This is the 49th Episode of Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Avak, Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Nack the Weasel, the Rahkshi, Sektor, Kano, Kabal, Baraka & Goro

Story #1: Transcript

Court Marshall of Outworld, The Rahkshi Breakout (Part 1)

[In South Knothole in the lounge room of All Star HQ]

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are relaxing after their tough mission)

[Eddy peeks out of a couch cushion. With one hand, he pulls out a giant dustball. He blows it away.]

Eddy: Find anything, Ed?

Ed: [under a chair cushion] Three potato chips, and my old button.

Cody: I found a bottle cap?

Eddy: [incredulous] No loot? I'm going back in. (goes back inside the couch cushion)

Ed: Hey c'mon, guys. Couch diving is lots of fun. (goes back inside the couch cushions)

Edd: (looking under the couch cushions) No no, Ed. You can get nasty scratches from upholstery pads.

Harold: He's right you know, you can get nasty scratches by doing that...

Ed: Oh, wow! Way cool!

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! What did you find?

Edd: Dust mites?

Eddy: Cash?

Dudley: A delicious bone?

Ed: No, my lost issue of Slug-U-La magazine. (holds up a magazine)

Thok: No wonder the couch feels a tiny bit lumpy...

Eddy: Tell me Ed, what's it like having buttered toast for a brain? [Ed jumps on the couch, shoving Eddy back in. Edd & Harold sits beside him.] Ed!

Meltdown: (sighs) Somebody help Eddy...

Thunder: I'll get him ! (grabs Eddy & pulls him out of the couch) Got him!

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs in relief) Spongebob, do you think that Ed has a comic book for everything? (no answer) Spongebob? (turns to Spongebob, looking out a window) Spongebob? Are you ok?

Spongebob: I'm worried about Sonic...I believe the roboticization of Sonic really made the Knothole Freedom Fighters really mad...

Dudley: What are you talking about? I mean seriously, how much can Sonic's roboticization matter?

Spongebob: That does matter much because Sonic has heavily damaged Knothole Village as Mecha I'm worried about him...

Kitty: Do you think we can check on Sonic to see if he's ok?

Owen: We could, but we're badly damaged after Mecha Sonic's attacks. Maybe we need to be 100%...

Spongebob: He's right, we're badly damaged...I hope Sonic's team mates aren't mad at him for the wrong reason...

Jetbug: Yeah, I guess it can't matter much...

(The All Stars continue to relax & recover after their rough mission)

Avak: Now all I need is a little nap (goes to sleep on a couch)

???: (through a loud mega phone) (girl voice) (chanting) Sonic is no villain!

Avak: (suddendly wakes up by the loud voice) AAAHH!! (falls down from the couch) Ow! (shakes his head)

???: Sally should be chillin'! Sonic is no villain! Sally should be chillin'!

Avak: Did you guys hear that?

Dudley: Avak, you should go check it out while I find a book about bones! (starts searching for the book about bones)

Avak: (sighs) Fine (goes to the window & looks out) What the...?

Amy: (walking around in circles next to a jailhouse, chanting through the mega-phone while holding a sign that says "Free Sonic!") One-two-three-four! Open up the Jailhouse door!

Avak: What was that all about?

Jetbug: You know about my quote "I guess it can't matter much"? I could be wrong you know...

Geoff: You mean Sonic's in jail? Man that's a bummer...

Vezok: Your telling me, Mecha Sonic even stuck me to a tree with my spine!

Spongebob: At least we've saved Sonic, but what did the Knothole Freedom Fighters do?

Kitty: I've heard of a law against being roboticized & nearly destroyed the entire village of Knothole in Robotnik's & Plankton's side...

Astro: Say, speaking of roboticization...I wonder what happen to Sektor?

Noah: How the heck should we know?

Sally: (going up to Amy) Okay, young lady...that's enough of civil disobedience for today...

Amy: (gasps) Princess Sally! I know you'd come and pardon Sonic!

Sonic: (in the jail cell) Don't bet on it, kid!

Sally: I'm afraid not, Amy Rose! There are very serious charges against Sonic...

Black Bird: (in thought: Serious charges? Like what?)

Amy: (hucks) B-but...(sniffles & then cries)

Beth: Aww, poor Amy...she really cares about Sonic

Rarity: She does, darling. How romantic of Amy to step up for Sonic...

Sonic: Tolja...queen takes pawn...check-mate!

Sally: (angry at Sonic) And that's enough sarcasm from you! This child hangs on your every some responsibility!

Sonic: Look who's talking! You know I don't belong in this joint, Sally...let me out!

Sally: No one is above the law, Sonic! Not even you! Is that clear?

Owen: (out loud) Except the jelly pudding was likely toasted in Pajamas?

Sanford: (keeps Owen out of Sally's sights along with the rest of the All Stars)

Sally: (hears Owen & turns to see that there's no one there) Huh? Who's there? (suddendly gets a strange vision of Sonic being knocked out by a barbell, the visions are similar to the visions in Mortal Kombat 9) (gasps) What the...?

Sanford: Keep it down Owen, we could get caught if you keep blabbering out loud...

Owen: Sorry...

Sonic: What's clear is this system stinks!

Sally: (hears Sonic, forgetting the vision that she saw & holds Amy's hand & drags her away) Save your emotional outbursts for court...nine A.M. tomorrow! (in thought: What was that vision I just saw? This doesn't seem right, does it?)

Amy: (her feet is being dragged by Sally) I still believe in you Sonic!

Sonic: And another thing...the chili dogs here are stale!

(As Sally left with Amy, the All Star Freedom Fighters look at each other)

Spongebob: Hm?

Ed: Um...

Avak: Let's go.

(Then the All Stars head outside to see what's going on)

Sally: Hi All Stars, thank you for saving Sonic, but...(in thought: If I tell them the truth about Sonic being in jail because of his Roboticization, they would never forgive me because of that law)

Ninjini: We know, but we forgive you...

Sally: Huh?! Ninjini, how did you know?

Ninjini: I can sence your chi & you look worried & angry about Sonic at the same time...

Sally: (sighs) Please take care of Amy for me, court begins in 9:AM...

Avak: Anything we can do to help?

Sally: No thank you...

Spongebob: If Sonic is guilty, then would that mean that we might be in danger without Sonic to help us?

Sally: Huh? That is indeed true but...

Amy: Sally? Please give the All Stars a chance to prove Sonic's innocent...he's my hero...I believe in him! And so did the All Stars...Sonic would never do such a thing on purpose! Please give the All Stars a chance...

Sally: (notices Amy's sad eyes & sighs) Ok Amy, you win. The All Stars can prove Sonic's innocent...

All Star Freedom Fighters: (jumps up high very happily) YEAH!

Sally: But under one all have to prove it before Sonic is offically guilty...[The All Stars freeze in mid-air in suprise]

Spongebob: (smiles) No problem

Avak: (sly smile) Piece of cake.

Owen: Mmmm, cake...

Court Marshall of Outworld, The Rahkshi Breakout (Part 2)

(In Night Time)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters starts to venture outside of the Great Forest)

Ed: One, two, got some glue...Three, four, at the store...Five, six, it really stinks...

Heather: Would you shut up already?

Spongebob: Heather!

Heather: What?

Lindsay: That's not nice!

Heather: I don't care...not like someone is watching us like it's a reality show...they're always watching us...

(At Robotnik's Lair)

Orbinaut: (goes up to Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton) The All Star Freedom Fighters have been spotted on the edge of the badland mountains.

Plankton: All Stars?! Again!? Haven't they stopped me yesterday...why would they go in the middle of the night?

Spongebob: (in moniter with the rest of the All Stars) We better find Nack & the Rahkshi before Sonic is found guilty...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: So Sonic is alive...and back to normal! What are the All Stars doing upp in that deserted...Tsk! Is this cam monitor the only thing that works around here?

Plankton: What are the All Stars are doing so far from home is what I want to know as well...there's nothing out there...except an unknown building not to far from Robotropolis...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ever since those bombs went off in Robotropolis, my super computers have been off-line!

Plankton: And some of Robotropolis is trashed as well...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Curses! It was all working out so well ! Mecha-Sonic was my slave...I must give the little princess & the All Stars credit...Roboticizing Knuckles, Spongebob, Cyrax, Sektor & Smoke was a brilliant tactical she'll soon pay for!

Plankton: Indeed...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looks out the window) My entire Swatbot is working round the clock rebuilding my sooty city!

Plankton: And my Jack-1 Bots are lending a hand...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: They've already hastily assembled and hot-wired a nuclear power plant! And that's just the beginning!

Plankton: What do you mean by that?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Soon, Planet Mobius will quiver beneath my ultimate weapon of destruction!

Plankton: And the power of my ultimate weapon of my own called the "Master Jack-X" & I'll stop anyone that stands in the way of the revival...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looking at the map) Well, it the computer won't trangulate the All Stars' position, I'll do it manually...(checking the map) you see what I do, Plankton & Orbinaut?

Plankton: Yes partner...

Orbinaut: Yes my lord of the lard...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (chuckles) No need to worry about those All Stars anymore if he goes there!

Orbinaut: They'll never survive...

Plankton: (in thought: Don't bet on that...)

Sektor: (arrives inside) You must be the Plankton Empire's leader, Plankton.

Plankton: Yes & you must be one of the Forces of Darkness right?

Sektor: I am Sektor, your orders are my command. (bows down)

Plankton: Then I have a job for you & the Lin Kuei.

(Soon, Robotnik will learn that he is wrong...)

(Back with the All Stars)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (had taken down the Classic Badniks)

Spongebob: Now that's what I call a workout

Duncan: Nothing like trashing Badniks like good times...

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (sighs happily) Good times...

DJ: (wears a helemt for protection)

Kitty: But we need to find Nack the Weasel & the Rahkshi, where could they have gone to now?

Dudley: I'll try to smell their scent with my super sensitive nose (starts sniffing & tracks Nack's & the Rahkshi's scent) Found it, follow me! (follows the scent)

All Stars [except Dudley]: (follows Dudley)

(The scent that Dudley has tracked down, lead them straight to a bar called "The Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill")

Applejack: "The Bottom of the Barrel 'n' Grill"?

Dudley: Yes & my nose is telling me that they are inside the bar...

Hot Head: Alright! Let's go in! :D

Congar: (stops Hot Head) Ah, ah, ah. Look (points to a gorilla guarding the front door of the bar)

Hank: What are we gonna do?

Spongebob: I think I have an idea...(whispers the All Stars the plan & then goes up to the gorilla) Uh, excuse us?

Gorilla: (growls as they notice the All Stars) Where you goin', punks?

Twilight Sparkle: Excuse us, but we would like to see Nack the Weasel & the Rahkshi, please?

Gorilla: They're ain't seein' nobody 'til tuesday...(grabs Spongebob) So why don't I just knock ya into next week!

Congar: Ahem!

Gorilla: (looks up to see the Giants & the War Monsters)

Tree Rex: What do you think your doing chump?

Gorilla: Who are you calling a chump, chimp...

Congar: (grabs the Gorilla) (Growls as he slams the gorilla down to the ground hard)

Pinkie Pie: Ouchie.

Spongebob: Wow.

Togera: You want us to do that again?

Gorilla: Alright, you win. There's no can go in.

(The All Stars [minus the Giants & the War Monsters, who are too big for the bar] heads inside to see lots of bad guys, hanging out, drinking their drinks, playing poker)

Ed: Hiya guys!

(The bad guys looks at the All Stars with angry looks on their faces)

Spongebob: (gulps)

Kitty: Stay calm & we can figure this out...

Hakann: We're just here to relax, that's all...

(The bad guys continues their drinking & their poker games in the bar)

Hank: That was a close to get down to business. (spots Nack & the Rahkshi) And there they are.

Xplode: (spots 2 bar patrons at the counter, wearing cloaks, not showing their faces) Let's ask those 2 guys first. We can't rush to Nack & the Rahkshi not just yet...

Boggy B: Very well...

Dudley: Alright then!

Avak: Just remember, keep calm & quiet...

Spongebob: Alright then...(goes up to the 2 bar patrons) Excuse me, but do you know how Sonic has been captured & roboticized?

Bar Patron #1: (Australian male voice) You see, it was Nack & the Rahkshi who have knocked Sonic out & takes him to Robotnik, that's how they did it...

Bar Patron #2: (Deep male voice) They are made a trap to knock Sonic out & what Kano said...they take Sonic to Robotnik.

Astro: (reconised the Male Australian voice) (gasps) Kano!

(The 1st Bar Patron takes off his cloak, revealing himself to be Kano)

Kano: Guilty as charge...

Tyler: What is he doing here?

Kano: I want to introduce you to one of my fellow member of the Black Dragon, Kabal !

(The 2nd Bar Patron takes off his cloak, revealing himself to be a member of the Black Dragon, who wears black clothing & a metal mask & wields 2 Hookswords. His name is Kabal



Red Bird: Another machine?

Kabal: Actually, I am human...

Patrick: But your head looks like a robot

Kabal: Don't let the mask fool you, tubby!

Patrick: (begins to tear) Tubby? (gets angry)

Kitty: Patrick, wait ! You don't know what Kabal is capable of

Patrick: Nobody calls me tubby! (gets into his battle stance)


Patrick: [about to punch Kabal, but Kabal's punches started flying against Patrick, starting with a punch to the stomach & then an uppercut] No, please wait. [grunting as more of Kabal's punches hit him.]

Kabal: She warned you...(pushes Patrick to the ground)

Patrick: (on his hands & knees)

Kabal: (picks Patrick up & starts spinning him)

[As Patrick is being thrown into the air and on the ground by Kabal, Nack, the Rahkshi & everyone else in the bar noticed a fight between Kabal & Patrick]

Nack: What the blazes? (notices the All Stars) The All Stars? Again?!

Turahk: They are like a cockeroach infestation...they must be destroyed!

Patrick: (groans as he gets up)

Mordecai: Dude, are you ok?

Kabal: Time to go [gives Patrick a wedgie]

Patrick: No, please have mercy!

Kabal: Mercy is for the weak (kicks Patrick towards the wall)

Patrick: (screams as he crashes to the wall)

(Patrick's rage of being called "tubby" has gotten the best of him as he is knocked out by Kabal's attacks & his super speed)

Kano: Kabal wins! Now that's what I'm talking about...

Kabal: Now for the rest of the All Stars

Spongebob: Patrick! (goes up to Patrick) Are you ok?

Patrick: (feels dizzy) Hot wings.

Spongebob: What have you done with Patrick?

Kabal: Your friend asked for a fight, but loss to a member of the Black Dragon

Kano: Preaty much how I won against Astro by disabling your rocket boots

Astro: But their are fixed now, your not getting away with this...

Dudley: Now you two, where are Nack the Weasel & the Rahkshi?

Nack & the Rahkshi: (goes towards the All Stars)

Turahk: We're right here All Stars...

Nack: Nighty night...(sprays the All Stars with his Gas gun, putting the All Stars to sleep)

Reidak: Hey! (coughing) Stop

(The All Star Freedom Fighters [minus the Giants & the War Monsters, who we're still outside] have fallen to sleep)

Spongebob: (snoring)

Nack: Hah! We're too smart for you All Star boy!

Guurahk: Those All Stars are not so tough when they are sleeping like babies...

Lerahk: Come on, let's get outta here!

Panrahk: Let's leave them to sleep for a while. It will only wear off for only an hour...

Nack: Yeah, I'm blowin' this popstand...on my Ion-powered sky sled! I'll deal with the hedgehog right now!

(The Rahkshi transforms into flight mode & flys off with Nack following them on his Ion-powered sky sled, not knowing that the Giants & the War Monsters notices them)

Tree Rex: What went flying just now?

Kano & Kabal: (heading towards the Great Forest)

Kano: See you at the Great Forest, we will have one group of dead freedom fighters in a tick !

Thumpback: Hey! Come back!

Kineticlops: (notices the rest of the All Stars) Never mind them, what about our team mates?

Preytor: They've fallen to sleep with sleeping gas...

Bouncer: We have to go after him!

Crusher: Right !

Swarm: (writes a message to their sleeping comrades) There we go, now they know we wrote the message...come on, let's deal with the Rahkshi & Nack the Weasel...

(The Monsters & the Giants begins to chase Nack & the Rahkshi as the sun begins to rise, meaning that the court is about to begin)

Court Marshall of Outworld, The Rahkshi Breakout (Part 3)

(Back in Knothole)

Kano & Kabal: (arrives in Knothole)

Kano: then. How to find freedom fighters, let's start looking.

Kabal: Very well (hears some voices, coming from the court house) Wait, I hear something over there

Kano: Haha! Well done Kabal, now to prepare the surprize attack

(As Kano & Kabal head towards Knothole, the court begins)

Hip & Hop: (as judges)

Hip: Sonic the Hedgehog yo are charged with treason!

Hop: We, the Kangaroo court judges, will decide if you are guilty!

Kano: Hmm, I like where this is going...

Kano & Kabal: (hides behind the outside walls of court)

Sonic: (in handcuffs) (gets angry) Hey! I recognize you two from my spinball adventure!

Hip There's no conflict of won't set special treatment!

Hop: Besides, we don't pronouce sentence this case, there's only one punishment...banishment!

Sonic: All right, already! If you don't decide my fate, where'd the big cheese who does?

Kabal: Kano, look (points to the 2 guards, guarding the entrance) It must be well guarded

Kano: Not anymore they don't (uses his laser eye to knock out the 2 guards) Heh!

Hip & Hop: (hits their judge mallets on the table) Come to order!

Kano: Hm? (notices Sally in her royal clothes) Well, well, well, we've hit the jackpot...royalty.

Sally: (holding a royal staff) Right here, Sonic! Let's begin gentlemen! Bunnie will guard the prisoner! (goes to her throne & sits down on it)

Bunnie: Ah sho' will your highness.

Sonic: Hmf! This is the thanks I get for saving your life?

Bunnie: That's old news, Sugah! And don't try to run...Rotor's fit my arm with a "Hedgehog Hunter"! (aims her buzz saw hand at Sonic for a warning) Ts' a mini-slided missile tuned to seek and destroy your unque physiological aura!

Kano: Sounds like Bunnie's a cyborg like you & me

Kabal: (holds up his hookswords) I can take her.

Sonic: Harumph! My pals!

Sally: Be seated!

STH Rotor: Just doin' my job Sonic!

Kano: Prepare the soldiers, it's time that the Black Dragon rise above the freedom fighters

Kabal: Yes Kano...(calls for reinforcements)

Sektor: (arrives from the other side of the court house) Hmm...(hears the court from inside)

Sally: (felt another vision in her head, this time this vision shows Sally that the trapped was made by Nack the Weasel & the Rahkshi to knock out Sonic, which it worked) (gasps) (in thought: Another one? Why do those visions show me this?) The prosecution may begin...

Antoine: Than kew, your majesty! And good day, your honors!

Sektor: (goes up to the court window & spots everyone who is in court) There you are...

Antoine: I weel be breif as this ees an open and shut case...(gets angry, pointing his finger at Sonic) Zis esomaniacal 'edge 'os deliberately disobeved a royal decree for his own personal story!

Sonic: Your finger...move it or lose it!

Antoine: I call my first weetness...

Sektor: (calls for reinforcements of the Lin Kuei) This time, there's no escaping from the Lin Kuei.

(As Kano, Kabal & Sektor call for reinforcements, a tarkatan appears from the purple portal from Outworld & is now at the back of the court house, revealing to be the Tarkatan leader, Baraka



Baraka: (growls) This is must be where that group called the "Knothole Freedom Fighters" is at now, in court...Shao Kahn must be informed about it at once (hears Antoine's yelling) Huh? What's that?

(Baraka looks through the window to see everyone in court, even Antoine getting angry at the witnesses he called out)

Baraka: Well, well, well, what do we have here...

Antoine: (to STH Rotor) Aha! Then you do recall a council member ask for an investigation of Sonic?!

STH Rotor: (sitting on the witness chair, sweating feeling nervous) Well...yes, but...

Antoine: T'ank you!

Narrator: (french voice from Spongebob Squarepants) 2nd Witness

Antoine: (to Tails, feeling more angry) So, you admit recieving the red alert from zee princess because of Mecha-Sonic?

Tails: (sitting on the witness chair, feeling scared) Umm...yes, but...

Antoine: T'ank you!

Narrator: 3rd Witness

Antoine: (to Bunnie, feeling even more angry) Eeg get fair to say many eenocent lives would save been lost if you and zee others didn't zis manic?

Bunnie: (sitting on the witness, feeling nervous) Oh deah...yes, but...

Antoine: T'ank you!

Narrator: 4th Witness [4th wall breaks between these two lines]

Baraka: [Carrying the 4th Witness time card] I can't take this anymore! I'm all out of time cards.

Antoine: (to Amy Rose) (holding a badger) Isn't it true zat you carged zis little badger five dollars to join zee "Sonic Fan Club?!"

Amy: (sobbing & sniffling) Boo hoo!

Sally: Stop badgering the witness! (has another vision & it shows her that Nack & the Rahkshi carries a knocked out Sonic to Robotropolis) (gasps) (in thought: Another one)

Amy: (Goes back to her seat with STH Rotor & Tails)

Baraka: Hmm, I'll prepare the Tarkatan Horde, Shao Kahn wants those Freedom Fighters killed permanately!

Antoine: Een conclusion, I call myself to zee stand! (sits down on the witness chair, feeling happy now) I was zee man who knew Sonic was dangerous! I was there when he burned our village! I..

Hip: (to Hop) Didn't he say something about being brief?

Sally: You've made your point, Antoine! Any rebutial, Sonic?

Sonic: You betcha! (to Antoine) Stay where you are, tin soldier...(points to Antoine) you're my witness now!

Antoine: (now shocked & scared at the same time)

STH Rotor: (to Tails) This oughta be interesting!

Kano & Kabal: (with the Black Dragon Soldiers)

Kano: Are we ready for the attack?

Kabal: We're all set, Kano.

Kano: When I give you all the signal, it's showtime.

Sektor: (with the Lin Kuei Unit 5 Cyborgs) Prepare for your attacks against the Freedom Fighters on my mark

Baraka: (with the Tarkatan Soldiers) Get ready cause we're gonna eat their flesh soon enough.

Sonic: (holds a map of prison) Twan, you were assigned to guard the jailhouse...yet you failed to notice that the cell next to mine was empty!

Antoine: Err...

Kano, Kabal & the Black Dragon Soldiers: (are ready for an ambush)

Sonic: (holds up a wanted poster of Nack the Weasel) This felon should've been in there...Nack the Weasel! The guy who I claim kayoed me!

Antoine: Umm...

Sally: (remembers the 3 visions she saw) Hmm...

Sektor & the Lin Kuei Unit 5 Cyborgs: (gets ready for an ambush also)

Sonic: (holding a poster of Antoine) But you we're too busy to notice he's missing...

Antoine: I...

Sonic: ...Too busy planning your conronation jubilee!

Baraka & the Tarkatan Horde: (gets ready for an ambush as well)

Antoine: Antoine! Is this true?

Antoine: (sweating nervously like mad) see, your highness...ahem...there ess a lot to a tux...(gulps)...pick hors d'cuevres...

Sally: We'll discuss this later!

Sonic: All right! Take these cuffs off and lets go to work!

Antoine: (gets down on his hands & knees) I throw myself on zee mercy of zee court!

(Someone has slammed the door opened, revealing a shadow)

Sally: Sorry, Sonic...Antoine may have misbehaved, but this trail's about you, not him! The kangaroo court judges will now cast their votes...

(But for some weird reason, Hip & Hop are too scared & frightened to do judge, because of the shadow that storms in court)

Sally: What's going on? Why are you...? (notices the shadow that is actually belongs to a shokan) What who made that shadow...? (notices the shadow belongs to a familiar shokan from Outworld & it's Goro) (now scared) OH MY GOSH!

(They all noticed Goro)

Antoine: (screams in horror because of how scary a shokan is)

Goro: Where are the All Star Freedom Fighters? I demand them right now!

Sonic: You keep talking big guy & I'm gonna let everyone know what you're saying...

(Suddendly the Black Dragon, the Lin Kuei Cyborgs & the Tarkatan Horde begins to ambush everyone in court)

Kano: (notices Bunnie) (whistles) Your one foxy rabbit, mate...your roboticized parts could be useful for the Black Dragon

Bunnie: (aims the buzzsaw at Kano) Stay away from me! I've got my "Hedgehog Hunter" & I'm not afraid to use it...

Kabal: (turns to Sonic) I can take you on...

Sonic: Fine by me

Sektor: (to STH Rotor) Your can't even face a real Lin Kuei Cyborg you overgrown walrus

STH Rotor: Hey! I'm not that overweight!

Baraka: (notices Antoine) You make a great appetizer. We will eat your flesh!

Antoine: Eep!

(A Group of Saurian soldiers along with their leader, Reptile appears from thin air)

Reptile: (growls & licking his lips as he circles Tails & Amy) Yes indeed...the Saurian are very hungry for flesh & bones... 

Tails & Amy: (whimpers in fear)

Goro: (to Sally) You must be Princess Sally Acorn...

Sally: That's right & we're in a middle of a court trail against Sonic, if you interfere anymore, we will have you all arrested...

Kano: Too late for that missy. We already took care of them (points to the guards being knocked out)

Sektor: Now that the Forces of Darkness have reunited...

Kabal: The time is come for us to rise above the Freedom Fighters...

Baraka: Especially the All Star Freedom Fighters & you Knothole Freedom Fighters!

Sally: We're not gonna let this happen!

Goro: (evil laughter) I did not expect to fight against the Freedom Fighters like the All Stars, but eventually after my defeat, all of the Freedom Fighter groups around Planet Mobius produces warriors worthy of the Shokan.

Sally: Sonic, looks like the court will have to wait for now. Right now we have bigger problems...

Sonic: But what about the court trails against me?

Sally: Let's just say that we have to save this court from being ruined.

Sonic: Aw great (spins his hands, breaking the handcuffs) Hero or not, I still have to save you!

Sally: (sighs) Very well...Freedom Fighters, attack!

Goro: We will give you all a warrior's death.


(The Knothole Freedom Fighters engages their battle with Goro, Kano, Kabal & the Black Dragon, Sektor & the Lin Kuei Unti 5 Cyborgs, Baraka & the Tarkatan Horde & Reptile & the Saurian Soldiers)

Court Marshall of Outworld, The Rahkshi Breakout (Part 4)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Plankton: (checking the battle in the courthouse of Knothole through the moniter) Perfect, the Forces of Darkness shall take care of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. This should be very interesting...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (with a Swatbot) The All Star Freedom Fighters incapacitated? Is that what you said?

Swatbot: (holding a walkie talkie) Yes sire! A message is coting in on this old hand-held unit!

Turahk: (in walkie talkie) Rahkshi to Plankton, come in!

Plankton: The Rahkshi !

Nack: (in walkie talkie) Hello Chubsy Ubsy!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I know that voice...(grabs the walkie talkie) Nack the Weasel! What are you up to? No good, I assume!

Guurahk: (in walkie talkie) We have have an offer for you Robotnik...

Nack: (in walkie talkie) And this is a one-time-only sunrise special, big boy! Two million smackers for the location of unconscious All Stars!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The only thing that I'm interested is to stop the hedgehog!

Plankton: (whispers) I hired the Forces of Darkness to catch Sonic & they made it to Knothole.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: It's a deal! Stop by for the cast!

Nack: (in Walkie talkie) No way, Sutbas! I only give the money to Plankton!

(WIth Nack & the Rahkshi)

Lerahk: But not you, Robotnik Prime

Nack: Not after the way you treated me last time? Just traisfer the funds to my account...I'll give you my P.I.N. number!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in walkie talkie) That's outrageous! How do I know Sonic is there? Why aren't you carrying him on your vehicle?

Plankton: And why would you attack the All Stars instead?

Nack: That's another negatory!

Panrahk: And another story.

Kurahk: (notices the Giants & the War Monsters chasing him, the rest of the Rahkshi & Nack) Huh?

Nack: I've stowed them away twice and each time I got a good trumping...first at Knothole, second on Knuckles' floating island and then at you place!

Vorahk: There isn't one group of freedom fighters that can outmatch us

Nack: The last thing I want on my sled is that Hedgehog!

Kurahk: Or us being chased by Giant Monsters

Turahk: Huh? What's that suppose to...(hears deep & loud footsteps from behind them) Huh?

Nack & the Rahkshi: (notices the Giants & War Monsters chasing them & looks alarmed)

Turahk: The Giants & the War Monsters are chasing us!

(back with Robotnik & Plankton)

Plankton: What?! Turn back, turn back!

(they can hear smashing, bashing, crashing & punches & kicks being thrown)

Lerahk: (in walkie talkie) There's too many of them! (got hit) GAH!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What was that last thing you said, Nack?

Swatbot: Sounded like "Thump"!

Tree Rex: (in walkie talkie) This is Tree Rex, you know what to do...

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (looks alarmed about Tree Rex's voice) NO!

Plankton: It can't be...not Tree Rex!!! (gets angry) WHAT'S THE IDEA?!

(Back with the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters)

(They have knocked out Nack & the Rahkshi unconscious)

Bouncer: Calm down Plankton, the Skylander Giants, War Monsters & I have knocked out Nack & the Rahkshi.

Congar: And now we're preparing for a surprize....something unexpected to happen.

Togera: So prepare yourselves, cause you never know.

Crusher: And you might wanna run cause some knucklehead send in an Ion-sky-sled on auto pilot and set it to self-destruct!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?

Swarm: (activates the sky sled in auto pilot) See ya! (turns off the walkie talkie)

(The Sky sled flys straight for Robotnik's lair in Robotropolis)

Hot Head: Now, let's get back to our friends!

(The War Monsters & Giants heads back to "The Bottom of the Barrel 'n' Grill" carrying Nack & the Rahkshi)

(Back in Robotnik's Lair)

Plankton: I'm outta here! (starts running, escaping from the lair)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Are you all threatning me with incoming armed weapon of desctruction? (crushes the walkie talkie)

Swatbot: (notices the computer is working & the computer is detecting the sled bike) Good news, master...the computer is's detecting an incoming armed weapon of...

(Before the Swatbot can finish it's sentence, the Sled bike reaches Robotnik's lair & self destructs, causes an explosion that sends Robotnik flying, but Plankton manages to escape the explosion)

Plankton: (panting) That was...(pants)...preaty...whoo...intense! (slows down his breathing back down to normal breathe slowly) I feel much better now. Those All Stars will pay for this!

(Back at "The Bottom of the Barrel 'n' Grill", the rest of the All Stars begins to wake up after being sprayed by sleeping gas as the Giants & the War Monsters)

Dudley: Whoo we! (coughs) Anybody got the number of that bone?

Spongebob: Yeah, did anybody got the number of that...(notices the Skylander Giants & the War Monsters carrying Nack & the Rahkshi in front of them) GIants, War Monsters? What happened?

Kitty: We've lost Nack & the Rahkshi

Tree Rex: Not quite

Giants & War Monsters: (shows the rest of the All Stars, Nack & the Rahkshi)

Hot Head: Are we good or what?

Avak: Your very good, now let's get back to Knothole before something terrible happens.

(The All Stars heads back to Knothole, not knowing two officers from the Special Forces are watching them & then nods at each other & follows them without being seen)

(In Knothole)

(As the All Star Freedom Fighters got back to Knothole, they heard loud smashing, bashing & crashing sounds coming from inside the Court house)

Spongebob: What was that?

Kitty: It's coming from inside that court house! Let's go!

All Star Freedom Fighters: (goes inside to see Goro, Kano, Kabal, Sektor, Baraka & Reptile defeated the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Avak: Sister Mary Frances! What the heck happened here?

Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Tails: (got knocked out, battered & bruized)

Amy: (hiding under a table feeling scared & notices the All Stars) Please help. We're under attack!

Bunnie: (her cybernetics are sparking because of the damage)

Eddy: We've been gone for the whole night & morning & look what happened.

Antoine: (now scared & rolls himself into a ball in horror) I'm too preaty to be eaten alive by ze monster

Sally: (her royal clothes are torn)

Sonic: (battered & bruized)

Owen: (Notices Goro, coming up to Sonic & Sally) Great canadian cheese! Goro's back?!

Sanford: (covers Owen's mouth) Stay quiet, otherwise they hear you.

Owen: (muffled)

Goro: (goes up to Sally with Sonic) You are no Princess, Sally. (grabs Sally & Sonic with one lower hand each) Your pathectic resistance shackles us no longer (starts hitting Sonic & Sally with his upper fists & throws them both away)

Sonic & Sally: (falls down to the ground)

Goro: You will suffer as my previous kombatant. Shao Kahn will be impressed.

Xplode: (notices that Sally is injured because of Goro) STOP!

Goro, Kano, Kabal, Sektor, Baraka & Reptile: (they all noticed the All Stars)

Goro: There you are!

Deimos: So much for our surprize attack

Donkey Kong: Let's stop them!

Spongebob: Attack!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters starts attacking the Black Dragon, the Lin Kuei Unit 5 Cyborgs, Saurians & the Tarkatan Horde with a little bit of a problem, but easy enough for the All Stars to handle)

Goro: You are all very lucky to stop me before...

Spongebob: It's time that we beat you...again!

Sonic: (gets up) I'm not giving up just yet!


(The All Star Freedom Fighters are an even match against Goro, Kano, Kabal, Sektor, Baraka & Reptile, but with Sonic's help who have remembered his previous battle against the same opponents, the All Stars have managed to stop their opponents soon enough)

Sonic: I may have been put in jail because of a misunderstanding, but I will not be guilty & be killed at the same time!

Amy: (comes out from under the table) Phew! That was close.

Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Tails: (gets up in pain)

Spongebob: Is everyone ok?

Astro: Looks like you all have been in a rough battle.

Sally: Yes indeed,'s eventful.

Spongebob: The Plankton Empire is growing stronger than ever & expanding as we speak

Sonic: Look, Sal...I know I'm brash at times, but I'm the most loyal freedom fighter you've got! Give me time to vidicate myself...please!

Sally: About that...I've sent the All Stars to do that before I offically make you guilty, but this interference by these creatures have delayed this session even further

Avak: We did a service

Giants & War Monsters: (drops Nack & the Rahkshi)

Kitty: Here's the real culprits

Lerahk: Ouch, someone please kill them for me!

Hank: (glares at Lerahk) Back off!

Sonic: Those we're the creeps who ambushed me in the gym and turning me over to Robotnik.

Spongebob: The Black Dragon had helped them, also Sektor has betrayed us since we've stopped Mecha Sonic.

Zaktan: And about the Forces of Darkness, they have joined in the Plankton Empire as well, right?

Turahk: Yes! Every since Plankton first met Shang Tsung.

Sally: Get ready to do some hard time mister!

Turahk: Then you'll have to catch all of us first, cause we'll be back! (throws a smoke bomb, causing it to explode)

(As the smoke clears, the Rahkshi, Goro, Kano, Kabal, Sektor, Baraka & Reptile had dissapeared, meaning that they had escaped)

Kitty: They've escaped!

Dudley: Oh no, now what do we do?

Rainbow Dash: Why those little...!

Spongebob: Let them go.

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob's right. Maybe some day they'll learn they're lesson.

Avak: Now about Nack the Weasel (turns to Nack)


STH Rotor: (sending Nack to the jailhouse) I'll take him back to the jailhouse!

Sally: (dressed back in her original attire) Thanks Rotor...and thank you, Sonic! I've never been so glad to be wrong! (shakes hands with Sonic)

Sonic: No hard feelings, Sal ol" gal! But don't thank me, thank them (points to the All Star Freedom Fighters) They are the ones who corrected this conclusion.

Spongebob: Anything to help our fellow freedom fighters!

Thumpback: Yeah, we had a long day (yawns) Now it's time for us to sleep.

Dudley: Yeah (yawns) Being up all night, makes me (breathless) pooped! (chuckles) (normal) I said "poop"!

Spongebob: Let's all get some shut-eye. We've all earned it

(The All Stars begins to head back as Sonic & Sally head outside)

Sally: C'mon outside...I'll make a public apology...I'll announce your pardon and reinstatsment.

Sonic: That's not necessary. I'm just glad to be back on the team! I don't need any fanfare...there's too much work to be done!

Sally: You're my kind of freedom fighter, Sonic!

Sonic & Sally: (sighs happily)

Vezok: Good, cause I got one question. Why is Antoine conducting a band over there? (points to Antoine preparing the fanfare)

Sally: I wish everyone around here had your attitude!

Eddy: And mine!

Sonic: Hoo boy... -_-

Corroder: Ay yi yi !

Antoine: Okay, now leesten up...after I give my acceptance speech, you play "Hail to zee commander!" Then zee parade begins and you march behind my float...

Avak: Could someone tell Antoine that there's no need now that Plankton's Empire is growing stronger? Someone? Anyone?

Dudley: Is Antoine gonna preform for us?

Kitty: (groans)

Noah: Don't hold your breathe.

Spongebob: Sally? Is there a reason why you accepted our chance to recorrect the wrong conclusion?

Sally: (sighs) It's because of those strange visions I saw. I don't know how they got into me, but I feel like someone is showing me the past that I've yet seen.

Big Brother Bird: Hmm...

Twilight Sparkle: Who would showed you those visions?

Spongebob: Whoever he or she is, he is indeed helped us the most.

(The camera zooms out of Knothole a bit to see a familiar thunder god on top of a roof & it was Raiden, the god of thunder)

Raiden: My work here is done...for now. (teleports with a flash of lightning)

(Back in Outworld, Shang Tsung is on his knees before the emperor of Outworld himself, Shao Kahn
Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn


Baraka, Reptile, Goro, Kano, Kabal & Sektor: (stand over the sorcerer expectantly.)

Shao Kahn: You failed me! I've sent you to stop the All Star Freedom Fighters & you've sent my soldiers, plus the Black Dragon & the Lin Kuei to stop them & now you failed me once again!

Shang Tsung: My lord! All is not lost!

Shao Kahn: (turns around and begins speaking to himself) Curse the All Stars & their freedom fighters. They are powerful foes when they are together. Even Robotnik Prime, Plankton & their empires can't stop them! Curse the Elder Gods and their tournament!

Shang Tsung: My lord!

Shao Kahn: I should have taken this Planet Mobius by force! But I am bound by their rules. (He sits on his throne) Rules that cannot be broken.

Shang Tsung: My lord--

Shao Kahn: Kill him!

(Sektor and Reptile restrain Tsung as Baraka prepares his tarkatan blades)

Shang Tsung: But what if the Freedom Fighters' best hero, Sonic the Hedgehog becomes evil?

Shao Kahn: (holds up his hand) Baraka!

Baraka: (pauses)

Shao Kahn: Continue...

The End...for now