This is the 58th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell

Main Villains: Kano

Story #1: Transcript

Countdown to Deception, Sun Jian's Return (Part 1)

(Mecha Sun Jian's P.O.V.)

(The episode begins with only a black screen It stays like like for a moment, and all that can be heard is the background noise of diagnostics. Then the word "_INITIALIZING" pops up on the screen.)

Lu Meng: That's it. Here goes nothing.

(Mecha Sun Jian's mainframe begins rebooting, all of which is seen from his point-of-view.)

Ling Tong: Are you sure this will work?

Lu Meng: How should I know, I never seen a robot before. We haven't even done this before in our timeline. Not like there's a manual.

(The screen is suddenly lit up in red. The word "OVERRIDE" shows up in enlarged text. It successfully engages, and Mecha Sun Jian tries connecting to a wireless uplink. The connection fails and an error pops up, noting his command and control module is missing. With that, his slaving protocols are disengaged and his autonomous command module is engaged, restoring his higher brain function.

Sun Ce: (looks directly into Mecha Sun Jian's eyes at this point) Father? (To Zhou Yu) Can he hear me?

Zhou Yu: He should.

Mecha Sun Jian: (locks onto Sun Ce's eye and does a retinal identification)

Sun Ce: Father?

(The scan provides Mecha Sun Jian with information about Sun Ce, including his age, country of origin (both unknown), his allegiance (Wu) and special ability.

Mecha Sun Jian: Yes, Sun Ce.

Sun Ce: How do you feel?

Mecha Sun Jian: (sits up)

(Normal P.O.V.)

Mecha Sun Jian: (grunts in displeasure)

Sun Ce: What is it?

Mecha Sun Jian: I remember... The things I have done for Plankton...

Ling Tong: (places a hand on Mecha Sun Jian's shoulder)

Mecha Sun Jian: He & Robotnik Prime cannot be allowed to take over Planet Mobius

Lu Xun: What are we going to do? We need to de-roboticize our lord.

Sun Quan: I know, after Plankton's betrayal ever since Robotnik Prime is trapped in a zone, leaving Snively in charge, Plankton has roboticized our lord in order to bring the All Stars off track. He is very sneaky.

Da Qiao: We need intel, right?

Xiao Qiao: Yeah, let's send him back to Robotropolis undercover to be our spy for the Wu Army.

Sun Jian: The Plankton Empire will be unaware of my defection. I could deceive them.

Sun Quan: Very well. Sun Ce, you'll be in charge until one of the 2 evil dictators reign is over.

Sun Ce: Yes Sun Quan.

(In Knothole, we see Mecha Uncle showing a hologram of his past about the Roboticizer with his brother, who is also Sonic's father, Jules Hedgehog)

SpongeBob: (narrating) This story started one fateful day, a benevolent scientist directed his talents towards an ingenious effort to prolong the lives of Mobian citizens...

Jules: (in the roboticizer, heavily injured after a long & brutal battle)

Uncle Chuck: (starting up the Roboticizer)

SpongeBob: (narrating) ...and in doing so inadvertently created an instrument of domination used as part of a sweeping tide of tyranny, signaling the downfall of Planet Mobius and it's Kingddom of Acorn!

Jules: (now roboticized into a robot, but has no free will)

Uncle Chuck: (in horror) For the love of!!! The roboticization process worked all too my brother is just a mindless machine!

(The Camera zooms out revealing that the past was only a hologram projected by Mecha Uncle Chuck through his robotic eyes)

SpongeBob: Wow, that is impressive.

Sonic: (with Sally, Bunnie, Tails, STH Rotor, Dulcy & the All Stars) That is way past cool, Uncle Chuck! How 'ya doing it?

Tails: Where's the popcorn?

Owen: Yeah, I guess I'm getting hungry.

Eddy: (sighs) I'll get the popcorn, but what would I look like some popcorn fairy.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Well, Sonic, what kind of spy would I be if I didn't install the newest digital video technology directly into my optic sensors ?! (closes his sensors hatch & opens his stomach hatch, ejecting a video tape from his robotic body) Not only can I record what I see, but I can also play back any pre-recorded video!

Harold: Incredible.

Edd: Yes indeed. That is impressive technology upgrades.

Dulcy: Yeah, but do you have a dish antennae with a hundred movie stations?!

Sally: (gets a bit annoyed) Dulcy!!

Ezekiel: By the way, what's a tv? I would love watching that.

Twilight Sparkle: (gets a bit annoyed) Ezekiel!!

Ezekiel: But I love tv, eh?

Kitty: (groans)

Spongebob: Sorry about that, continue.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Not quite. However...retrieved from Robotropolis by my spy network, this video is a by-product of a secret surveillance system used in the former Royal Palace...and provides proof that Robotnik, in his former identity as Warlord Julian, sabotaged my original roboticizer! It was his intervention that transformed a tool of medicine into a weapon of war.

Dudley & Tyler: (gulps)

Edd: Oh my goodness.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: And except for a few times when we we're lucky., I don't think we'll ever be able to deroboticize all those poor souls! Some humanitarian I am!

Twilight Sparkle: In other words, if those roboticized people we're destroyed, they will never come back again.

Thok: Ouch.

STH Rotor: (to Mecha Uncle Chuck) It's not your fault!

Spongebob: Yeah, cheer up. We still have work to do.

Sally: (places hand on Mecha Uncle Chuck's shoulder) Don't despair! I have an idea...while Rotor looks after, father, this would be a perfect time for one of my special military retreats!

Spongebob: Alright then. Let's set up a meeting for the night.

Kitty: Alright then. Let's get going.

XPlode: Right.

(In night time)

Spongebob: (narrating) As twilight descends. Princess Sally attempts to use the picturesque great forest as a serene backdrop to renew her troops resolve...but as the campfire pow-wow takes place...

(We see the All Stars Freedom Fighters, Sonic, Tails, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine & Mecha Uncle Chuck are together in a camp fire)

Sally: ...and your video camera eyes are a great addition to your espionage activities!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I only demonstrated them in a vain attempt to bolster my own courage! The truth is, I'm just Robotnik's pawn! He knew my guilt would force me to resign my position as the kingdom's scientific advisor!

Kineticlops: What do you mean?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: The truth is, I'm just Robotnik's pawn! He knew my guilt would force me to resign my position as the kingdom's scientific advisor! So I suppressed my remorse by transforming from Sir Charles, inventor, to Uncle Chuck, Chili-Dog Proprietor! Still...our discovery that one of our own agents, Sleuth Doggy Dog, is now a convicted traitor is further evidence of my short comings!

Deimos: Huh? That explains why Sleuth betrayed us in the first place.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I don't even know about the existence of the Death Egg until it was almost too late for us all. I have failed more of ten than not, Princess. (walks a bit farther away from the group)

Sally: That's not true! In the first two instances the only thing you didn't do is dig deep enough for the truth...

Twilight Sparkle: She's right. In other words, you have to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Sonic: (chomps on a Chilly Dog) That's right. And you certainly made a sucess as the chili dog restaurant chain champ! (chomps on another chilly dog)

Spongebob: (sighs) Yep. (suddendly sence something odd) Hm?

Zaktan: Spongebob? Is something wrong?

Spongebob: Hold that thought. (starts checking around everyone & stops at Xplode where he senced his energy growing unexpectingly) Huh? That's weird.

Zaktan: I see you also gained your "All Star Energy Sight". It'll help you check the power level of your friends, your rivals & your enemies by unexplainable auras around them, no matter how much power levels they have. You can use your All Star power to use Energy sight to see how much power your enemies have & might I say that it will come in handy in how much power level to see who's have more than the other.

Kitty: Zaktan, how did you know about all those All Star powers & abilities?

Dudley: Yeah, how?

Zaktan: I've begun researching the All Star Warrior's legend after destroying Lord Fuse because of the Underground Version of Robotnik's sacrifice. A long line of All Star Warriors all have gained their own powers & abilities of the All Stars. When a star tattoo is permenate, that would mean someone is an All Star Warrior, like Spongebob for example.

(Suddendly, they hear strange wolves howling)

Tails: (To Sonic) Yeah and...wha...what's that N-noise?

Kitty: Don't tell me that was Fangz & Dudley.

Alejandro: Shh...

Antoine: It zounds like zee wolves!

Bunnie: (notices eyes glowing from inside the bush) And it looks we all got company!

Boggy B: Yeah, company of the wolf kind.

Countdown to Deception, Sun Jian's Return (Part 2)

Dulcy: Whaddya say, Sonic the Hedgehog let's shed a little light on our intruders! (breathes fire)

Hot Head: Now to see who they really are.

(We see that there are mobian wolves are seen inside the bushes & they are the Wolf Pack, lead by Lupe the Wolf)

Sonic: Ease off, girl! I recognize them...

Dulcy: (stops)

Patrick: Huh?

Dudley: You do?

Sonic: They're the band of Freedom Fighters known as..."The Wolf Pack"!

Dudley: Wow! I have found my brethren.

Kitty: (sighs) Dudley, they are not...!

Gwen: Kitty, I think it's best to humor him for a bit.

Sally: (shakes her hand with Lupe) Lupe! Good to see you!

Lupe: Greetings, Princess! I'm glad we stumbled on your friendly campsite after such a fierce battle!

(While they begin to talk, Spongebob is still checking Xplode's power level, until he saw something odd: the power of the Devil Gene is increasing slowly. Suddendly Spongebob gasps as he remembers the flashback)


(Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity started to charge up their Elements of Harmony)

Pure Devil Xplode: That's it, I've had it up to here! (roars as he charges towards the Ponies)

Spongebob: Let's go

(As Pure Devil Xplode is closing in, the Ponies' Elements of Harmony are fully charged up)

Discord: (notices in horror) Oh no, I've seen this before.

Dr. Robotnik: What do you mean?

Discord: The Elements of Harmony have turned me into stone.

Snaptrap: (gasps) Then it would turn all of us into stone!

(Then they combine their powers and fire a giant rainbow, just like they did when they defeated Night Mare Moon, causing an explosion much like Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom.)


(The Villains, except Pure Devil Xplode, procceed to take cover)

Pure Devil Xplode: FEEL THE WRATH OF THE DEVIL! (notices Twilight's Eyes glows white) Now what? (notices a giant rainbow heading towards him) NOOO! (got hit by the giant rainbow) IT CAN'T BE! NO! NO! NO! ONE DAY ALL STARS, I'LL BE BAAAAAAAACK! (got turned back into his normal form by the Elements of Harmony)

(Then Twilight's eyes floods the Toxic Bogs with white light

(End of Flashback & the camera zooms out of Spongebob's eyes & gasps & clutches his head.

Zaktan: (walks up to Spongebob) Spongebob? What is wrong?

Spongebob: A strange flashback...

(A crackling of magic eminates from XPlode's rainbow amulet. He holds it in his hand. It has cracked in several places & the amulet now glows from Rainbow to Purple.)

Edd: (notices this) Xplode, your rainbow amulet!

Xplode: What about it?

Spongebob: It is nothing, guys. The meeting begins.

(They both turn to witness a procession of the Shu, Wei & Wu soldiers walking towards them. We see a man named Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage

watches alongside Sonya Blade & Jax to the left of them. Sub-Zero is slightly behind them with Cyrax and Smoke flanking him.)

(Now we see the Shu, Wei & Wu officers approaching, including Mecha Sun Jian. The soilders finish their walk and sit down before Spongebob.)

SpongeBob: Welcome everyone. For those who don't know me, I am SpongeBob SquarePants. We have gathered here for the meeting of our next battle. Some are here of their own volition, others were brought here by chance...

(As Spongebob continues talking, Johnny Cage looks to his right at Sonya.)

Johnny Cage: Hey, beautiful. Johnny Cage.

Sonya: Good for you.

Johnny Cage: What? "Massive Strike", "Citizen Cage", "Ninja Mime"? None of those ring a bell?

(Sonya looks over to see Kano walking secretly deeper into the forest)

Sonya: Kano...

Johnny Cage: "Kano"? Wasn't in that one...

Zaktan: (beside SpongeBob) I am Zaktan, 2nd-in-command of the All Star Freedom Fighters. You participate in one of the most important mission in All Star history! This tournament, the secret weapon created by Robotnik with help from Plankton, will determine Mobius's fate. If we defeat all of our opponents, we will face one final challenge... Robotnik Prime & Plankton.

Johnny Cage: Huh! That tiny shrimp & that old geezer's the final challenge? They might as well give me the belt right now. They do have belts, right?

SpongeBob: (behind Cage) Ahem

Johnny Cage: turns round to see Shang Tsung standing beside him.

Johnny Cage: What? How did you--

Reidak: Appearances can be deceiving.

Kitty: And also never judge book by it's cover.

SpongeBob: If you think you can stop Robotnik & Plankton, you'll have to earn it.

Xplode: Our first training battle will start with the first fighter, Mr. ...uh...

Johnny Cage: Cage. Johnny Cage.

SpongeBob: Thank you.

Xplode: Johnny Cage.

Johnny laughs defiantly and strides forward.

Johnny Cage: That's right! That's right! Who's it gonna be?

Avak: Meltdown!

[Cage looks towards Meltdown and jumps to the arena floor to the soldiers applause.]

Meltdown: (jumps up, does a front flip & lands in front of Johnny Cage, readies his weapons)

Johnny Cage: Nice stunt! Who's your agent?

Harold: Johnny Cage vs. Meltdown! Begin!

JOHNNY CAGE: All right, it's showtime!


(They fight. While the others continues to listen to the Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Wolf Pack)

Drago: (a White Wolf) ...and Robotnik's building a new line of super bots!

Thok: Interesting.

Sun Quan: Mecha Sun Jian have news that a new line of Jack-2 Bots will be created once his little surprize is complete.

Sally: I hope they're not worse than his combots!

Twilight Sparkle: Or Plankton's Combots at that.

Tails: Drago, don't ya like yer chili do-er-chili wiener?

Drago: Yes. What's disturbing me is that after leaving a den of robots...(points to Mecha Uncle Chuck)...we are now feeding with one!

Dudley: Who? Uncle Chuck?

Eddy: Seriously?

Sonic: What 'ya mean?! Uncle Chuck's one of us!

Drago: (gets angry as he turns to Sonic) Really?

Spongebob: Yeah, really.

Drago: How do you know he's not Robotnik's Spy?

Sonic: Because I say so, Tough Guy!

Patrick: That's right!

???: ...And when Sonic the Amateur speaks, people listen!

Heather: Alejandro, did you say something?

Alejandro: It's not me. It's him.

(Alejandro points to ???, who is actually Geoffrey St. John)

Geoffrey St. John: Now take my professional advice...out down on the campfire before you attract the entire planet!

Sally: Geoffrey St. John, what are you doing here?

Rainbow Dash: I was gonna say the same thing.

Geoffrey: (to Sally) Hello, Luv! (kisses Sally) I guess you could say I've been doing a bit of "Sleuth-in" by "Dog-gedly following Chuckie's every move!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Sounds more like spying to me!

Mecha Sun Jian: Even worse than Plankton did.

Eddy: Oh come on! (yells at Geoffrey) Uncle Chuck is not dangerous!

Geoffrey St. John: (cleaning his teeth with a toothpick) Interesting choice of words, mate...especially since the agent who uncovered your video was one of Robotnik's spies...Sleuth Doggy Dog!

Astro Boy: Huh?

Mordecai: What?

Sonic: Is this true?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Yes, but it was weeks before you discovered Slueth to be a traitor!

Lindsay: Huh?

Beth: The one time that Professor Worminkle has returned.

Lindsay: Ohhh

Boggy B: Right.

Sally: Still, that doesn't mean the tape isn't authentic!

Kitty: That's for sure.

Geoffrey: Isn't that convenient?! One spy covering up for another!

Squidward: Would you butt out?!

Dudley: Yeah, what he said. (chuckles quietly) He said butt. (quickly starts chewing his butt)

Geoffrey: Too bad you didn't realise my Rebel Underground sniffed out your deception!

Applejack: (gets a bit annoyed) What was that?

Dulcy: (to Geoffrey) We didn't know you sniffed, we just thought you smelled!

Duncan: And it smelled worse than Owen does.

Owen: You mean me? (his stomach growls) Sorry. I need to go...(goes inside the out-house) Can you look the other way please?

Sally: Quiet, Dulcy! (goes up to Geoffrey) What deception?

Geoffrey: Don't you blokes get it?

Pinkie Pie: Get what? A nice krabby patty or 10. (holds up 10 hot steaming Krabby Patties)

Patrick: (starts eating the Krabby Patties)

Spongebob: What do you mean, Geoffrey?

Geoffrey: Chuckie's spy network and phony video are just a ruse to cover up the fact he's working for the other side!

Sonic: Are you naturally this stupid, or do you practice?

Mecha Sun Jian: (goes up to the 2) Alright you two, that's enough!

Geoffrey: (gets even more angry at Sonic) This isn't a game, boy! You're in over yer'ead in this man's war!

Sonic: Well, your head's going to be sucking dirt! (sucker punches Geoffrey)

Edd: I think we should help Sonic.

Ed: Yes, we should.

Geoffrey: Still haven't learned yet, mate...(lands on his hand for a hand stand & pushes up & lands on his feet)...that it takes more than speed...(shoots an arrow, tied to a rope, tying Sonic to a tree) also takes skill, experience and cunning!

Spongebob: That's it, this is personal!

Dudley: Bring it on!

Spongebob & Dudley: (charges at each other, letting out their battle cries) AAH!

Geoffrey: (jumps up)

Spongebob & Dudley: (crashes into each other)


Spongebob: Ouch.

Dudley: Ok, that wasn't suppose to all.

Geoffrey: (aims his arrow & bow at Sonic) Too bad it's the last lesson you'll ever learn!

Sally: Geoffrey! No!

(Suddendly a red laser beam hits Geoffrey in the back)

Geoffrey: (got electrocuted) AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! (falls down)

(They all turned to see that it was Kano who have shot Geoffrey with his bionic eye)

Sonya: Kano?!

Kano: In the flesh. Now that skunk has soften you all up! It's our turn.

Kitty: Our?

(Suddendly the Black Dragon surrounds, the All Stars, Shu, Wei, Wu, Sonic, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, Geoffrey, the Wolf Pack)

Kano: Time to fight dirty.

Countdown to Deception, Sun Jian's Return (Part 3)

(Meanwhile, Johnny Cage had gets his chance to show off his considerable martial skills against the yellow Cyclops, Meltdown. After a fierce exchange, Cage shows he can back up his trash talking by managing to defeat Meltdown.

Johnny Cage: He got Caged! That's it, ha haa! Oh yeah! I'm so pretty!

(However, All Stars [minus Meltdown], Shu, Wei, Wu, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, the Wolf Pack, Sonya, Jax, Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Smoke & the Black Dragon all didn't listen because they are too busy fighting each other in a battle)

Johnny Cage: (stalks up to several of the observing kombatants who are still in a battle) And I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you down, I'm takin' you out, I'm takin' you out, and I'm taking you out... (now in front of Sonya) ...for dinner! (snickers)

Sonya: (reacts with disdain as he kicks a Black Dragon Thug away)

Meltdown: (getting up slowly) What's going on here? This camp is like a war zone...I love it! Don't forget me! (charges & starts fighting the Black Dragon)

Dudley: (notices Drago has gone missing) Hey, where's Drago?

Drilldozer: Aw great! He ran off!

Johnny Cage: (watching the action, looks to the Piraka & Hero Factory Villains taking on against 20 Black Dragon Thugs & so does the Giants & War Monsters) Huh?

(Suddendly Johnny Cage begins to realize the gravity of this situation that is happening right now)

Johnny Cage: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, wait a second! This could get ugly, fast. (hides in the bushes & notices Kano taking on Sonya Blade) Huh?

Kano: So tell are things at Command? (starts zapping Sonya with his laser eye vision)

Sonya: Augh! Traitor!

Kano: Gullible Officer. Just had to point you in the wrong direction. Couldn'ta done it without ya!

Sonya: S.F. is on the way. You won't get far.

Kano: Oh, I got a knack for survival. You, on the other hand, are gonna die here.

Johnny Cage: (in thought: Not this time) (suddenly somersaults in front of Kano)

Johnny Cage: Step away from the lady!

Eva: It's about time!

Johnny Cage: (stalks toward Kano, dusting himself off)

Johnny Cage: Fans think my moves are all wire work and special effects. Truth is... I AM the special effects.


(They fight. While Johnny has his work cut out for him fighting a brutal thug like Kano, he manages to keep the fight at a level pace and, using a few tricks up his sleeve, leaves Kano on the floor unconscious.)

Johnny Cage: Throw that on your... barby... Shrimp...

(After Kano's defeat, Geoffrey woke up & notices the group having defeated the Black Dragon's Thugs)

Kano: (notices that his Black Dragon Thugs have defeated) You win this round, but this is far from over. (retreats with his Black Dragon Thugs)

Dudley: Yeah!

Sonya: (begins to gain consciousness)

Johnny Cage: (notices Sonya & goes up to him)

Mordecai: Get out & stay out, Kano!

Mecha Sun Jian: He'll be back for more. Trust me.

Geoffrey St. John: Now that he's out of the way. (aims the arrow & bow at Sonic again) I have some unfinished business to take care of.

Rigby: Aw what?! Not again!

Antoine: (punches Geoffrey across the face) That ees enough!

Geoffrey St. John: The 'edgehog may be zee imbecile like you. But even he does not deserve death!

Hakann: Whoa, Antoine really packs a punch.

Sonic: Saved and insulted in the same that's speed!

Spongebob: You said it.

Dudley: Yeah, but my head still hurts after that bump I had.

Spongebob: Me too.

Geoffrey: (feeling dizzy & then rubs his head) What's your problem, mate? This doesn't involve you!

Antoine: My problem is with you, L'Pew! I will no longer subolie my doubts about you!

Gwen & LeShawna: (looks at each other)

Antoine: (to Geoffrey) You daire to say Uncle Chuck is zee traitor? No! It is you who are zee spy!

Boggy B: Huh?

Vezok: (shrugs)

Sally: Now can that be?

Sierra: OMG, it's gonna be story time!

Cody: Story time?

Patrick: (gets excited) Story time! Story time! Story time!

Kitty: (sighs) Please tell them the story, Antoine.

Antoine: Very well.

(The Flashback begins with the general named "Armand D'Coolette [Antoine's Father] convincing to the king that they need the Rebel Underground as Antoine tells the Story)

Antoine: Years ago, zee top generald and close friend convinced zee king that one day he might need zee Rebel Underground...

(Second, the flashback shows Armand is teaching a young Antoine to use his first ever sword)

Antoine: I was 'is cadet-in-training, preparing for zee day when the kingdom might be attacked from her enemies...

(Next, the flashback shows Armand being roboticized by Swatbots)

Antoine: Before the underground was established, howevaire, that general because zee casualty of Robotnik's war!

(Flashback ends)

Antoine: (to Geoffrey, angrily) Then you show...poof...claiming to be it's leader!

Geoffrey: Who was this "supposed" general, mate?

Spongebob: Uh oh.

Noah: (not impressed) 3...2...1...

Antoine: (tackles Geoffrey to the ground in anger) Ee was my pathaire! And I say you have stolen my family honor!

Geoffrey St. John: I never even knew the bloke! (got his foot at Antoine's stomach)

Antoine: Exactly! And you don't know zee king, either! You are zee impostaire!

Thunder: Uh? Shouldn't we do something?

Thok: I think we should.

Sally: (breaks up the fight between Antoine & Geoffrey) (gets serious) That's enough! (calms down) Back off and we'll sort this out!

Owen: (comes out of the outhouse) What did I miss?

All Stars [minus Owen]: Uh, nothing?

Owen: (shrugs) Oh well. Night everyone. (goes to sleep)

Tails: I never knew Twan wasn't a real soldier!

Spongebob: I didn't know either.

Sonic: Yep, like us he was too young! As a tribute to his father, he wears his uniform!

Vezok: No wonder he was wearing something royal soldier uniform all the time.

Bunnie: And, like all of us, he rose to the occurrence of war with exceptional courage!

Tails: You mean he wasn't always a doofus?

Bunnie: Nope!

Eddy: Nope? What do you mean?

Bunnie: Infact...

(Flashback begins to see Bunnie was scared of a Swatbot, apporacing, until Antoine rolls a boulder, crushing the Swatbot)

Bunnie: In the early days of the war, he even saved muh life!

(Flashback changes to Antoine bows down & kissing Sally's hand in respect)

Bunnie: Ever the dashin' hero, he bowed before royalty, offering his honor and courage to restore the realm!

(Flashback changes again to see Antoine giving flowers to Sally)

Bunnie: In time, his loyalty sprouted to missguided love...

(Finally the flashback changes to see Sonic & Sally together, but not knowing how depressed Antoine is)

Bunnie: But without the love he craved from Sally or his missing father, he kinda...lost his way!

(End of Flashback)

Tails: Gosh, I never knew!

Heather: Wow, even I never knew that. I kinda feel...sorry.

Spongebob: What should we do about Antoine?

Tails: Maybe I should say something to him!

Bunnie: No...I'll go... (goes up to Antoine)

Avak: But, uh...(about to follow, but stopped by Zaktan)

Zaktan: It is for the best.

Bunnie: Antoine, no matter what's happened in the past, I want y'all to know, I think you're very brave!

Antoine: Merci, Bunnie, it's nice to know someone cares!

Bunnie: I care! (kisses Antoine)

Lindsay, Beth, Katie & Sadie: (feels happy) Awww....

Avak: You're right Zaktan. It is for the best.

Sonya: (notices Johnny) Thanks.

Johnny Cage: No problem. Who is that guy anyway? (He offers her his hand, but remembering what happened last time, he draws it back)

Sonya: (extends her hand to him, allowing him to help her to his feet.) His name's Kano. He was an informant in our Black Dragon investigation. Big-time arms dealers. Turns out he was their leader and giving us the runaround. Lot of our guys got killed because of him.

Johnny Cage: So that's not a costume? You're actual military?

Sonya: Special Forces.

Johnny Cage: Get out! So you know about this "threat to the world" stuff, right? Raiden called in the cavalry.

SONYA: Raiden? No idea who you're talking about.

Spongebob: Perhaps Raiden might tell us why.

As they turn around, they see no sign of Jax.

Sonya: Jax!

Kitty: Rats! Forgot to tell you that Kano got away!

Johnny Cage: He can't be far.

Sonya: He'll have to wait. (holds out her hand) I appreciate your help, Cage.

Johnny Cage: (shakes his hand with Sonya's hand) Johnny.

Sonya: But right now I've got things to take care of. My C.O. is captured somewhere. I have to find him. (walks off)

Johnny Cage: (looks at her with admiration)

(Love maybe in the air tonight for Bunnie & Antoine, but unfortunately it is overshadowed by doubt & suspicion as Drago returns to the camp...)

Drago: (arrives)

Lupe: Drago! Where have you been all this time?

Dudley: We thought that you we're captured by Kano. Where'd you go?

Drago: just went for a walk!

(The Wolf Pack begins to surround Drago)

Lupe: That's the third time you left the Pack this week without official leave!

Spongebob, Zaktan, Twilight Sparkle & Xplode: 3rd time? (looks at each other in confusion)

Zaktan: Hmm...(begins to feel suspecious)

Drago: Are you saying I'm shirking my duties?

Lupe: I don't know what you're doing, but I'm going to be keeping an eye on you!

Zaktan: (in thought: And I am too)

Geoffrey St. John: Good! You watch your renegade & I'll watch mine!

Squidward: Ha ha ha, very funny.

Red Bird: Guys, haven't we argued enough for one day?

Antoine: (to Geoffrey) And I say it is you who are zee traitor!

Spongebob: Hey hey hey, guys?

Geoffrey: (to Geoffrey) Yeah, and maybe we'll beat the truth out of you!

Dudley: You mean like this? (punches Kitty's arm)

Kitty: Ow! No like this! (hits Dudley in the head with her elbow)

Dudley & Kitty: (growls & then begins slapping each other in a slap fight)

Sally: (breaking up the argument again) STOP IT!

Dudley & Kitty: (stops)

Twilight Sparkle: No one is arguing no one! No accusations! No screeching, screaming or squealing! Got that?

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie.

Sally: Twilight's right. There've been a lot of accusations today, but not one substantiated!

Spongebob: I guess you're right. (yawns) It's time to go to bed.

The Piraka: (lifts up Owen) Yep.

Bouncer: Time to recharge my batteries.

Twilight Sparkle: Now go on, shoo!

(Everyone begins to reluctantly walk away, muttering various "ok's", leaving Sally & Twilight Sparkle)

Sally: Everyone here has proven their loyalty and time will tell if I'm wrong! Until then, let's all put differences made! (looks up at the moon, shining brightly in the night time sky) If the king and the realm are ever to be saved, we must hope & pray that Knuckles the Echidna is successful in his quest!

Twilight Sparkle: And don't worry, we can figure this out! (looks around to notice only Sally & Twilight we're left in this camp ground) Somehow...

(With Kano)

Kano: (goes up to a shadow figure, only to see his eyes) They bought it...for now.

???: (opens his eyes) Is the plan ready for the Freedom Fighter's big mission?

Kano: Indeed they do mate & believe you me, they don't wanna be Freedom Fighters by the time we finish 'em off for good.

???: Excellent. I'll get my "friend" to play "the part".

Kano: Good, now go.

???: (leaves)

Kano: (turns to Sally & Twilight) Sally Acorn, it's about time that you will be...the next bounty for the Black Dragon. (chuckles evily as his bionic eye glows red)

(The camera fades to black, only Kano's bionic eye is glowing in the dark for a few second, before the light fades into black also)

The End?