This is the 62nd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan, Xplode, Mordecai & Rigby

Main Villains: Plankton, Shao Kahn, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Kano, Vezon, the Kanker Sisters, Snively, King Pig, Kabal & Quan Chi

Special Guest: Taz (Looney Tunes)

Story #1: Transcript

Escape to the Island, The Big Escape (Endgame: Part 3)

(Continuing where we left off from the previous episode, Sonic, Scorpion, Sub-Zero & the All Stars have already made their escape, flying towards the sun set, while Geoffrey is not liking this one bit)

Geoffrey: (growls)

(The Rebel Underground caught up to Geoffrey)

Rebel Underground Soldier: What happened?

Geoffrey: Sonic escaped...because of the All Stars! They have gone completely AWOL! Can't they see what is happening here? They went that way! (points to the direction the gang has left) Hurry, men! Let's work our way back through the catacombs. We can still capture that mutionous swine...come on!

Geoffrey & the Rebel Underground: (begins finding their way through the catacombs caves)

(They didn't know that Vezon & the Kanker Sisters begin to stir)

Vezon & the Kanker Sisters: (waking up)

Vezon: Oh man, what happened?

May Kanker: Our boyfriends are getting away!

Marie Kanker: Not for long.

Lee Kanker: They will not get far.

Vezon: Very well, Scorpion will succeed on his mission. Until then, we must continue the search of our own.

(With the All Stars, Sonic, Scorpion & Sub-Zero)

(The group have continued their travel in a vast grassy field on foot & so far, no one else have been following the group)

Hakann: We've lost them!

Kitty: Are we certain about this?

Eddy: Yeah! Those chumps will never find us now! From here on out, it's nothing but smooth sailing!

Spongebob: That's the 2nd time we're all alone on a global chase, getting away from our enemies.

Nitroblast: I think we can handle this again.

Gwen: Man, that was too close.

Sonic: (panting) Gotta keep going...have to...escape to prove...innocence...gotta get back to...Knothole.

Yellow Bird: What's his problem?

Mamgo: How should I know?

Applejack: All we have to do is to get back to Knothole & prove Sonic's innocent otherwise, we'd be running away from the law forever.

Rarity: (faints)

Sanford: (catches Rarity) Gotcha.

Rarity: (regains consciousness & hops off) Why thank you darling.

Sanford: We're not slowing down here anytime soon.

Scorpion: ...

(Back at Knothole)

Plankton, Shao Kahn & "King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): (looks at the captured Wolf Pack, Knothole & Subsitute Freedom Fighters)

Plankton: It is come to my attention that Sonic did betray you all. But despite what you're all thinking, King Acorn has not! For this is anything but your beloved soveregn, oh no. He's actually...

"King Acorn" (Shang Tsung): (morphs back to Shang Tsung)

Plankton: Shang Tsung!

Shang Tsung: (chuckles evily)

Plankton: I can't believe that you're easily fooled by a fake King Acorn for the second time in a row! (chuckles evily) The first fake was a robot duplicate made by Robotnik Prime, who I imprisoned, but that's another story. The second was Shang Tsung in disguise to fool you twice.

STH Rotor: (gasps)

Antoine: Oh, no!

Tails: You fiend!

Plankton: Silence!

Shao Kahn: I'm afraid that would be too easy. I'd much rather see you perish along with the rest of the repulsive realm of Mobius.

Plankton: And so, we'll give you a chance to live...for a short while anyway.

STH Rotor: (was very angry at the 3 villains)

Plankton: ...until the latest and most powerful weapon of destruction is fully activated! Then every living thing on Mobius will be annihilated including your precious monarch, who's being attended to as I speak...

Shang Tsung: Once the entire population of Mobius is vaporised, you're souls...are mine.

(Meanwhile in Robotropolis...)

Snively & King Pig: (listening to Dr. Quack)

Dr. Quack: I've done everything your evil master demanded...(in thought: Almost everything...)

Snively: Not quite, Dr. Quack, give me the documentation!

King Pig: We really need to see them

Dr. Quack: (hands the documentates of the Death Certificate of Sally Acorn)

Snively: Much better!

King Acorn: Thank you.

Dr. Quack: I've kept my end of the bargain! Now you do the same!

Snively: Tut, tut, doc...

King Acorn: Have you forgotten?

Snively: Your bedside manners need improvement! Perhaps this will teach you some respect!

King Pig: (nods at Foreman Pig)

Foreman Pig: Yes, your majesty. (goes up to Snively & presses the button on Snively's hand, revealing Dr. Quack's family in jail)

Dr. Quack: Elizabeth! Kids!

Elizabeth Quack (Dr. Quack's wife): (with 3 of her kids) Oh Quentin! (sobs) Please get us out of here!

Huburt, Duane & Louise (Dr. Quack's & Elizabeth's kids): (scared)

Dr. Quack: (turns to Snively & King Pig) You dirtbags! I'm gonna...!

Corperal Pig: (tazes Dr. Quack with a tazer) SALA!

Dr. Quack: Hurrgh!

Elizabeth: Noooo!

Hurbut, Duane & Louise: Daddeeeee!

King Pig: Thanks Corperal Pig.

Corperal Pig: Anything to help out a king in command, sir!

Snively: (presses the button again, closing the steel door that revealed Dr. Quack's parents)

Dr. Quack: (chokes) Ruh-Robotnik p-promised...(coughs 2 times) Suh-said they'd be ruh-released if I fuh-falsified...(wheezes)

King Pig: I'm afraid that Robotnik's empire is under new management. Plankton has tooken over the empire.

Snively: (helps Dr. Quack get up) And they will Doc...after you do us another favor! Up you go!

King Pig: Follow us please.

Snively & King Pig: (escorts Dr. Quack to the hallway to see a patient lying on the table)

Snively: If you refuse you will have another D.O.A. on your you've seen before!

King Pig: Now then. (removes the blankets, revealing the patient who is actually the real King Acorn who is still half crystalized)

Snively: You remember old stoneface here, don't you?

Dr. Quack: (gasps) The King!

King Pig: As you can see, we captured the real King Acorn & replaced him with a robotic fake, which is destroyed by Scorpion because of change of plans. Now King Acorn is been replaced by Shang Tsung, disguised as the King himself.

Snively: You will obey my instructions to the letter, Doc...that is, if you ever want to see your family again!

Dr. Quack: (sighs) Yes, Mr. Snively...

King Pig: Good, now hut-hut!

(Back with Sonic, Scorpion, Sub-Zero & the All Stars)

Sub-Zero: We're not getting any closer to Knothole.

Dudley: See anything?

Rainbow Dash: Nope, all I see is vast grassy fields & a tree that we're at now.

Rigby: (panting) (groans) You're killing me!

Mordecai: Come on dude, take this seriously.

Timon: If those Tasmainian Devils want to get us, then will have to think of a strategy to stop them!

Hank: And I got just the idea, fight fire with fire.

Spongebob: Tasmainian Devil against Tasmainian Devil? I like it.

Mordecai & Rigby: What?!

Bouncer: That's a great idea, let's do it!

Rigby: But isn't there another way to stop those fiesty Tasmainian Devils commanded by Geoffrey St. John?

Timon: What are we gonna do? Put him in a rocket & send him to the moon? Besides Mordecai & Rigby, you said you'll do anything for us. Don't you remember?

Mordecai & Rigby: (begins to think back)

(Flashback begins to see the All Stars relaxing at the beach)

Mordecai & Rigby: (with the All stars)

Mordecai: Yes, Rigby & I will do anything for you All Stars.

Rigby: Yeah-uh, even bringing in a Tasmainian Devil.

(End of Flashback to see Mordecai & Rigby carrying a steel crate with a wild tasmainian devil inside)

Mordecai & Rigby: (now very annoyed) Crud.

Mordecai: Rigby!

Rigby: Sorry, I was over confident before.

Mordecai & Rigby: (sets the steel crate down)

Spongebob: Alright, when we see Geoffrey St. John & his Rebel Underground & they're Tasmainian Devils around here, we will release the Tasmainian Devil of our own.

Deimos: Got it.

Sonic: (huffs & puffs) Knothole's just over that...oh, what's the use? I'm too tired and they're not gonna give up coming after me!

Spongebob: And we're not giving up either.

Sonic: How much is this going to drag on...?

Avak: Great, this could go on forever & ever.

Vezok: That almost sound like dragon. Oh wait, I forgot, Raptros is a dragon as well, but only fighting for the wrong side!

Sonic: "Drag on"...(gets an idea) That's it!

Fluttershy: What is?

Spongebob: I think Sonic mean a dragon.

Fluttershy: (gasps) A-dr-dr-dragon?!

Squidward: It's not a full grown dragon we're calling for.

Astro Boy: Dulcy! That's it!

Harold: But how are we gonna call Dulcy?

Sonic: It's simple. (takes a deep breathe) Huuuuhhh!

Squidward: What're you doing now?

Sonic: (whistles)

(Vibrating his vocal chords at a speed unattainable by any other living creature, Sonic ewits a high pitched that can only be heard by Dulcy)

Dulcy: (arrives, flying towards the group & is flying in mid-air) You called?

Sonic: Dulcy! Am I glad to see you!

Squidward: (not ammused) I'm really glad I don't eat at the Krusty Krab.

Sub-Zero: I would say that is very impressive. But we must tell her what happened.

Spongebob: Right.

Sonic: (to Dulcy) You know I'd never hurt Sally! You're the only chance I've got to prove my innocence! Please, Dulcy!

Dulcy: A dragon can sense the purity of trut, Sonic...I believe you! What can I do?

Scorpion: (in thought: Interesting, if this dragon can sense my truth, she would rat me out as the lier I was. It is time for the back-up plan.) (sneaking up to Sub-Zero & then suddendly grabs him by the shoulders & teleports himself & Sub-Zero away)

Sub-Zero: !!! (was teleported)

Thumpback: (notices the 2 ninjas are gone) Huh? Sub-Zero? Scorpion? Where'd they go?

Spongebob: They're gone? Where'd they dissapeared to?

Sonic: (hops on Dulcy) You can get me out of here and fly me to...(whispers the location in Dulcy's ear)

Dulcy: As you wish, True Blue! Up...Up...(flies upwards carrying Sonic)

Geoffrey St. John & the Rebel Underground: (arrives with Tasmainian Devils) Nooo!

All Stars: (hides behind the trees)

Geoffrey St. John: (throws his archery bow down) Aaargh! Missed him by a whisker! This isn't over, Hedgehog! I'll follow you to the ends of Mobius!

All Stars: (comes out of hiding)

Spongebob: And it's too bad for you that we'll be protecting Sonic because he is truly innocent!

Geoffrey St. John: LIAR!

Duncan: Oh yeah?

Eddy: Mordecai & Rigby! Release the beast!

Mordecai & Rigby: (opens the steel cage)

(The Tasmainian Devil escapes from it's cage, spinning like a tornado & stops, revealing to be the carnivorous Tasmainian Devil from the "Looney Tunes" named "Taz"



Taz: (roaring, growling, snarling & raspberries & then spots Geoffrey St. John, the Rebel Underground & other Tasmainian Devils, licking his lips in hunger)

Geoffrey St. John: Not again.

Taz: (begins attacking Geoffrey St. John, the Rebel Underground & the other Tasmainian Devils with his tornado attacks)

Applejack: Yee Haw! Let's get outta here, y'all!

(The All Stars begins their retreat again, while Taz continues attacking the Rebel Underground)

Xplode: Where do you think they we're going?

Zaktan: Scorpion & Sub-Zero have been teleported to the Floating Islands.

Twilight Sparkle: And that is where we must go. I've only got one more shot at this before recharging my magic. Alright everyone & everypony, stay close. I don't know what will happen. (her unicorn horn begins to glow)

(The All Stars begin to stick close together while Twilight Sparkle uses her unicorn magic to teleport herself & the All Stars to the Floating Islands, not knowing that Vezon & the Kanker Sisters have heard it as well)

Vezon: The Floating Islands, eh? Prepare our Chum Pods, it's time to go hunting for All Stars!

Vezon & the Kanker Sisters: (laughs evily as they fly towards to the Floating Island, not knowing Geoffrey St. John have heard them)

Geoffrey St. John: (smirks) Too easy.

(Meanwhile in Hershey's cottage...)

Hershey: (with Drago & Kano) (felt sad) This is horrible!

Kano: Nah, it's fine. For the Black Dragon anyway.

Drago: (looking at the mirror) Ah, you'll make a fine looking duke of Mobis, Drago my boy!

Kano: Especially a part of the Black Dragon.

Hershey: Did you hear me? The princess was killed!

Drago: (slaps the cup away from Hershey's hands) That's right, toots! And you're the one who did it!

Kano: And that was Black Dragon material.

Hershey: (sheds a tear) N-no! It can't be! I...y-you told me I was helping the Freedom Fighters! That evil Snively was climbing down the rope...

Kano: Gotcha, didn't I? Kabal, show her the box.

Kabal: (nods & then opens the box, revealing a Sonic the Hedgehog disguise) Looks like Vezok is not the only one who plays as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Kano: Vezok played as Sonic for good, while you played Sonic for bad like us.

Drago: Ha! Like they say, "There's a sucker born every minute." You just happened to be coming along at the right time, kiddo! Put the head back on you'll see what I mean!

Kano: Give it a shot.

Hershey: (puts on the mask of the Sonic costume & sees herself in the mirror as Snively) Eeeeeeek! It's him! B-but that's impossible! It should be me! (turns to Kano, Kabal & Drago who look like Snively through the mask) And you 3 look like him, too! What's going on?!

Kano: Haven't you figured it out yet?

Hershey: (takes off the mask & throws it away) What kind of treachery is this?

Drago: The best kind...Robotnik's! (points to the mask's eyelids) See these eye pieces? They contain optic image refractors. No matter who you look at, it appears to be Snively!

Kabal: Also part of the Black Dragon technology to fool someone into thinking it was their enemy, but it was actually someone who is not.

Drago: So when you cut the rope you thought Snively was dangling from, you really dropped Princess Sally to her death!

Kano: But in order to do that, we need to find someone who can kill Sally for us & we know just the guinea pig: You! (points to Hershey)

Drago: Hahahahaaa! You were easy to dupe, sugar! And now Robotnik will reward me with a kingdom of my own when he takes over mobius!

Hershey: (collapses to the floor, crying) (chokes) No-ho-ho-hoooo...

Kano: And about that reward from Robotnik. His empire is under new management.

Drago: What do you mean?

Kano: Plankton doesn't need him anymore. So he betrayed him & now you'll speak only with your new master, Plankton.

Drago: (gets angry) What?! Plankton betrayed him!

Kano: Guilty as charged.

Drago: This is your fault!

Kano: What are you on about huh? You're with me, aren't you?

Drago: I should have the reward what I deserve!

Kano: You wanted your own kingdom because of Robotnik's promise? Remember the story when a temporary ally is no longer needed. When their work is done, the masters are gonna cut their strings.

Drago: I should be in jail! Now you're gonna be!

Kabal: (goes right next to Kano) I don't think so.


(Even though Drago is full of rage of not getting his reward because of Plankton's betrayal against Robotnik, his rage has gotten the best of him when both Kano & Kabal defeated Drago without hesitation.)

Kano: Now then, are you in or out?

Drago: (on his knees) Fine...I'm in.

Kano: That's more like it.

(At Downunda)

(Halfway around the world, another drama is about to unfold, but first a strange shaman appears via electricity along with Raiden & the shaman's name is Nightwolf



Raiden: I sense great energy nearby.

Nightwolf: I can sense it as well & they are new beings, coming from down this giant crater

(They looked at the giant crater, sensing that they are somewhere inside the crater)

Raiden: I believe it is an ancient pristine landscape of the land know as...down under.

Nightwolf: Formerly known as "Australia". That is why we are in this peaceful outback.

Raiden: (suddendly gets a vision of Robotnik Prime betraying Plankton back)

Nightwolf: Did you sense another vision?

Raiden: Yes, I've forseen events that Plankton have against Robotnik Prime. Plankton betrayed Robotnik for all of the failures he have caused because of the freedom fighters & now that Plankton have betrayed him, Robotnik Prime will betray him back, but there is something else. I must head his headquarters to find more info about his betrayal. You will lead until I return.

Nightwolf: As you wish, Haokah. (dissapears in a flash of lightning)

Nightwolf: (spots the Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's army coming this way)

Liu Bei: Greetings. We request your assistance

Nightwolf: I have been searching for you.

Zhang Fei: Well you've found us. Who are you?

Nightwolf: I am Nightwolf, I am requesting your help.

Guan Yu: I see.

Cao Cao: (hears something coming from the crater) Hold on, listen.

STH Combot: Move...quickly!

Sun Jian: That sounds like a robot.

Nightwolf: A Combot. We must go & stay out of the shadows.

Xiahou Dun: They would be district, let's attack carefully.

Sun Ce: Agreed.

Xiahou Yuan: Right.

Nightwolf: I will go in first. Once I signal you when I've release the prisoners.

Yuan Shao: As you wish, faithful shaman.

Nightwolf: (nods & heads down the crater & then hides from the STH Combots who are sending Bunnie & Antoine, who are wearing collars, into a cell.)

STH Combot: Hurry it up!

Nightwolf: (spots Bunnie & Antoine)

Bunnie: How dayuh you manhandle me that way! Why I oughta...

Antoine: Control yourself, Bunnie! Remembaire what zey said would 'appen!

STH Combot: Indeed Rabbot! Any attempt to utilize your bionic append ages will trigger your collar alarm! Which in turn will activate the explosive device in his collar. In you go! (throws Bunnie & Antoine into their cell)

Bunnie: Ooof!

Antoine: Unngh!

STH Combot: (turns to Krekka & Nidhiki) We have 2 more prisoners.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (along with their Tekken Combots)

Krekka: Good.

Nidhiki: Back to work!

Antoine & Bunnie: (locked up by the shackles)

Bunnie: (to Antoine) Don't worry sugah...ah'll keep mah cool...for now!

STH Combot: And we'll keep you here forever! (leaves)

Krekka: Nighty night. There's plenty more where that came from.

Nidhiki: (chuckles evily as he & Krekka leaves for a bit)

Nightwolf: (approaches towards them)

Antoine: Alors! Someone ees coming towards us!

Nightwolf: I have been searching for you 2.

Bunnie: Well, y'all found us. Who are you?

Nightwolf: I am Nightwolf. Raiden has summoned me to help you escape.

Antoine: Who is this Raiden?

Nightwolf: I can't talk now, we're being watched. (begins to hide)

Tekken Combots: (marching along)

(2 new figures we're seen in shackles & they are actually Walt Wallabee & Barby Koala)

Bunnie: Oh, mah stars! Ah recognize them from Tails' report on his adventure hereabouts! It's two of the Downunda Freedom Fighters!

Walt: Yes. (coughs 2 times) I'm Walt Wallabee...

Barby: And I'm Barby Koala. When they brought you in, did you see...

Krekka & Nidhiki: (comes back with someone else)

Krekka: Over here prisoners!

Nidhiki: We've brought back a friend.

(The figure with Krekka & Nidhiki is actually Crocbot inside his signature tank)

Walt & Barby: (now scared of Crocbot's surprize appearance)

Walt: Oh, no!

Antoine: Sacre blue!

Bunnie: Gracious me! Who...or what are you?

Crocbot: I am Crocbot! Warden of the Downunda Prison Camp...and your worst nightmare, Freedom Fighters! I was not always thus! My robo-reptile body was perfect until Tails & Guru Emu sent me crashing into this accused crater! My mecha mega tank set off a massive explosion! I survived the blast, but not without heavy structual damage. Nevertheless, I reconstructed myself, using what fragments I could find.

Nightwolf: (waiting for the right moment)

Crocbot: Soon after, I picked through the twisted wreckage of Robotnik's supply blimp and salvaged as many bot components as I could. Once I re-assembled them into an army using combot designs, I began building this facility designed to capture and punish my enemies as well as enemeies of Robotnik! At the top of my list were the Downunda Freedom Fighters whom we successfully ambushed and captured!

Nightwolf: ...

Crocbot: I have since taken great delight in torturing them mercilessly! A hobby of mine that you two will soon get to experience first hand! And when I send your ragged remains back to your friend Tails. I trust he'll come by for a visit. I owe that furry freak big time! Meanwhile, feel free to rue the day you ever crossed paths with Crocbot! Haw Haw Haw!

Nightwolf: (signals the call)

Dian Wei: It's the signal!

Yuan Shao: All units attack!

(The armies of Shu, Wei, Wu & Yuan Shao's army, begins charging, slashing at the Tekken Combots along the way)

Krekka: (hears someone coming) Hey! What was that?

Nidhiki: (growls) It's those Dynasty Warriors from China! Combots, stop them!

Tekken Combots: (charges as well)

Krekka: Crocbot will take care of the prisoners!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (charges as well)

Nightwolf: (keeps quiet)

Antoine: Ees there any chance for escape or rescue?

Walt: I'm afraid not...this camp's location is top secret.

Barby: (sniffs) It's hopeless...

Bunnie: Don't worry, sugah, we'll come up with a plan to escape...ah hope!

Nightwolf: (in thought: And you shall.)

(On the Floating Island)

(We see Scorpion & Sub-Zero arrived at the Floating Island)

Sub-Zero: The Floating Island.

Scorpion: This is where Mammoth Mogul stole the real Sword of Acorns, this is where you will pay.


(They fight. The battle is truly an epic one, with both kombatants equally matched in strength and fighting skill. In the end, Scorpion's fury gets the better of Sub-Zero and he is beaten into submission.)

Scorpion: I have avenged my family and clan.

Quan Chi: (teleports into the Floating Island) This is your retribution? Scorpion, kill him.

Scorpion: I... I will not. He has been beaten.

Quan Chi: Have you forgotten? (magically creates a visage of the homeland of the Shirai Ryu.)

Scorpion: What is this?

(With the All Stars)

All Stars: (appears through Twilight's teleportation)

Twilight Sparkle: (panting) We

SpongeBob: You deserve a nice rest. Now all we gotta do is to find Sub-Zero & Scorpion.

Zaktan: (notices Sub-Zero & Scorpion) Uh, guys? (points to the 2 & Quan Chi)

SpongeBob: (gets a vision at this moment, first Scorpion rips the head & spine off of Sub-Zero, the head morphs into the visage of the 2nd Noob Saibot's wraith) They must not kill him! (charges at Quan Chi & spindashes at him) HAA!

Quan Chi: (his magic was interrupted by SpongeBob's spindash) URGH! (falls down)

(The visage made by Quan Chi fades away)

Scorpion: (turns to SpongeBob) What is this? Quan Chi is showing me the past of...

SpongeBob: The past that Quan Chi showed you is a little fake. You see...

Scorpion: No time to explain we have to keep moving.

Sub-Zero: (gets up slowly) (rubbing his head) Scorpion, you have spared my life. Why?

Scorpion: Because of Sally's promise, but now that she's gone, I will avenge her.

Xplode: Oh brother.

(Suddendly they heard smacking, punching & kicking coming from the other side of the Floating Island)

Mordecai: Sounds like Sonic & Knuckles fighting each other...again

Rigby: How can you even be so sure?

Mordecai: You'll see, now let's go!

(The All Stars, plus Scorpion & Sub-Zero heads off to the other side of the Floating Island to see that it was Sonic & Knuckles fighting each other & Dulcy was knocked out by Knuckles' ambush attack)

Sonic: I might've known you'd attack the sweetest, most gently creature on the planet for no reason, brain-dead redhead!

Knuckles: Oh, yeah? Well, you're next!

Sonic & Knuckles: (starts attacking each other)

Rigby: Now what are we gonna do?

Vezon & the Kanker Sisters: (appears from the bushes)

Vezon: We're baaaack.

6 Piraka: Vezon!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Kankers!

Squidward: Not again.

Sonic: Not if I whack you first, Echidnerd! (punches Knuckles)

Knuckles: (was sent flying) Glarrg! (glides down to safety) Right back at you, Spine Swine! (punches Sonic)

Sonic: Hooomph! (lands)

Dudley: Quick, somebody do something!

Sonic: That does it...I'm gonna hit you so hard, it'll hurt your whole family!

Knuckles: Bah! I step over punks like you to get to a real fight...C'mon!

Raw Jaw: First Knuckles, now Vezon & the Kankers.

Scorpion: (kept quiet) ...

Rigby: Great, can't this get any worse?

(An explosion occurs in front of them.

Geoffrey St. John: (coming from his parachute, floating down) Back-off, Knuckles! If anyone's taking the hedgehog down, it'll be me!

Knuckles: Who...?

Sonic: St. John!

Mordecai: Rigby!

Rigby: Whoops.

Lee Kanker: Oops.

Thok: Oops? What kind of explination is "Oops"?

Marie Kanker: A very bad one for you that is. (giggles)

May Kanker: Now you're toast.

Spongebob: Not on our watch.

To Be Continued...