This is the 52nd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Donkey Kong & Boggy B

Main Villains: Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg, Krekka. Nidhiki & Professor Worminkle

Story #1: Transcript

Every Kingdom They Exist of Kong (Part 1)

(At Angel Island, we see the All Star Freedom Fighters watching a battle between Sonic & Knuckles)

Spongebob: So, how long it's been going on?

Donkey Kong: I think about 5 minutes.

Boggy B: Man, they just don't know when to stop.

Knuckles: (fighting against Sonic) Are you crazy...barging in here and demanding I fork  over my Chaos Emerald?! Without it, my island will fall !

Sonic: (fighting against Knuckles) I've gotta have it...the fate of Mobius depends on it!

Knuckles: Robotnik just tried to sink my you want to finish the job?! (punches Sonic)

Sonic: (got punched) Offf!

Owen: Uh guys?

Sonic: No, but during that battle I learned you had a spare emerald which you stope fro the Power Ring Grotto!

Patrick: He did?

Sonic: That grotto's on what used to be Royal Real Estate and by rights it belongs to King Acorn's Freedom Fighters! (punches Kunckles)

Knuckles: (got punched) Ugh! Sez you! I need that extra emerald for "Home owner's insurance" and I won't give it up!

Vezok: Do you think it's gone far enough?

Squidward: Don't know, don't care.

Tails: (Flys up to Sonic & Knuckles, using his two tails as helicopter blades) Sonic! Knuckles stop! This won't save King Acorn's life!

Knuckles: What's he mean? The King's imprisoned!

Sonic: Not any more! We finally rescued him from the Zone of Silence!

Ed: And stopped Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu as well !

Eddy: Ed? Is that you?

Tails: (gets in between Sonic & Knuckles & then pushes them both back)

Knuckles: Then what's this about saving his life?

Sonic: Some unknown side effect of his imprisonment is turning his body into crystal!

Gwen: Because he's been too long in the void.

Sonic: We tried to use a power ring to restore his health, but it failed! And when Tails said he looked like a Chaos Emerald, I figured maybe a real one would do the trick! Besides the freedom fighters could use it's power aagainst Buttnik's new kick-butt inventions!

Patrick: Including Plankton's new inventions & nachos?

Applejack: Uh Patrick, yes for Plankton's new inventions & no for nachos.

Patrick: But I'm hungry!

Owen: Now that you mention it, I'm getting hungry as well.

Knuckles: If it's power you need, why don't you just get more rings from the grotto?

Tails: We got the ones Robotnik...(got his mouth covered by Sonic) Mmp...!

Sonic: What he means is we tried but Buttnik sucked it dry! Sorry I was hasty, but now you know I've gotta have that Emerald!

Edd: Sonic, what are you up to n...(got his mouth covered by Eddy)

Eddy: Shush!

Knuckles: Apology accepted! But even though I have fond memories of the King from my youth...(gets angry) "The" survival of my homeland is as important as your rebellion...

Congar: I believe we got it.

Sonic: Ok I'm  through fighting, but I think you're going to regret not helping Princess Sally save her father!

Knuckles: I already am, Pal...I already am...

Spongebob: Ok Knuckles, see you later...

(Sonic, Tails & the All Star Freedom Fighters begins to leave)

(The Next Day in Knothole)

All Stars, Sonic & Tails: (arrives at the hut)

Spongebob: Oh Sally, we're back!

Sonic: Hey, Sal ! I'm happy to say I'm finished with that report.

Xplode: Hi Sally. We're also happy to be back at Knothole with a finished report also

Ezekiel: Happy!

Sally: "Happy"?! For conquering Heroes, you look mighty slum!

Tails: That's cause Sonic kicked Knuckles butt again but he didn't me to say...(realized he spoiled the secret)...Oopps!

Edd: Oh no, exposed

Eddy: Busted

Ed: Nope, can't think of a word.

Sally: Sonic! How many times do i have to tell you...

Sonic: (shows Sally the bag which is glowing a bit with Power Rings) Err...why don't you see if Rotor can help your dad with these power rings wa caught. While I feed our "Conquering hero"!

Donkey Kong: Boy, Owen's right, I'm getting hungry too. Let's eat


Donkey Kong: (eating bananas) Mmm, bananas.

Owen: You said it, I'm starving already (eating chilli dogs)

Spongebob: Me too (eating a krabby patty)

Patrick: Me three (starts eating krabby patties)

Tails: ...And so Sonic though Knuckles' extra emerald might...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (arrives) Hello, boys! Hello All Stars!

Ed: Hiya Chuck.

Boggy B: Hi Chuck.

Sonic: Uncle Chuck! Should've know you were here...(chomps on a chilli dog) No one else makes chilli dogs this good.

Owen: You said it. They're the best.

Sally: How's father?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Rotor and I used up all the energy in those power rings, but his condition is unchanged!

Hot Head: I guess that's no surprize what so ever. (starts eating the chilli dogs)

Sonic: I guess we failed!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Not so, Lads!

Fangz: What do you mean?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I still think we're correct in attempting to use a magical talisman to cure the king!

Sally: And after reviewing these remaining royal doctrines, we believe we've found that the form of the of acotns!

Spongebob: Crown of Acorns?

Sonic: ? That's no good! The king was wearing the crown when he was banished...and we never recovered it!

Sally: And it's our conclusion that at the time he was wearing a phony crown!\

Boggy B: So you telling us that the crown King Acorn was wearing is fake?!

Sonic: Wha...getta outta town!

Donkey Kong: Whoa, how is that possible?

Sally: Oh, yeah? Read this...! (points to a royal scroll)

Spongebob: (reading the royal scroll) House of Acorn It is the sworn duty of any soveriegn to protect the crown of acorns at all costs, for it is this ancient talisman of power that may be the kingdom's only defense in it's darkest hour. Should the reigning sovereign be in danger of capture or peril of his life, he must ensure the crown's use for the future generations, lest the house of acorns fall beyond salvation as per this royal doctrine, the crown must be transported to a magical dimension for safekeeping know as...(stops reading)

Tails: (reading also)...the Hall of Jimbo!

Sonic: That's "Limbo" dumbo! Great! Great! All we have to do is enter this limbo and do you get there, anyway?

Vezok: (shrugs in confusion)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: The doctrines don't say but once again I think our answer can be found with magic...the magic of power rings!

Ninjini: Very well. Prehaps these power rings can tell us how do we get to the crown of acorns.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Remember, Sonic...power rings can grant knowledge as well as power, knowledge that may help us find the missing crown!

Sonic: You don't say!

Eddy: Why didn't I think of that before?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It's time for me to get back to my "Undercover Job" in Robotropolis before I'm missed! (goes outside & closes the door)

Patrick: Ok bye.

Sally: And it's time for us to prepare for our mission...come dawn, we're going to the Lake of Rings and begin Operation: Save the King!

Spongebob: Alright then!

(What they didn't know is that spying the group from the window are Krekka & Nidhiki)

Krekka: "Operation: Save the King"? What is that?

Nidhiki: They are going to save the king. But not for long. Wait'll Master Plankton hears about this.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (leaves undetected in flight mode, back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

Every Kingdom They Exist of Kong (Part 2)

(Sonic, Sally, Tails & the All Stars are outside in the Great Forest, far from the lake)

Eddy: So...when will the rings appear out of the lake? I don't like waiting for a long time you know.

Sally: According to Antoine & Bunnie's report, a ring appears out of the lake once every hour, the next is due to come out in a few minutes.

Donkey Kong: Oh ok then, guess that makes sence (eating a banana)

Pinkie Pie: Just one question.

Spongebob: Yes Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie Pie: (suddendly wearing a fake mustache)

Squidward: No.

Boggy B: (sighs)

Tails: So why are we waiting here, so far from the lake "Aunt Sally"

Congar: Yeah, why can't we get any closer til' the ring appears?

Sally: Well, you know it's existence is supposed to be a secret from everyone, but Uncle Chuck and the core Freedom Fighters...

Sonic: But we're worried that those combots may have transmitted it's location to Buttnik after ambushing us!

Preytor: That would be a good point indeed.

Donkey Kong: So, who will be joining us this time?

Sally: So Uncle Chuck set up a meeting here with Fly Fly Freedy to report on what Robotnik really knows.

Sonic: (peeks through the bushes) The Spy Network should know the score...providing Fred ever gets here...(suddendly spots Sleuth still in his Swatbot Suit, holding a Swatbot helmet, appears from the bushes) Whoa! Sleuth! What're you doing here?

Deimos: Yeah, you nearly spooked us.

Sleuth: Sorry to startle you! Fred's cover was almost blown, but I was able to leave Robotropolis safely!

Mordecai: Wait, where is Fly Fly Freddy anyway?

Sleuth: Let me detal his report while we head over to the lake!

Sally: This isn't standard procedure, soldier!

Sonic: (already heading off to the Lake of Rings with Tails) Too true Sal ! But since we're already behind schedule, I think we can trust him with it's location!

Spongebob: Come on gang, last one there is a rotten clam!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters follows Sonic & Tails)

Boggy B: (in thought: Something's not right here, where are the other 2 Worm Troopers?)

(Minutes later...the All Stars, plus Sonic, Sally, Tails & Sleuth arrives at the Lake of Rings)

Sally: That's a pretty bizarre report, Sleuth!

Twilight Sparkle: It is indeed weird, it's very hard to explain.

Sleuth: True, but now you know that Robotnik never got any data before Sonic destroyed the Combots! (gets angry) But thanks to your poor strategic maneuvers today Robotnik will now have a new supply of power rings! (kicks Sally to the ground at her rear)

Sally: (got kicked at the rear) Hey! (falls down)

Spongebob: Sleuth, what's going on here?

Krekka, Nidhiki & Professor Worminkle: (appears from the bushes along with a batallion of Swatbots & Jack-1 Bots)

Professor Worminkle: I'll tell you what's going on here, All Stars!

Boggy B: (gasps as he noticed that Professor Worminkle has escaped from the Stone Age)

Donkey Kong: Who are you?

Boggy B: That's Professor Worminkle! What are you doing here?

Krekka: He has become part of the Plankton Empire after his escape.

Nidhiki: He is very important on helping us with the Master Jack-X project. And once we captured Sleuth & his friends, we bribe him for power & T-bone steaks.

Krekka: Cause dogs loves T-Bones.

Red Bird: What?!

Sleuth: Sorry guys! But as much as I liked our rebellion...I loved Robotnik's promise of personal power and T-Bone Steaks, better!

Donkey Kong: Aw man! That's low!

Sonic: Why you dirty dog traitor...

Tails: (starts attacking the Swatbots while flying) Yua! You're a real bad doggy!

Professor Worminkle: And you are a naughty little boy! (pulls out a laser gun called the "Knock Out Ray Gun" & starts firing K.O. lasers at Tails, trying to hit him)

Boggy B: Look out, Tails!

Spongebob: All Stars, attack!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters begins to fight off against the Swatbots & the Jack-1 Bots)

Sally: ...and the only food you're going to get is bread and a prison kennel !

Sleuth: I kinda doubt that! (presses a button)

(Suddendly a roboticized version of Fly Fly Freddy named "Mecha Fly Fly Freddy", flys over the battle & starts firing laser beams at the heroes)

Spongebob: Whoa! What is that thing?

Tails: Look out,'s some kind of super bot!

Sonic: That's not just a bot...that's Fly Fly Freddy!

Professor Worminkle: That's not all !

(2 roboticized versions of the Worm Troopers arrives & then starts attacking Ezekiel & Noah first)

Ezekiel: Help!

Noah: Fighting is not my forte'.

Donkey Kong: Hold on, we're coming!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (goes in front of Donkey Kong)

Krekka: I don't think so Donkey Kong! (gets into his battle stance with Nidhiki)


(With his power & strength, Donkey Kong manages to win against the tag team of Krekka & Nidhiki after a long handicap match)

Donkey Kong: You got K.O.ed by D.K.!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (lies down, defeated)

Dudley Puppy: I wish I have T-Bones! I feel hungry already!

Kitty Katswell: Dudley, will you focus?

Dudley Puppy: I can't, because I need a full stomach to focus.

Kitty Katswell: (groans)

2 Mecha Worm Trooper: (attacks Dudley & Kitty)

Sonic: I can't believe it...first Carl Condor gets roboticized and now Freddy!!! That's all I can stand cause I can't stand no more!

Spongebob: Incoming! (suddendly saves Sonic from Mecha Fly Fly Freddy's laser blasts)

Sleuth: (smirks evily) That's right! In a few seconds you won't be standing at all !

????: And neither will you, sugah! (slams Sleuth to the ground with her robotic arm)

Slueth: (knocked out)

Boggy B: Huh?

Professor Worminkle: What the heck?! O.O

Tails: (notices ???? is actually...) (happily) Bunnie?!

Bouncer: What are you doing here?

Bunnie: Y'all didn't forget I was on Power Ring Patrol, did ya? (stretches her robotic legs, pushing 2 Swatbots back)

Sally: I didn't!

Spongebob: Neither did we!

Sally: And although we need your help you may have picked the wrong time!

Harold: Why is that?

Sally: Look! (points to a Power Ring appearing from the Lake of Rings) Sonic! Get it before it dissapears!

Spongebob: I'll hold the 2 Mecha Worm Troopers off (spindashes at the 2 Mecha Worm Troopers)

Sonic: I can't leave you in the middle of a fight!

Sally: You must...for the sake of the King!

Applejack: You can do this Sonic!

Sonic: (starts running on top of the Swatbots' & Jack-1 Bots' heads)

Professor Worminkle: (notices Sonic heading for the Power Ring) Uh oh! Mecha Fly Fly Freddy, stop him!

Sonic: (jumps up & reaches for the Power Ring)

Mecha Fly Fly Freddy: (aims his laser hands at Sonic)

Tails: (gazed in horror)

Blue Bird: Watch out!

(Suddendly Knuckles ambushes Mecha Fly Fly Freddy why he is gliding in the air, so that Sonic grabs the Power Ring)

Professor Worminkle: What?!

Boggy B: Knuckles! Your just in time

Sonic: I'm just in time too! (falls down)

Knuckles: Funny, that's what I was going to say also!

Spongebob: It's Knuckles!

Donkey Kong: How did Knuckles saved Sonic from being zapped?

Tails: (catches Sonic while flying in mid-air)

Sonic: I guess it's true what they say..."All good things come from above!"

Tails: I once said that and then a pigeon flew over my head...! (sets Sonic down)

Cody: (fighting a Jack-1 Bot) Ok, that sounds nice, but we need some help down here!

Knuckles: Cody's right & might I remind you comedians, we're in the middle of battle?!

Fluttershy: Please help.

Sonic: (jumps up & kicks the Swatbot's head) Might I remind you that not only am I fast on my feet...(spins his arms around making whirlwinds around his arms)...I'm also well...armed for battle!

(With Sonic's Whirlwind Whammy move, scattering the Swatbots & Mecha Fly Fly Freddy, leaving the Jack-1 Bots being destroyed by the All Stars, finishing the bots with Tree Rex ramming them through the Jack-1 Bots, like they are trash)

Spongebob: (does homing spindashes at the Jack-1 Bots, helping Tree Rex finishing off the Jack-1 Bots)

Tree Rex: Thanks Spongebob

Donkey Kong: Now for Professor Worminkle (goes up to Professor Worminkle)

Professor Worminkle: (now scared) Oh dear, I might as well go.

Boggy B: (behind Professor Worminkle) (hits Professor Worminkle at the back of his head)

Professor Worminkle: (got knocked down) D'oh! (feels dizzy) I'm hurt now.

Eddy: I've heard all that before.

Bunnie: (feels dizzy with Tails after the Whirlwind Whammy move) Next time, warn us first. Sugah Hog!

Harold: (feels dizzy as well) Yeah, I'm feeling dizzy just thinking about it.

Sally: Nice work, guys! (handcuffs a recovered Sleuth) Now we can make this traitor stand trial...

Sonic: (holding up a robotic head of Mecha Fly Fly Freddy)...after we try to restore Fred...

Knuckles: (holding a bag which is glowing green)...and after we try to restore the King! (reveals the spare Chaos Emerald from before) After all, never let it be said than an echidna can't have a change of heart!\

Agamo: It's the spare Chaos Emerald!

Magmo: I guess Knuckles does have a change of heart after all.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (secretly carrying a K.O.ed Professor Worminkle away back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

Tails: Wow! Sonic will be forever in your debt!

Sonic: Didn't I tell you something before blabber-mouth?!

Thumpback: Blabber-mouth?! (checks his mouth & it is wide) Oh.

Sally: Ok troops, it's back to Knothole..."Operation: Save the King" is now in Phase Two!

Donkey Kong: (notices Krekka, Nidhiki & Professor Worminkle) Hey! Where'd they go?

Boggy B: They are retreating back to the Mega Chum Bucket, but they'll be back. Just you wait.

Every Kingdom They Exist of Kong (Part 3)

(Inside the hut)

(The All Stars has entered inside with Sonic, Sally, Tails & Knucles)

Knuckles: So, this is what's left of the once beautiful Kingdom of Acorn?!

Donkey Kong: Yep, preaty much.

Knuckles: War sure leaves it's scars!

Sonic: I'll give you the nickle tour later! Right now I want to know what brought you here?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (in the hut as well) That was my doing Sonic!

Spongebob: Uncle Chuck? You did this?

Boggy B: How?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: For some time I've suspected there may be a double agent in our spy network...and my fears we're confirmed when Fred failed to report for orders...

Izzy: And it's because of Robotnik & Plankton, right? (chuckles)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Right you are, Izzy. Not knowing who I could now trust I thought it best to call on outside assistance...using an outdated and untraceable frequency, I radioed Knuckles...Not only did he agree to help...he also changed his mind aabout letting us use the Emerald!

Knuckles: Remember,'s just a loan!

Hank: That's amazing.

Eddy: Yeah, no foolin.

Zaktan: (sets up the Spare Chaos Emerald on a machine) There

STH Rotor: (hooks the Spare Chaos Emerald up to the machine) Ok, everybody, the set-up's complete! Let's clear out!

(Everyone does so in the lab)

Donkey Kong: What should we do with this machine?

STH Rotor: This device is designed to release the emerald's pure energy...let's hope it restores him!

Duncan: (folds his arms) Oh this oughta be good

Dudley: I won't even squirm.

Spongebob: We're ready.

STH Rotor: Here goes...3...2...1...

Boggy B: Activate!

STH Rotor: (activates the machine in hopes of restoring King Acorn)

(Unfortunately, the Emerald's powers accelerate the transformation)

Patrick: Preaty lights

Timon: Question, does it suppose to do that?

Sally: Rotor, stop! It's only making him worse!

Mordecai: Shut it down, dude!

Rigby: Please stop!

STH Rotor: (shuts downs the machine)

(With the Machine shut down, fortunately the King returns to his previous state when the machine is shut off)

Kitty: That wasn't suppose to happen!

Knuckles: (facepalms) I had a feeling this might happen!

Togera: What do you mean?

Knuckles: The Emerald's energies are just too mysterious!

STH Rotor: Thank goodness the resulting mutation was only temporary!

Sonic: Yeah, but he's still in bad shape!

Rainbow Dash: So much for that idea.

Applejack: Now what?

Sally: Our only hope lies with your power ring's ability to lead us to his crown!

Spongebob: Oh yeah, we forgot about his crown.

Sally: Sonic...?

Spongebob: Think you can help me with this?

Sonic: (holds up his Power Ring) Stand back,'s been a long time since I called on a ring for Knowledge!

Spongebob: (grabs the other end of the Power Ring)

Zaktan: Now you must close your eyes.

(Everyone stands back as Sonic & Spongebob closes their eyes to begin their concerntration)

Zaktan: Begin.

Sonic & Spongebob: (begins calling upon the Power Ring for knowledge)

Red Bird: (whispers) Do you think this'll work?

Zaktan: (whispers) Just keep quiet, we'll know the answer.

(short pause)

Donkey Kong: (whispers) How much longer is it gonna take?

Rainbow Dash: (whispers) Yeah, I'm waiting.

Tree Rex: It should be any second now...

(As Sonic & Spongebob continues their call upon the Power Ring for knowledge, only to collapse from the effort)

Spongebob: Ouch!

Tails: Are you all right?! What happened?

Sonic: Ugh! (rubs his head in pain) Now I remember why I'd rather use the rings to juice...that hurt my head and my tush!

Spongebob: I feel dizzy.

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob are you ok?

Sally: So, where's the crown? Did you find the Hall of Limbo?

Sonic: No! But I did learn that the King's royal sword has a magical link to the crown, and it will lead us to it! But the riddle within the riddle is...we don't know where the sword is!!!

Donkey Kong: Spongebob, how about you? Did you get any info on where the Crown of Acorns are exactly?

Spongebob: (rubbing his head) Ow! I'm sorry, but with all that Knowledge from the Power Ring is giving me a headace guys.

Eddy: (facepalms)

Sally: (now sad) It's hopeless!

Knuckles: (comforts) Princess, you shouldn't have to lose your father twice. Once is enough for anyone. I know...and I won't you down! (kneels down on one knee & holds her hand) That's why I'm making it my personal quest to find that sword! One way or the other I will see it returned and the king restored! This I solemnly vow!

Boggy B: Oh don't tell us, your going on a quest for the Sword of Acorns without us?

Knuckles: (gets up) Exactly. (leaves the hut)

Ed: End of Final Senquence & Fade to Black

The End