain)

Tails: Whew. That was close...but now the bots in the blimp know I'm here! I'd better re-think this mission back aboard the Sea Fox! (flies back to the Sea Fox)

Vezon: (panting as he is defeated by Spongebob & Patrick) (notices Tails has defeated the Aerobots & the Aerial Jack-1 Bots) So you two & Tails are more stubborn than I thought when you're alone. I can see that you're getting stronger.

Spongebob: I'll take it that you're in charge of this mission?

Vezon: Yes I am. But this time, your time is up. Look (points to Tails getting back to the Sea Fox, which now has an odd eight-pronged entry hatch)

Tails: (approaches the Sea Fox) I'll just drop into the eight-pronged entry hatch...(realised something wrong) Wait a minute! WHAT eight-pronged entry hatch?...(the metallic prongs pop up and grab Tails) AAAGH!

Spongebob: Tails!

(The 'prongs' are actually the metallic tentacles of the Octobot, which has returned again to take its revenge on Tails & then a thunderstorm came in & then suddendly a green pirate ghost appears & it appears to be the Flying Dutchman from "Spongebob Squarepants"

Tails Omigosh...OCTOBOT!


Patrick: Who?

Octobot: Indeed!

Flying Dutchman: It is I, the OMINOUS FLYING DUTCHMAN! (roars in anger)

Octobot: (looks at Tails with a scary look) I told you that we'd be back! You'll pay for humiliating me!

Flying Dutchman: And this time, you won't get away me the last time you stopped me!

Tails: (now scared) Ulp!

Patrick: What is that robotic beast that I don't know who's name is, doing here?

Spongebob: (to Octobot) How do you two know Tails?

Octobot: Yes. Robotnik created me to supervise his underwater robotization factory until he came along and punched holes in his plan! (choking Tails)

(The Flashback shows Octobot & the Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman: And that Robotnik & Plankton made me a deal on stopping you All Stars before. This revenge shall take you down to Davey Jones' Locker...FOR ETERNITY!!!

Spongebob: (gulps) Oh dear.

Octobot: So, allow me to return the favor, Fox!

Spongebob: Oh yeah, how?

Octobot: (pokes holes in the Sea Fox with his sharp robotic tentacles, sinking the sub)

Tails: NO! The Sea Fox...scuttled!

Octobot: Yes, next stop...

Flying Dutchman: DAVEY JONES' LOCKER! (evil laughter as the Octobot pulls Tails down into the sea, in an attempt to drown him.

Spongebob: Tails, NO!

Tails: Hey! You're gonna drown me!

Octobot: That's the idea!

(Tails and the Sea Fox both start to drop into the ocean, entering a great darkness while trying to gasp for air)

Spongebob: Oh no! We gotta save him!

Vezon: Alright then, but who's save you two when I've done...THIS! (suddendly pushes Spongebob & Patrick off the blimp, sending them down to the ocean) Astalavista, All Stars!

Spongebob & Patrick: (splashes into the water & then when they emerge, they suddendly get butt cramps) OW! BUTT CRAMPS!

Patrick: And I still don't have my ice cream. [Spongebob & Patrick begins waving their arms around, screaming like crazy, trying to prevent themselves from drowning, Patrick pushes SpongeBob underwater trying to stay afloat. Then he starts hitting SpongeBob with an anchor]

SpongeBob & Patrick: Help! Help us! We're drowning!

Vezon: Sorry you two, but I have a mission to attend to, so goodbye forever! (laughs evily as he & the Flying Dutchman flys away to Downunda)

SpongeBob: Goodbye, Patrick.

Patrick: Goodbye, ice cream. [the two continue to scream, and then Vezok & Thumpback swims over along with Reidak, Hakann, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Ninjini & Hot Head [who is carried by Swarm & Ninjini who we're flying] & Hot Head. And then Thumpback emerges, picking the two up plus Tails & the Sea Fox. Obviously, Thumpback is under them the whole time]

Vezok: SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Yes, Vezok?

Vezok: You can't swim, can you?

SpongeBob: No, Vezok.

Thumpback: [carrying SpongeBob, Patrick, Tails & the Sea Fox on his head] Lets go, guys.

(Meanwhile in Robotropolis)

Vezon: (in communicator) As the blimp-cam shows, Octobot has done away with Tails & his sub! And I knocked both Patrick & the All Star Warrior overboard.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excellent!

Plankton: You & the Flying Dutchman have done well.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (to Swatbot) I'll take Octobot off my endangered species list...and replace him with you for allowing Tails...

Plankton: And those two barnicle heads...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: to detect the blimp so easily!

Swatbot: B-but-I...he...

Vezon: (slaps the Swatbot) Ahhhh shut up!

Plankton: Thank you.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'll grant you a proceed with the mission!

Vezon: Yes sir.

Jack-1 Bot: Sir, yes sir.

Swatbot: Oh thank you, elliptical one!

Vezon: Oh brother. I'll go there myself.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I shall call ahead with an update...(making contact to Downunda) Robotropolis to Downunda...come in!

Plankton: Krekka & Nidhiki come in!

(In Downunda)

(We see Krekka & Nidhiki along with a large human-shaped crocodile robot watching the moniter with Dr. Robotnik & Plankton)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Priority call from Robotnik to my new underboss...are you there?

Crocodile Robot: I sure am!

Plankton: Repeat, Krekka & Nidhiki come in!

Nidhiki: Greetings master.

Krekka: We're here.

Crocodile Robot: And you can call me by my proper name...CROCBOT!

Plankton: Alright then.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Very well...your supplies are on the way!

Plankton: Vezon & the Flying Dutchman are on their way now.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Soon you'll have everything you need to change Downunda from a pristine paradise to a polluted wasteland!

Plankton: Now go!

Nidhiki: As you wish...

Crocbot: Glad to hear it, mate...over and out! (turns off the moniter)

Krekka: But when will Vezon get here?

Nidhiki: Soon you idiot!

Crocbot: Just to ensure a safe delivery, I'll send the pack out to meet the blimp! (whistles) (sing song voice) Here, Alpha! (a band of winged dingoes, a bunch of robotic flying dingoes arrives by the sound of it's whistle) Off you go, my loyal wing dingoes! Patrol the airstrip where the blimp will land! If you see anything first, ask questions later!

(Crocbot's band of winged robotic dingoes to search throughout the skies)

Crocbot: Haw! This stuff Robotnik's sending me will quadruple my power base and make me invincible!

Krekka: You mean "make us invincible"?

Crocbot: (snickers) What blubberbolts doesn't know is that I'll be rewiring the Swatbot crew so they'll become my slaves! Same with the Jack-1 Bots!

Nidhiki: What?! You don't mean...!

Crocbot: That's right, mate! I'll not only take over Downunda, but I'll double cross the fat man and eventually conquer his beloved Robotropolis...and then, all of Mobius!

Krekka: Your not gonna betray the Plankton empire too, would ya?

Crocbot: Yes. My empire shall rise up & take over the entire Planet Mobius! (evil laghter)

Nidhiki: What?!

Krekka: Come on man... (got punched by Crocbot)

Crocbot: Now...GET OUT! (kicks Krekka & Nidhiki out easily with his robotic strength)

Krekka: What are we gonna do now Nidhiki?

Nidhiki: (growls) Of course you realised, this means war!

(At that moment, on a small island)

Tails: (waking up) Uhhngh...

Spongebob: Hellp! Wake up buddy...

Vezok: Hey get up! Come on buddy, what are you thinking?

Hakann: Come on, we wanna go home. Come on pal.

Tails: (full wakes up) Oh, my aching head...I...huh? I'm ALIVE!

???: You sure are!

Swarm: Your right, Ninjini. He is ok.

Ninjini: That wasn't me. I didn't say that.

Tails: Huh? Who said th...(notices a Mobian Manta)...YOW! A stingray!

Patrick: Hello fellow sea creature of the deep.

Manta: Actually, I'm a non-poisonous Manta but you got my name right: RAY!

Spongebob: Ok then, Ray Manta it is.

Tails: But I was...the Sea Fox...Octobot! How...?

Ray the Manta: Relax, friend...let me tell you what happened!


(Octobot had almost drowned Tails)

Ray the Manta: That underwater underworlder did indeed have in in his we're about to drown!

(Suddendly Octobot spots the Piraka & the Giants swimming towards Octobot)

Zaktan: But the All Stars are here to the rescue.

Vezok: Not so fast! You haven't even won yet!

Octobot: The All Star Freedom Fighters!

Thumpback: And that's not all !

(There is also a band of Freedom Fighters defending the seas from Robotnik, called the Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters, consisting of Ray and many other non-roboticized water creatures.)

Ray the Manta: And the seas of Mobius are not without a determined band of rebels dedicated to keeping our waters Robo-free! We're called:


Thumpback: That's right, now come & get some!

Dolphin: The P.I.A. was right! Octobot's up to his old tricks!

Clam: Charge!

Jellyfish: Yeah!

Vezok: Get him & save Tails!


(The jellyfish P.B. shocks Octobot, releasing Tails, whom is caught by Ray.)

P.B.: Take that, eight-ball!

Octobot: (got electrocuted) YIPE!

Zaktan: (points up to the surface)

Ray the Manta: Our stinging jellyfish named "P.B." zapped Octobot good, making him drop I could get you back to the surface)

(Ray heads for the surface with Tails, but Octobot has come to and chases after them...)

Octobot: (swats P.B. away) Come back with my air-breather!

P.B.: Oof!

Vezok: Hey! We resent that!

(...'only to get head-butted by Bottlenose, the bottlenose dolphin.)

Ray the Manta: Octobot might've caught me, but he took a major hit from Bottlenose!

Bottlenose: Back off, creep!

Octobot: OW!

Reidak, Hakann, Avak & Thok: (grabs Octobot)

(Octobot, using its tentacles, spins madly to get the fighters away)

Reidak, Hakann, Avak & Thok: (got hit by the attacks) Ow! (covers their mouths & heads up to the surface, gasping for air)

Zaktan: (snaps his fingers signaling they almost had him)

Octobot: You punks are gonna be sushi!

Thumpback: We're not sushi, you know that man!

Clam: Whoa! Back up, boys!

Bottlenose: He could shred us with that spin move)

Hot Head: (goes up to the surface to recharge his fire powers)

Ray the Manta: It looked like Octobot was going to get clean away...

Octobot: Haw! I'll be back with ninety tons of toxic waste!

(Octobot prepares to escape...only to be met by the 'big guy' of the group)

Ray the Manta: But then, the big guy showed up...

Thumpback: Oh yeah? GO GET'EM BIG GUY!

Octobot: (looks up to see the big guy) Uh-oh!

(The 'big guy' knocked Octobot out cold.)

Vezok: Heh! Pressed Octobot

Octobot: (felt dizzy, singing while being dizzy) Bzzzt! Daisy...sqee!...Daisy...give me your answer....dooooooo....blat!

Thumpback: Now to get to the surface!

Tree Rex: (points to Spongebob & Patrick who are waving their arms like crazy, screaming that they're drowning)

Vezok: Typical.

Ray the Manta: That's the last we'll see of Octobot for a while...

(While Tails was reviving, the Piraka, the Giants goes up to the surface, while Vezok, Thumpback & the other water Freedom Fighters found his scuttled Sea Fox at the bottom of the ocean floor; unsalvagable.)

Ray the Manta: While you were reviving topside, we checked out your submarine...

P.B.: It's totalled!

Thumpback: (picks it up & puts the Sea Fox on his head & swims up to the surface, emerging carrying Spongebob, Patrick, Tails & the Sea Fox)

Vezok: (follows Thumback)

(End of Flashback)

Zaktan: And that's our story. We followed Spongebob & Patrick whatever you guys are going to you

Tails: What? You followed me here? Why? I don't wanna be a baby again?

Reidak: What?! That's what this solo mission's about. You just wanna prove that you're no longer be treated like a baby?

Tails: That's all I even wanted.

Avak: Then why didn't you tell us?

Tails: I might be too embarassed to tell you that. You guys & the rest of the All Stars are the only ones who know my secret. And I'm sorry for going at it alone.

Bouncer: That's alright, big guy. Your learning that we have our own responsibilities sometimes.

Spongebob: But what are we gonna do now? The Sea Fox is totalled

Tails: What? You mean we're stuck out here on this little island in the middle of the ocean?

Ray the Manta: Well...not exactly!

Spongebob & Patrick: Huh?

Spongebob: What do you mean?

Tails: Look, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I'm on an important mission to Downunda and...(notices Ray the Manta is swimming away)...where are you going?

Ray the Manta: Just making room...

Tails: Room for...(felt the "ground" shaking) wha-wh-WHOA! The ground's moving!

Spongebob: What's that? Is that an earthquake?

Ray the Manta: You're not sitting on ground, my friend...

Vezok: First of all, that's no island.

(The "ground" emerges revealing to be a giant blue whale)

Thumpback: Second of all, we're all on top of a blue whale.

Whale: But I am the biggest creature on the ground in the sea or sky...right Ray?

Ray the Manta: Right, big guy! Tails, say hello to FLUKE the Blue Whale!

Thumpback: He is the world's largest member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighter

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow!

Tails: Unbelievable! So Fluke trashed Octobot! Do you think he can transport me to Downunda?

Spongebob: We need to get to that country please?

Ray the Manta: Sure! It's on his annual migration route, isn't it, Fluke?

Fluke: You bet!

Hakann: Nice.

Tails: This is great! I can still stop Robotnik's supply blimp and prove myself to Sonic, Sally and the rest of the gang!

Spongebob: And don't worry, since the All Stars are helping you, we'll keep it a secret about helping you, ok?

Tails: Ok.

Fluke: Sounds good...let's go! (begins swimming to Downunda)

Thumpback: (begins swimming with Fluke) Let's go!

Tails: Now that's what I call a tail!

Spongebob: Then what are we waiting for? Next stop: Downunda!

The Southern Adventure (Part 2)

(Moments later)

Spongebob: We're almost there.

Vezok: (notices Tails is still working on his comic book) Huh?

Tails: Hmm...I'm taking a few liberties with the "facts" in my comic's not really historically accurate!

Vezok: What is he doing?

Zaktan: How should I know...

Ray the Manta: (swimming next to Thumpback & Fluke) That's okay, Tails...neither was Pocahontas!

Patrick: Who?

Tails: Hiya, Ray! (puts his comic book back in the file) Sorry if I didn't give you enough credit!

Avak: That's ok.

Tails: Actually, I stumbled across Robotnik's plan while fighter Fiona! And if not for you and your pals, Octobot would've drowned me!

Spongebob: I still can't believe that Vezon pushed me & Patrick off a blimp

Tails: Plus, Fluke's been kind enough to bring us to Downunda since my submarine, the Sea Fox, has been scuttled!

Thok: You mean "sunken to the bottom of the sea"?

Tree Rex: Alright gang, we're nearly there.

Crusher: Why do I feel something shaking?

Swarm: It's Fluke.

Ray the Manta: Hang on, kid...he's breathing!

Thumpback: Hang on!

Fluke: (quickly rises up to take a breath, just as they arrive on the shoreline of Downunda) We're not in this for credit, Tails...we just want to help you with your mission!

Eye-Brawl: And we're feeling lucky.

Patrick: Yeah.

Tails: Thanks, Big Blue! Thanks All Stars.

Spongebob: Your welcome Tails. I really...

Ray the Manta: Land ho, Guys!

(They all noticed the land of Downunda)

Spongebob: Never mind, we're here!

Tails: (gulps) DOWNUNDA!

Fluke: This is as close as I can get the water's too shallow!

Thumpback: That's alright, I'm a giant whale who grew arms & legs. I can walk easily on land!

Spongebob: In that case, this is it.

Tails: No problem! (flys up to the cliff)

Vezok: Hold on. (gives Spongebob a glass of water) This place could get hot once we're at the outback.

Spongebob: (drinks the glass of water) Thanks Vezok (hops on Thumpback) Ok, here we go!

Giants: (starts climbing up the cliff, while carrying Spongebob, Patrick & the Piraka)

Tails: Goodbye, long Ray! Thanks a million!

Spongebob: Yeah, thanks for helping us.

Ray the Manta: Be careful, Kid!

Tails: "Kid" indeed...I've trained with Sonic the Hedgehog! Robotnik's new flunky won't even see me coming!

(At that moment, in Crocbot's lair)

Nidhiki: (hears an alarm ringing) Well, well, well...looks like we got guests

Krekka: Oh goody!

Crocbot: (notices that Tails, Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants set off the alarm & turns on the moniter to see Plankton & Robotnik Prime are on the moniter) I see them coming!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: An intruder?

Plankton: Excellent, the All Stars have arrived.

Crocbot: Yeah...but don't worry! He won't get past me!...CROCBOT isn't about to let some hot shot hero interfere with the delivery of supplies I'm getting from you, Robotnik!

Krekka: And don't worry we will take care of those intruders for good.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm glad to hear that, my scaly underboss!

Plankton: You too my loyal bounty hunting duo.

Computer: Auto intercept engaged...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We sent that blimp to downunda so you could establish yourself as my regional dictator! You must crush any and all opposition, Crocbot!

Crocbot: That's my plan, mate! (in thought: It's also my plan to betray you and rule Mobius alone!)

Plankton: And I want those All Stars terminated, now!

Crocbot: Chill out, chubs & tiny! My squad of mechanical wing dingoes are about to take them down!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excellent! I'd say "You're a man after my own heart" except you're not a man and I have no heart!

Nidhiki: Ha, ha, ha, very funny. But this time, we will have our revenge against the All Stars. (He & Krekka then transforms into Flight Mode & then flys off to find Tails & the All Stars)

(Back with the Heroes)

(We see that Aerial Jack-1 Bots & the Flying Mechanical Dingoes are heading straight for the Heroes)

Tails: (still flying) All right! Time to prove myself to Sonic, Sally, Rotor and the other Freedom Fighter! So says...

Ninjini: WATCH OUT!

Tails: Captain Super Fox...(got attacked by a Mechanical Flying Dingo & an Aerial Jack-1 Bot) Maaaaaagh!

Spongebob: Aerial Jack-1 Bots...again!

Zaktan: And a Robotic Dingo?

Vezok: What's going on here?

Ninjini: Let's find out ourselves.

Tails: Get off me, you mangy mutt! (kicks the Mechanical Flying Dingo & an Aerial Jack-1 Bot away & notices 2 more Robot Flying Dingos & 2 more Aerial Jack-1 Bots) Uh-oh...two more carniverous cannies...

Tree Rex: And 2 more of those Aerial Jack-1 Bots. (punches the first Aerial Jack-1 Bot down)

Ninjini: (slashes at the second Aerial Jack-1 Bot with her signature swords) Hmpf

Tails: They shoot...(dodges the attack of the two mechanical dingoes, causing them to crash into each other)...they don't score!

Spongebob: (spindashes at another Aerial Jack-1 Bot) Looks like there's more bots in the sky!

Tails: (notices more Mechanical Flying Dingoes) Yow! It's a whole winged Dog Pack! I'd better soar into the clouds for cover...


(Suddendly a Mechanical Flying Dingo bites one of Tails' tails, mangling it)

Tails: OW! Ambushed!

???: Over here, All Stars!

(They turned to see Krekka & Nidhiki)

Swarm: Krekka!

Ninjini: Nidhiki!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (open fires their kanoka disks at Swarm & Ninjini)

Swarm & Ninjini: (dodges the attacks while they're still flying)

Swarm: That was close.

Avak: Quick somebody catch Tails, cause he's falling down fast!

Tails: (With one of his tails injured, he loses control of his flight) Unngh...he mangled my tail! C-can't fly...f-falling...

Avak: (goes to catch Tails) I got him, I got him, I got him!

Tails: (accidently crashes into Avak) Whouf!

Avak: Ow!

Hakann: He got it

Avak: I'm hurt now

Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka [Minus Avak] & the Giants: (goes up to Tails & Avak)

Spongebob: Are you two ok?

Avak: Do we look ok?!

Tails: (struggling to get up) (chokes) B-barley conscious...d-dogs closing in...I'm (gasps) done for!

Spongebob: Not without a fight

Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants: (gets in their battle stances, getting ready to face. Krekka, Nidhiki, the Mechanical Flying Dingoes, the Aerial Jack-1 Bots)

Krekka: Make the time All Stars

Nidhiki: Now your all ours! (hears footsteps approaching) Huh?

(Suddendly, a group of animals, calling themselves the Downunda Freedom Fighters, rush in and helps the All Stars stop Krekka, Nidhiki, the Aerial Jack-1 Bots & the dingoes' attack on Tails.)

Platapus: Not if the Downunda Freedom Fighters can help it, mate!

Wombat: CHARGE!

Krekka: Them's fighting words! (He & Nidhiki attempts to fight back as he punches Avak)

Avak: GAH!

Spongebob: Who want some? Fight! (spindashes at the Aerial Jack-1 Bots)


Tails: (feeling dizzy) F-fuh-freedom f-f-fighters?...

Hakann: (uses his heat vision at the Aerial Jack-1 Bots) Yes, I still got it !

Emu: Hold on, Wombat Stu! Maybe we can work this out...Peace 'n' love, man! (does a peace sign)

Wombat Stu: No way, Guru Emu! Wing Dingoes only understand this! (slams a Mechanical Flying Dingo at another)

Vezok: Hey! (punctures through an Aerial Jack-1 Bot with his signature Harpoon Gun)

Swarm: (slices at the Aerial Jack-1 Bots with his large blades mounted on his fore-arms)

Platapus: The kid's right...don't you agree, Barby Koala? (punches at a Mechanical Flying Dingo, punching it's robotic head off)

Barby: I do indeed, Duck 'Bill"! Time for these bad dogs to split...(karate chops a Mechanical Flying Dingo in half) half, that is!

Reidak: That's nothing, check this out! (slices 3 Aerial Jack-1 Bots in half with his Buzzsaw)

Kangaroo: (kicks a Mechanical Flying Dingo away) Good work, Team! Pound these puppies and send 'em back to their crocodilian creator! We'll teach 'em to gang up this little guy!

Tails: (losing consciousness) N-nuh-not little...I can huh-handle m-m-myself...

Krekka: What do we do now Nidhiki?

Nidhiki: With only the two of us left, it's showtime! (fires green kanoka disks at the All Stars, all of them dodge except one, Patrick Star)

Patrick: (got hit) Ow! (getting electrocuted by the stiffness of Electricity) Help! I've fallen & I can't get up!

Guru Emu: Dig it dudes...they said something!

Spongebob: Get back! Guys, you take care of Tails, the All Stars & I we'll keep them distracted. (spindash at Nidhiki)

Avak: (tackles at Krekka)

Kangaroo: Speak up, mate! I'm Walt Wallabee...Leader of the D.F.F.!

Tails: Oog...(passes out)

Crusher: (slams at Krekka & Nidhiki with his signature hammer)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (got hit by the impact)

Hakann: What happened?

Barby: (catches Tails) He passed out...the youngster's badly hurt!

Spongebob: We have to get him outta here, A.S.A.P.!

Guru Emu: (notices a Mechanical Flying Dingo & an Aerial Jack-1 Bot swooping down) Look out! The Alpha Wing Dingo circled back!

Aerial Jack-1 Bot: (swoops down & captures Hakann)

Hakann: Hey! Let go of me!

Mechanical Flying Dingo: (swoops down & captures Wombat Stu)

Wombat Stu: Yow!

Walt: Wombat Stu!

Avak: Hakann, no!

Krekka: Bye bye!

Nidhiki: And have a dreadful day

Krekka & Nidhiki: (transforms into flight mode & then follows the Aerial Jack-1 Bot & the Mechanical Flying Dingo)

Hakann: Someboy, SAVE ME!

Walt: Dang! Now Crocbot's got a Hostage!

Hot Head: Make that 2 hostages, he got Hakann too!

Tree Rex: We manage to stop the evil Aerial Jack-1 Bots for now, but they'll be back to finish us all off.

Walt: (puts Tails inside his pouch) You guys follow that dog!

Reidak: Got it.

Barby: What about you?

Walt: I'll catch up...after I deliver this patient to the old man! (hops off to see the 'old man', carrying Tails in his pouch)

Avak: Alright

Guru Emu: Cool!

Patrick: Okie dokie

Duck Bill: Ok!

(The All Stars & the Downunda Freedom Fighters goes off to save Wombat Stu & Hakann)

(Just then, in Crocbot's lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (in the moniter)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Crocbot! Vezon & the supply blimp is about to make landfall! Have you dealt with the intruders?

Crocbot: You betcher triple chins I have! Here come my wing, some of them...


(Krekka, the Aerial Jack-1 Bot & the Mechanical Flying Dingoes crashes inside)

Crocbot: What th...?! (blocks the moniter)

Krekka: (transforms into normal mode) Ouch, I gotta learn how to practice my landings

Nidhiki: (groans as he lands, transforming into normal mode)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What's going on? I can't see! Get out of the way, Crocbot!

Plankton: Is that Krekka?

Nidhiki: Yes Plankton, he forgot to...

Crocbot: (interupts) (gulps) I' technical diffculty!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What? Repe...

Crocbot: (suddendly smashes the moniter with it's large robotic crocodile tail) I'm off the air, fatso!

Nidhiki: Hey!

Crocbot: What's going on here? Are you trying to make me look bad?

Krekka: Uh, no?

Aerial Jack-1 Bots: It's the All Stars & guess who's with them...

Mechanical Flying Dingo: (whimpers) Freedom Fighters...

Crocbot: (really mad) WOT? (whacks at the Mechanical Flying Dingo with it's tail) That ragtag bunch of do-good-ers trashed your whole squadron?

Nidhiki: (sighs) Aperantly yes.

Crocbot: (was very angry) (snorts, blowing steam out of it's nostrils) Here I am, poised to rule all of Downunda and eventually Mobius...(growls) Now I get humiliated by those hateful heroes!

Nidhiki: (groans) Welcome to our world.

Mechanical Flying Dingo: All is not lost, oh master...

Mechanical Flying Dingo #2 & Aerial Jack-1 Bot #2: (arrives)

Mechanical Flying Dingo #2: Alpha wing Dingo reporting...with hostages in tow! (holds up Wombat Stu & Hakann)

Aerial Jack-1 Bot #2: 2 Hostages are yours now.

Hakann: Krekka, Nidhiki & a Robot Crocodile?

Krekka: Well well, if it isn't Hakann!

Crocbot: Well well! If it isn't Wombat Stu!

Krekka: That's what I said.

Wombat Stu: Crocbot!

Hakann: Aw nuts. (in thought: I gotta find my way out of here or else I'm done for.)

Hakann: Sometimes I get into situations that are too over dramatic for me. Unless I'm in a deathtrap, like this one for example...

( Robtropolis)

Plankton: Still try to make contact?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (on his green recliner chair, clicking the remote, trying to turn on the moniter) Drat! What happened to Crocbot's broadcast? (Crocbot, who is in the moniter, activates the moniter with a remote) Ah! There you are!

Crocbot: Sorry about that...a bit of trouble with one of the locals!

Nidhiki: Make that 2 of them.

Plankton: And who are those prisonors you have?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I assume you three dealt with it?

Krekka: Yes.

Crocbot: Of course...see? (shows Hakann & Wombat Stu [who we're tied up in torture racks] to Robotnik Prime & Plankton) They're tied to the torture rack!

Krekka: Lookie

Wombat Stu: Eep

Hakann: Aw great.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Good! The blimp is approaching your fortress...

Plankton: Vezon's almost there now.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Are you ready?

Crocbot: Sure thing, Ivo!

Nidhiki: We're ready

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Very well...I shall remove the invisibility shield so you can guide it into your hanger...(turns off the umbrella cloak of the blimp)

Plankton: Tell Vezon it's a go.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You're on your own Crocbot...Plankton & I have my own problems to deal with here in Robotropolis!

Plankton: Good luck Krekka & Nidhiki !

Crocbot: (turns off the moniter) See ya...wouldn't wanna be ya! (chortles as he controls the blimp) Now things really heat up! I assume your friends are on their way to save you...

Nidhiki: Isn't that right?

Hakann: Yeah they kick your butts.

Wombat Stu: No! They're not! Don't use that long range camera...

Crocbot: (looks through a moniter of the long range camera) HAW! So predictable!

Hakann: (groans, but then remembers something) Hm?

Nidhiki: They have arrived

Crocbot: This should time out prefectly with the arrival of Robotnik's supply blimp...

Spongebob: (in moniter) We're almost there.

Duck Bill: (in moniter) (points to Crocbot's lair) Look! A Crocbot style fortress!

Zaktan: (in moniter) This must be Crocbot's base.

Barby: (in moniter) Very similar to the last one we trashed!

Crocbot & Krekka: (snickers)

Nidhiki: Shh...

(then a shadow covers the heroes)

Swarm: Huh?

Guru Emu: (in moniter) Whoa! Heavy, man!

Duck Bill: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Patrick: I can't see!

Vezok: Where did that shadow came from?

Barby: (looks up & gasps) (points upwards) Up above...

(At the Heroes' location, they all noticed the blimp)

Spongebob: It's the blimp!

Guru Emu: Far out! You can lead a horse to water, but a zeppelin has to be led!

Duck Bill: (gulps)

Vezok: Whao, it really is the blimp that Vezon is in.

Patrick: Yeah

Spongebob: That's what Patrick & I are saying the whole time

Barby: Look at the size of that blimp!!

Bouncer: Now that's a big blimp.

Guru Emu: It's giving off very bad vibes!

Patrick: Scary, isn't it?

Hot Head: And Vezon is driving the blimp

Barby: And it's headed right for Crocbot's place!

Duck Bill: But why?

Tree Rex: I don't know, but this is worse than we suspected...MUCH worse.

Walt: (comes hopping back) It's a long story, gang...and we've gotta prevent an unhappy ending!

Barby: Walt!

Spongebob: You're back

Reidak: What do you mean "an unhappy ending", what's going on?

Walt: The little fox was muttering about it as I carried's an airbus loaded with weapons and equipment for our enemy, Crocbot!

Avak: And also Vezon is helping Krekka & Nidhiki as well.

Guru Emu: Bummer!

Walt: Right on, Guru Emu! Crocbot's always been a two-bit hood, but if that ship gets through, he'll become a super-villain!

Patrick: Aah!

Walt: Not to mention he's holding Wombat Stu hostage!

Thok: Let's not forget Hakann, he's been held hostage too.

Duck Bill: Time to kick some Croc-butt!

Ninjini: And stop Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon from helping Crocbot.

Barby: Let's go...attack plan #C8426!

Spongebob: We'll catch up to you later, we'll go find Tails!

Avak: I'll go find Hakann, just in case he's safe

Spongebob: Alright then.

(Spongebob, Patrick, Reidak, Vezok, Zaktan, Thok & the Giants goes off to find Tails, by meeting the 'old man', while Avak follows the Downunda Freedom Fighters)

Guru Emu: (sighs) Can't we all just get along?

Avak: Oh brother.

(Back in Crocbot's lair)

Nidhiki: (watching the moniter with Krekka & Crocbot) They're coming

Hakann: (using his heat vision to melt the shackles off of him)

Crocbot: (chuckles) They're deploying into formation...

Wombat Stu: You'll never defeat the Freedom Fighters! Downunda must be free!

Nidhiki: Oh we will.

Crocbot: (turns to Wombat Stu) Oh, my plans go far beyond this puny continent, little one!

Wombat Stu: Wh-what do y-you mean?

Krekka: This part's my favourite.

Nidhiki: Tell'em Crocbot.

Crocbot: Once I unload that blimp and reporgram Robotnik's swatbots to serve me, I'll be the most powerful creature on mobius...a pity you won't be here to see it! (gets closer to Wombat Stu)

Wombat Stu: Stay back...d-don't...AIEEEEEEEEE!

Hakann: (suddendly free from his shackles & attacks at Crocbot, Krekka & Nidhiki with a powerful explosive tackle, not before he roars very loudly) Not you fast, you haven't even won yet!

Crocbot: You are a fool to face me, Piraka. You will become fresh meat after we're done with you...

Hakann: Release Wombat Stu!

Nidhiki: But first, how did you escape?

Hakann: Doesn't matter. Now release Wombat Stu or I'll take him from the 3 of you. Fight! (gets into his battle stance)


(From outside)

(The Downunda Freedom Fighters heard Wombat Stu's scream & Hakann's roar)

Barby: That was Stu screaming!

Avak: And that's Hakann's roar in anger!

Walt: Abandon the attack plan...Full speed ahead!

(The 5 head towards Crocbot's lair)

Avak: Hold on Hakann & Stu, we're coming!

Duck Bill: Too bad we don't have that fiesty little fox to help us!

Guru Emu: He's unavailable! Walt took him to...the crater!

Avak: The crater?! That where my friends are headed!

Hakann: (rams through the front door) Haha! Catch me if you can! Guys, I made it out, but I don't have time to save Wombat Stu.

Avak: You did your best, now let's get outta here & regroup!

Hakann: The All Stars' objective is complete, now we must complete the Downunda Freedom Fighters' objectives.

(Hakann & Avak heads off to the crater to regroup with the All Stars)

(In the Crater)

Spongebob, Patrick, Reidak, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok & the Giants notices Tails is waking up)

Patrick: Look, he's waking up.

Tails: (waking up slowly & painfully, bandaged from his injuries) aching...everything!

Ninjini: Are you alright?

Tails: Anybody get the number of that bus?...(wakes up) whoo-ha!

Zaktan: We'll take that as a maybe.

Tails: I remember now! The dogs...the wallabee! Where'd he bring me?

Spongebob: Well, we're inside the crater. It's the only safe place here...

Reidak: For now.

Tails: (notices) Gosh...I'm in some sort of huge pit! Look at those sheer cliffs!

Vezok: I know, right?

(Suddendly they hear something)

Tails: What was that noise? Some kind of chant!

Spongebob: Let's listen!

(They begin to listen to the chant as Hakann & Avak regroups by going inside the crater)

Avak: We're back.

Hakann: And I'm free! (hears something) Huh? What's that?

????: Hunnnharun haaa...

Tails: I'll just hop down and seeeya! (hops off a block, but hurt his foot)

Hot Head: That's not good.

Tails: Man! I'm more injured than I thought! But I've gotta see who's down that passageway!

Tree Rex: (carries Tails) Here, let me help you.

Spongebob: Follow that chant.

????: Hunnnha-hoooo

(Tails & the All Stars go inside the passageway)

Tails: Hello?

Spongebob: Anybody home?

????: HELLOOOO HELLLOOO hellooo hellooo hellooo

Piraka: (gasps at what they saw)

Reidak: Are those...?

Zaktan: Yep

(They saw that it was the 3 Ancient Walkers as statues)

Piraka: The Ancient Walkers!

Spongebob: You know them?

Zaktan: Yes we do, the first time we saw them, they showed us a warning about not to bring 1 and a half chaos emeralds together.

Tree Rex: Very clever.

Hot Head: We salute you Ancient Walkers of our time.

Tails: Holy guacamole! Look at these staues!..."The Ancient Walkers?" who are they?

(They noticed a being in the shadows shaped to be an old echidna with a cane)

Crusher: Someone's coming...

????: (old voice) These are your forebearers, young Miles Prower!

Tails: (notices ????) A voice...coming from the shadows...

Spongebob: Who's there?

????: You have much to learn...and time already grows short!

Tails: That silhouette...those's you...KNUCKLES!

Tree Rex: I don't think that's him...

(He appears to be an old red echinda)

Old Echidna: Tree Rex is right, I am not the echidna who guards the floating island...though my blood flows through his veins! And what of your blood double tail? Are you indeed the chosen one?

Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants: Chosen one?

Spongebob: Who are you?

Old Echidna: We shall know...we must know! You are min...body and soul! So speaks...ATHAIR!

Tree Rex: Hmm...let's see what we can do.

The Southern Adventure (Part 3)

Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants: (resting up)

Spongebob: (notices Tails is still working on his comic book, even though he's still injured) Hmm...I wonder what this comic book is all about?

Tails: (turns to Athair) Are you sure, Athair? This page of my comic book seems awfully wordy...

Athair: It's fine I'm telling you...put it away already! You have a lot to learn and much healing to do, double tail...

Crusher: He's right, you need to learn even more about knowledge & responsibility

Tails: Okay okay...(puts his comic away in his folder)

Athair: Rise and walk with me...

Patrick: Okie dokie.

Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants: (gets up)

Athair: (helps Tails get up)

Tails: (felt the pain of his injuries) OW!

Zaktan: Careful now.

Tails: Can we do the healing part first?

Athair: Knowledge cures all, young one! You have been chosen to share secrets of the past and a vision of the future...

Eye-Brawl: The future?

Tails: (gulps)

(They go up to the statues of the Ancient Walkers)

Athair: Tails listen well, my son as the voices of the Ancient Walkers echo across the centuries!

Hakann: Cool

Tails: Umm...look I'd love to stay, but I'm really busy...

Athair: (angry) Ahh..."busy!" My echidna ancestors were "busy", too...


(We see a city filled with Echidnas gliding around the city, feeling busy)

Athair: Busy ignoring the natural beauty of Planet Mobius...busy building sky-scrapers and scientific toys!

(Then we see a comet heading towards the city, Despite all their technology, they did not see the comet on a collision course for the planet until it was close to the planet)

Athair: There were so busy that they barely noticed the approach of a giant white comet until it was almost too late!

(All they could do was lift their city off the ground, forming the Floating Island)

Athair: Utilizing their beloved technology, they lifted echidnapolis up from this very spot, thus creating the Floating Island...but leaving the planet forever scarred!

(End of Flashback)

Crusher: Amazing

Tails: Whoa! You mean the floating island would fit into this crater?

Athair: No! The sacred covenant was broken!

Avak: Broken?

Tails: C'mon...don't talk in riddles! My friend Sonic knows Knuckles the guardian of the island!

Athair: (chuckles) Does he?...

Vezok: What are you talking about?

Athair: I know him, too! For centuries, our family was charged with protecting the floating island! My son succeed me...then his son...and now...Knuckles!

Tree Rex: Incredible. Each generation has done their part & sends his work down to the next

Tails: (gasps) (to Athair) You're his great grandfather?

Athair: Indeed! But you've distracted me! There is no time to speak of this...

Bouncer: We're sorry.

Spongebob: Yes, we're very sorry.

Tails: You're right, Athair! I'm on a mission...I've gotta go! (starts walking, ignoring the pain)

Spongebob: Wait up!

Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants: (follows Tails)

Athair: misunderstand! You must remain here and learn the way!

Tails: Just show me the way out!

Zaktan: Tails, come back! Athair needs you!

Athair: have been chosen! The Ancient Walkers wish to commune...

Tails: Talk to a bunch of statues? Sorry...there's no time!

Reidak: And there's something you should know too...

Athair: (to Tails) That's where you are wrong, Tails...

(All of a sudden, the Ancient Walkers move, revealing their lively state, and grab Tails.)

Spongebob: What the?!

Athair: Time is one thing we have in abundance!

Tails: Omigosh! (gulps) Th-they're ALIVE!

Spongebob: That's not good

Hakann: And speaking of not good, I wonder Crocbot, Krekka & Nidhiki are up to now?


(Crocbot is watching the moniter of the Blimp arriving at Crocbot's lair, as Krekka & Nidhiki are trying to heal their wounds with medical stuff, meaning that Hakann wins his fight against Crocbot, Krekka & Nidhiki)

Vezon: (in the blimp) Attention! Docking tether is not deployed in time! Explain...

Crocbot: Grr...technical glitch...swing around again! (presses a white button, showing Robotnik & Plankton in the moniter)

Krekka: (growls) How we hate those All Stars.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: This is Dr. Robotnik monitorins your progress...or lack there of!

Plankton: And this is Plankton.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What's the problem?

Nidhiki: You see...

Crocbot: Umm...nothing I can't handle, chubolts...I'll call you back! (presses a blue button, showing the Downunda Freedom Fighters in the moniter, charging towards Crocbot's lair)

Walt: Forward, Freedom Fighters!

Nidhiki: It's the Downunda Freedom Fighters again!

Crocbot: Curse these heroes! They're foiling up my plans! Now they'll pay the price...(picks up a CD) says...(puts on an Australian fedora hat)...CROCBOT!

Krekka: And Krekka & Nidhiki!

Nidhiki: Time for our plan in action!

Crocbot: Once I've unloaded that blimp and re-programmed the Swatbot & the Jack-1 bot crew, I'll rule Downunda...and eventually, Mobius! (turns to Wombat Stu who is knocked out) But it can't happen until I dispose of your team mates Wombat Stu! Feel free to watch them perish if you even regain consciousness! (goes through a door)

Krekka: Mmm hmm.

Crocbot: (goes up to a giant robot ram) HAW! The Downunda Freedom Fighters don't stand a chance against my ultimate weapon...the C-D-ROM RAM!

Krekka: Now that's a big ram!

Nidhiki: does it work?

Crocbot: I'll just slip the progRAMing disc into the slot...(inserts the CD inside the C-D-ROM Ram)

C-D-ROM Ram: (turning on) Hmmm...boop! Ch-ching...blrtt...SNAWT!

Krekka: Whoa!

Crocbot: (cackles) Yes! It's alive!!!

Nidhiki: (sarcastic) Oh, Crocbot. Time for your plan to work (in thought: [normal voice] Like that's ever gonna happen, cause you're not gonna betray us like what Lord Fuse did before!)

Krekka: Time for action!


Walt: (notices the blimp is approaching) Look...the blimp is coming about!

Guru Emu: (notices the garage door is opening) Never mind that...a door is opening in Crocbot's Fortress...!

(They noticed Krekka & the C-D-ROM Ram is charging towards them)

Krekka: Here we are, Freedom Fighters!

C-D-ROM Ram: (rams at the Downunda Freedom Fighters)

Guru Emu: Look (got rammed) Owww!

Walt Wallabee: Unghh!

Duck Bill: Whouff!

Barby: Eek!

Nidhiki: Make the time, Freedom Fighters! Now you're all OURS!

Crocbot: Mwa-ha-haaa! Mash them my monstrous mechanical merino!

( the Crater)

Back in the crater, the Ancient Walkers talk to Tails & the All Stars, telling them the history of Mobius.)

(Flashback of the history of Mobius begins as Tails tells the story, in a dazed state)

Tails: Eons ago, the young sun burned brightly on it's newly spawned world, Mobius! Life evoled slowly until first walker emerged from the primordial ooze...

Spongebob: Ew

Athair: Centuries passed and sentent creatures continued to develop ushering in the Saurian age...

Patrick: Who's Saurian?

Zaktan: (sighs) Sorry, continue...

Athair: A brutal balance was struck and this simple society thrived...until the sky above turned green!

Zaktan: (in thought: And we thought that we saw a shade of green glow before)

Tails: Beauty and terror combined as the heavens opened up and the hard hail fell upon all!

Thok: Oh my...

Tails: Those who survived were witness to the coming of...the Chaos Emeralds!

Spongebob: So that's how the Chaos Emeralds are created.

Tails: Over centuries, these crystals have inspired many cultural wonders...technological advances capable of driving those who harness it mad...and in hands of pure evil, they can be corrupted into weapons of destruction!

Vezok: That's the same thing Robotnik would want: World Domination

Tails: But, absolute energy cannot be created or destroyed...the infinite power of the Chaos Emeralds shall realign for a higher purpose!

Tree Rex: Incredible...

Tails: The chosen one who shall gather them will walk amongst you...and the harmony shall begin! So it is written and therefore, so it must come to be...

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow.

Athair: Well, well! That was a very interesting story...Tails!

Tails: (back to normal) Huh? Wha...who?...wh-where am I?!

Spongebob: Wow Athair, how did give Tails intelligence of the history of Mobius?

Reidak: Yes, how did you do that?

Tails: Wow! What was going on inside my head? I was hearing voices!

Atthair: I heard them too, Double Tail ! They came from everywhere...and yet nowhere!

Avak: Huh?

Hot Head: Anyways, thanks for sharing the story with us, Tails.

Tails: Skip the babble Athair & Hot Head...they came from them! (points to the Ancient Walkers) The Ancient Walkers! They we're speaking through me!

Patrick: Wow, they can do that?

Athair: Nonsense, my you said: Just "a bunch of statues!"

Tails: Yeah...right! Hoohah! Those wing dingoes must've injured me worse than I thought

Athair: What injuries?

Spongebob: (notices that Tails' injuries are healed) Uh, Tails? Where are you injuries?

Tails: (notices as well) What the...?! Holy ablone! My leg! I...I'm all healed up!

Athair: A good thing...for you will need all of your resources in the near future!

Swarm: (hears someone coming) What's that? Someone's coming...who could it be?

Thok: Let's find out...

(We see that it was Barby Koala who has fallen down inside the crater)

Barby Koala: ...EEEEEEYOW...(got caught by Tails) YOU!

Tails: You!

Zaktan: (to Spongebob) You

Spongebob: Him (points to Tails)

Zaktan: Her (points to Barby)

Spongebob & Zaktan: Them!

Barby: (in Tails' Arms) You're the fox we rescued from the wing dingoes...

Tails: ...Tails...and you're the Freedom fighter...

Barby: Barby Koala!

Spongebob: My name is Spongebob & this is Patrick, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl. We're All Star Freedom Fighters.

Tails: (puts Barby down gently) (to Barby) Right...nice to meet you...but since when can Koala bears fly?

Barby: I wasn't flying...I was falling!

Tree Rex: Tails, there's one you should know about Koala Bears..."They don't fly". Sorry, but it's a fact.

Tree Rex: Little tip to everyone: Koala Bears can't fly.

Eye-Brawl: So how did you get here?

Barby: Crocbot unleashed a giant mecha-beast on us! It butted me from his fortress to this crater!

Spongebob: Must've been Krekka & Nidhiki also.

Tails: Gosh!

Barby: It's just Walt Wallabee, Guru Emu and Duck Bill Platypus left to fight the C.D.ROM Ram! Will you help us out?

Spongebob: Let's do this! I'M READY!

Patrick: Okie dokie!

Tails: Sure! Let me just say goodbye to my host...

Barby: What host?

Tails: He's right over...

Vezok: (notices something odd) Uh...guys?

(They all noticed that Athair had mysteriously dissapeared)

Tails: HUH? He's gone! Athair vanished into thin air!

Spongebob: Just like Zuo Ci did before

Hakann: Weird

Tails: He was just here! So were the statues of...(gulps) am going nuts?

Avak: Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi !

Barby:'re going to help us battle Crocbot! That evil robo-reptile's already got Wombat Stu! Unless we hurry, he'll capture the others!

Barby & Tails: (grabs each other's hands)

Tails: Ok Barby...(flys out of the crater)...we're outta here!

Spongebob, Patrick & the Piraka: (hops on the Giants)

Reidak: Crocbot's lair!

Hakann: And don't worry, I know where it is!

Giants: (begins climbing out of the hole & follows Tails & Barby while carrying Spongebob, Patrick & the Piraka)

Tails: But I still feel like I'm leaving a piece of myself behind!

Barby: Yeah! The old echidna can have that effect on you!

Vezok: I have to admit, Athair is very mysterious just like Zuo Ci, but this time we can't be too careful around of these places we are now.

(A short distance away...near Crocbot's lair)

C-D-ROM Ram, Krekka & Nidhiki: (taking down the Downunda Freedom Fighters)

Vezon: (in the blimp) Swatbots, take the wheel! (hops off the blimp & lands) I'm going in! (goes to help Krekka, Nidhiki & the C-D-ROM Ram take down the Downunda Freedom Fighters)

Swatbot: Robo-blimp calling Crocbot...are you ready this time?

Crocbot: (from inside the lair) Affirmative! The previous...err...problem has been taken care of!

Vezon: They don't look so good, mate!

C-D-ROM Ram: (rams Guru Emu)

Nidhiki: Bullseye!

Guru Emu: AWK! I'm supposed to be a flightless bird!

Duck Bill: achin' back!

Krekka: Now we have you!

Walt Wallabee: Okay...I'm through playing around! Time to dig deep Freedom Fighters...deep into my pocket, that is...(pulls something out of his pouch, revealing to be boomerang shaped bomb)...where I keep a supply of my BOMBERANGS! (throws the Bomberang at the C-D-ROM Ram, causing it to explode, destroying the robot ram)

Krekka: Whoa! Now those are powerful bombs...

Nidhiki: Stop them!

Vezon: Oh brother. (goes up to Crocbot who is angry)

Krekka: That's it, we will finish you! (he & Nidhiki gets into their battle stances)


Crocbot: (witnessed the destruction of the C-D-ROM Ram through his moniter) NO!

Vezon: Crocbot, there's a problem...the bot's destroyed, now Krekka & Nidhiki are trying their best to stop them!

Crocbot: Great...(changes the moniter to see the blimp)

Swatbot: (from the blimp) Is there another problem, Crocbot?

Vezon: You see...

Crocbot:! Umm...everything's fine! Hurry up and dock!

Swatbot: Be careful scaly one! This is a delicate procedure! Do not risk an explosion by rushiong things!

Vezon: Oh for the love of lizards! Ooooh...(sighs) Fine, fine. Just do it.

Crocbot: Right...sorry! Okay...mooring arm deployed...High voltage hook primed for coupling contact in five seconds...four...three...two...

Swatbot: Welcome to the Robotnik family, sir!

Vezon: (got hurt by a spindash from Spongebob) Ow! What the...?

Spongebob: (with Patrick, the Piraka & the Giants) We're baaaack!

Vezon: Spongebob!

Tails: (carrying Barby through the window behind Crocbot) Don't start posing for the portait you, gator boy!

Barby: (kicks Crocbot's back)

Hakann: Bullseye...again!

Crocbot: OOFA! (accidently press random buttons, causing the hook to swing out of control)

Vezon: Fool! You're swinging the hook too wild...!

Swatbot: The's swinging wild...

Crocbot: Look out...

Krekka & Nidhiki: (notices the blimp is about to crash) Uh oh... (tries to run away)

(The Blimp crashes into the electric hook, causing it to crash & caught on fire, being burned)

Walt Wallabee: Oh...

Duck Bill:...the...

Guru Emu:...humanity!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (got blown away by the explosion & was blasted in the lair) Ow!

Krekka: Yep, that hurt.

Vezon: The blimp is destroyed...

Crocbot: No! It can't be! My future army of swatbots...say it ain't so, robo!

Nidhiki: That's what you get for trying to kick me & Krekka out!

Piraka: What?!

Zaktan: You know Crocbot's true plans?

Krekka: Yes, yes we do.

Tails: Save your crocodile's over!

Barby: (freeing Wombat Stu from his shackles) Wombat Stu...are you okay?

Wombat Stu: B-buh-Barby?

Reidak: Now we have you!

Crocbot: I'm not beaten yet, you two-tailed freak! (whacks Tails with his robotic tail & runs away)

Bouncer: Come back here and face us!

Wombat Stu: Crocbot's escaping!

Barby: Drat!

Tails: (feels dizzy) Ooog...

Vezon: Forget Crocbot, he's just chicken. Now you face with real deadly adversaries!


(While the heroes fight against Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon, Crocbot heads downstairs)

Crocbot: (going downstairs) Lucky for me I kept an ace in the hole...(hops on his Nuclear Powered Mega-Mecha Tank) Nuclear Powered Mega-Mecha Tank! (drives the Mega-Mecha Tank through a wall, bursting through it without problem)

Duck Bill: Duck! It's Crocbot comin' through the wall !

Crocbot: Outta my way Freedom Fighters!

Guru Emu: (sings as he covers himself) All we are give peace a chance!

(But the Crocbot makes his getaway as Tails, Barby, Wombat Stu , Spongebob, Patrick, the Piraka, the Giants arrives, with Tails carrying Barby & Wombat Stu while he's flying & Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki as their captured prisoners)

Hot Head: We're back!

Crocbot: Haw! Eat my rust!

Duck Bill: Come back and fight machine!

Guru Emu: (notices Tails, Barby, Wombat Stu & the All Stars coming back) Cool it, comes that Fox with Barby and Stu!

Spongebob: What's going on?

Eye-Brawl: Looks like Crocbot's getting away!

Duck Bill: (to Wombat Stu) Glad to see you're okay lil' buddy!

Wombat Stu: Thanks! Too bad Crocbot got away!

Vezok: Yeah, that's too bad.

Guru Emu: Maybe not! Walt, have you got another bomberang?

Patrick: Huh?

Walt: Well...sure, Guru Emu...(gives Guru Emu a bomberang)

Barby: ?

Spongebob: What's your plan?

Guru Emu: Up, up and away, my groovy friend!

Tails: (carries Guru Emu & flys after the Crocbot) I thought you hippie types were non-violent!

Guru Emu: Even a peac train comes to a stop kiddo!

Swarm: What is he doing?

Spongebob: I don't know, something cool.

Ninjini: We're about to find out.

Guru Emu: (throws a bomberang at the Nuclear Powered Mega-Mecha Tank, hitting it, causing the Tank to go out of control) Chew on this, Crocbot!

Crocbot: Wot the...?! (lost control of the tank) Aargh! Sterring shot brakes no good...Mega-Mecha Tank out of control!...(notices he's heading for the crater) Oh no! Anything but that!...(falls into the crater with the tank)...not into the craterrrrrrr...! (uncontrollably falls it, and hits the bottom, causing the tank to explode in a nuclear cloud)

Spongebob & Patrick: (amazed at the explosion) Preaty...

(As the All Stars, Tails & Guru Emu catch up, they witness the remaining cloud emanating from the crater, in the shape of Athair's head)

Tails: (gasps) Check out the nuclear cloud...(points to the Athair's head shaped nuclear cloud)

Thok: Is that...?

Guru Emu: Wow, man...old man Athair is one heavy dude!

Zaktan: Tell me about it...

(Some time later, back at the beach...)

Spongebob: We like to join in, but no thanks we're good. We're already made a Freedom Fighter Group of our own.

Walt Wallabee: Are you sure you won't reconsider, mate? We'd be proud to have you join the Downunda Freedom Fighters!

Barby: You'd learn to love it here, Tails!

Tails: I...I really appreciate the offer...(chokes) but my place is in Knothole...(sobs)

Crusher: What's the matter? We've saved Downunda, but why are you sad?

Tails: I miss my friends! (sighs) I was mad before, but I know now that they did it out of love for me...(shedding tears) The trouble is now that I want to go home, I can't get there...(sniffles)

Thumpback: That's ok, you can ride on me & I can swim you back...

????: Hey, c'mon! It's already salty down here!

Walt & Guru Emu: ?

Spongebob: Who said that?

Vezok: Hold on, we notice that voice from anywhere. It's...

(They all turned to see that it was Ray the Manta who is with Bottlenose the Dolphin)

Tails: RAY! My undersea pal from the Forth Fathoms Freedom Fighters!...and Bottlenose!

Ray the Manta: Hiya, Tails!

Bottlenose: Have we got a suprise for you!

Hot Head: A suprize? What is it?

Bottlenose: (takes out a remote control with his tail, pressing a button)

(As soon as the button is pressed, the Sea Fox, looking brand new, surfaces to Tails' surprise)

Bottlenose: Bingo!

Thumpback: (finishes his sentence)...unless he does that.

Tails: My submarine, the SEA FOX! (hops inside the Sea Fox)

Spongebob: Nice! You guys fixed it!

Ray the Manta: Good as new! We thought Octobot had scuttled it, but my pal, Brain Coral fixed it up!

Tails: This is great! I'll be home in a few days!

Spongebob: Well, time to head back to home. (he, Patrick & the Piraka hops on the Giants)

Giants: (goes in the water)

Walt Wallabee: Yeah, well...G'day, mates!

Barby: Write soon!

Guru Emu: Peace 'n' love, man!

Tree Rex: Take care everyone.

Tails:'s gonna be so hard to say I'll just say "So long!" Thanks, everyone...let's do it again sometime!

Spongebob: Hi five?

Tails: (flys up to the Downunda Freedom Fighters & gave each member a hi-five & flys back inside the Sea Fox & drives the Sea Fox on sea, heading back to Knothole)

All Stars: (followed them by riding on top of the Giants while they're swimming)

Spongebob: So Tails, what do you think we should now?

Tails: I have an idea. (to the Downunda & Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters) I'll tell Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally and the others all about you guys...they'll be glad to know there are Freedom Fighters all over Planet Mobius! United, we shall never be defeated!

Reidak: That's good, cause Robotnik Prime, Plankton & their Empires are still at large.

(As the heroes leave, Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki breaks free from the ropes that the Freedom Fighters tied them with)

Vezon: Now that we've broken free. Let's get outta here & report to Plankton & Robotnik that we've failed to take over Downunda.

Krekka: Alright, but this Crocbot is a very tricky bot.

(As Vezon, Krekka & Nidhiki escapes Downunda by using an escape pod, they all thought about Crocbot while they're heading back to Robotropolis towards the sunset)

Nidhiki: Now that Crocbot is gone, he won't be taking over our empires anymore. And besides we have a recent report that the Wu Army from the All Star Freedom Fighters are preparing for an attack at Robotropolis.

Vezon: The All Stars may have won this round, but next time, revenge will be ours! (evil laughter)

The End