This is the 39th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick, Donkey Kong & HF Rotor

Main Villains: Verminious Snaptrap & D.O.O.M.

Story #1: Transcript

Blast to the Past, SpongeGar, Patar & Squag on the Present (Part 1)

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters are on a snowy sbcliffside, with Sally Acorn hanging down the edge of the cliff by a rope & the All Star Freedom Fighters climbing up to the top)

Ezekiel: Are we there yet?

Eddy: (groans) Ezekiel, stop asking us that!

Spongebob: Don't worry we can make it to the top of the mountain...

HF Rotor: Oh boy, oh boy, I am ready for action! I love action! I'm ready to go!

(They reached the top)

Hakann: Hey, knock it off or I'll...(suddendly dodges the laser being blasted by a Swatbot) What the...?!

(A number of Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots arrive, ambushing the group)

Donkey Kong: Ambush!

Bunnie: Sonic the Hedgehog look out! It's a bot ambush!!

Spongebob: And guess who's here? It's D.O.O.M. & their leader, Snaptrap, from the Plankton Empire!

Snaptrap: (with Ollie, Francisco & Larry) Darn! I was trying to be sneaky until you guys came along & ruin my chances of being sneaky, this time I'm gonna make you guys fall down the the snowy mountian while I'm causing an avalance that will burry you all alive! Pretty sneaky huh? Larry is our first test subject...

Larry: Wait, what?!

Snaptrap: Observe...(kicks Larry down the snowy mountian, causing him to roll into a snowball which got bigger & bigger & bigger until he crashed into a large wall)

Larry: (covered in a large pile of snow) Ow! Frostbites!

Snaptrap: I always wanted to do that to Larry, ever since I went to the snowy hills...anywho...stop them!

Donkey Kong: Over our dead bodies...BANANA SLAMMER!!! (charges at D.O.O.M., ramming right through them, knocking them away) Helicopter Rotor, go!

HF Rotor: I'm ready! (flys up to the Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots, tackling them) Heyo everybody!

Sonic: (reach out his hand to Sally, while Bunnie & STH Rotor holds onto Sonic) Grab on, Sal...

Spongebob: Watch out!

Swatbot: (fires at the rope holding Sally, sending her plummeting down the cliff)

Sally: My rope's cut!! I'm FALLING!

Xplode: Sally!

Antoine: PRINCESS!

Patrick: Uh oh...

Tails: (flies in in the knick-of-time and grabs Sally from her freefall) Gotcha, Sal !!

Sally: Nice catch, Tails! Whew!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Phew...

(All the while, the SWATbots & the Jack-1 Bots continue to fire at the group on the cliff)

Spongebob: (spindashes at the SWATbots & the Jack-1 Bots) Let's get outta here!

Pumbaa: Where?

Timon: Anywhere

Bunnie: This way, everyone!

(The Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters then begins to run down the mountain)

Donkey Kong: Looks like they found us...

Sonic: How did those metallic meatballs know we were up here?

Spongebob: I think I know, look! (points to Verminious Snaptrap & his D.O.O.M. agents along with a Swatbot, a Jack-1 Bot & a robodog)

Sonic: Whoops! That's how!

Snaptrap: Sick'em, boy!


Justin: (gulps) What is that?

Sonic: They tracked us with a Robodog!

Spongebob: Oh my!

Patrick: That's one mad poochie...

HF Rotor: That Robodoggy's mad...

Sonic: (reconises the robodog which is actually a roboticized Muttski) Robobdog? Why that's...that's...MUTTSKI !

Vezok: Who?

Mecha Muttski: GRRRRR...

Bunnie: You know that Dog, sugah?

Duncan: How?

Sonic: Muttski is my dog, Bunnie! He was captured and roboticized at the same time as my Uncle Chuck!...He was my best friend and the only dog that I liked better than a chili dog! He even saved my life once!

Boomerang Bird: Whoa, cool !

Cody: (gulps)

Bunnie: Looks like he wants to take back the favor!

Spongebob: Prepare yourselves, here it comes!

Mecha Muttski: (charges at the heroes)

Hakann: Stay back!

Sonic: Muttski, stop! It's me...Sonic...don't you remember?!

Mecha Muttski: ROWF! (screeches to a stop)

Lindsay: It stopped?

Beth: But why?

Sonic: He remembers!

Spongebob: That was a close one...

Eva: And here I was going to release my power punches against that power pooch & D.O.O.M.

Snaptrap: (notices that Mecha Muttski & the Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots leaving) Hey! Come back here! We're not done with the heroes yet...where are you going?

Bunnie: But he's leaving with the other bots!

Spongebob: I wonder why

Meltdown: This is just getting weirder & weider...

Sonic: Muttski ! Come back! I can help you! MUTTSKI !!...

Rainbow Dash: Come on, let's go get him (about to chase Mecha Muttski, until she heard a voice)

???: Let him go, Sonic! (reveals himself to be Mecha Uncle Chuck, holding a controller)

Sonic: Uncle Chuck!

Spongebob: What are you doing here?

Edd: And why are you holding a controller?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I called off that bot attack, Sonic! Through my mind is no longer under Robotnik's control, I still have access to some of his secret codes and equipment!

Hakann: Nice!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: But I'm afraid the same can't be said for poor Muttski's mind! He's still a bot, Sonic, and since he knowns your scent better than any anyone...he's your most dangerous foe!

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness...

Donkey Kong: This is nuts!

Sonic: I'll never believe that! Not Muttski!

Snaptrap: (can't take it anymore) That's it, D.O.O.M. Agents, attack!

D.O.O.M. Agents: (Charges towards the Heroes)

Spongebob: Come on let's stop D.O.O.M. once again...

Dudley: Yeah, HI-GEE-GEE!

All Stars: (starts attacking D.O.O.M. with their attacks)

Snaptrap: (screams, but then got hurt by Spongebob's spindash) Ow! That hurt...

HF Rotor: Wanna go for a ride, D.O.O.M.? (kicks Snaptrap & the D.O.O.M. agents down the snowy mountain, forming a growing snowball around themselves & it keeps on growing as it rolls down, until they crashed into a mountain wall)


Snaptrap: Aw rats, I hate those All Stars! (got covered by the falling snow from up above on a snowy ledge)

Spongebob: That takes care of D.O.O.M. for a while...

Antoine: Stop all zis fuelish talk! We must leave before ze bots return! Follow me, everyone...(walks over a cliff & notices) EEEP! (tumbles off a small cliff instead & starts to roll down the snowy hill) WWAAAHAHAHOOOO!

Tails: Look! Antoine is doin' a Sonic spin!

Ed: Look at him go, guys!

Astro: Antoine! (goes down after Antoine)

Antoine: (hits another cliff wall that stops him, but as he opens his eyes, he sees an ice-preserved historic Mobian bear with Spongegar, Patar & Squog in the cliff)

Bunnie & Astro: Are you okay, Antoine?

Edd: Are you alright?

Antoine: Well, zat depends...if zis is a dream, zen I am okay! If it is not, zen...

Duncan: 3...2...1...

Antoine: (in fear) HALP!

Ed: Boy Antoine, you desserve a shake for that...

Spongebob: Is that...Spongegar...?

Patrick: Patar...?

Squidward:...and Squog?

Knothole Freedom Fighters: Who?

Tree Rex: We can explain...


Tree Rex: And that's all we know, but what do you think it is?

Noah: It's nearly as ancient like the Giants...

Donkey Kong: What do you think that frozen being could be, Chuck...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: My guess is that blast from one of the bots opened up the chasm where this prehistoric mobian bear was accidentally frozen with your 3 ancestors...about eight thousand years ago!

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (gulps)

Mordecai & Rigby: Whoa...

Owen: Oh, Oh! Does it have a name?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (chuckles) Your in luck Owen, his scientific name is Mobus Ursidae Sapiens!

Edd: Interesting name...

Tails: Can't we call him "Mobie" for short?

Zaktan: (sighs) Fine...Mobie it is...

Spongebob: (notices Sonic is a bit cautious) Are you ok? You know how Spongegar, Patar & Squog looks like now, like me, Patrick & Squidward...

Sonic: I know, but I'm getting mondo-bad vibes from this! We should leave them where we found him!

Heather: Finally, someone who is speaking my language...

STH Rotor: I disagree, Sonic!

Donkey Kong: Yeah me too! Uh...about what?

STH Rotor: It's possible that the ice preserved this mobian! I think the humane thing to to take them back to Knothole and try to REVIVE him!

Eddy: (gets an idea) Wait a minute, that's it ! This could be the greatest exhibit for Mobius to see & here...come on, let's have a talk with the past...litterally!

Congar: And people think that Robots are intelligent enough to do this job...

(The Giants & Monsters begins to carry a frozen Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog back to Knothole, as the Heroes follows them not to far behind...)

Blast to the Past, SpongeGar, Patar & Squag on the Present (Part 2)

(At Knothole)

(In STH Rotor's lab, Rotor uses a glaciator device he captured from Robotnik to thaw Mobie the Mobian bear, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog)

Thok: (with Sonic, STH Rotor & the rest of the All Stars) I'm gonna miss all that ice...

STH Rotor: Sonic the Hedgehog & All Stars this glaciator we captured from Robotnik also works in reverse! I've adjusted it's components to melt the ice around Mobie!

Sonic: In other words, you're defrosting!

Harold: Looks like it...

STH Rotor: Yes, but it must be done very, very slowly over a period of DAYS!

Hakann, Mordecai & Rigby: Aw what?!

Sonic: Days?!

Patrick: That's it! This is taking too long, they want the warmth now!

Sonic: Hopee you don't mind if I skip the first thrilling forty hours of ice-melting...(prepares to run off, but accidentally knocks into the glaciator, setting it into overdrive)...oops!

Pinkie Pie: Uh oh...

Patrick: (grabs the glaciator & aims it at the frozen cavemen) Don't worry, you'll be free!


Spongebob: Pat, no!

(The Glaciator launches a large blast at the beast, thawing it quickly, releasing the cavemen)

Patrick: You're free!

HF Rotor: Hi !

Donkey Kong: Oh no, it's free too quickly...

STH Rotor: Oh, no! When you hit the Glaciator you turned up the heat!

Duncan: Now you've done it, Sonic!

Sonic: Sorry, guys! I didn't mean to microwave them...

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (starts moving their eyes)

SpongeGar: Huh?

STH Rotor: Sonic! I think they moved!

Sonic: You're right, Rotor! He's ALIVE!!

Spongebob: You mean, They're alive!

Patrick: (screams) They're alive!

Squidward: (gulps) Ok, maybe I'm creeped out before...

Squog: Huh? Goma?

Harold: Hold on, listen...

Sonic: ...and he's trying to say something!

Donkey Kong: I wonder what it is...(to the Cavemen) Donkey Kong...

Mobie: Ah...ah...

Patar: (looks around) Yabba? Dabba?

Mobie: (smashes the glaciator with his clubs) ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!


SpongeGar: (screams as they begin to run around like crazy)

Squog: (yelling)

Spongebob: Ok, poor choice of words

Donkey Kong: Was it something I said?

STH Rotor: I don't think that's early mobian for "Thanks for reviving me"!

Yellow Bird: Ya think?

Sonic: Careful ! He's got eiht thousand year old morning breath!

Rarity: He really needs to have a shave also & also some new choice of clothes as well...

SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (running around like crazy) Yabba Dabba!

SpongeGar: (notices Giants) Yabba Dabba! Yabba!

Patar: Yabba Dabba! (notices a mailbox) Yabba Dabba!

Avak: Boo!

Patar: AAAAHH! (runs off, climbing a cabin)

Avak: What? I'm bored again...

HF Rotor: They look very angry...

SpongeGar & Squog: (breaks through the door & looks around)

Mobie: (jumps through the window flying out the lab's window and scaring Sally, by smasing one of the buckets that Sally is carrying with a long stick with) GRRARGH!

Sally; Eeek!

Spongebob: Sally, no!

Antoine: (notices Mobie scaring Sally) Eh?

Xplode: Not again! Somebody stop those Cavemen, they're on a mad spree!

Donkey Kong: (goes up to Patar, trying to calm him down, but got attacked by him in the process) Ow, ow, ow! What did I do? Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Twilight Sparkle: SpongeGar, please stop it!

SpongeGar: (notices Twilight & then hops on her back) Horsey!

Spongebob: SpongeGar, no! Get off of her please? Thank you...

SpongeGar: (confused) Huh?

Squog: Monga...

Xplode & Antoine: (goes up to Mobie)

Xplode: Hey! Over here you big ape!

Congar: What?

Donkey Kong: Uh excuse me?

Xplode: I met Mobie...

Donkey Kong & Congar: Oh

Antoine: Y-you are keeping your paws off ze Princess or I will...

Mobie: Rrrrg...

Xplode: Don't make me use my kung-fu!

???: (grabs Mobie's club)

Mobie: ?! (being swooped away on top of a tree branch by ???)

Antoine: !

SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (notices ??? & then got scared & runs up to the same tree, climbing onto the same branch)

Zaktan: But who?

Edd: Why?

Magmo: What?

Spongebob: (notices ??? who is actually Bunnie Rabbot) It's Bunnie!

Bunnie: Now you all stay up in that tree until you calm down! You understand, sugah?

Mobie: ?!

SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (nods yes) Mmm-hmm...

Avak: Man, that was close...thanks to Bunnie, the cavemen are now calm again...

Astro: But they don't know that Mobius has changed into a forest like enviroment...

Spongebob: At least, they know it's the Modern Era, right? (chuckles nervously)

Sonic: I told you we should have left the big dopes frozen!

Patrick: Who are you calling a dope?

Spongebob: Our ancestors are no dopes...!

Antoine: For once, Sonic is right ! He is ze libarian!

Sally: I think you mean Barbarian, Antoine!

HF Rotor: They're funny...

Donkey Kong: They've gone totally bananas...

Edd: I think being frozen for too long & eventually they got the case of future shock & can't handle the unfamiliar sights & sounds in thousands of years into the future & finally they've snapped & gone on an out of control rampage...

Hot Head: Oh man!

Tails: They'll wreck Knothole!

Astro Boy: We need an idea on how to calm the cavemen down...

STH Rotor: You're forgetting something, guys...Double D is right, Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog are way out of place in our modern's got to be a total shock to them!

Courtney: Meaning...?

STH Rotor: Give them a chance to adjust and I bet you'll see another side of Mobie & the other 3!

Spongebob: I guess your right...

Donkey Kong: Alright, we'll give it a shot...

Sonic: I hope so! The side we're seeing now is pretty gruesome!

Togera: Don't think about it

Sonic: Alright, if you say so...

Bunnie: Wait ! Mobie was holdin' a paintbrush when we found him! Maybe he's one of those cave painters...

Fluttershy: Oh my, he is a cave painter...if they are cave painters...

Bunnie: ...and maybe ART is the way to communicate with them! Ah'll be right back! (walks back inside a cabin)

Fluttershy: Oh, I do hope we can figure out a way to communicate with wild animals, especially when they are from the past...


Hakann: What is Bunnie doing?

Avak: I don't know, but she's coming back with a picture...

Bunnie: (returns with a large piece of paper & uses her robotic legs to extend her legs' length & shows Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog a picture of Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog holding hands with the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters and shows it to him, trying to show that they are friends) Look here, Sugah! I drew this symbol for friendship! Understand? We all want to be your friends!

Mobie: ?!!

SpongeGar: Friend?

Patar & Squog: Uh?

Twilight Sparkle: Let's hope it works...

Avak: Let's hope she knows what she's doing...

Sonic: Let's hope he doesn't mistake it for a valentine!

Spongebob: Wait look!

Mobie: (grabs the picture & looks at it) Grfmf?? (remembering his old family) Arrgh?! (With that memory back, he hops of the tree)

Spongebob: What the?!

Bunnie: Mobie! Wait! Where are you going?

Avak: Stop!

Mobie: GRRF! (lands on Sonic)

Sonic: OOF!

Donkey Kong: Wait!

SpongeGar: YABBA! DABBA! (hops off & lands on Spongebob)

Spongebob: Ow!

Patar: (carries Squog) YABBA DABBA! (jumps off)

Squog: AAH!!

Patar: (lands on Squidward)

Squidward: Ow my neck!

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (runs off)

Twiight Sparkle: Oh my, Spongebob, Squidward & Sonic are you three ok?

Spongebob: We're good...nothing broken...

Squidward: Except my neck...

Fluttershy: Wait! Come back! Come back!

Donkey Kong: They're getting away!

Sonic: Good riddance! I knew that trying to communicate with them was a waste of time!

HF Rotor: Where is he going?

STH Rotor: He's probably going back to the cave where we found him

Applejack: Then that means SpongeGar, Patar & Squog are heading after him

Bunnie: Not if the bots find them first! Someone's got to catch them!

Kitty: And maybe Snaptrap are still back at the mountain & that's the direction they're heading, we have to get there fast!

Spongebob: All Stars, let's go!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters goes after the Cavemen)

Sonic: (sighs) And being the fastest dude in town, I guess I'm elected! (follows the All Stars)

Blast to the Past, SpongeGar, Patar & Squag on the Present (Part 3)

(Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters runs around the mountain that they found Mobie, but despite going all over it, he is unable to find him)

Owen: (crawling, panting heavily) Guys, please slow down! I don't think I have that kind of energy left in me, must...have...condition!

Heather: Yeah, it's called "over-eating." Look into it.

Leshawna: Well, what's your excuse, you skinny, annoying... whew! (leans against a boulder) Too tired for insults.

Sonic: We've been over, under and around this moutain ten times already...what a waste of sixty seconds!

Spongebob: But the others are coming towards us for about 30 minutes...

Sonic:...and still no sign o those prehistoric pests!

Spongebob: I told you, stop saying that my ancestors are pests...

Sonic: Alright, I'm sorry...(locates the 4 Cavemen in a chasm, but they're surrounded by Snaptrap, his D.O.O.M. agents, SWATbots & Jack-1 Bots) Uh-oh! There he is...I suppose I'll have to rescue the big ape!

Spongebob: And so are our 3 ancestors!


SpongeGar: Yabba Dabba!

Donkey Kong: Come on, let's go save the cavemen!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (charges at D.O.O.M. , going down the chasm)

Patrick: Don't worry, we'll save you!

Snaptrap: Oh come on! You guys again? Alright, that tears it! This means war!

(D.O.O.M. charges at the All Star Freedom Fighters

(All Star Freedom Fighters vs. D.O.O.M.)

Sonic: (follows the All Stars) Oh well, I still owe those bots for ambushing us! I've been working on this variation of my Sonic spin...(starts spinning around upward, forming a tornado around him) But I can only do this...iff I haven't had...a big lunch!

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (watches as all the SWATbots & Jack-1 Bots are caught in Sonic's tornado and flown away)

Squog: Wha?

Larry: Oh no, not again!

Spongebob: Nice one...!

Sonic: (losing control of his motion) TA-DA! Another great performance by Sonic the Hedgehog! Thank you! Thank...

Donkey Kong: Watch...!

Sonic: (whacking his face into the chasm wall) You!

Donkey Kong: ...out!

Sonic: (falls down and goes unconscious, just as Muttski arrives on the scene)

Snaptrap: Aha! Your no threat now...

Mecha Muttski: RRROWF! Grrrrrr...

Spongebob: Ok, easy boy, easy...

(The All Stars continues to take down D.O.O.M. easily)

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (who are starting to escape the scene by climbing up the chasm wall, looks down to see Mecha Muttski treading toward the All Stars & the unconscious Sonic)

Donkey Kong: Stay back! Don't make me use my power punches against you...

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (looks up and sees a protruding rock, which gives them an idea)

Mobie: (grabs a rope he had and lassos it around the rock)

Mecha Muttski: (is now in a full run, about to attack Sonic) GROWR!

Spongebob: Get ready, here it comes!

(Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog flies down, swinging on his rope, and grabs Sonic in the knick-of-time, causing Muttski to ram into D.O.O.M., crashing into the chasm wall)

Hakann: Whoa!

Astro Boy: That's very clever of them.

Justin: They did have brains after all...

Snaptrap: I will now, plot my revenge! And tell that mutt to quit chewing my butt! It really hurts!

Dudley: I know, don't chew your butt in public...(suddendly chews his butt like a dog)

HF Rotor: Now we will finish that robot mutt!

Mobie: (about to smash Mecha Muttski with a large rock) ARRRRRRRRGH!

Black Bird: Now we will finish that robot once and for all !

Sonic: Wait, Mobie! Stop!

SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: Huh? Metal Dog, bad!

Sonic: Try to understand what I'm saying...don't hurt him!...He's my dog!...

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: ??

Fluttershy: Guess we need to draw pictures to understand them...

Spongebob: That's it! Fluttershy, your a genius!

Fluttershy: (smiles)

Sonic: We'll communicate with you the way Bunnie drawing a picture in the dirt with this stick! (starts drawing on the ground, showing that he loves Muttski)

Mobie: ??

Red Bird: Ok then...take a look...

Spongebob: This is a picture of Sonic loves Muttski

SpongeGar: (slowly) Love?

Sonic: See? That's me and that's Muttski! Sure he's a vicious killer bot...but I love him!

SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: Oh! (the 3 & Mobie goes up to Mecha Muttski)

Sonic: ?!

HF Rotor: Hm?

Mobie: (picks up Mecha Muttski) (happily) RGRF!

Patrick: Aww...

Spongebob: Now for your apology...say sorry...

Sonic: Yeah, looks like I owe you an apology pal ! Next time I meet an eight thousand year old mobian, I won't be such a chili-brain!

Donkey Kong: Now, let's get back to Knothole...

Spongebob: Ok, let's go...

(Back at Knothole...)

(The All Stars, Sonic, Mecha Muttski & the 4 Cavemen arrives back at Knothole & Uncle Chuck is able to restore Muttski's consciousness, but not his body, making him good again)

Avak: Nice work...

Mecha Muttski: (licking Sonic)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I couldn't make Muttski a dog again, but I was able to restore his consciousness!

Swarm: And don't worry, we will bring back you too...

Sonic: I missed you too, boy!

Spongebob: Ok, but what about Mobie & Patrick's, Squidward's & my ancestors...?

Boggy B: He was getting to that...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: As for you, my prehistoric friends, I can't send you back in time...but I can make our world a bit more familiar to you!

SpongeGar: Hm?!

Mobie: ?!

Zaktan: Where's that?

( the Mobian Jungle)

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (now happy at the surroundings of the jungle)

Donkey Kong: They loved their new home

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Not even Robotnik and his bots, know about this Mobian Jungle! The environments too harsh for modern folks, but you should find it just like home, Mobie!

Spongebob: Same goes for SpongeGar, Patar & Squog...

Patrick: Yeah...

Sonic: If not, you can always come back to your!

Raw Jaw: Let's go home

Sonic: Say goodbye to Mobie, Muttski ! Sit up and give him your paw!

Patrick: And don't forget our 3 ancestors...

(Muttski takes this literally, and detaches his paw as Mobie shakes it)

Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (now dumbfolded) !!

Hakann: Oh no, not again!

Mecha Muttski: Rowf!

Sonic: I've gotta remembr that you're a ROBOT! (laughs)

Kitty: Now then, I wonder what happen to Snaptrap & his agents?

(With Snaptrap)

Snaptrap, Ollie, Francisco, Larry & the other D.O.O.M. agents: (walking back to the Mega Chum Bucket, in Robotropolis)

Larry: I wonder how we will ever explain this to Plankton?

Snaptrap: Never mind that...our new recruits are beggining to have a common enemy...

The End