This is the 69th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover.

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Tyler, Lindsay, Raw Jaw, Congar & Donkey Kong

Main Villains: Snively, Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five

Story #1: Transcript

Tyler's Monkey Quest (Part 1)

(In the Great Forest)

(We see Sonic, Sally, Antoine & the All Stars are following the Eggbot's location, to save Tyler)

Lindsay: Don't worry, Tyler. We'll save you!

Antoine: (trying to catch up) Wait, Sonic! (panting) Zee pace... she eez keeling me! I cannot keep up weeth you...! (huffs)

Spongebob: Come on, Antoine. You can keep up & besides, we have to save Antoine from Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five.

Sonic: (carrying Sally, bridal style) Yeah. Hey, get the lead out there, slacker! This ain't no sunday drive in the country, you know! We've got Eggbots to investigate.

Harold: (holding a monkey net) And Monkeys to catch.

Sonic: And it might be trouble! Can't let the forces of evil get on up on us!

Raw Jaw: Like Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five.

Sonic: So get your rear in gear! (jumps over a boulder)

Mordecai: (chuckles) "Rear in gear".

Antoine: Ohh...! You are zee most infuriating hedgehog!

Donkey Kong: Are you sure he doesn't need a lift?

Spongebob: I think so.

Sally: (giggles) Antoine's right, you are "zee most infuriating"! Why don't you ease up a little and let him catch up?

Avak: Yeah, he needs to exercise more & get some training by Eva.

Sonic: What? And cautiously go where no hedgehog's gone before?

Congar: Yes.

Sonic: Not a chance, Sally! I live to hurl head long into the face of...

Zaktan: Stop!

(The group begins to stop running & hides behind a group of rocks)

Sonic: (screeching to a stop)...Danger!

Reidak: (covers Sonic's mouth) Shh... (whispers) Look.

(They spot the Eggbots, the Jack-2 Bots & the Pipo Monkeys with a large excavating machine.)

Eddy: Man, this machine is huge.

Spongebob: What is Specter up to now?

Congar: Something big, I think.

Sonic: (removes Reidak's hand from his mouth) I just put my foot in my mouth, didn't I?

Sally: Don't worry... there's plenty of room for both of them!

Xplode: They have some sort of drilling machine for excavating for some sort.

Donkey Kong: Whoa.

Sally: Unreal! What are the Eggbots up to?

Sonic: They're onto something alright... and they've brought the nega hardware to dig it up. Maybe if we're very quiet we can...

Antoine: (arrives) Ah!

All (except Antoine): O_O

Duncan: Aw great.

Antoine: You waited for me! Perhaps you are not zee inconsiderate oaf I thought you were...!

Sonic: (covers Antoine's mouth) Shh! Keep it to a dull roar blabber-mouth! You want those goons to catch wise to us, or what?

Spongebob: Look down there.

Antoine: (spots Eggbots, Jack-2 Bots & Pipo Monkeys patroling the area) (gasps) Zee Eggbots!

Pinkie Pie: Along with those adorable Pipo Monkeys.

Fluttershy: And those scary Jack-2 Bots.

Antoine: Oh, this is definitely not good! You think zey have found whatever zey are looking for?

Sally: It's possible they got the drop on us, but I better confirm it with my computer...

Twilight Sparkle: I see.

Preytor: If this is what Plankton is up to, then we're ready for him.

Antoine: I do not like zis at all. What can we do?

Sonic: Simple... we kick their tails from here to Robotropolis! I mean Mobotropolis! I mean... you know what I mean!

Big Brother Bird: ...

Spongebob: (hears the beeping coming from NICOLE) Sally? What's that beeping sound?

Sally: (Holding NICOLE) Spongebob, I'm picking up an energy signature from their dig sit wait a minute...

Twilight Sparkle: Is something wrong?

Sally: There's a strong energy signature from a second origin point.

Timon: (points to something large & is made of metal) Like that thing for example?

Sally: (spots a large metal object that appears to be some sort of tomb) What's this? It doesn't look like any generator I've seen before.

Donkey Kong: What do you think it is?

Sally: If I didn't know better, I'd say it was some sort of crypt...

Raw Jaw: A crypt? What kind of crypt?

Deimos: Looks like it's been made 10 years ago.

Gwen: Are you seeing this?

Antoine: Zis ees zee problem you have... confusing zee bravery with zee idiocy!

Sonic: Sounds to me like one of us is chicken!

White Bird: Hey! I am a chicken! Do you have a problem with chickens, Sonic?

Sonic: Not even close.

Dudley: I'm no chicken! I'm not even a bird.

Antoine: I am not zee chicken! I just think we should consider all our options before jumping into zee fray.

Sonic: You know I hate it when you when you hit me with logic...!

Kitty: Including me, Dudley.

Dudley: I try.

Lindsay: You tried?

Vezok: How's that security system coming?

Sally: (have already cracked the sensor lock) Managed to crack the sensor-lock. Not's it just a matter of opening the door.

Patrick: Oh boy, oh boy!

Ezekiel: (tries to open the door, but it's stuck) Uh, a little help here?

Eddy: Ok, here comes Mr. Muscle. (helps Ezekiel, but it has tiny effort)

Sally: (helps Eddy & Ezekiel) (grunts) Whatever's in here must be pretty darn valuable, to be so strongly secured.

Congar: Stand aside, I'll show you how it's done. (helps Eddy, Ezekiel & Sally open the door & opens it very easily) There.

Spongebob: Now that's what I call "Tight Security". Now let's see what's inside.

(They all checking inside)

Owen: Hello?

Avak: (notices someone inside) Uh, Sally?

Sally: (notices a figure, only she sees is a silhouette) Oh, gosh! I...I wasn't expecting to find a person in here! How long have you been locked up in here? Are you injured?

???: (male voice) I've been sealed in this crypt for over 10 years, but I'm in perfect health... Robotnik built me well!

Reidak: Robotnik?! Who the heck are you?

(Back with Sonic & Antoine)

Fangz: (groans)

Antoine: THere are so many eggbots we couldn't possibly beat them.

Rigby: And those Jack-2 Bots & Pipo Monkeys are a large number too.

Antoine: Perhaps you can create zee diversion while Princess Sally and I investigate their mining site...

Squidward: I never thought I say this, but that's not a bad idea.

Sonic: Not a bad plan, Antoine. Only one thing's wrong with this picture...

Bouncer: (looks around) Where's Sally?

Sonic: (looks around) Sally's missing in action!

Lindsay: Say, what's that?

(The rest of the All Stars spots the rest of the group & Sally Acorn, seeing a Mobian Monkey, wearing a royal vest, wielding a staff)

Raw Jaw: What in the name of?!

Sally: Dr. Robotnik built you...?

Edd: But why?

Monkey: Well...most of me, anyway.

LeShawna: Say what now?

Monkey: He made me the most powerful cyborg on the planet!

Hakann: Cyborg?

Rigby: Cool. (got punched by Mordecai) Ow!

Monkey: Once he realized I was too strong to be controlled, he locked me away for good, but now... thanks to you... Monkey Khan is free!

Sally: Uh-oh.

Lindsay: But, where's Tyler?

Spongebob: Never mind Tyler for now, we got a bigger problem now.

Congar: I knew this mission is gonna drive us all bananas.

Tyler's Monkey Quest (Part 2)

Tyler: (wakes up) (groaning in pain) Aw man. Where am I?

Specter: Hello, you pathetic human. Enjoyed your sleep?

Tyler: Specter! What do you want with me?

Specter: Come now, you would've known by now that monkeys are more superior than you humans.

Tyler: Wait, you mean to tell me that you didn't learn you lesson after Spongebob destroyed your Mega Monkey Megazord?

Specter: I never give up that easy, I'll have you know.

Tyler: What are you trying to do?

Monkey White: Plankton & Snively have made an alliance with each other & they have sent us along with the Eggbots, Jack-2 Bots & our Pipo Monkeys on a Power Ring hunt.

Monkey Blue: Once we find the power ring, we will unlock it's powers.

Monkey Yellow: Like we unlock the power of our Vita-Z Bananas!

Monkey Pink: It's too bad for you that your no match for all 6 of us, including my sweetheart leader, Specter.

Monkey Red: So, what are you gonna do about it, chump?

Tyler: Who are you calling a "chump", chimp?

Monkey Red: (grabs Tyler's neck) What did you call me?!

Snively: (in communicator) Report in, drill unit, your master Snively grows impatient.

Specter: It is Snively, you we're lucky. In the mean time, you'll be in a cage.

Monkey Red: (throws Tyler inside the cage)

Tyler: Ow!

Monkey Pink: Enjoy your new cage. (closes & locks the cage)

Specter: (answers the communicator) This is Specter, over.

Snively: Are you progressing on schedule or are you planning on twiddling your thumbs all day?

Specter: You dare question Specter, future ruler of this planet?! If the Monkey Cannon is still intact, I would turn you into a monkey right now!

Snively: (gulps) I'm sorry, I didn't notice that your an evil conqueror like Plankton?

Specter: That's why Plankton chose me as his officer.

Monkey White: Status report?

Eggbot: Primary task is accomplished... the atom drill has successfully penetrated the outer crust. Power source located in Sub-terranean stream...

Monkey Blue: What did you find?

Pipo Monkey: (pulls out a Power Ring from the dugged hole) Ukki, Ukki!

Specter: What's this?

Eggbot: ...Advance speculation confirmed: A Power Ring of immense proportions commencing removal procedures now.

Specter: A power ring?

Snively: Power ring? I didn't want a power ring! I wanted you to find Ixis Naugus' power signature!!!

Specter: Who needs that old geezer, when I have this Power Ring. It'll be perfect for the Master Jack-X for increasing his speed ten fold, even with the power ring has loads of power.

(Suddendly, the ring floats out of it's resting place & flies over, much to their surprize)

Tyler: (gasps)

Specter: What the?!

Monkey Yellow: Oh my! It's a flying ring!

Eggbot: Alert! Alert! Power ring rising from fissure on it's own volition!

Tyler: Guys! Help! I gotta get outta here! (tries to ram at the cage walls, trying to tip it over to break the cage door)

(The Power Ring flies up to Monkey Kahn)

Spongebob: (notices the flying power rings) Huh? What was that?

Lindsay: (looks over to where the ring comes from & notices Tyler) Tyler! (runs off, wielding a monkey net) I'm coming Tyler!

Raw Jaw: Wait, stop!

Beth: Lindsay! Come back! It's too dangerous without a plan!

Sonic: (notices a flying power ring as well & Monkey Khan) No Way! This situation is gettin' hairier by the second!

Congar: Your telling me. Now we have to stop that monkey before he goes ape on us! No pun intended.

Monkey Khan: Hahahahaha! The Monkey Khan's magnetic personality holds sway over all manner of flora and fauna!

(The Power Ring is placed on Monkey Khan's head, transforming it into a crown)

Monkey Khan: It makes the perfect fit... not to mention a nifty fashion statement!

Harold: The Power Ring is now connected to Monkey Khan's head. While it's connected...

Zaktan: The powers & intelligence of Monkey Khan will increased along with his new powers!

Harold: Would you stop stealing my thunder?

Zaktan: Sorry about that.

Monkey Khan: (felt the power of the Power Ring flowing through his body) My senses heighten! My very being surges with raw energy! After decades of inactivity, Monkey Khan is once again complete!

Eddy: You have to ask, didn't you?

Zaktan & Harold: He started it.

Courtney: (facepalms)

Monkey Khan: Let Mobius tremble in fear, for my wrath shall be swift and terrible! The engine of destruction has been unleashed! (jumps off & summons a cloud & lands on it & begins to fly up)

Specter: (arrives with the Freaky Monkey Five) Stop right there! That's my Power Ring! Eggbots & Jack-2 Bots, blast them! And while your at it, Monkeys take care of the All Stars!

(The Eggbots & Jack-2 Bots begins to open fire at Monkey Khan with blasters)

Spongebob: Incoming Monkeys!

(The Pipo Monkeys begins to tackle at the All Stars [minus Lindsay & Tyler], while they fight back by capturing each Pipo Monkey one by one with their Monkey Nets)

Bridgette: Hope Lindsay's ok.

Beth: I hope so too.

(With Lindsay)

Lindsay: (noticing Tyler) Tyler! (tiptoes to Tyler quietly)

Eggbot #1: (blasting at Monkey Khan) Unidentified subject has stolen the power ring!

Specter: I can see that! Stop him while I find another! (continues digging to find another power ring)

Eggbot #2: All egg units eliminate subjects!

Tyler: Lindsay?

Lindsay: Tyler! Are you ok?

Tyler: Lindsay, Specter & the Freaky Monkey Five has the only key.

Lindsay: Which one?

Tyler: I don't know! You'll have to figure out something!

Lindsay: Can I try something?

Tyler: (leans on the side wall of the cage) Alright.

Lindsay: Like this? (kicks at the lock, breaking it a bit, unlocking it)

Tyler: How did you do that?

Lindsay: Remember Eva's training?

Tyler: Oh right. (kicks the cage down down, but got his foot sore) Ow! Aw come on! But I'm free & that matters! (gets out of the cage & notices Monkey Khan) What the heck is that?

Eggbot #3: All egg units, eliminate subject!

Monkey Khan: (electrocutes the Eggbots by using his new electrical powers) That's no so easily accomplished, Bolt-Brain!

Jack-2 Bot #1: Who are you calling "Bolt Brain", you chimpanzee?

Monkey Khan: (electrocutes the Jack-2 Bots as well) I may be a bit rusty after sitting on my butt for so long... but the day I can't mop the floor with a bunch of tin-plated cyber-drones is the day I think about a retirement plan! (turns to the Atom Drill) But why get bogged ddown with such mundane concerns, when there's a popsicle stand just waiting to be bits? (electrocutes the Atom Drill with large ammounts of electricity causing an explosion)

Tyler & Lindsay: Aah! (jumps & ducks for cover)

Spongebob: (arrives) Tyler! Lindsay! Let's go! (grabs Tyler & Lindsay & carries them both back to the group)

Jack-2 Bot #2: Red alert! Red alert!

Eggbot #4: Subject has destroyed the Atom Drill! All units Regroup! All Units...

(Suddendly they noticed Donkey Kong, Congar & Raw Jaw)

Donkey Kong: All units, stay where you are.

Congar: Get'em!

Donkey Kong, Congar & Raw Jaw: (begins attacking the Eggbots & the Jack-2 Bots)

Specter: (notices this & contacts Snively) Snively. The Atom Drill is destroyed.

Snively: (in communicator: ...Obliterated! I can't believe it! This Monkey Khan character must be stopped! He won't catch a second eggbot squad so off guard...)

Specter: Never mind that. (holds up a second super charged power ring) Two can play that game. (inserts the power ring into his Special Pipo Helmet, increasing his powers up to the same as Monkey Khan's powers)

(With the Heroes)

Spongebob, Tyler, Lindsay, Donkey Kong, Raw Jaw & Congar: (returns to Sonic, Sally, Antoine & the rest of the All Stars)

Spongebob: Guys, Tyler's free & the machine is out of comission.

Tyler: That Monkey must have something to do with it.

Raw Jaw: Yeah, but something tells me it's not one of Specter's pipo monkeys.

Sonic: Surly simian showoff! Who does he think he is anyways?

Hakann: Does anyone know of this guy?

Sally: Apparently, he's a cyborg created by Robotnik, a long time ago, but...

Sonic: Robotnik?!?

Zaktan: Hey, Sally wasn't finished.

Xplode: Yeah, just calm down and...

Sonic: That's all I needed to hear! If Buttnik built him, he can't be up to any good. Believe it! Even if he did wast all those eggbots, I trust him! (charges ahead, but stopped by the Freaky Monkey Five)

Sally: No, Sonic! Wait!

Spongebob: I'll get him back. (follows Sonic)

Monkey Blue: Stop right where you are.

Spongebob: (goes up to Sonic)

Sonic: And I'm guessing you're with Robotnik?

Spongebob: Sonic, those 5 monkeys are from Specter. They are called the Freaky Monkey Five.

(The rest of the All Stars caught up to Sonic & Spongebob)

Avak: And they got a lot of nerve on showing up here without specter.

Monkey Red: You won't stand a chance against us now.

Sonic: I don't have time for this! (spindashes at the Freak Monkey Five, knocking them down like bowling pins & then charges at Monkey Khan) Yo, Monkey Boy! Time to get serious you're going one-on-one with the hog, now! (spindashes at Monkey Khan)

Monkey Khan: What th...? (got hit) Oof! (gets angry) Grr-rrr!

Monkey White: You'll pay for that!

Monkey Pink: And this time, it's personal!

Sonic: (dodging Monkey Khan's staff attacks) Get a grip, Magilla... you're losin' your coll and it's only the top of the first!

Monkey Pink: That's it! You're toast!

Spongebob: (goes up to the Freaky Monkey Five) Not so fast!

(The All Stars & the Freaky Monkey Five begins to fight each other while Sonic & Monkey Khan begins attacking each other)

Sally: (waving his arms very fast) Knock it off, Sonic! Monkey Khan's not our enemy! He's rebeled against Robotnik! He's on our side!

Ezekiel: What did she say?

Monkey Yellow: I think it's about my belly button.

Duncan: (punches Monkey Yellow's stomach) Dude, that's weird.

Monkey Yellow: Ouch! My stomach is gentle!

Duncan: Not anymore your not!

Xplode: (grabs Monkey Khan's tail) Aha! I got you now! Back to the jungle for you.

Monkey Khan: (electrocutes Xplode)

Xplode: AAAH! (falls down, feeling dizzy & charred) (slurry) Johnny Barbeque anyone?

Monkey Khan: (notices Sally & is suprized) Oofah! Such radiant beauty: I hadn't noticed before!

Donkey Kong: (to Monkey Khan) Whoever you are, Monkey Khan. You betta stop & go back to the jungle.

Mordecai: Yeah, you caused enough damage already. It's back to where you came from.

Mordecai, Rigby & Donkey Kong: (grabs Monkey Khan)

Rigby: I'm thinking the zoo.

Monkey Khan: (suddendly lifts up Donkey Kong, Mordecai & Rigby)

Donkey Kong: Wha...?!

Mordecai: What the..?!

Monkey Khan: (throws Mordecai, Rigby & Donkey Kong away & goes up to Sally) And Monkey Khan has been alone far too long!

Mordecai, Rigby & Donkey Kong: (crashes into Timon, Pumbaa, Dudley & Kitty) AUGH!

Timon, Pumbaa, Dudley & Kitty: Ow!

Pumbaa: Oops.

Rigby: Dude, what just happened?

Monkey Khan: (grabs Sally Acorn, wrapping his left arm around her waist & carries her up on his cloud) I shall now devote my every waking hour to basking in the heavenly glow of your loveliness!

Sally: Hey! Put me down, ya big ape! I'm not in the market for a boyfriend!

Monkey Red: Who are you calling a "Big Ape", you stupid squirrel!

Xplode: (rams Monkey Red) Hey!

Sonic: Sally!

Sierra: (smacks Monkey White upside the head) Don't touch my Cody!

Raw Jaw: Uh Sierra? Sally's captured!

Sonic: What a mega mess! That monkey clown is makin' off with Sally!

Donkey Kong: That's the 2nd time he was captured by a monkey.

Sonic: What do we do now?

Antoine: Zere is but one course of action...

Duncan: Which is?

Antoine: ...admit that zis is all your fault!

Sonic: Whaddaya mean my fault?!

Congar: Guys, please...

Antoine: I hate to break it to you, but zee diplomacy is not your strong suit. You can't seem to get along with anybody!

Congar: GUYS! Enough already! We have a situation here. (punches Monkey Blue down)

Sonic: To heck with the psycho analysis: We're not gonna accomplish anything by standing around here talking! (begins to run, carrying Antoine)

Antoine: Ah, it is true then zee art of conversation is dead!

Spongebob: Come on, let's go!

Tyler: (panting) How much further?

Lindsay: I wonder how are we gonna catch those adorable little monkeys in front of us.

Avak: Za?

(They all noticed Pipo Monkeys in front of them, charging at them along with the Eggbots & the Jack-2 Bots)

Sonic: Gleep. An Eggbot Ambush!

Tyler: Pipo Monkey Attack!

(The Pipo Monkeys begins to dogpile on them one by one, taking them down)

Crusher: Hey! Get off of us!

Eye-Brawl: What are we, banana trees?!

Antoine: Perhaps now is zee good time to start talking after all...!

Specter: (is covered in a red aura) Greetings, enjoy my new powers from a power ring?

Spongebob: What do you want with the power rings anyway?

Specter: I have no reason to tell you. (hops on his throne) In anycase, I'm busy. Ciao. Au revoir. (flies away, chasing after Monkey Khan)

Reidak: Specter's heading towards Monkey Khan's direction!

Tyler: I have to do something! (breaks out from the Pipo Monkey's grip & begins tackling through them, causing the monkeys to be dizzy)

Lindsay: Tyler!

Cody: Where are you going?

Tyler: To save that monkey dude & Sally. Because I WAS a monkey a long time ago! (continues to chase after Specter)

Spongebob: I sure Tyler knows what he's doing.

Tyler's Monkey Quest (Part 3)

Spongebob: Keep going, we don't have time to lose! (spindashes at the Jack-2 Bots)

All Stars (minus Tyler): (begins capturing the Monkeys)

Sonic: (punching the Eggbots) Admit it, Antoine... there is no social crisis I can't easily handle! Check it... this is what I call two-fisted diplomacy! Not too shabby, huh?

Antoine: (fighting against an Eggbot with his sword) I shall admit no such thing! This is zee completely different situation!

Reidak: What do you mean by that? (throws a Jack-2 Bot away with his strength)

Antoine: (covering his eyes) Usually in zee delicate matters such as this, zee opposing parties are not...(disarms an Eggbot with his sword while his eyes are still covered) Oomph! Trying to kill each other!

Sonic: Oh, puh-lease! Ease up on the yammering... my ears can only take so much! (drop kicks an Eggbot) Ya win fights with your fists, not your mouth!

Congar: (grabs Monkey Blue by the throat)

Monkey Blue: Ack!

Congar: Yeah, either put up or shut up! (chokeslams Monkey Blue at a Jack-2 Bot)

Monkey Blue: Ugh!

Antoine: (ducks down, avoiding the Eggbot's crash landing) You see? That is your solution for everything... voilence!

Raw Jaw: (got slammed by Monkey Pink) A little help here?

Twilight Sparkle: (shoots her magic beam from her horn at Monkey Pink)

Monkey Pink: Augh! So we meet again. Like I said, "you'll pay for this, I swear you will!"

Twilight Sparkle & Monkey Pink: (begins shooting magical beams at each other)

Sonic: (gets angry at Antoine, not knowing he's at the edge of a cliff) Cut to the chase, Antoine... what are you trying to tell me?

Antoine: That you are insufferable... antagonistic... you don't play well with others and... (pulls Sonic away from the edge a bit) ...and you should watch your step!

Spongebob: Phew. Thanks for the warning. (nets a Pipo Monkey)

Sonic: Whoa! That was close! Lucky for me I didn't take a header right into that pit!

Donkey Kong: (slams a Jack-2 Bot at the ground & notices something) Guys?

(The camera zooms out a bit to see that Sonic, Antoine & the All Stars (minus Tyler) are surrounded)

Donkey Kong: We're surrounded & we're trapped.

Spongebob: Guys, I gotta find Tyler. He might be lost. (super jumps across the cliff & lands on the other side) You hold them off, I'll go find Tyler! (runs off to find Tyler, not knowing that Lindsay had hold onto him the whole time)

Raw Jaw: Looks like Lindsay's coming along for the ride.

Antoine: I get zee feeling we're merely postponing zee inevitible!

Sonic: This must be what they call a "Cliffhanger"...

Vezok: Hardy har har...

(With Spongebob)

Spongebob: (stops as he noticed Tyler, who is hiding in the bushes & Lindsay, who held onto him) Lindsay?!

Lindsay: I can't just leave Tyler all alone in the wild.

Tyler: Quick, hide!

Spongebob & Lindsay: (hides in the same bush, Tyler is hiding in)

Tyler: Look. (points to Monkey Khan, flying on his cloud, still holding onto Sally) There he is.

Lindsay: I wonder what they're doing?

Spongebob: Shh... let's keep quiet.

Monkey Khan: Weren't you impressed by my stunning victory over an entire robot squad? I bet a Princess like you could really go for a macho kin of the jungle type, huh?

Tyler: (whispers) Oh brother.

Sally: Oh, you're a real he-man alright! Kidnapping girls takes real bravery, I'm sure!

Monkey Khan: You're poking fun at me, aren't you?

Sally: And why shouldn't I? If you weren't so concerned with satisfying your own ego, you could be a true hero!

????: So would I. (shoots red electricity, electrocuting Monkey Khan)

Monkey Khan: AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! (falls down, letting go of Sally Acorn)

Sally: Oh my gosh!

Spongebob, Tyler & Lindsay: (goes up to Sally, coming out from hiding) !

????: (appears to be Specter)

Specter: So you must be the trouble maker that has stolen my Power Ring. But lucky for you I manage to grab a 2nd power ring & it has equals my power with yours.

Sally: Who are you?

Specter: I am Specter. And you must be the Princess of the Acorn Family, Princess Sally Acorn.

Sally: (gasps) Wait, how did you know?

Specter: Because, Plankton has given me all the info we want to take you out once & for all, this time we'll have the Master Jack-X by our side. The complete version we'll put up a fight unlike you've seen before.

Spongebob: Leave her alone!

Specter: You All Stars again? Here. Try this on for size! (shoots electricity at the group)

Tyler: Look out!

Spongebob, Sally, Tyler & Lindsay: (dodges)

Spongebob: Monkey Khan's waking up!

Tyler: Hold on, I think Monkey Khan can handle this.

Lindsay: Wha?

Sally: Tyler, you're right. Monkey Khan has difficult choice to make, either be a hero or a villain.

Monkey Khan: (gets up) How dare you electrocute the Monkey Khan!

Specter: Once I put a Special Pipo Helmet on you, you'll be one of us!

Monkey Khan: Never! No one controls the Monkey Khan!


(The Fight begins to break out, thanks to the power rings they each have, their powers are now equal when facing each other & it is an epic match of the apes. No one is giving up, every drop of sweat, blood & every ounce of energy they have.)

(Back with the group)

Noah: (panting) Even though I don't do sports, I can't stop sweating from all this action.

Dudley: Whew, I'm getting tired.

Boggy B: How are we ever gonna stop them, they just keep coming! (nets a monkey)

Sonic: Okay, let's not panic. Antoine, lend me your sword.

Antoine: But I don't see what good zee sword will do... (gives Sonic his sword)

Boomerang Bird: What are you gonna do with it?

Sonic: Your sword and my under-rated brain can do plenty good! (stabs the sword to the ground, destabilizing it beneath the Eggbots & Jack-2 Bots toppling them into a pit.)

Pinkie Pie: Bye bye! ^w^

Sonic: Have a nice trip, guys... see you in the fall! Nyuck! Nyuck! Get it?

Patrick: I don't get it.

Monkey Red: (with the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five, surrounding the group) You don't have to get it, you still have to face us first.

Congar: (steps forward with Reidak, Drilldozer, Donkey Kong & Raw Jaw) That can be arranged.

Donkey Kong: Time to take you down town!

Drilldozer: And you know it!


(It was a 5-on-5 fight to the finish as they battle each other with Drilldozer vs. Monkey White, Reidak vs. Monkey Blue, Donkey Kong vs. Monkey Yellow, Raw Jaw vs. Monkey Pink & Congar vs. Monkey Red. The battle ends with 5 All Stars come out on top.)

Congar: Not even the Freaky Monkey Five doesn't stand a chance against us.

Antoine: I do believe that is zee first time we've managed to work in zee spirit of cooperation! Unfortunately, I don't think it will make zee difference...!

Monkey Red: (gets up) (growls) You'll pay for this! Jack-2 Bots, on my mark!

(The Eggbots, the Jack-2 Bots & the Pipo Monkey surrounds the group again, cornering them near the cliff)

Cody: Uh oh!

Sierra: (holds onto Cody) Hold me!

Alejandro: That's not good.

Sonic: Yoiks! This wouldn't be a bad time for a last minute rescue.

Ed: Uh?

Sonic: Y'know, for dramatic purposes...

Monkey White, Monkey Blue, Monkey Yellow & Monkey Pink: (gets up slowly)

Monkey Blue: Wait'll Specter hears our sucessful our mission was.

Monkey Red: Ready, aim, FIRE!

(Suddendly, the Eggbots, the Jack-2 Bots & the Pipo Monkeys we're electrocuted)

Pipo Monkeys: (feeling dizzy)

Monkey Pink: (notices Monkey Khan & Sally on Monkey Khan's cloud) What?!

Spongebob: (super jumps over the pit, carrying Tyler & Lindsay) Making tracks! Coming through! (crash lands on Monkey Red)

Monkey Red: YEOW!

Xplode: Sally! And Monkey Khan?

Sally: No sweat, Sonic... here comes the calvary!

Monkey Khan: Consider it an apology from the Monkey Khan!

Meltdown: Does that look like a last minute rescue to you? (nets a monkey)

Sonic: Not what was expecting but I'll take it!

Monkey Yellow: No All Stars flying around ago?

Monkey White: No one's dropping out of the trees?

Monkey Red: This can only mean... something.

Sonic: As for the rest of you Egg-goons... take a hint... (kicks away the Eggbots) You've just been outclassed!

(The All Stars begins netting the Monkeys, however the Freaky Monkey Five makes a hasty retreat)

Tyler: Hey! They're getting away!

Fluttershy: I hope those monkeys aren't hurt.

Monkey Red: (turns on communicator) Snively, we've got a problem! The Eggbots are destroyed, along with the Jack-2 Bots & the pipo monkeys we're captured.

Snively: (in communicator: No! My eggbots have been eliminated! Those freedom fighting weenes have destroyed my last carde of eggbots!

Monkey Pink: Specter, baby? Where are you?

Specter: (in communicator: I may have been defeated by Monkey Khan, but the Power Ring is now ours. Our objective is complete. Let's return to base.)

Monkey White: We're on our way back.

(The Freaky Monkey Five retreats back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

(Back with the group)

Spongebob: Nice work out there guys. You too Tyler.

Tyler: Thanks guys, I guess this makes up of all of my sport screw ups before.

Congar: It's ok, accidents happen. You just gotta believe in yourself & you can do anything if you keep on trying. You'll come back stronger than ever.

Donkey Kong: Yeah, what he said.

Sonic: For an overblown maniac, you've sure got the moves Khan!

Sally: See? Didn't I say you were the overblown maniac?

Spongebob: Today, you're the hero Tyler. And don't you forget it.

Tyler: Aw shucks. I'm just doing my job as an All Star. I never leave a man behind.

Antoine: Ah, but your change of zee attitude is most appreciated!

Black Bird: How did Tyler let Monkey Khan face Specter?

Monkey Khan: Sally set me straight & Tyler has let me fight this Specter. I shouldn't have acted out of extreme self interest. She says you & I are quite similar...

Yellow Bird: Say what now?

Sally: (hops off of Monkey Khan's cloud gently) Believe me, that's not a compliment!

Spongebob: Oh. I see.

Sonic & Monkey Khan: (shakes each other's hands)

Monkey Khan: We should have worked together from the start!

Sonic: Hey, we're golden, buddy! You and me... what a team! All baddies like Snively better watch their butts!

Spongebob: Why would Specter search for a Power Ring?

Beth: That's a good question.

Tyler: Once we see Plankton & his officer & his Jack-2 Bots, we'll be ready to kick their butts!

Monkey Khan: You know it, chum! But for now, Monkey Khan is going to enjoy his long-awaited freedom! (flies away on his nimbus cloud)

Spongebob: Bye!

Lindsay: Have fun!

Donkey Kong: See you later!

Congar: Have a nice day, kid.

Sonic: Come to think of it, I could use some time off myself!

Tree Rex: Us too.

Reidak: Say! Let's get something to eat. Did anyone have anything to eat? French fries? Pizza? Anything? An apple even?

(The All Stars, along with Sonic, Sally & Antoine begins to laugh as they watch Monkey Khan enjoys his freedom.)

Patrick: I don't get it.

The End