This is the 57th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Zaktan, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Congar & Donkey Kong

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton, Snively & Mecha Sun Jian

Story #1: Transcript

Gorilla Thriller, Returning Cavemen to the Past (Part 1)

(In Robotnik's Lair)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (hiding, peeking through the doorway) (In thought: Sonic the Hedgehog has got to be told about this...before it's too late)

Plankton: (with Dr. Robotnik Prime, Snively & Mecha Sun Jian) Snively, do you remember Robotnik's job that he sent the info for you?

Snively: But, Doctor Robotnik, many' of your enemies are hiding in the mobian jungle! It's imperative that we establish a command center there!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Snively, you idiot! You know how I hate the jungle...(gets scared) With it's hot, humid temper, natures and all those plants and vines surrounding you and the wild animals watching you...and...and...

Plankton: And snap out of it!

Snively: Sir, I guarantee you won't have to set foot inside the jungle...

Plankton: And how are you gonna do that? I heard that Zaktan loves jungles & there are 4 former villains that lived in a Jungle Planet.

Snively: ...the Eco-Destroyer will do all the work!

Plankton: Mecha Sun Jian, you & I will head out with Snively to the Mobian Jungle. I have a feeling that those All Stars is sure to arrive here.

(Soon, in Knothole)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (had returned to Knothole, telling the whole story to the All Star Freedom Fighters & Knothole Freedom Fighters)

Zaktan: Wait a minute, what did you say?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: ...Robotnik has a psychological fear of the jungle, but Snively has promised to conquer it for him! Plankton & Mecha Sun Jian will be helping him as well! We've got to warn Mobie and the other Jungle inhabitants!

Zaktan: We gotta do something about this!

Sally: You heard Uncle Chuck, everyone...split up into teams of 2 and get the jungle dwellers to move deeper into the jungle...while I try to think of a way to stop the Eco-Destroyer!

Spongebob: I'll be in charge of one group & Twilight Sparkle will be in charge of the other group.

Patrick: Okie dokie. charge of what?

Sonic: If you don't mind, Rotor, I'll race ahead of you! (runs off) Just follow the path I make with my speed!

STH Rotor: Don't run too fast, Sonic! You'll start a jungle fire!

Vezok: Don't worry, I'll put out the fire alright.

(Later, in the Heart of the Mobian Jungle)

STH Rotor, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Owen, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Brid, Orange Bird, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (searching through the jungle)

Sonic: (arrives, holding something in his hand) There you are, Rotor & All Stars! This is no time to beat around the bush!

Raw Jaw: We're acutally investigating for your information.

STH Rotor: I just stopped for a moment to study these rare berries, Sonic!

Ezekiel: Berries? Where?

STH Rotor: (looking at the rare berries through the magnifying glass) I believe they're Narcolyptus berries! Eating them causes sleepiness!

Scorpio: Very impressive.

Patrick: I'm feeling hungry just eating those.

Edd: Patrick no. If you eat them, you'll be very sleepy.

Sonic: (chewing) I wish you had told me that beofre I started munching on em, Rotor! (shows them that he a handful of Narcolyptus berries)

STH Rotor: ?!

Patrick & Owen: (eating the Narcolyptus Berries)

Patrick: Did you say something?

Owen: Huh?

Zaktan: (notices this) Uh oh.

STH Rotor: How do you feel, Sonic?

Sonic: I feel fine...(yawns & stretches) But I could use a nap!

Patrick & Owen: (feels sleepy & yawns)

Patrick: Nighty night.

Patrick & Owen: (falls asleep)

Zaktan: Well that's just great.

Timon: I don't know how can it get any worse.

Scorpio: Guys? (looks at the watching eyes in the bushes, appearing to be Gorillas wearing military gear) It got worse.

Gorillas: (ambushes the group, surrounding the group)

Gorilla #1: Freeze!

Gorilla #2: You, the hedgehog & your group are surrounded!

Raw Jaw: They look just like my brothers back home.

STH Rotor: Sonic! We're being ambushed by Gorillas! Run!

Sonic: (lies down on the grass) Sure, soon as I catch some Z's...(begins to fall asleep)...zzzzzz...

Fangz: Well that's just great! Now what?

SpongeBob: We fight back, let's go!

(The Boys of the All Stars begins fighting back with Patrick & Owen sleeping with Sonic, but the Gorillas are very unpredictable to beat & also gains the advantage without thinking)

Dudley: Aw man, how do we stop those Gorillas.

Bouncer: It appears that they are wild & has gain the advantage without thinking if your psychic, your psychic powers will be useless.

Togera: Now what do we do?

SpongeBob: We must regroup! Fall back!

STH Rotor, Spongebob, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Brid, Orange Bird, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (begins retreating)

STH Rotor & Zaktan: (got caught by the Gorillas) Aah!

Zaktan: Hey, get off of me!

Sonic, STH Rotor, Zaktan, Patrick & Owen: (being carried away by the Gorillas)

Spongebob, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Brid, Orange Bird, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (stops in the bushes)

Edd: Wait, only 5 are missing.

Fangz: Sonic, Patrick & Owen are captured while they're asleep & so is Rotor Walrus.

SpongeBob: Wait a minute. (looks around to see Sonic, STH Rotor, Zaktan, Patrick & Owen are now not in this area) Sonic? Rotor? Patrick? Owen? (gasps)

Preytor: Is something wrong? Who is the last of the 5 that have been captured?

SpongeBob: One of the most important member of the All Stars...

(The Camera zooms out to see Skulls, some skulls are pierced through by swords & spears as SpongeBob screamed...)

SpongeBob: ZAKTAN!

(A few moments later, at the Gorilla's Jungle Camp)

Patrick & Owen: (we're chained to the tall & strong palm trees, still sleeping)

Zaktan: (tied down to a big silver plate, his mouth is stuffed with a big apple) (mumbling) Mmm mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm! (Translations: All Stars! Sonic! Rotor! Anybody!)

3 Gorillas: (holding 3 different kind of cooking knives & begins chopping the onions, placing them around & on top of Zaktan)

Gorilla #1: (pours a fruit & vege salad onto Zaktan)

Zaktan: Mmm mmm, mmm mmm mmm mmm! (translation: That is very uncalled for!)

Gorilla #2: (rings the gong)

(The doors begin to open, revealing the Mighty & Powerful, Gorilla General, wearing an Army General Outfit)

Zaktan: Mm mm. (Translation: Uh oh)

Gorilla General: (goes up to Zaktan & takes a good look at him) Hmmm...

Zaktan: (gulps)

Gorilla General: (turns to the 3 Gorillas & bonks them on the head one at a time) You goofs! (points to the totem, revealing a Piraka Totem Pole, with the green top of the Totem with the red jewel eyes, looking like Zaktan) It's him! He's the sacred green king that we've been told for generations ever since.

Gorillas: (goes bananas for Zaktan)

Zaktan: (spits the apple out of his mouth) Does that mean I'm not the main course anymore?

(With the Girls of the All Stars)

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Waspix, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Sierra, Kitty, White Bird, Pink Bird, Preytor & Ninjini: (searching for any natives in the Jungle)

Bridgette: No natives here, find anything yet?

Katie: Nope.

Sadie: Katie & I searched everywhere.

Kitty: But we've searched most parts of the jungle, there's almost nothing left to look.

Waspix: We have one place we haven't checked: in the leaves of the trees.

Twilight Sparkle: (notices Bunnie, Tails & 4 familiar figures) There's Bunnie & Tails and...(gasps)...oh my gosh!

Heather: What is it, now?

(The girls notices Tails, Bunnie & 4 familiar figures)

Gwen: Holy Schnitzel! Is that...?

(Back with the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] )

Spongebob, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Squiward, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, HF Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Harold, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Dudley, Timon, Pumbaa, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Brid, Orange Bird, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Congar, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Kineticlops, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V, Astro, Hank J. Wimbleton, Sanford, Deimos, Donkey Kong, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (journeys through the jungle)

Rigby: (hanging onto the vine) Don't worry, the All Star Freedom Fighters, your fearless friends will find & rescue you!

Timon: (with Rigby, holding a jungle knife) Indeed, for I am Timon! (cutting the vines) Your fearless friend will find & rescue you! (accidently cuts the vines he & Rigby are on)

Rigby: Dude, you're an idiot.

Rigby & Timon: (falls down)

Rigby: (scremas)

Donkey Kong: (catches Rigby & Timon) Be more careful next time.

(Camera cuts to Thumpback's mouth being opened from the inside by Timon)

SpongeBob: What is he doing?

Fangz: Something stupid to train himself.

Timon: You gotta be brave!

Thumpback: Get outta there! (spits Timon out)

Timon: (crashes into Sanford)

Sanford: (growls)

(Camera cuts to Timon lifting a large & heavy rock which is flat at the bottom)

Timon: You gotta be strong! (his legs give out & got crushed under a rock)

Noah: (turns to Avak) Go help him.

Avak: Oh dear. (helps Timon get out from under the rock)

Avak: Now I know how Patrick Star feels like.

(Later, the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] reaches the Gorilla's Jungle Camp)

SpongeBob: We're here.

Timon: You gotta be...!

(Suddendly they all noticed something in surprise)

Timon: ...kidding.

(They all noticed, the Gorillas bowing down to Zaktan, like he was king, because they know he is the king of the jungle)

Zaktan: (sitting on a throne, wearing a golden crown) Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're all too kind.

Pumbaa: Is that...Zaktan?

Raw Jaw: He's wearing a crown.

SpongeBob: Zaktan? He is...the jungle king?

Gorilla Thriller, Returning Cavemen to the Past (Part 2)

(The Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] goes up to Zaktan)

SpongeBob: Hello Zaktan. I'm so glad you're safe.

Zaktan: And I'm glad to see you guys too.

Fangz: Uh-huh. Yeah.

HF Rotor: Wait, where are the others?

Zaktan: Sonic, Rotor Walrus, Patrick & Owen are all ok.

Robo-47: Can you tell us what happen?

Zaktan: Sure, I was trying to tell these guys to let me go, but they won't stop waiting on me hand & foot. It's like I'm their majesty like King Acorn, except more jungle like, which I love.

Fangz: (sarcastic) I see, this nightmare never ends.

Eye-Brawl: Hm?

Timon: (sarcastic) Pure torture I must say. And look...(tastes the tarter sauce) You're almost out of tarter sauce.

Ed: There's lots of food around here.

Scorpio: (sarcastic) Seems we've got here in the nick of time.

Fangz, Scorpio & Timon: (growls)

Red Bird: Oh boy.

Zaktan: Wait a minute, you're not sore are you?

SpongeBob: Nope, but looks like Fangz, Scorpio & Timon are.

Pumbaa: The same way Timon is sore at me.

Fangz: Sore? Sore? (chuckles) Why would we be sore? Oh I know.

Fangz, Scorpio & Timon: (goes up to Zaktan looking angry)

Fangz: (normal voice) It's because you had us worried sick!

Scorpio: (normal voice) We'd thought you we're bacon!

Duncan: Or green bacon no doubt.

Ezekiel: (chuckles)

Timon: (normal voice) But now you lived high on the hog as the jungle king!

Reidak: Uh guys?

Fangz: Now take off that silly crown & let's get these natives deeper into the jungle. (grabs the crown off of Zaktan's head & chucks it away, breaking it on Scorpio's head)

Scorpio: Ow! Hey, watch it!

Fangz: Sorry.

Eddy: Now let's get outta here!

Gorilla General: (notices the crown broken) Why you little...CAPTURE THEM!

Gorillas: (throws spears with chains attached to each other in front of the All Stars, blocking their path)

Raw Jaw: What the...?!

Donkey Kong: Whoa!

Vezok: Now what?

Zaktan: I think Fangz & Scorpio had displeased them.

Fangz: Displeased them? (chuckles) Guys, guys, guys. You are all way off of that conclusion.

Scorpio: Yeah. Can't you see what is happening here?

(Suddendly the Gorillas point their new spears at the All Stars)

Crusher: Whoa!

Boggy B: Hold on, we come in peace! We have come to warn you that Robotnik & Plankton are planning to take out the Mobian Jungle, but Snively is doing the job for Robotnik, because of Robotnik's fear of jungles.

Gorilla General: If you want us to believe that, then you will work for us to worship our new king!

SpongeBob: We will do anything the king wants.

Gorilla General: Anything?

SpongeBob: Yes, anything.

Gorilla General: As in, everything.

SpongeBob: Only for you to understand. Where do we start?

(Camera cuts to the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] serving delicious food to Zaktan)

Zaktan: (wearing a large size golden crown to replace his medium size golden crown) Oh boy, what have you got there?

Duncan: Here's your grub. I hope you choke. (got poked at the rear by one of the Gorillas) Ow! Watch where you point that thing.

SpongeBob: Now now, Duncan. Be nice.

Duncan: (sighs) Fine. I'll try again. (to Zaktan) I'm Duncan & I'll be your waiter. Here is your royal nourishment, oh mighty & powerful Zaktan.

Harold: (in thought: Serves him right) (rings the bell) Dig in, my lord.

Zaktan: Why thank you. I'm starving.

(Camera cuts to the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] doing chores)

Patrick & Owen: (wakes up noticing this) Huh?

Patrick: What's going on?

Owen: I don't know, but I'm getting hungry.

Patrick: Me too.

Dudley: Hi guys, we're doing everything for Zaktan. It's the only way we can make peace with the Gorillas. Right guys?

Agamo: How degrading.

Magmo: Oh, tell me about it.

(Camera cuts to the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] continues doing their chores)

Zaktan: (in the bath tub, filled with green slime)

Squidward: (bringing over a bucket of slime, smiling nervously, showing his happy teeth) I got you some extra slime for your...(gets angry)...bath!

Zaktan: Wow, you shouldn't have. Thanks Squidward. I never seen you so happy before.

Squidward: (smiles again) They're watching us.

Gorilla General: (looking at Squidward & then turns away)

Zaktan: Oh I see. Well keep up with the good work. You're doing a pleasant job.

Squidward: (drops the bucket of slime into the bath tub, splashing slime onto Zaktan)

Zaktan: Thank you again.

(Camera cuts to the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] still doing chores yet again, with Donkey Kong & Congar as Zaktan's bodyguards of the king.)

Congar: No one is threatening the king.

Donkey Kong: We're doing a very good job.

Zaktan: (sitting on his throne, getting his foot massaged by Timon & Eddy) Thanks for the wonderful things your doing for me. You're doing excellent jobs. (whispers) Sorry about this.

Timon: You are too kind, oh supreme loyal big cheesiness.

SpongeBob: Well done, everyone. We're doing great.

Eddy: (to Zaktan) I don't know how we can keep this up we gotta warn everybody & get them outta here deeper into the jungle.

Zaktan: We can't leave just yet.

Edd: Why not?

Zaktan: Can you please scrub down my back really good?

Gorilla General: (nods to the All Stars)

SpongeBob: Alright then. Let's begin.

Zaktan: And don't be afraid to clean between the vertebrae. (turns to his back, showing the slime) That's where the slime lives.

Justin: (in shock & disbelief)

Donkey Kong: Ok, we'll do it. For them.

Justin: Rock, Paper Scissors for whoever's gonna do it?

Patrick: Wow, they really are brave.

Owen: Boy am I ever glad I'm not one of them.

Sonic: (inside the hut near them with STH Rotor & 2 Gorillas)

Sonic: You've got to believe us! Robotnik is sending an Eco-destroyer into the jungle to set up a base! You're all in great danger!

Gorilla #1: Robotnik will never find our camp, Hedgehog! Besides, the walrus told us that he's an inventor and a cook!

Patrick & Owen: (hears them) Huh? (looks inside)

Gorilla #1: We need him to prepare our meals and to build new weapons for us!

Gorilla #2: Hurry up with that Mobian Stew, Walrus!

STH Rotor: (begins stiring even faster)

Patrick: Mmm, stew.

Owen: I would like some stew, but these chains are keeping me from it.

Patrick: Yeah. Me too.

Sonic: (to Gorilla #1 & #2) Hey! If it's hardware you need...there's a ton of weapons hidden nearby if you know where to look! I'lll bring you back some in exchange for our freedom!

Gorilla #1: Agreed! But first bring us the weapons!

Gorilla #2: And don't try to escape or your friend will suffer the consequences!

Owen & Patrick: (looks at each other)

Sonic: (exits, pushing a wheelbarrow) I'll be right back. (in thought: The apes don't know how fast I am, so I'll trot out of sight) (trots out of sight)...and I now I'll turn up the speed...(runs faster)

(At the Ape's supply hut)

Zaktan: (his spine is clean) Pardon me. I would like to gain access.

Gorilla Guard: Access is granted. For you are our king.

Zaktan: Thank you. (enters inside)

Sonic: ...Juice past the guard of the Ape's supply hut...(zooms inside, filling the wheelbarrow with the Ape's own weapons)...fill the wheelbarrow with the ape's own weapons...(carries the wheelbarrow full of weapons back to camp)...and juice back to camp! Am I clever or what? (arrives at camp) Here you go, dudes! There's lots more where these came from!

Gorilla #1: He did it!

Gorilla #2: He found weapons!

Spongebob: Sonic? Have you seen Zaktan?

Reidak: We said he was checking the weapons and...(suddendly hears something odd in the wheelbarrow)

???: (muffled from underneath the pile of weapons in the wheelbarrow) Help! Help! Let me outta here! Get these weapons of him! (pops out of the weapons, revealing to be Zaktan)

Sonic: (now worried)

Donkey Kong: Zaktan? What are you doing here?

Congar: There's no time for wheelbarrow rides.

Zaktan: I know, I know. But when I was checking on the weapons at the crate supply, a blue blur just zoomed inside & has taken me for a wheelbarrow ride with him. (points to the Gorilla Guard who pops out from the weapons as well)

Gorilla Guard: Hey! Who threw me in here?!

Zaktan: (notices Sonic) Hi Sonic.

Avak: Zaktan, I think you must get back to your throne to continue your royal duties as the jungle king, is that ok with you?

Zaktan: Sure, I'll do that.

Mordecai: (facepalms)


Patrick & Owen: (now free from the cuffs)

Raw Jaw: Ok, we got good news & bad news.

Scorpio: The good news is that Patrick & Owen are free from those cuffs.

Patrick: (hugs Spongebob) Spongebob! I'm so glad to see you again!

Spongebob: It's great to see you too.

Owen: Finally, I can eat again.

Congar: What happened to the cuffs now?

Fangz: Well that's the bad news. (turns to Sonic & STH Rotor who are wearing the same cuffs that Patrick & Owen wear attactched to the 2 palm trees)

Ultra-V: We're not gonna get involve anymore of their hanky panky.

Rainbow Dash: I can't believe that Sonic kept blowing our opprotunities for those Gorillas to realize the truth.

Noah: For a fast pegasus, you're certainely are clueless.

Sonic: Sorry, Rotor! I was moving so fast that I didn't even noticed that I'd scooped up the Gorilla's supply officer & Zaktan!

STH Rotor: Forget it, Sonic! You could have escaped if it wasn't for me!

Zaktan: Sonic & Rotor are a bit noisy. Do you mind?

Gorilla #1: (nods & then turns to Sonic) Quiet, you two prisoners!

Sonic: Chill, Gorilla guy! I thought you apes we're gentle and timid!

Gorilla #1, Congar & Donkey Kong: We were! (looks at each other)

Congar & Donkey Kong: (nods)

Gorilla #1: As I was saying, we we're, but fighting off Robotnik and his bots changed us! Now we're tough & fearless...

Spongebob: (notices something odd) Huh?

Gorilla #1: ...and not even Robotnik would dare to invade our jungle fortress!

Spongebob: Uh? Sir? Don't wanna alarm you, but look. (points to the Gorillas running away, panicking about something)

Boys of the All Stars: (notices this) Huh?

Sanford: Is that how you called your troopers "tough & fearless"

Trent: Whoa, what are they running from?

Agamo: I have no idea.

STH Rotor: What's going on?! Why is everyone running?

Sonic: Maybe the local market has a half-price sale on bananas!

Eddy: What are you talking about?

Ed: Table for two?

Squidward: (gulps) I never thought I'd say this, but...Spongebob?

STH Rotor: Sonic...

Squidward & STH Rotor: (points) Look!

(We see the Eco-Destroyer invading the jungle camp, we see Plankton, Snively & Mecha Sun Jian are inside, controling it)

Snively: I claim this jungle in the name of Doctor Ivo Robotnik...

Plankton: Ahem!

Snively: And Plankton, and I order you to surrender...or the rest of your camp will be obliterated!

Plankton: Mecha Sun Jian, Jack-1 Bots, storm the camp!

Mecha Sun Jian: (exits the Eco-Destroyer & lands in front the Jack-1 Bots) Forward!

Mecha Sun Jian & the Jack-1 Bots: (charges towards the camp)

Congar: Time for us to battle!

Spongebob: All Stars, let's do this!

Gorilla Thriller, Returning Cavemen to the Past (Part 3)

(As the Boys of the All Stars begins their battle against Mecha Sun Jian & the Jack-1 Bots, Snively & Plankton approaches to Sonic & STH Rotor)

2 Swatbots: (guarding)

Snively: (wearing a special hat) Sonic the Hedgehog what a surprize! When Dr. Robotnik sees that I've captured you, he'll appoint me Co-Dictator!

Plankton: What? THat was my title! Don't get ahead of yourself.

Sonic: The Gorillas captured me sniv-nose! You can't even catch your breath! And I loke your hat! When did you start wearing a teepee on your head?

Zaktan: (fighting off against the Jack-1 Bots) What are ya, an indian or something?

Snively: Very funny, Hedgehog!

Plankton: Hardy har har, Piraka.

Snively: We'll see who laughs when Doctor Robotnik arrives and orders you to be roboticized! (enters inside the Eco-Destroyer)

Plankton: (laughs evily) It's been nice knowing All Stars, but it isn't. (got hit in the head by a club) Ouch! (falls down) @_@

(We see the Girls of the All Stars hiding with Bunnie, Tails & 4 familiar faces)

Bunnie: He's leaving!

Waspix: And Plankton's out for the count...for now.

Bunnie: Get ready...let's go!

Twilight Sparkle: Move out!

(The Girls of the All Stars begins ambushing the Jack-1 Bots)

Spongebob: Girls, thank goodness you've arrived just in time.

Pink Bird: Yeah, but we didn't came alone.

(We see 4 familiar figures, trashing the Swatbots & they appear to be Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar & Squog)

Spongebob: Spongegar!

Patrick: Patar!

Squidward: And Squog!

Zaktan: Is that Mobie?

Swatbot: (spots Mobie & aims his rifle at him) Intruder...must neutralize...

Bunnie: (grabs rifle & bends it upwards) I don't think so, sugah!

Tails: (swoops down & swipes the rifle from the Swatbot) I'll take that.

Ninjini: Incredible stealth technique.

Swatbot: Alert! Alert!

Tails: And you'll take that "Tattle Tail"! (whacks the Swatbot in the head with the rifle)

Mecha Sun Jian: You all have no rights to guard this location. You will leave now!

Spongegar: (as he, Mobie, Patar & Squog) Unga! Bonga! Bonga!


(Even though Mecha Sun Jian's technology fighting power is impressive, but the 4 cavemen uses all of their might & cavemen power to take down the roboticized warrior from Wu)

Spongegar: Ooh ooh ooh! Aah, Aah, Aaah!

Spongebob: Nice work our ancestors!

(Just then, Sun Ce appears with the Wu officers)

Sun Ce: Father! (holds up Mecha Sun Jian)

Sun Quan: Those 4 have power indeed.

Taishi Chi: Yes, they have fought well.

Bunnie: How y'all doin'? We were taking Mobie back to Knothole when we spotted that big ol' Eco-whatsit!

Tree Rex: That's Eco-Destroyer.

Sonic: We're cool, Bunnie, thanks you, Tails, the rest of the All Stars...(turns to Mobie)..and Mobie & his new 3 pals! It's great to see you guys again, big guys!

Patar: Tabonga!

Congar: Nice.

STH Rotor: I'm sorry to break up this reunion...(points to the Eco-Destroyer)...but we've got to find a way to shut down the Eco-Destroyer! I know the Gorillas will be glad to help us!

Zaktan: (notices something odd as well) Uh, Rotor?

Bunnie: Ahm not so sure, Sugah! (turns to the Gorillas, sleeping) You'll be disturbing their beauty rest.

Tails: Yeah, and they need it!

All Stars: (notices this as well) ?!

Owen: (sleeping) Zzzzz...

Applejack: Whoa, nelly! The gorillas have fallen asleep.

Sonic: AJ's right. THey're all asleep! How'd that happen?!

STH Rotor: I'm afraid I caused it, Sonic!

Kitty: What do you mean by that Rotor?

STH Rotor: I added Narcolyptus berries to their Mobian Stews! I wanted to put them to sleep so that we could escape!

Spongebob: Yeah, but why is Owen asleep now?

Zaktan: I kinda accidently give Owen & Patrick the same stew for good behaviour. And look. (points to Patrick sleeping as well)

Patrick: (snoring) Zzzzzz...

Kitty: You added those berries to escape without knowing Snively & Plankton are here?! (groans as she facepalms)

Sun Quan: It doesn't matter now, the Wu Army have found Sun Jian & we can reprogram him

Sun Ce: What have Plankton done to my hidious.

Sun Shang Xiang: Come along, we can fix the damage this dictator has done.

(The Wu Army begins to carry Sun Jian back to South Knothole)

Gan Ning: Good luck there, kid.

Spongebob: (gives a thumbs-up)

Mobie: (breaks the chains, freeing Sonic)

Sonic: Thanks, Mobie! Now that I'm free we won't need any help! Someday, you gotta teach me how to do that!

Spongegar: (gets an idea) Aha! Spongebob, Spongebob, tooka Spongegar

Spongebob: Huh?

Donkey Kong: What did he say?

Ultra-V: (translating SpongeGar's language) He says that SpongeGar can train SpongeBob into becoming powerful like his ancestor.

Spongebob: I'm ready!

(The Training Montage begins with SpongeGar showing SpongeBob how to lift up a boulder with ease, but Spongebob is having trouble at first. That causes SpongeGar to get an idea & then he gives Spongebob, 2 rocks the size of krabby patties. Spongebob begins lifting the 2 rocks slowly)

(Next SpongeGar holds up a club & shows Spongebob how to whack the Mokujins. Spongebob then proceeds to whack at the Mokujins with his club, but he does it slowly because of his mobian skinny arms.)

(Then SpongeBob is seen doing push-ups, strengthens his arms. SpongeBob then now lifts up 2 watermelons slowly, yet easier now)

(Next, the 4th part shows SpongeBob how to swing through vines. SpongeGar begins to swing the vines & then SpongeBob begins to follow SpongeGar by swinging the vines. As they land, SpongeGar begins running while SpongeBob is slowly carrying a large boulder, following SpongeGar. Now SpongeBob begins to go faster & carrying the boulder now easily & catches up to SpongeGar to see him smile)

(With the Training Exercise over, Spongebob begins to jump higher than usual, as he found his new abilities, the Super Jump & the All Star Feat of Strength.)

SpongeGar: (smiles) Ooh Ooh Aah! You jump good.

Spongebob: (smiles back)

Zaktan: Amazing, SpongeGar's training has gained SpongeBob, 2 new abilities. The Super Jump can help you jump super high above very high places. And the All Star Feat of Strength has gained you the strength of all of the members of the All Star Freedom Fighters from the past & present, you can shout "All Star Feat of Strength" and then you can lift, push & pull heavy stuff easily now. These abilites can be very handy for tough battles.

Spongebob: Let's do this!


(Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, Rotor, Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar, Squog & the All Stars approaches the Eco-Destroyer which is shut down for a moment)

Spongebob: There it is, the Eco Destroyer.

Tyler: Looks like it's been shut down for a break.

Squidward: And Plankton is waking up from his unconsciousness.

Waspix: The question remains is: How do we stop this machine?

Sonic: If I can get inside this over-sized vaccum cleaner for half a minute, I can do a lot of serious damage!

Bunnie: But, Sonic, if Snively turns it on. You'll be destroyed!

Dudley: Look guys. I may not be a smart dog, but I know what road kill is. (shivers in disgust)

Congar: There must be a safer way.

Sonic: That's why you've got to distract him! Keep an eye on your watch, Tails!

Tails: (flies up) Okay, Sonic!

Waspix: I'll help! (follows Tails)

Tails: Five...Four...

Plankton: (enters inside the control room of the Eco-Destroyer) My head, what's going on? What happened to Mecha Sun Jian? He's gone.

Snively: (was contacted to Robotnik Prime, but then turns to Plankton) Not now, I'm in the middle of something. (turns back to the communicator) That's right, sir! The mobian jungle is ready for conquest!

Plankton: (notices Tails & Waspix) Huh?

Tails: Three...Two...One...Now!

Sonic & Spongebob: (enters inside the Eco-Destroyer, running inside)

Sonic: Here we go...T-Minus 30 seconds and counting!

Spongebob: Time to take my new powers for a test drive!

Donkey Kong: Good luck, Spongebob.

SpongeGar: Ooga Booga!

Plankton: (trying to warn Snively) Uh Snively?

Snively: (to Plankton) I said "Not now!" (to Robotnik Prime) I've also got a surprise prisoner for you, sir! Heh-heh-heh!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in moniter, inside a air craft with a SwatBot flying it) Never mind that...I'm still not convinced that I can be comfortable in the jungle! I want you to continue clearing away as much foliage as possible before my plan arrives! Understood, Snively?

Snively: Very good, Sir! Snively Out! (turns off moniter) Let's see..Main Power on...(about to press the button)

Plankton: SNIVELY!!!

Snively: What!? (notices Tails making funny faces) What's this?! It's that pesky little fox! I'll zap him out of the sky!

Plankton: (notices Waspix blowing a raspberry) And it's that miserable wasp! I'll show her what for! Blast them!

Snively: (shoots a laser at Tails & Waspix)

Tails & Waspix: (dodging the lasers)

Tails: You missed! Ten seconds to go!

Plankton: Don't stop! Keep going!

Snively: (shoots another laser)

Tails & Waspix: (dodges again)

Tails: Missed again! Five seconds!

Waspix: We still got time!

Plankton: Oh for the love of...! (pushes Snively out of the way) Out of the way, I'll shoot them myself! (trying to lock on) Steady now...steady...(locks onto Tails & shoots) Gotcha!

Tails: (got zapped & falls down)

Waspix: Tails! (catches Tails) Gotcha, kid. You've did great.

Snively: Sorry, your time's up! Gotta go!

Waspix: (carries Tails to safety)

Snively: Annoying little twit! I'll get him later!

Plankton: That wasp still needs to be pest controlled.

Snively: Now where was I...oh, yes, Main Power on! (about to press the button)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (in communicator) Stop what you're doing, Snively...

Plankton: (groans) Aw come on now!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: ...And prepare to meet my plane! I'm going to board the Eco-Destroyeer and observe it in action!

Snively: Yes, sir!

Plankton: (in thought: Hmmm, my partner Dr. Robotnik Prime is starting to be annoying. No matter, let him think of the plans for himself, cause I got big plans for the All Stars...and him) (smiles evily)

Tails & Waspix: (flies back to the All Stars)

Fangz: Well, how did it go?

Tails: Mission accomplished, Sonic!

Waspix: The Eco-Destroyer will be history.

Sonic & Spongebob: (exits the Eco-Destroyer)

Sonic: Me too, Little bro!

Spongebob: We're all finished here.

STH Rotor: Robotnik's plane's approaching! Let's get going!

Zaktan: Quick, hide!

(Sonic, Tails, STH Rotor, Bunnie, Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar, Squog & the All Stars begins to run off)

Tails: What did you two do, Sonic?

Waspix: Yeah Spongebob, what did you & Sonic do?

Sonic: Oh, I loosened a few thousand screws and bolts!

Spongebob: Now the Eco-Destroyer has the perfect time to relax forever.

(The Heroes begins to hide as Robotnik Prime boards the Eco-Destroyer, meeting up with Plankton & Snively)

Plankton: Greetings Dr. Robotnik Prime.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: There's still too much jungle around us for my liking! I wat this area cleared for miles in each direction!

Snively: But, sir, don't you want to hear about surprise?

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No! Not until you...

(The Eco-Destroyer begins rumbling, making weird metal moaning sounds)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Wh-wh-what is happening?!

Snively: I...I...I don't know, Sir!

Plankton: (notices the Eco-Destroyer begins crumbling) Huh.

(The Eco Destroyer crumbles into pieces & it causes a huge crash, leaving the control room balancing on top of the skeleton of the Eco-Destroyer)

Plankton: Uh, what just happened? (falls off) AAAH! (crashes down) Ouch.

Snively: D-D-Doctor Robotnik! The Eco-Destroyer collapsed!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (angrily at Snively) What a lovely surprise, Snively! My next invention is going to be an (yells) Idiot-Destroyer!

Sonic & Bunnie: (hi-fives each other)

Scorpio: Yeah! We did it! Let's go!

Mordecai: Wait dude, look!

Plankton: (growling at the heroes) Why you little Imposters!

(Jack-1 Bots begins to appear in large numbers)

Fluttershy: (gulps) We're in trouble!

Gorilla Thriller, Returning Cavemen to the Past (Part 4)

Raw Jaw: We still have to deal with Plankton & his Jack-1 Bots!

Zaktan: Right, we got to get outta here! (throws his crown at Plankton)

Plankton: (got hit in the head by the crown) Gah! (growls) Jack-1 bots, GET THEM!!!

Spongebob: Everyone! STEP ON IT!

(Sonic, Tails, STH Rotor, Bunnie, Mobie, SpongeGar, Patar, Squog, the All Stars & the Gorillas makes a run for it, while the Jack-1 Bots begins chasing them)


Pumbaa: (notices a dead end) It's a dead end!

(The Heroes & the Gorillas screechs to a stop & notices the Jack-1 Bots coming closer, cornering them)

Boggy B: Now what are we gonna do?

Donkey Kong: Gang, there's only one thing to do.


(Scene cuts to Donkey Kong appearing behind the bangos)

Donkey Kong: SAMBA!

(The rest of the heroes, the gorillas & the Jack-1 Bots are mostly confused about Donkey Kong's idea.)

Donkey Kong: (starts playing the bangos to the beat of the samba music)

Donkey Kong: Party in Ipanema baby,

I want to party

I want to samba

I want to party

I want to samba

Donkey Kong" I want to party

And live my life (Spongebob: live my life)

I want to party (Spongebob: Party)

And fly

(Pumbaa begins dancing to the beat)

Donkey Kong: Imma fly, fly just like a bird"

(Red Bird: We are the birds)

Oh yeah, you're right,

So let me fly just like a rocket, then (Yellow Bird: ok)

Fly so high where I need to come down for oxygen

Cause once we start it, baby, ain't no ain't no stoppin' then

(Jack-1 Bots are bewitched by the rhythms of the samba music)

Donkey Kong: Cause I just want to live my life, and party

All I want is to be free, and rock my body

Ain't nowhere around the world that I want to live my life

In Rio

Cause in Rio

In Rio, I realize

(Soon the All Stars begins to dance to the beat)

Donkey Kong: I want to party (Spongebob: Party)

I want to samba (Spongebob: Party)

I want to party (Spongebob: Party)

And fly

(SpongeGar, Patar & Squog are confused)

Vezok: I'm that samba, samba

Master, master, master

Master, master

(Jack-1 Bots begins to dance to the beat as well)

Vezok: Who shouts out?

Imma get your blaster, blaster,

Blaster, blaster, blaster

You dance fast,

But I dance faster, faster, faster

Faster, faster

(SpongeGar, Patar & Squog felt their feet tapping to the rythem)

Vezok: You're too slow

You need to catch up

(SpongeGar, Patar & Squog begins to like the music)

Donkey Kong & Vezok: You can dance, and dance, but I...

Donkey Kong: I want to party (Ed: Party)

I want to samba (Ed: Party)

I want to party (Ed: Party)

I want to samba (Ed: Party)

Donkey Kong: I want to party (party)

And live my life (live my life)

I want to party (party)

And fly

(Instrumental Break)

Spongebob: Alright Twilight, let's see what you can do.

(Black Bird caws)

Donkey Kong: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Twilight Sparkle: Alright Spongebob, if you insist. (gets up onto the higher place, using her magic to carry the microphone)

(Boomerang Bird caws)

Twilight Sparkle: (wordless, atmospheric melody)

(Spongebob was amazed & stunned by Twilight's beautiful singing voice)

Donkey Kong: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

(Yellow Bird caws)

(The Jack-1 Bots are too busy dancing to the beat as Timon turns on the music box to the same music with the same tune to fool the Jack-1 Bots)


Donkey Kong: Hey, hey, hey, hey

(The All Stars, Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, STH Rotor & the Gorillas begins to stuff the bangos inside the large suitcase & then run off back to camp)

Plankton: (arrives noticing the Jack-1 Bots dancing to the Music) (growls & then smashes the Music Box, stopping the music)

Jack-1 Bots: (are out of the trance)

Plankton: (growls) You let them get away you goofs! (smashes the smashed Music Box at the first 3 Jack-1 Bots in the head)

Jack-1 Bots #1, 2 & 3: (feels dizzy & then takes off their disguises, revealing to be dark brown african men)

African Man #1: (wearing a yellow shirt, green shorts, blue shoes & a cyan scarf) You know, I kinda get up to here when I get hit that thing.

African Man #2: (wearing a white shirt, red shorts, blue shoes & a orange scarf) Yeah, these "Be-a-Robot" weekends are no fun anymore.

African Man #3: (wearing a beige shirt, blue shorts, black shoes & a purple scarf) Let's get back to the University.

3 African Men: (drops their Jack-1 Bots costumes near Plankton & then heads back to the Portal, heading back home)

Plankton: No wait, come back! Come back, we'll lose our deposit! :(

(That Evening...)

(The heroes are back at camp)

Dudley: Wow, we gave Plankton the slip.

Spongebob: We sure did, thanks to Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong: Thanks guys, anything to help a fellow gorilla in need.

Gorilla General: Thank you for saving our camp, freedom fighters.

Gorilla #1: We owe you an apology, Sonic...and we owe you our lives!

Sonic: Hey, man! We're all in this fight together! Would you say goodbye to our friend Mobie for us in a few days?

Hakann: Huh?

Gorilla #1: What do you mean, "In a few days" Sonic?

(They took notice Mobie sleeping inside an empty cauldron)

Zaktan: What the?

Sonic: We forgot to tell him about the Mobian Stew and he ate half a pot!

Spongebob: SpongeGar, Patar & Squog, thank you for helping us. It's time for you to head back home to your timeline. Ready Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm ready. (uses her magic to create a time dome around SpongeGar, Patar & Squog)

SpongeGar, Patar & Squog: (waving goodbye, saying goodbye)

(SpongeGar, Patar & Squog we're then transported back to the Stone Age in Bikini Bottom)

Spongebob: I'm gonna miss my ancestor.

Patrick: Me too.

Squidward: Me three.

Twilight Sparkle: We did the right thing. They are back to their natural habitat

Congar: Indeed. Wherever they are, they will never forget us.

(At Bikini Bottom in the Stone Age, we see that Zaktan was right. SpongeGar, Patar & Squog have finished painting a portrait of the All Star Freedom Fighters on the stone wall)

SpongeGar: Unga, unga! :)

Patar & Squog: (nodding yes)

SpongeGar: (winks at the camera)

The End