This is the 46th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Xplode, Twilight Sparkle & Crusher

Main Villains: Tiki Tong & Teridax

Story #1: Transcript

The Day the Chum Bucket Fell (Part 1)

(At Robotropolis, in a dump)

(We see Sonic, Sally, NICOLE, who is being held in Sally's hand & the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Spongebob: So this is the spot?

Xplode: From the looks of it, this must be where we meet Uncle Chuck. Sally, what do you think?

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog, All Stars, this is the exact spot in Robotropolis where Uncle Chuck asked to meet up! Where is he, Nicole?

NICOLE: (in Sally's hand) Unknown, Sally!

Crusher: Hm, this is very strange. He should be here by now.

Sonic: (sitting on a "pile of garbage" Chill, guys & Sal! He'll show...(being lifted up by an opened door underneath him, revealing Mecha Uncle Chuck) Up!

(We now know that the pile of garbage that Sonic stands close to is actually Uncle Chuck's secret spy lair)

Spongebob & Patrick: Hi Uncle Chuck.

Ed: Hiya Chuck.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (notices Sonic in the air) Oops! Sorry, nephew! I didn't know you were standing so close to the door!

Sonic: (lands on Squidward) Ow!

Squidward: Ow, my neck.

Vezok: Sonic, are you ok?

Sonic: I can't believe I fall for that!

Twilight Sparkle: It's a good thing Squidward saved you.

Squidward: That's not what I had in mind.

Sally: What is this place, Uncle Chuck?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It's my secret spy room, Sally! From here, I can monitor Robotnik's evil doings, undetected!

Mordecai & Rigby: Cool!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Now please come inside! (heads back inside)

(The Heroes followed Mecha Uncle Chuck inside his Secret Spy room)

Spongebob: Wow, cool place.

Sonic: Your Spy shacks really cool, Unc! Can I use it the next time I play hide & seek?

Eddy: (groans as he facepalms)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: This is no time for jokes nephew! Take a look a this screen!

(We see that on the screen that it is like a heart rate)

Edd: Interesting

Twilight Sparkle: Ooh, a movement indicatior. Now that's classic.

Sonic: If that's your heartrate, Unc, you should see a mechanic!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I wish it were Sonic...but Twilight's right, it is an indication of massive movements Directly below the surface of the city!

Dudley: Wha...?

Sally: You don't mean...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Yes, Sally! Robotropolis is about to be rockd by a terrible EARTHQUAKE!

Eddy: You've spent all this time figuring out the movments below us & that's what you came up with?

Spongebob: How can that be terrible?

Sonic: Terrible?! Remind me to kiss mother nature!

Tree Rex: No thanks, I'll pass, but thanks for asking.

Xplode: Sonic didn't mean you, he meant...oh never mind.

Sally: Does Robotnik know about the quake?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Of course! And so did Plankton! They both plan to hover above the city in a spacecraft until the quake is over! Then he's going to land and start rebulding!

Twilight Sparkle: Interesting

Timon: Are you kidding me?! If we're in the city, then we'll all gonna die! (hides on Pumbaa's back)

Pumbaa: (gulps) I'm scared too, Timon.

Sally: How can we take advantage of all this?

Kitty: Including preventing ourselves from getting injured or killed.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Well, while Robotnik's sons, Robotropolis will be defenseless...but only for a short time!

Spongebob: Well then, I guess it's all or nothing!

Sonic: Great! When you're as fast as I am. A short time is plenty of time! That's when we'll MAKE our MOVE!

Crusher: Then let's do this!


Plankton: (ordering the Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots to go inside the Spacecraft) Alright everyone, move it! Don't be shy. Move it, would ya? Move it! All of our officers are all inside the spacecraft.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And the Jack-1 Bots & the Swatbots are all on board the ship, Snively! Quickly! Prepare for take off!

Snively: But Doctor Robotnik...what's to become of the bots we're leaving behind?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Who cares you idiot?...They're just MACHINES!

Plankton: Sheesh, someone's cranky. Tiki Tong & Teridax? Where are those 2? I need to talk to them!

Tiki Tong & Teridax: (goes up to Plankton)

Tiki Tong: Yes, Plankton?

Teridax: What would you, have for us?

Plankton: I need you to keep an eye out for any intruders, just in case they're planing to escape, got it?

Tiki Tong: Yes sir.

Teridax: (hops on Tiki Tong's head) Yeeees, those intruders will not leave.

Tiki Tong: (carries Teridax, flying around Robotropolis)

Plankton: Good.


(Sonic, Sally, Mecha Uncle Chuck & the All Stars notices Robotnik, Snively, Plankton & their officers flying upwards from Robotropolis in the Spacecraft)

Ed: There it goes.

Spongebob: What's that?

Twilight Sparkle: A spacecraft

Sally: What exactly is your play, Uncle Chuck?

Sonic: Tsk! Tsk! Isn't that just like Robotnik to just to leave without saying goodbye!

Crusher: Guess Plankton has no time for that either.

Mecha Unlce Chuck: Robotnik left behind some bots, Sally. Bots that were once normla living mobians like you! I can't abandon them!

Sally: !

Cody: Oh my!

Sierra: Holy mackeral! We gotta go save them now!

Rainbow Dash: Sierra's right, what are we waiting for? Let's go save those mobians!

Spongebob: Right, Sonic, Sally & Uncle Chuck, you go towards to Robotnik's base while the All Stars & I head towards the Mega Chum Bucket!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Very well, good luck.

Xplode: Good luck to all of us & especially Sally...

Noah: (sighs)

(Sonic, Sally & Mecha Uncle Chuck starts running towards Robotnik's Base while the All Stars head towards the Mega Chum Bucket)

Spongebob: Are we almost there guys?

Crusher: Looks like it.

All Stars: (head inside the Mega Chum Bucket)

Reidak: We made it

(The first wave of the quake hits)

All Star Freedom Fighters: WHAO!

Duncan: What the heck is that?

Spongebob: The Earthquake, it's here!

(The Tiki Tak Tribe Theme song begins as they hear someone coming)

???: It's not the only one who is here. (appears to be Tiki Tong)

Teridax: (on Tiki Tong's head)

Donkey Kong: Tiki Tong!

Zaktan: And Teridax

The Day the Chum Bucket Fell (Part 2)

Teridax: You will not leave!

Spongebob: We'll see about that. Let's go!

(The Heroes gets into their battle stances as TikI Tong & Teridax has done the same thing, but a second rumble of the quake hits)

Tiki Tong: Looks like the earthquake is getting stronger.

Teridax: (to an army of roboticized mobians) Stop them! See to them personally!

Roboticized Mobians: (charges at the All Stars)

Xplode: (to Mecha Uncle Chuck in his walkie talkie) Uncle Chuck, we have a problem. Tiki Tong & Teridax spotted us, what should we do? We can't deroboticize all of them

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (in walkie talkie) I'm going to overload the deroboticizer's circuits! When it explodes, I'm counting on it to create a blanket-effect! I believe you must do the same

Xplode: Alright, good luck (turns off the walkie talkie) We have to overload the de-roboticizer.

Edd: I believe it's a job for people with intelligence (begins overloading the de-roboticizer's circuits)

Sanford: I believe it would be better if I help

Deimos: Me too

Sanford & Deimos: (helps Edd overload the De-roboticizer's circuits)

Xplode: Kineticlops, on the count of 3...

Crusher: Turn on the de-roboticizer to full power while the rest of us duck for cover.

Kineticlops: Alright

Xplode: 1...2...3!

(The All Stars ducks for cover as Kineticlops turns on the De-roboticizer with the switch of the lever, causing an explosion, turning the Roboticized Mobians back to their flesh & bone forms, meaning they're deroboticized)

Twlight Sparkle: It worked!

Spongebob: Now let's get outta here!

Tiki Tong: (puts Teridax on top of his head) Oh no you won't ! (chases the All Stars)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (starts running for their lives with the de-roboticized mobians)

Kitty: Quick, to the door before it's blocked!

(The All Stars & the de-roboticized mobians make it before the doors of the Mega Chum Bucket's being block by a bunch of derbis)

Tiki Tong: Now what?

Teridax: (fires a large red laser beam, destroying the derbis, clearing the doorway for him & Tiki Tong) They think they can trap us easily, they're lives will be breed.

Teridax & Tiki Tong: (escapes the Mega Chum Bucket before it collapses into many pieces)

Tiki Tong: Smart thinking (looks around to see that the All Stars & the de-roboticized mobians are not around) Where are they?

Teridax: We will find him & once we do, we'll crush them like insects.

Tiki Tong: (notices a giant boulder) And speaking of crushing, I think I have an idea.

(With the All Stars & the de-roboticized mobians who are running towards Robotnik's base to meet up with Sonic, Sally & Mecha Uncle Chuck)

Spongebob: Everybody this way!

Ed: Yip, yip, yahoo!

Dudley: Are we almost to Robotnik's base?

Swarm: Yes we are

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Rigby: Come on, we got to go faster!

Kitty: Stop critizing our running, Rigby!

Twilight Sparkle: (spots Sonic, Sally & Mecha Uncle Chuck with their group of de-roboticized mobians) There they are!

(The All Stars & their group of de-roboticized mobians stops in front of the 3)

Thunder: Hiya guys!

Fangz: Woof!

Spongebob: How'd you go?

Sonic: We made it!

Sally: But getting out of the city is going to be impossible!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Oh no it's not!

Squidward: What are you saying?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: LOOK! (points to STH Rotor arriving in a plane)

Applejack: Phew, what a relief.

Boggy B: And it's about time.

STH Rotor: (lands & gets out of the plane)

Sonic: Rotor! You came just in time!

Spongebob: We need all the help we can get.

STH Rotor: I never expected to so many of you! There's not enough room in the plane!

Mordecai & Rigby: Aw what?!

Eye Brawl: Now what are we gonna do?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I'll stay behind! My metalic body may protect me!

Fluttershy: I'll think I'll just be in the plane

Sonic: Forget that, Unc! I'll juice right over the quake!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: And if a charm opens up in front of you, you'll "juice" right to the bottom!

Rainbow Dash: Uh hello? Time is not on our side here

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow's right, if the plane is full than we have no choice but to escape on foot.

Sally: I'm sorry, Uncle Chuck, but Twilight's right, as princess I order you to return with the others! Whatever happens, Sonic and I will face it TOGETHER!

Spongebob: Come on, let's escape the earthquake before Tiki Tong & Teridax comes back.

(But what the heroes didn't know is that they have been watched from above by Teridax & Tiki Tong)

Tiki Tong: (holding a giant boulder with his hands)

Teridax: (on Tiki Tong's head) It's gonna take more than a miracle to escape this earthquake, freedom fighters

The Day the Chum Bucket Fell (Part 3)

(We see Sonic, Sally, NICOLE [being held by Sally] & the All Stars escaping from Robotropolis as the plane takes off with STH Rotor, Mecha Uncle Chuck & the de-roboticized mobians back to Knothole)

Spongebob: Phew, guess your right Rainbow Das, we need to be faster in order to escape from Robotropolis

Sally: (holding NICOLE in her hand, figuring out an escape route) Sonic the Hedgehog, All Stars at least the others got away! Maybe NICOLE can figure out an escape route for us!

Sonic: Tell her to make it fast! This town is about to rock...big time!

Crusher: And we better watch out for Tiki Tong & Teridax too.

Tiki Tong: (still above the heroes) We're in position. Now?

Teridax: (on Tiki Tong's head) (waiting for the signal) Now.

Tiki Tong: (drops the giant boulder above them)

Sally: (stops, still waiting for NICOLE's answer) Come on, Nicole!

Sonic: Don't stop, Sal! Keep moving!

Xplode: (notices the giant boulder about to fall on Sally) Sally, look out!

Sonic: (notices as well) SALLY!

Twilight Sparkle: (notices as well) Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Pinkie Pie: (notices as well) A-yi-yi-yi-yi!

(The Giant Boulder crashes on top of Sally, injuring her, knocking her unconscious)

Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle: (notices Sally's injury) Oohh.

(The rest of the All Stars comes up to Sally, checking her injury)

Xplode: Aah! Sally!

Sonic: She's hurt! Sal! Sal!

Sally: (knocked out) Ohhh...

Spongebob: What happened?

Twilight Sparkle: Sally's injured!

Crusher: (lifts the boulder off of Sally & places it down next to her) Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

Pinkie Pie: Is her face gonna stay that way?

Xplode: (gets angry & turns to Pinkie) Pinkie! Your not helping! >:(

Pinkie Pie: Oopsie sorry.

Sonic: I've got to get her back to Knothole or she won't make it!

Xplode: You mean "we"?

Sonic: Oh sorry. (notices Tiki Tong & Teridax) Huh?

Tiki Tong: (comes down to the All Stars & Sonic) That's one down & the rest of you to go

Sonic: What have you done to her?!

Teridax: We crushed her, her life will be ceased & now yours will be breed (unleashes a red smoke hand out of his chest at the All Stars & Sonic)

All Star Freedom Fighters & Sonic: (dodges out of the way)

Duncan: What the heck?!

Rigby: That monster shoots red hands out of his chest?!

Twilight Sparkle: If I can use my teleportation spell, we can get outta here for sure.

Sonic: (notices NICOLE) Wha...?

NICOLE: (lying on the ground) According to the available data, this is the safest route out of Robotropolis...chance of survival is 12%...

Justin: 12% of survival?! (faints)

Rarity: (faints)

Tree Rex: (catches Justin & Rarity) Looks like we have to do this the hard way.

NICOLE: ...if you start in 10 seconds and don't stop! Good luck, Sonic!

Spongebob: We'll meet you up later, we have to take down Tiki Tong & Teridax first.

Sonic: Good luck? Don't you mean "good-bye"? (picks up Sally & runs off) Hang on Sal!

Tiki Tong: Hey! Come back here, you blue hedgehog! (chases after Sonic)

Teridax: (gets off of Tiki Tong before he took off to go after Sonic) Now that Tiki Tong is after Sonic, this earthquake shall be your grave. (unleashes his Staff of Shadows)

All Star Freedom Fighters (gets into their battle stances)


(As the All Stars begin their battle against Teridax, Tiki Tong continues chasing Sonic who is holding Sally & NICOLE)

Sonic: Were almost out of the city!

Tiki Tong: Come back here you blue chicken! Nobody runs from Tiki Tong! (tries to slam Sonic with his hands)

Sonic: (keeps on dodging Tiki Tong's hands while carrying Sally bridal style as he puts NICOLE back inside Sally's vest pocket) Give it up you Tiki freak. You can't even catch me if I was standing still.

Tiki Tong: Your making a mistake, Hedgehog! Hold still so I can crush you like a pancake!

Sonic:  Oh yeah? We'll see about that...(notices a lava-filled chasm) Whoa! That chasm's filling up with hot lava! I can try to jump across...

Tiki Tong: Not so fast! (pushes a tower, causing it to fall & is about to crush Sonic)

Sonic (see a large tower falling towards it)...and get smashed by that falling tower! Time to change direction! But NICOLE said not to stop! What'll I do!!!!

Tiki Tong: Just stop running & die now!

Sonic: (spots a hole in the tower) Wait! There's a hole in the tower! Here I one side...(hurtles through the hole, safely makes it across the chasm with Sally & NICOLE)...and out the other! Yesss!

Tiki Tong: (flys in front of Sonic) Leaving so soon?

Sonic: (notices Tiki Tong) No way!

Tiki Tong: You may have escaped the earthquake, but you can't escape me!


(As Sonic & Tiki Tong begins to fight each other, the All Stars manages to stop Teridax) with teamwork)

Zaktan: Teridax is down. Now to get outta here!

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on! (uses her magic to teleport herself & the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters outside of Robotropolis) Made it.

Xplode: (notices Sonic & Tiki Tong) Hey look

Meltdown: Is that Sonic?

Donkey Kong: And Tiki Tong?

Spongebob: Looks like it.

(They noticed that Tiki Tong is defeated by Sonic, thanks to his super speed)

Sonic: Now that was fun.

Tiki Tong: (flys upwards) You may have won this round, but Teridax & I are not through (goes back to a destroyed Robotropolis to find Teridax)

Xplode: Sonic, is Sally ok?

Sonic: She'll be fine once we get her to the hospital. Would you guys help me getting Sally to Dr. Quack.

Xplode: Sure, we'll be there right away (picks up Sally & runs off back to Knothole in Sonic's speed)

Crusher: Talk about doing that favour in a hurry, huh?

Sonic: That's preaty fast, for a former villain.

Corroder: You have no idea.

(Next day in Knothole...)

Sally: (has banages on her head & left arm) ...and for your courage and selflessness, I award you, Uncle Chuck, the Mobius Golden Acorn, named after my father!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Thank you, Princess, but I'm afraid you won't be able to pin on me!

Sonic: (wearing a medal) No sweat, Unc! It's really a refrigerator magnet

Spongebob: Now that's a clever idea.

Sally: (pins the golden acord medal on Mecha Uncle Chuck with a refridgerator magnet)

Sonic: (holding NICOLE) I'm giving my medal to NICOLE! (gives his medal to NICOLE) We wouldn't have made it without her!

NICOLE: Thanks, Sonic!

Twilight Sparkle: Wow, that was very generous of you to give NICOLE your medal.

Rarity: Yes indeed, NICOLE really did deserve this medal.

Spongebob: We may have a long & bumpy road up ahead of us, but with our teamwork we will stay strong.

STH Rotor: Three cheers for Uncle Chuck!


Mecha Uncle Chuck: Hmmm...I wonder what kind of welcome Robotnik's getting.

(At that Robotropolis which is now destroyed)

Tiki Tong: (finds a defeated Teridax) I see we're both defeated by those Freedom Fighters

Teridax: Yes, but the war is not over yet. One day, we will have our revenge on those freedom fighters the next time we meet.

Tiki Tong: (spots the spacecraft that Robotnik Prime, Snively & Plankton are in) Look, it's the spacecraft that our master is in with his partner Robotnik & his lackey Snively.

Teridax: Indeed, but I believe they must be returning to Robotropolis...

(The force field is open, but the spacecraft crashes into the force field causing it to crash to the ground)

Teridax: Only to cause an crashing failure

Tiki Tong: We better find them & once we have the upper hand, we will conquer Mobius & the Multiverse (turns on walkie talkie) Master Plankton, this is Tiki Tong. What's going on?

(With Plankton, Robotnik Prime & Snively)

Plankton, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Snively: (climbs out of the crash-site)

Plankton: Snively activated the portal from the outside, but we've crashed into a portal by accident.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And I was about to say to Snively...when we get INSIDE!

Tiki Tong: (in walkie talkie) It's good that your all ok & that's the important thing. TIki Tong out

(With Tiki Tong & Teridax)

Teridax: (turns off the communicator) They think that the All Stars have won the war just because Robotropolis is destroyed, but they're wrong.

Tiki Tong: One day, they will pay! THEY WILL ALL CERTAINELY PAY!

(Tiki Tong's voice echoed out as the camera zooms out of the destroyed Robotropolis)

The End