This is the 66th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

This is the 13th Sonic & Spongebob Special

Main All Star Heroes: Shu, Wei & Wu

Main Villains: Snively, Quan Chi, Noob Saibot, Krekka & Nidhiki

Story #1: Transcript

It's A Brave New World out there

(At Robotropolis)

(We see the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu marching towards Robotropolis)

Liu Bei: Will we see our land? When we finally change Robotropolis back to it's former glory, known as Mobotropolis?

Cao Cao: We will find out, once we've taken care of the last evil empire left, the Plankton Empire.

Mecha Sun Jian: Indeed, he has me roboticized.

Sun Ce: One day, we will get your back to flesh & bone.

Mecha Sun Jian: Thank you my son.

Sun Quan: The Knothole Freedom Fighters are approaching.

Dian Wei: What are they doing here?

Xiahou Dun: They are heading back to reclaim it.

Zhou Yu: I see. Do you think we should meet them.

Guan Yu: Very well.

Zhang Fei: Alright, all of this robotic junk makes me sick. Why would anyone like Robotnik pollute this city anyway?

Mecha Sun Jian: It is very sickening. Plankton even roboticized me by tricking me & the Wu Army. Plankton will soon learn that he'll never mess with the Tiger & it's fangs.

(They noticed the Knothole Freedom Fighters entering Robotropolis as well.)

Zhou Yun: Here they come.

Xu Zhu: Hello there, everyone.

Sonic: Say, you must be the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu, right?

Zhuge Liang: Indeed. We have come here because of the All Stars' absence.

Xu Huang: Apperantly, they we're busy taking out Specter & the Freaky Monkey 5.

Sun Shang Xiang: And now, here we are. We are ready to examine Robotropolis.

Taishi Ci: And it seems that the damage is done & we need to fix it.

(They all turn to see Robotropolis)

Sonic: Unbelievable!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: You'd never think we once lived here!

Antoine: Our now nothing more than a dirty junkyard.

Guan Ping: Yeah, it's preaty sad to see your former home transformed into Robotnik's heavily patrolled military base.

Pang Tong: And also, Plankton's. Because he had formed an alliance with Robotnik Prime. What a waste to see that rivalry come & go.

STH Rotor: All those missions into Robotropolis... Interesting isn't it Princess?

Sally: What do you mean, Rotor?

STH Rotor: ...And yet we never really contemplated the significance of Robotnik's actions on a personal level!

Ma Chao: I see. Still, we have a job to do.

Geoffery: And the mission always comes fire, mate!

Sally: I'm afraid Ma Chao & Geoffery's right, Rotor! Once again...the mission along with the greater good comes before all else!

STH Rotor: No matter how much the sight of all this affects us personally...

Zhou Yu: No matter how tough the mission is...

Sally: ...We must put aside our feelings and concentrate on the task at hand! Starting the palace...

Sonic: Real Spooky.

Lu Xun: No matter what happens Sonic. Win or lose, it's the spirit of the warrior within!

Lu Meng: Very well, we must be cautious though. The Plankton Empire is still at large.

Bunnie: Nothing that some lights and a paint can't cure, sugah!

Sally: I hate to say it, Bunnie...but this place needs more than just basic interior decorating 101!

(Inside Robotnik Prime's War room)

Zhuge Liang: Robotnik's war room, the heart of Robotnik's lair & his empire. It is formerly known as King Acorn's castle.

Tails: (quietly) Wow!

Geoffery St. John: So that's where the head enchelada conducted operations from!

Sima Yi: It is indeed. Never seen anything more like it. Very unique, yet utterly dangerous.

Sally: Definitely not daddy's style! Still... we better secure the area immediately, just to be safe!

Cao Cao: Very well. Cao Ren, Pang De & Zhang Liao. Guard this place.

Pang De: Yes, lord Cao Cao.

Cao Ren: No one shall pass this point.

Liu Bei: Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, you will guard this point.

Huang Zhong: Yes master Liu Bei.

Zhao Yun: No one shall pass here.

Wei Yan: Me... guard... against... enemy!

Mecha Sun Jian: You know what to do, son.

Sun Ce: Don't worry, I got it. Taishi Ci, Lu Meng & Gar Ning, you will guard this War Room.

Gar Ning: Right, leave it to me.

Sally: Geoffrey! Front and center, Sir!

Geoffrey St. John: Yes, ma'am!

Sonic: I think I'm gonna be ill!

Ling Tong: (to Gar Ning) Heh, are you sure you can get it away with your thick skull?

Gan Ning: What was that?

Geoffrey: (turns to Sonic) Is there a problem, mate?

Sonic: Yeah! I have a real pain in...

Sally: Sonic! This isn't the time for...

Xu Shu: (holds his hand up, making everyone shut up) Someone's here. Listen.

Sonic: Huh?

(They all listen to hear flames being brushed across the ground & chanting a spell in a Netherrealm tongue.)

Han Dang: What was that?

Zhuge Liang: It appears that Quan Chi & Noob Saibot are casting a spell, a soulnado to multiply the Master Jack-X's power.

Sally: The Master Jack-X, we we're never told.

Sonic: Hold up, I think that's the giant bot that was controlled by Shao Kahn in the past. Because I have one mondo dream that it felt real.

Liu Bei: The All Stars are on a mission to stop the Master Jack-X & you're universe is on the verge of world domination by the Plankton Empire.

Sally: The Plankton Empire? You mean, all this time Plankton teamed up with Robotnik for world domination of his own?

Sima Yi: Exactly.

Ma Dai: Well, looks like we know what their plan they created.

Lu Xun: Still, we must stop them.

Zhao Yun: (notices Quan Chi & Noob Saibot) Over there.

Dian Wei: There they are.

(They turn to see the 2 villains from the Netherealm.)

Sonic: Yo, big, black & ugly! Looking for us?

Quan Chi: (notices the group) Who is that?

Noob Saibot: The Knothole Freedom Fighters & the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu that Plankton warned us about. I'll take care of this personally. (goes up to the group)

Dian Wei: (readies his axe)

Noob Saibot: You. You are all not worthy of the name Sub-Zero.

Sonic: Oh yeah? Who are you to judge?

Sally: And how do you know about Sub-Zero?

Noob Saibot: I wore his colours before him.

Da Qiao: Wait, you don't mean that...?

Noob Saibot: Yes, I am Sub-Zero's brother.

Xiao Qiao: What?

Li Dian: Huh, didn't see that coming.

Noob Saibot: Quan Chi has restored me.

Dian Wei: Restored? You're more like you're tainted by the chaos.

Noob Saibot: It suits my purpose.

Geoffrey St. John: Listen to me, if you dare to resist arrest. Then I'll have to take you down myself.

Noob Saibot: Big mistake. (summons a shadow clone)

Sonic: What the...?!

Shadow Clone: (tackles Geoffrey St. John)

Geoffrey St. John: Augh! (falls down)

Sally & Hershey: Geoffrey! (goes up to Geoffrey)

Noob Saibot: Pathetic. Quan Chi have perfected me & it's a complete waste of time.

Dian Wei: (goes in front of Noob Saibot) Hey! You want to face someone more important? Face me!

Noob Saibot: Very well. Fear me!


(They fight. Bi-Han may have had power granted to him from the Netherrealm upon his death as Noob Saibot, but Dian Wei's power & strength prove to be superior in battle. After a fierce battle, Dian Wei manages to defeat Noob Saibot and leave him unconscious.)

Dian Wei: Alright Quan Chi, you're next in line!

Quan Chi: I'm afraid not. The souls of the deceased roboticized mobians who have died in this conflict that lasted for 10 years, will be fuel for the Master Jack-X. Now enjoy you're new opponent.

Guan Ping: What do you mean...?

(Suddendly they heard a sound of a machine turning on)

Tails: What was that?

Hershey: I don't know, but I think I'm down to eight lives just hearing it! It sounded like it came from somewhere close by!

(The wall begins to open, revealing a large Dynamac)

Tails: It did! IT DID! A Dynamac! Look out!

Dynamac: (slams his fist to the ground)

Xiahou Yuan: Finally, a chance to test our skills in battle!

Yue Jin: Be careful, we'll have to take it out together!

Sonic: Looks like the ol' hedgehog has to do it to it!

Geoffrey St. John: Really? That'll be the day! All you need is one good bolt...

(They begin to attack the Dynamac, but the Dynamac is not backing down from any attacks, not even a spindash by Sonic, which bounced off)

Ding Feng: It appears to be strong, but our will & spirit will be stronger.

Zhen Ji: Look out!

Dynamac: (begins to wrap it's large robotic tubes around Antoine, Bunnie, Hershey & Tails, giving them a tight squeeze)

Antoine: (panicked) Zut Alors!

Bunnie: Sugah-Twan!

Hershey: Meee-ooow!

Tails: Talk about...tight...s-squeezee...

Zhang Fei: Gah! That thing's have more arms like a tree. Looks like it didn't go so well.

Sally: We have to draw the Dynamac's attention try to confuse it!

STH Rotor: Easier said than done, Princess!

Gan Ning: Got it. (to the Dynamac) Hey! Over here!

Dynamac: (turns to Gar Ning)

Gar Ning: You want me? Come & get me!

Dynamac: (growls as he begins to turn around, holding onto Hershey, Tails, Bunnie & Antoine tightly)

Sonic: Whoa!

Hershey: Stop the merry-go-round! I wanna get off!

Gan Ning: (charges, but got hit by Antoine) Augh! Sorry, that thing's fast.

Yue Ying: We have to wait for the right time to strike.

Quan Chi: You're days of freedom have been sealed! You will taste no victory.

Zhao Yun: I don't think so! (readies his spear) We fight until the end!


(They fight. Zhao Yun's will power & his experience in the battles in China has gained him an advantage against Quan Chi's magic and his own mystical powers, giving Zhao Yun equal footing in the battle with the Netherrealm sorcerer, and his fighting ability gives him the edge needed to defeat him. After an intense fight, Zhao Yun beats Quan Chi to the ground.)

Zhao Yun: Your time is over, sorcerer!

Noob Saibot: (recovers & ambushes Zhao Yun)

Zhao Yun: Ugh!

Liu Bei: Zhao Yun! (readies his swords & begins attacking Noob Saibot)

Noob Saibot: (begins to fight back)

Sally: Sonic! Snap out of it! We need you, True Blue!

Sonic: Plan C...(begins spinning the Dynamac around very fast)...designed to confuse...see?

Liu Bei, Guan Yu & Zhang Fei: (rams at Noob Saibot)

Noob Saibot: (got pushed & gets whacked & got caught by Dynamac's robotic tubes)

Dynamac: (lets go of Tails, Bunnie, Antoine & Hershey)

Antoine: Look out, Sonic! We're gonna...

Tails, Bunnie, Antoine & Hershey: (crash lands)

Tails: Hit.

Zhang He: (helps Bunnie & Hershey get up) Prehaps you can land gracefully on your feet, like a swan.

Guan Suo: (helps Tails & Antoine get up) Don't worry, I gotcha.

Guan Xing: (slams Noob Saibot, knocking him out) Gotcha!

Lianshi: (notices someone hiding behind the curtains) Hm?

Sonic: Admit it...I'm just too fast for your sensors!

Quan Chi: (goes up to Noob Saibot) This is not over yet, I assure you, it's far from over. Dynamac, destory him.

Dynamac: (begins chasing after Sonic)

Mecha Sun Jian: A very clever tatic.

Jia Xu: Indeed, a distraction we'll provide us some time to find someone controling the bot.

Lianshi: I believe I found something.

Lu Su: (notices someone behind the curtains) Hmm...

STH Rotor: By moving so fast, Sonic not only is able to produce multiple images but...(opens the curtains to reveal Snively inside a secret control room)...The Dynamac registers Sonic's body heat as he does so! Snively!

Lu Su: Well, well, looks like Quan Chi & Noob Saibot are not the onlys one here.

Snively: You are a moron! All the commotion and you're fascinated with what's behind a curtain! No matter time to book it! (begins running away)

Xing Cai: He's making a getaway!

Zhang Bao: Let's get him!

Sally: (to Snively) Oh no you don't! (tries to get the jump on Snively, but crashes to the ground on her stomach)

Snively: Oh, yes I will ! Out of my you royal brat!

Bao Sanniang: (lands in front of Snively) Are we playing a pouncing game?

(The Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu begins surrounding Snively)

Dian Wei: Not so fast shrimp!

Lu Meng: You're not going anywhere!

Geoffrey: Cheeky Beggar! I'll teach you manners! (shoots a net arrow at Snively, trapping him in a net)

Snively: NOOOOOOOOOOO...(got trapped in a net)

Liu Shan: Snively has been captured.

Quan Chi: Dynamac, stop them! (retreats with Noob Saibot)

Wang Yi: That robot must be stopped! I must have revenge! (slashes Dynamac with her signature Trishula)

Sally: Get ready Bunnie! Sonic! Plan 'D'!

Sonic: (runs through the Dynamac's legs) D as in Diversion!

Xu Zhu: I'll help you with Plan D! (whacks Dynamac, dealing damage to the bot)

Dynamac: (manages to still stand)

Sally: Now Bunnie!

Bunnie: (grabs a cut wire)

Sally: Time to reach out...

Bunnie: (let the cut wire touch Dynamac)

Sally: And make the connection!

Guo Jia: Interesting strategy.

Bunnie: Have a jolt on me, Sugah-Mac!

Dynamac: (falls down)

Sonic: Whew! That one's down for the count!

Sally: For now, Sonic! There could be other surprises!

Jiang Wei: She's right, you'll never know what to expect.

Yu Jin: I see.

Geoffrey St. John: Maybe if we make ringo here sing...we could make life easier for us!

Sally: I doubt very much Snively would co-operate Geoffrey!

Fa Zheng: I see your point.

Snively: You got that right, sister!

Geoffrey St. John: (taking Snively away) There's always the hard way, mate!

Zhu Ran: (notices Sally about to walk off) Hm? Sally?

Sonic: Where to now, Sal?

Sally: (heading upstairs with Sonic & Tails) I have to check something out, Sonic! It's been such a long time...

Guan Yinping, Sun Shang Xing & Lianshi: (heads upstairs as well)

(Inside another room upstairs)

Sally: ...since I've been home. Only...(begins to have tears in her eyes, with her voice breaking)...It's not home any it?

Guan Yinping: Oh dear. I see your pain.

Sun Shang Xing: I can't watch this sad pain anymore, it's too much.

Lianshi: Me neither.

Sonic: C'mon l'il buddy! I think Sal would like a little privacy.

Lianshi: Let's leave Sally in peace.

Sonic, Tails, Guan Yinping, Sun Shang Xing & Lianshi: (heads back downstairs)

Liu Bei: How is Princess Sally, my lady?

Sun Shang Xiang: She needs some alone time for a little while.

Sonic: Well, Rotor, what's the latest?

STH Rotor: We have our work cut out for us, but it's nothing I can't handle!

Zhang Liao: Very well, we'll leave you to your work.

Sonic: Way to go, big guy! (notices Geoffrey) Eh?

Geoffrey St. John: (signals Sonic to follow him, which he does) Is she...?

Sonic: Yeah.

Geoffrey St. John: I thought as much.

Cao Cao: The Jack-2 Bots are still at large, we will guard Robotropolis while it's been searched through the perimeter

Mecha Sun Jian: Very well, we need 2 of our strong officers each to track down any Jack-2 Bots.

Liu Bei: Very well. Any volunteers?

Guan Yu: I'll go.

Zhang Fei: If my brother's going, I'm going too.

Dian Wei: Heh! I'm ready for a beatdown against those Jack-2 Bots.

Xu Zhu: This is gonna be fun, I'll get something to eat for the trip.

Huang Gai: I'll do this for the glory of our forces.

Taishi Ci: And I as well.

Sun Ce: Very well, we'll start at the following morning.

(The next following morning...)

(We see the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu we're already woken up bright & early, while Sonic yawns waking himself up)

Sally: (sitting on a large flat marble step) What do you think, NICOLE? If we break into teams and assign each team a task we should have some basic necessities up and running quickly!

NICOLE: That does sound logical, Sally!

Cao Cao: Everyone! Front and center, immediately!

(We see that everyone has arrived, front & center)

Sally: Let's get started then! Antoine, I want you and Bunnie to establish a source of clean running water to use!

Liu Bei: Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Huang Gai & Taishi Ci to clear out any Jack-2 Bots you come near.

Sally: Rotor, I need you to see if you can establish a source of power!

Cao Cao: Wei Yan, Cao Ren & Gar Ning, you will become the backup team, just in case those bots started to attack.

Wei Yan: Me...fight!

Cao Ren: Very well.

Gan Ning: Leave it to me!

Sally: As for you, Sonic... I want you and Tails to scout around and make sure there aren't any unfriendly surprises!

Mecha Sun Jian: As the rest of Shu, Wei & Wu, begin to team up with anyone you choose to help them recreate Robotropolis back to Mobotropolis.

Cao Pi: Now go!

Sonic & Tails: (heads off)

Sally: Be careful, guys! If there's a problem just signal...

Sonic: One if by land...

Tails: And two if by air!

(The Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu begins to head off to their missions)

Sally: Now, I want you, Geoffrey...(turns to see that Geoffrey St. John is missing) Geoffrey? Where did he go?

Liu Bei: It doesn't matter now. Yuan Shao is with him as we speak.

(At a Portal to the Nexus)

(We see the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians emerging from the portal, looking around the grassy fields & the forest.)

Purple Skunk Girl: Say, Mobius is getting a bit better, now that Robotnik Prime is gone.

Green Skunk Girl: Indeed, but Plankton is left to take out.

Red Skunk Girl: Why would he call himself Plankton? Wasn't Plankton supposed to be very small?

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: I don't know, but I think it's best to stay out of it. Plankton did change to his Eggman form.

Cyan Skunk Girl: I know & sometimes he looks a cyclops & they freak me out.

White Skunk Girl: I know, right?

Yellow Skunk Girl: But that doesn't matter now, what's going on over there?

(The 7 took notice of Robotropolis being busy)

Purple Skunk Girl: I don't know, but it's a perfect place to check out. Let's go girls.

(The 7 Skunk Girl Guardians heads off to Robotropolis, not knowing what's going on.)

(With Yuan Shao)

Yuan Shao: (notices Geoffrey St. John talking to King Acorn in the moniter)

Geoffrey St. John: I'm now at the armory, your majesty! The facilities have been secured! And so far, King Acorn... the threats have been pretty much those we've anticipated...

King Acorn: (in the hospital in bed) Don't give me that, Commander! We must guard against the enemy within as well as without!

Yuan Shao: Hm?

Geoffrey St. John: I don't understand your highness! Who is this enemy you refer to?

King Acorn: I speak of none other than Sir Charles Hedgehog! He's a dangerous radical... and could pose a major threat to the realm!

Yuan Shao: Sir Charles Hedgehog? Why would he be responsible?

Geoffrey St. John: Are you certain of this your majesty? After all...

King Acorn: Of course I'm certain! Don't forget it was he who invented the roboticizer... as well as creating the spy network the begat traitors to the realm! I have access to information even you are unaware of, commander and if I...

Dr. Quack: That's enough excitment for now, sire! I'm sure the kingdom will survive while you rest.

Yuan Shao: Hmm... Interesting. I must tell Sun Jian about this.

Geoffrey St. John: (turns off the moniter & puts on his cap) I'm out on security detail, Fleming! Nobody goes in there!

Fleming: Even the Princess, sir?

Geoffrey St. John: Especially the princess!

Yuan Shao: Very well. (turns away & leaves)

(With Mecha Sun Jian)

Mecha Sun Jian: Looks like they are guarding the place very well. Keep it up, soldiers. (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck) Hm?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (placing his equipment in the crates) This should just about do it! With Robotnik gone for good, I don't see any need for all this surveillance equpiment! Of course one never know when things might change... (presses a button, opening the secret tunnel from the floor) But out of sight out of mind should do for now! (In thought: Speaking of which... (heads down the staircase) I guess it's time I relayed the news! I just wish I had a clue...)

Mecha Sun Jian: Hmm...(follows Mecha Uncle Chuck)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (climing down the ladder) (in thought: ...Of what their reaction will be! It never gets eaiser does it chuck ol' boy?)

Mecha Sun Jian: Excuse me, sir?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Sun Jian? What are you doing here?

Mecha Sun Jian: Just wanna come by and check on you to see if you're ok. I see we're both suffered the same fate.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I see.

(A Roboticized Bear & Fox appeared)

Roboticized Bear: Sir Charles! This is a surprize! We heard metal clanging and came to investigate! What brings you & your friend here, sir?

Mecha Sun Jian: I am Sun Jian, I have suffered the same roboticization fate at the hands of a new evil dictator, Plankton.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I came to tell you... Robotnik's gone! Defeated! He won't bothering anyone anymore!

Mecha Sun Jian: However, Plankton & his empire are still lurking about with their new Jack-2 Bots. So we have to be careful.

(We see 2 Roboticized Blue Hedgehogs emerging from the shadows & they are actually Sonic's roboticized Parents, the female's name is Berndette Hedgehog & the male's name is Jules Hedgehog.)

Jules: How much more could he do to us? I almost wish we we're sill mindless automatons! What good is our freedom... without our original form?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Eh... I'm afraid it's that simple, Jules! The Ultimate Annihilator may have restored free will to us all... but...

Roboticized Polar Bear: But what, Sir Charles?

Mecha Sun Jian: Something wrong, Sir Charles?

Roboticized Fox: We've endured so much, Sir Charles... that the hope of being restored is all that kept us going!

Roboticized Turtle: All we want... is a normal life with our families!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I'm afraid... that's impossible

Mecha Sun Jian: Care to explain?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: When the original roboticizer was destroyed... any chance of our being restored died with it! And if... by some miracle... even if I was able to re-build it to the same specs... any routine maintenance or even a minor alteration performed affected your cellular structure! I could not guarantee your surviving the process! (quietly) I'm very sorry!

Mecha Sun Jian: I know, you we're just trying to help & it doesn't matter.

Roboticized Dog: Ye needn't hang your head, laddie... Ah fought in th' Great War, so i know there be worse than our current condition! In fact, muh joints have never felt better! I say it's time to move on, Charles m'lad!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I agree! What say you, Jules? Or you Bernie?

Jules: I think... (drops his Power Ring)'s time to stop clinging to flase hopes... and power rings that don't last!

Mecha Sun Jian: (gets a call from his communicator & answers it) Yes?

Sun Ce: (in communicator) Sun Jian, there are 7 visitors coming to Robotropolis & they don't know where they are. We have to keep them safe.

Mecha Sun Jian: Very well. I'm on my way. (turns off communicator) I have to go. Good luck everyone. (heads off)

(Near the Mega Chum Bucket)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (with a bunch of green nuts, bolts, gears, springs & sprockets for a salad)

Nidhiki: I can't believe it. Fresh robotic greens. Krekka, how did you ever?

Krekka: Go ahead, dig in.

Nidhiki: (spots a dandelion) A dandelion, I though the pollutioned wiped them all out in Robotropolis.

Krekka: (in sing-song voice) All but one.

(Suddendly they spot 7 Skunk Girl Guardians coming by, not knowing who they are)

Purple Skunk Girl: Wow, this place sure does stinks.

Green Skunk Girl: Yeah, it stinks worse than we do.

(During the Skunk Girl Guardians conversation, their skunk gasses of each of their colours had begun to reach Krekka & Nidhiki's lunch, melting them into green puddle of melted metal.)

Yellow Skunk Girl: P.U.!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (gasps & gets mad at the girls)

Red Skunk Girl: One of these days they need an air freshener here. (turns to Krekka) You know what I am saying big guy?

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: I know, right? (not knowing her dark blue skunk gas had reached Nidhiki) You guys might be very strong & smart at the same time.

Nidhiki: (coughing)

Cyan Skunk Girl: I know, it's a fact because you two boys are robots. No offense thought you might not even know what we're taking about. (giggles)

White Skunk Girl: (spots the Dandelion & picks it up) Wow! It's a dandelion, it's lucky that this is the last one in Robotropolis to stay alive. (puts it on her ear) How do I look?

Purple Skunk Girl: This looks beautiful on you.

White Skunk Girl: Thanks girls. You're great friends.

Krekka: (normal voice) Nidhiki?

Nidhiki: Easy Krekka.

Krekka: But their smell ruined our salad.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (notices the green goo, formerly known as Krekka's & Nidhiki's lunch & then turns to Krekka & Nidhiki, backing away from them)

Purple Skunk Girl: Oh my gosh, we're so so sorry.

Green Skunk Girl: Yeah, we didn't know that our skunk gasses are melting your metal food.

Yellow Skunk Girl: (trips over a log) Whoops. Seriously, let's all forgive and forget that we met together.

Red Skunk Girl: Yeah, I uh think it's time that we take out and... (giggles nervously) Oh my.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (walking towards them menacingly)

Cyan Skunk Girl: Do something!

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: (picks up a pine cone) Look pine cones! Oh thank goodness, my favourite! (bites the tip of the pine cone, she bite really hard, making a crunching noise each time) Mmm. Delicious, that's uh, uh, good eating.

White Skunk Girl: (grabs the pine cone from the Dark Blue Skunk Girl) Don't let my sister hog them all, here you have some! (puts the remains of the pine cone into Krekka's mouth) Tasty isn't it?

Krekka: (growls)

Purple Skunk Girl: Bon appetit.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (turns around & ran off)

Krekka: (turns to Nidhiki) Now?

Nidhiki: (waiting a moment watching the 7 girl skunks flee in terror) Now!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (instantly gave chase)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (screaming, but they we're blindly hit armoured figures & bounced off it to the ground)

(The Armoured figures turned to see them & the armoured figures reveals themselves to be Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Taishi Ci & Huang Gai)

Zhang Fei: Hey! Watch it, will ya?

Huang Gai: Is something the matter?

Purple Skunk Girl: Just pretend we're not here.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (stops)

Krekka: Aw man, I wanted to ram them at full speed.

Nidhiki: That's ok Krekka, we'll have some fun with them.

Green Skunk Girl: Don't let those meanie robots capture us.

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: (clutching herself to Dian Wei's arm) We wanna be organic & we wanna live!

Dian Wei: Alright, now get off me! (shoves the Dark Blue Skunk Girl a bit, making her let go)

Nidhiki: Come on, you're making a scene.

Krekka: We'll just take our 7 furry pinatas and go, if you don't mind.

Taishi Ci: Hey, if it's not them today, then it's somebody else tomorrow.

Yellow Skunk Girl: We'd rather it not be today, ok?

Krekka: Look, we're gonna break your necks, so you don't feel a thing. How's that?

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (gulps as they slink further behind the warriors)

Xu Zhu: Wait a minute... I thought Robots can't eat flesh & blood?

White Skunk Girl: (raises her hand) An excellent point!

Zhang Fei: Shut up.

White Skunk Girl: (retracted her hand) Sorry.

Nidhiki: Who says we're gonna eat 'em after we kill them?

Krekka: Yeah, come on, move it, would ya?!

Guan Yu: (readies his Blue Dragon Spear & holds it upstraight while it's touching the ground in disgust in his tone) You know, I don't like anyone that kill for pleasure. It's another way to start the chaos.

Nidhiki: (glared back with Krekka) Save it for a mammal that cares!

Cyan SkunK Girl: We're the mammals that care!

Guan Yu: (gets an idea & turns back to Krekka & Nidhiki) Listen up, if either of you make it across that sink-hole in front of you, you can get your reward.

Krekka & Nidhiki: ?! (looks at each other)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (sighs in relief)

Red Skunk Girl Guardians: That's right ya losers. (grabs a rock) Take one step and your dead! (throws a rock, that bounced across the ground in front of them, revealing that it's not a sink-hole.

Purple SkunK Girl: Uh-oh.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (realized this & smirks at the group)

Red Skunk Girl: Wait, you mean to tell me that he was bluffing?

Zhang Fei: Yeah, that was a bluff.

Red Skunk Girl: Oops.

Krekka & Nidhiki: GET 'EM! (charges along with the Jack-2 Bots they summoned)


Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Taishi Ci & Huang Gai: (begins attacking the Jack-2 Bots)

Wei Yan, Cao Ren & Gar Ning: (arrives, ambushing the Jack-2 Bots)

Wei Yan:!

Gar Ning: And just in time too!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (charges)

Cao Ren: (notices the Skunk Girl Guardians are about to get rammed by Krekka & Nidhiki) Look out! (caught Krekka & Nidhiki with his signature spiked shield & holding his ground)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (pushing Cao Ren towards a cliff)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (notices the cliff) AAH! (tries to help Cao Ren push back)

Dian Wei & Xu Zhu: (helps as well, with massive ammount of effort, helping Cao Ren take control)

Dian Wei, Xu Zhu & Cao Ren: (tosses Krekka & Nidhiki in the air)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (lands with a thud) OOF!

Gar Ning: That's all of the Jack-2 Bots down.

Huang Gai: But those officers are coming back for more!

Taishi Ci: Brace yourselves.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (charging at both sides)

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, Huang Gai, Taishi Ci & Gan Ning: (nods at each other & charges)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (notices they we're unprotected)

Cao Ren: (hits Krekka at the head with his spiked shield)

Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, Xu Zhu & Dian Wei: (whacks Krekka down with their weapons)

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan & Gan Ning: (snags Nidhiki's claws & legs with their weapons, spinning & tossing Nidhiki aside)

Nidhiki: AAAAHHH!!! (crash lands hard)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (flinch) OOOH! (turns to Krekka, charging at them & screams)

Xu Zhu: (grabs Krekka & throws him up) Batter up! (whacks Krekka away with his signature club)

Krekka: AAUUGGHH! (got whacked away)

Nidhiki: (gets up, noticing a dandelion) A dandelion?

Krekka: (crashes on top of Nidhiki) Ouch!

Green Skunk Girl: Wow, they are strong.

Yellow Skunk Girl: I know, right? Thank you for saving us.

Dian Wei: We're just doing our job.

Guan Yu: Now if you excuse us, we have to continue our journey.

Zhang Fei: I'm getting reports that the Swatbots are still in their positions, working without someone to command.

Xu Zhu: Bye bye.

White Skunk Girl: Wait, where are we gonna go now?

Huang Gai: Please stay out of trouble.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, Huang Gai, Taishi Ci & Gar Ning: (walks off)

Purple Skunk Girl: Ok, we will.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (turns to see Krekka & Nidhiki who are at the other side of the cliff)

Krekka: Hey you childish sissies! Wait til' we get back here!

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (begins to run off)

Purple Skunk Girl: Phew. That was a close one, sometimes we do get more adventures in our true forms.

Green Skunk Girl: Yes, but that does indeed sacrificing our intelligence over youth & our friendship.

Red Skunk Girl: Indeed it has & that was very sweet of us to do that.

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Yeah, we feel like pre-teens again.

Cyan Skunk Girl: Indeed, we need to practice our skills more often.

White Skunk Girl: So, any chances of going back to the Nexus.

Yellow Skunk Girl: I don't know, maybe we can all camp out here for the night, how's that sound?

Purple Skunk Girl: That's a smart idea. We can be freedom fighters too, somehow. Let's prepare a camp out in the grassy fields near the portal.

Red Skunk Girl: Yeah & I'm sorry about the whole sink-hole plan failure thing back there.

Green Skunk Girl: It's ok, we intend to make mistakes also. Everyone makes mistakes, including us.

Red Skunk Girl: Thanks girls. Now's lets start camping.

(Inside one of Robotropolis' factories)

(We now see Zhao Yun, Jiang Wei, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yun, Lu Xun & Lu Meng searching the factory to see Swatbots carrying boxes)

Zhao Yun: What are they carrying in those boxes?

Xiahou Dun: Here comes one.

Lu Meng: Hey! Swatbot, you stop right now!

(However the swatbot marches on, ignoring the soldiers)

Lu Xun: They seem to ignoring us, without anyone to command, the Swatbots are stuck in a circle where they do their jobs for nothing for the rest of their lives.

Xiahou Yuan: This is starting to get confusing.

Jiang Wei: Lu Xun is right, look around. The trains are going nowhere, the Swatbots are stuck doing their same job.

Zhao Yun: It appears we are safe for now.

(Suddendly they heard a scream coming from the secret tunnels)

Xiahou Dun: Quick, someone needs help.

(The group hurried to where the sound coming from. As all of the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu arrived with Sonic & Tails, they all noticed Penelope calling out for help)

Penelope: Sonic! Tails! Over here!

(They noticed Arlo is crushed under a pile of rubble)

Ma Chao: Alro's trapped!

Sonic: Arlo! Are you all right?

Arlo: ...Only... (coughs) when I laugh...

Tails: Hang on Arlo! We'll get you out!

Sonic: In way cool time... (uses the Figure 8 peel out to try to break the rubble piece by piece) A piece here... A piece there... until... (suddendly got smacked by a Jack-2 Bot) Augh!

Yue Ying: Sonic! It's an ambush!

Jack-2 Bot: Stop where you are! You may have defeated Quan Chi, Noob Saibot, Krekka & Nidhiki for now, but you have nowhere to hide. Get them! (more Jack-2 Bots came out of hiding)

Liu Bei: Prepare yourselves! They might be the ones that crushed Arlo. Attack the enemy!

(The Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu begins attacking at the appearing Jack-2 Bots)

Sonic: (gets up & tries using the Figure 8 Peel Out to try again) Let's try again. Here we go! And... (suddendly stops, feeling a bit woozy) We have overloard (gasping for air) I'm sorry guys!

Penelope: What'll we do? We can just leave Arlo like that?!

Sonic: What do you suggest? It would take a miracle right (noticing something happening)

(We see the same roboticized polar bear along with Mecha Sun Jian, using their robotic strength to lift up the giant rock, freeing Arlo)

Mecha Sun Jian: Need some help?

Sonic: I don't believe it!

Tails: Why, that's no miracle! It's only...

Sun Ce: Father!

Tails: And Rudyard!

Pang Tong: And who is this Rudyard?

Sonic: He's been roboticized! No wonder we haven't seen him around!

Pang Tong: Another Mecha has fought with pressure.

Mecha Rudyard: There you go, little feller!

(As the Jack-2 Bots we're destroyed, they begin to keep calm)

Penelope: Arlo! Are you okay?

Arlo: I'm fine, guys! Really, I am! Just had the wind knocked out of me!

Mecha Sun Jian: As a matter of fact, I am not alone.

Tails: (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck & the rest of the Roboticized gang) Uncle Chuck! Where did you come from?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I had to go tell some folks the good news about what happened! (turns to Sonic) Especially a couple that couldn't wait to see you, lad!

Guan Xing: (notices Jules & Mecha Bernadette) Hm? Is that...?

Guan Suo: It is.

Jules: (to Sonic) I'm sure you haven't forgotten your own parents, Sonic!

Mecha Bernadette: Hello, dear! It's been way too long!

Jules: We've missed you so very much, son!

Yu Jin: Son?

Li Dian: (shrugs)

Sonic: Mom? Dad? (turns to Mecha Uncle Chuck, now mad) How could you keep this from me? (begins to run off)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: SONIC! WAIT! Let me explain!

Guan Xinping: Oh my.

Jules: Son, your Uncle Chuck was only doing what we asked him to!

Zhang Fei: Come on, don't be acting like that Sonic.

Sonic: (ignored them & continues running off outside)

Cao Cao: ...

Liu Bei: I do not understand, why would Sonic act like this?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I was afraid he'd react like this! I should never have kept the truth from him!

Zhuge Liang: You have to do what's right & what's wrong. No matter what happens, you choose your own path of destiny.

Sima Yi: Indeed, sometimes you have to accept the fate of what's close to you & move on.

Mecha Bernadette: (turns to Tails) Please... go after him. Our boy could use a friend right now!

Tails: (uses his 2 tails, spinning them around as helicopter blades & flies after Sonic) Tails to Sonic! You forgot something... Me!

Sun Quan: (notices Mecha Uncle Chuck's felt saddened) Is something wrong?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: How he must hate me right now! And you know what? I don't blame him one bit!

(With Sally, Dylan & Hamlin)

Yuan Shao: (arrives back) Hm?

Dylan: We've established which communication boxes are working in the immediate vicinity, Princess!

Sally: Which amounts to?

Hamlin: Maybe two out of every five are operational!

Sally: No good, but better than I...

Yuan Shao: Princess, look over there!

(The Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu have returned)

Xu Zhu: Hi!

Hamlin: (notices something with the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu & looks alarmed) Sweet mother of pearl!

(We see Mecha Uncle Chuck, Jules, Mecha Bernadette & the rest of the Roboticized gang arrived also)

Sally: Can it be...?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Your eyes aren;t deceiing you, Princess! I told them everything!

Yuan Shao: Welcome back, Uncle Chuck. I see that you have friends.

Sally: (hugs Mecha Uncle Chuck) So this is what you've been up to!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: I only wish Sonic shared your sentiments!

Huang Zhong: However, he need some time alone with his friend, Tails.

Hamlin: (whispers to Dylan) I know they look like us, Dylan... but aren't they still robots? No offence.

Mecha Sun Jian: None taken.

Cao Pi: Those Jack-2 Bots that Plankton created we're pathetic. Once we take out the weaknesses from Plankton's Empire. there is no need to fear.

Sally: (to Mecha Bernadette) I remember you!

Mecha Bernadette: Was it really been that long dear?

Liu Shan: I believe it was that long ago, during the Mobian War.

Jules: Prehaps they had more important things to consider, Bernie!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (elbows Jules' robotic shoulder) Really, Jules! Where are you manners?

Jules: Back in the sewers along with my sense of humor!

Zhang Bao: Ha, Ha.

Sally: Listen, everyone! I know how rough it's been for you... for all of us... Right now though, I'm thankful we're all together again!

Mecha Rudyard: Begging your pardon, Princess Sally! I look around... and I see it's not the same! I'm not sure it even can be! (leaves)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: They need time to adjust to everything, Sally.

Pang De: Indeed, there is no harm done. They need time to relax.

Sally: As do we all Uncle Chuck... Some more than others it seems!

Xu Shu: Like Sonic.

(Back with the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

(We see them building a tent near the portal back to the Nexus)

Purple Skunk Girl: Phew. We're all tuckered out.

Green Skunk Girl: Yeah, good thing we packed our sleeping bags & this tent is big enough for all 7 of us.

Red SkunK Girl: (line up the short thick logs to create a campfire) And also, I'll shall create a campfire.

Yellow Skunk Girl: Fascinating.

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Can we help with that campfire?

Red Skunk Girl: Sure.

Cyan SkunK Girl: Oh boy!

Sonic: (from a distance) HE KNEW!

White Skunk Girl: What was that?

Purple Skunk Girl: Let's find out girls.

(The 7 Skunk Girl Guardians went up to see Sonic with Tails on the outskirts of Robotropolis.)

Green Skunk Girl: That must be the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. What's he doing here?

Dark Blue SkunK Girl: I don't know. Let's find out. Let's listen.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (proceed to listen, without being seen)

Sonic: All this time... and he knew, Tails!!

Yellow Skunk Girl: (whispers) Knew what?

Sonic: He should have told me my parents were alive! He had no right to keep it a secret! He told me they were casualties of war... and all this time my parents were living under Robotropolis!

Tails: They were casualtie, Sonic! Last I saw they looked Roboticized to me! If Uncle Chuck had told you the full truth... what would be different?

Cyan Skunk Girl: (whispers) What is Tails talking about?

White Skunk Girl: (shrugs)

Sonic: Well... at least I'd know my parents were still there for me!

Tails: So did the Princess when King Acorn was in the zone of silence, but that didn't make it easier for her!

Sonic: So?

Purple Skunk Girl: Hm?

Tails: You probably wouldn't have seen them any more than we do Uncle Chuck... whom we didn't see much of because of his work behind enemy lines!

Green Skunk Girl: (whispers) Just like a super spy.

Tails: Chances are they'd have been off fighting the war just like him!

Sonic: You don't being... ?

Tails: Uncle Chuck probably saw what Aunt Sally went through over her father and thought he was doing you a favor by not telling! Whatever his reasons, Uncle Chuck did what he do because he loves you!

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: (whispers) Wow, that's so sweet.

Sonic: You know Tails, you can be such a brick!

Tails: I try!

Sonic: Whad'dya say we head back?

Tails: (flying by using his 2 tails as helicopter blades, carrying Sonic back to the group) Waaay cool Sonic!

Yellow Skunk Girl: Wow, this is so... touching.

Red Skunk Girl: Oh my, now they got me all sappy. (giggles)

Cyan Skunk Girl: Let's head back to our camp tent.

White Skunk Girl: Agreed.

Purple Skunk Girl: Yeah, I have a feeling that this is not over yet.

(As the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians head back to their tent, we see that Zuo Ci is watching the whole thing)

Zuo Ci: Interesting, even without the All Stars, the Knothole Freedom Fighters have learned to protect others who can't protect themselves. And with Robotnik Prime dead, another Robotnik is about to strike when his time comes. (leaves)

(Later, that evening...)

(We see the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu are having a feast with the Freedom Fighters while Sally sits down on a large pole, thinking about the situation)

Sally: I never thought I'd say this, NICOLE...but the situation is hopeless! We're better off rebuilding elsewhere than trying to trestore Mobotropolis to it's former self.

NICOLE: I don't think you've explored all your options, Sally!

Ma Chao & Geoffrey St. John: (goes up to Sally)

Geoffrey St. John: The mother box is right, luv! There are always alternatives!

Ma Chao: Greetings princess.

Sally: Geoffrey! Ma Chao!

Geoffrey St. John: At your service! In need of a friend tonight?

Sally: More than ever!

Ma Chao: Very well then.

Geoffrey St. John: Well then... I'm just your mate!

Ma Chao: Is something wrong?

Sally: You'll always be a friend, Geoffrey... however, if you're implying beyond that... I'm afraid I can't accept!

Geoffrey St. John: Meaning?

Ma Chao: Your point?

Sally: I know there's sometime between us, Geoffrey... but I also know that my heart belongs to Sonic! I can't go forward until I know what I have!

(We see a shadow coming towards the 3, not knowing of another shadow coming towards the first one)

Sally: Do you understand?

Ma Chao: I understand clearly.

Geoffrey St. John: Not really!

Sally: That's okay! As long as I do!

Geoffrey St. John: Your loss, luv!

Sonic: Is it now, "Luv"?

???: Ahem.

Sally, Geoffrey St. John & Ma Chao: (turn to see Sonic & ???)

Sally: Sonic!

Ma Chao: There is someone behind you.

Sonic: Huh? (notices ???, who is actually Xplode)

Xplode: Guess who's back.

Sonic: What the...?!

Xplode: What do you think you're doing?

Geoffrey St. John: We we're just chatting about you, mate...

Sonic: St. John... (punches Geoffrey St. John across the face) I'M NOT YOUR "MATE"! Not now! Not Ever! Do you hear me?

Xplode: And I'm not yours! (gives Sonic the big foot to the skull)

Sonic: AUGH! (gets up)

Xplode: Now are you two gonna stop fighting or each other or I will.

Geoffrey St. John: Loud and clear, Hog-O (jumps up) Let's have a go, you mugs! (tackles Sonic & Xplode)

Sonic: Woof!

Xplode: Hey!

Sonic, Geoffrey St. John & Xplode: (begins attacking each other, but it appears Xplode has the advantage when it comes to strength & size)

(The Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu comes over to notice this 3 way brawl)

Sally: Sonic! Geoffrey! Hey you guys! Stop it!!!

Jia Xu: What is this?

Ma Dai: What happened?

Tails: (comes over with Hershey) What's all the excitment?

Hershey: It's Sonic, Geoffrey & Xplode! They're going at it like crazed pumas!

Sally: We need something to cool them off!

Ling Tong: Water will cool them off.

Bunnie & Antoine: (getting the hose)

Antoine: I believe I know just ze thing, Princess! Here Bunnie! Take zis!

Bunnie: Whater y'all need, Su-gah!

Antoine & Bunnie: (goes up to Sonic, Geoffrey & Xplode)

Antoine: Zis should really... 'ow you zay- dampen zer spirits!

Bunnie: Big time, Hon!

Xplode: (smacking Sonic & Geoffrey St. John together) Hah! Who's got the biggest mouth now!?

(Suddendly they got splashed by a large ammount of pressured water)

Sonic: HEY!

Geoffrey St. John: BLIMEY!

Xplode: WHAT THE?!

Sonic: Cut that out! (glugs)

Geoffrey St. John: (glug, glugs) It's not even Saturday Night!

Xplode: Hey! (glugs) Stop that!

(We see that not only the water comes from the hose, it's also comes from the returning Spongebob Squarepants)

Spongebob: Snap out of it!

Xplode: Spongebob?

Spongebob: Yes, what were you guys thinking?

Sally: In-credible! It must be your inbred machoism! How else can we explain the two of you acting like a couple of juveniles?

Xplode: Actually, that would be 3.

Spongebob: No, I mean I can't believe I wasn't there to water down the rain. There's no rain clouds.

Xplode: Never mind. I'm sorry about that, I just wanna break up the fight, but it's gotten out of hand.

Spongebob: You're forgiven.

Sally: Now then, I want both of you to shake hands and let bygones be bygones!

Sonic & Geoffrey St. John: (shake hands)

Sonic: (whispers) This doesn't end here!

Geoffrey St. John: (whispers) You got that right!

Spongebob: Everyone is forgiven again.

Sally: And now everyone... I say we call it a night.

Spongebob: The rest of the All Stars are back at South Knothole. Let's get some shut eye.

Xplode: Good cause I've already set up the tent with 2 beds.

(With Spongebob & Xplode)

(We see the inside of a tent with 2 equal beds)

Xplode: One for you & one for me.

Spongebob: (yawns) Thanks Xplode. You're a real pal. (goes up to one bed & sleeps on it)

Xplode: (goes up to the other bed & sleeps on it)

(With Sally)

Sally: (with Zhuge Liang & Sima Yi) I can't help but think it might be better if everyone knew you were in command, Daddy!

King Acorn: (in NICOLE's moniter) Nonsense, Sally! From what I understand you're doing a splendid job! For now, no one must find out, Sally...especially your friends!

Sima Yi: Hm?

Sally: But why daddy?

King Acorn: I have my reasons, and you have your orders! Now carry them out! Acorn out! (turns off the communication)

Zhuge Liang: Hmm...

Sally: This isn't right, NICOLE!

NICOLE: Nor is it the first time you've kept secrets from Sonic and your friends! Such are the burdens of command!

Sima Yi: We'll figure this out in the morning.

Zhuge Liang & Sima Yi: (went back to their respective tents)

Sally: (begins to sleep)

(In the morning)

Sally: (arriving with Spongebob, Xplode, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Mecha Sun Jian & Sun Ce)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: While it was not my decision, I will abide by it! I take it none in the majority would like to reconsider?

Spongebob: Reconsider?

Sally: Reconsider what, Uncle Chuck?

Mecha Rudyard: (with Mecha Uncle Chuck) We took a vote, Princess! For now, we believe it's in the best interests of the Roboticized Mobians to start our own colony!

Xplode: Start your own colony?

Sally: But why? You're more than welcome to join us!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: They're not so sure that's true, Princess!

Rudyard: Already, we've overheard whipsers among your kind!

Cao Cao: They are not sure if they are ready to come to Knothole.

Sally: Our kind?! You're our fathers and mothers, our family and friends! You belong here with us!

Jules: I look around, Princess... and I would have to disagree!

Mecha Sun Jian: I think it's time that we move on, I believe these roboticized mobians can handle things on their own. However, I am giving my place as Leader of Wu to my elder son, Sun Ce.

Sun Ce: Me?

Mecha Sun Jian: Yes, you. You will grow up to be a better leader than I am. It's time that I have sent down my leadership to a new generation.

Sun Ce: Alright then, dad. As a new leader, I'll make your proud dad.

Mecha Sun Jian: I knew you will.

Liu Bei: Alright, let's head back to South Knothole. Only Plankton's empire remains. Once we've bring his empire down, we will bring peace to Planet Mobius.

(From Outside)

(We see Spongebob, Xplode, who we're on foot, & the Forces of Shu, Wei & Wu, who we're on their horses, are preparing to head home)

Spongebob: (turns on communicator) Ok Rotor Walrus, the aircraft is all clear for launch.

STH Rotor: (In communicator) Roger that.

(With STH Rotor)

STH Rotor: (completing the cross-circuting) Completing cross-circuiting to "B"... and that should do it! (turns on the mic, communicating with the aircraft) Al-riiiight! The main computer's back on-line! This is Tower One, skyliner... you have a go for take-off! Have a nice day!

Pilot: (in communicator, piloting the aircraft called the "Skyliner") Roger Wilco Tower! The same to you! Destination! The Devil's Gulag! (takes off & flies the Skyliner to the Devil's Gulag)

(Back outside)

Xplode: The skyliner is carrying the prisoner to the Devil's Gulag.

Xiahou Dun: Then our work here is done.

Spongebob: Alright then. Everyone, let's move! (runs off)

Xplode: (holding onto Spongebob's shoulders)

Shu, Wei & Wu: (begins riding on their horses following Spongebob & Xplode)

(At the Devil's Gulag)

(We see the Skyliner, landing on the air dock)

???: (In Thought: I could see their approach as I lay in my cell... just as I could feel the roar of the engines when their craft landed.)

(We see Geoffrey St. John & the Rebel Underground checking the prisoners, which are in their cell, every single villain inside the Devil's Gulag is secure)

???: (In Thought: Now that Robotnik is gone and I'm stuck deep in this reopened dungeon, they think they're safe! All they do now is come once a week to check on us... make certain we have food and water... and confirm that there hasn't been any attempts to leave our little utopia!)

(We even see Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five inside a cell together with an unknown figure watching the barred window, who is actually Snively)

Snively: (In Thought: When the time is right... is the time I'll strike!)

Monkey Red: This stinks! And it's not even me!

Monkey Pink: (got his hands cuffed up in magical cuffs that prevents anyone from using magic) I know, I can't even use my magic to teleport ourselves outta here.

Monkey Yellow: Say, are there any more food for me? I'm starving.

Monkey Blue: (sighs) It appears that Plankton will not be pleased with us, not after what happened earlier.

Monkey White; The All Stars, along with the Cooper Gang, a police fox woman & those 7 female skunks have foiled our plans!

Specter: Patience, my friends. (turns to Snively) It appears that we both have a common enemy, indeed.

The End