This is the 6th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: Spongebob & Tyler

Main Villains: Dr. Robotnik & Plankton

Story #1: Transcript

Olympic Tracks & Big Errors (Part 1)

(At the fields)

(The All Stars & Tails are watching Sonic playing Baseball by himself because of his super speed)

Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog is the only baseball player who can hit a line drive and catch it himself.

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow!

Tails: That's why he's my sports hero!

Lightning: That's nothing, my dad has been champion & won champion rings.

Tails: But does he have Super Sonic speed like Sonic have?

Tyler: I like playing sports. But I'm very bad of it.

Spongebob: It's ok, you'll get it next time.

Sonic: (Holding a baseball bat & baseball) Now I'll hit a long fly, ball, Tails! (throws up the baseball & hits it with a baseball bat) (runs to catch the baseball) And snatch it even before it hits the...(crashes to a wall)

Scott: Wall?

All Stars & Tails: (goes up to Sonic)

Tails: Sonic! Are you ok?

Soinc: I--I think so, Tails! Now I know what people mean when they say they're stopped in their tracks!

Reidak: Next time, watch where your going.

Spongebob: By the way, what is this thing?

Owen: Maybe that sign can tell us. (points to the sign that says...)

Sonic: Robotnik Stadium?!

(We see that the Stadium that has been painted to look like Robotnik's face)

Xplode: Where did that come from?

SWATbot: It was built by your future master the bellyness of jellyness himself, Dr. Robotnik!

Sonic: A Swatbot! What's your evil creator & his partner up to now?

SWATbot: The Great Robotnik & the Great Plankton wishes to challenge you, Spongebob & your friends, the freedom fighters & the All Stars to compete in the first (thought: And for you, the last) Robotropolis olympic games!

Prototype Jack Bot: (arrives) If your team can win one out of four events, my master promises to return planet mobius to normal.

Spongebob: And if your team wins all of the events...?

Prototype Jack Bot: Then you must allow yourselves to be turned into robots!

SWATbot: And now, a personal message from Robotnik to Sonic the Hedgehog...(starts mocking them) "You can't beat us!--Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Nyah!"

Tails: Ooooh! I hate that! (about to attack the Swatbot)

Sonic: (stops Tails) Tell Robotnik & Plankton that the Freedom Fighters accept they're challenge! In fact, I know exactly what my friends will say!

Twilight Sparkle: (thinks about that it could be a trap) Hmm...

Twilight Sparkle: There is something strange about Robotnik's stadium. Maybe I can figure out what's going on.

(Back at Knothole Village)

Sally: NO WAY, SONIC! It's got to be a trick, Sonic! Robotnik never keeps his promises!

Twilight Sparkle: That's what I was thinking as well.

Boomer: Oh yes he does, Princess Sally! He promised to be mean, gross, rotten and evil! And he is!

Spongebob: Ok then.

Sonic: I know Robotnik can't be trusted, gang, but it's worth the risk! After all, we can't lose!

Antoine: And why not?

Sonic: Because, Antoine, I, Sonic the Hedgehog, am the Best Athlete on the Planet Mobius! I'll enter all the events...and win!

Tails: Can I please on the Olympic team, Sonic?

Spongebob: Me too? Can we, please? Can we?

Tyler: I like Extreme!

Lightning: I'm always ready for sports, Sha-Bam!

Antoine: Don't be ridiculous, Tails! When it comes to athletics, you have two left tails!

Applejack: What do you mean by that, Antoine?

Antoine: If anyone should be on the Team, it is I, Antoine D'Coolette! Champion fencer of Mobius! En Garde! (uses his sword to mark Boomer's hat with a "Z") "Z" what I mean?

Rainbow Dash: That's nothing, I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equestria. And I never leave Ponyville hanging.

Tyler: Aw, who am I kidding? I'm terrible at Sports. I remember all of my blunders & mishaps from Season 1 & Season 3. But Season 3 has to be my best season ever. I was only eliminated where we're at Area 51, I thought if there is a revote, but Courtney attacked me right out of the Plane! Good thing I'm wearing a parashute. But I'll try my best for Lindsay.

Tails: (sighs) Antoine is right, guys! I'll stay home and watch the Olympics on RBV! (leaves)

Tyler: What to do, what to do?

Tails: (thought: Hey! I've got a great Idea! I'll do a sculpture of Sonic to surprise him with when he wins the Olympics!) Tyler, come with me.

Tyler: For what?

Tails: You'll see. (grabs Tyler's arm & drags him somewhere)

Tyler: Whao

(On the following day at Robotnik Stadium)

Plankton: Our enemies have arrived, Dr. Robotnik!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Perfect! Are you sure Sonic's not wearing his special sneakers, SWATbot?

SWATbot: Positive, Master! After Pelivering your message, I followed the hedgehog!


Sonic: (swimming without his sneakers)

SWATbot: (switching Sonic's Sneakers with look alike sneakers)

SWATbot: And when he took off his sneakers to go swimming, I stole them and replaced them with the special look-alike, energy-draining sneakers that you two invented!

(End of Flashback)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Excellent! What did you do with Sonic's sneakers?

SWATbot: I threw them in the trash, your evilness!

Plankton: Good.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (slams the SWATbot with a Sledge Hammer) You metallic moron! I wanted to put those sneakers in my trophy room...right next to my nursery school "Brat of the Year" Award!

Plankton: What about Spongebob?

Prototype Jack Bot: Uh, no.

Plankton: (sighs) That's not good. (notices that the scoreboard has 3 teams on them) What the?

Twilight Sparkle: (had used her magic to add the All Stars Team in the Scoreboard) There, now it's only 3 teams instead of 2.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What do you mean? That felt good to trick Sonic. And now...Let the games BEGIN!

Boomer: Let's go, Sonic!

Rainbow Dash: Let's do this Spongebob!

Spongebob: Right.

Sally: You can do it, Sonic!

Twilight Sparkle: (comes back unnoticed)

Bouncer: You too Spongebob.

Lightning: Yeah, let's go!

Antoine: Remember what happens to us if you fail !

Sonic: Chill, gang! You'll feel more confident after I do a few split-second warm-up laps around the track!

Spongebob: Alright Sonic. Good luck.

Sonic: Thanks Spongebob. Here I go! (about to start running, but his energy is draining out of him because of the new energy draining sneakers) (feels dizzy & drained out & falls on his belly)

Spongebob: Sonic, are you ok?

(The All Stars, Sally, Antoine & Boomer, rushes to Sonic to see what's wrong)

Sally: Sonic! What's wrong?

Sonic: I...I don't know! I suddendly feel weak and tired...all my energy is gone!

Rainbow Dash: I knew it was a booby trap!

Antoine: I knew it ! Get out the Metal Polish!! We're all doomed to become robots!

Twilight Sparkle: Not exactly (points to the scoreboard which has 3 teams' score instead of 2)

Spongebob: (gasps) We still have a chance. Thanks Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Your welcome Spongebob.

Spongebob: Without Sonic, guess it's the All Star Freedom Fighters' time to shine!

Olympic Tracks & Big Errors (Part 2)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Sonic the Hedgehog has had his energy ddrained by my sneaky sneakers! I will win the Olympics! Prepare the Portable robot making machine!

SWATbot: Yes, master!

Plankton: Uh Robotnik, look. (points to the scoreboard, that has "Them - [Losers]" on top, "Us-[Winners!]" in the middle & "All Stars" in the bottom)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?! How did that got here?

Spongebob: It's because the All Stars have entered the Olympics as well

Plankton: What the...?!

Sally: And if Sonic can't compete, then Antoine, Boomer & I will take his place!

Spongebob: And Applejack, Vezok, Tree Rex & I will participate in the contest.

Plankton: Why them?

Spongebob: You'll find out. Cause the rules state that when the games have begun, the sign-up entries are closed. And since Twilight had already signed up for us with her magic, we're offically entered.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Very well, Princess Sally & Spongebob Squarepants! I'll enjoy watching you try to defeat my team of Evil and powerful badniks!

Spongebob: Then let the games begin!

(Montage of the Olympics)

(1st event: Long Jump)

Antoine: (running) First, the perfect Approach! (jumps)...Then, the Perfect leap!...

(Suddendly a robot bunny named "Splats" jumps up & pushes Antoine out of the way, making him fell on the sand)

Splats: ...And then the Perfect my ears! Later on, 'Twan!

Applejack: (running) Or betta yet...(jumps up & crushes Splats beneath her hooves) The Perfect Robotic Pancake.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?! How did she...? (looks in his made up rule books, but there's nothing about hurting his team) What the? That's not in the book? How did they...?!

Plankton: No rules against robotic injuries by others.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Then how did she...?

Applejack: Sorry, but stay off of my Apples, Robotnik!

Applejack: Years of applebucking. I was happy working on the farm ever since.

(2nd event: Swimming)

Sally: (swimming) I've always been the best swimmer in the forest!

(Suddendly a Squid-like robot zooms past Sally, splashing water on her by using it's legs as a propeller)

Squid Robot: Maybe, but as far as I'm concerned, you're all washed up! Ha ha ha ha...!

Vezok: (suddendly swims past Sally & the Squid Robot in a super sonic speed & reaches the other side of the swimming pool & comes out of the pool in seconds) Denied!

Squid Robot: (looks shocked) Ha? (aciddently inks in shock, disbelief & horror)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?! Impossible?!

Vezok: I'm the fastest swimmer in the All Star Team.

Vezok: Reason? Because I'm always practicing swimming everyday, until I first met my new all star friends.

(3rd event: Weight Lifting)

Boomer: (trying to lift up a heavy barbel) Nnnngh! Nnngh! (sucussfully lifts up the heavy barbel) There! Let's see one of the Badniks top that !

SWATbot: (lifts up Boomer, holding up the barbel with one hand) You were saying, Dumbbell?

(Suddendly they hear rumbling coming from outside & we see Tree Rex lifting up the entire Robotnik Stadium with everyone inside it)

Tree Rex: I say "FEAT OF STRENGTH!". (sucessfully lifts up the entire Robotnik Stadium with everyone inside it with no problem at all)

All (Except the Skylander Giants): (their jaws drop to the ground)

Crusher: That's 3 in the row.

Dr. Robotnik: Gah!! I can't believe this, no Giant can lift an entire stadium of mine! How was this even possible?

Spongebob: There's more to the Skylander Giants than meets the eye.

Tree Rex: (puts down the stadium & goes back inside) Yeah! All bark & all bite!

Bouncer: The Skylander Giants are required at certain moments to complete Feats Of Strength that provide access to the next level in Skylands. For instance this may involve pulling two floating islands together, or lifting blocks of wood.

(End of Montage)

Dr. Robotnik: (got scared of Tree Rex) Tr-tr-tr-tree Rex, wins...the 3rd event! (faints from all the shock)

Tree Rex: Yeah, that's how the Skylander Giants & I roll. With our Feat of Strength.

All Stars: Ooooooh!

Plankton: (regretfully adds a 3rd point to the All Stars on the scoreboard) So that's All Stars - 3, us & the Knothole Freedom Fighters - 0. (gets an idea) Wait a minute. The Knothole Freedom Fighters still haven't scored. But how can they win this crazy. Stay fainted Robotnik. I'll handle this. Cause I have a plan. (to the Heroes) Now, we're down to the last event, Knothole Freedom Fighters. Since the All Stars have won 3 events, they're safe cause they won an event. Now it's your turn, Knothole Freedom Fighters to win an event. One of you can win a race against Robotnik's fastest flying buzz bomber!! Good luck.


Tyler: (holding all of the junk for the sclupture) This is really heavy.

Tails: I know, but we just need a few more pieces of scrap metal for our Sculpture! (notices Sonic's Sneakers) Yow!

Tyler: Hey, aren't those Sonic Sneakers?

Tails: Yeah, those ARE Sonic's sneakers! But how did they get here?

Tyler: I have a feeling, I know.

Tails: Come on, Tyler. Without his special sneakers, Sonic will never be able to compete in the olympics!

Tyler: We've got to get these to Sonic...and fast!

(Back at the race)

Sally: Run, Antoine, Run!

Antoine: (running, feeling tired) (panting) This is jogging my memory!

Plankton: Well, well, well, since the All Stars are now immune. They can't compete cause the Knothole Freedom Fighters will never win. Now that the Buzzbomber of Robotnik's is far ahead, the Knothole Freedom Fighters will be running backwards!

Spongebob: Antoine is way behind & we can't help.

Sally: It's no use, Boomer! Once that Buzzbomer crosses the finish line, the Knothole Freedom Fighters are finished.

Mike: It's ok, we will avenge you.

Sonic: (suddendly appears, wearing his normal sneakers with Tails & Tyler) Not yet, Princess Sally!

Sally: SONIC!

Spongebob & Patrick: Tyler! Your back!

Lindsay: Hi Tyler!

Tyler: Hey Lindsay.

Spongebob: Come on Sonic, let's help Antoine!

Sonic: Right! Stand back! Spongebob & I are gonna kick up some dust with Hyper-Sonic Speed

Sonic & Spongebob: (zooms off)

Buzzbomber: (in front of the finish line, waiting for Antoine) Heh, heh! I'll wait until the Freedom Fighter catches up before I zip across the Finish Line!

Antoine: (panting heavily)

Spongebob: I don't think so!

Sonic & Spongebob: (zooms around Buzzbomber, making a cloud of dust, covering up the Buzzbomber)

Buzzbomber: Hey! What's that? (notices Sonic & Spongebob) ?!! (got covered by a cloud of dust) It's a cloud of dust! (coughing) I can't see! I'd better cross the finish right now! (coughs & then crosses the line, not knowing it's the starting line) I did it! I won the race!

Sonic: Look again, Buzzbrain! (points to the starting line)

Spongebob: You flew backwards & crossed the starting line!

Sonic: And that means, Antoine wins the race!

Buzzbomber: ?!

Plankton: (sighs) Alright, I'm a man of my word.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (suddendly wakes up) But I'm not! (notices Sonic has his real sneakers back) Sonic's got his real sneakers back! Destroy them!

Sonic: Since you broke your promise, Spongebob & I will break your robo-machine...with a sonic spin!

Spongebob: Goodbye!

Sonic & Spongebob: (does a sonic spin at the robo-machine, damaging it & the machine is short circuiting)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: He shorted my machine! It's going to explode!

Plankton: Let's beat it !

Dr. Robotnik Prime: No kidding. Everyone for himself!

(The both villains had made a run for it outside, before the machine suddendly shuts down, because Boomer had pull the plug)

Spongebob: What happened?

Boomer: Chill team! I pulled out the plug!

Noah: Excellent prank you've put there.

Gwen: Yeah, nice touch with the electricity, Kinecticlops.

Kinecticlops: Thanks.

Sonic: You saved us by running here Tails & Tyler! Even Antoine will admit that you're a good athlete!

Tyler: I am? Alright! Extreme! (runs, but trips himself) Ow!

Tails: Maybe he'll give me fencing lessons, Sonic!

Sonic: You may have to settle for fainting lessons!

Spongebob: Are you ok Antoine?

Sally: Wake up, Antoine! The race is over! You won, Antoine!

Sam: Is he ok?

Antoine: (on the floor, panting & feeling dizzy) Oh please, let this be the Finish!

Twilight Sparkle: (giggles) He's fine. (sighs in relief)

The End