This is the 67th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover.

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Agamo & Magmo

Main Villains: Plankton, King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Ixis Naugus, The Flying Dutchman, Jinpachi Mishima, Kodos Lion Uma Arachnis, Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu

Transcript #1

Ghost of the Flying Dutchman (Part 1)

(At the Seas of Mobius)

(We see the Flying Dutchman flying towards to shore)

Flying Dutchman: I believe it's about time that I share my haunting skills to a few friends of mine that I've just made. Starting with the Void. (begins to chant a portal spell to open up the portal to the Zone of Silence, a.k.a. the Void) Come forth my friends & we'll terrorize the entire planet of Mobius into submission! (laughs evily)

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

King Pig: (checking the moniters, seeing a red dot flashing) (gasps) Oh my goodness. So he finally did it. The Flying Dutchman had freed "him" from his prison. This could be bad & interesting at the same time. (chuckles, but then stops to face Plankton) Master Plankton?

Plankton: (on his throne, turns to see King Pig) Yes, King Pig? What is it?

King Pig: We have unknown energy coming from the middle of nowhere, sir.

Plankton: (gets surprised) The void?! Impossible!

King Pig: Right here, sir. (points to the red flashing dot on the moniter)

Plankton: (notices the red flashing dot as well) It can't be! Jinpachi Mishima!


(Plankton are with the 4 HenchCombots at the controls & a brown, strong man, with white hair named, Jinpachi Mishima
Jinpachi Mishima (Normal Form)

Jinpachi Mishima (Normal Form)

is inside an white empty room, with the portal to the Void)

Jinpachi: Recall me from the Void in 1 hour, Plankton.

Plankton: Alright, alright.

Jinpachi: And should you have any thoughts of betrayal. (chuckles evily & uses his devil gene powers to change Plankton's head into a crow's head)

Plankton: (crow caws)

Bluebot: (laughing) Nice one Jinpachi.

Plankton: (sighs) Trust me Jinpachi, I carry no such thoughts.

Jinpachi: I hope not (turns Plankton's head back to normal with his devil gene magic) Have I made my point, Sheldon?

Plankton: (Growls, but then calms down) Safe journey Jinpachi Mishima. Activating Void.

Redbot: Yes sir (activates the portal to the Void)

Jinpachi: (enters inside the portal to the Void)

Plankton: Quick, disable all retrival programs.

Yellowbot: But sir...

Plankton: Now!

Greenbot: (Cowboy's voice) Jinpachi might be angry like a bull in a rodeo...

Plankton: Just do it! No one must know about Jinpachi's ressurection.

Bluebot: Yes sir.

(The HenchCombots then proceeds to disable all retrival programs)

Redbot: It's done sir.

Plankton: Rule #1, Jinpachi: Never trust anyone, especially the heores & especially me.

(End of Flashback)

Plankton: (strokes his mustache)

King Pig: Master, if Jinpachi escapes, he's going to be extremely angry. And I'm scared.

Plankton: Hmm, he can open the void, but would he get out?

King Pig: But why would the Flying Dutchman try to free Jinpachi in the first place? Would that mean...?

Plankton: Alright! I get it. We better keep a close eye on the void.

(At the Outskirts of Robotropolis)

(We see Sonic, Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters, looking at the view of Robotropolis.)

Sally: Wow, Sonic! Would you look at that building over there? (points to Robotnik's lab) It's Doctor Robotnik's Laboratory!

Twilight Sparkle: (points to the Mega Chum Bucket) And over there, it's the Mega Chum Bucket. That's where Plankton is at.

Sally: Who knows how many diabolical schemes we're cooked up in that most complex of complexes... and how many more fiendish devices lie within it's walls?

Spongebob: But now Robotnik Prime's gone & there's nothing left to do.

Agamo: Except taking out Plankton, it's always our top priority.

Magmo: Indeed it is.

Sonic: And just think, Sally! It's all yours for the amazingly low prince of nothing! You may not be king...

Xplode: Queen.

Sonic: Right. But it's sure gotta be a blast being Princess!

Sally: This is no joke, Sonic! I'm serious over here! I mean, how would you feel if suddendly you we're responsible for a device with the destructive power of the Ultimate Annihilator?

Harold: Technically, Shao Kahn tricked us all & trapped Plankton in prison.

LeShawna: We get it, Harold!

Sonic: Whooh! Robuttnik nearly wiped out all of creation with that imported weapon of his!

Zaktan: Luckily, we destroyed it with a bomb!

Sally: And you know that we wouldn't be here to discusse it if he'd succeeded.

Sonic: Chances would kinda low, I guess... (notices Sally a bit saddened) what is it, Princess?

Agamo: Is something the matter?

Sally: Nothing, Sonic & Agamo. With everything you've done for the kingdom, I don't want to bother you with my dumb problems...

Xplode: You're problems are not dumb.

Ezekiel: I don't get the problems at all.

Spongebob: The problems doesn't matter.

Sonic: No matter how mixed up, jumbled, and down-right confusing your problems are, Sally, they are not... repeat not dumb!

Xplode: Hey! That's what I said!

Yellow Bird: Ok?

Sally: (getting down slowly from the hill with Sonic & the All Stars) You're right, I know. It's just that for the first time in my life, I'm...

Sonic: You're what?

Duncan: What is it? Spill it out.

Sally: (whispers) Well... scared.

Spongebob: Scared?!

Sonic: ?!

Eddy: ?! (was shocked at first, but then started laughing) Scared, wow that's rich! (laughing)

Edd: Eddy, Sally is serious!

Squidward: So am I.

Sally: Well, thinkg about it for a second...

Sonic: Done. (helps Sally off a large rock)

Fangz: So what are we thinking about?

Sally: Hardy har har.

Agamo: Very funny, Sonic. Very funny.

Red Bird: Sorry, continue.

Sally: Suddendly, I've gone from leading a bad of rebels ruling an entire kingdom in my father's stead.

Sonic: I know.

Magmo: Yes.

Sally: A kingdom filled with more than it's share of porblems.

Sonic: I know.

Avak: Uh huh.

Sally: Half of the citizens are roboticized and want to form their own colony.

Sonic: I know.

Noah: Indeed.

Sally: Then there's the mysterious zones popping up all over...

Sonic: I know.

Reidak: Right. With Sly Cooper & the Gang joining the party.

Sally: (hugs Sonic) And my father! The king! Will we ever be able to reverse the process that has turned him into crystal?

Owen: I don't know. We never tried that before.

???: We may be closer than we we're a few days ago. (appears to be Geoffrey St. John in a brown cloak)

Sally: Geoffrey!

Alejandro: Greetings Geoffrey. It's fancy meeting you here.

Geoff: Who?

Thok: He meant the skunk.

Geoff: Ohh.

Geoffrey St. John: Princess... Sonic...

Sonic: St. John.

Spongebob: (suddendly gets a vision of Geoffrey St. John's past with someone else he hasn't met) Huh? Hmm...

Xplode: What brings you here this time?

Geoffrey St. John: (kneels down & kisses Sally's hand) Even now, Rotor, Sir Charles, and Doctor Quack are investigating the portal to the so-called Zone of Silence within Julian's lab.

Reidak: The void?!

Sally: The dread zone of Silence... where Robotnik banished my father years ago.

Vezok: (hears some smashing, bashing & crashing coming from behind the walls) Hm?

Geoffrey St. John: Once they have launched a probe into it...

Sonic: Wait-a-minnit! Probez is that such a safw idea? I mean...

Vezok: ! HIT THE DECK!

(An explosion that causes a hole in the wall, causes the All Star to duck for cover & then they noticed the Flying Dutchman along with his 4 new allies from the Void)

Flying Dutchman: New allies from the Void, attack!

Spongebob & Patrick: The Flying Dutchman?!

Geoffrey St. John: What's the matter with it...?

Applejack: Looks like we got company & not the good kind.

Ghost of the Flying Dutchman (Part 2)

(Back at the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton & King Pig: (suddendly hears the explosion coming from the outskirts of Robotropolis)

King Pig: Whoa! What was that?

Plankton: That's what we're gonna find out. Let's move!

King Pig: Foreman Pig, Corperal Pig! We're heading out!

Foreman Pig: Yes, King Pig, your majesty.

Corperal Pig: Let's move move move!

(Plankton, King Pig, Foreman Pig & Corperal Pig heads out to the site of the Explosion)

(Back with the heroes)

(Sonic, Sally, Geoffery St. John & the All Stars noticed the Flying Dutchman along with the 4 allies of his known, the Ixis wizard named Ixis Naugus, Kodos Lion, the mobian spider black & red ninja named Uma Arachnis & the 4th & final one, is the returning villain from Plankton's flashback, Jinpachi Mishima himself.)

Jinpachi: Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jinpachi Mishima, the founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Agamo: Ah, so it's you & your cronies have done this.

Flying Dutchman: I have come back to honour my new allies a good ol' fashion rampage.

Sonic: Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, "Probe? Is that such a safe idea? I mean the zone is filled with all sorts of creepy villains after all!"

Spongebob: And it looks like you might be right.

Geoffrey St. John: You've made your point, Hedgehog! No reason to get snippy!

Reidak: Guys. Look! (points to Dr. Quack, STH Rotor & Mecha Uncle Chuck unconscious)

Sally: They've knocked the others unconscious who in the world are they?

Ixis Naugus: Who in the world indeed! You, my dear, are a little taller, a bit wiser... Princess Sally, isn't it? I'm surprised you do not remember... Ixis Naugus, sorceror savant!

Flying Dutchman: For those who don't know me, I am the ominous Flying Dutchman (roars)

Spongebob & Patrick: (gulps)

Squidward: G-g-g-g-ghost! (hides behind Sonic)

Sonic: I don't know who you are, Mr. Ixis whogus sorcerous whatgus or whatever you name is, but...

Ixis Naugus: (blasts Sonic away, also hitting Squidward with green electricity from his staff) Silence! You will speak when commanded!

Sonic: (got blown off) Holeeee!

Squidward: (got zapped) AAAH! (now charred & black covered) Ow.

Gwen: Why did you smell like Calamary?

Squidward: Don't ask, I'm in a lot of pain right now. (falls down) @_@

Sally: (goes up to Sonic, helping him stand up)

Mordecai: Dude, Sonic! Are you ok?

Sonic: (getting up slowly) Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, "I don't know who you are...but anyone's who's all buddy buddy with Warlord Kodos is no friend of mine! (in thought: And that blast wasn't too endearing either!)

Ixis Naugus: (aims his staff at Sonic & Sally) Well, perhaps another will stifle you forever!

Spongebob: Sonic! Sally! Watch out!

Ixis Naugus: (shoots a green beam)

Sonic: (carries Sally & dodges the shot) You'll have to hit me first, Ixe!

Spongebob: Quick stop them!

(The All Stars begins their battle against the Flying Dutchman, Jinpachi Mishima, Ixis Naugus, Kodos Lion & Uma Anarchnis)

Ixis Naugus: (while keeping the Piraka at bay, amazed by Sonic's speed) Fantasic.

Rigby: (charges) In your face! (jumps up & tackles at Ixis Naugus's chest, slapping his face silly)

Ixis Naugus: (growls as he slams Rigby at Magmo)

Rigby: UGH!

Magmo: (picks up Rigby) Rigby, are you alright?

Rigby: All good, dude.

Kodos Lion: Sounds to me like you've issued a challenge which I'll be more than happy to oblige! (wields his axe)

Sally: Sonic!

Reidak: (blocks Kodos Lion's axe with his buzzsaw) Go go!

(Suddendly Geoffrey St. John shot arrows at Kodos Lion's axe)

Kodos Lion: What?!

Geoffrey St. John: (in thought: Blast! Missed!)

(He didn't take notice of Uma Arachnis, sneaking up behind him)

Geoffrey St. John: Sonic, don't just stand there! Get the Princess out of harm's...

Xplode: Look out!

Uma: (whacks Xplode & Geoffrey St. John with her nunchucks) Shut up.

Xplode: Ouch! Watch where you swing those things.

Tree Rex: Geoffrey St. John's down!

Jinpachi: Then let me lend you a hand! (suddendly smacks Tree Rex across the face with a powerful punch)

Tree Rex: AUGH! (falls down) Where did that come from?

Agamo: He's stronger than we thought.

Spongebob: (spindashes at Jinpachi)

Jinpachi: (got hit) Augh! (smacks Spongebob away)

Spongebob: Ow! (lands)

Flying Dutchman: BBQ time! (launches fire from his nose at Spongebob & Tyler)

Spongebob: (dodges with super speed) Whoa!

Tyler: (got hit at the butt) Ouch! (lands in the river) (sighs happily)

Spongebob: Whoops sorry Tyler.

Tyler: No worries.

Jinpachi: How very interesting, this Sponge has super speed.

Ixis Naugus: Very well done, Uma Arachchnis!

Spongebob: Ok, what's going on here & what are you doing here in Mobius Prime?

Ixis Naugus: Your abilities are formidable, Quickster! Pity you must now die! Wouldn't it have been glorious to see me assume my rightful rulership of Mobotropolis?

Sally: No!

Flying Dutchman: No matter, you're next. (about to launch the fire from his nose again)

Sonic: Hold on, Sally!

Spongebob: Let's scram!

Ixis Naugus & the Flying Dutchman: (shoots their firepower at the group)

Sonic & Spongebob: (holds onto Sally & the All Stars & uses their super speed to thwart their attacks, throwing them back at the villainous group, pelting them with crystals & flames)

(The heroes make their hasty retreat while carrying Geoffrey St. John, Mecha Uncle Chuck, STH Rotor & Dr. Quack away)

Flying Dutchman: Gah!

Ixis Naugus: Vail's bones!

Kodos Lion: Aarrgh!

Uma: Ee-yaah!

Jinpachi: Augh! Hmm, they appear to be more stubborn than I thought. We can't let them get away.

Flying Dutchman: Jinpachi's right! Don't just stand there, you fools! After them!

(Back with the heroes)

Spongebob: Phew, I think we've lost him.

Timon: That was close. And you know what? I think we've lost him.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (rubbing his head while getting up)

Sonic: Uncle Chuck! You're okay!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Of course I'm okay, my nephew, but we must hurry!

Hakann: And speaking of hurrying up, the Flying Dutchman & his gang are coming back!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Then we don't have much time! We've got to use their momentary disorientation to beat a hasty retreat!

Mordecai: Come on, let's go, let's go!

(The All Stars, Sonic, Sally & Mecha Uncle Chuck begins to run, carrying STH Rotor, Geoffrey & Dr. Quack, not knowing they are being watched by Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu)

Dong Zhuo: So, they have a secret base.

Lu Bu: We must follow them, they'll lead us right to their base.


STH Rotor & Dr. Quack: (carrying Geoffrey St. John through the doorway)

STH Rotor: Come on! This way! That door leads to Robotnik's hidden tunnels!

Izzy: Lookie! (points to the Flying Dutchman & his group, coming closer) They're coming closer!

Edd: Quick, inside!

(Everyone begins to head inside Robotnik Prime's hidden tunnels, closing the door behind them, before the Flying Dutchman & his group arrived)

Uma: Curse the quickster! Curse him! What now, Ixis?

Flying Dutchman: They got away!

Kodos: They have fled!

Ixis Naugus: Yes... but they can't escape. THey will attempt to gain the truth from their so-called King Acorn... and we'll be there to see he gives them that and nothing but that!

Jinpachi: Now we know where they are going. We must follow them. (punches the door down with his strength)

(Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu has arrived)

Dong Zhuo: You know that those Freedom Fighters are a bunch of pathetic worms!

Ixis Naugus: Who are you & what business do you have with us?

Lu Bu: I am Lu Bu! The Ultimate Warrior of China & my master, Dong Zhuo has an offer.

Jinpachi: What kind of offer do you have in mind?

Dong Zhuo: Our loyalty & service, because we have a common enemy.

Flying Dutchman: Very well, we will gain your trust.

Dong Zhuo: You will not be disappointed. Not disappointed... at all. (smiles evily)

Ghost of the Flying Dutchman (Part 3)

(With Plankton)

Plankton, King Pig, Foreman Pig & Corporal Pig: (notices the damage to the wall)

Plankton: Hmm, very interesting. They must be here.

Corporal Pig: (points to the tracks) Look, tracks!

King Pig: They would lead us right to the freedom fighters.

Foreman Pig: And this Jinpachi Mishima fellow.

Plankton: Trust me, when we catch him, he won't be a fellow of mine for long.

(In Castle Acorn, formally Robotnik's Headquarters...)

All Stars: (inside with Sonic, Sally, Mecha Uncle Chuck, STH Rotor, Geoffrey St. John, Dr. Quack & King Acorn)

Geoffrey St. John: (got his head bandaged up by Dr. Quack) idea that launching the probe wouldd release that deadly trio!

Spongebob: And Jinpachi Mishima. But why would the Flying Dutchman release those vicious villains?

Sally: Their leading Ixis Naugus, has a wand thaat can turn objects into crystal, father how is that possible?

Sonic: And why didn't Ixis, Kodos & Uma fall prey to the effects of the zone as you did when exposed to Mobius' atmosphere, Sire?

Pumbaa: And why is Jinpachi Mishima trapped inside the Void as well?

King Acorn: (in bed) Ixis Naugus... a name... I thought... never to hear... again...

Agamo: "Never to hear again"? What do you mean by that?

Sonic: Well, we're gonna hear it a lot more if we don't stop him from declaring himself rightful ruler of Mobotropolis!

King Acorn: But lad, he is... the rightful ruler of... Mobotropolis!

All: Huh?!

Rigby: What, no way.

Magmo: Rightful ruler of Mobotropolis? What are you talking about?

Dr. Quack: I think our liege is suffering from a momentary lapse of reason!

King Acorn: No, doctor... I assure you... My reasoning is far sounder... than it has been... from some time...

3 Blue Birds: Hm?

White Bird: Huh?

King Acorn: You all believed... my crystalization... to be a by-product of... prolonged exposure to it's... harsh environment. (getting up from bed)

Sally: (goes up to King Acorn) Dad?

King Acorn: I'm fine, princess. Never thought that... Ixis would escape... zone of silence. Never thought I would either... for that matter. But that... is not entirely true...

Xplode: Not true? What do you mean?

Boomerang Bird: Looks like we're having another flashback.


(The flashback begins with a fully flesh & bone King Acorn falling into the Zone of Silence)

King Acorn: After Julian... betrayed my trust... the kingdom's trust... I had... to use all of my skills to... survive in what was... my new... home...

(The scene changes to King Acorn holding onto a large piece of land, while a black hole is inhaling the large pieces of rock in)

King Acorn: But after awhile... I no longer cared... for my own... survival... It takes a few days for... exposure to the... zone... to set in... The zone of... silence... is called that... because after prolonged exposure... sound and vibrations... cease to... exist... The effects can be maddening!

(Suddendly King Acorn was snatched away from the black hole, by a rescuer)

King Acorn: However... I was plucked... from death's jaws... before I was swallowed... by the... black hole...

(We see that the rescuer reveals to be Ixis Naugus, along with Jinpachi Mishima)

King Acorn: My savior... made me wish... otherwise...

Ixis Naugus: (shoots his magic from his staff at King Acorn)

King Acorn: My former royal wizard... the supposed creator of this... zone... Ixis Naugus... who had vanished... into it's reaches years prior... now stood before me. He had found... the means to prevent... the insanity using his dark... magicks and the zone's... natural resources. I forged... and unholy pact that day. Exchanging flesh and blood... for organic crystal... would grant me immunity...

King Acorn: (bows down for Ixis Naugus)

King Acorn: ...But I would have to... give fealty to Ixis... for the rest of my days... as his knight... as had... the... others... in the... zone...

(Flashback ends)

King Acorn: We all had the ability... to change... from crystal to flesh... and back again... I lost that ability... when I escaped... the zone... (lies down on his bed)

Alejandro: You're majesty.

Sally: Dad!

Xplode: King Acorn? Are you alright?

Geoffrey St. John: My liege!

Cody: Are you ok?

Dr. Quack: He'll be alright kids! He just taxed his endurance in the telling of that sordid tale!

Magmo: I see.

King Acorn: Ugh...

Spongebob: He's gonna be ok.

Agamo: So... any opinions? Anyone?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: If what the king said is true... if he did indeed swear blind allegiance to the wizard...

Sally: You can't mean that Ixis is king?!

STH Rotor: Princess?

Boggy B: If the king said is true, then yes. What's your point?

Sally: My father is in no position to make any decisions regarding the kingdom, that's why I was appointed acting ruler!

Twilight Sparkle: Sally is right, as ruler you can't give up! You have to rise up & fight for your kingdom. As 3rd in command of the All Star Freedom Fighters, I say that the Flying Dutchman & his gang must be stopped.

Sally: And as such, I say that Ixis can, well, get lost!


(They didn't know that they we're being watched by a Minion Pig from the Bad Piggies.)

Minion Pig: (heard everyone) Wait til Plankton hears about this. (hurries outside)

(Outside Castle Acorn)

Minion Pig: (telling Plankton, King Pig, Foreman Pig & Corporal Pig about the whole thing)

Plankton: Why would the Freedom Fighters cheering so loud about wanting this Ixis Naugus to get lost is what I want to know. There's nothing to cheer about... except for Robotnik Prime's final defeat.

King Pig: That is weird.

Foreman Pig: Why would they possibly cheering about?

Corporal Pig: Didn't they already know that we, the Plankton Empire is still at large?

Plankton: Then what could they possibly...?

Minion Pig: Wait, there's more. (whispers in Plankton's ear)

Plankton: Naugus is with what?

Minion Pig: (whispers again)


(The Jack-2 Bots & the Bad Piggies proceed to charge into the castle, only to see that the castle's already been breached by the Flying Dutchman, Ixis Naugus, Jinpachi Mishima, Kodos Lion & Uma Arachnis)

Plankton: This time, there's no escape.

Ghost of the Flying Dutchman (Part 4)

(In Castle Acorn)

(Suddendly an explosion interrupts the heroes, with green crystals flying everywhere from the rubble)

Flying Dutchman: My loyal allies, attack!

SpongeBob: Whoa! What was that?

Sonic: (picks up a shard of green crystal) Let me take a wild guess.

Rainbow Dash: Forget it, I'm going in!

Agamo & Magmo: Us too!

Rainbow Dash, Agamo, Magmo, Patrick, Ed, Eddy & Ezekiel: (charges) Charge!

Edd: Wait, stop!

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow, no!

Sonic: (notices the guards charges as well) Guards! no!

Guard #1: For king!

Guard #2: And country!

(Suddendly Rainbow Dash, Agamo, Magmo, Patrick, Ed, Eddy & Ezekiel we're sent flying by a familiar halbred, wielded by the legendary Lu Bu)

Rainbow Dash: Whao-o-o-o-a!

Agamo: Incoming!

(The All Stars we're knocked down like bowling pins, while the guards are defeated by Kodos Lion who emerges)

Sally: (gasps)

Ed: Who put out the tarter sauce?

Lu Bu: Pathetic, you would be a better challenge than last time. Who else will face the mighty Lu Bu in battle?

Spongebob: (gets up first) I do! And this time, I won't hold back!


Spongebob & Lu Bu: (begins attacking each other)

Kodos Lion: Who else would battle Kodos face to face?

Sonic: Me! But do we have to do it face to face? You're kinda ugly!

Kodos Lion: Bah!


Ixis Naugus: Kodos! End this! (turns to see STH Rotor pushing the bed with King Acorn on it away)

STH Rotor: We must get King Acorn to safety!

Owen: Right. (helps STH Rotor push)

(Suddendly Jack-2 Bots & an army of Minion Pigs begins to emerge with Plankton, King Pig, Foreman Pig & Corporal Pig)

King Pig: Bad Piggies, get them!

Plankton: Jack Bots attack!

Jinpachi: (growls) Plankton.

Spongebob: Hm? (dodges the slash from Lu Bu & spindashes at him)

Kodos Lion: (slashes at Sonic with his axe)

Reidak: Look out! (dives forward & saves Sonic) Gotcha!

Sonic: (in thought: Whoa! That was a real close shave!)

Agamo: Jack-2 Bots!

Magmo: It's turning into a all out brawl!

Zaktan: All Stars, stop those bots!

(The All Stars begins to attack the Jack-2 Bots & the Angry Birds begins tackling the Bad Piggies)

Pink Bird: (growls) Come and get it!

Corporal Pig: Why you...!

Duncan: (notices Uma about to ambush King Acorn) Scruffy?

Duncan: Ever since Scruffy died because of Harold accidently squished him back in Season 2, I can't stop thinking about him. He's my pet, but I have to do what's right. Even it means, I'm gonna miss him

Uma: (readies her nunchucks) Your precious Acorn is about to get cracked! (whacks at King Acorn, but misses) Hee-yah!

Duncan: (had saved King Acorn) You ma'am are a bad killer spider. I was bad before, but not that bad. Now we settle this.

Geoffrey St. John: Blast! Where's my bow?!

Duncan: Never mind, I got this spider under control. (gets into his battle stance)

Uma: You stupid fool!


(Even thought Uma wields weapons & has 6 arms, Duncan uses his thieving skills to steal the weapons away from Uma & use them against her. It takes time, but Duncan had taken down the spider ninja)

Duncan: I have now moved on & you're nothing compare to Scruffy.

Sonic: Face it, Kodos! I'm more of a head to head battle type! (jumps up & kicks Kodos's face, knocking him down)

Kodos Lion: Ughh!

Spongebob & Lu Bu: (panting)

Lu Bu: You're skills as an All Star is worthy of my stature.

Uma: (gets up & growls at Duncan) You lousy little...!

Sally: (In thought: Gotta drop the bed's canopy on her...) (drops the bed's canopy on Uma) (In thought: Yes!) (aims Geoffrey St. John's bow) Nighty night! (shoots arrow at Uma)

(The arrow went through the bed's canopy)

Courtney: Oooh! That's gonna leave a mark.

Dong Zhuo: (wielding his sword, his club & his bombs) Now you will die like the insolent worms you are!

Boggy B: I heard that & it's time that I taught you some manners!


(With both of them evenly matched, Boggy B has the chance of disarming Dong Zhuo's sword & club, while Dong Zhuo throws multiple bombs at Boggy B. Both of them are matched in fire power, but Boggy B's ammo is a bit more powerful as he took out Dong Zhuo)

Boggy B: What kind of king are you?

Dong Zhuo: (growls) You! You!

Jinpachi Mishima: (rams at Agamo & Magmo)

Agamo & Magmo: Hey! (gets up)

Ixis Naugus: Enough! You have all forced my hands! Now we must end this! Swiftly! Kodos! Uma! (shoots green magicks at Kodos & Uma, turning them into crystal) Be transformed! Destroy them all! I command it!

Flying Dutchman: By the powers of the Flying Dutchman, I command you... ALIVE! (uses his ghostly magic to summon ghost soldiers) Charge!

Jinpachi: Someday you will know my true power!

Agamo: True power?

Magmo: Jinpachi's true power?

(All the attacks the heroes throw at Kodos & Uma we're useless because of the 2 villains in their crystaline state)

Uma: There is no hope!

Kodos Lion: You can say that again!

Agamo: You may have taken us down once, but we won't be taken out again!

Magmo: That's right!

Jinpachi: So be it.


(Since Jinpachi did not use his true power yet, he soon realized that he is no match against Agamo & Magmo. Jinpachi may be strong, but the numbers game have gotten the best of him.)

Agamo: You're finished.

(While the heroes continues their battle against the Flying Dutchman, Ixis Naugus, Kodos Lion, Uma Arachnis, Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu. Spongebob comes up to Jinpachi.)

Spongebob: (now beside Agamo & Magmo) Alright Jinpachi, you betta have a good reason why you attack us.

Jinpachi: Many years ago, I was defeated by my great grandson, Jin Kazama. I was turned to sand & was swept away into a mysterious portal, managing myself to escape in Planet Mobius, in another universe. I met Plankton & decided to join him, but he got sick of me because my power is far greater than he thought & I was sent to the Zone of Silence, in which you called it the void, but he never recalled me back. Someone helped me & it's Ixis Naugus. I escaped from the void because of the Flying Dutchman & now that I'm free, I'm ready for my revenge.

Spongebob: Well, you can stop looking now cause here he is. (points to Plankton)

Jinpachi: Greetings Plankton, wanna play?

Plankton: (gasps in horror as he noticed Jinpachi, backing away, back outside)

Jinpachi: Go help your friends, All Star Warrior. I've got work to do.

SpongeBob: Alright then.

SpongeBob, Agamo & Magmo: (hurries off back to the rest of the All Stars)

Jinpachi: Welcome former Master Plankton...

Plankton: Yipe!

Jinpachi: It's payback time. (looks at Plankton with anger)

Plankton: (now completely scared) No, please! It was an accident, Jinpachi! I didn't betray you! I swear it!

Sonic: (makes a T sign with his hands) TIME OUT!

(Everyone, minus Plankton & Jinpachi, begins to stop to see Sonic facing Ixis Naugus)

Sonic: Alright, Ixis... I've seen a few things here today and while you'd like everyone to think you're gonna win... that's not ture at all. Is it?

Ixis Naugus: Silence!

Flying Dutchman: You stay back! I'm warning you, or so help me I'll...

Sonic: Or what? You're gonna turn me to crystal like Kodos and Uma? Why give me such power when I could easily turn it right back at you?

Spongebob: (goes up to Sonic) Sonic? What are you doing?

Sonic: (turns to Spongebob) Trust me.

Spongebob: (was a bit confused) Huh?

Flying Dutchman: (agreeing about turning Sonic into crystal) Ok, then.

Sally: No!

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob!

Ixis Naugus: (shoots magicks at Sonic & Spongebob)

(From Outside)

(We can see a green flash from inside, but the 2 didn't notice.)

Jinpachi: (checking Plankton's bear head he just changed with his devil gene powers) Nah, I don't think it's the right look for you, Sheldon. The colour of the fur doesn't match you eyes.

Plankton: (bear roars)

Jinpachi: (uses his devil gene powers to change Plankton's head into a hippo's head)

Plankton: (yawns very deep)

Jinpachi: No. That's not it. (uses his devil gene powers to change Plankton's head into a crow's head)

Plankton: (caws)

King Pig: (chuckles, then suceeds into hysterical laughter)

Plankton: (now has his head changed into a monkey's head) Ooh, ooh, ooh! Aah, Aah, Aah!

Jinpachi: Aha, that is definitely you.

Foreman Pig & Corporal Pig: (tries not to laugh, but fails hysterically as they join with King Pig in the laughter)

(Back inside)

(We see Sonic's gloves & shoes are now crystal & Spongebob's clothes are also crystal instead of their flesh & bones.)

Flying Dutchman: Hey! Who's fooling with our wands?

Spongebob: Nobody, now please help! I'm stuck!

Sonic: (his gloves & shoes are now crystal) Just like I thought. Your wand only affects inanimate matter, right? And your flunkies? THat's why you'd only blast the area immediately in front of us! Well, no more! (begins running around Ixis Naugus & the Flying Dutchman)

Flying Dutchman: Hold still you little...! (accidently bumps into Ixis Naugus)

Ixis Naugus: Hey! (drops the staff) NO!

(The staff's orb breaks, causing Kodos & Uma to dissapear with Ixis Naugus & Sonic's gloves & Sneakers to turn back to normal, along with Spongebob's clothes)

Katie & Sadie: (using vaccum cleaners to suck the Flying Dutchman's ghost soldiers inside)

Patrick: Wow, preaty lights.

Sally: Look! What happened to them?

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Without Ixis' wand to power them, they're like puppets without strings!

Dong Zhuo: Retreat! There's nothing we can do!

Lu Bu: (in thought: The coward! Would he deserve to be king of his own empire?) (growls & then sighs in defeat) You All Stars are smarter than I thought. Until we meet again, I will have your heads! (rides off on his red horse)

Red Bird: Jerk!

Agamo: We now know that the Flying Dutchman's goons are down.

Flying Dutchman: Why you...! You'll pay for this! (flys away)

Sonic: Where is that horn-headed creep, anyway?

Magmo: You mean Naugus?

STH Rotor: Gone! You think he's destroyed?

Sonic: For good, Rotor?! That'll be the day! Why, these would-be world conquerors are a hearty breed...

Spongebob: Speaking of which, where's Jinpachi?

(Back outside)

Plankton: (now have a chicken's head, pecking the seeds) (clucking while pecking)

Jinpachi: (about to use his magic, but felt himself turning into sand) No! Not yet! Enough of this! (changes Plankton's head back to normal) Let's play "hide & seek". You hide & I'll seek. (closes his eyes) 1... 2... 3...

Plankton: I didn't betray you! I swear it!

Jinpachi: 4... 5...

Plankton: Hurry! Let's get outta here! (retreats to the Mega Chum Bucket)

King Pig, Foreman Pig & Corporal Pig: (follows Plankton)

Jinpachi: 6... 7...

(The Minion Pig Army, who are now damaged, follows along as well)

Jinpachi: 8... 9...

All Star Freedom Fighters: (arrives)

Spongebob: 10.

Jinpachi: (opens his eyes)

Spongebob: Why did you let him get away?

Jinpachi: Because I'm turning into sand! The void has drawn my life force away from me & the only way that prevents me from becoming sand again is back there. I must go back or I'll turn into sand forever.

Twilight Sparkle: I notice. You we're a spirit that is over a 100 years old. You have an interesting history.

Jinpachi: My family has the devil gene, starting with my grandson Kazuya Mishima. That bloodline of mine... is cursed. You must heed it. (opens a portal back to the Zone of Silence) I will return Plankton! (enters) I WILL BE AVENGED!

(The portal closes, leaving Jinpachi inside the void)

Harold: The Mishima bloodline?

Zaktan: Hmm...

Yellow Bird: What do you think it means?

Spongebob: We'll probably never know.

The End.