This is the 4th episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes (Story 1): Spongebob, Noah & Lightning

Main Villains (Story 1): Dr. Robotnik, Plankton & the Chameleon

Main All Star Heroes (Story 2): Spongebob & Avak

Main Villains (Story 2): Burrobot & Goliath-Prime

Main All Star Heroes (Story 3): Spongebob, Patrick Star & Twilight Sparkle

Main Villains (Story 3): Plankton & King Pig

Story #1: Transcript

The Bomb Bugs Us! Disguising Dum Dums (Part 1)

(In Knothole, the All Star Freedom Fighters are looking at the moniter with Sally & Boomer to see Sonic coming back to Knothole)

Rotor: Sonic the Hedgehog is coming this way at incredible speed, Princess Sally!

Harold: And he's coming closer!

Sally: How fast is he going, Boomer?

(Suddendly Sonic is already here, even faster than the tv camera transmit the pictures)

Squidward: What the..?!

Sonic: Faster than Boomer's TV camera can transmit pictures of me!

Boomer: (looking back & forth at Sonic & the Moniter) Huh? Wha--how?

Rigby: Wait, how did he...?

Sally: Oh, he just loves to show off on the first page!

Mordecai & Rigby: Whao!

Mordecai: Wait, what?

Spongebob: Ever since we've stopped Plankton from taking over Bikini Bottom, we've noticed that the Underground Zone is not the main zone of Sonic the Hedgehog, according to the Zone Cops & the commanding officer, Zonic. The Prime Zone is the main zone. Guess that answers my question

Sonic: Sorry if I scared you, big guy!


Heather: Yes you, Boomer.

Sally: Sonic, we're Freedom Fighters & they're the All Star Freedom Fighters! We don't scare easily!

Edd: That's what make these freedom fighters great, they're never scared of anything.

Sonic: Good! Then you'll be able to handle this news!

Owen: Ok Sonic, what's the news?

Sonic: Robotnik & Plankton both got "The Bomb"!

Sally & Boomer: (Shrieks)

Noah: That & sometimes they get paranoid about this "The Bomb"

Sonic: I was just over in Robotropolis trash a few SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots when I overheard Blubberbuns!


Sonic: (smashing SWATbots & Prototype Jack Bots)

SWATbot: I got him

Prototype Jack Bot: I got him

SWATbot & Prototype Jack Bot: (crashes into each other) Ow!

Plankton: (from inside) Crabmeat says that everything's arranged, Robotnik.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: At last! (snickers)

Sonic: ? (stops & then looks through the winder to see Dr. Robotnik & Plankton planning something evil)

Dr. Robotnik: (holding Crabmeat) You're sure it's all arranged, Crabmeat, just like you asked Plankton?

Crabmeat: Indeed, oh keeper of the spare tire! "The Bomb" is almost ready! And Plankton, one of your officers, named "The Chameleon" is almost done building "The Bomb"

Dr. Robotnik: (throws Crabmeat in the air) Excellent! Once I detonate it, every last one of them will die!

Plankton: And finally, he'll have some lunch. At least the Chameleon will be having delicious exploded pests for lunch.

Sonic: (gasps) (thinks that could be an Atomic Bomb)

End of Flashback

Eye-Brawl: You mean "The Bomb" is an Atomic Bomb?!

Sonic: Yes & it's our worst nightmare come true, Sally!

Sally: I'll say...a deadly weapon in those chubby hands

Edd: Don't forget those stubby tiny hands.

Sally: Yeah that too. If those 2 detonated it in the great forest, every living thing -- plant and animal -- would be perish!

Astro Boy: (gasps)

Sonic: It's more than that...

Swarm: Huh?

Sonic: If they got one, they can get more because of the Chameleon! Both doctors won't be happy until our Mobius is a lifeless planet!

Hot Head: What?!

Boomer: That's why they call it a "Cold War"...Because we'll all be...(gulps) on Ice!

Dawn: (gasps) Oh my goodness, this could mean a terrible disaster if we won't stop this.

Thumpback: Ouch.

Hakann: How about "Out of the frying pan & into the fire"? Does that count?

Spongebob: I think so.

Sally: Guys, we can't let that happen! All of us must demonstrate our resolve for a bomb-free world!

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, we must make an Uprising, if we don't, Plankton & Robotnik will suceed

Duncan: (notices Boomer singing sadly)

Boomer: (singing sadly) Swing low...Sweet chariot...

Duncan: How about singing "Super Loserdum" because you all forgot that Eye-Brawl is the only one that might not be affected by the atomic bomb

Rainbow Dash: How can you even tell?

Ezekiel:  Duh eh? Because he's the Giant that has the element of, how do you say, "The Undead". (rim shot)

(But everyone doesn't get the joke)

Eye-Brawl: Not cool, Ezekiel.

Eye-Brawl: Ha ha ha, very funny Ezekiel.

Duncan: That's not even what I meant Ezekiel, not in a joke kind of way.

Sonic: (gets an idea) Sally did you say, "Demostrate"? And Twilight, did you say "Uprising"? That gives me an idea!

Spongebob: I was thinking that the same thing too. Great minds must think alike.

Meltdown: (facepalms) Oh boy.

(A short time later, at Robotnik's HQ)

Plankton: Status?

Prototype Jack Bot: We've picked up some intruders.

SWATbot: And their Protestors, my lumpy liege & Micro boss.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Impossible! I've outlawed all religious freedom!

SWATbot: Not protestants! Protestors! You're being picketed! (points to Sonic, Sally & Boomer outside, holding picket signs)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices) Gadzooks!

Plankton: What the barnicles?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And look who it is...Sonic, Princess Sally and that over weight walrus! Tsk!...Tsk! How can anyone let ourselves get so obese?

Plankton: Hmm, I'm not sure

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Never mind that now!

Plankton: Infact, the All Star Freedom Fighters had left those 3 bone heads wide open to ambush! They're very stupid to leave them alone.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Assemble a squadron of SWATbots!

Plankton: Same with a squadron of Prototype Jack Bots!

SWATbot: At once, your Aotundity

Prototype Jack Bot: Right away, your one eyed greatness sir.


Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (with a squadron of SWATbots & Prototype Jack-4 Bots)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Follow me, 'Bots! We will crush this Uprising! Ready...set...

Plankton: GO!

(Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton along with the SWATbots & the Prototype Jack Bots, charges at Sonic, Sally & Boomer)

Dr. Robotnik: And remember...No prisoners!...No Survivors...No...

(Suddendly they crashed towards the brick wall, giving the All Star Freedom Fighters' chance to sneak inside the base)

Izzy: I can't believe that this is so awesome to pull off the old Hologram on the wall trick. It's like the time when I was asleep in my bed having this wonderful dream about vikings and bull sharks and I was the president of Canada. I just declared it to be Free Root Beer Day! FREE ROOT BEER FOR EVERYONE! (sigh) Good times. Good times.

The Chameleon: (peeks his head through the window) What the? What's going on here? And what happened?

Dr. Robotnik: Oof! (feels dizzy) What the---? We hit the wall! The Freedom Fighters weren't there!

Plankton: Uh, I think they're on your belly.

Dr. Robotnik: They what? (notices that the Freedom Fighters on their belly, not knowing that they're all hologram) My which? When... Why... Woooo-Ha! (faints)

SWATbot: Robotnik's out like a light!

Plankton: You think? Anyway how come they dissapear & reappear again

The Chameleon: That's because they're Holograms!

Plankton: They're what?!

Sally & Sonic: (from close by with a Holograhic projection)

Sally: It worked! Projecting that movie of us on the wall fooled the fat man & the green one eyed freak!

Sonic: Good! Now that the All Stars are inside, let's get "The Bomb" before he recovers!

The Chameleon: (hears everything they said) So, they getting "The Bomb" hmm, they will not foil my plans soon enough! Ooh, meal worm! (catches & eats the meal worm with his tounge)

The Bomb Bugs Us! Disguising Dum Dums! (Part 2)

(As Sonic, Sally & the All Stars heads inside, they saw Robotnik & Plankton in front of the door)

Plankton: Gotcha All Stars!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You and Princess Sally must be eleminated!

Sonic: Excellent! Well done!

Sally: An outstanding preformance!

Spongebob: Ok, you can take off the disguise now.

(Robotnik & Plankton tooks off their masks revealing to be Boomer as Robotnik & Noah as Plankton

Boomer: Thanks, your majesty!...I can do other voices besides Robotnik! ... Want to hear my James Cagney?

Sally: Not now, Boomer.

Noah: Great, I can't believe you taught into wearing this ridiculous suit.

Twilight Sparkle: Sorry Noah but you might be the perfect match to disguising Plankon cause your small & has the brains, now quick put the masks back on you two!

Sonic: Yeah... let's get this show on the road!

Spongebob: And it's right through this door.

Noah: Alright (puts the mask back on)

Boomer: (puts the mask back on)

Owen: Wow, Noah is a great guy & he's perfect for disguising as Plankton, because they're both small, thin & smart. But with Eggman's Form, Plankton's now really tall.

Sonic: (opens the door to see Crabmeat & the Chameleon trying to catch the fly) There's his right claw man, Crabmeat, along with one of Plankton's Officers the Chameleon, down the hall!

Spongebob: Call them, Boomer & Noah!

Noah: Right. (clears throat) (Plankton's Voice) Chameleon! Front & center!

Boomer: (Cagney's voice) Ooooo... come hee-ya, Crabmeat, you doity rat! Ooooo...

Sally: Not as Cahney! As Robotnik!

Spongebob: (sighs)

Sonic: Sheesh!

Spongebob: You can do this! Go get'em! (pushes Boomer & Noah through the door way)

Boomer: Gotcha!...ahem...(Robotnik's Voice) Crabmeat! Front and center, you bottom feeding flunky!

Noah: (Plankton's Voice) Chameleon!

The Chameleon: You called, Master Plankton?

Boomer: Yes! I want you two to bring "The Bomb" to my office at once!

Noah: Yeah & make it snappy!

Crabmeat: My, what a fishy breath you have, master!

Noah: Look, go before I turn you into can openers! Now!

Boomer: The better to order you around with! Now please do as I say!

The Chameleon: Ok ok, quit your blubbering & I'll get "The Bomb", the fly killer, the pest bug spray, and all that sort of jazz.

Noah: (thought: Fly killer? Pest Bug Spray?)

Crabmeat: Aye, aye! (thought: Robotnik said "Please!" something's strange arcund here!

(Moments later...)

Crabmeat: I've got "The Bomb" oh, oval one...

The Chameleon: Er...could you waddle out here for a second please? (he & Crabmeat walks outside)

Boomer: Very well.

Sonic & Spongebob: ?

Boomer: (normal voice) Stay put, guys...we'll be right back!

Sonic: Be careful...I'm starting to smell a robot rat...

Spongebob: Or even a one-eyed rat

Noah: (normal voice) Alright, I get it! (sighs) Guess there's nothing for me to do, at least it could be a good thing.

(As both Boomer & Noah goes inside...)

Noah: Hey! What are you...?

(Both Boomer & Noah are both under attack)

Noah: (battered & bruised) I knew that the villains are rats. And I'm all battered & bruised

Sonic: I knew it! Lemme at them!

Spongebob: Noah, I'll save you!

Sally: (stops Sonic & Spongebob) Wait! Don't blow our cover! Boomer can handle himself!

Lightning: I won't stand for it ! Sha-Bam! (charges inside)

Zoey: Lightning wait!

(But it was too late, Lightning started attacking trying to save Noah & Boomer)

(Then Boomer [Robotnik], Noah [Plankton] & Lightning [The Chameleon] comes out holding the small package)

Robotnik: (Boomer's Voice) Okay...I got "The Bomb"! Let's take it back to Knothole, quick!

Plankton: (Noah's Voice) And fast.

The Chameleon: (Lightning's Voice) Before they come too

Sally: See? I told you!

Spongebob: Oh

Cameron: Something's not right here.

Sam: What do you mean?

Sally: It's much smaller than I thought!

Robotnik: Yeah...we'll analyze it at Knothole! C'mon, you lead the way!

Sonic: Alright aready...what's the rush?

Boomer: (suddendly appears back in his Robotnik Disguise with Noah in his Plankton disguise & Lightning in his "The Chameleon" disguise) He wants to get to Knothole Village so he can destroy it.

All: (gasps)

Dr. Robotnik & Plankton: Grrrr...

The Chameleon: Uh oh.

Noah: Don't be fooled, they're fakes!

Lightning: Yeah, what he said

Dr. Robotnik: Ha! That's a laugh and a half coming from the bad guys themselves!

(But the heroes can't tell who's who)

Spongebob: We can't tell who's who.

Xplode: Yeah

Boomer: (takes off his mask) Ha-ha! You'll laugh out of the other side of your mask now, Chubbins!

Noah: (takes off his mask) You too Plankton.

Lightning: (transforms back to normal, with one of the Chameleon's Hi-Tech Transformation Suit) That's right, baby! Sha-Bam!

Sonic: Boomer!

Spongebob: Noah & Lightning!

Dr. Robotnik: (takes off his mask) Ho-Ho! That's what you think, Bucktusks!

Plankton: (takes off his mask) What he said

The Chameleon: (transforms back to normal) Hey, Lightning! That's my spare transformation suit your wearing!

Sally: Robotnik!

Twlight Sparkle: Plankton!

Dudley: And the Chameleon!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Observe! I'm actually Boomer underneath this Mask (removes his mask revealing to be Boomer)

Boomer: Ha!

Boomer #2: Aha! But what about this? (removes his mask revealing to be Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ho!

Lightning: That's nothing. (Chameleon's voice) Behold my true Identity! (transforms into the Chameleon)

The Chameleon: Hee!

The Chameleon #2: I don't think so. (Lightning's Voice) Now you know my voice (transforms into Lightning)

Lightning: Sha-Bam!

Noah: Oh yeah? (removes his mask revealing to be Plankton)

Plankton: Aha!

Plankton #2: Izzta so? (removes his mask revealing to be Noah) Haha!

Sonic: This is getting ridiculous!

Spongebob: This is gonna take forever.

Sonic: That's all I can stands...I can't stands no more! So, heads up...

Rainbow Dash: (gets bored & then suddendly she starts flying around Robotnik, Boomer, Plankton, Noah, the Chameleon & Lightning, spinning them all around, removing all of their masks revealing their true identities)

Sonic: (notices Rainbow's Speed) Boys?

Rainbow Dash: Or rather- heads off from my pantented "Rain-blow Dry".

Applejack: Way to go, Rainbow Dash.

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Boomer, Plankton, Noah, The Chameleon & Lightning: (feels dizzy from Rainbow Dash's speed)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ooogah...

Boomer: Eeegah...

The Chameleon: I feel dizzy

Noah: Whao.

Lightning: Sha-whao.

Spongebob: Well done Rainbow Dash.

Twilight Sparkle: Now we can see who's who!

Sonic: And now we can escape with "The Bomb"!

Zaktan: Come on Boomer, Noah & Lightning

Sally: (helping Boomer walk)

Reidak & Vezok: (helping Noah & Lightning walk)

Boomer: Boom? Boom? Boogaloo?

Noah: Huh? What did you say?

Lightning: Did anybod...anybody got the number of the "Sha-Bam" Truck?

Rainbow Dash: Sorry Sonic, but I'm impatient & get bored easily. That's why I have to stop the unmasking party before it gets out of hand. But I didn't know how Sonic has the same speed as I have on air, on land. Looks like I have some competition with Sonic.

Dr. Robotnik: Come back h- Ooooooop...(falls down)

Plankton: You c-c-can't r-run awa-wa-away from us! Oooooh (falls down)

The Chameleon: How come being dizzy be good to feel so bad?

(Later, back in the secret village of Knothole)

Sally: You're no longer dizzy, guys?

Boomer: No more than usual, Princess!

Noah: We're all ok. Thanks for asking or whatever.

Sonic: Good! Let's dismantle "The Bomb"!

Boomer: Okay...but it'll be dangerous!

Fangz: (nods yes) Right

Fluttershy: And please be careful

Astro Boy: She's right, it might be highly explosive.

Sally: Don't be neverous just because the fate of the world rests on your shoulders!

Sonic: (gulps)

Noah: Uh Astro? I think we might get a big misunderstanding. Try scanning with your X-Ray eyes to scan the box.

Astro Boy: Ok then. (uses his Bright Eye lamps to improve his vision to look through the box) Huh? Your right Noah, it is a big misunderstand.

Sonic: (opens the box)

Boomer: It's open!

Edd: What kind of a bomb is it, Sally?...Atomic, Hydrogen, Neutron?

Ed: Buttered toast with gravy?

All: (looks at Ed, confused)

Ed: I'm hungry.

Astro Boy: It's neither.

All: Wha?!

Sally: (looks in the box to see a can of Heavy Duty Bug Spray") Astro's right.

Tree Rex: How did you know?

Astro Boy: Noah had finally figured it out.

Noah: (grabs the can) And it says "Remove all household pets before discharging in infested area!". It was actually a can of Heavy Duty Bug Spray.

All (except Noah, Astro & Sally): Uh Oh!

Spongebob: I think we all made a boo boo.


(In Robotnik's HQ, there are hundreds of flying ants buzzing around while the Chameleon is busy eating the Flying Ants)

Plankton: Great, just great! Without "The Bug Bomb", the Chameleon will keep on collecting insects & bugs for his lunch!

Dr. Robotnik: I Hate That Hedgehog!

Plankton: And I Hate Spongebob!

The Chameleon: And I love Bugs for lunch!

(Ending gag of The Chameleon strikes a pose)

The End

Story #2: Transcript

Rabbot Deployment (Part 1)

(Spongebob, the Piraka & Sonic arrives in Knothole)

Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog, Comin' through! (skids to a stop)

Spongebob: All Stars coming through too! (skids to a stop)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (stops)

Sally: Tsk...those skid marks are so hard to get off the floor!

Spongebob: Sorry.

Sonic: You summoned me, Princess Sally? I am your humble and obedient servant!

Sally: Humble, never! Obedient, never, never! But at least you showed up!

Reidak: Oh brother.

Zaktan: I am just 2nd in command.

Spongebob: Really?

Zaktan: Yes?

Spongebob: So what's the big mission today, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Check out Boomer's pictures!

Boomer: Hey! I didn't order double prints! Ahem! You'll I used my "Little Mermaid" camera!

(The Piraka tries not to laugh, but fails)

Sonic: Ah yes... Nice "Ariel" Photography! (laughs)

Sally: What have I told you two about those bad puns?

Spongebob: Sorry, but sometimes they're a bit funny.

Vezok: Reminds me of my home, Vezok Coastline. I catch about 10 fishes once a week for fun & lunch.

Twilight Sparkle: Guys, get serious, please?

Sally: Thanks Twilight. These photos show Robotnik & Plankton making deep inroads into the southern sector of Mobius!

Sonic: You're right!

Spongebob: Yeah!

Boomer: What'll we do?

Spongebob: Any ideas?

Sonic: Why, cajun my crawdads, Boomer, you good ole boy! We-all's gonna head down to dixie! (carries Boomer outside)

Spongebob: (carries the Piraka outside) Boy, you guys are really heavy!

Sally: Be careful!

Twilight Sparkle: And good luck.

Avak: Well, I just don't understand the southern, but I'll do it anyway.

(Some time later...[After a short stop at the sporting goods store for roller blades] )

Boomer: (wearing a helmet, shoulder & knee pads & rollerblades, holding onto the rope that is wrapped around Sonic) Slow down, Sonic & Spongebob!

Thok: And I sence that we're getting close to the Danger Zone!

Sonic: We're in it, Boom Box! Look over there!

Spongebob: What is it?

Sonic: (points to a SWATbot & a Prototype Jack Bot capturing a sweet little bunny)

Boomer: Holy Hares! Those two SWATbots grabbed that sweet, little bunny!

Avak: (notices the sweet little bunny) (Gasps) Oh man!

Spongebob: That's not all.

Sonic: He's right! ...There's more!

Prototype Jack Bot: Prey is captured!

Bunny: (unroboticized) How dare you, suh? Unhand me, you Yankee contraption!

SWATbot: (holding the Bunny) Yankee? I'm an Orioles Fan!

Sonic: A Portable Robot-Maker!

Spongebob: A.k.a. a portable Roboticizer!

Boomer: (gasps)

Bunny: Eeeek! Don't you dare throw me in there!

SWATbot: Sorry lady...we work on a quota system!

Sonic: (runs up to the machine) This looks like a job for...

Vezok: (notices a piece of rope is still tied to Sonic) Wait! You're still tied up!

Sonic: Sonic the Hedge...(got pulled back) Help!

Prototype Jack Bot: 1-2-3- (throws the bunny inside the Portable Robot Maker)

Bunny: Noooooo!

Boomer: Sorry, Blue!

Sonic: Oogah!

Reidak: Sonic is very fast that he can't even forget that he's still tied up. But he never slows down, cause he's the fastest thing alive.

Prototype Jack Bot: Good job.

SWATbot: Slap me some titanium, chum!

Prototype Jack Bot & SWATbot: (hi fives each other)

Avak: I'm going in! (charges at the Portable Robot Maker & goes inside)

Spongebob: AVAK! (unties Sonic) I'm coming! (follows Avak)

Sonic: Stand back, guys! There's still time! (does a horizontal Sonic Spin at the 2 robots)

SWATbot: Squawk! I hate it when he goes for a spin!

Prototype Jack Bot: Ow! He's a real cut up, all right!

Sonic: Hang on, Ma'am! I'm cuttin' my way in! (does a horizontal sonic spin inside the portable robot maker)

Avak: (tries to get the Bunny out of the robot maker) A little help?

Spongebob: Avak's ok.

Sonic: Yow! A robot-maker in action!

Spongebob: Where to stop this machine (notices the on/off switch) Hmm, this On/off switch seems sub-speicious.

Bunny: Don't just stand there, sugah! TURN IT OFF!

Sonic: Oh...right! Sorry...(turns off the machine)

Bunny: (feels dizzy) Ah don't feel at all well...(swoons)

Hakann: Is she okay?

Boomer: Was she turned into a robot?

Spongebob: We've managed to save her, but...

Sonic: The machine shuts down halfway through!

Boomer: (gulps) Y-you mean...

Avak: Yep. (gets the bunny out of the machine)

Sonic: She's half rabbot, half Rab-bot!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan & Thok: (notices that the Bunny's left arm & her legs are roboticized & she wears a Pink Leotard, under her roboticized parts) Aw sick!

Sonic: But more than anything she's hurt!

Spongebob: And she has passed out.

Sonic: Let's take her back to Knothole!

Avak: And fast (carries the bunny)

Boomer: But she's part machine now! Robotnik could follow us by using her!

Sonic: This is no time for a mechanical mentality!

Spongebob: He's right, this poor little girl needs help!

Sonic: Are we mice or men?

Boomer: Neither

Sonic: (helps Boomer roller skate) My point exactly! Let's go!

Boomer: How can you argue with logic like that?

Zaktan: Never mind that now, let's go!

Avak: Don't worry, little girl. We'll get you there safely.

Rabbot Deployment (Part 2)

(Sonic, Spongebob, Boomer & the Piraka comes back inside Knothole)

Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog reporting in, your highness!

Spongebob: And Spongebob Squarepants reporting in, Twilight Sparkle!

Boomer: (carrying the half robot bunny) (panting) Huff puff...Boomer, too!

Sally: (sitting on her throne) Glad you're back, boys...who's your friend?

Twilight Sparkle: I would like to meet her

Boomer: Gee...we didn't get her na--

(Suddendly the Half robot bunny springs to life out from Boomer's arms)

Reidak: What the?!

Bunny: Y'all can call me "Bunnie" can call me "Buns"...just don't call me "Bugs" or call me late when it's time to defeat Robotnik!

Sonic: ?

Spongebob: And don't forget Plankton too.

Sally: Really? And what can you do?

Bunnie: (lifts up the Throne with Sally on it by using her robotic left arm, holding it with her left hand)

Hakann: Whao!

Bunnie: My robotic half makes me super strong! And my karate kicks are pretty hot, too! (does a karate kick, nearly hitting Sonic, but hits Vezok by accident)

Sonic: (dodges) Yipe!

Vezok: (got blown away by Bunnie's Karate Kick & crashes into the wall)

Bunnie: Sorry about that, sugah.

Vezok: (his jaw is busted by Bunnie's super strong karate kick) I give up, Bunnie is too strong, even for me. (rubbing his jaw) Oww, right in the kisser too.

Sonic: Only I could've moved fast enough to avoid that!

Spongebob: That was close.

Bunnie: You're fast and cute! What's your name, sugah? (touches Sonic's nose with her right hand, only with one finger)

Twilight Sparkle: Uh, can you please put the princess down, first?

Bunnie: P-p-p-princess? (notices) Oh mah stars, ah am so sorry! (puts Sally & her throne down)

Sally: That's okay! (lands on her throne) (her hair is pointed upwards)

Avak: Whao. Cool.

Bunnie: (bows down) Princess Sally Acorn! You are my hero! Ah meant no disrespect! It's always been mah dream to be your hairdresser!

Sally: (walks up to Bunnie) And I need one! But, join us Freedom Fighters!

Antonie: (suddendly appears, paniking) Yes! We need all we can get!

Thok: Antoine? What is it?

Bunnie: My, oh my! Who is that li'l ole soldier boy?

Sonic: That's Antoine D'Coolette...or as I call him, "The Head Windbag"!

Antoine: (runs up to Sally) Highness! It was this big! No, Bigger! Really!

Sally: You interrupted us to talk about your fishing trip?

Vezok: (fixed his jaw) Mmmm, Fish.

(Suddendly they hear rumbling from the surface)

Boomer: Hey...what's that rumbling?

(On the surface we see a giant Burrobot & Goliath-Prime tearing up the Great Forest)
400x400px-Goliath Prime 1

Goliath Prime

Antoine: (from underground) That's what I'm trying to tell you all! Robotnik built a gigantic burrobot that's tearing up the great forest above us!

Hakann: Is that all?

Antoine: But there's more, another gigantic robot is white, has one red eye, helicopter blades on his shoulders that can help him fly.

Congar: (appears) It's Goliath-Prime. That's his name.

Congar: Ever since Goliath-Prime is the first arch enemy that me & my 7 monster pals had face, he can throw bombs at you, turns himself to a spinning top, fire bullets & charges super fast by turning the helicopter blades at the opponent & then charges super fast for a super speed tackle. He's a very strong super sized robot.

Sonic: Stand back, everyone! This is a job for Sonic the Hedgehog! (goes up to the surface)

Spongebob: And Spongebob Squarepants! (follows Sonic)

Bunnie: And their new "Botbustin" partner...Rabbot! (follows Sonic & Spongebob)

Antoine: Who and what is that?

Reidak: That's Bunnie Rabbot

Boomer: Exactly!

Sally: Let's see what she can do!

Avak: Good idea.

Zaktan: This I gotta see.

Sonic: (about to get out) Okay...where are those flea-bitten bucket of bolts at?

Bunnie: Get back down heah, suagh!

Spongebob: Watch out! (he & Bunnie pulls Sonic back down underground avoiding Sonic being crushed by the Giant Burrobot & Goliath-Prime) You ok?

Sonic: Whoo! Thanks, Bunnie & Spongebob! I was almost a Sonic pancake!

Bunnie: Don't mention it! Although I may use you for a reference when I apply to hair-dressing school! (the 3 started chasing the two giant bots) Meanwhile, let's dispense with those ill-mannered machines!...Ya'll got a plan?

Sonic: I sure do. Bunnie & Spongebob... watch my smoke!

Spongebob: Got it.

Sonic: (runs around, making a tornado) I'm gonna play the game of "Twister" with him! And I provide the tornado!

Spongebob: Me too. (runs around, making a tornado)

Bunnie: Gracious Me! Both Sonic & Spongebob's quite the heroes! But ah could tell Princess Sally has designs on that hedgehog & that sponge! Huh?

Burrobot & Goliath-Prime: (Turns around)

Goliath-Prime: I don't think so.

Bunnie: The Burrobot's & the Goliath-Prime's turning! ...NO!

Burrobot: (stuns Sonic) Sonic the Hedgehog has been lured into the open as expected-initiate attack sequence!

Sonic: (got hit) A trap! Aagh!

Spongebob: Sonic!

Goliath-Prime: (grabs Spongebob) Gotcha!

Spongebob: Help!

Burrobot: Now to crush them under our trends

Goliath-Prime: Or rather, Fists & / or feet! (evil laughter)

(Suddendly both Goliath-Prime & Burrobot are being lifted & turned upside down one at a time & lands upside down)

Goliath Prime: What's this?

Burrobot: Does not compute!

Goliath Prime: We are being tossed upside down. Gah!

Bunnie: (had lifted both giant bots & tossed them upside down) Let that be a lesson to y'all...nobody bashes Blue Boy & Yellow Spongeboy when li'l ole Bunnie's around!

Spongebob: (escapes from Goliath-Prime's grip) Wow! Did you see that?

Sonic: Yeah, she used super strength to toss that Burrobot & Goliath-Prime backwards!

Spongebob: Let's finish them off!

Sonic: Right, Now hare this...we'll finish the job, Buns!

Bunnie: Whatevah y'all say, sugah!

Sonic & Spongebob: (zooms off)

Bunnie: Wow! Zero to sixty in 0.00001 seconds!

Spongebob & Sonic: (running around the Burrobot & Goliath-Prime)

Bunnie: Well, butter mah cornbread, Sonic! Why are you two runnin' around in circles?

Sonic: You'll see!

(Sonic & Spongebob had made a huge trench around the two giant bots)

Goliath-Prime: What the?!

Bunnie: Oh, my! He dug a huge trench round the bots...

Goliath-Prime: (gets up) I don't think so! (uses his Helicopter Blades on his shoulders to fly away before the trench collapses on the Burrobot)

Sonic & Spongebob: (jumps out of the collapsing trench just in time)

Bunnie: ...Which just collapsed on itself, burying the beastie!

Sonic: But not me & Spongebob!...Whee!

Goliath-Prime: Now let's not be funny, just hand over the Rabbot!

Spongebob: I don't think so, thanks to your bots, roboticized Bunnie halfway, she is now on our side & has super strength that could be a new advantage against you & your boss Plankton

Goliath-Prime: What?! Roboticized halfway?!

Sonic: And we've witnessed that Bunnie is worthy to become a Freedom Fighter.

Goliath-Prime: YOU! Fine, I'll let you off the hook for now. But the next time we meet, I'm gonna drop my bombs on you! (flys away)

(A short time later, back in the secret underground village of Knothole)

Boomer: Welcome aboard, Bunnie!

Avak: You make a great freedom fighter!

Bunnie: Thank ya Boomer & Avak! But of course, let's not forget...

Twilight Sparkle: We want to be a hairdresser...

Sally: Just as soon as Robotnik's Ruined, okay?

Reidak: Ok.

Sonic: Meanwhile, you can practice on 'Twan's hair when he's not using it! (grabs Antoine's Toupee from his head)

Antoine: Hey!

Spongebob: Welcome aboard Bunnie Rabbot, welcome aboard.

(From far away from the great forest)

Goliath-Prime: (watching the Great Forest) Tsk. (flies away)

The End

Story #3: Transcript

Flight of the Robo-Bees

Part 1: Preparations

(In Plankton's Lair, the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: [sitting in his chair in the middle of the vast room with King Pig on his feet.] Any hint of that troublesome sponge?

King Pig: Not exactly, Plankton.

Plankton: What do you mean, 'not exactly'? Either there is, or isn't.

King Pig: Well see, I...but I...err..

[One of the screens infront of Plankton & King Pig activate, showing Patrick sleeping on the grass.]

King Pig: Emergency, Plankton. Monitor ten.

[Plankton looks closely at the monitor from his seat.]

Plankton: Heh, isn't that one of those All Star Freedom Fighters?

King Pig: Affirmative, sir. His name is Patrick Star, and he is usually accompanied by Spongebob Squarepants

[Plankton sits back in his chair]

Plankton: Take him. Perhaps his cries will flush out that sponge.

[Scene switches to outside the Great Forest. Patrick begins to wake up)

Patrick: (yawns) Morning. [he sees a robo-bee named the "Buzzbomber" approaching]

[Elsewhere Vezok is rummaging through his backpack, humming to himself. He takes out a hammer.]

Vezok: Mmm, hammer? Nope. [A wrench] Wrench? Uh, uh. [A screwdriver] Screwdriver? Nope. [A fish, which he gleefully eats.]

Spongebob: Hi Vezok, where's Patrick?

Vezok: He's sleeping on the grass

Patrick: Spongebob!!

(Patrick is seen running towards Spongebob & Vezok, with the buzzbomber in pursuit.]

Spongebob: Thought you said Patrick was sleeping

Vezok: He was, two minutes ago.

Spongebob: I gotta go save Patrick (zooms off towards Patrick)

[In Plankton's lair, Plankton are staring at the monitor, showing the buzzbomber pursuing Patrick.]

Patrick: The fowl big starfish is our's, King Pig. Ha ha, yesss.

[The monitor shows the buzzbomber firing at Patrick, however, Spongebob is quickly approaching the pair from behind.]

Plankton: It worked! There's the sponge.

[The buzzbomber fires its laser ahead. Plankton responds in fury.]

Plankton: Robo-Bee #1! The Sponge is directly behind you! Forget the chubby one! Get Spongebob! Get him!

[Bomber One continues to fire its laser at Patrick, but Spongebob quickly snatches Patrick before the laser can him him. The laser rebounds off a large stone and hits Bomber One.]

Spongebob: Hang tight, Patrick! We're juicing warp seven!

[Spongebob boosts his speed with Patrick on his back. Bomber One, on the other hand, falls to the ground and skids in the dirt, his stinger falls off.]

Spongebob: Boy Patrick, your heavy.

Patrick: Thanks Spongebob for saving me

Spongebob: Your welcome.

Vezok: Hey, Spongebob, over here!

[Spongebob & Patrick return to Vezok, who is standing on a tree stub. A floating robot with one large eye (a spy camera robot) approaches the group, Vezok jumps off the stub and behind Spongebob. The eye opens as Plankton listens to Spongebob and Spongebob talks into the robot's eye.]

Spongebob: Hi Plankton. Your army is history. Done. Through. Outta here, 'cause the All Star Freedom Fighters are up and on the job!.

Vezok: I hear that!

Patrick: Hi mama!

Vezok: Well Spongebob is really fast, but I really like fishing with Thumpback.

[Spongebob is about to leave.]

Plankton: Wait. Mark my words, spongebob, before this day is done, you and the All Stars will be right in the palm of my hand.

[Spongebob looks at Patrick.]

Spongebob: Should we hold our breath guys?

Patrick: Nope.

Vezok: No way, uh uh.

Spongebob: Let's juice.

[Spongebob with Patrick & Vezok, dash away from the robot.]

[Inside the Great Forest, Spongebob weaves through trees and stops at a cliff. Patrick & Vezok, on his back, wake up.]

Spongebob: Wake up, guys! The sponge has landed.

Patrick: Wow! How fast did we go Spongebob?

Spongebob: We were scootin' and rootin', bro.

Patrick: Aww, no way! Scootin' and rootin'?!

[Vezok is leaning on a tree holding his head.]

Vezok: Yeah...scootin' and rootin'.

[Spongebob pulls a vine on a tree, causing the side of the tree they are near to move aside, revealing a tunnel.]

Spongebob & Patrick: Super slide time!

[They rush into the tree tunnel, going down a very bumpy and twirly wooden slide that leads them to another part of the forest. They land in a pile of hay.]

Vezok: Incoming! Cannonball!

[Vezok follows up behind and lands in the pile of hay on-top of Spongebob & Patrick.]

Vezok: Sorry about that, guys.

Spongebob: That's ok.

Patrick: Yeah, let's do it again.

Spongebob: Maybe later Patrick, we're here. The brand new All Star secret village of South Knothole Village.

Patrick: If there's South Knothole, what could've happen if there's North, West & East Knothole?

[In the forest, South Knothole Village is shown. There are many houses in trees and boxes are all over the area. Ed tosses a large log from a catapult.]

Ed: Big cheese.

Tree Rex: (carries loads of large logs & sets the logs down)

Eddy: You talking to me Ed?

Xplode: Twilight Sparkle did you figure out why these throwing arms of the catapult keep breaking?

Twilight Sparkle: We're working on it, Xplode. Edd, Search databank for entry: variable: catapult. Allow for an extra one-thousand pound capacity, and begin creation.

Edd: I'm on it, Mrs. Twilight Sparkle. (working on the computer)

[Zaktan is on one of the catapults, scratching his head while looking at it. He takes a closer look at it.]

[Back at the computer, Edd continues to work on the catapult schematics. The computer beeps.]

Edd: Yes! I got it.

Zaktan: Uh huh!

[Edd runs up to Zaktan.]

Edd & Zaktan: It's the cotter pins!

Rigby: The cotter pins?

Mordecai: (looking at the cotter pins) They're made of wood!

Twilight Sparkle: So when we increase our payload weight, they break!

Zaktan: They've got to be metal.

Twilight Sparkle: Right, we need metal cotter pins!

Spongebob: Maybe I can help.

Twilight Sparkle: Sure. Make sure the Cotter pins are metal

Spongebob: Got it.

Zaktan: That's what Metal Cotter pins are for, correct-a-mundo?

Kitty: By the way, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian & Yuan Shao wants me to tell you that you should go to the pond.

Dudley: It might be a surprize.

Spongebob: I like Suprizes

[In the forest, Spongebob is staring at his reflection in a pond with Dudley & Kitty behind him.]

Spongebob: Is it time yet?

Kitty: Any second now.

[The water starts bubbling, Spongebob walks back.]

Dudley: Here it comes!

[The water glows gold and a power ring pops up. Dudley grabs it.]

Dudley: I got it!

Spongebob: What's that?

Kitty: That's called a Power Ring. They are powerful golden bands which contain a vast amount of energy. Power Rings are natural bi-products of Chaos Emeralds, though they do not contain the limitless power the Chaos Emeralds do.

Spongebob: Ok then. Maybe I can use these Power Rings to stop Plankton & Robotnik. (puts the Power Ring in his backpack)

[In another part of the forest, Patrick is running around, but slams into a tree. He falls backwards]

Patrick: Who's there?

[Spongebob rushes past Patrick, but returns back to him.]

Spongebob: Hi Patrick! What are you doing?

Patrick: Going to the big city.

[Patrick starts walking confidently away, but Spongebob zooms infront and stops him.]

Spongebob: I'm excited for you, Patrick, but I'm afraid you can't.

Patrick: I can't? How come?

Spongebob: Because the big city is crawling with Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots. They're all over the place, just waiting for you to come to town so they can roboticize you.

[Patrick, in Spongebob's grasp, is obviously scared.]

Patrick: ...they are?

Spongebob: Sure they are.

Patrick: Okay...but it's a long way back to South Knothole. So if a buzzbomber robo bee gets real mad and gobbles me up, I bet you're going to feel just terrible.

[Patrick begins to walk away, but Spongebob rushes infront of him again. Patrick is knocked back.]

Spongebob: Okay, okay. You can go, but please listen up! You stay behind me and guard the new power ring. Got it?

Patrick: Got it! There's a power ring?

Spongebob: You betcha

[Spongebob & Patrick share a personal handshake. Patrick holds onto Spongebob's Shoulders.]

Patrick: Is it going to be dark when we get to the big city?

Spongebob: That's the plan! Hold on, we're going to juice!

[Spongebob rushes away to the big city with Patrick in tow.]

Part 2: A Trip down Robotropolis

[In Robotropolis, it is raining. A patrol robot is patrolling the streets.]

Plankton: *communication* Patrol Nine, status.

Patrol Nine: C-Sector normal.

[Patrol Nine leaves the area after checking an alley full of trinkets. After it leaves, Spongebob & Patrick poke out of a dumpster.]

Spongebob: This place is crawling with Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots, Patrick, so we gotta chill.

Patrick: Got it.

[They leave the dumpster and crawl to the end of the alley.]

Patrick: Eww, how come the big city smells so yucky?

Spongebob: Cause Robotnik's factories hurl tons of smoke into the sky everyday. (sighs) Reminds me of Plankton when he builds the highway, destroying Jellyfish Fields, causing the Jellyfish to be so mad that they attack Bikini Bottom. Luckily for us we've stop Plankton's plan & destroy the new highway to the Chum Bucket, saving Jellyfish Fields.

[Patrick sneezes, causing him to fly back and knocking Spongebob off his feet. Spongebob rushes over to Patrick as spotlights appear.]

Spongebob: Gesundheit!

Patrick: Thanks

[Spongebob grabs Patrick and they rush up inside a vertical pipe. Covered in dirt, they exit, Patrick is behind Spongebob.]

Spongebob: Past cool, Patrick.

[In a Robotropolis street, Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots are seen in line formation. Spongebob rummages through various metallic objects. He finds some cotter pins.]

Spongebob: We found the Cotter pins.

[He packs them away as he and Patrick look at the Swatbots & the Prototype Jack Bots. Patrol ships fly by over the Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots.]

Patrick: Who are those guys?

Spongebob: They used to be people, then Robotnik fed them through his robo-machine and now they're robots working in his factories. Come on, let's go! (zooms off, holding onto Patrick, Rushing through Robotropolis, a pair of scout patrol vehicles chase after Spongebob. He enters a building, causing them to stop. He enters a rooftop, but finds a whole group of Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots. They approach Spongebob and Patrick.]

Patrick: Uh oh, more swat guys & more P-Jack Bots.

Spongebob: That's not good. Hold on to your lunch, Patrick.

[Patrick retracts into the backpack as Spongebob does a Spin Dash at the Swatbots & the Prototype Jack Bots, easily taking them out. He stops after he passes all of them.]

Spongebob: Patrick, are you okay?

Patrick: *woozy* Yep. I think so.

[More Swatbots & Prototype Jack Bots enter the roof. Spongebob charges up to dash.]

Patrick: Uh oh, Not again.

[Spongebob drops into a ventilation shaft as the Swatbots file past. Spongebob & Patrick stand in a dark area.]

Patrick: Where are we?

Spongebob: It's an air vent, but no problem. I have eyes like a hawk.

Patrick: Okie dokie

[Taking a step, they scream as they fall further into the shaft.]

[In Plankton's command area, three cannisters full of an orange liquid are present. Plankton is addressing a group of Prototype Jack Bots.]

Plankton: Tonight, I shall reveal my most brilliant plan to date, that will positively eliminate that nasty little sponge, as well as all the other, so-called, All Star Freedom Fighters...

[Spongebob, slowing his fall down the shaft with Patrick holding onto Spongebob, listens to Plankton as he descends toward a grate above the evil Plankton.]

Plankton: ...and bring me the power rings. My plan's simple in its genius.

[Spongebob stops before he hits the grate at the bottom of the vent. He lets out a sigh of relief. A huge burst of air starts going through the vent.]

Patrick: Uh Spongebob, I have to go to the bathroom, real, real bad.

[Plankton is over at the cannisters.]

Plankton: Inside these tanks is a new chemical Robotnik created, that my buzzbombers, under King Pig's direction, will use to spray over the Great Forest and instantly kill all trees, revealing the Knothole Freedom Fighters' secret hiding place: Knothole Village & the All Star Freedom Fighter's secret hiding place: South Knothole Village, which is south from Knothole.

[Patrick goes to sneeze, but Sonic shakes his head at him.]

Plankton: Thus! And I want my Swatbots to capture the All Stars, and if that horrid sponge shall show up, I have a little surprise.

[Plankton activates a display, showing a missile.]

Plankton: The Spongebob-seeking missile! Start the countdown!

King Pig: Will do.

[King Pig presses a control on his remote, starting a countdown at 0:10. Patrick gives in and makes a loud sneeze, causing the backpack he is in to extend upwards and fall back on Spongebob, dropping both into Plankton's command center.]

Spongebob & Patrick: Ow!

Plankton: Well...nice of you to drop in, Spongebob.

Spongebob: ...did we miss dinner?

Patrick: All of this talking about Dinner is making me hungry. Besides I have lots of food to eat on the table. Wow, I really talk smart too.

[Plankton laughs evilly as a Prototype Jack Bot picks up Spongebob & Patrick.]

Spongebob: Does this mean dinner's off?

Patrick: Aw come on, I'm hungry.

Plankton: It means, hedgehog, that your days as a Freedom Fighter are over.

Spongebob: talking to me?

Plankton: *flustered* Of course! What do you think?

Spongebob: I don't think so! There's still too much work to do. Listen, I'd like to stay and really get to know you, Plankton, but it's juice time!

[Spongebob starts kicking the P-Jack Bot with his feet, escaping and dashing up a wall and across the ceiling into a vent with Patrick holding onto him.]

Plankton: Get him! GET HIM! GET HIM! GET THE SPONGE!

[Through the vent, Sonic and Tails are able to escape to the landing platform on the roof. He continues running as a group of Prototype Jack Bots arrive. He hops across multiple rooftops to escape, but eventually stops when he confronts a whole line of Prototype Jack Bots who march towards him. Coming up the side of the building are two patrol ships, one holding Plankton.]

Plankton: Let's see you worm out of this one, Spongebob & Patrick.

Spongebob: Patrick, time to give me the power ring please?

[Patrick reaches into the backpack, grabbing the power ring. He hands it over to Spongebob, who holds it up, causing it to release a great amount of light, blinding Plankton.]

Plankton: What the?! It's the power ring!

[The Prototype Jack Bots continue to march towards Spongebob.]

Spongebob: Hold on Patrick, we're gonna warp sonic!

[Spongebob enters into a Spin Dash, easily destroying the Prototype Jack Bots.]

Plankton: You were fortunate this time, Spongebob, but the night is still young.

[Spongebob & Patrick continue to go at sonic speed, with Patrick holding onto Spongebob]

Patrick: Ha ha, is this way past cool or what?!

Spongebob: Yeah! Like Sonic said. Way past!

[They speed away back to the forest.]

[It's night in South Knothole Village. Twilight Sparkle is with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie in their hut. Twilight is sitting on the edge of Rarity's bed while Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie sitting on their pillow seats & Rarity lying down in it trying to get to sleep.]

Twilight Sparkle: *sighs* It's bad enough that Sonic doesn't help out, now I'm worried about him and Tails

[Rarity yawns.]

Rarity: I'm sure they are fine, darling.

Twilight Sparkle: Girls, Do you think Sonic does all those childish things just to make Sally mad?

Applejack: Oh, Twilight, I think that's just Sonic, it's what makes him special. And Spongebob has the pure heart & has mobian arms & legs. That's what makes Spongebob special as well.

[A loud sonic boom is heard, causing Twilight Sparkle to gasp with delight.]

Rainbow Dash: What's that?

Twilight Sparkle: It's Spongebob!

[Later, Spongebob is addressing the members of the All Star Freedom Fighters, many of which have fire-lit sticks.]

Spongebob: ...and the robot bees called the "Buzzbombers" are headed here right now with some chemical Robotnik invented that's gonna kill all the trees and expose Knothole! Somehow we gotta stop him! But how?

Twilight Sparkle: (gets an idea) Guys, I have a plan.

Spongebob: We're all ears, Twilight.

Part 3: The Swarm Battle

[In the morning, in the sky, a group of buzzbombers are carrying the tanks of chemicals with King Pig in command. A group of buzzbombers are behind as well.]

King Pig: Great Forest, straight ahead! Six minutes!

[In the forest, the Piraka are setting up one of the catapults. He looks over once it's set up.]

Avak: Okay! That's all of them.

[All the other All Star Freedom Fighters have set up catapults on the edge of the Great Forest.]

Spongebob: Patrick! See anything?

[Patrick is on top of a tree acting as a scout.]

Patrick: Sure! Millions of things. Rocks, mountains, trees, flowers, everything else green.

[Spongebob gives a look of disbelief as Twilight Sparkle walks over.]

Tree Rex: The Great Forest is beautiful & I'm not gonna let the villains destroy the trees cause they're my roots

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob, the new cotter pins really helped, and the others enforced the throwing arms, but their range is still limited. The buzzbombers have to fly close enough.

[Spongebob ponders the situation.]

Spongebob: I got an idea. How's about I let them chase me so they're close enough.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok, good luck.

[Spongebob throws himself into a catapult as the buzzbombers start to arrive at the forest. Spongebob gives the thumbs up to Twilight Sparkle, who is holding the rope to the catapult.]

Spongebob: I'm ready.

Twilight Sparkle: 3, 2, 1...Igition!

[She pulls it with her unicorn magic, launching Spongebob at the buzzbombers.]

King Pig: Activate defoliant in 10 seconds, Bomber One. Ten...nine...

[Spongebob pops up infront of a buzzbomber wielding water balloons.]

Spongebob: Hi there. You're looking a little hot, robo-bee. Better cool down with some ice-water. Here you go. Enjoy!

[Spongebob throws the water balloons causing the buzzbomber to malfunction.]

Plankton: *From his command center* It's Spongebob Squarepants! Where is he? Where's the sponge?!

[King Pig is working furiously at his station.]

King Pig: I-I-I'm searching, your ex-celency.

Plankton: ...find him.

Spongebob: Here I am, Buzzbombers. Give me your best shot!

[A buzzbomber fires its laser at Spongebob but misses.]

Spongebob: Oooh, ok, gotta go bye!

[He dashes away, but the buzzbomber has the Spongebob missile.]

Plankton: *communication* Use the spongebob missile!

[The missile launches from the buzzbomber's back. Spongebob looks back while running to see the missile approaching him. He stops]

Spongebob: Whao, preaty missile.

[He is caught on the missile and sent with it. Spongebob gets on-top of the missile and rides it, whistling with his fingers. This gets the missile's attention, who looks back at Spongebob.]

Spongebob: Hi there Are you looking for me?

[He jumps off the missile and onto the back of a buzzbomber.]

Spongebob: Hi there, I'm over here!

[The missile launches back at the buzzbomber, who is part of the group carrying the chemicals, and collides with them, destroying the buzzbombers. One buzzbomber remains while the tanks fall to the ground harmlessly.]

Spongebob: Goodbye now

[Spongebob falls to the ground.]

Plankton: *communication* Get that sponge, Robo-Bee #1, or I will turn you into a can opener!

[The buzzbomber promptly chases after the falling Spongebob, who is leading the others towards the catapults. Jetbug is watching them through binoculars.]

Jetbug: Here comes Spongebob, and buzzbombers right behind him!

Twilight Sparkle: Get ready guys and...

[Spongebob stops beside Twilight Sparkle.]

Twilight Sparkle: Fire!

[The catapults start launching water balloons at the buzzbombers, hitting and causing them to malfunction. A group of them survive the attack and continue on for the forest.]

Twilight Sparkle: Fire!

[The group gets hit by more water balloons, taking them down. A buzzbomber locates Patrick and chases after him.]

Patrick: Heeelp Spongebob!

Twilight Sparkle: Fire!

[Water balloons fire.]

Patrick: Spongebob, help me! [The buzzbomber gets close] Heeeeelp, Spongebob!!

[The buzzbomber looks up as it sees the water balloons approach. It's hit by multiple balloons, causing it to malfunction and hit a tree.]

Patrick: Thanks Spongebob

Spongebob: Your welcome Patrick.

Plankton: *communication* What are you doing Robo-Bee #1? Get that Sponge!

[The buzzbomber ignores Plankton and escapes.]

Plankton: *communication* Do you read me? I want the SPONGE!

[The remaining buzzbombers ignore Plankton and retreat from the battle.]

[In the forest, the All Star Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory.]

[In Plankton's command center of the Mega Chum Bucket, Plankton is sitting in his seat, quite displeased with his defeat.]

Plankton: ...come here, King Pig.

King Pig: Uh...uh...huh...huh...I... *gulp* Uh oh.

[King Pig walks up to Plankton's seat while Plankton gets out of it. He hits King Pig multiple times.]

King Pig: (squeals every time he gets hit)

[Back in the forest, Twlight Sparkle high-fives Spongebob.]

Twilight Sparkle: You were really great today.

Spongebob: Thanks, Twilight.

The End