This is the 40th Epiosde of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Eddy, Reidak, Drilldozer, Boggy B & Astro Boy

Main Villains: Shang Tsung, Goro, Reptile, Elder Sub-Zero (Noob Saibot), Scorpion & Kano

Story #1: Transcript

The Mortal Kombat Job (Part 1)

(In Knothole)

[Eddy is in a van made of cardboard going around the villiage of Knothole. The van apparently sells cheap ice cream. The van suddenly stops.]

Eddy: C'mon guys, it's gotta look real! Push it smooth!

[We now see that the rest of the exhausted All Star Freedom Fighters are pushing it from the back.]

Edd: Can we please– [he pants] –take a break?

Reidak: Yeah (pants) Why are we...(pants)...doing this again?

Eddy: It's a couple more feet! We'll be rich! And besides, what good would it be for me to come up with a scam, once in a while...? Onwards!

Thumpback: Alright

Agamo: Fine

[The All Star Freedom Fighters push the truck to the center of Knothole Village.]

Eddy: Perfect! [he rings a bell] Ice cream! Big scoops! [to the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters] Start making the ice cream.

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie...

Eddy: [calling again] Real cheap! Get your ice cream here!

[The All Stars [minus Eddy] start making the ice cream. Edd & the girls rolls up a waffle into a cone and pours honey into it to make it stick together as a waffle cone.]

Edd: One scoop, please. [He hands the cone to the boys and begins work on another cone.]

Spongebob: Ok...

Eddy: Ice cream! Get your ice cream here!

Xplode: Where is the scoop?

[Boggy B scoops ice cream with an Ice Cream Scoop & puts the ice cream onto the cone. Thok then uses his ice breathe to make it nice & cold, making a perfectly good ice cream.]

Eddy: Big scoops! Real cheap! Get your ice cream here!

Thok: And done.

Ed: [examining the final product] Drink mister?

Edd: [handing him another cone] One scoop, please.

Courtney: Another one done, but I still don't get the idea

Spongebob: Don't worry, you will...

Eddy: [getting impatient] C'mon, c'mon. [He looks around and sees nobody.] Ice cream! Big scoops! Hello? Ice cream! [puzzled] Where is everyone?

Katie: I don't know

Sadie: But the Ice Cream is soo yummy...

Edd: Maybe they're on to us.

Astro Boy: I think Double D is right & besides a scam never works...

Eddy: Nah. This one's foolproof. [He pats the van, and it falls apart around him.] I'll look around [He walks off as Ed eats one of the ice creams that Boggy B is holding.]

Spongebob: Ok then, this is getting weird...

Boggy B: What are you doing, Ed?

Ed: Get your own! [He & Boggy B begin to fight over the ice cream.]

Spongebob: Everybody's gone...

Hank: That leaves us with only one question...


[His voice echos around the neighborhood, and the camera shows that it is completely deserted & they didn't noticed that from another part of Knothole Village, Sonic said the same thing]

Eddy: I don't get it.

Hakann: What happened to everybody in Knothole?

Ed: It is simple, All Stars. [He pauses to think of an explanation.] Everyone in Knothole entered a wormhole and were spewed into an alternate universe! [The Rest of the All Stars look at him cynically.] Simple.

Boggy B: Seriously? (about to take a bite of his ice cream)

Eddy: [grabbing Boggy B's ice cream] You're simple. Let's check the houses. [They walk off, but Patrick doesn't follow.] Patrick

Patrick: Oh coming! [follows the All Stars.]

(At STH Rotor's lab)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (arrives at the front door)

Eddy: [at someone's door] We'll get to the bottom of this. Hmm? [He rings the doorbell three times and waits. He then holds it down for a few rings and lets go.]

Drilldozer: This is really confusing...even for me...

Eddy: Someone's coming!

Spongebob: Maybe Rotor Walrus can figure this out...

[The door opens.]

All Star Freedom Fighters: Huh? Ewwwwww.

[At the door is a sickly Tails. His skin tone is paler than normal, and there are red spots all over him. He also feels dizzy.]

Tails: [delirious] Hello Mr. Postman. Are those eggs for me? [He scratches himself furiously, but begins coughing as a result.]

Eddy: Look at his face! (points at Tails' sickening face)

Astro Boy: That explains it all, everyone must be sick...

Ed: It's so gross! [he moves toward Tails] Can I touch it?

Sierra: Ooh! (Follows Ed) I wanna see up close!

Edd: [blocking his & Sierra's way] Ed, Sierra! No! [explaining] It's like he's got chicken pox.

Cody: He's sick, touch him and you'll be sick too.

Tree Rex: Let's stay as far away as possible

Cody: He's right, you never know what to expect (he & Edd notices everyone's scared expressions) What?

Eddy: Cody! Double D!

Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok: Behind you! [He points to Tails, a sickening Sally, Bunnie & Antoine [who have, who has crept up behind Edd, coughing & wheezing.]

Antoine: (groaning) Help me !

Cody: GAAH!

Edd & Cody: (backs away)

Sally: (groaning) Please...don't leave...we need some...(coughs)! (wheezes)

Bunnie: (groans) Please...(wheezes)

Eddy: [grabs a handy sign and uses it to prod Tails, Sally, Bunnie & Antoine backwards.] Back, chicken boy! Back! Back! [He pushes Tails, Sally, Bunnie & Antoine back inside the lab and shuts the door.]

Magmo: That was close...too close for comfort...

White Bird: Did anyone get infected?

Astro Boy: (scans himself & the rest of the All Stars & they're 100% ok, meaning no one has been infected) No, we're all good...

Rigby: (sighs) Good...

Mordecai: I wonder what's that all about?

Ed: [looking at the sign] Hey, look!

Spongebob: What's that?

Edd: Oh, dear, a quarantine!

Ed: I've seen this before.

Blue Bird: Really?

Eddy: Where?

Ed: [pointing] There.

[All over Knothole Village are strewn Quarantine signs.]

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) Oh my gosh!

Edd: It must be an epidemic!

Drilldozer: Everyone in this town are infected...!

Spongebob: Including most of the Knothole Freedom Fighters!

Eddy: So I-uh-guess we're the only ones not sick. Heh heh.

Edd: So it seems, Eddy.

Spongebob: But we don't know how the infection had started, but if we went inside there, we all would've been sick like them...I guess it's best for Sonic to fix his problem on his own, we all deserve a break every now and then...

Eddy: So what, we can still do something. C'mon, guys. Let's do something! [He starts to run off, but Ed's next statement stops him in his tracks.]

Ed: Like what?

Spongebob: That's a good question, let's think

[The All Stars contemplate this as they walk back to South Knothole, not knowing a sickening STH Rotor taking Sonic inside his lab]

(In South Knothole)

[The All Stars makes it back & they are still contemplating it a while later.]

Ed: Oh, I got an idea!

(In the Center of South Knothole)

[The All Star Freedom Fighters are in the centre of South Knothole, playing "Kick the Can." At least, the rest of the All Stars are playing. Eddy seems to be rather uninterested.]

Edd: Yeah!

Ed: Cool!

Zaktan: Nice!

Reidak: Great shot!

Drilldozer: Yeah!

Mordecai & Rigby: Yeah-uh!

Edd: [kicking it as Eddy attempts to play] Ha ha!

Eddy: Hey, it was my turn! [He stomps the can flat and kicks it away.] Your turn.

LeShawna: So much for that game of "Kick the Can"

Ed: Is Eddy okay? [Lindsay & Beth shrugs.]


Edd: [playing with string] Watch closely, everyone! [Eddy paces angrily behind them. Edd finishes and spreads his arms to reveal an Eiffel Tower figure.]

Astro: Nice trick, Double D

Rarity: I believe it's my turn (uses her magic to tie a pink ribbon into a pink bow) Ta-da!

Twilight Sparkle: (amazed) Ooh!

Ed: Cool. My turn! [He plays with his string and initially gets nothing; however, on his second attempt, he manages to tie himself up. The All Stars [minus Eddy] laugh at Ed predicament.]

Tree Rex: Here let us help you with

Eddy: [coming up to them] You guys...are BORING ME! [to Ed, who is walking away] Where you going, MONOBROW? Yeah, that's right. You have one eyebrow. And no chin! And Boggy B, you have no arms & legs, just hands & a chubby body & short chubby tail...

Boggy B: Hey!

Edd: Aw, come on, Eddy–

Avak: Don't be like that...

Eddy: And you! What's with the hat? [he tries to tear it off] What are you hiding? [He falls off of Edd onto the ground and lies there facedown.]

Drilldozer: What now?

Ed: Okay, I know. Let's change a lightbulb!

Eddy: [in agony] BOORRINNGG! Your ideas are boring! Someone! Anyone! I need a sucker!

Meltdown: Sheesh, calm down!

Edd: Boy, Eddy, face the facts! And Meltdown's right. No people...

Eddy: No scams.

Nitroblast: Never mind, let's go

Edd: [walking away with Ed] Let's go change that lightbulb! [Eddy just stays where he is.]

Orange Bird: Oh boy!

Pink Bird: At least it'll be fun

Eddy: Hey! Wait guys! Wait! Watch!

Heather: (not impressed) This oughta be good or else it's boring.

Ed: Aw come on, Eddy.

Spongebob: We gotta go...

[Eddy takes his tongue and winds it in the form of a turban around his head, but the All Stars are not impressed about that.]

Ed: Nah, Eddy, we've seen that before. Now you're boring us

Duncan: Litterally...

(As the All Stars leave Eddy behind, heading back to their cabins to take a break, we see a shadow of a famillair  evil sorceror from "Mortal Kombat")
Shang Tsung (MK1)

Shang Tsung (MK1)

???: So these are the All Stars that I've been waiting for? They could bare well in the tournament, but they couldn't been champions of Mortal the end they would've face...(reveals himself to be...) SHANG TSUNG!

The Mortal Kombat Job (Part 2)


Eddy: Sally! (sees a quarantine sign) Rotor! (sees another quarantine sign) Bunnie! (sees a swarm of quarantine signs & starts hammering on one of the doors) C'mon people! [He runs to the middle of South Knothole.] Tails! [He knocks on another door.] Antoine! Oh no. I'm calling on Antoine instead of Sarah. (notices someone appears from teleported in the center of South Knothole in a flash of hellfire & appears to be Scorpion) What the?!


Scorpion: (notices Eddy) GET OVER HERE! (launches his signature Kunai Spear attached to a metal chain, flying towards at Eddy)

Eddy: AAH! (dodges it, but the Kunai Spear flies around the village and starts chasing Eddy, who just runs as fast as he can through the village of Knothole & South Knothole, screaming. As the Kunai Spear was about to grab him, Eddy ducked, but the hook flies back and almost caught Eddy, who backed up to a hut. The reason the Kunai Spear can't catch Eddy now is because the metal chain already reached it's end) Phew...Ha ha! Can't catch me now!

Scorpion: COME HERE! (pulls the Kunai Spear back and it flies away backwards from Eddy)

Eddy: (looks around nervous and wondering if he had lost Scorpion for sure) Phew, I lost him! I gotta tell the All Stars

Reidak: About what?

Eddy: (notices the rest of the All Stars are right behind him) Thank goodness your here, I see a Yellow & Black Ninja & has this ninja hook spear thingy chasing after me...

Astro Boy: That would be a Kunai Spear attached to a Metal Chain

Eddy: What?! How did you know?

Astro Boy: Experienced all of the cultures of everyone from around the world, makes me very observent...

Beth: (notices Scorpion, a few feet away) Uh guys, is that the ninja that Eddy saw, cause I think I found him...

Scorpion: More All Stars, your souls are forfeit...(launches his Kunai Spear)

Spongebob: DUCK!

(Everyone, but Patrick, Justin & Lindsay ducks)

Justin: Really?

Patrick: Where?

Lindsay: Oh I love ducks!

(The Kunai Spear almost caught Patrick, Lindsay & Justin, but Tyler tackles the 3 of them to the ground, saving them and the Kunai Spear is now stuck on a hut)

Tyler: Are you alive, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Thanks Tyler...

LeShawna: Whoo, yeah I knew it...(hi fives Harold) Pay up, please?

Trent: (sighs as he hands 5 bucks to LeShawna)

Scorpion: (pulls the Kunai Spear back, releasing it from the hut's wall)

Spongebob: Let's get outta here!

(Spongebob spindashes at Scorpion, as the All Stars Freedom Fighters makes their escape from Scorpion)

Scorpion: (still standing) So, the All Star Warrior IS here...then the legend is true, still I have to find Sub-Zero, he will pay for the murder of my family & clan, I'll deal with the All Star Warrior later...(teleports in a flash of hellfire)

(In another part of South Knothlole)

Zaktan: Phew, that was a close call

Heather: Do ninjas get more violent at night?

Duncan: I don't know...

Eddy: But we don't wanna find out...

????: Oi! Are you the All Stars?

(The All Stars turn to see ???? who is actually Kano


, a member of the Black Dragon, who has a red bionic eye with a metal plate)

Spongebob: That's us...

Mordecai: Who wants to know?

Kano: I'm Kano, the members of the Black Dragon have been searching data about you after you stop this Green beast...

Rigby: That would be Lord Fuse...

Timon: What are you talking about? Are you a member of the Black Dragon or something?

Kano: Yes, now that all of you are here, you'll all be my bounty! (fires his laser eye beam from his robotic eye at the All Stars)

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her magic to create a barrier around the All Stars, shielding them from the laser beam)

Astro Boy: Kano's a cyborg...he would harm us, but we need to stick together no matter what...Twilight Sparkle let me out please...

Twilight Sparkle: (lets Astro out) Ok, but what are you gonna do?

Astro Boy: I'll try to make peace with him...

Fluttershy: Uh...g-g-good luck?

Astro Boy: (goes in front of Kano)

Kano: (stops the laser beam) Huh? Hey! Get out of the way...

Astro Boy: Not gonna happen, now cool your jets or else...

Kano: You give Kabal a run for his money...I will take these All Stars down for the good name of the Black Dragon...

Astro Boy: Kano, I won't let you!

Kano: Why you...! (notices the rest of the All Stars has made their escapes) Hey! Whoever you are, I don't like your attitude, you need to be taught some manners...

Astro Boy: Look, I don't wanna hurt you, but you force me to fight...


Kano: (growls as he fires his laser eye beam at Astro)

Astro Boy: (fires his digi beam from his finger at Kano)

(Both beams collide, but Astro's beam is stronger, so Kano got hit)

Kano: (got hit on the shoulder) Gah! Your good, but I can take a hit like that...(holding his hurting shoulder)

Astro Boy: Next time, you betta make peace with us or else we'll be back...! (activates his rocket boots, flying towards the All Stars, following them)

Spongebob: This way! (goes over a fence)

(The rest of the All Stars follows Spongebob, with Edd opening the fence door & closing the door & Ed who has stopped, can't be able to figure out how to get in & then Ed backs up & has gone through the knothole in the fence)

Astro Boy: (flies over the fence)

Kano: Not so fast! (fires his laser eye beam at Astro, hitting his feet)

Astro Boy: GAH! (falls down)

Spongebob: Astro!

Fluttershy: (gasps as she flys up & catches Astro) Oh my goodness, are you alright?

Astro Boy: (his feet begins to spark after that hit) Ow, thank you Fluttershy...

Fluttershy: Your quite welcome...(suddendly drops down a bit, but regains her flight) I'm sorry, I'm not use to carry more than a bunny or two...

Astro Boy: (blushes a bit & tries his best to hide his blush from Fluttershy)

Spongebob: (with the rest of the All Stars who have made it inside the South Knothole Lab) Uh, guys? Kano on the loose?

Fluttershy: Oh my, I'm sorry...(carries Astro) We simply must get Astro to rest...

Kano: Next time, your mine...(leaves)

(Inside the South Knothole Lab)

Edd: What happened?

Boggy B: Looks like Kano got a lucky shot at Astro's rocket boots...

Fluttershy: (sets Astro down gently on a white patient table) There...

Zaktan: Avak, could you fix the damages from Astro?

Avak: Sure. (goes up to Astro) Alright, let me see...(checks Astro's boots & starts fixing them) My, this is hi-tech, even for my standards, but I'll see what I can do...

Dudley: (looking out the window) Nope, no Kano here...or the Yellow & Black Ninja...

Eddy: He never told me his name...

Zaktan: He could be Scorpion...

Kitty: How did you even know...

Zaktan: When I pass the time on checking some multiversal files, I read a file about all of the fighters from Mortal Kombat & the Yellow & Black Ninja happens to be Scorpion...

Pumbaa: Is it a creature or his name?

Zaktan: His name...

Pumbaa: Oh, sorry...

Avak: (finishing fixing Astro's rocket boots) There, you be able to walk now, but you won't be flying for a few days...

Astro Boy: (gets up & hops off the table, checking his feet to make sure they're not hurt) Gee, thanks...

Boggy B: First Scorpion, then Kano, who's next?

Alejandro: We're about to find out, look! (points to the door that is covering itself with ice & was broken by a strong kick, meaning that it was a Blue & Black Ninja froze & broke the door down, his name is the Elder Sub-Zero)
Elder Sub-Zero (Noob Saibot)

Elder Sub Zero (Before becoming Noob Saibot)

Spongebob: Not good...

The Mortal Kombat Job (Part 3)

Vezok: No way!

Fluttershy: (gulps as she hides behind Astro) He's so...dangerous...

Astro Boy: (notices Fluttershy behind him & then blushes again)

Cody: Astro, are you ok?

Astro Boy: (opens the hatch in his chest, checking his temperature) My feeling in my chest won't go away, it's 0.3 degrees higher than usual...

Ed: (notices Astro's circuits) Cool...

Cody: Yeah, cool circuits...

Spongebob: (sighs) Let me handle this...(to Elder Sub-Zero) Who are you?

Elder Sub-Zero: I am the Elder Sub-Zero, you will come with me to the Lin Kuei...we have been waiting for will not be harmed...

Drilldozer: (goes in front of the All Stars) What does the Lin Kuei stand for?

Zaktan: According to the data, Lin Kuei is chinese language for "Forest Demons"

Elder Sub-Zero: You really are smart, are you? Now you will suffer the wrath of the Lin Kuei ! Fight !

Drilldozer: Guys, go for the door, I'll take care of that Lin-Kuei Ninja!

Elder Sub-Zero: I'm afraid that won't be nessersary (uses his ice powers to block all of the entrances & exits with ice)

Hakann: Aw come on now!

Spongebob: Are you sure you can handle all of us one by one?

Elder Sub-Zero: Oh you'll find out...(gets into his battle stance)

All Star Freedom Fighters & Elder Sub-Zero: (prepare to fight)

Elder Sub-Zero: Fight!


Thok: (charges with a kick, but Elder Sub-Zero blocks it)

Rainbow Dash: (gives another kick, but Elder Sub-Zero blocks it) Hm?

Elder Sub-Zero: (pulls Spongebob down to the ground)

Spongebob: (pulls Elder Sub-Zero down to the ground too and they both get up)

Eddy: Wha! Wha! (gives two punches, but they were blocked)

Elder Sub-Zero: (punches Eddy away, then charges at him with two kicks)

Eddy: (gains conscious) Where did this guy get all those moves?

Vezok: Look out! (blocks Elder Sub-Zero's next kicks & then punches Elder Sub-Zero across the face) Ha ha!

Elder Sub-Zero: (gives two jump-kicks, but Vezok blocks them)

Mordecai: (kicks Elder Sub-Zero on the chest)

Elder Sub-Zero: (makes a back flip and kicks Mordecai in the chin)

Mordecai: AAH!

Rigby: Mordecai!

Elder Sub-Zero: (charges at Rigby with a kick, but Rigby dodges it)

Meltdown: (sends a spin kick, but Elder Sub-Zero dodges it) Missed!

Dudley: HI GEE GEE! (gives a punch, but Elder Sub-Zero grabs his arm and pulls him down to the ground) Ok bad idea...

Kitty: (gets and blocks Elder Sub-Zero's kicks but failed to block the last kick) Ow!

Elder Sub-Zero: (jumps on a higher stage) I see your fighting skills are impressive, too bad the battle has changed...

Xplode: (jump on it as they continue fighting) My turn! (back Elder Sub-Zero away with some kicks)

Elder Sub-Zero: (pushes a light post on Xplode, but misses)

Drilldozer: I got him! (chases Elder Sub-Zero)

Elder Sub-Zero: (runs up to a wall and jump from it, then lands behind Drilldozer, who tried to catch him and nearly crashed into the wall)

Edd: Behind you, 6 o clock!

Drilldozer: (turns to Elder Sub-Zero to fight him) Thanks...

Elder Sub-Zero: (sends a kick, but Drilldozer blocks it)

Drilldozer: (kicks Elder Sub-Zero and he back flips down to the centre of the lab)

Owen: (rams into Elder Sub-Zero, sending him flying towards Spongebob) Go Spongebob go!

Spongebob: Now! (charges at Elder Sub-Zero with a flying spindash to the stomach and Elder Sub-Zero is sent flying backwards)

Elder Sub-Zero: (gets up and with an icy look, he turns to the All Stars, who kept themselves in his fighting pose) That's it, no more's time that I will finish you! (prepares for another attack)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (keeps their guard up)

Reidak: What's going on?

Applejack: I have a bad feelin' about this...

(Tones of ice energy balls starts gathering up in Elder Sub-Zero's hands, then when he gathered enough, he creates a dome shaped ice shield over him, as it grew, it hit Drilldozer's drill, causing him to back away and trip on Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Hey!

Drilldozer: Sorry, but what can I do!

Spongebob: Everyone back up!

(Everyone except Drilldozer who is still thawing his drill)

Drilldozer: Help!

Spongebob: (notices water buckets) Wait, where do these water buckets came from?

Vezok: Didn't you know that we're collecting rain water to refresh ourselves on a hot sunny day?

Spongebob: Wait, that's it! Drilldozer, I got an idea! Throw the bucket of water into the shield! Trust me!

Drilldozer: (nods) Got it ! (picks up the other bucket and gives it the spin) Hey Elder Sub-Zero! (release the bucket of water, launching forward towards Elder Sub-Zero) CATCH!

(As the bucket flies into the shield, the water inside it flies out and turns into an icicle that sticks onto Elder Sub-Zero's belly, causing him to fly back wards into a wall)

Elder Sub-Zero: (tries to escape from the icicle the ice starts spreading thru his body) No! This cannot be happening, I will not be defeated by you...All...Stars...(becomes frozen solid) (mumbles) I hate you!

Drilldozer: Phew, that was too intense...(cleans the ice off of his drill & notices that his drill is now shiny sparkling brand new again) Whoa...look at that shine...

Spongebob: Now to see who Elder Sub-Zero really is...(spindashes at the frozen solid Elder Sub-Zero, breaking him out of his frozen prison, revealing Elder Sub-Zero's true form, which is a fully black ninja named Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot

, the older brother of the younger Sub-Zero)

Zaktan: No way, that's Noob Saibot! I read about every single fighter in Mortal Kombat & Noob Saibot is the older brother of the younger Sub-Zero!

Noob Saibot: (growls) Your very smart to know my true new name...

Drilldozer: Why would you attack us in the first place?

Noob Saibot: My new master sent me on a mission to destroy you all...

Spongebob: Who? Plankton?

Noob Saibot: No, my master is...Shang Tsung...

Zaktan: I also know him through his files as well, he is the host of the first mortal kombat & will do anything to take over Earthrealm, plus he's also a shape shifter...

Twilight Sparkle: Just like a Changling!

Noob Saibot: Your very smart indeed & I see that there's 6 ponies who have defeated the Queen of the Changlings in the past...I heard this from Shang Tsung that you All Stars have quite a past...even before you all met each other...

All Star Freedom Fighters: (gasps)

Drilldozer: How did your master know?

Noob Saibot: That's for me to know & you to never find out. But because of you, I have to defeat you so that a stain of my honour will be removed at day. (dissapears into the shadows, heading into the forest)

Geoff: Dude, who was that guy?

Boggy B: Whoever Noob Saibot is, I don't like that guy...

Red Bird: Now what do we do?

Spongebob: We do what the All Star Freedom Fighters are born to do: Protect the Multverse at all costs! Now then, where did this Shang Tsung be at anyway?

Kitty: (rubbing his cheek) That's a good question

Noah: Great, we don't know where he is...

Hakann & Hot Head: (using their fire powers to melt the ice off the doors, so they can escape)

Hot Head: It is done...

Reidak: Thanks...(the All Star Freedom Fighters exit the lab)...but if only we can find Shang Tsung's lair, we can stop his plans on destroying us!

Eddy: Let's hunt'em down!

Spongebob: Alright All Stars, spread out and search for clues!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters spreads out & begins to search for clues)

(A bipedal lizard appears on top of the roof & then it growls/hisses at the All Stars, getting ready to attack)

The Mortal Kombat Job (Part 4)

(The All Stars meet back eachother)

Spongebob: Did you find any clues?

Reidak: We can't find any single clue except one...(points to a pair of footprints & ninja tracks)...footprints made by a ninja & there's other footprints as well

Courtney: Who do you think it's responsible on making those footprints...

Astro Boy: It could be Kano's & Noob Saibot's footprints & Scorpion has teleported himself by a flash of fire

Vezok: At least the fire stopped

Edd: Interesting.

Eddy: Let's hunt'em down! Ed, start following the trail...

Ed: (salutes) Aye aye, Eddy! (then runs on his hands and feet, following the trail of footprints like a dog) Woof! Woof!

Spongebob: Follow Ed!

(The All Stars follows Ed, while the bipedal reptile begins to sneak up to them while hiding in the forest, bushes & trees)

Ed: (notices a purple portal) Hey! (points at the portal)

(The All Stars noticed that Ed has found a purple portal that has been here for quite a while, but they didn't know how it got here in the first place)

Eddy: A portal?

Zaktan: Not just any portal, I checked up in the files that is the portal to Outworld, they must've retreated back in that realm

Reidak: We should follow them & stop this Shang Tsung once & for all

Astro Boy: We betta be careful, you never know what's going to happen, now let's go!

(They are about to go in, but suddendly they heard loud growling coming from the bushes)

Spongebob: What was that?

Boggy B: That does not sound good

Reidak: Sounds like someone's coming out of the portal, brace yourselves...!

(Someone had exited from the portal & reveals himself to be a 4-armed shokan, known as Goro



Goro: (roars)

Harold: Oh no, not again!

Magmo: And it looks like this guy has got 4 arms like I have.

Spongebob: All Stars, get him!


(The All Stars tries their best to stop Goro, but Goro starts punches them once they charge at Goro & once Goro is covered by the All Stars' tackles, Goro uses all of his strength to blast them away in random locations like on the ground, the mud, the trees, the tree branches & in the sand)

Zaktan: Ow!

Patrick: Owie!

Corroder: Gah!

Squidward: Ow!

Spongebob: That really hurt

Goro: (laughs evily) Those puny All Stars will be no problem, I will finish them with one more blow!

Rigby: We gotta get outta here, some of us are gonna get hurt or killed !

Reidak: How can we stop someone who is unstopable?

Boggy B: (gets an idea) I have an idea (goes up to Goro)

Eddy: This oughta be good

Twilight Sparkle: Oh dear, Boggy B's gonna be pummeled!

Preytor: Let's hope Boggy B knows what he's doing

Boggy B: Hey buddy! Fight me instead!

Goro: (chuckles evily) You shall be the first All Star to be killed by me, Goro! I'll finish you!

Boggy B: Very well, let's dance!

Goro: (lifts his arms, ready to give a four armed hammer punch)

Boggy B: (ducks) SHORYUKEN! (punches HARD, in Goro's "area")

Goro: (his eyes widen when he felt that attack)

All Stars (except Boggy B): (flinches from the sight of that attack) Oh!

Applejack: (was shocked) Didn't see that one coming

Goro: (holding his "area" with his lower arms) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!

Rainbow Dash: YES! (laughed with joy and accidentally pounded Hakann)

Hakann: Hey!

Rainbow Dash: Sorry.

Edd: Exposed!

Eddy: Busted!

Ed: Nope, can't think of a word

Goro: (continues moaning about the pain in his "area")

Boggy B: (got scared & then slithers off up the cliff & then climbs the cliff and stopped to hold his hand filed with pain after punching Goro's "area") Ow, that hurt!

Spongebob: That's our cue to LEAVE! (the rest of the All Stars follows Boggy B)

Goro: (stopped moaning as the pain in his "area" was finally gone & lifts up his arms and roars) You'll pay for that All Stars, with your lives! (starts climbing the cliff while chasing the All Stars)

(The All Stars run / fly / gallop / slither as fast as they can thought the tunnel at the end of the cliff)

Timon: Boggy B, you found Goro's weak spot, how did you know?

Congar: Uh Timon, you don't wanna know

Goro: (climbing the cliff and enters the tunnel, to chase the All Stars)

(Later, the All Star Freedom Fighters reaches the end of the tunnel and, it leaded to a dead end. All the All Stars could see were the light blue sky, down below was an ocean)

Owen: Dead end!

Reidak: Bad!

(The All Stars looks around to find a way to escape, then he hears Goro's roars approaching. The All Stars hides over a pile of rocks next to the hole of the tunnel, some thick trees & a pile of leaves)

Pinkie Pie: This is gonna be gold! (snickers)

Goro: (appeared out from the hole) Where are you?

Boggy B: (emerges from the pile of rocks) Say hello to the All Stars, stupidhead!

Goro: (looks back) Wha?!

Pinkie Pie: (emerges from the pile of leaves) SURPRIZE! (fires her signature party cannon at Goro)

Goro: (gets pushed back by the attack)

Mordecai: NOW!

All Stars: (tackles them again)

Thunder: (punches Goro's "area" just like Boggy B did)

Spongebob: Go!

Rainbow Dash: (charges at Goro while flying) Who's the best group of freedom fighters now? (then kicks him back with her hind legs, making Goro fall off the cliff)

All Stars: (looks down and sees Goro holding on to the cliff with one of his upper arms and holding his "area" with one of his lower arms)

Spongebob: Talk about a cliffhanger

Vezok: Tell Shang Tsung that the All Star Freedom Fighters are coming to get him!

Boggy B: And by the way, This is where you fall down.

Goro: (his hand begins to slip)

Rainbow Dash: Bye bye!

Goro: (his hand slips & then he falls down to the ocean, while crying in vain and the All Stars watching)


Edd: Once again, this was too intense...

Waspix: That cliff looks preaty high

Nitroblast: Well, it's Goro's problem now

(As the All Star Freedom Fighters head back to the portal, they didn't know that Goro is begining to climb back up the cliff)

(Back with the All Stars)

SpongeBob: Those opponents we face are getting harder and harder to beat

Hakann: Yeah, but we all manage to survive for now.

Bouncer: Let's go inside the portal before this monster comes back

Kitty: Then we shall go to Outworld

Dudley: Yeah, let's go! Hi Gee Gee!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters then enters inside the portal to Outworld, not knowing the Bipedal Lizard from before follows them inside the portal)

The Mortal Kombat Job (Part 5)

(In Outworld)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters arrives from the portal & they are now at Outworld)

Spongebob: Here we are

Harold: Spooky, huh?

Duncan: We know

Rigby: So, uh...this is Outworld huh?

Mordecai: Yes it is

Thok: I sence that this will not be easy once we split up. We must stay together this time.

Edd: That would be the best choice for now to say the least

Rigby: Aw man, it's like I'm back at high school !

Togera: Like trying to teach someone how to stink at football?

Rigby: Shut up!

(A cloaked outworlder zooms by behind them, saying "Whatcha!", sounding more like a hiss)

Hank: What's that?

Swarm: Did you hear something?

Tree Rex: Yeah, someone's following us. I can feel it

Spongebob: I have a bad feeling about this.

Reidak: Hold on, let me check. (goes to a wall nearby, trying to hear what's going on)

Rarity: Reidak, what in the name of Equestria are you doing?

Reidak: It's here! (jumps on the wall and grabs something, or someone in this case: he grabbed the Bipedal Lizard)

Rarity: (shrieks) Gross gross gross!

Fluttershy: (shrieks & then gallops away in fear)

Avak: Fluttershy, come back!

Astro Boy: (felt sorry for Fluttershy) You guys go on ahead, I'll go get Fluttershy. (runs off to find Fluttershy, because his rocket boots is stuck on normal form for now)

(The lizard tries to escape from the black piraka's grip, who just throws him on a creepy robot skeleton on the floor)

Reidak: Hah!

Spongebob: Look out!

(The Lizard tries to attck Reidak, but suddenly, wires of flesh come out from the skeleton's chest and they grab the lizard, then they pull him in the chest. Then in a flash of light, the skeleton gained skin and clothes. He now looked human & he wears green & black ninja clothing & it turned out to be Reptile



Reidak: What the?!

Zaktan: That's Reptile.

Rainbow Dash: (about Zaktan knowing Reptile) What an egghead

Reidak: Reptile? What's a Reptile?

Reptile: Your very smart, but I do not answer to you! Fight!


Reptile: (got up from the floor and charged at Reidak with a flying kick, sending him flying onto a wall, breaking thru it)

Reidak: GAH! (falls down on his back)

All Stars [minus Astro & Fluttershy]: (goes through the hole in the wall)

Spongebob: Reidak, are you ok?

Reidak: Do I look ok?!

Edd: Um fellows, here he comes!

Reidak: (gets up ready to fight)

Spongebob: Then let's fight!

Reptile: (charges at him and gives Swarm another flying kick and he was blow away a little)

Swarm: Alright, let's get down!

Reptile: (charges again with a spin kick, but Swarm blocks it)

Zaktan: (gives a spinning kick, but Reptile dodged it)

All Stars [except Astro & Fluttershy] & Reptile: (send out punches on each other, but they kept blocking them)

Reptile: (grabs Ed and starts punching him on the belly)

Ed: Ouchie!

Reptile: (then throws Ed into Meltdown, Thunder & Dudley, sending the 4 flying to a support beam that almost crumbled down)

Dudley: That hurt

Spongebob: (quickly helps the 4 get up and then blocks Reptile's incoming attacks)

Xplode: (tries to punch him, but Reptile grabbed him by the head) Hey!

Reptile: (hits Xplode with his knees, then kicks him up the steps)

Xplode: Gah!

Tree Rex: (looks up and sees Reptile jump high) Oh no you don't!

Reptile: (charges at Tree Rex with a stomp kick)

Tree Rex: (rolls out of the way, then gives Reptile a kick in the face, that caused him to fly down the steps) Now we fight like men & true giants!

Reptile: You fools! (gets up and jumps over the steps as he and the All Stars continue fighting)

Spongebob: Go!

(They keep sending blows on each other and blocking their opponents attacks)

Reptile: (grabs Edd & Hakann and throws them both down to the floor)

Edd: Assistance please?

Hakann: On it! (on the floor spin kicks Reptile, causing him to fall on the ground)

(The 3 get up on their fighting poses and the All Stars & Reptile start punching and kicking each other and blocking each others moves)

Reptile: (kicks HF Rotor)

HF Rotor: Whoa! (when he gets blown away, he grabs some sort of spinning stone, Reptile almost got hit by one of the ends) WHEEE!

Reptile: (got kicked by HF Rotor, who was holding on to the other end of the stone)

HF Rotor: Can we go again?

Reidak: (jumps and grabs Reptile's head with the legs then pulls him to the ground) Yes!

Rarity: Take that you ruffian!

Reptile: (growls and gets up, then he sends out a spin kick, but Rarity dodges it)

Congar: (sends out a punch)

Reptile: (grabs his arm and pulls him down to the ground)

Congar: Oh yeah? (gets up, but Reptile kicks him into Mordecai, Rigby, Timon & Pumbaa, causing the 5 to sent flying into some shelves on the wall, that crumbled down when the 5 crashed on them)

Mordecai, Rigby, Timon & Pumbaa: (moaning in pain)

Meltdown: Yep, that's nearly exactly what happened last time.

Spongebob: (helps them get up) Any ideas on how to stop Reptile?

Eddy: Great, now what? (sees Reptile jumping high in the air) AAH!

Ed: My turn! (grabbed Reptile and threw him over a stone table)

Spongebob: (kicks Reptile)

Yellow Bird: (tries to tackle Reptile, but the reptilian ninja ducked)

Black Bird: (punches Reptile)

Kitty: (jump on a wall, jumps from it and kicks Reptile onto another stone table)

Reidak: (jump kicks and Reptile flies over the table and crashes on the other side)

Rarity: (jumps over the table and punches Rarity in the face, then kicks punches and one more kick)

Reptile: (feeling dizzy) Whoooaaaaaaa…

Rarity: There's an opening, this is our chance!

Togera: Reidak & Applejack, get ready for the final blow!

Spongebob: Let's finish him!

Reidak: (lets out a roar)

Reidak & Applejack: (charges at Reptile with a bicycle kick)

Reptile: (kept get hit by every kick of this attack, he felt like loosing his human form)

Reidak & Applejack: (then kicks Reptile away with their combined power as their final blow)

Reptile: (sent flying thru the hole on the wall & was sent crashing to the ground & was now unconscious)

Spongebob: That'll take care of you for now, we got to get to Astro & Fluttershy.

(The All Stars begin their search, but what they didn't know is that from on the rooftop, we see someone watching the All Stars battling Reptile & won & we see that the watcher was none other than Raiden


, the thunder god)

Raiden: (holding a long lightning staff) I see that the legend is true, Queen Aleena did form the All Star Freedom Fighters, very similar to the Forces of Light. Prehaps they may be of use on stopping the Forces of Darkness.

(Standing with Raiden is the champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang
Liu Kang

Liu Kang

, along with the Princess of Edenia, Kitana



Liu Kang: (with Raiden) Yes, they may be like you said Raiden, a new army very similar to the forces of light.

Kitana: (with Raiden & Liu Kang) We must find out more about those All Star Freedom Fighters that our world is talking about.

Raiden: Indeed, you two will continue the search for the forces of light to have an agreement on joining the All Star Freedom Fighters for the good of the forces of light.

Liu Kang; Very well. (bows) We will return with all of the members of the Forces of Light.

Raiden: Go.

Kitana: (activates a portal)

Liu Kang & Kitana: (goes through the portal, back to Earthrealm)

Raiden: We must hurry, before it's too late. Prehaps I'll have a close eye on those All Star Freedom Fighters to see what they're really capable of against the sorceror, Shang Tsung (teleports with a flash of lightning)

(With the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Courtney: Fluttershy?

Thok: Astro?

Spongebob: Where could they be?

Astro: (carrying Fluttershy, who is stiff after seeing Reptile's bipedal lizard form) I'm back. Fluttershy is scared of Reptile.

Meltdown: Ok now this is getting creepy.

Spongebob: Don't worry, we can take down Shang Tsung, no matter how long it takes. Could be minutes...could be hours.

Edd: We will never know until we find out how long it will take to stop Shang Tsung.

Rainbow Dash: Great, now we have to find his palace too.

Ed: Like a needle in a hay stack?

Patrick: (notices Shang Tsung's palace) Is that the palace of the presto-chango wizard?

Timon: (disbelief & unimpressed) Yeah.

Spongebob: This is it, it's time for Shang Tsung's evil reign to end today!

The Mortal Kombat Job (Part 6)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to fight back Shang Tsung's monks as they barge in the castle)

Spongebob: Wherever you are, your treachery ends here.

Shang Tsung: (appears) Hm, you appear to be the All Star Warrior that I've heard about. You & your friends are an even more ignorance than the Forces of Light.

Eddy: Now what are you gonna do about it, Shang Tsung? There's over 50 of us & only one of you? How can possibly make this an even game?

Shang Tsung: Who says anything about "Even", Eddy? (morphs into Eddy)

All Stars: (gasps)

Thunder: What the...?!

Eddy: Huh?

"Eddy" (Shang Tsung): Now who's Eddy? (uses his powers to cause Eddy to remember no people in Knothole meaning no scams)

Eddy: Hey! What's going on with my head? Oh no. No people, no scams. No scams, no scams, not even a single one! [sinks to the ground.

[We are taken inside Eddy's head, where his brains starts to expand. It grows too big and explodes popcorn out, due to the power of Shang Tsung's controling his mind to remember that memory.]

Eddy: [his body then goes into spasms, and then he starts acting crazy like running around in circles, letting his green tounge flap from the breeze while laughing.]

Applejack: Whoa nelly! What's happenin' to Eddy?

Ed: [watching Eddy] Eddy's funny! [Eddy runs past the All Stars.]

"Eddy" [Shang Tsung]: The weakness is revealed (morphs back to normal)

Shang Tsung: Now Eddy's useless.

Vezok: What the heck, man! What have you done to Eddy?

Shang Tsung: Nothing much, except making Eddy remember no people in Knothole, no scams for Eddy to make.

Edd: Oh dear! This is serious, we must do something! Without people to scam, Eddy's gone crazy! [Eddy dances like a loon.]

Shang Tsung: Exactly. It's Eddy's only weakness.

Spongebob: All Stars, what do we do?

Edd: We have no choice, Spongebob. For Eddy's safety, we'll all have to capture him!

Patrick, Ed, Thunder & Ezekiel: [not really understanding Edd] Yeah.

Spongebob: But what about Shang Tsung?

Zaktan: Take care of him while we head after Eddy

Spongebob: Alright, but hurry back.

(As the All Stars leave Spongebob to find Eddy back at Knothole which he is at now, Spongebob & Shang Tsung gets into their battle stances as the first theme of Mortal Kombat plays)

Spongebob: Let's finish this!

Shang Tsung: I couldn't agree more.


Spongebob & Shang Tsung: (charges at each other) GO! (two fighters keep sending out punches and chops on each other, but they always keep blocking their opponent's attacks)

Shang Tsung: (After some more blows all over the ring, he grabs Spongebob and pulls him down to the floor, but when the sorcerer was about to crush him with his fist...)

Spongebob: (quickly jumped from the floor and punches Shang Tsung in the chin, making him tilt and fall on his back)

Shang Tsung: (got hit & falls on his back)

Spongebob: (backs away a little in his fighting pose)

Shang Tsung: (gets up and passes his hand over his mouth, finding blood dripping down from it)

Spongebob: (smiles a bit) Heh!

Shang Tsung: (spits) You FOOL!! (raises his arms up and then there's some weird noises)

Spongebob: What was that?

(A HUGE skeleton like ghost flies out from Shang Tsung and turns into seven small ghosts that fly into the manholes around the ring)

Spongebob: Oh tarter sauce...

(That's when all the sudden, smoke started coming out from the manholes and seven warriors break out from them & each warrior's skin color has one color of the Chaos Emeralds)

Red Warrior: (was big & muscular & wearing black singlet & pants, with large & strong bronze robotic hands)

Yellow Warrior: (was big & chubby, wearing blue pants, has a long black mustache right down to his shoulders, wielding two sun-moon blades)

Blue Warrior: (was skinny & was wearing a white karate outfit, wielding an Autumn Dao)

White Warrior: (wearing a black samurai outfit, wielding a sword)

Purple Warrior: (was wearing red pants, black spiked boots & green sleeveless armor, weilding a morning star mace)

Cyan Warrior: (was wearing black clothes, but they we're ripped & torn & also wears an indian cheif hat & wields 2 Tomahawks)

Green Warrior: (was big & muscular just like the red warrior, but has four arms & tarkatan blades mounted on his forearms)

Shang Tsung: You & the freedom fighters are not the only ones who knows about the powers of the Chaos Emeralds.

Spongebob: Not good.

Shang Tsung: (smirks) Let's see if your tough enough to face these seven warriors...if you can.

Spongebob: (sighs) Looks like it just turned into a handicap match

(The seven warriors surround Spongebob, who looked determined)

Blue Warrior: (is the first one to charge)

Spongebob: (kicks the blue warrior HARD on the chest)

Green Warrior: (attacks by trying to slash him his tarkatan blades & trying to bash him with his large shokan fists)

Spongebob: (punches twice across across the Green Warrior's face)

Yellow Warrior: (charges at the him by spinning his knives on him)

Spongebob: (punches the Yellow Warrior in the stomach)

White Warrior: (tries to slash him, he was fast, but not fast enough to slice Spongebob)

Spongebob: (grabs the White Warrior by the arm, as he kicks the Red Warrior away, who tried to attack him, but failed) Here goes! (throws the white warrior to the ground)

Cyan Warrior: (charges at him with his Tomahawks, he tries to attack Spongebob)

Spongebob: (grabs the 2 tomahawks as he kicked away the charging Purple Warrior)

Spongebob: (throws the Cyan Warrior away and dodges the Blue Warrior's spinning Autumn Dao) Not so fast! (punches the Blue Warrior in the stomach)

Red Warrior: (charges at Spongebob, who runs and jumps from a wall, dodging the red warrior's punches)

Spongebob: (kicks the red warrior across the face & spindashes at the Green Warrior who tried to slash at him) Wow, this is actually fun. (looks around and finds that he successfully defeated all seven warriors, who now remained on the floor on the sides of the ring, unconscious) Where did Shang Tsung run off to? Prehaps he's coming back for more. Let's hope my friends can fix Eddy's craziness.

Izzy: Wow, even I find Eddy crazier than me, it's like we both see eye to eye like siblings, only on the crazy side of me & Eddy. (laughs)

(Back in Knothole)

Eddy: [peering into a mailbox] I see you! [He crawls in.] Oh yeah. [The post holding the box up breaks, and the box falls over at Twilight's feet.] Hi NICOLE!

[We see the All Stars faces. Ed is wearing an Antoine mask, Edd is disguised as Tails, Applejack is disguised as Bunnie, Courtney is wearing a Sally Acorn mask, Vezok is wearing a Sonic mask, Boggy B's wearing a Rotor Walrus mask, Twilight Sparkle is disguised as NICOLE, & the rest of the All Stars are disguised as the people of Knothole.]

Eddy: Hi Rotor & Tails! Hi Antoine! Hi Sonic & Sally! I'd invite you all in, but I just shampooed the rugs! [Ed's & Vezok's mask falls off.]

Vezok: Whoops.

Ed: Oops.

Twilight Sparkle: (facehooved herself in disbelief)

Eddy: Antoine, Sonic. You two dropped your faces. I'll get you a new one!

[Eddy runs off. Edd, Twilight & Heather looks at a dumbfolded Vezok & Ed angrily, as the two ruined the scheme.]

Tree Rex: (takes off his disguise) Plan B, anyone?

(Back at Outworld)

[Eddy is seen playing with three small paper cups. He shuffles them.]

Eddy: Hey, find the coin, where's the coin, here's the coin! Round you go, where where, are you sure you wanna? Kay, here we go, can't see, don't know, time's up, gotta go! C'mon, c'mon, pick pick, this one, this one, thththththth?

[Eddy is playing a shell game with a Tarkata. The tarkata picks the center cup, and Eddy tosses it aside.]

Eddy: Ooh, sorry, you lose. [He reveals that the coin was under the cup on the right. The coin is actually a Mortal Kombat Koin & it's a golden one. The Tarkata is now mad for losing. More Tarkatans, Shokan, Saurian, Cyborgs & any other species in Mortal Kombat come up to him.] Who's next?


[Eddy collects a bunch of Koins, gold, ruby, sapphire, onyx, platinum & jade Koins and walks off with them, meaning Eddy had won the shell game hundreds of times.]

Eddy: Suckers!

(Suddendly the All Stars appears once again)

Mordecai: Hey! Stop!

Eddy: Hmm? (notices the All Stars [minus Spongebob])

Edd: Drop those coins!

Jetbug: And please stay calm. Do not think of anything.

Eddy: [crams the Koins in his mouth and takes off for the woods]

Drilldozer: Wait!

Eddy: [swings away from them on vines, escaping easily with his Koins, while the All Stars tries to catch Eddy, but fails as they kept bumping into each other like crazy.]

Deimos: Wow, Eddy's fast for a little guy.

Donkey Kong: Hold on, I'll go get him! (starts swinging the vines after Eddy, catching up to Eddy) I got you now, Eddy! (suddendly crashes into a tree & falls down to the ground) Ow! Ok, maybe not.

Astro Boy: (helps Donkey Kong up) Ok, so are we ready for Plan B?

Twilight Sparkle: One step ahead of you.

(Back at Knothole once again)

[Eddy is on the sidewalk, his mouth still full of Mortal Kombat Koins. He spies a fire hydrant and heads for it.]

Eddy: Jawbreaker! [rips the hydrant out of the ground, puts it in his mouth, and sucks on it as though it really is a gobstopper.]

Ed: [approaches behind him, a plunger in his hand & NICOLE on his other.]

NICOLE: We're getting closer to Eddy. I hope Sally doesn't mind if you all burrowed me to help Eddy's mindless problem you talked to me about.

Eddy: [slurping away] This is good.

[Ed & the rest of the All Stars [minus Spongebob] sneak up behind Eddy.]

Preytor: (whispers) We're in position.

NICOLE: Commencing ambush in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Twilight Sparkle: Now, Ed! [Ed raises the plunger and throws it.]

Ed: Aah! [The plunger lands on top of Eddy's head, knocking the Koins and the hydrant out of his mouth.]

Eddy: Aah! Ambush! [He runs away.]

Ed: There he goes.

Scorpio: Well don't just stand there, stop him!

[Edd & Kitty grabs onto one end of the string and is pulled along.]

Dudley: Kitty!

Ed: Double D!

Edd & Kitty: WAAAAAAAAHH! [They both slam into a trashcan.]

Bouncer: Hold on!

(The All Stars, minus Spongebob, Edd & Kitty, goes after Eddy)

Ed: Wait! Wait! I want to ride too.

Patrick: Me too!

Pinkie Pie: Me three!

Edd: Eddy!

Kitty: Ach! [She & Edd goes through a fence and some bushes. Eddy turns a corner, and Edd & Kitty fishtails behind him.]

Mordecai: Dude, don't let go of the string!

Edd & Kitty: YOYAHHHH! [They both hit a pole and lets go of the string.]

Tyler: Oh man!

Kineticlops: Not again!

Ed: My turn my turn!

Eddy: [confused] Who what where huh? (runs off, feeling confused & scared)

Eva: Great, now what?

Geoff: (to Edd & Kitty) Aw man, are you two ok?

Ed: [to Edd] You have all the fun. [He picks Edd & Kitty up off the ground, who points their one finger up in the air.]

Noah: (shrugs, but still looks unimpressed)

Rainbow Dash: Now what are we gonna do?

Applejack: (gets an idea) I think I hav' an idea for Plan C. Did y'all got loads of green paper 'round here?

NICOLE: We'll find out soon enough. Please bring me back to Sally, she would be desperate if I'm not around to help her.

Ninjini: Don't worry, I'll take you back. Thanks for the help anyway. (grabs NICOLE gently & then brings it back to Sally, without being sick)


[Eddy looks over a fence.]

Eddy: Ham and eggs, buttered toast. [He eats a fencepost before sighting a dollar lying on the ground.] Huh? Sweetheart! [dives after it, but a string pulls it away.] Baby, come back!

[Eddy follows it. Applejack can then be seen running, holding the rope, to which it's attached to the dollar, with the All Stars (minus Spongebob) following Applejack.]

Applejack: (holding the rope with her teeth)

Boggy B: Come & get the dollar!

(The All Stars [minus Spongebob, Ed, Eddy & Applejack] goes inside the portal back to Outworld)

Eddy: Stop teasing! [Applejack waves it in front of the portal to Outworld.] Lucy, I'm home! [dives on Applejack, knocking him into the portal to Outworld, entering Outworld.]

Applejack: Ed, close tha' portal!

[Ed closes the portal to Outworld from the outside of Outworld. Realizing what he's done, he stops and opens it. He enters the portal, coming back to the palace of Shang Tsung, where Spongebob is still battling against Shang Tsung from the upper level]

[Eddy is running around a padded cell built in the shed.]

Eddy: You and me against the world, baby! YEAH!!! [Harold locks the numerous locks put on the portal, shutting it down.]

Harold: There.

Applejack: [giving Ed a portal key] Ed, hide this portal key discreetly.

Ed: Okay.

Eddy: [to Courtney] Will you marry us?

Courtney: Hey! I'm not registered for that!

Eddy: Then we'll elope!

Reidak: What?!

[Ed puts the key between two slices of bread and eats it as a sandwich.]

(Meanwhile on the upper level of the palace)

(We see Spongebob & Shang Tsung continue to fight each other)

Spongebob: (panting) Boy, all this fighting is making me worn out already

Shang Tsung: Now your mine! (grabs Spongebob by his arm and pulled him to the floor)

Spongebob: (charges at Shang Tsung with some punches)

Shang Tsung: (blocked them and pushed Spongebob to the ground)

Spongebob: Ow!

Shang Tsung: (grabs Spongebob and throws him thru the platform and elbows Spongebob on the back of his head, knocking him out. Shang Tsung picks Spongebob up by the back of his head.

Shang Tsung: (in disgust) The chosen one. (dropped the unconscious Spongebob to the floor and before he could leave, they noticed the rest of the All Stars) Now I will finish your All Star Warrior and...(noticed something strange) Huh?

[Eddy, meanwhile, looks at his money happily until Ed grabs his head and turns it to the right.]

Pinkie Pie: Surprise, Eddy.

Boggy B: You're rich!

Edd: Vuelah! [There is a huge pile of money in a corner of the palace.]

Shang Tsung: What is this?

Duncan: You've forgotten one thing about Eddy & it's the one thing that Eddy loves more than anything else besides Jawbreakers. Eddy loves money!

Shang Tsung: What?!

Eddy: [leaping in] Whoa! Cha-ching! Moolah. Money! Dinero. Cash! [standing up, becoming saner] We'll buy a truckload of jawbreakers!

Patrick: Huh?

Ed: Whaddya mean?

Eddy: Whaddya mean, whaddya mean? With all this glorious– [He takes a closer look at the bills.] What the–It's fake! [Ed's face is on the money and no denomination is listed.]

Ed: I drew it myself.

Astro Boy: (sighs)

HF Rotor: Busted

Eddy: Huh? [He groans in frustration.]

Ed: Eddy's mad.

Lindsay: Really mad.

Edd: Correct! He's back to normal!

Drilldozer: All thanks to Plan C made by Applejack

Applejack: (blushes a bit) Aww shucks.

Shang Tsung: What?! That's impossible!

Spongebob: (in singsong voice) Oh Shang Tsung!

Shang Tsung: (turns to Spongebob who got back up from his feet) What the...?!

Spongebob: (normal voice) I am the Leader of the All Star Freedom Fighters because I was destined to become the All Star Warrior, the chosen one of the Multiverse!

Shang Tsung: (now enraged) Round 2! (charging at him)

Spongebob: (grabbed him by the arms)

Shang Tsung: (tries to escape his grip, the souls inside him circle around him)

Spongebob: Your losing power over the souls!. Their the reason why their weakening you, their rising up against you sorceror! FREE THEM AT ONCE!!!

Shang Tsung: They are mine! Forever!

Spongebob: (Smirks) I knew you we're gonna say that. (pushes Shang Tsung and kicks him to a post) Time for the evil sorceror to fall !

Rainbow Dash: Go get him Spongebob!

Shang Tsung: (angrily charges at Spongebob with some punches)

Spongebob: (able to block them, next he punches him to the floor again) All those souls Shang Tsung stole are not one of your own! I pity you, sorceror and you know it.

Shang Tsung: (spits again) Say your pitiful weak!

Spongebob: Surrender it over!

Shang Tsung: (got up from the floor and charges at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (punched him in the belly temporally knocking him out)

All Stars: (cheering)

Zaktan: Go, go, go, go!

Spongebob: (gives the All Stars a thumbs up as he backs away and stops making his fighting pose) Now do you surrender?

Shang Tsung: NEVER!!! (charges at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (kicked him in the belly) Sometimes you always do it the hard way. (keeps backing Shang Tsung away with lots of punches all over his body)

Shang Tsung: (in a daze) Ooooh… (standing on the edge of the platform)

Reidak: Alright Spongebob, this is the big one! Now finish him!

Spongebob: (let's out a roar as he shoots his arms at Shang Tsung's belly HARD, causing him to fall of the platform)

Shang Tsung: AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! (screams all the way down until he fell on his back & he's now unconscious)

Spongebob: (jumps down, landing in front of Shang Tsung) Flawless Victory.

Boggy B: Strong finish there buddy.

Spongebob: Thanks & I believe Eddy's back to normal?

Thumpback: Yes he is.

[Eddy screams, and then hears a noise coming from the Portal.]

Eddy: Citizens

(From the other side of the Portal to Outworld, all of the villagers of Knothole & the Knothole Freedom Fighters have recovered [thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog] and they are playing together)

[Back inside Shang Tsung's palace, Eddy runs to the door and tries to open it.]

Spongebob: Looks like everyone is feeling better thanks to Sonic. Now let's go back to Knothole!

Eddy: Yeah guys, the chickens are ripe for the plucking. [He realizes the portal is locked & was shut down.] Huh? [He wrestles with it.] Where's the key?

Ed: I ate it! Discreetly.

Tree Rex: Aw man, now we're stuck inside the portal.

Spongebob: But what Ed did is a pretty good job too, now no Outworlder will ever get in Mobius ever again.

Squidward: Yes & now none of us can get out you nitwit! (got electrocuted by lightning) GAAAH! (was black covered) Ow

Raiden: (was teleported in by a flash of lightning) Enough! Explain yourselves, what are you all doing here in Outworld?

Spongebob: Well first of all Eddy got attacked by this Scorpion creature, but we saved him, Astro fends off Kano who threaten to kill us, but we managed to get away but Astro's rocket boots are got damaged in the process & he won't be flying for a few days, but then we ran into Elder Sub Zero who is actually Noob Saibot, once we get to the portal to stop Shang Tsung, a four armed monster...

Raiden: Shokan.

Spongebob: Thank you, this four armed shokan named Goro, came out of the portal and attacked us, but luckily we survived against those enemies, including Reptile & the sorceror that wants to kill us in the first place.

Raiden: I the forces of darkness had already know the secrets of the All Star Freedom Fighters that her majesty Queen Aleena had formed.

Eddy: You mean the Queen Aleena who had summoned us to be All Star Freedom Fighters in the first place?

Raiden: Indeed. She is a fine woman up to that point. Remember this, she had picked you all for a reason that you will face grave new challenges, new enemies & new armies growing as we speak. I can feel it.

Astro Boy: We must do everything we can to stop Plankton, Robotnik & their armies.

Reidak: But how do we get outta here, we're stuck in Outworld

Raiden: I don't think being trapped in Outworld is possible. (summons a portal back to Planet Mobius) You may return to Knothole.

Spongebob: Thank you kind sir, we will be forever grateful for your wisdom.

Raiden: There is no need.

Spongebob: Very well then. (to the All Stars) All Stars, let's go home.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters heads inside Knothole, but Spongebob stopped for something)

Spongebob: Um pardon me for a moment please, but uh I want to ask you a question, if you don't mind me asking, "who are you"?

Raiden: I am Raiden, god of thunder. Safe journey back to Knothole Village, All Star Warrior.

Spongebob: (nods & then heads back in the portal, following the rest of the all star team)

Raiden: (teleports in a flash of lightning)

Shang Tsung: (regains consciousness) Uhhh...the All Star Warrior is more powerful than I thought.

????: That makes the two of us.

Shang Tsung: (turns to see ???? who is actually Plankton) Who are you?

Plankton: My name is Plankton.

Shang Tsung: What bussiness do you have in Outworld?

Plankton: I noticed that the Forces of Darkness is what I'm looking for. Prehaps the Forces of Darkness would be very useful in my Plankton Empire, how'd you all like to join us?

Shang Tsung: (grins) The Emperor of Outworld will be pleased with that offer & it appears that we have a common enemy & a common goal.

The End