This is the 45th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover

This is also the 8th Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok

Main Villains: Enerjak & Vezon

Story #1: Transcript

Rights of Passage, Piraka Time (Part 1)

(We see the Piraka visiting the Floating Island with one of the hoverbikes)

Vezok: Why are we doing this?

Zaktan: We're just here to have a quick visit with Knuckles to see how he's doing, in & out, nothing more. And remember, focus.

Reidak: Got it

(The Piraka lands on the Floating Island, hopping off the hoverbike)

Hakann: Well, now that we're here, now what?

Zaktan: We just have to go through the jungle to find Knuckles

(The Piraka then goes into the Jungle)

Avak: This jungle is a bit creepy on the wild side

Thok: We must stay close, otherwise the enemy will pick us off, one by one.

Zaktan: Guys, we got noting else to do, except visiting Knuckles. Onward to Knuckles!

(The Piraka ventures further to the middle of the Floating Island, only to find Mount Fate)

Reidak: Dang, that's a big mountain

Vezok: And very spooky I might add.

(Suddendly they heard an engine coming from behind revealing Vezon riding in his own Hoverbike)

Vezon: Hello Piraka (hops off) Nice to see you all again, although it's not

Zaktan: Vezon, what are you doing here? You allied yourself with Plankton

Vezon: Guilty as charge, now that the introduction is over (pulls out his signature Spear of Fusion) Prepare to be skewered!

Avak: Ew, being skewered is not such a great idea.

Hakann: We're not die to Vezok's copy.

Zaktan: Let's get this over with

The Piraka: (gets into their battle stances)


(The Piraka use their teamwork to stop Vezon's moves & defeated him)

Zaktan: Now then...tell us what are you doing here, otherwise you'll be thrown out of the island while we're still in the air

Vezon: Very impressive, but I'm ready for round 2 (gets up)

Reidak: Not again

(They we're about to fight again, but then Mount Fate begins to rumble violently)

Vezok: What was that? Don't tell me that was my stomach

Avak: Shh

Thok: I sence something...inside the mountain

Reidak: What's inside the mountain

Thok: Not what...who. Brace yourselves!

(The Piraka & Vezon brace themselves for impact as Mount Fate exploded & was reduced to rubble)

Zaktan: (notices someone inside a cave) Thok, you maybe right & it looks like a powerful warrior.

(We see that the warrior is wearing golden & blue warrior armor, but revealing long red echidna quills & he wields a golden staff & he is covered in green choas energy)

Vezon: Who are you?


Avak: Oh yeah? There's 7 of us & only 1 of you.

Enerjak: You fools, you have no idea who your dealing with! (aims his staff at the Piraka & Vezon)

Vezon: I'm outta here!

Enerjak: It's too late for that (fires a green energy beam, covering the Piraka & Vezon)

Hakann: Hey!

Zaktan: What's happening?

Vezon: He has damaged the transmission field!

The Piraka & Vezon: (screams, until their dissapeared, being teleported to an unknown location)

Enerjak: Knuckles, your next (evil laughter as he flies over to the temple to find Knuckles)

(At an unknown location, which is a plain desert with clear blue skies)

Reidak: (crashes to the ground) Uh!

Vezok: (crashes to the ground) Eep!

Thok: (crashes to the ground) Ow!

Hakann: (crashes to the ground) Oof!

Avak: (crashes to the ground) Ow!

Zaktan: (crashes to the ground) Ouch!

Vezon: (crashes to the ground) Gah! (gets up) I can't believe that we're being defeated this easily by a god

Zaktan: (gets up) And that was bad, why?

Vezon: I was about to teleport, but this Enerjak had interfered with my teleporter settings

Reidak: Well, to be there, you did distracted us

Vezok: With you trying to kill us for your actions

Vezon: That's right, I was & therefore I still am!

Piraka: (gets into their battle stances)

(But another rumble interrupts their battle, but this time it's in the ground)

Avak: Another earthquake?

Thok: Something's underground this time

Vezon: Not again

(Something emerges from the sand & it was a worm-like creature called a "Sandcrawler", causing the Piraka & Vezon to be blown away by this explosive emerge)

Hakann: WHAO! Looks like we need some back-up!

(The Piraka & Vezon falls on the ground)

Vezok: I got him! (slashes at a Sandcrawler, causing a large scratch on the sandcrawler & it's a deep cut)

Sandcrawler: (screeches in pain)

Zaktan: Piraka & Vezon, CHARGE!

(The Piraka & Vezon begins slashing at the Sandcrawler, beggining to give deep cuts at the worm-like creature, killing it)

Reidak: Phew, that was close

Avak: What was that thing?

Vezon: According to Mobius species, this is a dangerous giant worm species called "Sandcrawlers". They are very dangerous

Zaktan: Then we betta get out of the desert before any more of them show up.

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok & Vezon: We?!

Zaktan: Yes we. You guys couldn't defeat it alone and I couldn't either. If more of those Sandcrawlers come, our only hope of survival is to fight & work together. You know I'm right.

Vezon: I know no such thing.

Reidak: Zaktan, are you crazy?

Zaktan: As crazy as not being in this desert any better than you do. (looks around) Um, which way should we go?

Vezon: This place is flat, that we don't which way to go. It's impossible to tell.

Thok: Impossible for you maybe, but this device will show us the way (pulls out a device called an "Energy Tracker") It's an Energy Tracker, it can track many ammounts of energy, even from a far away distance (checks around the area, notices the energy tracker has detected energy coming from behind Vezok) That way!

Zaktan: From a looks of it, it'll take a day or more to reach on foot. Let's go!

(The Piraka starts walking, but Vezon stayed put, which caused them to stop)

Vezok: Come on guys, the sooner we get moving, the sooner we find civilization.

Vezon: If I'm going to travel with you 6, then you must keep me about 10 paces behind me at all times.

Reidak: But Thok found the way

Hakann: Aw come on man...

Vezon: 10 paces! Got that?

Zaktan: Fine, whatever. Let's just get moving

(The Piraka followed Vezon to civilization)

Rights to Passage, Piraka Time (Part 2)

(A few hours later)

Vezon: (walking 10 paces front of the Piraka)

The Piraka: (walking 10 paces behind Vezon)

Zaktan: Phew! Hot enough for ya?

Vezon: Yes

Hakann: He wasn't really asking, it was just an expression. I love this heat

Vezon: Because it's obviously hot

Reidak: Exactly, just like my home back at the Reidak Desert.

Vezok: That is if it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Heh

Vezon: There is no humidity, it is infact the heat.

Thok: We know!

Avak: Sheesh, we're trying to have a conversation

Vezon: (feels a bit dehydrated & falls onto his knees)

Zaktan: Vezon, are you ok?

Vezon: Just don't lay your hands on me. I need a moment's rest (his body becomes more dehydrated)

Reidak: I don't think that's gonna cut it, your dehydrated already

Vezon: (groans) I guess your right, why am I wasting away with you?

Zaktan: Don't worry, Vezok & Thok will help you beat the heat.

Vezok: (fires waves of water from his Harpoon Gun at Vezon, trying to refresh him)

Thok: (uses his Ice Peg to fire a blizzard at Vezon, trying to refresh him)

Vezon: What are you doing? Stop that!

Vezok: Why?

Vezon: I will not need your assistance

Zaktan: We know.

Hakann: What else can we do to refresh you?

Avak: (notices water in the distance) Say, what's that?

Reidak: (notices water in the distance) Water

Vezon: How can an oasis be here in the first place? Something is very strange is going on here.

Thok: Uh, we're getting a drink. We'll bring some water back for you.

(The Piraka arrives at an oasis, when they use their hands to carry small ammounts of water, they was ambushed by another Sandcrawler, trying to eat them alive.)

The Piraka: (escapes the jaws of the sandcrawler & comes back to Vezon, not before Thok freezes the Sandcrawler's jaws)

Zaktan: It was a trap

Vezok: How do they know that we're after water?

Vezon: Gullible prey can often be lured by the right bait. Many creatures use this to their advantage.

Reidak: Now that's just foul play.

Avak: (noticing the Sandcrawler's jaw trying to break free from the ice) That monster's getting loose. Let's move.

Vezon: (offended) Hey! You cannot issue commands to me! We're rivals & that is what we'll always be.

Sandcrawler: (breaks free from the ice & charges at the Piraka & Vezon)

Vezon: And I say fight!

Zaktan: Right, if you say so.

Hakann: Let's cut the monster down to size

The Piraka: (starts slashing at the worm monster, but it appears to be stronger than the first sandcrawler they have encountered)

Thok: I don't think we can keep this up much longer.

Vezon: Then I have an idea. Thok, freeze him!

Thok: In this heat?

Vezon: From inside the monster, stay inside, keep him frozen until I say so.

Zaktan: Alright, Vezon. We'll go with you plan

Thok: I don't think I would like this. (jumps inside the Sandcrawler's mouth & starts to freeze the monster from the inside, until the monster's completely frozen)

Vezon: Now!

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Vezon: (stabs at the frozen monster with their weapons, breaking the sandcrawler into large ice bergs, freeing Thok in the process)

Vezok: I can't believe it actually worked.

Thok: (sighs) Finally, I'm free. Thanks

Reidak: It was Vezon's plan, he has everything under control

Vezon: Now that the danger has passed, it's time to dig for water (starts digging a large hole, trying to find water)

Hakann: What are you doing?

Vezon: Digging for water because there's water beneath the sand if one dig deep enough.

Zaktan: Then let's start digging

The Piraka: (helps Vezon dig for water & the water begins to emerge from the sand, filling up the large hole that The Piraka & Vezon had dug up, creating a oasis)

Vezon: There, now we can drink

(The Piraka & Vezon begins drinking the water, refreshing their bodies back to normal)

(Later, it was sunset)

Zaktan: Now that we're refreshed & the temperature begins to cool down to the right ammount, we can keep on moving

(The Piraka & Vezon starts walking again, following the energy waves to find civilization)

Reidak: (hearing a rumbling in the background) Did you hear something?

Vezon: I heard nothing except you, Piraka - which is the same as nothing.

Avak: (dryly) Ha-ha.

Vezon: I believe I'm beginning to grasp your concept of humour.

Zaktan: (checking on the energy tracker) That's weird, the energy pulse is heading towards us. That's impossible, unless...

(We see that a being is heading towards them, who is actually Enerjak, flying towards them)

Vezon: Enerjak has been tracked on the energy tracker!

Vezok: Aw great!

Enerjak: (moves the Piraka & Vezon out of the way) Out of my way you fools!

Reidak: Hey! Stop!

(The Piraka & Vezon chases after Enerjak, but he is too fast for them due to running in the sand)

Hakann: Great, we've lost him!

Thok: If the energy tracker is tracking Enerjak's high energy waves, then we must follow him to see where he was going.

Zaktan: Right, change of plans. We're going after him!

Vezon: (grabs the energy tracker from Zaktan) I'm leading this time

Avak: Come on! Give us a fellow Piraka some slack once in a while

Vezon: (didn't answer back & starts following Enerjak)

Reidak: Don't tell me, 10 paces behind.

The Piraka: (follows Vezon only 10 paces behind him)

(In Night Time)

Vezok: (mumbling) I can't believe, I just can't believe we're inside the desert for nearly all day & still 10 paces behind

The Piraka: (stops to look around)

Zaktan: Looks like this is the perfect place to set up camp for the night

Vezon: (walks on) No, we shall walk for the night

Reidak: No, we shall camp here for the night.

Vezon: (stops & turns to the 6 Piraka) Why would I be ordered around by you Piraka who have gone heroic instead of villainous.

Hakann: Because we've changed

Vezon: But I do not! I'm still the same evil Piraka that I already am.

Avak: Oh really?

Vezon: Yes, now leave me be.

Thok: Alright, go then

Vezon: Fine, I don't need your assistance anyway

Zaktan: Neither do we!

Vezon: (was about to leave, until he hears a sound of another Sandcrawler, which caused him to change his mind) On second thought, we shall camp here for the night.

(Later, we see the Piraka has set up small boulders as chairs & a campfire while Vezon watched on)

Reidak: Pull up a boulder & sit down

Vezon: (pulls up a 7th boulder & sits down on it) There, I did it. Now what?

Zaktan: Simple, talk.

Vezon: To you? Seriously?

Hakann: Yes, somehow we've all manage to survive against lots of dangerous creatures. But maybe just maybe we can work together to stop Enerjak together.

Avak: Prehaps your right. Guess Piraka can work together to survive, even good & evil Piraka together.

Vezok: Yeah, let's get to bed.

Vezon: I'll take the first watch

Zaktan: Don't worry, we'll be ok. I'll take the first watch.

Vezon: Does it look I need the first watch?

Thok: Ok, I guess you mind a little.

(Later, about 5:50am, nearly sunrise)

The Piraka & Vezon: (spots Enerjak)

Zaktan: There he is!

Vezok: Good thing that we're refreshed

Vezon: It appears that he's preparing for a big solo ritual.

Hakann: What for?

Avak: I think we're gonna find out

Enerjak: (arrives at the former site of Echidnaopolis, upon which he raises his new capital of Nekronopolis using his power over the Chaos Force)

Thok: Did he just make an entire city rise from the sand?

Vezon: It would appear so.

Zaktan: Then we must be careful

Reidak: Alright then, let's go!

Zaktan: We're going in!

(The Piraka & Vezon goes inside the city of Nekronopolis, but not too far behind we see Knuckles the Echidna with an mobian ant on his shoulders, his name is Archimedes)

(Inside the City)

The Piraka: (spoted weird labour robots called "Mechanauts")

Vezok: Dang dude, what are those bots?

Zaktan: Whatever they are, they might be hostile. Let's hit him with everything we got

The Piraka: Yeah!

Reidak: CHARGE!

(The Piraka starts attacking the Mechanauts, destroying them)

Avak: (notices that Vezon is gone) Vezon? Where'd he go?

Thok: He's nowhere to be found

Zaktan: Forget about him, we have to get inside

(The Piraka starts running inside the fortress, as they heading deeper inside, the room becomes even more dark until we can only see the Piraka's glowing red eyes)

Hakann: Where are we? It's so dark I can't see nothing.

Zaktan: Anybody got a match?

Hakann: I think so (lights a match revealing Knuckles' assailants-Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Mighty & the 4 have been brainwashed)

Reidak: Whoa! Is that the Chaotix?

Vezon: (emerges into the light) Exactly, just the way Enerjak likes it, brainwashed & scrambled. (aims his Spear of Fusion at the Piraka)

Vezok: We've been flimflammed!

Thok: We should've never trusted you in the first place, not after what you did for saving our lives.

Vezon: I was saving for Enerjak, so that your energy will be his...forever!

The Piraka: (felt a bit scared)

Vezon: Yeah the "forever" part always gets those heroes.

Rights to Passage, Piraka Time (Part 3)

Vezon: Strike, my hypnotised army. Make those 6 Piraka pay!

Vector, Espio, Charmy & Mighty: (charges at the 6 Piraka)

Zaktan: Looks like it's time for some excercize once again for the glory of the All Stars.

The Piraka: (gets into their battle stances)


(The Hypnotised Chaotix still have their special moves, but the Piraka outsmarted them with their strength & speed, taking them down)

Reidak: Now that's what I'm talking about! Good old fashion action.

Avak: Now if you excuse us, we're leaving!

(The Piraka makes their escape, not knowing Knuckles & Archimedes is entering inside the fortress)

Vezon: Great...

Vezok: We're free!

(Suddendly the Piraka hears Knuckles & Archimedes in danger because of the hypnotised chaotix [who had gotten back up from their feet] attacking him)

Hakann: Aw great, now we have to go back & rescue someone

Thok: That sounded like Knuckles, let's go!

(The Piraka heads back inside the fortress to see that the same room that the Piraka battled with the hypnotised Chaotix is empty)

Zaktan: It's empty. Is this some kind of joke?

Reidak: Where could they be at now?

Vezok: (hears noises coming from Enerjak's chamber) The sounds coming from over there. Let's check this out

(The Piraka followed the noise to see that Enerjak has Knuckles & Archimedes in captivity)

Avak: Oh no! We gotta save them!

Zaktan: Wait, listen.

Vezon: (with Enerjak)

Enerjak: (talking to Knuckles) I'm quite sure, Echidna, you haven't any concept just how long...but I'd wager the fire-ant does! Did you know that at one time the echidnas were the most advance species on Mobius?

The Piraka: Huh? (looks at each other)

Enerjak: My brother Edmund and I we're Echidnaopolis' top scientists, and it was our dream to restore the Floating Island to it's native Mobius utilizing the energy of the Chaos Emeralds!

Zaktan: (whispers) Time to prepare the sneak attack.

(as the Piraka hides closer & closer to Enerjak, he continues to speak)

Enerjak: I created the chaos syphon, which would gradually resore the energy generated by the emeralds, thus lowering us until we were rejoined with the land!

(The Piraka hides closer behind crates)

Enerjak: However we were denied by the council elders...foolish old men too weak-willed to see that our predicament required a solution that was bold and daring!

(Vezon hears something odd)

Vezon: Hm? (leaves)

Enerjak: ...My brother was among them! And so it feel to me to carry out the plan! What I didn't count on was channeled into me...changing me....into something far more!

Zaktan: (signals the Piraka to wait for the signal)

Enerjak: However well I planned in my arrogance, I had not taken into account your ancestors entering the fray, Fire-Ant! They foiled my plans bringing down my own creation upon me! I suppose my brother Edmund took it upon himself to make atonement for my deeds...probably wracked with guilt over my death.

Zaktan: (sneaks up to Enerjak slowly)

Enerjak: But I did not die! For untold generations I lay in utter blackness...until the time was right for my rebirth, and with my renewed lifeforce I to conquer a world and beyond! Of all who could possibly stand in my way were you two...& those 6 beasts you called "Piraka"...making your removal from the scene my highest priority! I admit amazement that you made it here through the desert.

Knuckles: We're not really here, y'know! We're a mirage. You're imagining things in your state of dellisional grandeur! (in thought: Interesting...he doesn't know about the oasis we found out there!)

Zaktan: You don't say...

Enerjak: (turns to Zaktan) What's this? You must be Zaktan, where are the others?

Zaktan: Oh you'll find out. Once you fight me.

Enerjak: Don't mock me, young pup & young monster!

Zaktan: Alright, let's fight!

Enerjak: Behold! (pushes Knuckles with his chaos energy & tries to do the same thing to Zaktan)

Zaktan: (dodges the chaos energy) Oh yeah, I don't think your beholding to me about anything except your crazy head.

Enerjak: You can't even besin to comprehend the power I wield! (tries to attack Zaktan with his chaos energy)

Zaktan: (dodges again) The only thing that the All Stars are comprehending is you & your powers!

Enerjak: Power so limitless...that the energy it takes to hold this island aloft can create a new tower from the earth! (tries to attack Zaktan with his chaos energy again)

Zaktan: (misses the attack once again) What's the matter, you called that an attack?

Enerjak: Only this time...I don't foresee it collapsing any time soon! (tries to do the same attack again, but he misses)

Knuckles: Don't be so sure! History just might repeat itself...(nudges Archimedes) Right, Archimedes?

Archimedes: (is a fire ant wearing outback clothing) (takes off his hat & uses his antennas to call the rest of his species) (In thought: True than even you know, Echidna!)

Enerjak: (turns to see Zaktan who is now with Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok) I hardly thing so! Let me demonstrate!

Reidak: Now we're ready!

Zaktan: Alright, finally some excitment!


Enerjak: (fires chaos energy at the Piraka)

The Piraka: (dodges the attack)

Reidak: (kicks Enerjak at the head)

Enerjak: That was but a mild taste!

(The Piraka continues fighting against Enerjak)

Avak: Our turn.

Knuckles: Are we supposed to be impressed?

Enerjak: No. You're supposed to quake in mortal terror at the fate I've in store for you!

Vezok: Really?

Enerjak: Prepare yourselves...for this is one time you cannot escape!

Archimedes: Wait for my signal, lads!

Enerjak: I bid you...adiue! (about to use his most powerful chaos energy attack yet)

Thok: Don't be so sure.

(A puff of smoke appears covering Knuckles, Archimedes & the Piraka)

Enerjak: Wha...?

Zaktan: (from the smoke) You lose sight of everything.

Enerjak: You really think some cheap parlor trick will help you elude me? Just as I stemmed the flow of air from allowing you to breathe...

(When the smoke clears, Knuckles & Archiemedes are missing)

Enerjak: They've vanished!

Zaktan: (from behind Enerjak) And the bad news keeps on coming.

Enerjak: (tries to hit Zaktan from behind, but misses)

Zaktan: SUCKER PUNCH! (sucker punches Enerjak with an uppercut, sending him flying & sending him crashing to the ground) Goodnight Echidna Prince.

(But we see that the Enerjak who he had faced is a decoy Enerjak & we see that it was Vezon who has been wearing the disguise to get them off guard)

Zaktan: Vezon?

Reidak: What?

Vezon: (gets up, removes the fake Enerjak's mask)

Vezok: It's a decoy.

Vezon: Exactly (kicks Zaktan away)

Zaktan: (got hit, been blown backwards, but was caught by the other 5 piraka) Ow!

Avak: Where's the real Enerjak?

Vezon: He went after Knuckles & Archimedes.

Thok: Why did you become the decoy?

Vezon: Once we arrived at the city, I left you to warn Enerjak about you 6, so we switch places with the body disguise spell to confuse you that your fighting the real Enerjak.

Hakann: Oh man, so your delaying us so Enerjak can find Knuckles & Archimedes?

Vezon: (walking towards the Piraka, causing them to back up on the stairs, heading towards the roof level) Exactly & you think that your smart huh? Don't think you can handle all this pressure when your stuck in the desert & we couldn't survive without the mighty & powerful Zaktan to solve our problems, huh?

(On the Roof of the fortress, we see Vezon & the Piraka are now on the flat roof)

Vezon: Well I got my news flash for you. I'm going just fine without you 6!

Zaktan: And you think that this quality of evil is fine?

Reidak: Working with Plankon to kill us & the rest of the All Stars?

Vezok: Risking the safety of our Piraka family?

Avak: Come on, what are you thinking?

Vezon: Don't push your luck, you Piraka. You can't just expect me to join your All Star Team here like a little soldier.

Zaktan: My Piraka friends are training to be better warriors for you & I even train myself to be a better leader for the All Stars & you!

Thok: But still, you hate us for that.

Hakann: Why would you betray us like that?

Vezon: And whoever said I want to be lead? I'm better off than being an officer of Plankton's Empire, calling my own shots, now get use to it or else!

Zaktan: You are not ready, you've become villainous, impatience, hot tempered & finally, more importantly than all of your weaknesses, we're better than you!

Reidak: That's right, the All Stars will never back down to you & Plankton's empire

Vezon: (laughs evily) You know something, hot shot. I have to disagree with you & your 5 brothers on that one. (unleashes his Spear of Fusion, getting ready for battle)

Zaktan: Don't do this, Vezon.

Vezon: I'm done with you 6.

Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (unleashes their signature weapons & their Zamor Launchers)

Vezok: Then it's round two

Vezon: You will pay for your ignorance.


The Piraka: (charges at Vezon)

Vezon: (charges at the Piraka)

The Piraka & Vezon: (starts slashing at each other, with the Piraka slashing at Vezon & Vezon slashing at the Piraka)

(The sword fight goes on for only 15 seconds)

(As the battle changed into a shoot out, rocket jets have been mysteriously attached to the upper levels of the citadel, and ignite, carrying the building up through the atmosphere)

(The Piraka begins shooting Zamor Spheres at Vezon & Vezon begins shooting red electrical spheres at the Piraka & the shoot out goes on for only 15 seconds once again)

The Piraka & Vezon: (dodging the ammo they fired to each other)

Zaktan & Vezon: (slashes at each other's blades, trying to push each other's blades away)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (ambushes Vezon from behind)

Vezon: Gah! (falls down a bit)

Zaktan: (tackles Vezon to the ground & aims his Tri-Scissor Blade at Vezon) Concede & say it.

Vezon: (panting) I...surrender.

Zaktan: Now to get outta this place before we get to Outer Space. (grabs Vezon) Let's go

The Piraka: (Carries Vezon & then jumps off the building)

Reidak: Nice, but how do we land?

Vezok: Yeah, we never thought of that before.

Avak: Do something!

Zaktan: I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

(Before the Piraka & Vezon falls to their doom, they we're rescued by Knuckles who was gliding away from the flying fortress)

Knuckles: (has Archimedes holding onto one of his Echidna quills)

The Piraka: (holding onto Knuckles)

Knuckles: Need some help?

Zaktan: (holds onto Vezon while he's holding onto Vezon) Thanks for saving us. Where's Enerjak?

Knuckles: Archimedes & I had to give him some time for us to escape. (lands on the ground on his feet) How's that for a landing? (gently puts Archimedes down)

Hakann: (looks around to see hundreds of Mobian Ants) Whao, that's a lot of ants!

Archimedes: Thank you, everyone, for coming through as I knew you would!

Mobian Ant: But, Archimedes...we only created an escape route so you could get away! We had nothing to do with launching the citadel into space!

Archimedes: (confused) Then who...?

Vezok: (notices Vezon has escaped by using a portal) Hey guys, Vezon has escaped...!

Knuckles: (notices Nekropolis is dissapearing) The city...! It's vanishing like a bad nightmare!

Vezok: Ok, never mind.

Zaktan: (notices Vector, Espio, Charmy & Mighty getting up, feeling dizzy meaning that they're not hypnotised anymore) Looks like they're back to normal.

Vector: (rubbing his head) Oooa...booy...

Espio: I feel like my head's been stomped on!

Reidak: Welcome back guys...

Avak: Yeah, welcome back

Knuckles: You look like your head's been stopmed on...just the same, it's great to see your mugs!

Charmy: Knuckles!

Thok: And the Piraka.

Mighty: You did it again, Knux!

Vector: But how'd ja do it this time?

Charmy: Yeah!

Vezok: Yeah, how did you do it against Enerjak?

Knuckles: For once, guys, I can't take the credit! It was a combination of things that added up when I put'em together! I could've never defeated Enerjak on my own! However, if I could depend on the unlikeliest of sources for help...

Reidak: Huh?

Knuckles: ...I stood a better than even chance of beating him!

Zaktan: Same with us against Vezon

Knuckles: Until now I was basically a lower relying only on myself! I think Enerjak sensed that, and figured I wouldn't so beyond that! I simply learned from history Enerjak didn't!

Avak: What do you mean?

Archimedes: From all his omnipotence, even Enerjak didn't know about the Oasis we found in the middle of nowhere! And we still haven't a clue where it came from or disappeared to!

Thok: That is indeed strange. And Vezon has escaped, but he'll be back for more.

Vector: Awww...who cares?

Mighty: The good guys won anyway!

Hakann: Yeah, your right. Piraka, let's go back to South Knothole.

Charmy: Let's party!

(The Piraka begins to head back to South Knothole)

(Back at South Knothole

Zaktan: (with the rest of the Piraka) Say Piraka, who launched those rockets?

Reidak: We'll never know.

(From an unknown location, the Chaotix are being observed through one camera while the Piraka are being observed through the 2nd camera & both groups are being observed by a hooded Echidna in an unknown location, who is actually Locke, a.k.a. Knuckles' Father who has activated the rocket jets)

The End