This is the 38th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity

Main Villains: Plankton & Discord

Story #1: Transcript

A pony rides the rails (Part 1)

(In Robotropolis)

(Sally Acorn is taking matters into her own hands, infiltrating Robotropolis on her own with NICOLE in hand & the Mane 6)

Twilight Sparkle: We're here. Are you ready Sally?

Sally: Yes, I'm ready..(connects NICOLE to a port in a wall to access a specific type of information)

NICOLE: (searching the files) Searcut...hing...searching...file located...accessing...

Rainbow Dash: (tapping her foot, impatiently) We're waiting...

NICOLE: (her connection is complete) We're in, Princess.

Applejack: (hears the sound of Jack-1 Bots marching) Jack-1 Bots are coming our way, y'all !

Sally: Quickly, NICOLE! We haven't much time!

NICOLE: (starts downloading the files) Downloading.

Rainbow Dash: Come on, we have to stop them...

Fluttershy: (gulps) B-b-but those bots are too strong for any of us to handle alone...

Rainbow Dash: But...

Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy's right, we need all the help we can get on taking down those Jack-1 Bots later on

Rainbow Dash: (sighs) Fine...

NICOLE: Memory requirements for this file are quite excessive.

Twilight Sparkle: Interesting, Sally what do you think?

Sally: I'm not surprised!

Rarity: What do you mean by that darling?

Sally: If the latest project of Robotnik's is even half of what we've been told...(hears a whistle) Wait! Is that the...?

NICOLE: Very likely.

Pinkie Pie: It's a train...(jumps up & down happily) I win I win I win!

Sally: (disconnects NICOLE) Are you finished downloaading the file, NICOLE?

NICOLE: Not quite, however, I'm establishing a radio enable me to process on the run, Sally.

Twilight Sparkle: Guess it will have to do, but good work

Sally: (goes to a bridge above a rail road track, holding onto NICOLE) Excellent thinking, NICOLE! Cause that's exactly what we have to do...(stands the rail of the bridge)...if we're going to catch this train!

Mane 6: (follows Sally)

Rainbow Dash: (smiles) Now that's what I'm talking about!

Fluttershy: (gulps)

NICOLE: Sally, you're not going to do what I think you're going to do...are you?

Sally: (didn't answer)

Applejack: (notices the train is coming) Here comes the train!

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, here we go. 1...2...3!

Sally & the Mane 6: (jumps off the bridge with Fluttershy lagged a bit behind)


Fluttershy: A hop...skip...and a...JUMP! (jumps as well)

(Sally & the Mane 6 lands on the roof of the train, while Sally is still holding onto NICOLE)

Rainbow Dash: Made it!

Sally: Eat your heart out, Sonic the Hedgehog! Princess Sally is back in action again!

NICOLE: And her major domo NICOLE is none too thrilled with this development either!

Rainbow Dash: Chillax, NICOLE.

NICOLE: This is foolish Princess, we came to gather infomation...not go off some wild adventure!

Pinkie Pie: But NICOLE, going on wild adventures ARE fun!

Sally: We're Freedom Fighter, NICOLE! That means we have to be ready for anything at a moment's notice!

Fluttershy: Oh ok...

NICOLE: That doesn't mean operative without a back-up!

Sally: We aren't...and you of all "people" should know that!

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, let's be careful, you never know what to expect...

Sally: Right now, Rotor is tracking your signal and probably deducing what has happened!

(Sally, NICOLE [who is in Sally's hand] and the Mane 6 then carefully climbs down & goes inside the cab car of the train)

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: (notices the moniter, showing Sally & the Mane 6 inside the cab car) It's the ponies & Sally & they're as good as mine... (to the Jack-1 Bots in a walkie talkie) Tell Discord, it's a go...

(Inside the lab of Knothole)

(STH Rotor watches as Sally's position appears on a display)

Zaktan: (with the rest of the All [minus the Mane 6] & the Knothole Freedom Fighters [minus Sally & NICOLE]) What's the status report?

STH Rotor: The Princess & the Mane 6 are on the move, fellas! Robotnik must be shipping his Dynamac-3000 ahead of schedule!

Sonic: Dynamac-whatsis?

Spongebob: What's a Dynamac-3000?

STH Rotor: Only Robotnik's latest super-robot! This one, meant to maintain Robotnik's control over the western portion of the continent!

Harold: Oh man, how did you know all of this?

STH Rotor: Our agents in Robotropolis have been compliling information on this one for some time...and Sally thought it was worth going in and personally checking it out!

Spongebob: Your right, let's move...

Gwen: Do we even have any chance of getting the info?

Reidak: Don't worry, she & the Mane 6 will get the info just fine...

STH Rotor: And with NICOLE to assist, they had a better than even chance of getting us the additional infomation we need to deal with this latest threat!

Sonic: Just give me the info on where to find Sal...(runs off)...and I'm off !

Spongebob: Wait up! (runs after Sonic)

STH Rotor: Sonic! Spongebob! Wait!

Eddy: No time! Come on All Stars!

All Stars [minus Spongebob & Mane 6]: (follows Sonic & Spongebob)

STH Rotor: Too late! Everybody! To the hangar!

(With Sally & the Mane 6)

Sally: (closes the sidecar door behind her & pulls NICOLE from her inner pocket of her blue vest)

Applejack: Y'all think we can take down a monstrous machinery like what's inside th' train?

Twilight Sparkle: We're about to find out...(they all notice a large yellow humanoid-shaped mechanical being is laying down in the middle of the floor) It's here...

Applejack: Oh mah stars, would you look at the size of that robot?

Sally: NICOLE! Will you look at that...!

NICOLE: (scans the robot) Scanning...

Mane 6: (notices a being from behind Sally, getting ready to grab her)

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps)

NICOLE: Sensors are in an extreme state of flux due to a dampening field of unknown origin.

Sally: What you're saying that something is interferi...

Pinkie Pie: Hello someone I don't know...

Twilight Sparkle: Sally! Look out!

Sally: Huh? (got her mouth covered by the being's hands) Mmmpphhh!

NICOLE: Sally! I think we've located the source of the interference.

Rainbow Dash: Leave her alone! (flys up to the being & bucks him away)

???: (got knocked down, letting go of Sally, but then gets back up)

Rainbow Dash: You want some more? You got it!

???: Fight!


(From outside the train)

Sonic: (running towards the train, trying to catch up) There's our target...the Robuttnik Express!

Owen: (chuckles) He said butt!

All Star Freedom Fighters (Except Spongebob, the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters): (being carried by the Skylander Giants & the Monsters, following Sonic)

Spongebob: We're almost there...

Sonic: It's chugging along at a rad pace...but it hasn't a chance of outracing the ol' hedgehog struts his stuff!

Edd: Wait! There's also special defence...!

(a laser on the roof of it locks onto Sonic, firing and hitting him)

Sonic: (falls down on the ground)


Spongebob: We have to go back!

Eddy: No time for that, come on! And besides Sonic can take care of himself...

Spongebob: (sighs) I guess your right, everybody on the train!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then hops onto the train & heads inside, not before Hot Head smashes the laser defence system)

Hot Head: You can't be too careful...

A pony rides the rails (Part 2)

(With the Mane 6 & Sally)

Rainbow Dash: (walks up to ???)

???: (on the ground) A very strong warrior I might add, I surrender...

Rainbow Dash: I heard that before, now let's see who you really are...

(They all noticed that it was Geoffrey St. John who was also on the train)

Sally: Geoffrey St. John!

Geoffrey St. John: (gets up, brushing himself off) Well, I'm not Sonic the Hedgehog luv! At least, not since the last time I checked that is!

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on, do you two know each other?

Sally: Ever since I first met him while we we're taking down shield generators & robotic little ponies, this is Geoffrey St. John...Geoffrey St. John, this is Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity & the one who had a little fight with you is Rainbow Dash...

Geoffrey St. John: Please to meet you...

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity: (introducing themselves to Geoffrey)

Rainbow Dash: (turns his head away, not trusting him)

Sally: What are you doing here? And what's with the strong arm stuff? I thought we we're friends!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, why did you do that to her, chump!

Geoffrey St. John: I thought we were more! (kisses Sally)

Rainbow Dash: (pushes both Geoffrey & Rainbow Dash away) Alright, break it up you two.

Sally: (pushes Geoffrey St. John away from her) Rainbow Dash is right, this is not the right time for that! We've got a job to do!

Geoffrey St. John: And so do I!|

Pinkie Pie: You too? Now that's a conwinkidink!

Rarity: I believe you mean conwincidence, darling...

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry, but Rainbow can be cautious around some people that are act villianous at first...may I have a word with her?

Sally: Uh, sure...

Twilight Sparkle: (goes to the other side of the side car with Rainbow Dash)

Applejack: (shrugs)

Sally: As I was saying, you haven't answered my question...and I might get the wrong idea if I don't get an answer!

Geoffrey St. John: I see you haven't changed either!

Fluttershy: Um excuse me, Geoffrey...? Um, maybe...would you like to give us an answer, it would be very nice if you gave us the answer that Sally wants to know...please?

Geoffrey St. John: Sure thing

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, what is going on with you?

Rainbow Dash: I'm being mondo cautious, we don't know who's side is Geoffrey...and I'm gonna find out the hard way...

Twilight Sparkles: (sighs) (in thought: Typical Rainbow) (she & Rainbow goes back to Sally, Geoffrey, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity)

Geoffrey: (to Sally) Simply put, luv, me an' the lads are here to put the kibosh on dingo over here! (points to the mechanical being, behind him) After all, he's not just any ordinary mechanoid Robotnik is sending out to our neck of the woods...he's a tiger of deadlier stripes!

Discord: (secretly arrives inside the side car) Impressive...

Mane 6: (gasps as they noticed Discord)

Sally: (notices Discord & was horrified) OH MY GOSH!

Geoffrey St. John: (notices Discord) What the he...!

Discord: Allow me to introduce myself, Discord. Prehaps you have heard of me or in this case you know me as the spirit of Chaos & Disharmony in Equestria...

Geoffrey St. John: I don't know who you are, but I don't remember inviting you to the party...

Sally: Whoever you are, please leave now, your from the Plankton Empire & you always will be his officer! Now go!

Discord: (laughs) Oh, the princess of the Acorn Kingdom tells me to leave, how cute...(teleports to somewhere near the mechanoid being on the floor)

Sally: (gasps as she saw Discord teleports from place to place)

Discord: And I must say I am impressed of what Robotnik has created. the Dynamac-3000, very nice, but it still needs work on speed like Sonic's & Spongebob running speed, power like the Monsters & Giants' feat of strength & intelligence like Twilight's brains of knowledge

Sally: How did you...?

Twilight Sparkle: He knew all of us since his freedom from being a statue by Darkrahk

Discord: ...however, Plankton's robot seems to be advancing every time for his empire to survive, prehaps all of you & I should do bussiness together in the Plankton Empire, what do you say?

Twilight Sparkle: No...

Fluttershy: Because we're the All Star Freedom Fighters...

Rarity: And our main goal is to stop Plankton's multiversal reign of terror...

Applejack: And as of doin' bussiness...

Rainbow Dash: Maybe it's time for you to be back in your statue prison...!

Pinkie Pie: Over the power of...


Discord: I prefer a handshake...but if you insist...(gets into his battle stance)


(With the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Spongebob: Now if I was the Dynamac-3000, where would I be? Anyluck?

Eva: No...

Hakann: Nothing...

Owen: Nope...

Ed: No evil robot, guys...

Spongebob: Guess we have to go in deeper...

Swarm: Very well then, let's go!

All Star Freedom Fighters [minus the Mane 6]: (goes through door to door, entering side car, by side car to get to the one that Sally & the Mane 6 are in)

Astro Boy: Let's hope that they're ok...

(With Sally, Geoffrey & the Mane 6)

(As the Mane 6 are fighting against Discord with their skills, Sally & Geoffrey begins to explain to each other)

Applejack: Whew! Discord's even tougher than before, now that's surprizing...

Sally: By the way, Geoffrey where are you men?

Pinkie Pie: Are they playing hide & go seek?

Geoffrey: They're up front...about to stop the engine!

(The train suddendly screechs to a halt, causing everyone to fall down, including Discord)

Discord: Whoa! Now that is surprizing, even for me...

Sally: A little too much pressure on the brakes, wouldn't you say?

(Suddendly the All Stars came barging in, accidently falls to the ground from the same thing that happened)

Donkey Kong: Ouch, hope anyone doesn't get any more bruises from that fall...

Spongebob: Hey guys, we're here to help you!

Xplode: (notices Sally with Geoffrey) Hey, who's that? (points to Geoffrey)

Hank: Isn't that Geoffrey?

Sanford: I believe so...

(The Dynamac-3000 activates & begins to stand up)

Geoffrey: Criminy!

Deimos: What's wrong?

Rarity: Is something wrong darling?

Geoffrey: They must've triggered a fail-safe when they cut power! Th' blokes been activated!

Robo-47: It's a robot, you know...

Ultra-V: And it's the Dynamac-3000!

Spongebob: That's not good...

Discord: (evil laughter as he stands up & begins to float in mid-air) You should all seen the looks on your faces, priceless!

Sally: Recommendations, NICOLE?

NICOLE: I suggest a strategic withdrawal until sufficient back-up has arrived!

Reidak: Not a option right now...WE'RE the back up!

Discord: (a bit worried) Oh dear...(hisses)

Sally: Somehow, NICOLE...I jus don't think that's viable option!

Reidak: Hey! That's what I said!

Spongebob: Well then, I guess it's showtime!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to attack Discord & the Dynamac-3000)

Dynamac-3000: (tries to punch Rainbow Dash, but misses & punches through the roof instead)

Sonic: (on the roof, dodging the punch) Whoa!

Spongebob: Sonic! Glad that your recovered in time...we need some help!

Sonic: Something tells me Rotor didn't tell us everything about this one! How come we never get the easy jobs?!

Eddy: How should I know?

Dynamac-3000: (breaking through the roof of the side car) Surrender, Hedgehog...resistance is futile. (swats Sonic inside the side car)

Sonic: Woof!

Tree Rex: (catches Sonic) Gotcha!

Applejack: Are you alright, sugah hog?

Sonic: (rubbing his head) This just doesn't seem to be my day!

Discord: No, but it sure is gonna be mine! (laughs evily)

Vezok: Dude, that's sick...

Rainbow Dash: That's low, that's even for you!

Discord: (chuckles evily) I just keep getting better & better...

Sally: Sonic!

Sally & Geoffrey: (goes up to Sonic)

Tree Rex: (sets Sonic down gently)

Geoffrey: Another trainee of yours, perhaps?

Sonic: (stands up) Trainee?!! Who does...?!!

Twilight Sparkle: Ok Sonic, I think we're good!

Rainbow Dash: I had to believe in my instincs

Edd: Ours too...

Sally: (hears metal clanging) Hold it! What's that sound?!!

Discord: Why don't you look for yourself...

Bouncer: (notices the Dynamac-3000 transforming into it's spider like form) Look!

Geoffrey: Will you look at that! Th' bucket of bolts is changing...transforming into some new configuration!

Sonic: There's more to him & Discord than meets the eye!

Duncan: Don't...remind me

Rarity: That bot's heading towards that plane...

Applejack: Somepony stop that bot.

Robo-47 & Ultra-V: (grabs 2 of the Dynamac's back legs)

Ultra-V: Gotcha!

Robo-47: Hold still you spider bot!

STH Rotor: (in the Freedom Fighters' plane with Antoine, noitcing the Dynamac-3000) Don't get too close, Antoine! We don't know what we're dealing with here!

Antoine: (piloting the plane) What do you mean?!! I know something bad when I see it!

Dynamac-3000: (using two arms to grab the Freedom Fighters' plane, which gets too close to the robot)

Antoine: See? I told you! I know bad when I see it!

Astro Boy: They caught Antoine & Rotor

Rainbow Dash: Come on, we gotta save them!

A pony rides the rails (Part 3)

Avak: Any bright ideas?

Geoffrey: (gets out a gun) Get back Sonic the Hedgehog and watch a real professional at work!

Sonic: That'll be the day you could teach ma a trick or two, Clyde!

Rainbow Dash: I'm still watching you...

Xplode: And that doesn't mean I own anyone...

Sally: Will the four of you just put a lid on it?!!

Harold: What you should've said was "Just put a cork in it"...

Duncan & Heather: Shut up Harold...

Spongebob: Ok guys, that's enough...

Sally: Spongebob's right, we've got to save our fellow freedom fighters from Dynamac!

Kitty: How hard is it to stop a bot?!

Dudley: Not so easy huh?

Sonic: Unless I hear a better idea, I'm ready to cut loose!

Geoffrey: Not just yet!

Rainbow Dash: What do you mean now?

Geoffrey: My mates need more time to reach their objective!

Applejack: Uh everypony?

Sally: We can't wait too long...

Timon: Why not?

Sally: ...or Dynamac might bust up th whole train and us along with it!

Discord: (flys up to the Dynamac-3000) That's the whole magic of this new plan, now to free the beast! (rams at Robo-47 & Ultra-V, causing them to let go of the Dynamac-3000) Ta ta!

Robo-47 & Ultra-V: (falls down) Ouch...

NICOLE: Better to take the right action than to act hastily, Princess...

Rarity: (sighs) Don't worry darling, we know, hope it doesn't ruin my mane...

Justin: Or my face...

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs)

Sally: I'm open to suggestion, NICOLE!

Spongebob: Any ideas?

NICOLE: I've been going through the files we downloaded and I've learned the Dynamac-3000 has two weaknesses...

Rainbow Dash: Only 2 weaknesses?

Applejack: Can you please tell us the 2 weaknesses of the Dynamac-3000?

NICOLE: Very well, One: It can only react to a given situation. It cannot anticipate actions. For example, it reconfigured itself from one form to another as a reaction to an attack from multiple opponents.

Robo-47: Just like what Ultra-V & I did?

Edd: Most likely...

Donkey Kong: Ok that's one weakness, what is the other weakness?

NICOLE: Two: Confirming the information Rotor received from our agents, it can be deactivated with an electronic pulse scrambler plugged into it's central processing unit.

Kineticlops: What's gonna happen, once we plug it in?

NICOLE: Once inserted, all shutdown systems with it's mainframe can be engaged.

Spongebob: And that means...

NICOLE: Therefore, you must exploit the first weakness in order to take advantage of the second.

Congar: Then that's the game plan!

Discord: That's all I needed to hear...get the Princess!

Dynamac-3000: (grabs Sally's right arm & lifts her upwards)

Sally: (holding onto NICOLE with her right hand) Hey!

Discord: Not so fast! You still have me to take down, since you don't have your Elements of Harmony to seal me in stone, what are you going to do now?

Spongebob: We do what Freedom Fighters are born to do: "To kick some bad guy butt!". (spindashes at Discord) I got Discord, you guys stop the machine!

(The rest of the All Stars nods & starts to go up to the Dynamac-3000)

Discord: You'll have to do better than that...


Spongebob & Discord: (starts fighting each other)

Twilight Sparkle: Quick, we have to save Sally! (uses her magic to fire at the Dynamac-3000, but has only little effect) Quick, I need some help!

Sonic: Hang on, Sal ! I'll take care of tall, gruesome and spidery!

Geoffrey: Move over, mater! You're not quick enough!

Applejack: Come on y'all, we must focus...

Geoffrey: What's needed here is more action, less talk!

Donkey Kong: (continues punching the Dynamac-3000) And we need it more than ever!

Sonic: Well, if you don't mind...(jumps up & preforms a spindash).and even if you's time you learned this is the big leagues, fella! (spindashes at the Dynamac-3000, only to get electrocuted by the bot in the process) Yee-oowp!

Donkey Kong: (got electrocuted by the Dynamac-3000) Ouch! That really hurt!

Kineticlops: (got electrocuted, but didn't get hurt, due to being made of electricity, but his eye gets shocked) Ow my eye! But that feels so good...

Geoffrey: As I was saying...never send a pup to do a grownup's job! (firing his gun and launching an electric net at Dynamac. The electricity of the net, however, is not enough and doesn't affect the robot)

Dudley: Guess that means your the pup, huh...(got slapped by Kitty) Ow! (slaps Kitty)

Kitty: Ow!

Dudley & Kitty: (growls at each other & then begins their slapfight)

Geoffrey: Blimey! The bolas didn't pack enough juice! We need something with a stronger charge!

Kineticlops: Maybe he asorbed the electricity's only a hunch...

Sonic: Don't have the game get-up-'n'-go that some of us have eh?

Applejack: (notices the Dynamac-3000 is about to attack with it's spider legs) Hit the dirt, y'all!

(And everyone dodges the attack)

Sonic: Uh-oh!

Preytor: The bot's hopping mad

Geoffrey: I don't thinm it's too happy with us!

Fluttershy: (gulps) He's...scary....

Sonic: We need to get to the roof!

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob need some help!

Congar: Let's get going!

(The All Stars [minus Spongebob, who is on the train roof with Discord, Sally & the Dynamac-3000], goes outside & starts climbing up to the train roof)

Spongebob: (panting) Discord's a worthy foe, he is...

Discord: Flattery will get you we'ren't half bad yourself...if your still alive that is...

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob!

Geoffrey: Friendly sort, isn't it? I hate t'be a killjoy, mate, but we're really leaving ourselves out in th' open here!

Rainbow Dash: That's the idea...

Sonic: In my knapsack is something Rotor anticipated we'd need! (pulls out the electronic pulse scrambler)

Owen: It's the Electronic Pulse Scrambler, NICOLE told us about...

Sonic: Yes it is, this little doohickey should scramble that 'bot's Electronics, and rattle him big time! You stand ready to follow through while we disctract heavy metal !

Rainbow Dash: And let's not forget Discord, he needs to be put in his place...let's go!

(The All Stars begins to help Spongebob attacking Discord)

Discord: (teleporting away from the All Stars, meters away from them, everytime) Ah, ah, ah...

Mordecai: Don't worry, we got this!

Mordecai & Rigby: (catches Discord)

Rigby: We got him!

Discord: No you didn't...(teleports again, causing Mordecai & Rigby to grab each other)

Mordecai & Rigby: Aah!

Applejack: Sonic, let's take out the arms of this evil machine!

Sonic: Let's see if the Dynamac can play spinball my way! (enters into a spindash again and changes his target to the robot's arm that is holding Sally)

Applejack: (helps Sonic by using her apple-bucking skills to break the arm of the Dynamac) Yee-haw!

(They're attacks works and Sally is freed)

Sonic: Guess not! Then again, not everyone can!

Xplode: Watch out!

Sally: (falling, but got caught by Geoffrey below)

Geoffrey: Fancy meeting you here, Princess!

Xplode: (growls a bit)

Deimos: Are you ok, Xplode?

Xplode: Nothing...I'm fine...

Discord: (notices Xplode is growling a bit when he noticed Geoffrey caught Sally) (smiles deviliously & evily) Hmm, perfect...(suddendly got tackled by Congar) Hey!

Congar: Not so fast!

Discrod: Lucky shot, but not good enough (teleports again)

Congar: Hey! Not again!

Astro Boy: He keeps teleporting every time we attack him, it's like he's a ghost...

Spongebob: Yes & he's a very tricky fighter he is too...

Sonic & Applejack: (runs out of the reach of Dynamac-3000)

Sonic: Not sure if Sal has gone from the frying pan into the fire...but it's a no brainer that I have! C'mon, Rotor! I could use a new trick about now!

HF Rotor: New trick? Okie dokie...(flys up, distracting the bot) (laughing dopily, having fun) Whoops, missed me!

Vezok: He meant the other Rotor, Rotor Walrus...

Applejack: At least Helicopter Rotor is distracting the robot...

Rarity: (gulps) The intense wind is ruining my mane...

Reidak: (sighs & then makes the contact to STH Rotor & Antoine)

(Inside the plane)

STH Rotor: Remember those modifications I mentioned earlier, Antoine?

Antoine: Qui, mon Ami!

Reidak: (in communicator) Rotor, Antoine, Tails? Are you there?

STH Rotor: Yes, we're just about to come up a plan here...

Reidak: Well you betta do it fast cause Discord is heading your way in about seconds, Reidak out (turns off the comunicator)

STH Rotor: Brace yourselves, Everyone! Move the 'convert' switch from horizontal to vertical flight...allowing us to drawl attenton away from Sonic!

Antoine: (does so)

STH Rotor: Now accelerate on the thrusters, Antoine!

Antoine: (does so, causing the engines to convert to a vertical flight mode. Hitting full thrust, the force turns the robot's attention away from Sonic, so it can keep its grip on the plane)

Discord: (notices this) Not this time! (teleports to on top of the robot)

STH Rotor: More power! Keep the Dynamac's focus on us!

Discord: (appears on top of the Dynamac) You think it's clever, do ya? Well think again!

Spongebob: Discord's distracted, this is our chance! (starts running towards the Dynamac, climbing on top of it, only to spot Discord) Discord?!

Discord: How's about a little rematch, with round two?

Spongebob: (sighs) If you insist...(spindashes at Discord)

Sonic: (spots the slot on the back of the bot's head) There it is! 'X' marks the spot!

Discord: (grabbing Spongebob by the throat) I have you now! Any last words?

Sonic: Just one...

Discord: (notices Sonic inserting the device he showed earlier into the Dynamac) What's this?

Sonic: Bull's-eye!! (He activates it, causing the electronics in the robot to scramble)

Discord: No!

Spongebob: Oh yes! (spindashes out of Discord's hands)

Discord: (felt the burn from his palms) Ow! That actually hurt, your gonna pay! (notices the Mane 6 surrounding him) Oh my....

Sonic: We wish we could say I'm sorry to hit 'n' run...(jumps off the train)...but somehow, I don't think you'd buy that!

Discord: This isn't over, I'll be back! (teleports back to Plankton's lair)

Twilight Sparkle: He's gone, but this is not the last will see of Discord...

Spongebob: Come on guys, the bot's gonna blow!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then jumps off the train & lands safely)

Geoffrey: (lets out a signal, getting the attention of his group from the locomotive)

2 Mobian Chipmunks: (notices the signal)

Mobian Chipmunk #1 (Jean-Claude): There's St. John's signal! Sonic & the All Stars did their part! Take the bloke out, Dolph!

Mobian Chipmunk #2 (Dolph): Dead in my sights, Jean-Claude!

(They aim their weapons at the Dynamac and fire, destroying it with ease. With the robot gone, they stop the train)

Spongebob: Out with the bad & in with the good....bye-bye Dynamac!


(Everyone is packing boxes & crates filled with equipment and supplies as Sally & Geoffrey have a talk with each other)

Spongebob: Well done, my little did a very good job...

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you Spongebob, we've done our best...

Pinkie Pie: Yeah, we showed that big meany pants who's in charge...

Spongebob: You mean "Discord"? I don't think that's the last of him yet...

Rarity: (fixing her mane back to it's former glory)

Sally: It won't be long before Robotnik & Plankton discovers he's lost another one...but until they do, we might as well make the most of it.

Rainbow Dash: I hate to admit it, but you did awesome's just that I have a strange feeling before...

Xplode: That makes the two of us...

Geoffrey: I was thinkin' the same, luv! The train is useful! We can make use of it's equipment and supplies! Until next time, Princess...!

Sally & Geoffrey: (share a goodbye kiss)

Applejack: Well, y'all come back now, ya here?

Geoffrey: (leaves in the train)

All Star Freedom Fighters (Except Xplode): (waves goodbye and calls after her. This goes on for some moments before Xpolde rounds on them, suddenly very angry.)

Xplode: Shut up! (They are stunned into silence)

Applejack: What's wrong, Xplode?

Avak: Yeah, we're just saying goodbye to Geoffrey St. John

Xplode: I have a strange feeling even more than Rainbow Dash

Spongebob: Then why are you making goo goo eyes over Sally

Xplode: (sighs & then facepalms) Never mind what I said, I didn't say anything...

Rarity: (feels suspeicious about Xplode)

Rarity: I have a strange feeling also, almost like Xplode's in love with Sally...that's sooo romantic...

Tails: I don't think Sonic is gonna like this!

Antoine: I fail to see what she sees in zat commonair! Her taste in ze men, it leaves a lot to be desired!

Reidak: Your telling me...

Avak: And me...

Sonic: We're all packed and ready to go, Rotor! (notices Sally) Oh, hi, Sal!

Sally: Hi, Sonic! I guess we should get on board then!

Meltdown: Alright then...

Sonic: Yeah, right! (in thought: She's just trying to get me jealous over some geek with a beret! Well, two can play at that game!

Xplode: (in thought: Make that 3...)

Spongebob: So are we ready to go?

Rainbow Dash: That's ok with me, I love to stretch my legs! Let's fly! (flys off with everyone else following Rainbow Dash in the plane)

(At the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: They did what?!

Discord: They destroyed the Dynamac-3000, just like I said before...

Plankton: (growls) (sighs) Fine, what else did you find out?

Discord: I have good news, Xplode is in love with Princess Sally & so are Sonic & Geoffrey, which makes Xplode vunurable once we have her in our possession...

Plankton: (smiles evily) Well, well, it's about time...well done Discord, you found one of the All Stars' weaknesses...

Discord: Thank you Plankton...

Plankton: And your powers have grown quite stronger...I believe payback is in to prepare the Master Jack-X & Discord? Your in charge of the construction of the Master Jack-X...this is one of my ways of saying..."Congratulations"...for now....

Discord: (smiles evily)

The End