This is the 64th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Vezok & Pinkie Pie

Main Villains: Discord & Specter

Special Guest: NiGHTS (NiGHTS)

Super Transformation Debut: NiGHTS SpongeBob

Season 3 Opening Theme: Transcript

(The music begins with Spongebob running on a giant Harpoon Gun right down the holder's hand, which belongs to Vezok. As Spongebob jumps off, The Piraka clashes their weapons against the Jack-2 Bots.)

(The Scene changes to the Total Drama Gang launching boulders by using catapults. And then the boulders we're actually the Angry Birds, the War Monsters & the Giants in disguise as they broken free from their boulder disguises, ramming at the Jack-2 Bots with their strength.)

(The scene changes from Hot Head's flame attacks to the Hero Factory Villains, Boggy B, Dudley, Kitty, Hank, Sanford & Deimos grabbing their weapons ready for battle.)

(The Scene changes again to see the flames changes to blue flames to see firey images of the Jack-2 Bots charging, to a blue pheonix.)

(Then the Scene changes again to see a war raged in Robotropolis, seeing the All Star Freedom Fighters fighting against the Jack-2 Bots, with Astro Boy firing his arm cannon at a group of Jack-2 Bots, Timon & Pumbaa charging at the Jack-2 Bots while Pumbaa is ramming them away, like they did against the hyenas.

(Next, Hank spots the entire horde of Jack-2 Bots & warns the All Stars about this. After that, the All Stars rams through the horde of Jack-2 Bots while Plankton prepares the Master Jack-X.)

(Finally Spongebob jumps up in front of the head of the Master Jack-X, where Plankton is in the cockpit & Spongebob releases his signature Surge Fist move at the Master Jack-X & the screen turns to white before the impact, revealing the Title "Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover", Sonic style, with Spongebob doing Sonic's pose)

Story #1: Transcript

Mega Byte Big Time! (Part 1)

(In South Knothole in the same night, where the previous episode has left off)

Pinkie Pie: Come on everypony & everybody! You wanna par-tay? Well let's PAR-TAY!

(We see the All Stars continues to celebrate one of their biggest victories against Robotnik Prime, who is erased & gone for good. The All Stars we're dancing, enjoying their time & laughing together. We even see Patrick dancing the same way he did since the SpongeBob's house party incident)

(Scene changes, from outside, watching the party are Spongebob, Eddy & Reidak. Eddy is relaxing, slurping a jawbreaker & Reidak is drinking some fruit punch while the 2 are contemplating recent events with Spongebob.)

Spongebob: (holding Xplode's rainbow amulet, which is glowing dark blue now) I do not understand why Xplode's amulet is now dark blue & furthur damaged. "He must have the heart". If not Plankton, then who?

Reidak: Ya got me. Not sure anybody coulda done what you did. You've defeated Shao Kahn. And you made Shang Tsung look like a chump.

Eddy: Yeah! What a chump! (laughing loudly)

???: (on his floating throne, floating up to them seemingly unnoticed) More like a chimp if you ask me.

Spongebob: Huh? Who said that?

(A figure who is on his floating throne appears to be Specter himself)

Specter: I see you aren't fans of Plankton's empire.

Reidak: Who are you?

Eddy: And what are you doing here?

Specter: My name is Specter, the new recruit of the Plankton Empire. I wish to help him & his empire in his time of need.

Spongebob: Typical Plankton, but we're onto you now.

Specter: Now, now. Let's not get discourged...yet. After being defeated by Spike, I realized I wasn't playing the right deck of cards. So I've brought along my top monkey group called the "Freaky Monkey Five". They'll put up a fight like you never seen & they are sure to stop you. Sorry, but you don't stand a chance.

Eddy: What do you mean?

Specter: I fed them these Vita-Z Bananas, only this time I'd make sure they eat the right ammount so they'll be stronger than you.

Reidak: What do you mean by "Right Ammount"?

Specter: Do I have to explain everything myself? (sighs) Very well. An overdose of Vita-Z Bananas will cause anyone to grow into a giant & goes on a rampage.

Spongebob: Sheesh, if Donkey Kong & Congar we're eating those kind of bananas too much, this could be bad news.

Reidak: Whoever you are, Specter. Once we meet again, your plans will be ruined once we've catch you & throw you into jail.

Specter: (laughs) We'll see who'll be catching whom!

Spongebob: Whoever the Freaky Monkey Five are, give them my regards.

Specter: (smiles evily) This should be a lot of fun!

(Specter presses the red button, activating a big wormhole releasing loads of Monkeys wearing pants & Pipo Helments & they are called "Pipo Monkeys")

Spongebob: (notices all this & chases after Specter)

Specter: (his floating throne float upwards) Ah, ah, ah. Relax & enjoy the show. If you dare on resisting me & the Freaky Monkey Five, we'll be glad to crush you like vermin! Ciao. (flies away on his floating throne)

Spongebob: Wait, stop!

Reidak & Eddy: (chasing after the monkeys)

Eddy: Come back here you little!

Reidak: (grabs hold 2 monkeys, one for each hand) I got 2.

Eddy: We still have hundreds more to grab!

(Suddendly the Pipo Monkeys begins to tackle Reidak & Eddy together as a team)

Reidak: Hey! Cut that out! What are we, a stash of bananas!

Reidak & Eddy: (falls down)

(The scene changes to Reidak's POV as a Pipo Monkey with red pants & red boxing gloves begins to come down on Reidak)

Reidak: Oh great.

(The Red Pipo Monkey punches the lights out of Reidak, causing Reidak to go unconscious)

(Reidak starts hearing voices of the All Stars as he comes to, and spots Fluttershy kneeling over him. The All Stars are luckily uninjured as South Knothole we're covered by Vita-Z Bananas everywhere)

Spongebob: Specter gained a momentary advantage during our battle & escaped. With those monkeys on the loose, I now relise what we must do.

Fluttershy: Guys, Reidak is starting to wake up. (to Reidak) It's ok, Reidak. The monkeys are gone now, back to their peaceful homes at the monkey park.

Reidak: (getting up slowly, groaning) Uggh...

(Normal P.O.V.)

Reidak: Anybody get the number o' that...? Wait. Did you say "Monkey Park"?

Zaktan: She did & apparantely those monkeys are causing only mischief, but we've managed to captured them all with this Monkey Net while you're knocked out. (holds up a Monkey Net)

Patrick: What's that?

Zaktan: It's a special Monkey Net that can capture those monkeys & can be returned to the Monkey Park back in the Universe of Ape Escape.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Cool.

Applejack: That net is very fancy looking.

Spongebob: That's why Zaktan has an important part in the All Stars. He is our very own Multiversal Universe Specialist.

Zaktan: That title of a dedicated "Multiversal Universe Specialist" is where they can tell which Universe it is & also the history of each universe, no matter where or when we travel.

Twilight Sparkle: Very impressive.

Meltdown: Indeed.

Zaktan: Besides, I've got a message from one of the locals in the Ape Escape Universe telling us to capture the monkeys & bringing them back to the Monkey Park by using a monkey net. The locals who have contacted me are the Professor, Spike, Natalie, Jimmy, Kei, Yumi & Aki.

Congar: I see, so Specter is a one of a kind villain.

Zaktan: Yes & it states here that Specter's life is taking over the world for all the Pipo Monkeys out there.

Mordecai & Rigby: What?!

Avak: It's like he wants to transform a planet into the Planet of the Apes. No offence.

Donkey Kong: None taken. (about to eat a banana)

Courtney: Hold up.

Donkey Kong: What's the matter? I gotta have a banana sooner or later.

Harold: You're about to eat a Vita-Z Banana.

Donkey Kong: (notices the Vita-Z Banana he's holding) Ohh. Do you think these Vita-Z Bananas can help up against powerful foes?

Xplode: Only time will tell.

Owen: Well, time for bed. We've been capturing those monkeys for only 30 minutes.

Ezekiel: Yep. Good night guys.

(At South Knothole, still night time.)

(Inside the bedrooms of each hut, the All Stars are sleeping peacefully.)

[Eddy is in bed, sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, flies start to swarm around him. Eddy waves them away and rolls over. The flies return, however, and Eddy awakes a little. He then sees something startling.]

Eddy: Ed! What are you doing in my bed?

Ed: I can't sleep, Eddy. I keep thinking; how can my feet smell if they don't have a nose?

Eddy: Ed? [after a long pause] GET OUT OF MY ROOM! [He boots Ed out of bed.]

Ed: My buttocks hurt.

Avak: (yawns) Would you keep it down? I'm trying to get some sleep! (goes to sleep)

Eddy: (rolls over to back on his right side) Sorry.

Ed: [His attention is drawn to the lava lamp.] Why does goo float?

Eddy: HIT THE ROAD! [A crunching is heard. Ed has eaten the lamp.] My lamp!

Hot Head: (waking up) Actually, that's mine. I was making lava lamps to pass the time. It was a hobby of mine. Good night. (goes back to sleep)

Noah: (still sleeping) That explains all the lava lamps in your room, Hot Head. Now good night.

Ed: (grabbing Eddy by the leg, holding him up) Eddy, why don't birds just take a bus south for the winter? (walks off)


[A clock on the stove reads 3:14. Eddy is exhausted, and Ed's barrage of questions is still going strong.]

Ed: [opening and closing the refrigerator door] Eddy, when you close the fridge door, does the little light stay on?

Eddy: GO HOME!

Ed: [continuing to play with the door] Hello light. Hello light. Hello light. Hello light. Hello light.

[It is morning. Eddy has gotten no sleep, and Ed is still asking questions.]

Spongebob: (with the All Stars, minus Edd, Zaktan & the Mane 6) What's going on?

Squidward: Is Ed thinking again?

Nitroblast: Looks like it.

Astro Boy: Looks like Eddy needs some sleep, but Ed's questions are still keeping him awake for the whole night.

Owen: Wow, that's harsh. Tough break.

Justin: Good thing I got beauty sleep for my good looks.

Katie & Sadie: (sighs happily)

Ed: Eddy, carrots are good for your eyes. Can it dial a phone?

Eddy: If you're going to strain your peanut brain, think of something more important. Like–how to get your face on a dollar bill!

Hakann: Say, that's a great idea. We can think of something more important, but how?

Ed: Eddy, why is someone in the kitchen with Dinah?

Yellow Bird: Huh?

Eddy: Uh... Double D up yet?

Hank: He is with Zaktan & the Mane 6, working on something after they finished breakfast.

Dudley: Alright, let's go! Hi gee gee! (zooms off)

Geoff & DJ: (looks each other)

Donkey Kong: (shrugs in confusion)

Spongebob: Let's get going.

(As the All Stars left, they didn't take notice Sally is watching them with glowing red eyes)

(In the lab of South Knothole)

[Edd, Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle are working on some complicated piece of machinery, while Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy & Rarity are watching.]

Zaktan: (grabs a piece with a pair of tweesers)

Edd: Intriguing! Slowly...

Zaktan: (slowly plucks the piece) Got it.

Edd: [examining it] How embarrassing! Seems to be a 15-amp resistor!

Twilight Sparkle: Interesting. Who woulda thought?

Edd: My, I love knowledge!

Rainbow Dash: What an egghead.

(Suddendly the rest of the All Stars enters in with Eddy coming up to them)

Eddy: HEY DOUBLE D! [Edd & Twilight Sparkle yelps as they leaps into Ed's & Reidak's arms.]

Edd: Eddy, you know I hate that! Oh, hello, Ed.

Twilight Sparkle: Eddy! Quit scaring me like that! Oh, hello, Reidak.

Reidak: Hi.

Eddy: What're you doing to this toaster? Busted, or what? Where's the toast go, anyway?

Owen: Did someone say toast?

Patrick: I'm getting hungry again.

Edd: First of all, Eddy, toast doesn't go in a toaster. Bread does. Second, it's actually an antique radio. I disassembled it, Eddy, in order to understand how it works.

Spongebob: Interesting.

Avak: Amazing. I would love to disassemble things too.

Eddy: You're a riot, Double D.

Noah: You too, Avak.

Edd: Think how if we knew everything, we would be–

Eddy: [sarcastic] If we knew everything, we would be so famous. [getting an idea] (normal) Wait, yeah! And rich!

Ed: Like potato salad?

Owen: Like Cheese Burgers?

Patrick: Or even a Krabby Patty?

Spongebob: Huh?

Edd: Well–

Twilight Sparkle: Well, that's not what I...

Eddy: I see jawbreakers! Loads of em! I never thought I'd say this, but, let's learn!

Zaktan: Excellent choice Eddy.

Edd: That's the spirit! Let's get educated! Shall we begin our journey of knowledge at Ed's hut?

Mordecai: Alright then. Let's become smart.

Rigby: Great, I'm totally gonna be more smarter than you!

Magmo: Check that grammar, Rigby.

Rigby: Don't tell me. "More Smart, not more smarter".

Magmo: Exactly. Now let's go.

(The All Stars begins to head outside)

Eddy: We're gonna be eggheads! Rich eggheads!

Ed: (following behind) Cluck cluck cluck.

(They didn't take notice of someone appearing by using teleportation & it's Discord)

Discord: Learning, huh? (smiles evily) This is going to be fun.

Mega Byte Big Time! (Part 2)

(At Ed's hut in South Knothole)

[Ed heaves open his garage door.]

Trent: Whoa!

Edd: Egads!

Eddy: Garages are for cars, Ed.

Ed: Why thank you.

[Ed's garage of his hut is filled with an immense amount of junk.]

Spongebob: Would you look at all this stuff. We don't know where to start.

Edd: Where do we begin?

Ed: Oh I know! Let's take this apart first! [He grabs a washing machine and heaves it onto Eddy & Noah.]

Eddy & Noah: Ow!

Edd: Uh, Eddy?

Owen: Noah?

Ed: Look at what I found! [climbing out of the washing machine] One Eddy, One Noah, and a whole bunch of doohickeys.

Courtney: (facepalms)

Ed: I took it apart, All Stars. Am I smart now?

Edd: [making notes] Let's not ask for miracles, Ed.

Zaktan: (checking the doohickeys) Yeah, let's try to keep this a low violent way.

Eddy: You're enjoying this, aren'tcha?

Xplode: Looks like he is.

Thunder: [with an agitator] Ah, and what's this?

Edd: Spin it, Thunder! And learn.

[Thunder spins it and sticks his face. The agigator smacks Thunder across the face.]

Thunder: It's a face smacker, cool! (falls down, feeling dizzy)

Pinkie Pie: My turn, my turn, my turn!

Patrick: I wanna play, I wanna play!

Avak: Not right now, we're busy.

Thumpback: Maybe later, ok?

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie! ^^

Deimos: Anything else to check?

Eddy: [by a dresser] Let's see what makes this old dresser tick! [He pulls out a bra.] Woo hoo! PG-13!

Hank: Uh, Eddy?

Pumbaa: That's Leshawna's, Eddy.

[Eddy grunts and drops the bra, disgusted.]

Edd: [giggling] Oh dear.

LeShawna: (catches the bra & puts it back inside the dresser) What? You ain't never seen Triple-Ds before?

Zaktan: Well, have we learned anything?

Eddy: [looking at Edd's notes] I haven't learned a thing. C'mon, let's find some more stuff.

[Eddy, making his exit, jumps on Edd's head.]

Edd: Eddy, must you be so rough?

Drilldozer: Where is he going?

Vezok: I wanna try that too!

Jetbug: Hold it!

Eddy: (stops)

Jetbug: We need to see an expert about the mysteries of life. Or someone else even.

Spongebob: (gets an idea) That's it! Come on, Ed, Edd & Eddy, let's head back to your universe & visit one of our allies, Rolf. Let's go gang.

Pinkie Pie: Whee! (makes her exit, jumps on Avak's head) Lalalalalalalalala...

Avak: What the...?!

Ed: Is it my turn to jump on your head?

Edd: Let's just follow Spongebob, Ed.

Patrick: Here I come! (leaping offscreen)

Ed: [leaping offscreen] Follow the leader!

Vezok: (leaping offscreen) Cannonball!

Edd, Noah & Cody: [as Ed, Patrick & Vezok lands on their head] Ouch!

Squidward: Morons.

(In the Universe of Ed, Edd & Eddy)

(At Rolf's backyard)

[Rolf is tending to his chicken coop]

Rolf: [to his chicken] Gertrude? Eggs for Rolf? [notices a sow] Not again! [He pulls out the sow, aghast.] How many times must Rolf purge himself? No strange visitors! Ever! Do not burn the candle at both ends, as it leads to the life of a hairdresser.

Edd: [offscreen] The plywood of this coop has some very unusual characteristics.

[We see the All Stars are examing the chicken coop, with Edd & Eddy taking apart the coop & Ed is hugging a chicken.]

Eddy: [unimpressed] Wow. Wood.

Tree Rex: What was that?

Rolf: Ed-boys!

All Stars: (notices Rolf)

Spongebob: Hi Rolf, I hope you don't mind.

Fluttershy: (petting the chicken gently) We're figuring out how a chicken coop is been assembled together.

Zaktan: In other words...

Edd: We're trying to solve the mysteries of life.

Twilight Sparkle: By figuring out how stuff works.

Rolf: This reminds Rolf of a fable from his old country.

Duncan: Right now? Are you serious?

Eddy: [bored] Here we go.

Rolf: The story of the Ugly Boy and the Tree of Heads.

Duncan: Okay, well, it's been swell, Rolfy-boy, but we're out of here.

Rolf: [grabbing the All Stars] Life too short not to smell the parsley!? Okay. Once upon a time an ugly boy was thrown out of his village and hit his melon on a tree! (lets go of the All Stars, showing them a meleon tree) The boy looked up and was amazed at the many beautiful heads growing from its branches! [He demonstrates with his tree.]

Ed: Handsome!

Kineticlops: (notices Eye Brawl is headless) Where'd you flying eyeball go?

Rolf: [putting Eye Brawl's flying eyeball on his head] After many tries– [Rolf removes Eye-Brawl's flying eyeball, and reveals he is headless.]

Eddy: What the–

Rarity: (gasps)

Mordecai: Aw sick!

[Rolf's head pops out of his shirt.]

Rolf: –he found one that fit, and ran back towards the village! (throws Eye-Brawl's flying eyeball back on Eye-Brawl's body, between his shoulders where the head originally goes) Yes? He became very popular.

Eye-Brawl: (feeling dizzy)

Donkey Kong: Okay?

Rigby: Dude, I want a new head.

Boggy B: Don't even think about it.

Ed: I want a new head! Please, Rolf? New head! Head for Ed!

Rigby: Dude, I want that new head!

Vezok: Me too!

Ed: [He shakes the tree and uproots it, revealing that the tree is two-dimensional.]

Zaktan: What the heck?

Twilight Sparkle: What in the name of...?!

Edd: What a discovery! It's flat as cardboard! [He makes notes.]

Zaktan: Probably a glitch or something.

Dudley: Gimme that! [The tree is too heavy for him.] Ow!

Edd: Heavy in weight! Got it. Thank you, Dudley.

Astro Boy: That's weird.

Sanford: It is indeed.

Dudley: [climbs out from under the tree]

Eddy: [runs up it. He looks out over the fence it is balanced on.]

Vezok: Wait for me! (follows Eddy)

Eddy: You guys gotta see–this... [The tree topples over.] Ow!

Vezok: I'm ok.

3 Blue Birds: (laughing)

Yellow Bird: Wow, Blue Bird is glad to have his 2 brothers back. They are now triplets again.

Katie: Yep.

Sadie: They are so adorable.

Reidak: Guys? What about Vezok & Eddy?

Edd: [very happy] I best tend to his medical needs! 'Scuse me.

Spongebob: Thank you for the nice story, Rolf. We betta get go. See you later.

Ed: My turn to jump on his head!

Pinkie Pie: Oh boy! Is it my turn?

(As the All Stars begin to leave, Spongebob then hears Rolf calling out)

Rolf: [alone, angry at being ignored] Life has many doors, All Stars!

Spongebob: Life has many doors? What does that mean?

(Back at the Sonic Universe in the Prime Zone)

(In Knothole Village & South Knothole Village)

[As the All Stars exits the portal, Eddy is stumbling along. Although he is moving, perspective isn't changing; the things in the distance stay small even when he reaches them.]

Eddy: [dazed] Oh...big...tree...flat... [He falls down behind a tiny house.] "Huh?" [He tinkers with the background house.]

Vezok: Whoa! No way!

Duncan: I don't believe it.

Courtney: How is that possible?

Rainbow Dash: What are the huts made out of bottles & cans?

Astro Boy: Hold on. (scans the background) Scanning...this is weird. Everything is being out of place & I'm getting strange energy readings coming from everywhere.

Eddy: Einstein's got nothing on this.

Togera: The bottle & can background thing?

Edd: What a discovery! I'm speechless! Why, this is an absolute coup! The displacement of perspective! Why we're–

Zaktan: Hold on. You're getting over excited about this.

Eddy: I thought you were speechless.

Duncan: Yeah, lighten up will ya?

Ed: (running) Look at me run. [He falls and slides, ending up under the road.] Home free.

Patrick: (running) I wanna play! I wanna play! (he falls & slides, ending up under the road as well) Whoo hoo! That was fun!

Pinkie Pie: My turn! I love sliding! (jumps up & slides) Wheee! (ends up under the road) Wow! Let's do it again!

Edd: [making notes] The pavement has adapted fabric-like qualities! Interesting!

Harold: In other words, it's made out of a rubber.

Hot Head: A rubber road? Imagine that.

Spongebob: This is weird, even for me.

Ezekiel: I wonder if Patrick, Ed & Pinkie would find a way to get out of the road?

Eddy: [laughing] They'll never find his way out! [Eddy leaps on a background house, and the house collapses under his weight.]

Duncan: Whoa!

Deimos: Well, what do you know, the background house popped just like a balloon.

Sanford: This is beggining to make no sence at all.

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) "No sence at all"?!

Sanford: That's what I said, is there a problem?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, I...

Eddy: I say we take a break. This learning stuff is making me hungry.

Owen: Say! That's a good idea. Did anyone bring anything to eat? French Fries? Pizza? Anything? An apple even?

[Owen passes his hand behind the sun.]

Gwen: Owen? How did you do that?

Owen: Do what? (notices his hand behind the sun) Wow, I didn't know I can do that. Can I?

Eddy: Did you see that? [He does it like Owen did.] Weird. Oh well. Can't beat 'em, eat 'em.

Swarm: Eddy, no!

Eddy: [He takes a bite out of the sun, leaving a crescent moon.] Not bad.

(Everything begins to go from day to night after Eddy bites the sun, leaving a crescent moon)

Timon: Whoa! What's going on here?

Pumbaa: This learning stuff is making my head hurt.

Boggy B: Now what?

HF Rotor: (looks around to see Corroder is missing) Wait, where's Corroder?

(At a suddendly dark lane)

"Antoine": [in the suddenly dark lane] Sacre Blu Cheese! Who turned out ze sun?

Corroder: [looking over a fence] Hi, Antoine!

"Antoine": (spots Corroder & his eyes glows red in horror) WAAAAAHHH! (his eyes return to normal)

(The rest of the All Stars arrived, seeing Antoine panicked for no reason)

Meltdown: There you are, Corroder.

Fangz: We've been looking all over for you.

Duncan: [beside him with the rest of the All Stars] Lighten up, shrimp. It's only us.

Eddy: We're just figuring out how stuff works. [He spots a loose thread on Antoine's person.] A thread?

Bouncer: Eddy? What are you up to?

Kitty: Oh no. Eddy, don't you dare...!

Eddy: [Eddy pulls on it and destroys the sweater. The thread leads into Antoine's body.] What the...?

Congar: Oh boy.

Eddy: Woohoo! [He yanks Antoine's outline loose.]

Pinkie Pie: Is that Antoine's outline?

Eddy: You betcha, my pink friend. Let's sell it back to him.

"Antoine": Fate has dealt a cruel hand. [Antoine collapses into a liquid and goes down a sewer grate.] Sacre blu!

Edd: [as Eddy pulls on the outline] Um, Eddy, you best not aggravate it.

Spongebob: Be careful with that.

Eddy: [twisting it into a hairstyle and putting it on his head] Like my new hairdo, Double D?

Edd: [laughing] It suits you, Eddy.

Pinkie Pie: (grabs the outline & twisting it into a mustache) Look at me! I've made a mustache!

Hakann: (chuckles) It suits you.

Patrick Star: Cool! My turn! (twisting it into a hat & puts it on his head) Look! A new hat! (tips his hat to Spongebob) Top of the morning, to ya.

Spongebob: (laughs) Good one Patrick.

Edd: Ed!

Twilight Sparkle: (looks alarmed)

Ed: [sawing a hole in the night sky with Reidak's buzzsaw] This is fun!

Reidak: (grabs his buzzsaw) Gimme that! You're gonna wreck it!

Ed & Reidak: (pulling the buzzsaw by the handle)

[Ed & Reidak, not knowingly finishes with the hole, revealing the Kankers taking a bath.]

May: Big Ed, scrub my feet! [The sisters giggle]

Reidak: Ugh! No thanks!

Ed & Reidak: [shoves the hole away.]

Eddy: Did you see anything?

Yellow Bird: I don't know, can you?

[Eddy & Yellow Bird falls into the sawn-out hole, and falls through it in a seemingly endless loop.]

Eddy & Yellow Bird: (screaming)

Ed: Uh, Eddy? Eddy?

Red Bird: Yellow Bird? Yellow Bird?

Rainbow Dash: That's it, I had enough.

Ezekiel: I'll grab them! (jumps up & crashes with Eddy & Yellow Bird, falling through the sawn-out hole as well in an endless loop) (screaming)

Justin: Ezekiel? Ezekiel?

Ed: [He picks the hole up.] My turn!

Eddy, Yellow Bird & Ezekiel: (crashes on top of Togera)

Togera: OW! Watch it!

Ed: [He puts his head through the hole, and his head appears, upside down, at the top of the screen.] Look at me!

Rainbow Dash: What the? Let me try. (flies through the hole & appears from the top of the screen) Whoa! This is weird.

Pinkie Pie: (appears from the top of the screen, hanging upside down) Hi!

Zaktan: Whoa! It appears we have reached the level of Pinkie Pie's unpredictability, like 4th wall breaks or something.

Spongebob: Are you sure we're gonna keep this up through the whole show? What just happened?

Edd: [taking more notes] Ed, you seem to have stumbled into another dimension! I feel we're getting closer to answering that all-important question!

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa! I never seen a place that has the unpredictable level rising to Pinkie Pie's level height which is incredibly unpredictable.

Eddy: Is Eddy rich yet?

Vezok: Can Vezok have lunch now?

Ed: Can Ed go to the bathroom?

"Sally & "Bunnie": [popping up out of the hole Ed is holding] Hey!

Ed: Bunnie?

Avak: Sally?

"Bunnie": (her eyes glows red) WAIT TILL I TELL ROBOTNIK WHAT YOU DID TO ANTOINE! [She pulls out a jug in which "Antoine" rests.]

"Antoine": Don't spill me!

"Sally": Now you're gonna get it! (her eyes glows red)

Hakann: The same glowing red eyes!

Kitty: Quick, do something!

Reidak & Donkey Kong: (grabs Sally & Bunnie)

Reidak: Sorry, but you two gotta go right now.

"Sally": Let me go this instant!

Eddy: What a shame! Gotta go? So soon?

[Eddy starts running, but steps out of his running feet.]

"Bunnie": Eddy, you blockhead!

Spongebob: (starts running, but steps out of his running feet as well) Sorry, but you must take a run in Sonic's speed. Bye bye.

[Reidak & Donkey then places "Sally" & "Bunnie" in the moving feet, and two girls runs away.]

"Sally" & "Bunnie": (screaming as they are running away in a fast pace & crashes through the fence)


"Sally" & "Bunnie": (feeling dizzy) @_@

"Antoine": (feeling dizzy) I think I'm going to be sick.

Black Bird: That was close.

Edd: [ecstatic] We could very well be the next cover story of Intellectual Discoveries magazine!

Eddy: Good thing you're housebroken.

Twilight Sparkle: [looks up.]

Spongebob: Twilight Sparkle? Is something wrong?

Twilight Sparkle: Do you remember when Sanford said that things beggining to make no sence at all?

Magmo: Yes. What's your point?

Twilight Sparkle: Well...don't look now, but there's a cow hovering just overhead. [The cow opens its mouth and a rooster crows.]

(As they all noticed the cow floating just overhead. They all took noticed that they are in a place where everything floats where it may & there no clear paths.)

All Stars: (gasps)

Spongebob: Whoa! What has happened to Mobius? Everything's completly out of whack.

Mega Byte Big Time! (Part 3)

Edd: I feel uncomfortable. Pardon me. [He exits to the right.]

Spongebob: Wait for us. (follows Edd)

Eddy: Hold the elevator, Double D. [He follows.]

Patrick & Ed: [stays where he is.]

Zaktan & Rarity: Patrick!

Edd and Eddy: Ed!

Patrick & Ed: Huh? (follows their fellow All Star Freedom Fighters) (chuckles)

Ed: Am I it?

Patrick: Are we playing Tag?

Dudley: This is getting too weird, even for me.

Eddy: [as Edd adds more notes] Double D! We've learned into fortune!

Edd: Don't let the excitement spoil your grammar, Eddy.

Twilight Sparkle: I have a strange feeling on who we're up against.

Eddy: Look around us. We've gotta be rich!

[A house behind him suddenly opens up, and "Tails" leans out of it.]

"Tails": (his eye glows red in anger) EVERYTHING'S BROKEN! FIX IT NOW!"

Eddy: Shut your mouth, Imposter Tails!

VezoK: Or better yet, get rid of it! [rips off "Tails'" lips.] What? I love taking things apart as much as Eddy does.

"Tails": [bites him.]

Vezok: OUCH! Get him off, Double D! GUYS, DO SOMETHING!

Edd: [making notes] Not a chance!

Twilight Sparkle: Guys, I've finally figured out who's behind this. The culprit behind it all is...

(Suddendly Discord appears via teleportation, surprizing them)

Discord: ME! Discord, that's who. I see that you all amazed & surprized about my surprizing entrance. We're you surprized still?

Beth: Okay?

Spongebob: What are you up to, Discord? What's up with Sonic's friends?

Discord: You'll know more about it...(snaps his finger, causing blue sports clothes to appear on him like he's wearing them)...if you can catch me that is. I've even got my running pants on. Astalavista, All Stars! (snaps his fingers)

[Suddenly, things start drifting every which way.]


Edd: Hello.

Geoff: Dude, what's going on?

Edd: An original scene transition. Interesting.

[A checkerboard pattern rises up to cover the screen and turn the world to black.]

(The All Stars' eyes & mouths appear in a plain black world)

Pinkie Pie: Cool! We're inside a dark room! Spooooky! (giggles)

Reidak: Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Mordecai: Aw what, we can't see anything.

Edd: Did you eat the sun again, Eddy?

Owen: I thought it was a cracker.

Ed: Can you guess what I'm doing?

Eddy: Get off my foot, Ed!

Red Bird: Great. It's so dark in here.

Pumbaa: It's so scary. At least I have my blankie (kisses something) My blankie always makes me feel better.

Timon: That's my tail.

Pumbaa: Oops sorry.

Edd: I think we're moving.

Spongebob: Where are we exactly?

[The camera zooms out to reveal the All Stars are in "STH Rotor's" right eye.]

"STH Rotor": [his eyes are glowing red, riding a bike nowhere] I can hear intruders, but I can't see intruders. By order of Dr. Robotnik, come on out and show yourselves! [rides off, leaving smoke behind him.] (screaming)

[When the smoke clears, Ed is sitting in a chair, floating, while Vezok is hanging onto it.]

Vezok: Help! Help!

Ed: [pulling on a cloud] Cotton gravy!

Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy: (flies up to Ed & Vezok)

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness.

Rainbow Dash: The gang's all here.

(We see the rest of the All Stars are seen on a large floating rock)

Spongebob: Whao! Where are we now?

Courtney: Where'd Discord go?

Edd: [in something like an Escher print] Careful, Ed. You don't know where that's been!

Ed: Oh, it's right here, Double D.

Vezok: Guys? How am I gonna get down?

[In front of Edd's eyes, "Dulcy's" head in "Mecha Muttski's" body appears.]

"Dulcy": Tally-ho! Muttski and I are gonna go rough it in the woods!

[Now we see that "Dulcy's" body has "Mecha Muttski's" head attached to her and is lugging behind it a backpack overstuffed with various unnecessary items.]

Hakann: Is that Dulcy...and Muttski?!

Edd: [hushed] This is not good.

(Suddendly they notice "Amy Rose" walking this way)

"Amy Rose": (has a beautiful voluptuous body with her pink quills grown into shoulder length & wears a red formal dress) Care to join me in a dance, guys? (giggles & then winks)

Edd: (feeling nervous)–

Vezok: (upside down) Whoa, did Amy Rose excercise or something?

Eddy: [upside down] Was that Amy?

[The perspective changes so that it looks like the All Stars are standing sideways.]

Spongebob: Huh?

Edd: You realize we're floating, don't you?

Spongebob: Uh, nope.

[They fall, and chicken legs pop up from nowhere.]

Pinkie Pie: (upside down, but didn't fall) This place is so awesome! Where did Discord go? Is he playing "Hide & go seek"? I love Hide & Seek! (lands gently)

Rigby: (rubbing his head & groans) Great, what next?

[Suddenly, "Rolf" parts the background, revealing static from behind the background.]

Drilldozer & Nitroblast: AAH!

"Rolf": Hello, All Stars. [He reveals he has three heads.] Many doors, yes?

Mordecai: What the...?!

"Rolf's Head #2": Too much for...

"Rolf's Head #3": Couch potato Ed-boys like yourselves.

Deimos: Hey!

Eddy: [in a living room] A three-headed Rolf. Yawn.

Ed: [blowing up his piece of cloud]

Patrick: Cool! Is it my turn?

Ed: Fly, butterfly, fly. [It floats upward, carrying Patrick & Ed with it.]

Eddy: Ed, what're you doing?

"3 Rolf Heads": [in tandem & union] The story is not yet over!

SpongeBob: (grabbing Patrick's legs) Hold on Patrick!

Edd: [grabbing Ed's leg] Oh, Ed, please!

Pinkie Pie: (hops on SpongeBob's head) I love balloon rides!

Eddy: [grabbing Edd's legs] I gotcha!

Zaktan: Wait for us!

(The rest of the All Stars, minus Vezok, grab onto each other's legs, trying to pull them down, but the cloud lifts them away, and the 3 Rolf's heads growl.)

Eddy: How's he put on a hat?

Vezok: Hey! Wait for me! (jumps up & tries to grab them, but fails & falls down flat on his face) Ow!

Bridgette: Are you ok?

Vezok: Don't worry, I'll figure this out to get you down...somehow. I'll catch up with you later.

Pink Bird: Good luck, Vezok.

Eddy: Are we rich yet, Double D?

Edd: It's all become very complicated, Eddy.

Twilight Sparkle: Because of Discord, we've been in a wacky world version of Mobius, like a virtual reality.

Eddy: What're ya givin' me? All we have to do is read your notes. And we'll be up to our necks in jawbreakers!

Agamo: Seriously? Is jawbreakers all you can think about?

Ed: I love chickens, Eddy!

White Bird: Why, thank you.

SpongeBob: Vezok, have you found a way to get us down?

Vezok: Not yet, but I'm about to.

"Amy Rose": (walks up to Vezok) Hey Sonic. How's about a date?

Vezok: Wait, now? But I'm not...

"Amy Rose": (hugs Vezok) Please?

Vezok: (turns to the All Stars) Sorry guys, I'll be down here for a while. Amy thinks I'm Sonic.

Mordecai & Rigby: (groans)

Togera: Great. Now what?

Spongebob: Looks like we have to find Sonic the Hedgehog ourselves. Who knows, maybe he is in a same predicament like us.

Donkey Kong: Maybe your right. I hope Vezok is alright.

(With Vezok)

Vezok: (being carried by "Amy Rose")

"Amy Rose": (enters inside a pink house) We'll be together forever, my blue boy Sonic!

Vezok: You know what's ridiculous? Your perfect voluptuous curves, breasts & that big rear of yours. Would you kindly please move out of the way?

"Amy Rose": (steps back) It's ok to be nervous. I will do anything for you, my precious Sonikku. Anything. (presses her chest against Vezok's chest)

Vezok: (sweating nervously) What a woman.

"Amy Rose": (giggles as she backs away) Now you stay here & I'll make you something special. Now don't go away or I might find you again. (giggles as she walks away, bouncing her big soft breasts & swaying her big bubble butt side to side with each step)

Vezok: Ok, see ya later. Bye.

"Amy Rose": (enters inside the kitchen & closes the door)

Vezok: (gulps) I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!

(Vezok then heads outside, but stops as he notices a big wooden gate, made out of logs around the house)

Vezok: That's just not fair! (spots a shovel) Now it's fair. (begins digging an underground tunnel, only a few inches from the surface & bumps into the wooden fence) Ow! I'm such a mook! Digging down! (begins digging down)

(Inside the pink house)

"Amy Rose": (holding a bowl of fruit salad) Oh Sonic! I've made a special salad for you. (comes to the living room & notices Vezok is not here) Looks like he's playing hard to get, is he not?

(With Vezok)

(Vezok is still digging downwards, not knowing he is digging down too much as he reached the surface, only to find that he is in China.)

Vezok: Wow, I'm in China! Just like in the cartoons!

(Suddendly, he noticed "Amy Rose" in her Red & Pink Chinese Kung Fu Outfit with a Number 2 sign on the front of the top she's wearing)

"Amy Rose #2": Hiiya! Are you ready for my new Chinese Love style?

Vezok: Oh man! No thank you, I'll pass. Bye! (goes underground & begins digging to the surface, somewhere else)

(Vezok then emerges from the ground, revealing that he is in a rail road track in the desert)

Vezok: Phew. It's so hot out here. Looks like I'm home free.


Vezok: Please tell me that's Applejack.

(Vezok turns to see "Amy Rose" in her Red & Pink Cowgirl Outfit with a Number 3 sign on the front of the top she's wearing)

"Amy Rose #3": Howdy partner! Looks like your on the rail road track. Watch out for the incoming train.

Vezok: Train? What train? (hears a train whistle) Huh? (turns to see a train heading straight towards him in a super fast pace) Oh, that train. AAAH! (goes underground, avoiding from getting run over by a train) (goes underground & begins digging to the surface again, somewhere else)

(Vezok then emerges from the ground, revealing that he is in the bottom of the ocean)

Vezok: (looks around) Phew. I'm safe underwater. I can relax.

(Suddendly, he didn't take notice of "Amy Rose" as a pink mermaid with a pink mermaid tail & a Number 4 sign on her swimming bra)

"Amy Rose #4": Excuse me, my underwater blue boy of love, but uh...(exhales, creating bubbles)

Vezok: (hears the bubbles from behind him & notices "Amy Rose #4") For crying out loud! (goes underground, plugging up the tunnel behind him as begins digging to the surface, somewhere else once again)

(Vezok then emerges from the ground, revealing that he is even on the moon in outer space)

Vezok: ! (looks around)

(Vezok spots "Amy Rose" wearing a pink & red super hero outfit, with a number 5 sign on the front of the top she's wearing)

"Amy Rose #5": (lands) Greetings Sonic, what brings you here on the Moon of Mobius?

Vezok: Oops. (goes underground & begins digging to the surface, somewhere else again)

(Vezok then emerges from a large stump, revealing that he is in a police office)

Vezok: Huh? (notices the card being placed on the table)

(Vezok notices 2 "Amy Roses" playing a cards game together, one "Amy Rose" is wearing a Red military like outfit with a number 6 sign on the front on the top one "Amy's" wearing & the other "Amy Rose" is wearing a skin-tight police like outfit with a number 7 sign on it)

"Amy Rose #6": (about to give the card to "Amy Rose #7)

Vezok: (shakes his head no)

"Amy Rose #6": (puts the card back in her hand & about to take out another card)

Vezok: (shakes his head no again)

"Amy Rose #6": (about to take the card from the center)

Vezok: (nods his head yes)

"Amy Rose #6": (gives her card from the center to "Amy Rose #7") Here.

"Amy Rose #7": (places the card in her hand & shows her hand of cards to "Amy Rose #6) Gin! I win!

Vezok & "Amy Rose #6": (in shock & disbelief)

"Amy Rose #6 & #7: (looks at Vezok, smiling seductively)

Vezok: (smiles nervously & then goes underground & begins digging to the surface, somewhere else one more time)

(Vezok then emerges from the ground, reveal that he is back near the Great Forest)

Vezok: Finally, I'm home free for real this time! (spots the rest of the All Stars still floating in the air on a cloud) There you guys, are! I'm ready to help out!

Spongebob: That's good, cause Sonic is heading towards Knothole & it looks like he's about to be ambushed!

Vezok: Great, looks like I'm on my own.

Spongebob: Not exactly. (jumps off) Catch me!

Vezok: Spongebob! What're you...AAAH! (suddendly catches Spongebob) Wow, you're amazingly light.

Spongebob: Thank you, Vezok.

Pinkie Pie: Wait for me! (jumps up) WHEEEE! (does 3 front flips & then stops in mid air & then lands softly)

Owen: Nice dismount.

Pinkie Pie: Thanks Owen.

Spongebob: Alright then. The rest of you, keep an eye out for anything that is Discord.

Gwen: (notices black biplanes) Like those! (points)

(They all noticed Black biplanes being piloted by Jack-2 Bots)

Discord: By the way, Specter agreed to help me out.

Specter: (appears from the moniter) Hello All Stars, we meet again. I see you are in a virtual reality, thanks to a secret friend of ours.

Avak: Secret friend?

Specter: I'm afraid Discord & I won't be telling you this time, ever since Discord spilt the beans last time about Shao Kahn.

Discord: It was a minor mishap, but I'm really surprized that you all defeated Shao Kahn by yourselves. You're very responsible to be All Stars yourselves.

Kitty: Very funny, Discord. Very funny, now drop the act! We're onto you!

(The All Stars begins their attack against the black biplanes piloted by Jack-2 Bots)

Discord: Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, I always know that you & Dudley are rivals & destined to be married at the same time.

Dudley & Kitty: WHA?!

Twilight Sparkle: Don't listen to Discord. He's trying to make you lose your concerntration, just to throw you off track

Rarity: The same way Discord did when he turned us into the exact opposite of our true selves.

Discord: Oh you're making me blush.

Specter: Discord, we have work to do & besides, our progress of trapping Sonic is almost complete. Behold!

(They all noticed Sonic being surrounded by the roboticized versions of "Sally", "Bunnie", "Antoine" [who has his outline back & is now back to normal], "STH Rotor" & "Tails")

Spongebob: Sonic!

Mega Byte Big Time! (Part 4)

Spongebob, Vezok & Pinkie Pie: (hides in the bushes)

"Dr. Robotnik Prime": Ah, Sonic! I've waited for this moment a long time! I finally have Knothole...and now I've captured you, as well, despite your valiant efforts! How does it feel to have egg on your face? Hahahahahahahaha!

Spongebob: (heard a familliar voice being disguised) I know where Discord is.

Sonic: Whatever your plan is, Buttnik, it won't work and bad puns won't help you either!

Spongebob, Vezok & Pinkie Pie: (nods at each other, begins waiting the right moment to ambush)

"Dr. Robotnik Prime": It seems that our spikey friend isn't willing to accept reality! I mean what's so hard to swallow? (points to the roboticized group of "Sally", "Tails", "Bunnie", "Antoine" & "STH Rotor") Even all of your friends have seen the light! (points to a huge bag of Power Rings) Not even your vaunted magical rings can help you...(opens up the bag, spilling hundreds of Powers rings to the ground)...Especially when they're now my vaunted magical rings!

Spongebob: (turns to Vezok & Pinkie Pie) Ok, time for a good ol fashion ambush.

Pinkie Pie: (has her Party Cannon with her) I'm ready. (giggles)

Spongebob: Alright then.

Vezok: Countdown, countdown, countdown.

Courtney: (looking down with the rest of the All Stars on a cloud) What are they doing?

Duncan: (smiles) Rush the new guy.

"Dr. Robotnik Prime": Face it, Sonic! You've been beaten fairly and squarely! Your team-mates have played you for a sap! What do you say? Join us!

Spongebob: The ambush will being in 10...9...8...

"Sally", "Tails", "Bunnie", "Antoine" & "STH Rotor": (surrounding Sonic) Join us! Join us! Join us!

Spongebob: 7...6...5...

Sonic: (covering his ears) (in thought: Like, this isn't registering on the coolness scale at all! Betrayed by my best friends while Buttnik overtakes Knothole!

Spongebob: 4...

Sonic: (remembering having a picnic with Sally) (In thought: Something...)

Spongebob: 3...

Sonic: (remembering eating chilly dogs with Tails) (In thought: ...just...)

Spongebob: 2...

Sonic: (remembering having a hi-five with STH Rotor) (In thought: ...isn't...)

Spongebob: 1...

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (appears as a moniter)

Sonic & Mecha Uncle Chuck: REAL!!

Spongebob, Vezok & Pinkie Pie: (ambushes at "Robotnik Prime") SURPRIZE!!!

Sonic, Mecha Uncle Chuck & "Dr. Robotnik Prime": What the...?!

"Dr. Robotnik Prime: (Discord's Voice) What in the world?!

Spongebob: I got'em! (spindashes at "Sally", "Bunnie" & "Tails")

Pinkie Pie: Party Time! (fires her Party Cannon at "Antoine" & "STH Rotor")

Vezok: WHOO HA HAA! (spears Dr. Robotnik Prime with a wrestling move called the "Spear")

"Dr. Robotnik Prime": AUGH! (transforms back to Discord)

Discord: That actually hurt.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Discord?! Hold on, I'm gonna...!

Discord: (snaps his fingers, sabotages the signal)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (lost the signal)

Discord: I'm afraid that won't be necessary. You gonna have to beat me & Specter in order to get outta here.

Specter: (in the moniter instead) Although that I can't get into the virtual reality, but my Pipotron can!

(Suddendly a Giant Pipotron Robot appears & then roars)

Pinkie Pie: Wow!

Spongebob: (gulps)

Discord: But you must be proud of yourselves for making it this far.

(Suddendly a purple explosion from mid-air stardled them, as the sky begins to sprinkle purple stars)

All Stars: Huh?

Sonic: Huh?

Specter: What?!

Discord: What in the world?!

(We see a genderless figure, floating in mid-air, appearing from the explosion, playing his/her imaginary flute, playing a peaceful tune, as he/she descends downward slowly. He/she appears to be Nightmaren wearing a purple jester style hat & outfit, with a diamond-shaped red jewel on his/her chest & she appears to be NiGHTS



NiGHTS: (feminine-like tone to his/her voice) Greetings All Star Warrior, I am NiGHTS, a Nightmaren from Nightopia, a dream world where the dreams of all human beings are acted out every night. It's been a dream come true to finally meet you, the famous All Star Warrior. I will help you. Use your new morph in your fight. (uses her dream magic to enhance Spongebob with a new morph)

Spongebob: (felt NiGHTS' power) TRANSFORM!

(Spongebob transforms into his new morph, the NiGHTS Form, which he is wearing the same clothes as NiGHTS only Yellow & Black with a Blue Diamond shaped jewel on his chest & his face becomes Yellow & Black.)

NiGHTS Spongebob: (emerges from the yellow stardust)

Pinkie Pie: Oooh! Pretty!

Zaktan: Amazing! NiGHTS has given you a 2nd Morph called the "NiGHTS Form", you can fly around & can change into anything you want like it's a dream. Prepare yourself, cause this morph will come in handy.

Tree Rex: Sonic, you best stay back.

Sonic: Alright Tree Rex. (stands back)

NiGHTS Spongebob: Let's do this.


(Discord & the Pipotron Robot created by Specter are both very powerful warriors, but with the combined powers of NiGHTS, Vezok, Pinkie Pie & the new NiGHTS Spongebob equals the power. With brand new powers, NiGHTS Spongebob hatches an idea by transforming himself into a boxing glove & loads himself to the party cannon & Pinkie Pie shoots NiGHTS Spongebob at Discord & the Pipotron Robot to knock them out dizzy, a couple times. After a few minutes of chaotic magic, smashing, bashing & crashing, NiGHTS Spongebob, Vezok, Pinkie Pie & NiGHTS have defeated Discord & the Pipotron Robot)

Pipotron Robot: (shuts down, from taking too much damage)

NiGHTS Spongebob: Now Discord, we've defeated you & Specter, now take us back! (turns back to normal)

Discord: No way! I'm not a man of my word. I'm a Draconnequus.

Mordecai & Rigby: What?!

Discord: And don't you see, with you All Stars & Sonic trapped in the virtual world. The Plankton Empire will be free forever!

Specter: That's right!

Discord & Specter: (laughs evily)

Hakann: Aw what? Now how are we gonna get down from this cloud?

NiGHTS: (notices the cloud is above Discord) I have a idea.

Cody: You mean we have to fall on top of Discord while he's distracted?

NiGHTS: Trust me.

Spongebob: (nods)

NiGHTS: (snaps his/her fingers, making a pencil appear floating in the air, pointing downwards)

Tree Rex: We're ready.

Justin: Oh, I hope this works.

[The cloud runs into the tip of a pencil, popping the cloud. The All Stars (minus Spongebob, Vezok & Pinkie Pie) fall to Earth, screaming. Edd drops his notes, and they scatter all over the place.]

Discord: (hears them) Huh? (notices the rest of the All Stars about to fall on top of him) Oh poo.

(The rest of the All Stars crashes on top of Discord)

Beth: Ow!

Katie & Sadie: Ouch!

Ed: Sandwich!

Specter: Aah! You may got lucky this time, I have no choice but to retreat, for now. Ciao. (his moniter dissapears)

Edd: [seeing the scattered notes] My notes!

Discord: (groaning in pain) Fine, ok, I give up! You win! I'm outta here! (teleports away)

Spongebob: Thank you NiGHTS, for your help.

NiGHTS: (bows) It's been a pleasure helping you & the All Star Freedom Fighters. I must now go. Goodbye. (leaves through a purple portal back to Nightopia)

Sonic: Who was that?

Tree Rex: Trust me, it's a long story.

(The screen fades in white & fades out, revealing that they are back in reality, outside of Sonic's hut while Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, Tails, STH Rotor, Dulcy, Mecha Uncle Chuck & Muttski watches in confusion as the All Stars scramble to pick up all Edd's notes)

STH Rotor: Uh, what are you doing?

All Stars: Uh...nothing.

Antoine: Can't we all just get along?

Reidak: Antoine! You got your line back!

Ed: [He examines Antoine.] Is it on wrong?


Dulcy: What she said!

Ed: Dulcy! [He pulls at her lips.] Take your mouth off like I did with Tails.

Tails: (covers his mouth)

Rolf: (had just arrived on Mobius, noticing this) Big Ed has lost his marbles?

Ed: It's stuck!

Patrick: (helps Ed pulls at Dulcy's lips) My turn, my turn!

Duncan: (laughing) Go, Knuckleheads, go! [Dulcy heaves Patrick & Ed off and sends him sliding towards his All Star friends.]

Squidward: Huh?

Ed: Dulcy's mad. [Dulcy expresses frustration.]


Edd: Oh dear!

[Eddy takes off. He almost falls into a manhole, but manages to stop in time. Unfortunately, Edd runs into Eddy's back, pushing them both in.]

Thumpback: It's okay, guys. I'll just pick up the hole. [grabs the manhole and pulls a gigantic pipe out.]

Edd: This is unsanitary!

Geoff, Mordecai & Rigby: Dude!

Thumpback: Alley-oop!

Dulcy: Wait till I get my hands on you!

Thumpback: Big hole.

Patrick & Ed: (runs off passed Thumpback)

Dulcy: Ed!

Eddy: Run for it!

[Thumpback follows Patrick & Ed runs away carrying the pipe, Dulcy chasing him all the way down the lane.]

Thumpback: I didn't do nothing! Guys, do something!

Spongebob: (sighs) Boys. So anyway, what's happening?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Well, let me tell you...if you & Sonic had said "Nightmare" you'd had been closer to the truth!

Noah: Yes, nightmare Discord style.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It seems that Sonic's award was booby-trapped with an artifical virus that threw you & Sonic into a virtual reality nightmare while you slept!

Sonic: Huh?

HF Rotor: Wha?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: It's true! And furthermore, had you given into Robotnik's wishes...

Thok: Who is actually Discord in disguise.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: You would have been trapped in VR forever!

Hakann: I know, the forever bit always gets us.

Rainbow Dash: Wow, Discord & Specter really outdone themselves.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: The holographic image that Sonic saw was me trying to warn you via this device I hastily whipped up!

STH Rotor: It's great to have you back, Sonic!

Rolf: Yes, you too All Stars. I've come back here to the legendary Mobius to help you in your time of need.

Antoine: We were vairy worried about you!

Sonic: What a kick in the pants that would be if Robotnik had scored from beyond the grave!

Spongebob: If Discord & Specter did all this, then you can bet that Plankton was behind all of this.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Well, as it turns out, it looks as if Robotnik had nothing to do with this! And also I also noticed that Plankton isn't alone this time.

Sonic, Tails, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & the All Stars: Huh?!

Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & Thumpback: (stops)

Thumpback: Plankton's not alone this time?

Sonic: But if Buttnik wasn't behind this, then who?

Spongebob: (suddendly gets a vision of Robo-Robotnik 2.0 [Dr. Eggman], confronting the Freedom Fighters) Robo-Robotnik 2.0.

(They all look at Spongebob in confusion)

Spongebob: The future zone counterpart of Robotnik Prime.

Vezok: (suddendly spots Amy Rose & then screams as he runs away)

Amy Rose: Was it something I said?

(Back in the virtual reality)

(We see all 7 "Amy Roses" together & then they all metamorph back to 7 Mobian Girl Skunks with voluptuous bodies & large fluffy skunk tails, each Mobian Skunk Girl has their own Chaos Emerald colour for their clothes, their muzzles, their bellies & skunk stripes, plus we see the markings of a Chaos Emerald, each on their bellies, their tank tops & the side of their pants)

7 Mobian Girl Skunks: (smiles)

Green Skunk Girl: So girls, what do you think of our exhibition?

Cyan Skunk Girl: It's great & I gotta admit, the blue piraka is silly when he tries to escape.

Yellow Skunk Girl: Yeah. And we're in disguise, trying to tell him something important.

Red Skunk Girl: Oh well, but at least we've contacted NiGHTS instead, otherwise our cover would've been blown.

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Now that's smart thinking.

White Skunk Girl: Indeed.

Purple Skunk Girl: Remember ladies, our Mobian Skunk Girl form is our true forms, our Mermaid Mobian forms are just in disguise for the All Stars back at the Mobius Triangle.

7 Skunk Girls: Agreed!

(The 7 SkunK Girl guardians of the Prime Chaos Emeralds begins to leave, giggling happily)

The End