This is the 56th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

This is the 11th Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak. Thok & Red Bird

Main Villains: Plankton, King Pig & Zorgulon

Story #1: Transcript

All Star Blast (Part 1)

(We see Red Bird guarding the 3 eggs, through sunshine, wind, rain & snow, but then it becomes too much for him)

Red Bird: (squawks in anger)

SpongeBob & White Bird: (notices this) Hm?

SpongeBob: Red Bird, is something the matter?

Red Bird: I can't take it anymore! (his eyes has red cracks, because of the fatigue he is having during guarding)

White Bird: I have an idea. How's about you go take a vacation from guarding our 3 beloved eggs. (gives Red Bird a suitcase & a camera) You must go out & have fun.

Red Bird: I can't what about the eggs?

White Bird: Don't worry, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird & Black Bird will guard them for you while your gone

SpongeBob: White Bird, are you sure? (notices the 3)

(We see Blue Bird drawing a picture, Yellow Bird listening to his music head phones & Black Bird enjoying a delicious ice-cream cone)

White Bird: (giggles nervously) Sure I'm sure. Watch. (turns to Yellow Bird, Blue Bird & Black Bird) BOYS!!

Blue Bird, Yellow Bird & Black Bird: (got spooked by White Bird's yell & starts guarding the eggs)

White Bird: See?

Red Bird: Remember what happen last time? It ended up as a disaster, because those bad piggies have the opportunity to catch our eggs, but I've come to the rescue.

Pink Bird: (appears with Boomerang Bird, Orange Bird) Hey Red Bird! (bounces over to Red Bird)

Red Bird: Pink Bird?

Pink Bird: (giggles) Indeed you do save these eggs, that was very amazing Red Bird.

Red Bird: Okay? Thank you?

SpongeBob: Alright then, I'll go check on Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka. Good luck with your vacation.

Red Bird: But I don't want a vacation!

SpongeBob: (goes up to Ed, Edd & Eddy & notices something) Hm?

[Eddy stands in the middle of the lane, holding a sign that says "25¢ A Ride."]

Eddy: Thrill of a lifetime! 25 cents a ride! [Zaktan & Avak walk past] "Only 25 cents! Real cheap for a thrill! [Black Bird continues to enjoy his ice cream cone] What's the big deal? It's a lousy quarter. [He throws his sign to the ground angrily, and then storms over to Ed and Double D.] What are you guys doing? Waiting for a bus? We need to show these folks how much fun this ride is! So they'll cough up some cash!

SpongeBob: Hi Eddy, what are you dong?

Edd: [as the tire swing is pulled back] Oh dear.

Ed: Donuts are made for dunking!

Edd: [panicking as Ed pushes the swing] Ed! Eddy!

Eddy: Hi SpongeBob, we're just reviving one of our old scams for today.

Ed: Dunk a donut! [he pushes the swing higher]

Edd: I think, I'm gonna be ill!

Eddy: I'd pay a quarter for that! Higher, Ed!

Patrick: (notices this) Oh boy! I wanna play! I wanna play!

Eddy: Only 25 cents a ride, my pink friend.

Patrick: I wanna play! I wanna play!

[Ed proceeds to give the swing its hardest push yet. The rope to which it's attached breaks, sending the tire down the lane. It heads directly for Yellow Bird.]

Yellow Bird: Holy cow! GUYS! Help! [He gets run over by the tire.]

Edd: Eddy! Help!

[The tire is heading directly for The Piraka & the rest of the angry birds. The rest of the angry birds all scream. The Piraka begins to load their weapons & ready to attack. Luckily, the tire hits a rock and caroms off into the air.]

Edd: EDDY! [The tire lands in the water with a big splash.]

Vezok: Now that is what I call a big splash.

Patrick: Wow! That was fun! Is it my turn?

SpongeBob: Double D, are you ok?

Edd: (on the tire, which is floating) (spits out water) I'm ok.

Reidak: [as Ed and Eddy make the scene] "Are you guys up to something?"

Eddy: [reaching for an excuse] What? We were just–uh–uh– [getting an idea] –launching our new luxury cruise line!

White Bird: (her eyes brighten up as she heard the news) A cruise? :D

Eddy: That's right! For a small fee, we'll offer two lucky passengers a relaxing cruise. Look how relaxed Double D is. [The camera shifts to show Edd panting from the ordeal.] Who's in for the thrill of a lifetime?

Zaktan: Wow, the Piraka never been on a cruise before: I've never been on a boat cruise before.

Pink Bird: It's so romantic!

White Bird: It's perfect for our vacation!

Red Bird: Alright, we'll bring the eggs along this time.

Blue Bird: I love a cruise!

Thok: Wait a minute, how much?

Eddy: [sensing victims] Only 25 cents.

[The gang all wave their hands and shout assent.]

Eddy: [to Ed in an undertone] Am I good or what?

Ed: (accidently hits Eddy at the back of the head, as Ed made a peace sign) You're number 2, Eddy.

(Later at the docks)

(We see a dust cover, covering something which is floating near the docks)

Avak: (inside the dust cover, finishing the final touches of the new boat, which is covered by the dust cover) And done. (comes out of the cover) All set.

[Ed stands by it, collecting money and throwing makeshift confetti.]

(SpongeBob, Patrick, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Thok, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird: (goes up to Ed)

White Bird: Hurry boys & lady! We don't want to be late.

Pink Bird: (giggles) White Bird called me a lady.

Red Bird: (carrying the 3 eggs) We're coming, we're coming.

Ed: Captain Eddy says to take their dough.

(The group begins paying 25 cents each)

Vezok: Nice hat, Ed!

Avak: Good, you're all here. It's time that I will show that I have constructed this! (pulls the cover, revealing to be a cruise boat)

All: Whoa!

White Bird & Pink Bird: It's so big!

Avak: I call it, the All Star Cruiser. A Battle ship that will take out enemies with the power of our special cannons, but...

Hakann: But what?

Avak: I still need some time to put the finishing touches of the engine, because it still needs work. I need a alternative power source.

Eddy: (with Edd near Ed) I know what we can use. (whispers Ed)

Ed: (nods)

Edd & Eddy: (heads back on the All Star Cruiser)

Yellow Bird: Say, why does it look like a cruiser boat to me.

Avak: That's because it is in Disguise Mode.

Black Bird: (shrugs)

Boomerang Bird: (notices a bridge connecting to the docks & the All Star Cruiser) Look guys! A bridge!


SpongeBob: Is it safe, Captain Eddy?

Eddy: Is it safe? What are ya? Come on, All Stars, the cruise awaits!

Red Bird: Eh. (crosses the bridge onto the All Star Cruiser, carrying the 3 eggs on board along with the nest)

SpongeBob & Patrick: (crosses the bridge as well)

Avak: (hops on aboard the All Star Cruiser)

Thok: [getting on the bridge with the rest of the Piraka] It seems to be holding out.

Yellow Bird: [getting on the bridge with the rest of the angry birds] Looks safe to me.

[The bridge suddenly collapses, soaking the group. They scream in tandem.]

Vezok: (sighs happily) Much better.

Eddy: Looks like you got a soaker! [pulling them out with SpongeBob's, Patrick's Avak's & Red Bird's help] Welcome aboard Eddy's All Star Cruise. [to Black Bird] You look like a drowned rat! Here's a complimentary towel. (gives the towel to Black Bird) Don't lose it, it's the only one I got.

Avak: (carrying a whole lot of towels, enough for everyone in the cruise) Actually, I got more.

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Thok, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird: (grabs a towel of their own)

SpongeBob: That is a good call.

Zaktan: Captain Eddy, the boat seems quite sound. How did you manage the inflation of the bow?

Eddy: Hmm. [seeing a distraction] Oh look! Here comes our enginerical second-class yeoman!

Ed: (climbs aboard the All Staar Cruiser) Yo, Eddy.

[Edd & Avak sets up the back-up mast & raises the sail while Ed pulls out the anchor–Thumpback's anchor.]

Ed: Uh, Eddy? Are you sure Thumpback can still use this?

Avak: Remember, we're only using Thumpback's anchor until we find a stronger & heavier anchor.

Edd: [blowing on a bottle to create a loud, conch shell effect] We're set for launch, Eddy!

Eddy: Everybody comfy? LET'S SET SAIL!

Reidak: Aye, aye, captain.


Reidak: Hold on, aren't we forgetting someone?

(The All Star Cruiser begins to wobbles a bit & then balances because they noticed Big Brother Bird has climbed aboard the All Star Cruiser)

Big Brother Bird: ...

Reidak: (notices Big Brother Bird) Uhh... Never mind. -_-

SpongeBob: Now where we're we? Oh yeah, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

[Ed lowers his lower half into the water and begins to kick his feet, moving the All Star Cruiser forward.]

Ed: Kick my feet, kick my feet, kick my feet.

Hakann: Ed's the alternative power source? Now that's one way to help the nature flourish. The alternative power source is by man.

All Star Blast (Part 2)

(In the All Star Cruise, SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the Piraka & the Angry Birds are enjoying the vacation with Red Bird relaxing on a beach chair with the 3 eggs, while the others are having lunch)

SpongeBob: Excuse me Double D, but I'm feeling hungry. What have you got in the treasure chest.

Edd: (opening the cooler, revealing fruit juices & healthy sandwiches in plastic bags) Well SpongeBob, the refreshments I've prepared are carefully blended fruit juices, guaranteed to quench a thirst and prevent scurvy. [He pours Spongebob a cup.]

SpongeBob: [drinks the fruit juice] Mmmm, thank you Double D

Edd: [taking the 2nd cup and offering it to Vezok] Vezok?

Vezok: Thanks, Double D! [turning to Thok] Fruit pulp, Thok, fruit pulp! Relax.

Thok: (meditating) I am relaxing by using meditation to relax the body & mind.

Boomerang Bird: What a view at the ocean, isn't this great?

Red Bird: I gotta admit, it is relaxing.

Eddy: Land ho!

Patrick: Where Eddy, where?

Eddy: [gesturing to the beach near Knothole Village] Land over there, and land over there! [most of the gang chuckles, but Big Brother Bird just stands there, still has that dull look on his face]

Big Brother Bird: ...

Eddy: It's a joke, Big Brother Bird. Lighten up.

Big Brother Bird: (doesn't answer) ...

Reidak: Wow, he's very quiet...(short pause)...and good at dramatic silence. I like that.

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

(We see an alien entering inside Plankton's throne room & the alien appears to be Zorgulon)

Plankton: King Pig? Status report on the newcomer.

King Pig: His name is Zorgulon, he had a big history for alien invasions, but his true history about his species are still unknown, your leadership.

Plankton: Alright then. (turns to Zorgulon) Welcome, you wish to join us?

Zorgulon: Indeed & I have a secret about the past of my species.

Plankton: And what secret is that?

Zorgulon: (whispers in Plankton's ear)

Plankton: (was very impressed about the past) Excellent. It seems that I'm taking a liking to your alien species & their past. You will be a perfect recruit for the Plankton Empire.

King Pig: (spots something in the security cameras) Master Plankton! You may wanna take a look at this!

Plankton: What is it?

(Plankton, King Pig & Zorgulon spots the All Star Crusier with Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the 6 Piraka & the Angry Birds, along with the 3 eggs)

Eddy: [in the distance] Plug up the board! Fire up the hatches! Rewind that tape!

Plankton: Hey! [pointing to the security camera] Look!

Eddy: Torque up the tommy-hose!

King Pig: It's the All Stars! And they have the eggs!

Zorgulon: Hmm, they don't look so tough. I'll prepare the UFO.

Plankton: No, wait for my signal when the time is right. Time to prepare our own ship, cause we're playing "Pirates".

Eddy: (as the All Star Cruiser heads out to sea) Tote that yard sprinkler! Batten down the poopdeck! [the boat sails off]

(Cuts to black & then the camera fades in to see Patrick & Ed who is seen on top of the All Star Cruiser, with Ed staring through the wrong end of a telescope. A speaker attached to the mast begins to crackle.)

Eddy: Is this thing on?

Edd: Eddy, just speak into the mike.

Eddy: What, this?

Edd: Yes!

Eddy: Okay, okay.

Hakann: (sighs)

Eddy: [clearly heard now] Welcome passengers, I'm Captain Eddy, of Eddy's All Star Cruise, where you get more bang, for your buck. I'd like you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of 88-Fingers Eddward!

Edd: [sighs] This instrument is so annoying.

SpongeBob: Alright Double D, good luck.

[Edd then proceeds to play perhaps the best example of pedal steel guitar you will ever hear in a cartoon. Everybody's jaws drop in amazement at his legendary picking, even Big Brother Bird's eyes widens a tiny bit in surprise & amazement.]

(Camera cuts to black & then fades in to see Vezok dipping his hand in the water and splashing it back and forth.)

Vezok: There's something about the high seas and pedal steel guitar that makes me yearn for adventure, Boomerang Bird.

Boomerang Bird: We're All Star Freedom Fighters, we always yearn for adventure.

Vezok: Yeah, but I was talking about a real pirate adventure.

White Bird: Oh my goodness. That would be exciting, but we must sit back & relax. There's nothing to worry about.

Red Bird: (drinking pineapple juice through a straw, while keeping an eye on the 3 eggs) You're right, it is relaxing.

Avak: The engine still needs work to make it 100% ready.

Zaktan: And we're out of refreshments.

Pink Bird: Yeah, what are we going to do for food?

Eddy: Hey kid, I'm on my break, d'you mind?

SpongeBob: (spots something in the distance) Captain Eddy! Look!

Thok: What is that?

Reidak: I have no idea.

Blue Bird: I wonder what it is. I'm so excited to find out.

Eddy: What is it, Ed?

Ed: [looking through the wrong end of the telescope] I can't see it, Eddy, it is too far away.

Patrick: (tries looking through the telescope, but he was looking the wrong end as well) Where? I can't see it.

Yellow Bird: You're looking through the wrong end!

Eddy: Gimme that thing. [Patrick throws it down, and Eddy is hit on the head with it then Yellow Bird is also hit on the head after Eddy]

Yellow Bird: Ow!

Eddy: [He picks it up and looks through it at the approaching vessel.] Hmm. Hmm. What the– [recognizing the crew] Uh oh.

SpongeBob: Is something wrong? (looks through the telescope) Huh? (smiles) Well, well, well. What do we have here?

(We see a Pirate Ship with Jack-1 Bots & Bad Piggies on board with Plankton, King Pig & Zorgulon)

Plankton: We meet again, All Stars!

King Pig: Gimme those eggs!


Edd & Yellow Bird: [terrified, echoing him] "Pirates!

Vezok: [intrigued] Pirates?

Thok: Pirates like to roughhouse & don't take too kindly to prisoners.

White Bird: [clutching at Black Bird] I'm scared!

Vezok: [his interest piqued] Do they?

Red Bird: We gotta prepare the weapons.

Avak: Time to man the cannons!

Eddy: Ed! Fire up the engine!

Black Bird: And buy those pirates some time for us to prepare.

Ed: Roger walnut, Eddy! Jumping. [He jumps down, rocking the boat, and puts his lower half in the water again.]

Patrick: (falls off the mast & lands hard on Big Brother Bird) Ouch!

Big Brother Bird: (didn't get hurt by Patrick's impact & is still solid as a rock) ...

Avak: Whoa! Watch it, will ya? (continues fixing the engines)

Ed: (kicking his feet, pushing the All Star Cruiser forward) Kick my feet, kick my feet, kick my feet.

Hakann: (notices the pirate ship is gaining on the All Star Cruiser) They're gaining on us!

Eddy: Faster, Ed!

Ed: (begins kicking faster, pushing the All Star Cruiser even faster) Kick my feet faster, kick my feet faster, Kick my feet faster.

Zorgulon: They are retreating, shall we do something about this?

Plankton: Indeed. Man the Cannons! Hoist up the sails! Full speed ahead! After them!

Jack-1 Bots & Bad Piggies: (begins raising the giant sail up & loading the cannonballs into the cannons together)

Vezok: WOO HOO! We've being chased by pirates! This is fun!

SpongeBob: We're fighting for our lives!

(The Giant Sail from the Plankton Empire's pirate ship begins to propel forward because of the wind blowing into the sail)

King Pig: Wheee! (chuckles)

Eddy: [confident in getting away] "We'll hit shore in no time and run like cowards."

Edd: [noticing the new pace the Plankton Empire have set] Um, Eddy?

Eddy: [oblivious] Thank me later, Double D.

SpongeBob: Not that, I meant this! (points to the Plankton Empire's Pirate Ship)

Eddy: [He turns around, and gasps at how close the Plankton Empire are.]

Plankton: Ready to call it quits?

SpongeBob: No way!

Red Bird: We never give up!

Avak: Ed, back in the boat! The engine is complete.

Ed: Ahoy! (climbs up to the All Star Cruiser)

Avak: Buckle up All Stars, we're going to be on the ride! (Starts the engines) FULL SPEED AHEAD! (drives the All Star Cruiser away from the Pirate Ship, taking off like a rocket)

Yellow Bird: WHA HOO HOO! That's what I call fast!

SpongeBob, Patrick & Blue Bird: Whee!

Vezok: Come & catch us now you pirates!

King Pig: [as Plankton seethes] My 3 egg meals are getting away!

Zorgulon: [going over to the UFO] Not for long!

Plankton: Zorgulon, stop them!

Zorgulon: (heads inside the UFO & then starts the engines & chases the All Star Cruiser down)

[Zorgulon catches up to the All Stars in seconds, destroying their momentum and stopping them, but splashing them by accident.]

Edd: [soaked] Eddy, I'm so wet!

SpongeBob: Nice trick.

Patrick: Aliens! We've been invaded!

Zorgulon: Now to finish you off for good!

Red Bird: (growls)

All Star Blast (Part 3)

SpongeBob: What do we do now?

Red Bird: Angry Birds! Assemble & hoist up the Slingshot!

(The Angry Birds begins to set up the Giant Slingshot from the All Star Cruiser)

Plankton: What are they up to?

King Pig: I don't know, maybe they want to...(notices the giant slingshot is aiming at the UFO) Uh oh.

Red Bird: (loaded into the giant slingshot) Reidak, we need your strength.

Reidak: (stretches the giant rubber band backwards)

Red Bird: FIRE NOW!

(Reidak then begins to launch the Angry Birds towards the UFO one by one.)

Angry Birds: (ramming the UFO while in the air, causing damage)

Zorgulon: HEY! Stop that!

Black Bird: (explodes with anger, causing the UFO heavy damage)

Big Brother Bird: (last to launch & rams into the UFO, causing heavy damage, creating a hole through the UFO)

Zorgulon: Aw crud.

Red Bird: Angry Birds attack!

Angry Birds: (charges inside the UFO & starts beating the heck out of Zorgulon while the UFO is losing power, due to heavy damage)

Zorgulon: (yelping in pain) Stop! Stop! (tries to shoot the Angry Birds with lasers)

Angry Birds: (dodging the lasers & jumps out of the UFO & lands safely into the ocean)

Zorgulon: (notices the UFO is losing altitude) No, no, no, not now! (trying to gain the UFO's altitude, but crashes into the Plankton Empire's pirate ship) Ouch.

Angry Birds: (emerges from the water)

Angry Birds [minus Big Brother Bird]: (on top of Big Brother Bird's head)

Big Brother Bird: (floating to the All Star Cruiser) ...

SpongeBob: Wow, those Angry Birds sure are brave.

Plankton: Zorgulon, you idiot! I can't believe this!

Zorgulon: (groans in pain) I am so humiliated.

Zaktan: Look!

[Everybody looks up. Vezok is revealed to be standing on top of the Plankton Empire's giant sail. He plunges his harpoon gun into it, and then slides down, ripping it straight through the middle.]

Vezok: Yar Har Har!

King Pig: [stating the obvious] Hey! That blue piraka's ripping our sail!

[Vezok jumps off the Plankton Empire Pirate Ship and swims onto the All Star Cruiser.]

SpongeBob: Wow! Just like Errol Flynn! [everyone cheers}

Vezok: Thanks guys. My pirate fantasy has come true.

King Pig: Now what do we do?

Plankton: It's time to attack! Fire the cannons!

Avak: Perfect time to turn off the disguise mode.

(Avak turns off the disguise mode, revealing the All Star Cruiser's true form, which is a battle ship)

Plankton: Whoa.

SpongeBob: Wow. That's one honking battle ship.

Patrick: What honking?

Zaktan: All Stars, Battle Stations!

(The All Stars begins to shoot cannonballs from their cannons at the Plankton Empire Pirate Ship, while the Plankton Empire begins firing their cannonballs at the All Star Cruiser)

Plankton: Don't hold back! Sink that vessel to the bottom of the sea!

Jack-1 Bots & Bad Piggies: (continues firing cannonballs at the All Star Cruiser)

(The All Star Cruiser's sail is on fire)

Edd: The sail's on fire!

SpongeBob: I know! We must protect the ship from sinking.

Vezok: You got it.

SpongeBob: Prepare to bring her about!

(The waves begins to grow intense as a storm begins to form, with dark clouds growing, lightning bolt crashes & thunder boom sounds)

Yellow Bird: Whoa! Who's rockin' the boat here?

Zaktan: Look!

(The 2 ships clashes into each other, causing everyone to fall down on the floor, except for Big Brother Bird.)

Big Brother Bird: (gets determined) ...

(The 2 ships got caught because of 2 masts got stuck to each other because of the ropes getting tangled)

(With the All Star Cruiser being bigger, the Plankton Empire's battle ship is being lifted up & begins swinging back & forth above the All Star Cruiser)

Zaktan: Our ship & the enemy ship are stuck together.

Black Bird: We gotta do something

SpongeBob: Quick, let's stop those invading pirates! Battle stations!

(The Jack-1 Bots & the Bad Piggies comes down from the Plankton Empire's pirate ship by sliding down a rope & lands in the All Star Cruiser beginning to attack at SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the Piraka & the Angry Birds, who are fighting back)

Edd: (being surrounded by Bad Piggies) Oh my! Oh dear!

SpongeBob: (spindashes at the Jack-1 Bots & the Bad Piggies)

The 6 Piraka: (slashes at the Jack-1 Bots)

Angry Birds: (rams through the Bad Piggies, sending them flying into the air)

Bad Piggies: (squealing as they are being sent flying upwards & back down to the All Star Cruiser)

Vezok: Wow, it's a dream come true. It is a real pirate adventure (not knowing a Jack-1 Bot is sneaking up behind him)

Thok: (freezes the Jack-1 Bot with his Ice Gun & breaks the Jack-1 Bot into pieces) Uh, less dreaming, more fighting.

Pink Bird: Yeah, we're fighting for our lives!

Vezok: Oh, sorry.

Eddy: (hacking a Jack-1 Bot) If only my brother knew how to do this. (completes hacking the Jack-1 Bot) Got it. (controls the hacked Jack-1 Bot into fighting against other Jack-1 Bots)

Edd: By jove, Eddy. How did you do it?

Eddy: I don't know, because I said before, everything I told about my brother was a lie.

Patrick: I wanna play! I wanna play!

Eddy: Oh, alright already! You can play too.

Patrick: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! (grabs a pirate sword & slashes at the Jack-1 Bots into pieces)

Eddy: How did he?

Edd: Don't ask please.

(The Plankton Empire's pirate ship finally lands forward to the right side of the All Star Cruiser & the 2 ships begins to lean sideways, away from each other, but still has their masts stuck to each other)

Zorgulon: This way! We need more men!

(More Jack-1 Bots & the Bad Piggies from the Plankton Empire's Pirate Ship begins to cross the masts like a bridge, trying to get to the All Star Cruiser)

Hakann: Their using the masts as a bridge, we gotta disconnect the ropes!

Vezok: Yeah. Here I go.

Avak: Uh, Vezok? I think you have enough pirate fantasies for one day and...(notices Vezok is already missing) Huh? Where'd Vezok go?

Reidak: (points to Vezok) There?

Vezok: (running on the masts, slashing at the incoming Jack-1 Bots)

SpongeBob: I'll go get him...right after we cut the ropes to stop our ship from getting tangled with the enemies' pirate ship. (follows Vezok & spindashes at the incoming Bad Piggies on the masts)

Avak: (sighs as he begins to load Big Brother Bird into a giant cannon)

Big Brother Bird: ...

Eddy: Anytime now?

Avak: I'm trying! Ed, help me with this.

Ed: Roger roger , Avak. (helps Avak load Big Brother Bird into the giant cannon)

SpongeBob & Vezok: (on top of the mast of the All Star Cruiser)

Vezok: Bye bye. (cuts the rope, releasing the All Star Cruiser & the Plankton Empire's Pirate Ship away from each other)

(The Jack-1 Bots & the Bad Piggies that are on the mast, begins to get flicked away into the sea after the 2 ships are free from being tangled)

Avak: Fire!

Ed: (launches Big Brother Bird)

Plankton: Oh no. Not again.

Big Brother Bird: (crashes into the Plankton Empire's pirate ship, causing it to sink into the bottom of the sea along with Plankton, King Pig, Zorgulon, the Jack-1 Bots & the Bad Piggies that are on the ship) ... (sinks downwards)

(The Jack-1 Bots begins to short circuit & explode into pieces, while Plankton, King Pig, Zorgulon & the Bad Piggies emerges from the water with their life boats)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (carries Big Brother Bird back onto the All Star Cruiser)

Plankton, King Pig & Zorgulon: (on the same life boat together)

King Pig: (gets angry as he shouted to Zorgulon) SALA!

Zorgulon: (groans)

Plankton: Now what? Our pirate ship is in ruin.

King Pig: Should we make a hasty retreat?

Plankton: Why's that?

(The 3 villains noticed the Jack-1 Bots getting destroyed & the rest of the Bad Piggies being thrown, tossed, flown & shuffled overboard into the sea)

Bad Piggies: (squealing as they fall into the sea)

(All of the Bad Piggies are on the life boats)

Plankton: Oh, that's why.

King Pig: Yep, that's what I'm trying to tell you.

Plankton: Ok then. RETREAT!

(The Bad Piggies begins rowing their boats away back to shore, while King Pig & Zorgulon starts rowing their boat for Plankton)

(As the villains retreated, the storm begins to stop & break off, revealing the sunshine of a bright sunny day once more)

SpongeBob: Wow, we managed to get those Bad Piggies shuffled overboard.

Eddy: What a day. Let's go back to South Knothole.

Red Bird: Yeah, you're right. But first...

(A few minutes later, we see the All Star Cruiser begins sailing back to South Knothole while SpongeBob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the Piraka & the Angry Birds enjoying their day, relaxing, playing games & having fun)

SpongeBob: That was an excellent idea, Red Bird. Your finally enjoying your vacation.

Red Bird: Yep. (drinks pineapple juice)

(Camera pans to the right to see the 3 eggs are lying on the beach chairs, wearing sunglasses)

Red Bird: Everything's just fine.

The End