This is the 51st Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is also the 9th Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle, Patrick Star, Zaktan, Duncan & Kineticlops

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Silver Sonic I, Silver Spongebob I, Quan Chi, Scorpion, Baraka, Sheeva, Shang Tsung, Mileena & Reptile

Story #1: Transcript

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 1)

(In Knothole Village)

(Dawn breaks quietly over the secret village of Knothole & we see a mysterious figure's eyes looking around from the bushes & then the figure appears from the bushes, appearing to be Geoffrey St. John)

Geoffrey: (heads over to a nearby hut, but ambushed from the trees)

(The figure that ambushed Geoffrey was...)

Geoffrey: Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic: Going somewhere? Unauthorized stinkpot?

Spongebob: (arrives with Twilight Sparkle & Patrick Star) What's going on here?

Patrick: The Skunk is back.

Geoffrey: Step aside spineswine! I was asked to come here!

Sonic: Is that so, odor who?

Sally: (runs over to Sonic & Geoffrey) By me! Princess Sally Acorn, leader of the Freedom Fighters!

Patrick: Who?

Twilight Sparkle: It's a long story now that we have King Acorn back.

Sally: (to Sonic & Geoffrey) Both of you, knock it off !

Spongebob: I wonder why Geoffrey St. John is here?

Sonic: What do we need him for, Sally? Are you planning to fumigate?

Geoffrey: Insolent cur! I was once the elite royal guard to King Acorn himself!

Sally: And you may soon be again, Geoffrey...(enters inside with Sonic, Geoffrey, Spongebob, Twilight Sparkle & Patrick)...for though our king has returned...he is not in the same condition since last you saw him!

(The rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the All Stars are inside with King Acorn)

Spongebob: What are you talking about?

Twilight Sparkle: You might wanna check inside. You gotta see it to believe it. (points to King Acorn who is half crystalized)

Geoffrey: (gasps) Your majesty!

Spongebob: Whoa!

Patrick: Holy seacow!

Geoffrey: What has happened?

King Acorn: (weak) S-suh-savage cyclids (gurgles) m-muh-mocking birds in the wooden water...

Zaktan: As you can see here King Acorn is turning into crystal because of one thing about the Zone of Silence, a.k.a. the Void. He's been too long inside it & it's drawing his life force.

Sally: (worried) Oh, Geoffrey! So much has happened around here, I don't even know where to begin...

Edd: Please do

Sally: The evil Ivo Robotnik & Plankton managed to roboticize our premier freedom fighter into Mecha Sonic!

Astro: Luckily, the Lin Kuei Ninjas known as Cyrax, Sektor, Smoke & the younger Sub-Zero had helped us to stop Mecha Sonic, only for us with a price: Sektor had betrayed us ever since he was Roboticized like the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei wants in the Cyber Initiative.

Sally: And most of knothole was burned to the ground. Sonic was court-martialed, but was ambushed by Sektor...

Harold: Kano & Kabal from the Black Dragon...

Boggy B: A shokan named "Goro"

Eddy: A tarkata creep named "Baraka"

Twilight Sparkle: And a saurian named "Reptile"

Xplode: And they are from the "Forces of Darkness"

Sally: But eventually Sonic was cleared of all charges & the Forces of Darkness we're driven off, thanks to the All Stars, reconstruction got under way. Not long before that, a vicious earthquake struck Robotropolis during a raid, we barely escaped.

Donkey Kong: And stopped Teridax & Tiki Tong in the process...

Sally: And all this before you, me, Sonic & the All Star Freedom Fighters recovered my father King Acorn from the Zone of Silence where he was being held captive! As you can see, the King's condition has gotten worse. Dr. Quack was able to temporarily stablize him, but he still remembers nothing! He's disoriented, delusional and strangest of all, his skin is crystalizing!

Twilight Sparkle: I hope Spike is not here to eat the crystalized skin, he loves eating gems & jewels.

Sally: For this and other security reasons, we've not revealed his return to the general populace, we can't risk panic, that's where you come in, Geoffrey.

Twilight Sparkle: Here is your mission.

Sally: We need you to guard the king and mantain this secret, will you re-assume your position as elite royal guard while we try to restore his health.

Geoffrey: Without hesitation, your majesty! (goes outside & guards the front door) I shall post myself at the front door. No one shall pass. My lips are sealed!

Vezok: And remember, "Loose lips sink the ships".

Sonic: Could you seal off your stench, too?

Rigby: Yeah, it's started to stink (got punched by Mordecai) Ow!

Sally: Sonic...

Mordecai: Rigby, chill dude.

Bunnie: Oh, deah...your daddy's lookin' mighty poorly.

Sally: Yes, Bunnie. Isn't there some you can do, Rotor?

Meltdown: (to HF Rotor) He ment Rotor Walrus.

HF Rotor: Oh ok.

STH Rotor: Hard to say. King Acorn must have adjusted to the radical atmosphere in the Zone of Silence. Now our air seems to be adversely affecting him.

Tails: It sure is! (points to King Acorn) Look at his skin...the King looks like he's turning into a chaos emerald!

Spongebob: (surprized) Wha...?!

Tails: You know...the kind we usually see in zones along with magic rings.

Antoine: (surprized as well) Alors!

Bunnie: (was shocked) (gasps)

STH Rotor: Hmmm...

Squidward: What? What's the big deal?

Sally: We saw no chaos emeralds or magic rings in the Zone of Silence! I wonder why?

Sonic: (gets an idea & runs off to collect his One Billionth Ring, which is attached to the mound)

Spongebob: Sonic? Where are you going?

Sally: We don't have any emeralds handy but Sonic...

Sonic: (comes back with a mound that has his One Billionth Ring on it) Way ahead of you, Sal...I'll bring in my one billionth magic ring that I had mounted. (goes up to King Acorn, holding onto the mound with the One Billionth Ring on it) Let's see if it has any effects on the king...

DJ: (gets behind Bouncer)

Bouncer: Alrighty then. Go for it !

Spongebob: 1, 2, 3!

(The One Bilionth Power Ring gives a burst of energy to King Acorn)

King Acorn: (has a quick burst of reality) Unngh...S-suh-Sally! How stands knot...huh...huh...(goes back into a coma) Huhhhrgle...

Ezekiel: Well, that was a dud, eh?

Avak: Well that kinda worked

Sonic: It seemed to help...for a moment anyway!

STH Rotor: Indeed! Magic Rings hold the key to his majesty's cure! But Sonic's ring is unquely his own and it's power turned to him! We need new, unused magic many as we can find and fast! Only then can we possibly save King Acorn!

Sanford: Alright then, that's the game plan!

Bunnie: How are we-all gonna do that? It takes time to search those dangerous zones and collect magic rings! We could wind up in worse shape than the king!

Deimos: Not if the All Stars can help you find them.

Sally: Not necessarily, Bunnie. There are places where rings can be obtained without entering a zone...

Mordecai & Rigby: Cool !

Tails: Gosh, Sally! Do you mean the "Lake of Rings"? Legends say those waters bubble with mystical gold bands!

Sally: Yes and no, Tails, you're referring to the power ring grotto bordering Robotropolis...a putrid little pond where Sonic & Knuckles the Echidna tangled not too long ago!

Spongebob: We know, Patrick & I have become very stupid into fighting each other.

Patrick: Yeah that was kinda messy. Wait, what's messy?

Sally: But, their epic battle may have permanently sealed the grotto's subterranean ring one knows for sure yet.

Jetbug: D'oh!

Sally: However, the true lake of rings was only recently discovered when we battled Robotnik's combots deep in the Great Forest. The hidden pond that Sonic dove into just before he temporarily lost his super-speed powers wasy the one the legends speak of! Both areas must investigated!

Duncan: Right & where do we begin, Princess?

Sally: I'm dividing us into three groups. Antoine and Bunnie will head for the Lake of Rings in the Forest.

Bunnie: Sho' nuff!

Sally: Sonic and Tails will explore the ring the ring grotto near Robotropolis.

Sonic: Righty-o!

Tails: (salutes) Yes, ma'am!

Scorpio: And Group #3?

Sally: Rotor and I will stay here and try to keep the king comfortable.

Dudley: Say, what about us?

Timon: Yeah, what are we? Chopped Liver? (notices Sally thinking) What?

Sally: You know, prehaps you All Star Freedom Fighters can be Group #4 & check the outskirts of the Great Forest.

Patrick: Oh goody!

Sally: And remember, close as a shadow & twice as silent.

Preytor: Very well

Sally: Move out, Freedom Fighters...there's no telling what evil Robotnik is up to!

Spongebob: And remember, Plankton is Robotnik Prime's partner. He might be thinking about the same idea as Robotnik made.

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 2)

(In Robotnik's Lair in Robotropolis at that moment...)

Plankton: (walking throuhg Robotnik's base with King Pig, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Snively) King Pig! Study the Death Bucket Information I sent to you. I expect your analyse at the next command meeting for the Plankton Empire!

King Pig: Yes sir. (studies the info of the Death Bucket)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Snively! The time has came for me to ascend! I'm turning over the rebuilding of Robotropolis to you...make it so!

Snively: Yes, your corpulence! But are they ready for you up above?

King Pig: Is our projects even ready yet?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Indeed they are. Observe...we're right on schedule. My partner & I want to be there when it becomes operational. (hops inside the Egg-O-Matic) When we retreated up there during the recent mobian earthquake, they were a little behind...(activates the Egg-O-Matic)...but I kicked those little behinds now they're back on track! Let that be a esson to you, Snively!

Snively: Yes, my lord of lard.

Plankton: (hops inside the Chum-O-Matic & activates it) You too King Pig!

King Pig: Yes Master Plankton.

Dr. Robotnikk Prime: (takes off outside of his base in his Egg-O-Matic) You're in charge...don't let it go to your head!

Plankton: (follows Robotnik Prime in his Chum-O-Matic) King Pig, keep an eye on Snively!

King Pig: You can count on me sir!

Snively: (chuckles) At last! Okay, Swatbots...stop reconstruction and start waiting on me hand and foot! I want a hot bath, manicure, massage and bon-bons in bed! Also, design me, a shiny new uniform and change the sings to say "Snivopolis"...

King Pig: ?

Jack-1 Bot: King Pig, what are your orders?

King Pig: (chuckles evily) This is gonna be too good.

Swatbot #1: (to Swatbot #2) Shouldn't he be sending us on permeter patrol to detect intruders?

Swatbot #2: ?

Swatbot #1: Intruders like that infernal hedgehog named Sonic

Jack-1 Bot: And those All Star Freedom FIghters along with their leader, the All Star Warrior known as...

(With the All Stars)

Owen: Spongebob Squarepants, are you sure there are power rings in the outskirts of the Great Forest?

Spongebob: I'm not sure, but we will find out anyway. You never know what to expect.

(Suddendly the place is getting dark all of the sudden)

Reidak: Huh? Who turned out the lights?

Pinkie Pie: Why is it so dark all of the sudden? Is it day light savings?

Rainbow Dash: Is Nightmare Moon back?

Twilight Sparkle: Not even close (points to a flying fortress up in the sky, only a silhouette) Look!

Harold: Wait a minute, that's no eclipse!

Patrick: A flying machine!

Spongebob: I don't what that is, but we better have a closer look.

Applejack: (notices another flying fortress up in the sky, also a silhouette) Uh, All Stars? I think y'all should take a gander at that ol' thang!

Kitty: 2 flying fortresses?

Edd: 2?

Eddy: 2?

Edd: There's only two

Magmo: And they're both humongous!

Twilight Sparkle: We gotta find out what those flying fortresses are & how to stop them before they cause too much damage. (gallops off to the 2 flying fortresses)

Spongebob: Wait for us Twilight!

(The rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters follows Twilight Sparkle & as the All Stars pass the grotto which is sealed underneath a dome of impenetrable steel, they stopped & looked at the seal)

Trent: Huh? Is that where the grotto is at? Cause something's blocking it?

Rigby: What? (goes up to the dome & kicks it, only to get his foot hurt for a bit) Ow! That thing's tough.

Mordecai: Alright, let's try this seriously. (punches at the dome, but his hand got hurt) Gah! It is tough. It's impentrable steel.

Rigby: Hm, hm.

Tails: (notices the All Stars) All Stars? What are you doing here?

Spongebob: You see, we we're...

(Suddendly the dome opens up itself, revealing the grotto)

Tails: Yipe! The dome is retracting! Something's going too! (hides in the bushes) Down into these bushes for cover, that is!

Spongebob: All Stars! We must hide!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters hides inside the bushes & Tree Rex pretends to be a tree)

(a large tube comes down from behind clouds and the tube goes inside the grotto)

Preytor: (gulps quietly)

Tails: Look at that! A tube is dropping out of the clouds...and it's inserted itself into the grotto!

Twilight Sparkle: That can't be good

Patrick: What can't be good?

(The tube starts to suck the Magic Rings up like a vaccum cleaner)

Tyler: Whao, did you see that?

Tails: Yow! It's vacumming up all the magic rings in the water! But to where? And why?

Edd: That is the question even I don't know. (in thought: Could it be one of the flying fortresses we saw?)

Eddy: Let's get outta here!

Tails: I'd better get Sonic to help me answer those questions...(goes off to find Sonic, but then begins to be sucked inside the tube when it came out of the pond, & tries to hold on) Eeyow! The tube came out of the pond, but it's still ingesting things...including me!

Twilight Sparkle: (begins to be sucked in) Aah!

Spongebob: (grabs Twilight Sparkle) Gotcha! (starts to pull Twilight Sparkle out of the tube)

Twilight Sparkle: Tails, grab my hoof!

Tails: No offence, but this situation su...(tries to grab Twilight, but fails & was sucked inside the tube) Aaaaaaa....

Vezok: Tails!

(The tube then leaves the grotto)

Spongebob: That's not good, we've got to get to Sonic!

Reidak: But there's one problem: WHERE IS HE?!

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 3)

(The All Star Freedom Fighters arrives at a canyon called the "Mobian Cliffs" to find Sonic)

Spongebob: Sonic!

(Spongebob's voice had echoed "Sonic!" throughout the canyon)

Mordecai: Sonic!

(Mordecai's voice had echoed "Sonic!" throughout the canyon)

Rigby: Sonic? Where'd you go?

Twilight Sparkle: (spots the egg-shaped flying fortress) There it is!

Spongebob: (spots the Chum Bucket-shaped flying fortress) There's the other fortress!

Reidak: (notices the egg-shaped fortress is blocking the sunshine) Whoa, it's like an eclipse. I can never understand what Plankton & Robotnik Prime are up to this time.

Ninjini: (hears something coming from behind them) Hm?

Harold: Is something wrong?

Gwen: Did you hear something?

Ninjini: Yes.

(Suddendly a large robotic buzzard zooms at them in super sonic speed, but Ninjini's ninja sences are so sharp, that she slices the robotic buzzard into pieces with her katanas, causing the robotic buzzard to explode while it's crashing down in the canyon)

Applejack: Whoa, nelly! Thanks for the save, Ninjini.

Spongebob: Ninjini, I never thought you had it in you.

Ninjini: No need to thank me yet. It was only a pathetic ambush.

Duncan: Yeah Sonic could've avoid the ambush with his eyes closed.

Zaktan: Then again the sun is affecting Sonic's field of vision. He might be ambushed because of his blurry vision.

Rainbow Dash: (notices a knocked out Sonic being carried by a roboticized condor named "Carl Condor", who is now "Mecha Carl Condor") Like that?

Zaktan: (notices as well) Yeah, like that.

Spongebob: SONIC! Hold on! (backs up far away) Here I come! (starts running to a ramp like cliff in super sonic speed & then jumps off very far, due to the high speed & then catches a knocked out Sonic) Gotcha!

Mecha Carl Condor: (not noticing Spongebob holding onto Sonic)

(At that moment with Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in a lab, checking the operations of the Egg-shaped Flying Fortress) Excellent! You operated the intake tube quite well, Swatbot, it drained the grotto of it's remaining magic rings...more than enough to initiate "Operation Operationac"!

Swatbot: Thank you, ground round one.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gets angry) But what's this? You failed to discontinue ingestion after removing it from the water! As a result several tons of debris we're taken aboard this vessel! This excess weight and the time it will take to seperate it from the rings will delay my schedule!

Swatbot: (gulps) I only meant to be thorough!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You're not're through! (bashes the Swatbot at the head & throws the Swatbot down the garbage chute) Down the garbage chute you go...join the rest of the trash! (goes up to the control room)

(With Plankton)

Plankton: (inside another lab) Looks like Robotnik Prime forgot to turn off the vaccum tube, now his flying fortress is now slower than my flying fortress.

(A portal appears behind Plankton & he turns to see a sorcerer from the Netherrealm, Quan Chi
Quan Chi

Quan Chi

& he is with his enforcer, Scorpion)

Quan Chi: Are you Plankton?

Plankton: Yes, that's me. Are you from the Forces of Darkness?

Quan Chi: Indeed. I am Quan Chi & I believe you know my enforcer. His name is Scorpion. He is a spectre from the Netherrealm.

Scorpion: (stares death at the eyes)

Plankton: No kidding, he's very serious.

Scorpion: I will have Sub Zero's head!

Plankton: You will face Sub Zero soon enough. (goes to the control room) Now that my flying fortress is ready, it's time that my flying fortress is ready for action. Behold....

(The camera zooms out to see that Plankton, Quan Chi & Scorpion are inside the Chum Bucket-shaped flying fortress called...)

Plankton: THE DEATH BUCKET!!!!

(With Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in his control room) Bah! I don't need my mindless mechanical minion to assist me! This pen-ultimate moment belongs to Ivo Robotnik alone!

(The camera zooms out slowly to see that Robotnik Prime is inside his Egg-shaped flying fortress)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The count-down to my final victory has begun! Soon, every living on Planet Mobius will be Roboticized! And I shall watch every dastardly delicious moment from up here...perched high above the doomed world in ultimate weapon of destruction...

(Now the camera focuses on the egg shaped flying fortress which is floating in the air, right next to the Death Bucket which is floating in the air as well & the egg shaped flying fortress is called...)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: THE DEATH EGG!

(The All Stars notices the 2 flying fortresses in view)

Avak: Guys? Did you order satalites?

Donkey Kong: I don't even have cable

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 4)

(In Robotropolis, in which Snively calls "Snivopolis")

(We see Snively & King Pig are having a massage by a robot massager)

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (appears in the moniter)

Plankton: (with Quan Chi & Scorpion in the Death Bucket) King Pig, this is your master, Plankton calling you from the Death Bucket.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in the Death Egg) Snively, this is your master, Ivo Robotnik, calling you from the Death Egg! At long last our 2 ultimate weapons of destruction is near completion! Once, finished, Plankton & I will be able to roboticze the entire planet by remote control from above!

Plankton: Now that we're almost finshed with the Death Egg & Death Bucket, we're all set to spread misery & mayhem around the globe.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: And how is the rebuilding of my beloved Megaopolis proceeding?

Plankton: He meant Robotropolis.

Snively & King Pig: (looks each other feeling scared)

Snively: (gulps) J-just fine, oh oval one!

King Pig: Same here, Master Plankton. The rebuilding of the Mega Chum Bucket is almost complete.

Snively: (in thought: I don't dare tell him that I've re-assigned his Swatbots to stop reparations in order to pamper me full time!)

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: Excellent!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I expect it to be in perfect Putrod condition when I return! But enough about you...let's get back to the Death Egg's debut...

Plankton: And the debut of the Death Bucket.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: As you know, I recently had all the rings sucked out of the grotto near my city's border, observe them being placed in a "chain mail" pattern within this ship's shell. (turns to the hologram of the outside of the Death Egg) This will render the Death Egg invulnerable to external attack. That leaves only one thing missing to bring this vessel to full power...

Scorpion: And what would that be exactly?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: A Chaos Emerald!

Quan Chi: (in thought: Hmm, a Chaos Emerald. Prehaps the Emperor can have his use for it.)

Snively: But my lord of instruments show your altitude is if the Death Egg were carrying too much weight.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Yes I know!

Plankton: And the altitude of the Death Bucket is higher, I get it.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The inefficient Swatbot who operated the funnel tube also ingested a ton of debris when he siphoned the grotto...trees, rocks and other garbage! Once I've ascertaned that no more rings are in the bilge, that pile of trash will be jettisoned...along with the offending Swatbot!

Snively: Of course! Why tolerate a disobedient employee?

Robot Massager: Your hot oil bath is ready, Sir Snively!

Snively: Shhh!

Plankton: (to King Pig) What is that?

King Pig: Uh, nothing?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (to Snively) Exactly! After I've dumped that excess paggage, the Death Egg & the Death Bucket will achieve it's proper orbit and Plankton & I shall proceed to procure a Chaos Emerald!...Then nothing can stop me!

Plankton: And me!

Quan Chi: (in thought: Over confidence can lead to defeat)

(At that moment with the All Stars)

(The All Stars are watching Spongebob hanging onto Mecha Carl Condor who has Sonic in his feet while he is flying)

Twilight Sparkle: Let's hope Spongebob is ok, assuming that a Roboticized Condor would be very deadly.

Mordecai: I know, but Spongebob can pull it through. He's the All Star Warrior, he can do anything.

Rigby: But how would we find Tails? He could be in any Flying Fortress.

Patrick: I don't know. I don't like choosing.

Zaktan: We should seperate, we can cover more ground that way. Twilight, you & the girls should go check in this flying fortress...(points to the Death Bucket)...while the boys & I check in that flying fortress. (points to the Death Egg)

Patrick: No, Spongebob is my friend. I gotta go after him!

Edd: (sighs) Then you, uh, might wanna wear these (puts the helmet & jetpack on Patrick) The Jetpack I made is only the prototype so...

Patrick: Oh boy, oh boy! Lift off !

Avak: But Patrick?

Eddy: Please, just fire the Jetpack!

Twilight Sparkle: (facehooved as she groans) Fine.

Edd: (goes up to Patrick) 3, 2, 1...Ignition! (activates the jetpack on Patrick)

Patrick: (flys up to Spongebob) WHEEEEEE!!! I'm coming Spongebob! Wait, what am I coming for again?

Mecha Carl Condor: Kiiii-ya! Robotnik will be pleased when I bring his unconscious nemesis aboard his floating vessel !

Spongebob: I don't think so, bolt brain! (spindashes at Mecha Carl Condor)

Mecha Carl Condor: (got hit, but does not let go of Sonic) Awwk! What are you think your doing?

Spongebob: (on Mecha Carl Condor's back) Saving Sonic, that's what I'm doing.

Sonic: (opens on of his eyes) (in thought: That might work...if I was unconscious...) (frees himself from Mecha Carl Condor with a Sonic spin)

Spongebob: Sonic, your ok!

Sonic: (to Mecha Carl Condor) As it turns out I was playing possum so you'd tip your master's hand!

Mecha Carl Condor: Awwk! He freed himself with a Sonic Spin!

Spongebob: Good to know

Sonic: Very observant, Brass Bird Brain! Now notice how I keep myself aloft using my figure eight move! (uses his figure 8 move to keep himself aloft & punches at Mecha Carl Condor)

Mecha Carl Condor: Gwaaa...!

Spongebob: Nice one Sonic! (notices that Mecha Carl Condor is looking at him) Uh oh...

Mecha Carl Condor: Get off of me now! (flys super fast, but Spongebob holds on) Your simple hovering maneuver is no match for the master of the skies! (rams at Sonic)

Spongebob: Whoa! Slow down! You won't get away! I'm not letting go!

Sonic: (got hit, but still using his figure 8 move) Oww! (in thought: He's right...I can't hope to win an aerial duel with him...) (got hit again, but still doing the same figure 8 move, still floating) Oof!

Ninjini: That's for sure!

(Sonic & Spongebob notices the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters being carried by STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Swarm & Ninjini)

Spongebob: You came!

Mecha Carl Condor: Kiii-ya! More intruders?! You're all history!

(Everyone, except Mecha Carl Condor notices a bunch of derbis being dropped out from the Death Egg)

Sonic: (in thought; Condorbot's so focused on us, including me that he hasn't noticed that huge pile of garbage falling from Robotnik's ship. We've gotta time this just right...) A good wallop from me should push him underneath it...(wallops Mecha Carl Condor, pushing himself upwards up to the Death Egg)

Mecha Carl Condor: Gnnnngh!

Spongebob: (jumps off, landing on Rainbow Dash)

Sonic: ...and propel me up along the side of this moud of refuse!

Patrick: Wait for me! (accidently rams at Mecha Carl Condor) Oops sorry. (goes up to the All Stars)

Sonic: Using my years of experience jumping through zones, I'll hop my way up the pile and grab these bilge bay doors before they close...(bounces off log to log & makes it inside the Death Egg)

Eddy: Patrick, look out, behind out!

Patrick: (turns to the Mecha Carl Condor) Huh?

Sonic: Meanwhile Condorbot will get caught under the trash and be dragged down below!

(But before Mecha Carl Condor can do anything else, he was crushed under by lots of logs & derbis & was dragged down below like Sonic said)

Mecha Carl Condor: Keeeeeeyaaa...(crashes down to the ground)

Hakann: Man! That was nuts!

Sonic: Man, that was close! I'd better contact Sally and let her know what's going on....

Rainbow Dash: Alright, let's go kick some tail !

(Suddendly the bilge bay doors of the Death Egg are closing up with Sonic inside)

Preytor: Now what?

Sonic: Uh-oh....something's jamming my communicator...the signal won't go through!

Congar: What do you mean?

Sonic: It looks like I'm on my own!

Kineticlops: What are you talking...(the bilge bay doors of the Death Egg closes completely)...about?

Spongebob: No, not nearly so. All Stars, move out! Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm on it! (uses her magic to teleport the boys [minus Spongebob & Patrick] inside the Death Egg while she uses her magic to teleport Spongebob, Patrick, the girls & herself inside the Death Bucket)

(Back in Knothole)

(We see the same 2 Special Forces soldiers & they are actually the Liuetenant, "Sonya Blade"
Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade

& the Major Jaxson "Jax"
Jax Briggs (Before having Bionic Arms)

Jax Briggs (Before he had Bionic Arms)

Briggs entering in Knothole Village)

Sonya: This must be this Knothole Village where Raiden said it was.

Jax: Looks like it, time that we go introduce ourselves to the Freedom Fighters.

Sonya: Very well

Sonya & Jax: (goes up to the hut where the Freedom Fighters are at now, only to be stopped by Geoffrey St. John)

Geoffrey: Whoa there, where do you think your going?

Sonya: I am Liuetenant Sonya Blade & this is Major Jaxson Briggs. Raiden has sent us to Planet Mobius to help a new group of Freedom Fighters called the "All Star Freedom Fighters". I believe you are their allies?

Geoffrey: Indeed, I am Geoffrey St. John, Leader of the Rebel Underground. Princess Sally has sent me to guard this place as a royal guard. There's nothing inside. Please turn back.

Jax: We would, but we would like a talk with your Princess.

Geoffrey: I am sorry, but my orders are loud & clear. No one is allowed inside until Sally says so.

Sonya Blade: (hears something inside) Hm?

Jax: (sighs) Great.

Sonya Blade: Wait, I think I heard something.

Sally: (from inside, holding NICOLE)'re out state-of-the-art computer...any lucl with my father?

NICOLE: Negative, Princess insufficent data to analyse the malady or recommend a cure, skin crystallization now at sixty-eight percent and accelerating.

Sonya Blade: Sounds like the King has been crystallized.

Geoffrey: I said my lips are sealed. You have heard nothing!

Jax: Then how do you explain everything we've heard?

Geoffrey: I'm sorry, but I have no choice. (gets into his battle stance) You know too much & I must stop you.

Sonya Blade: Fine, have it your way.

Jax: (to Geoffrey) But your gonna have to ask nicer than that.


(Even though Geoffrey St. John is a skilled leader of the Rebel Underground, he is no match for the 2 soldiers of the Special Forces)

Sonya Blade: Enough of this!

Geoffrey: (groans as he get up) Fancy that, mate. You two have beaten me.

(As Geoffrey St. John gets up, STH Rotor rushes inside feeling worried)

STH Rotor: Sally! I just heard from Antoine. He and Bunnie got lost in the Forest on the way to the lake of rings. But she's taken the map away from him & they're back on track. However, Tails & Sonic's check-in report is long overdue. Even the All Stars are long overdue. There's no response on either of their communicators. I...I'm getting worried.

Jax: Oh great. Time that we betta find those All Stars & fast.

Sally: (goes over to STH Rotor & hugs him, crying)

STH Rotor: Oh, there, there, Sally...don't cry!

Sally: I can't help it! (sobs) The stress is getting to me! (chokes) Everything we've worked for is coming apart! (sniffles) Oh, hoo!

Sonya Blade: (gets a reading on her wrist com) That's weird, I'm getting a reading?

Sally: Is it Sonic?

Sonya Blade:'s something else.

Jax: Or someone...

(Suddendly Scorpion teleports inside the hut via by flash of fire)

Scorpion: Where is Sub-Zero?

STH Rotor: Yikes!

Geoffrey: Stop right there! (charges at Scorpion)

Scorpion: (fires his signature kunai spear & chain at Geoffrey's chest) GET OVER HERE! (pulls Geoffrey forward & uppercuts him) I demand Sub Zero!

Jax: I don't think so! (goes up to Scorpion & grabs him by the neck) Gotcha! (punches Scorpion at the face)

Scorpion: (teleports behind Jax via flash of fire) You dare challenge me?

Jax: We do dare!

Sonya Blade: Sally, Rotor! Get back, Scorpion is proved to be dangerous.

Scorpion: You will regret your impulsiveness! (gets into his battle stance)


(2 on 1 is more of a match for Scorpion, but Sonya & Jax are no match for Scorpion's powers of the Netherrealm)

Scorpion: You are not yet warriors.

Sslly: Sonya! Jax! (about to go to the 2, but was stopped by Scorpion) (gasps)

Scorpion: (clenches a fist at Sally, that bursts into flame) You waste my time, Princess!

Sally: Please, restrain yourself. Sub-Zero had actually helped us de-roboticize Mecha Sonic back to Sonic the Hedgehog. Why would you kill Sub-Zero?

Scorpion: (Although not pleased about it, he acknowledges the order and his hand returns to normal) Cause Sub-Zero had killed my family & clan. I will have his head!

Sonya & Jax: (gets ups & notices the confrontation between Scorpion & Sally)

Sally: Spare Sub-Zero's life. He is a great hero & has his life in front of him.

Scorpion: (closer to Sally with angry eyes) Sub-Zero deserves death!

Sally: Look, spare Sub-Zero's life & the Freedom Fighters will help you find your family & clan's true killer & put a stop to the killer, once & for all.

(Scorpion takes a few moments to contemplate this new turn of events. He eventually looks Sally in the eyes and nods his consent. Sally nods back and goes back to her father with STH Rotor, Geoffrey continues to guard the door & Sonya & Jax then walks off to find the All Stars, leaving the spectre alone in Knothole Village)

Plankton: (in communicator) Scorpion, this is Plankton. Where are you?

Scorpion: I have begun my search for Sub-Zero in Knothole Village, he is nowhere to be found.

Plankton: (in communicator) Return to the Death Bucket, Robotnik & I are heading for the Floating Island right now.

Scorpion: Very well. (teleports himself inside the control room of the Death Bucket)

Sonya & Jax: (heard everything what Plankton has said)

Sonya: This could be trouble. Now we will make amends.

Jax: About time.

Sonya & Jax: (goes off to find the Death Egg & the Death Bucket)

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 5)

(In the Armoury of the Death Bucket, Baraka, and a Jack-1 bot are inspecting a crate of brand new weapons called "JACK Blasters".)

Baraka: That is all of them. (puts his JACK Blaster in the crate)

Jack-1 Bot: (fiddling with a JACK Blaster of his own, points the barrel directly in Baraka's face)

Baraka: (Angrily, he swipes the blaster from him) That is no toy! It belongs to Master Plankton! We are finished. Return to your post.

Jack-1 Bot: (walks off)

Baraka: (places the JACK Blasters in the crate and turns to spot Spongebob, Patrick, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Waspix, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Sierra, Kitty, White Bird, Pink Bird, Preytor & Ninjini walking toward him)

Spongebob: Stand aside Baraka. We will see Plankton

Baraka: No one enters the control room.

LeShawna: You are an excellent guard dog, Baraka. But you must learn to heel.

Baraka: I do not take orders from you. Guards, stop them! (sends in the Jack-1 Bots & he charges along with them at the All Stars)

Eva: Come and get some!

LeShawna: Now we're gonna seize the you!


(They fight. While a vicious fighter, LeShawna is not gonna let Baraka's tarkatan blades stop her. Through sheer brute force, Baraka is unprepared to deal with LeShawna's strength & attacks, because of LeShawna remembering about the boxing kangaroo incident. After an intense battle, LeShawna soon has the Tarkatan down on the ground, while the rest of the girls, plus Spongebob & Patrick destroys the Jack-1 Bots)

LeShawna: Good boy.

Gwen: Nice one LeShawna.

Baraka: (groans as Spongebob, Patrick & the girls walks over to him) Freedom Fighters have no loyalty.

Rainbow Dash: Blind loyalty is not a good thing, as we all know.

Applejack: And also, you must keep your eyes open-- to anticipate the finishin' blow.

Baraka: What are you talki--

Applejack: (interrupts him by bucking him towards the wall, knocking him out)

Courtney: You make it too easy.

LeShawna: Way to easy at that.

Ninjini: Strong finish there, Applejack.

Applejack: Thanks Ninjini.

Spongebob: Come on, let's keep moving. We can find more about the Death Bucket as soon as possible.

Kitty: (notices signals coming from the jail room of the Death Bucket) Wait, there's someone down there. They are trapped in their jail cells of the Death Bucket.

Patrick: There are jail cells down there?

Kitty: The jail cells are only a floor below us, let's go.

(Spongebob, Patricia & the girls heads down a level to see soldiers in their jail cells being guarded by Jack-1 Bots & a female shokan named "Sheeva"



Katie: Oh my gosh!

Sadie: Is that...?

Spongebob: Yep, it's a female shokan. Be careful though, she could be dangerous.

Sheeva: (to one of the prisoners) If you had not honoured yourself by attempting to escape, we wouldn't be here in a sewer.

Patrick: Sewer?

(The group notices the dead pool 20 feet below them)

Lindsay: (gulps)

Spongebob: Don't wanna fall in that. How did all that acid being carried by strong metal?

Courtney: Prehaps it is only to dissolve flesh.

Patrick: (notices the dead pool as a sewer) YIKES!

(The Jack-1 Bots & Sheeva notices Spongebob, Patrick & the girls)

Sheeva: Guards! Stop them!

Waspix: So much for the surprise attack...

Pink Bird: Let's go!

(The door behind them slams shut. Eva charges forward, ducks some swipes from a Jack-1 Bot with a two edged mace, grabs the weapon and clobbers the with it. The Jack-1 Bot falls into the pool and is dissolved into nothing but oil within seconds.)

Eva: (turns to Spongebob) Only flesh huh?

Spongebob: Sorry, minor mistake

Eva: (throws down the mace)

Spongebob: (charges & leaps over the remaining Jack-1 Bots) Alley-oop!

(The rest of the group charge from behind and engage them while Spongebob faces down Sheeva)

Sheeva: I am Sheeva, the master jailer of Outworld. The prisoners are the master's property, human.

Spongebob: Their nobody's property.


(They fight. Like all Shokan, Sheeva is powerful and possesses magical abilities, but Spongebob is not about to let that stop him. Just like LeShawna did with Baraka, Spongebob uses his speed, agility & his spindashes to overpower Sheeva and leave her unconscious.)

Spongebob: I guess extra arms, doesn't make a difference after all.4

Gwen: (closes up the dead pool) There. Now we can let them out of their cages.

(Spongebob, Patrick & the girls releases the soldiers from their cells)

Soldier: Thanks for saving us. We we're captured by those robots. Luckily you guys came. We we're from a military army called the "Special Forces". Thanks for your help

Spongebob: Your welcome. Now if you excuse us, me & my friends will have a talk to the robots' master.

(Spongebob, Patrick & the girls walks off to find the control room)

Soldier #2: Good luck, man.

Soldier #3: Heh! They ain't gonna need luck.

(With the boys [minus Spongebob & Patrick] inside the Death Egg)

Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Owen, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Brid, Orange, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (journeys inside the Death Egg)

Reidak: (checking the number of Swatbots in this area in the Death Egg)...15...16...17...18!

Zaktan: Only 18 in this room.

Timon: Robotnik's nothing more than coward.

Boomerang Bird: (spots someone) Wait, look!

(They all see a female in a rather revealing purple leotard and leggings. She is actually Mileena


, Shao Kahn's true "daughter", created by Shang Tsung)

Mordecai: Who's that?

Corroder: I have no idea who she is.

Eddy: Zaktan,whaddya think? Friend or foe.

Zaktan: Foe.

Rigby: Dressed like that? (got punched by Mordecai) Ow!

Zaktan: Definitely foe. Cover me.

Rigby: (sighs) Fine.

(The boys walks out the arena & starts attacking Swatbots. As Mileena approaches, Mordecai calls out to her)

Mordecai: (With Rigby) (serious) Hey, who are you & what're you doing out here?

Mileena: (laughs and pulls off her mask, revealing her Tarkatan features)

Mordecai & Rigby: Aah!

Mileena: My name is Mileena & I'm looking for a new playmate! (puts the mask back on & gets ready for a fight)


(They fight. Restraining himself to using non-lethal force, Mordecai manages to eventually subdue the feral "daughter" of Shao Kahn with tag-team moves.)

Rigby: (to Milenna) In your face!

Mordecai: (to Mileena) I already have a girlfriend, you know that!

(The boys finishes off the Swatbots in this area)

Geoff: All finished!

Tree Rex: Nice work gang.

Harold: Now, how do we find Robotnik?

Squidward: How should I know? This flying fortress is too huge.

Donkey Kong: Yeah, it's so huge, it's a perfect size for the monsters & the giants.

Mileena: (picks herself up & charges at the group)

Hank: Watch out!

Kineticlops: I'm on it! (electrocutes Mileena)

Mileena: (screams as she got electrocuted & was knocked out unconscious)

Nitroblast: Thanks for the save.

Kineticlops: No problem, but she might wake up again in a few hours. Let's get outta here before...

????: (appears from the portal) Now, now, that's no way to treat the emperor's daughter. (appears to be a much younger Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung's brand new younger form


Hakann: What the? Shang Tsung? Is that you?

Tree Rex: You have been revitalised, I see. I didn't realise your master was in the habit of rewarding failure.

Shang Tsung: The Death Egg belongs to Robotnik. Are you prepare to face more challenges?

Sanford: Whoever the emperor is, give him our regards!

Shang Tsung: (opens up another portal)

(Out of the large portal, emerge hundreds of Tarkatan warriors & then charges at the group who charges at them back. The battle begins as the group starts fighting against hundreds of Tarkatan Warriors. A few moments later, after taking the Tarkatan Warriors, they we're ambushed by more Tarkatan Warriors, by sucker punching them, beating them down to the ground)

Zaktan: (on his back) We won't let you get away with this!

Shang Tsung: (escapes with Mileena inside the portal) We already have.

(One of the Tarkatan Warriors comes up to Zaktan & stomps him on the head, knocking him out unconscious)

(With Sonya & Jax)

Sonya & Jax: (in a helicopter, heading towards the Death Egg & the Death Bucket, which are heading straight for the Floating Island)

Jax: (notices the Death Egg & the Death Bucket) Darn those flying fortresses are gigantic.

Sonya: This might be really difficult, but we can do this.

Jax: (notices a battle on the Floating Island) Look!

(There is a battle between Knuckles, Archimedes, Vector, Espio, Charmy & Mighty versus Giant Burrobots)

Sonya: They might need our help.

Jax: Then let's do this.

(Sonya & Jax lands the helicopter on the Floating Island & gets out of the helicopter to face against Giant Burrobots)

Knuckles: Who are you?

Jax: The names Jax & this is Sonya Blade. Now that the introductions are out of the way, we're shutting those bots down!

Vector: Alright! Let's do it!

(Jax, Sonya & the Chaotix begins taking down the Giant Burrobots together)

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 6)

(In the Death Egg)

(Sonic is seen walking down the hallway in the Death Egg, which has many Swatbots being destroyed by Sonic himself)

Sonic: I've been working my way up the levels of this rancid robo-vessel, leaving a trail of Swatbots in my wake...unless I miss my guess, that should be the control room dead ahead! That's where I'll find the fat man and teach him a lesson he'll never forget!

(Suddendly Sonic hears groaning echoing from a nearby room)

Sonic: Huh? What's that?

(Sonic the Hedgehog runs off to the room to see Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Owen, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Brid, Orange, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl are all in pain because of the Tarkatan Warriors)

Sonic: Whoa! What happened? (goes up to the group) Are you all ok?

(The group begins to get up slowly)

Deimos: (groans) Anybody got the number of that...(notices Sonic) Sonic? How did you find us?

Sonic: I heard your voices, I thought I was on my own.

Hot Head: Looks like your not alone, thanks to Twilight's telporting magic.

Red Bird: No time for that now, let's find Robotnik.

Owen: Ok, but where could he be?

Timon: (looks at Owen & gets annoyed)

Agamo: He's proberbly in his control room.

Sonic: That's all I needed to hear. (speeds off to Robotnik's control room in the Death Egg)

(The boys [minus Spongebob & Patrick] then follows Sonic)

(In the Death Egg's control room)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (angry) Aaaargh! Insects! You dare impede my ultimate victory by smashing my Burrobots? Very well...kiss your beloved island goodbye! (controls the Death Egg to descend on the Floating Island, getting ready to push the floating island down)

(The Group & Sonic found the control room & hides behind the walls)

Squidward: (notices Robotnik Prime & the same Swatbot that Robotnik dumped) Only one Swatbot?

Vezok: This is gonna be way too easy.

(With Sonya, Jax & the Chaotix)

Chaotix, Sonya & Jax: (has defeated the Giant Burrobots)

Jax: That's all of them.

Sonya: (notices the Death Egg descending on the Floating) Hold up, look!

Vector: Incoming!

Espio: THat huge ship is dropping on us like a bomb!

Jax: Fall back!

Knuckles: Run!

(The Chaotix, Sonya & Jax falls back, when Sonya & Jax takes off in the helicopter, the Death Egg lands on the Floating Island, causing an earthquake that causes the Chaotix to fall to the ground)

Sonya: That was close

Jax: Your telling me.

Sonya: (gets a communication from his fellow Special Forces soldiers from inside the Death Bucket) Hold up, I'm getting a transmission from our soldiers. They said that we're rescued by the All Stars

Jax: Looks like we're here just in time to pick them up. (flys the helicopter to the hanger of the Death Bucket)

(Back in the Death Egg)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Rerouting all power to downward thrusters! (snorts) Maximum output! My Death Egg will drive the floating island into the sea! (controls the Death Egg to push the Floating Island downwards)

Edd: That does not sound good.

(Deep within the Underground power chamber, the infinite energy of the Master Emerald resists the prodigous weight being exerted upon the island...but just barely)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: My mechanical masterpiece must prevail! (growls) All systems to 150% percent! Override automatic shutdown codes! Ths island will be submerged...and every living creature on it drowned! (cackles) So speaks Ivo Robotnik!

Duncan: Not if we have anything to say about it. (goes up to Dr. Robotnik Prime)

Sonic: Wait, stop! There's a swatbot in there.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (notices Duncan) What is this? An intruder?! Impossible!

Duncan: (to Dr. Robotnik Prime) You will come no closer! (gets into his battle stance)


(Spending his time in Juvie has gained Duncan an advantage by knowing Dr. Robotnik Prime's weakness at the belly & other parts of Robotnik's body)

Duncan: Your finished fatso, along with your plans.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gets up slowly) No, not nearly so. Right now the Death Egg is pushing down the Floating Island into the sea!

(With Spongebob, Patrick & the girls in the Death Bucket)

(Spongebob, Patrick, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Waspix, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Sierra, Kitty, White Bird, Pink Bird, Preytor & Ninjini almost makes it to the Death Bucket control room)

Pinkie Pie: We're almost there! :D

Rainbow Dash: Plankton must be in there, let's go!

(Suddendly, the group has been stopped by Shang Tsung & Quan Chi)

Kitty: That's Shang Tsung!

Beth: But who's that? (points to Quan Chi)

Spongebob: Prehaps Patrick & I can take care of them.

Patrick: Okie dokie

Spongebob & Patrick: (goes up to Shang Tsung & Quan Chi)

Quan Chi: No Freedom Fighter can stop this Deadly Alliance.

Shang Tsung: On that we agree.


(The 4 begins to attack at each other with Spongebob & Patrick facing off against the Dealdy Alliance of Shang Tsung & Quan Chi)

Twilight Sparkle: Looks like Spongebob & Patrick are distracting them long enough for us to sneak inside the control room.

Pink Bird: Alrighty, let's go before someone else pursues us

Mileena: (then teleports in front of the girls) Others pursue. I find.

Waspix: Who are you?

Milenna: My name is Mileena & you must return with me! There is to be a celebration for the residence of the Floating Island!

Preytor: (goes up to Milenna & gets into her battle stance) And what would that be?

Mileena: The Floating Island is going away...


(Preytor & Mileena starts fighting each other)

Twilight Sparkle: That would mean the Chaotix & others that are on the Floating Island are in danger!

Gwen: Aw great! We have to rescue the Floating Island before it sinks to the bottom of the sea with everyone on it!

Twilight Sparkle: We have to hurry before...(gasps as she notices the Tarkatan Warriors from before had appeared) Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity, your with me. The rest of you, have to stop those Tarkatans. Is everyone ready?

Spongebob, Patrick, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Waspix, Gwen, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Sierra, Kitty, White Bird, Pink Bird, Preytor & Ninjini: Yes.

Heather: (feeling scared about this situation) No!

Twilight Sparkle: Then let's go!

Spongebob, Patrick, Waspix, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Sierra, Kitty, White Bird, Pink Bird, Preytor & Ninjini: (starts attacking Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Mileena & the Tarkatan Warriors)

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity: (heads inside the control room)

Spongebob: Good luck girls!

Patrick: Who?

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 7)

(The Ponies trots inside the Death Bucket's control room & confronts Plankton)

Twilight Sparkle: Plankton!

Plankton: (turns to the Mane 6) What?! How did you get inside?

Applejack: Never mind that now. Stop your madness at once!

(Suddendly Reptile appears from thin air)

Reptile: (snarls)

(Then Scorpion appears via flash of fire)

Rainbow Dash: Whoa!

Scorpion: You will come no closer to Master Plankton. Who are you? Your not Sub-Zero.

Rarirty: That would be Bi-Han.

Twilight Sparkle: We are the wielders of the Elements of Harmony. We fight for freedom as well.

Scorpion: You had no freedom! And you will die as he did!


(The 8 begins to fight)

(With the boys [minus Spongebob & Patrick] & Sonic in the Death Egg)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (on his seat) Yes! The Death Egg is forcing the Floating Island into the sea! All living things on it will be drowned! The Emeralds will be mine and this ship will be invunerable!

Duncan: Not this time! (punches Dr. Robotnik Prime's belly again)

(As Robotnik Prime & Duncan continues their fight, the Swatbot then tries to make a hasty exit, but was stopped by Sonic)

Sonic: (in thought: Aha! One last Swatbot to trash and then it's clear sailing to helping Duncan stop the fat man!

Owen: Huh?

Ezekiel: I think he means Robotnik eh?

Drilldozer: Right.

Sonic: (charges at the Swatbot) Hold still tintop...this'll only hurt for a sec...(the Swatbot suddendly ducks down avoiding Sonic's attack)...hey! (lands) Hmm...preety fast reflexes for a robot...

Hakann: I'll handle the bot

Zaktan: (notices something odd about the Swatbot) Wait ! That's not a Swatbot!

Hakann: You will come no closer!

(The Swatbot suddendly punches Hakann away)

Swatbot: (a boy's voice) Oh sorry!

Hakann: (falls on top of Vezok)

Vezok: D'oh!

Hakann: Sorry

Sonic: But no bot's fast enough to duck a sonic spin! (does a sonic spin at the Swatbot)

Swatbot: Ooof!

Agamo: Now we got him!

Sonic: Immediately followed by a large kick to the small of the back! (kicks the Swatbot at the back & finishes the bot off with a kick at the Swatbot's rear)

(The Swatbot lost it's head & the back piece, revealing to be Tails in a Swatbot costume)

Magmo: Tails?!

Tails: Stop, Son...(got kicked at the rear) Uhhmf! Cut it oww! (falls on his belly, sticking out his 2 tails from the back of a Swatbot costume)

Sonic: That voice...those furry appearances sticking out of the Swatbot...Tails!

Zaktan: Well, duh.

Togera: (helps Togera get up) Great, now what?

Sonic: (helps Tails get up) Sorry about that, little buddy! How did you wind up in that bot shell?

Rigby: Yeah man, what happened?

Tails: I'll explain it all to you later. Right now, the important thing is to stop Robotnik from sub-merging the Floating Island and acquiring their Chaos Emeralds!

Sonic: No sooner said than done, chum, chill while i help Duncan take care of business!

Red Bird: Be careful, you might run into a trap again.

Sonic: No worries. (turns to Robotnik Prime & jumps up at him) Yo, Robo! I'm closing this play before it opens! Bring down the curtain! (suddendly got hit by a thick wall of plexiglas that Robotnik Prime has brought down) Eyowtch!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What I've brought down is a thick wall of Plexiglas between us, Hedgehog! I heard your approach...did you think I'd leave myself open to attack?

Congar: Very clever, but there's one problem. You see...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Don't say anything or the hedgehog gets it (brings down another thick wall of Plexiglas behind Sonic, trapping him, activating poison gas between the two thick walls)

Sonic: (gets up, rubbing his head) Oh, my achin' crainum...(notices another thick wall of Plexiglas behind him) Hey! Another wall came down behind me!

Dudley: Don't worry, we can think of something to get you outta here.

Sonic: You do that. (coughs) What's that awful smell?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Poison gas, my old foe! (chortles) I'll stop submerging the Floating Island just long enough to watch you perish!

(The boys tries their best to bring down the thick plexiglas walls, but the walls are surprizingly strong for them)

Timon: Nuts!

Pumbaa: (feels dizzy after a failed attempt to ram the thick plexiglas wall down) I feel dizzy again.

Sonic: (chokes) Y-you fiend (hacks) Yuh-vision g-getting blurry...luh-losing air...(gasps)

Mordecai: Say Robotnik, you forgot about Duncan.

Zaktan: I was trying to tell you that he's behind you.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I'm not falling for that trick. Finally, I can achieve on stopping the freedom fighters & you by making my Death Egg, the most powerful ultimate weapon that has ever...(notices Duncan who is right beside him & has an evil grin, getting ready to attack)...D'OH!

Duncan: (starts attacking Dr. Robotnik Prime again)

Boggy B: (notices that Tails is missing) Hey, where'd Tails go?

(Suddendly Tails flys in, bursting through the Death Egg's eye from the outside)

Tails: (still wearing the Swatbot Suit, using Jet boots to fly through the Death Egg's eye) Not so fast, fatty! This swatbot suit's jet boots are still working!

Ed: Tails.

Eddy: You've found him Ed.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Gadzooks! Tails coming in through the Death Egg's eye from outside!

Tails: Right! Here's anothing thing that still functions on this bot...(points his hand at the controls)...the blasters! (fires the Swatbot's blasters at the controls, destroying the control consoles!

Duncan: About time.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You fool ! You're destroying the control consoles!

(The 2 thick plexiglas walls raises & the poison gas has been deactivated)

Sonic: (coughs) Yeah...(coughs)...what Duncan said....(wheezes)...juh-just in t-time...(coughs) th-thanks little buddy!

Tails: You're welc...(suddendly drops to the ground)...ooof!

Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Owen, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (suddendly drops to the ground too) Whoa!

Donkey Kong: What's happening?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Arrgh! You two-tailed freak! Not only did you raise the Plexiglas walls when you ruptured the master panels, but you short-circuited the ships downward thrusters!

Hot Head: What does that mean?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The Death Egg is launching itself into space releasing the Floating Island!

Sonic: Mmmmf! As soon as the inertia lets up you're gonna be my personal heavy bag, Ivo!

Fangz: Now surrender!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: That will be the day when i'm not prepared for such an emergency! My gravi-gaunlet will enshroud me with a stabilizing field long before you can move...(presses a button on his Gravi-gauntlet in his robotic arm)...and allow me to escape down this hatch to my auxiliary control room! This isn't over yet, Hedgehog! (jumps through the hatch)

Sonic: Bet on it, Blubberbolts!

Big Brother Bird: Hmm....

(With Spongebob, Patrick & the girls of the All Stars)

Spongebob, Patrick, Waspix, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Sierra, Kitty, White Bird, Pink Bird, Preytor & Ninjini: (has defeated Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Mileena & the Tarkatan Warriors)

Spongebob: That's all of them, now to check with the ponies!

(They went inside the Death Bucket's control room, only to see the Mane 6 has defeated Scorpion)

Kitty: Whoa, how did you manage to stop Scorpion?

Rarity: Just because I'm a lady, doesn't mean I can stand up to him

Twilight Sparkle: We've managed to stop Scorpion together. He is indeed a powerful spectre all together.

Rainbow Dash: I never thought that Scorpion would be one my toughest competetions ever.

Pinkie Pie: He's really truly & honorably indeedy scary. Did you see it's skull? It's on fire when he takes off his mask

Plankton: (secretly sneaking towards the controls & then activates a large robot) Not so fast, I still have one more surprize & that is my new large robot bodyguard!

(A Giant Robot Spongebob, similar to Metal Spongebob, except it's silver, emerges from the giant elevator near them)

Plankton: Behold, my latest creation, he is the Bodyguard with most powerful robotic souls being fused into one Giant Robot & he is also the Protector of the Death Bucket. Behold, SILVER SPONGEBOB!

Silver Spongebob: (stomps his foot & then roars)

Spongebob: Wow. Hello there, handsome.

Silver Spongebob: We are many, you are one. We will destroy you!

(Back with Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (reaching to his secondary control room) How! I'm not licked yet! Once I rid the Death Egg of those accursed Freedom Fighters, I'll be able to effect requires and return to the business at hand...(lands on a seat safely)...using the infinite power of this deadly dirigible to Roboticize every living thing on Planet Mobius!

(With Sonic, Tails & the boys of the All Stars [except Spongebob & Patrick])

(They noticed Robotnik Prime on the wall moniters)

Nitroblast: What the?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Attention, Sonic, Tails & All Stars! I know you can see me on the wall monitors...

Sonic: I'll say! Can't we get the chili dog channel on this rig?

Mordecai: I'm not gonna resort to the chili dog incident again

Rigby: See, I told ya.

Duncan: Whatever.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Silence!

Zaktan: (to Dr. Robotnik Prime) Shut up, shutting up! >:(

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You'll appreiciate my next guest, Hedeghog! I borrowed a few desing elements from you during your brief tenure as Mecha Sonic...but then I pumped him up...and up...and up some more until he became the ultimate war weapon!

Kineticlops: Oh really? Then show us

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Gladly. Please welcome...Silver Sonic!

Silver Sonic: (emerges from the Death Egg's elevator)

Tyler: Man, that things huge!

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 8)

Sonic: Holy Ghacamole! It's an oversized robotic version of me! O.O

Tails: Omigosh! It's muh-monstrous! O.O

Congar: And so are we (points to the Monsters & himself [minus Preytor])

Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Agamo, Magmo, Kineticlops & Ultra-V: (goes up to Silver Sonic)

Kineticlops: We accept the challenge!

Eddy: Against that big robot? Your kidding?

Tree Rex: We never kid against giant robots!

Tails: (gulps) Sonic, wh-what're we guh-gonna do?

Sonic: Stay cool, pard! You head back to the control room and figure out a way to crack this egg. I'll take care of this opey dopple-ganger!

Tails: (nods & then goes to the control room, taking off the Swatbot suit)

Zaktan: Now then, let's get down to the battle!

Sonic: No robo replica can get the drop on me...

Silver Sonic: (punches Sonic)

Sonic: Whoof! I think...(crashes into the wall)

Deimos: Ouch.

Zaktan: The bigger they are...the harder they fall (gets into his battle stance)


Zaktan: Attack!

(The Boys of the All Stars [minus Zaktan] begins their attack, but Silver Sonic manages to outwit the numbers game with his strength by parring their attacks, punches their stomachs, kicks at their heads & slams them to the ground one by one)

Sonic: Well, it's nice to know I won't have to pull my punches with you, jumbo...

Kineticlops: (gets up) Man we getting clobbered out there.

Sonic: (does a figure eight move & punches at Silver Sonic) Here's a looping left hook powered by a figure eight leg spin!

Silver Sonic: (suddendly grabs Sonic's leg & starts slamming him to the ground)

Sonic: Ouch!

Geoff: Dude, are you ok?

Sonic: That solid shot idn't even slow him dow...(got slammed to the floor again) Whoop!

Yellow Bird: Stop right there! (got punched by Silver Sonic) Ouch!

Sonic: He's got meee...(got slamed at the floor, head first, by Silver Sonic, causing a hole in the floor)...yow!

Cody: Yikes, that bot's tough!

Sonic: Unngh...Silver Sonic punched a hole in the floor with my head!

Duncan: Watch out for the bot's foot! (notices Silver Sonic is about to stomp on Sonic)

Sonic: Uh oh! He plans to stomp me...gotta think fast! (notices the sliced cables sticking out of the floor) Hmmm...these sliced cables are live!

Meltdown: We have a plan

Kineticlops: Prehaps I can help.

Sonic: (grabs a sliced cable) Okay, Robo-replica! Let's see how your metal metabolism handles a couple thousand volts of ray electricity! (electrocutes Silver Sonic with the sliced cable he's holding)

Astro: Very good Sonic, now let's try to reboot...

Kineticlops: Let me, Astro! [uses his electricity to help Sonic electrocute Silver Sonic's circuits, only for more electrcity to cause the Silver Sonic & the control panels to go on the fritz) It is off. Good, huh?

Edd: [frantic] Is it me? It's the robot, right?

Astro: Kineticlops, what are you doing?

Eddy: [as more electricity comes out] Boy, that giant robot & those control panels are getting crispy.

Hank: No kidding

Silver Sonic: (sparks & then cause small explosions within him, damaging it's own circuits, almost ready to shut down)

Ed: Wait! My brain is working. [He throws Silver Sonic against the wall.] Yep.

Silver Sonic: (falls to the ground & then shuts down)

Eddy: Nice one, Ed.

Sonic: Whew! It worked...Silver Sonic's burned out!

Duncan: Now to get back to the Death Bucket.

Zaktan: Sonic & Tails, when the Death Egg is in self-destruct, escape as fast as you can. Meet you back at ground floor.

(The group heads off to the hanger of the Death Egg, leaving Sonic & Tails)

STH Rotor, Jetbug, Ultra-V & Swarm: (flys & carries the group away from the Death Egg)

Duncan: About time, cause there's the Death Bucket again.

Swarm: Then let's fly!

STH Rotor, Jetbug, Ultra-V & Swarm: (flys & carries the group to the Death Bucket & lands inside the hanger, only to meet Sonya, Jax & the escaped Special Forces soldiers)

Zaktan: Greetings, who are you?

Sonya: I am Sonya Blade & this is my C.O. Jax.

Jax: Pleasure to meet you, All Stars.

Astro: And about time too.

Jax: What's going on?

Ultra-V: We've managed to stop the Silver Sonic, we thought the Death Bucket also has a giant robot bodyguard here as well.

Astro: We have to find the rest of the All Stars to help.

Sonya: Looks like we're gonna be busy.

Jax: Alright troops. Let's move out.

Zaktan: All Stars, move out!

(The boys of the All Stars [minus Spongebob & Patrick], Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces soldiers heads off to find the rest of the All Stars)

The rise of the Death Egg, Spongebob vs. Silver Spongebob (Part 9)

(The boys of the All Stars [minus Spongebob & Patrick], plus Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces Soldiers reunites with the rest of the All Stars, Spongebob, Patrick & the girls who are now fighting against Silver Spongebob, which they are having a bit trouble just like the battle against Silver Sonic)

Duncan: Need some help.

Heather: Well duh! Fighting against Silver Spongebob without finding out it's weakness is hardly a fair fight.

Plankton: More intruders?! Sheeva, front & center! Stop those intruders!

Sheeva: (arrives) As you wish.

Eva: Sheeva again?! I thought Spongebob knocked her out!

Spongebob: I did, only for a few hours.

Avak: I'll take of Sheeva, you go help the rest of the All Stars stop that bot! (goes up to Sheeva)

All Stars [minus Avak], Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces soldiers: (starts attacking Silver Spongebob)

Sheeva: You will not escape this time!

Avak: You had your matach against Spongebob. Now you face me!


(After her defeat against Spongebob, she comes back stronger, but somehow Avak seems to be stronger & bounces back against her & manages to stop Sheeva's advantage & defeats her)

Avak: Phew! Also having 4 arms is hardly a fair fight as well. (spots the heroes having a bit of trouble against Silver Spongebob until Kineticlops remembers that Robots' circuits are weak to electricity)

Kineticlops: Wait! My brain is working.

Eddy: Wait, that's was Ed said.

Kineticlops: I need to charge up my electricity. (charges up his electricity)

Mordecai: Wait, distract it how?

Jax: (grabs Silver Spongebob) Gotcha!

Silver Spongebob: (flicks Jax away against the Special Forces soldiers)

Special Forces Soldiers:!

(The S.F. Soldiers fires their bullets with their guns at Silver Spongebob, but it only has little effect)

Silver Spongebob: (swats the soldiers away)

Rigby: (grabs a bolt) Get outta here! (throws at Silver Spongebob)

Silver Spongebob: (felt the tiny hit of that bolt & his expression changes into angry) (his eyes glows red)

Rigby: Uh oh.

Reidak: Fall back!

(The All Stars begins to fall back when Silver Spongebob begins shooting laser beams from his eyes)

Sonya: Be careful, he might be a dangerous foe.

Hakann: Kineticlops, are you done?

Kineticlops: 45% charged...when I reach to 100%, keep him occupied & don't stop until I say.

Spongebob: Right, let's go!


(The All Stars [minus Kineticlops], plus Sonya & Jax charges at Silver Spongebob distracting the bot)

Plankton: Hey! Silver Spongebob, stop them at all costs!

Silver Spongebob: Yes master! (tries to swat them, but then was tackled by the All Stars [minus Kineticlops] )

Jax: (gets up & then punches Silver Spongebob at the eyes)

Silver Spongebob: (explodes in rage, throwing the All Stars & Jax away)

Jax: (lands on his feet)

All Stars [minus Kineticlops]: (got thrown into the walls & the ground)

Zaktan: Deja vu all over again

Duncan: Your telling me!

Owen: Owie, my stomach!

Blue Bird: Anymore ideas?

Spongebob: Never quit !

Sonya: He is right, we can't give up til the mission is acomplished!

Rarity: Let's do this!

(The All Stars [minus Kineticlops], plus Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces soldiers continues their assault on the Silver Spongebob)

Plankton: You can't defeat my protecter of the Death Bucket!

Kineticlops: Ok everyone, stay out of Silver Spongebob's way on the count of 3. 1, 2, 3!

(everyone gets out of the way)

Plankton: What the?

Kineticlops: (electrocutes Silver Spongebob with his charged up electricity)

Silver Spongebob: (gets shocked from the electricity & his circuits begins to go on the fritz, shutting down) Error, errooor, eeeerrrrrooooorrr. (falls down) Reboot, f-f-f-f-f-failure! (shuts down)

Plankton: No!

Spongebob: Yes! We did it, the Silver Spongebob is shut down!

(Suddendly they saw Sonic & Tails carrying a lot of power rings, escaping the Death Egg while Robotnik Prime is been blown away by Sonic's flick [because of the Silver Sonic he's wearing, like a suit], before the Death Egg explodes, causing the Death Bucket to cause damage by the large parts of the Death Egg & the Death Bucket begins to lose altitude because of the heavy damage)

All: (begins to wobble because of the Death Bucket losing altitude)

Xplode: What's happening?

Zaktan: The Death Bucket's losing altitude, we got to get outta here!

Plankton: (escapes the Death Bucket on his Chum-o-matic) Have a nice fall, All Stars! (laughs evily as he flys away back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

Spongebob: No time to stop now, come on!

Sonya: There's a hanger. Follow me! We'll go the way back we came in.

(The All Stars, plus Jax & the Special Forces soldiers follows Sonya to the hanger)

Shang Tsung: (creates a portal back to the Mega Chum Bucket & escapes through the portal with Quan Chi, Scorpion, Mileena, Reptile & Baraka)

(At the hanger, Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces soldiers escapes the Death Bucket in a helicopter while STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Swarm & Ninjini carries the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters & uses flight to carry the heroes back down to the ground gently)

Spongebob: We made it !

(The All Stars, plus Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces soldiers notices the Death Bucket crash lands near Robotropolis & then explodes into a thousand pieces)

Mordecai: Coolest explosion ever.

Rigby: Totally cool.

Spongebob: Yeah, too bad that we don't have any power rings in the Death Bucket.

Duncan: You mean these? (holds up 20 Power rings) I've got them while we're inside.

Courtney: (now happy for Duncan) Alright, Duncan!

Twilight Sparkle: Way to go, Duncan. Now let's head back to Knothole to cure King Acorn.

Sonya: Thank you for rescuing our soldiers

Jax: Yeah, thanks a lot pal. You did good today.

Kineticlops: Thank you.

(The All Stars heads back to Knothole Village)

Jax: Now that's a mission acomplished. Let's return to base.

Sonya, Jax & the Special Forces Soldiers: (goes through a portal back to Earthrealm)

(With Plankton)

Plankton, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Scorpion, Mileena, Reptile & Baraka: (arrives back at the Death Bucket)

Plankton: King Pig! King Pig!

King Pig: (comes up to Plankton, having cucumbers in his eyes) Yes, Master Plankton?

Plankton: What...(takes the cucumbers off of King Pig's eyes)

King Pig: Cucumbers to reduce the puffiness around one's eyes of course. (eats the cucumbers) And their good eating too.

Plankton: Where is Snively?

Plankton & King Pig: (notices Robotnik Prime [in a tathered Eggs-O-Skeleton suit] chasing Snively)

Plankton: That's what I thought. Never mind carry on.

King Pig: Yes sir. (bounces off back into his room)

Plankton: (in thought: Soon, the Master Jack-X will be ready.)

The End