This is the 70th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover.

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Twilight Sparkle, Zaktan, Reidak, Drilldozer & Crusher

Main Villains: Mammoth Mogul, Crystal King, Tremorox & Geolix

Special Guest Star: Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia & Crystal Gem, and Tabitha St. Germain as Princess Luna

Story #1: Transcript

Immortality, Mammoth Madness

(We see the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians enjoying their night time fun in the tent they've set up near the portal back to the Nexus.)

Red Skunk Girl: Hey! Quit hoggin 'em, sis!

White Skunk Girl: Say pretty please, sis!

Red Skunk Girl: In your dreams. Why?

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Sis, say 'pretty please with two eggs and a slice of bacon.'

Green Skunk Girl: Please gimme the chips!

Cyan Skunk Girl: Girls, do you mind? Please? I'm trying to read!

Yellow Skunk Girl: Wait for the movie, sis, please?

Red Skunk Girl: C'mon, Dark Blue sister, I'm starving!

Green Skunk Girl: Yeah, I like to have some chips too, please?

[The bag rips, and chips fall all over the place.]

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Whoops-a-daisy!

Purple Skunk Girl: Sisters, please. Let's not behave like children.

White Skunk Girl: [as the chips fall] Oh, look at this now! Dried potatoes, that may contain dextrose salt and saturated fats all over my sleeping bag!

Red Skunk Girl: [snickering] White sister made a mess in her sleeping bag, girls!

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Hey, let's bake a pie and hit me with it! [Green shines the flashlight at her.]

Green Skunk Girl : Nurse Purple, I think we need to operate. [He snickers.]

Purple Skunk Girl: [giggling] Oh, I concur, Nurse Green.

Green Skunk Girl: Hold still, please? [Her fingers pinch Dark Blue Skunk Girl's shadow at the head.] Boink! Boink!

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: I feel it, girls! Like voodoo.

Green Skunk Girl: Boink! [She & the other 5 girls laugh.]

White Skunk Girl: May I try?

Purple Skunk Girl: Sure, why not.

White Skunk Girl: [making a shadow puppet]

Cyan Skunk Girl: Did you know shadow puppetry is one of the oldest forms of entertainment?

White Skunk Girl: [she has made a dinosaur skeleton.]

Yellow Skunk Girl: Like walnuts? [manipulating her fingers] Can you guess what it is? [He holds up her hand.]

Red Skunk Girl: Hmm. Gee, Yellow. Is it a–hand?

Yellow Skunk Girl: Oh! Oh oh, wait wait. Um... [Her hand is the shadow on the tent.] I think it's broken, girls.

Red Skunk Girl: Watch this. (slaps Yellow Skunk Girl's shadow at the butt)

Yellow Skunk Girl: Yeow! (rubbing her butt cheeks) I've been voodooed!

Red Skunk Girl: Gotcha!

Purple Skunk Girl: Well, at least she's consistent. [She & the other 6 girls share a laugh.]

Mike: (from inside, waking up) Aw man! (groans & then gasps & is now Chester) Excuse me young female whipper-snappers! [He is calling from his bedroom window.] Do you mind holding it down out there? Some of us are trying to sleep!

Green Skunk Girl: Sssh! We're disturbing our neighbors, girls!

Red Skunk Girl: Oh, are we? [She releases her red skunk gas, and she & Dark Blue Skunk Girl laugh.]

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: (giggles)

White Skunk Girl: Girls, please!

Mike: (as Chester) (groans) Female Savages. [He slams his window and goes back to bed.]

Cyan Skunk Girl: [still coaxing] Girls! Shh! (sighs) Never mind, let's join in.

[The 7 skunk girls begins spraying their coloured skunk gases throughout the night]

[What they didn't know they have a vision of a tall female being, while they're sleeping.]

????: (calm feminine voice) My baby girls. My children.

[It is morning, and the 7 Skunk Girls are fast asleep.]

Red Skunk Girl: (wakes up for a few seconds and rolls over. She then goes back to sleep for a few seconds more)

Purple Skunk Girl: (sits up, unzips the tent, and looks outside to see a the 2nd Generation of Total Drama, along with Rolf & Jonny 2x4 with Plank.) Girls, wake up.

(The other skunk girls wake up & looks out the tent)

Green Skunk Girl: Morning, what's going on?

Purple Skunk Girl: Look.

(The Skunk Girls notices the skateboard ramp pointing upwards, noticing the 2nd Generation Total Drama, along with Rolf, Jonny 2x4 & Plank.)

[Lightning is riding a skateboard down the lane. He rides up a ramp and flies straight up, to the astonishment of the gathered kids. Lightning picks up his board and scratches his back.]

Lightning: Don't try this at home, kids.

Rolf: This would be impossible, as Rolf would hit the ceiling. [Lightning comes back down.]

Zoey: He makes it look so easy. [Lightning rides into an elastic band tied between two spikes in the lane.]

Mike: (as Mike) Yeah, bet I could ride that skateboard.

Rolf: Lightning! Assist Rolf! [He grabs onto Ligntning as Lightning sails upwards again.] Tell Rolf the secrets of this prostrate board. [He tries to climb onto it.]

Jonny: Oh boy, Rolf's clueless!

Brick: You're telling me.

Lightning: Don't sweat it, Rolf. What you don't know won't hurt ya. Sha-BAM!

[Lightning puts a helmet on Rolf, and Rolf falls into the ramp. Jonny catches the board.]

Dakota: Ouch.

Sam: Game Over.

Jonny: Nice one, Rolf!

Lightning: Decent, to say the least. [He pulls out his bike and rides down the ramp, skidding to a stop in the lane.] Sha-Score! I win!

Jonny: Woohoo!

Anna Maria: Cool!

Jonny: [jumping on the skateboard] Let's boogie, Plank!

Scott: Hey hey hey! Get in line, Jonny! [He yanks the board away, causing Jonny to fall onto the ramp] It's my turn.

Skunk Girl Guardians: (goes up to the gang) Uh, excuse us?

Mike: Huh? Oh, your the girls from last night.

Zoey: What can we do you for?

Purple Skunk Girl: We're just checking on you to see if your ok.

Red Skunk Girl: Yeah, that skateboard ramp looks awesome!

Yellow Skunk Girl: And it's very important that the All Stars are here today to come to the rescue.

Jonny: I wouldn't count on it. This morning me and Plank here were playing over at the playground and there was no All Star Freedom Fighters around! Not at the creek, not at the junkyard, not at the sewer, not at the–

Rolf: (pops out from the ramp, shooting Jonny upwards & sends him crashing down) Rolf was also perplexed by the lack of All Star buffoonery.

Zoey: Oh my goodness. I hope they're ok.

Cyan Skunk Girl: Hey girls, check it out.

(The Skunk Girl Guardians gasps on seeing a large footprint)

White Skunk Girl: What on Mobius is that?

Green Skunk Girl: We must check this out.

(At the Lab, the Skunk Girl Guardians are watching the security cameras & notices 2 large monsters & one giant one, bigger than the other two & they are carrying the sleeping All Stars away)

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: Who's that?

Purple Skunk Girl: They look like monsters covered in... crystals.

Green Skunk Girl: Let's see who they really are.

(The Camera zooms in at the monsters, lights up & enhances, revealing to be crystal monsters name, Tremorox, Geolix & the Crystal King)

Red Skunk Girl: They captured the All Stars! We have to save them!

Cyan Skunk Girl: But where could they be?

Purple Skunk Girl: Wait, there's more.

(The Security Camera shows the Knothole Freedom Fighters arriving at Robotropolis, meeting up with Knuckles, only for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles to teleport away by Mammoth Mogul, who appears before him.)

Green Skunk Girl: (gasps) It's him! That's the guy that faced our mother before!

Yellow Skunk Girl: Maybe he & those Rock Monsters have anything to do with this.

Cyan Skunk Girl: We have to stop them, but first we need a strategy.

Red Skunk Girl: You're right. Let's do this!

(The screen changes to black & fades in to a close up of Twilight Sparkle & a strange zone in the background.)

Reidak: Twilight. Twilight, wake up.

Twilight Sparkle: (groans in pain & wakes up confused & dazed) Wah? Reidak, what's going on?!

Reidak: We've woken up in a strange place & we don't know where the heck are we.

Spongebob: Yeah, looks like we're stuck.

(We see that every member of the All Stars are present and accounted for on a giant floating meteor.)

Zaktan: (reading the wall) Hmm... it says "Beyond this Zone are a thousand zones, outside of them still more.

Drilldozer: (reading as well) Behind each portal, on every floor, danger, danger, ever more.

Gwen: (reading also) Stranger, hark! The traps galore may kill you whilst you do explore. To free yourself... (notices Eddy)

Eddy: (yawns, but then noticed the angry look of Gwen) Huh? Oh, right. (starts reading the wall where Gwen left off) To free yourself from this zone tomb, and nevermore re-enter, find the zone amidst the zones that lies exactly center? Who writes this guys stuff?

Edd: Here's your answer. (points to the signature of the Crystal King, Tremorox & Geolix.)

Xplode: Crystal King, Tremorox & Geolix? Who are those guys?

(The wall starts glowing yellow, revealing a map.)

Owen: Wha...? It's a map!

Boggy B: We can use the map to get out of this zone dungeon.

Noah: Good thinking, now how are we gonna get this wall out of the floor?

Crusher: I got it. (pulls the wall right off the floor, looking at the stone map) Hah.

(Suddendly an army of Rock Monsters begins to appear one by one, the red ones are the Meltrox, the green ones are the Boulderax, the yellow ones are the Sulfurix, the blue ones are the Glaciator & the orange ones are the Firox)

Ezekiel: What the...? ROCK MONSTERS!

Crusher: Hey!

Scorpio: Never mind that. Time to kick some butt!

Spongebob: Let's do this!

(The All Stars then proceeds to attack the Rock Monsters, however with the crystals being eaten by the Rock Monsters, the Rock Monster begins to easily overpower the All Stars.)

Heather: How's that even fair? Eating crystals? That's just wrong!

Hot Head: Enough of this! (launches lava at the Rock Monsters, from his hand)

(The Rock Monsters begins to scream loudly after getting hit by the lava & begins to run away, spilling their eaten crystals among their way out)

Rainbow Dash: Thanks Hot Head.

(Suddendly the rock beneath begins to tremble & trying to eat the All Stars alive)

Katie & Sadie: (screams) It's alive!

HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Swarm & Ninjini: (begins carrying the rest of the All Stars out of the rock)

Spongebob: Phew, thanks.

(They noticed Sonic, Tails & Knuckles escaping from another rock they escaped, trying to reach Athair.)

Sonic: Yes! This zone's mondo weirdo gravity gave me just enough reverse momentum to head for him! Grab on!

(However Athair dissapears, revealing a black hole)

Sonic: Athair's gone, but in his place is some kinda Black Hole! We're being sucked in! Maybe he's helping us find our friends!

Knuckles: Anything's better than this place! ...And I hope they're still alive!

Ultra-V: Hey! Wait for us!

Sonic: All Stars?

(The All Stars follows Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, inside the black hole & then re-emerges into another zone filled with power rings)

Avak: MADE IT!

All Stars: (looks around to only see Sonic & Knuckles are here.)

Patrick: Tails? Where'd he go?

Drilldozer: Uh, Tails?

Twilight Sparkle: Why are we here?

Spongebob: It appears that this helper named Athair wants up to collect as many Power Rings as we can.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you sure about this?

Reidak: What about those Rock Monsters?

Zaktan: We'll take care of them later. Right now we have to figure out what's going on here & grab as many Power Rings as many as we can.

(Suddendly, the All Stars fell through the trap door & it immediately closes)

Sonic & Knuckles: (looks around)

Sonic: What was that?

(With the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

(They arrived in a zone, looking around to see Tails)

Purple Skunk Girl: Tails?

Tails: Who are you & how did you know my name?

Green Skunk Girl: We don't know what our true names we're, but this Mammoth Mogul have something to do with our mother.

Tails: You're... mother?

Red Skunk Girl: We must know why that has happened?

Tails: I was gifted by someone named... the Ancient Walkers.

Yellow Skunk Girl: You've met them before? Where would we find them?

Tails: They are back at Downunda, but they said something about a profercy.

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: (felt a strong energy coming from Tails) Wow! There is strong energy coming from you.

Tails: Me? Why?

Cyan Skunk Girl: We know this now, you have the power to take us to our mother.

Tails: Huh? But how?

White Skunk Girl: Come, we'll show you darling.

Purple Skunk Girl: Ready girls?

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: Right.

Purple Skunk Girl: Power Rings & Chaos Emerald energy combine!

(The 7 Skunk Girl Guardians sends the Power Rings through Tails' arms & gives him the Chaos Emerald energy, feeling the power flowing within him, causing a bright white flash, covering the whole screen)

(With Mammoth Mogul)

Crystal King: (with Tremorox & Geolix) They will be taken care of, for good.

Tremorox: We have the entire Rock Monster Army scout the zone area.

Geolix: And the traps are set up.

Mammoth Mogul: (Has the group of freedom fighters frozen in green chaos energy) I almost admire them... these "so-called" Heroes truly believed their abilities the equal of their courage! (achieves his Super Transformation, transforming into Master Mogul, wearing a more medieval gladiator clothing)

Tremorox & Geolix: Whoa.

Master Mogul: Courage! Against unlimited power! Power to make me Master Mogul!

Crystal King: And once I have enough crystals, I'll complete my Super Transformation of my own, trasforming myself into the Crystal Emperor. Those All Stars don't stand a chance.

Master Mogul: The three who may have posed a threat have been banished, hopelessly lost until I retrieve them... making use of their unique abilites as the elite strike force of my New World Order! This All Star Warrior has become a thorn, ever since he, that blasted sponge defeated me! I'll make him suffer like never before.

Tremorox: Indeed.

Geolix: And of the others?

Master Mogul: As for the others, they are useless... destined to meet a swift end... when they cease cowering in the shadows and resign themselves to their final fate!

Crystal King: Crystal King to Rock Monsters, perpare to make the ones who are useless, suffer under our Iron Fist! Now go!

(The Rock Monsters begins charging)

Crystal King: And soon, my double-ganger plan will be ready.

(With the All Stars)

(The All Stars crash lands in a rocky tomb with orange glowing crystals)

SpongeBob: Is everyone ok?

Reidak: Yeah, we're ok.

Thok: Huh? This orange room doesn't have any doors.

Thunder: W- We're trapped!

Rigby: [groans] This is wrong. The map lied to me-e. It doesn't want me to find the EXIT!

Mordecai: Ok dude, calm down.

Rigby: Ezekiel, h-how do you taste?

Ezekiel: Uh, nice, I guess?

Rigby: (goes crazy) Mild or SPICY?!

Ezekiel: Oh, uh - [has a flashback of himself kissing his hand.] Kinda lonely.

Rigby: Make yourself into food! Now! I gotta have something to eat!

Ezekiel: You're going to eat me, eh? Yeah, right.

Reidak: Guys, guys! Stop!

Spongebob: He's right. We have to find a way out of this room.

Owen: Hey guys, check it out! I found an oven and baking supplies. (points to the oven & baking supplies)

Applejack: I'd reckon I can make y'all an apple pie for all of us.

Pinkie Pie: And I love to bake a nice apple pie too.

Deimos: Just make them fast, so we can get this over with.

Applejack: If you wanna taste my juicy apple pie you better be nice. You got that?

Pinkie Pie: Do you Pinkie Promise?

Deimos: (sighs) I am sorry. Please make them. (crosses his heart) Cross my heart & hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. (places his hand over his eye)

Pinkie Pie: That's much better.

Applejack: Alright y'all, now let's see about this pie business.

[After some time, Applejack & Pinkie Pie finishes baking the apple pie.]

Pinkie Pie: Finished!

Spongebob & Patrick: Oh boy! :D

Applejack: All right, All Stars. Have a look at our luscious, gooey apple pie.

[The rest of the gang sniff the freshly baked apple pie with delight. The scent leads into a a secret portal door on the floor and attracts an Orange Crystal King, king of the Firox. The Orange Crystal King jumps through the portal door to eat the pie.]

Orange Crystal King: (roars as he is chewing the apple pie)

All Stars: AAH!

Owen: NOO! [grabs Crusher's hammer & whacks at the Orange Crystal King, possibly knocking the monster out cold and starts eating the pie out of the Orange Crystal King's mouth.] So good, so good!

Boggy B: Uh, Owen?

Owen: Yes?

Boggy B: Never mind.

Spongebob: Come on, you guys. That Orange Crystal King showed us the room portal door.

[The gang starts going through the portal cave.]

Spongebob: I just hope Sonic & Knuckles is alright, handling Mammoth Mogul without us.

Twilight Sparkle: I'll check this out using my magic mirror spell. (uses her unicorn magic to show the All Stars what Mammoth Mogul is up to now)

(The Magic Mirror shows the 2nd Generation of Total Drama)

(With the 2nd Generation of Total Drama)

Cameron: What do you think it's gonna happen?

Jo: Who in the right mind is Mammoth Mogul anyway. I thought mammoths we're extinct.

Cameron: This makes no sence what-so-ever.

Dakota: I don't even know anymore.

Staci: (about to say something)

B: (shakes his head no)

Staci: (sighs)

Dawn: (meditating) It is clear that Mammoth Mogul has a villainous aura & is from over 10,000 years ago.

Anne Maria: That explains why looks so old.

Scott: Great. What are we gonna do against an immortal Mammoth?

(Suddendly Master Mogul, covered in green chaos energy, bursts through the rocky walls)

Master Mogul: Yes. How do you fair against an immortal warlord, such as myself.

Mike: Uh oh. Run!

(The 2nd Generation of Total Drama begins to retreat.)

Master Mogul: Look at the foolish mortals run. How pathetic. (about to blast them, but got blasted by 2 familiar alicorns) What?!

(The 2 alicorns appear to be Princess Celestia & Princess Luna)

Celestia: Mammoth Mogul, play time is over for you.

Master Mogul: Celestia & Luna, it's delightful meeting you here. But I'm afraid your time as former All Star Warriors are now...UP! (lifts up Celestia & Luna)

Celestia & Luna: (shoots their alicorn magic at Master Mogul)

Master Mogul: UGH! (lets go of the 2) You'll pay for this. (charges at the alicorn princesses)

Celestia & Luna: (charges at Master Mogul)

(Back with the All Stars)

Twilight Sparkle: (felt tired & can't hold the magic mirror any longer & cancels it) (panting) What are Princess Celestia & Princess Luna doing here?

Spongebob: Mammoth Mogul said something about Celestia & Luna being former All Star Warriors.

Zaktan: Wait, the former All Star Warriors are Celestia & Luna. They are from the All Star Order!

Reidak: No time to feel giddy about this, we've found another room.

[They enter another rocky tomb, covered in blue glowing crystals, steam-filled room with a pool and an exit on the other side.]

Thok: Good grief, it's humid in here.

Thumpback: That portal door will lead us closer to the exit of this zone!

Zaktan: Hold up, hold up! [He grabs Thumpback's arm and pulls him away from the pool.] Look! [He points at the Blue Crystal King, that has a plug chained to his leg. It's plugged up to a hole so the water wouldn't escape.]

Vezok: There has to be a way to get across without that thing chompin' on our rear ends.

Heather: Can't you fly us across, Swarm?

Swarm: Oh yeah, I can sure try.

[Swarm reaches up with his arms as he groans, trying to flap his wings. But the air is so hot, that it worns out all the flyer's wings. He falls down right after.]

Swarm: Nggh! Aw dang, this heat is negating my flying!

HF Rotor: It's rusting my flying rotors.

Preytor Our wings can't do nothin' with this steam coming off the water.

Rainbow Dash: Great, so much for flying all the way to the door.

[The Blue Crystal King Monster hisses at them as its head reaches above the water; the gang flinches.]

Thok: NGH, glob! Zap! [He attempts using his ice powers on it but he fails.] Nagh! Look at this! [He does a raspberry with a disapproving face.] Well, that's it. Show's over. (falls to the floor on his belly) I'll just die here and y'all here can just eat my body if you want to survive..

Rigby: (is seen drooling)

Mordecai: Dude, don't even think about it!

Rigby: Aw man!

Drilldozer: Golly, how we ever gonna worm our way out of this fishy situation?

Boggy B: (spots a giant fishing pole) I think I have an idea.

[The scene cuts to Boggy B holding a knife in his hand, being tied around his stomach by a fishing line. There is a hook above Boggy B that the stretched cloth is on, making it possible for Boggy B to hang over the Blue Crystal King. Reidak & Tree Rex we're seen pulling the giant fishing pole, that's actually still attached to the fishing line.]

HF Rotor: That's a boy, Boggy B! You can do it!

[Reidak & Tree Rexk lowers Boggy B, making his closer to the water.]

Donkey Kong: [sighs] This is gonna work out just fine.

[Boggy B feels the water, looking nervous.]

Boggy B: The water feels warm. (relaxed) Kinda nice for a spa though.

[The Blue Crystal King quickly reaches above water and opens its mouth, and closes it fast when Boggy B was inside. Reidak & Tree Rex groans as he pulls the fishing pole, pulling the fishing line.]

Reidak: H-help me guys!

Tree Rex: We need some help.

All Stars: (nods & begins helping Reidak & Tree Rex pulls the Blue Crystal King out of the water)

Crusher: NNGH! Rigby, c'mon!

Rigby: (sighs) Fine.

[Rigby is about to pull harder, but the gang falls down, the fishing pole & line falling with him before Rigby can pull harder. The plug that was chained to the Blue Crystal King's tail unplugs, draining the water. The gang falls backwards, and the rock monster lands on its back. A knife pokes through from the rock monster's teeth, creates a hole and Boggy B pops his head out of the blue rock monster's teeth.]

Boggy B: Bleh! Wow, that was heavy, man. Even he's made out of stone & rock & crystal.

[They cheer for Boggy B.]

Boggy B: Aw yeah, I've been reborn!

Avak: Ok, now that's scaring me

Twilight Sparkle: Look! [She points at the path leading to the portal door. The rest of the water has escaped.]

Nitroblast: Let's go then!

[They all exit the room, a wall closing the portal door from the top of the frame.]

(Back with Celestia & Luna)

Master Mogul: Your beginning to annoy me!

Celestia & Luna: (still determined)

Master Mogul: (hears someone & follows the sound)

Celestia & Luna: (chases after Mogul)

Master Mogul: (rams through the walls, interrupting their meeting) Technically the boy is correct... no one has the power to challenge the phenom I have become...

Hershey: (along with STH Rotor, Charmy, Deo Volente, members of the Dingo Regme) Forget planning or power...Everyone scatter!

Celestia & Luna: (uses their magic to cover the remaining freedom fighters in a aura bubble, carrying them to safety back with the 2nd Generation of Total Drama)

Celestia: Please stay hidden until Mogul is defeated.

Master Mogul: (turns to Celestia & Luna) ...The power to visualize reality with a sixth sense, functioning as a homing beacon... to direct and deliver death! Actually, we're of the opinion that you have a "sick sense of reality"... (suddenly got sucker punched multiple times by Sonic & Knuckles' hands)

Knuckles: ...And that the two of us are needed to knock some sense into you!

Sonic: Right now, I'm betting he wishes we kept our two cents to ourselves!

(The portal opens & Sonic & Knuckles appears with multiple power rings around their arms)

Luna: It's Sonic & Knuckles!

Knuckles: (punches Mammoth Mogul again) Hi ho fatso, guess who's back...?!

Sonic: (kicking Mammoth Mogul by using his super fast feet) ...and armed with extra firepower to give you the medieval mpheaval!

Master Mogul: Impossible! Your imprisonment should have been inescapable, let alone a gateway to your favored talismans! (blasts Sonic & Knuckles with chaos energy from his staff) Small consequence supposedly, the bioenhancment of power rings pales hen compared to Chaos emeralds!

Celestia & Luna: (shoots their alicorn magic at Master Mogul again)

Master Mogul: Filthy vermin! (blasts chaos energy at Celestia & Luna)

Celestia & Luna: (got blasted) Augh! (falls down with Sonic & Knuckles)

Sonic: Ugh! I think he may be right! (falls down)

Knuckles: Agh! That remains to be seen (falls down)

Celestia & Luna: (getting up slowly)

Master Mogul: Regardless of how you obtained the rings and returned to this plane, bu my will, you once again depart... but this time it will be from the mortal plane! (shoots chaos from his hand at the 4)

Sally: Sonic! Knuckles! No!

Celestia & Luna: (got hit & then secretly gaining chaos energy, converting it into the energy of harmony & they are now covered in a rainbow aura & they are magically trasformed into their super transformations of their own, with golden armor & blue armor, transforming into Super Celestia & Super Luna)

Sonic & Knuckles: (gaining chaos energy instead & is covered in it)

Master Mogul: What?! They seem to bathe in my energy, almost absorb it lik I did Dimitri's! And those princesses have reverted my chaos energy into harmonic energy!

Knuckles: That's right! Now we finally understand the real reason we lugged back these power rings!

Sonic: Yup! Fifty Power Rings each, combined with your emeralds is more than enough power to herald the triumphant return of... (transforms into Super Sonic, while Knuckles transformed into Hyper Knuckles)

Super Sonic: Super Sonic!

Hyper Knuckles: Hyper Knuckles!

Super Celestia: And never forget the true power of friendship & harmony.

Super Luna: For we are Super Celestia & Super Luna!

Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles: (punches Master Mogul)

Super Celestia & Super Luna: (kicks Master Mogul at the same time with Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles)

Master Mogul: Muharrgh! (crashing through wall to wall, again & again, until he reaches outside & crash lands outside)

(The Real Crystal King, who has yellow crystals, comes out of the portal)

Crystal King: Mammoth Mogul, I've trapped the All Stars inside a maze so that they'll never... (gasps as he see upon Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Super Celestia & Super Luna) Aw nuts.

(Back with the All Stars)

[Spongebob looks around in the room they entered, which is covered in green crystals, and is punched by a rocky fist.]

Patrick: Spongebob, no! [He charges, and he gets hit by a rocky fist too.] Ouchies!

[A Green Crystal King hisses at them.]

[Tree Rex is running around with Donkey Kong holding onto his head.]

[Owen is wielding Crusher's hammer as he screams like an imbecile.]

Crusher: Owen, please be careful with that. That's my father's hammer.

Zaktan: Look out, DK!

Donkey Kong: WOOAH! WUOAGH!

Hot Head: Hold on! I'm coming! (comes to the aid of Tree Rex, Donkey Kong & Owen)

Spongebob: Watch out!

[The Green Crystal King grab Hot Head, and raises him up, infront his the monster's face. He squishes him, and oil & lava spurted from his head & hands.]


[The oil & lava is squirted to the Green Crystal King's eyes, making it hiss in pain.]

Hot Head: SAVE MEEE!!!

[The mixture of lava & oil explodes at the Green Crystal King's face, causing him to crash right through the wall, Corroder covers his face from the explosion and Hot Head is seen kneeling on the floor after the smoke clears up. A green wall crumbles down revealing a portal door, and they both look at it.]

Green Crystal King: (moaning in pain) @_@

Hot Head: The hidden portal door! Hohuugh.. [He falls to the ground, looking drained.]

Twilight Sparkle: Hot Head, are you ok?

Hot Head: I'm alright, but I feel drained from my oil & lava, I need to replenish...

Hakann: Oh, step back, you all. And I really gonna hate myself for doing this.

[Hakann approaches Hot Head and inserts his mouth into Hot Head's mouth. He then blows. Some lemon oil & lava squirts out of him.]

Katie & Sadie: Ugh!

[Hakann blows again, making Hot Head look inflated and puffy. Oil & lava squirts around, getting oil hitting Rarity & getting lava hitting Timon's tail]

Rarity: Ew. (wipes the oil off of her with her hanky)

Timon: Yeow! (putting out the fire from his tail)

[Hot Head smacks his lips and opens his eyes.]

Hot Head: Nugh.. Thanks Hakann, I needed that.

Hakann: Let's never speak of this again.

Hot Head: Agreed.

Spongebob: (getting up slowly) Quick, to the next room! [He points at the exit of the room.]

(The All Stars begin their run towards the exit)

(Back with Master Mogul)

Master Mogul: (crashes to the ground, outside) Impossible! I was always cognizant of their ultimate forms... without actual chaos emeralds it should be impossible! (turns to Athair in anger) You! You are responsible for this! Your interference enabled their metamorphosis! You always have been the unknown probability factor in my plans... unfathomable... uncontrollable... (blasts at Athair with his wand) ...But ultimately no unconquerable! (notices Athair is unscratched) Eh? You use similar trickery as I did with Enerjak? No matter, with my power...

Super Celestia & Super Luna: (suddendly kicks Master Mogul at the chest)

Super Luna: Will you please stop talking!

Master Mogul: Ugh!

Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles: Talk! Talk! Talk! You'd better use it or lose it, bub!

Crystal King: (emerging, making his way outside, feeling damaged) (growls) You'll pay for this! (charges at them)

(Suddenly Mogul's cane explodes)

Super Sonic: I think he's going to lose it!

Hyper Knuckles: Yeah!

Super Celestia: Master Mogul, enough of this! You are hiding your true power & deep down, you know it.

Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles: True Power?

Super Sonic: Hey!

Hyper Knuckles Look!

(We see that Master Mogul's armor has now a large hole in the chest)

Super Luna: (notices a chest emerald on Master Mogul's chest) It's Mogul's emerald.

Master Mogul: Yes, it's true... my cane was merely a mechanical construct, a ruse enabling me to safeguard my real chaos emerald! Celestia & Luna, you did figure out that I have true power, ever since I've unleashed it last time on you. How wonderful... that a freak accident of millennium past... weighing heavy upon my breast yet gripping the depths of my soul... should grant me power and immortality that would delivver me...

Super Sonic: unto this glorious day where twelve chaotic siblings perform in unison to create... an earthquake!

Hyper Knuckles; Make that Floating Island quake!

Super Celestia: The master control of the Floating Island as a fortress.

Master Mogul: Very clever. Ha Ha! Not a simple quake. But control and mobilization of the very island itself! Just one of many phases in a master plan unfathomable by lower evolutionary filth such as yourselves! (swats Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles)

Dingo Regime Soldier: (with STH Rotor, Charmy Bee, Vector, Deo Volente & Hershey) Incoming!

Super Celestia & Super Luna: (catches Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles with their alicorn magic)

Super Luna: Are you alright?

Dingo Regime Soldier: Thank goodness they're still in one piece... but where's Tails?!

Super Sonic: Ugh! I don't know he didn't make it back!

Hyper Knuckles: Akk! Somehow, he must've gotten lost on the road home!

Super Celestia: Be patient my friends, it's only a matter of time.

Dingo Regime Soldier: Incoming again!

Brick: (with the 2nd Generation of Total Drama) 2nd dose, to the dirt!

Master Mogul: (lands) Worry not for a fallen comrade... instead, mourn for two who are about to reach the end of their very mortal lifespan!

???: (in a black cloak) Get real, Mammoth Moron! You're the one who's going down! (rams at Master Mogul)

Master Mogul: Eh?

Crystal King: Hey! Stop messing with Mogul! (charges) RRAAWWRR!

???: (slams Crystal King to the ground with amazing strength)

Crystal King: (feels dizzy) Power to the people.

Sally: Who's that phantom stranger?!

Master Mogul: Who indeed?! What being is gifted enough to evade the scope of my enhanced sense, yet remains vulnerable to my assault! (blasts more chaos energy at ???)

Vector: Looks like homeboy wasn't even trying to dodge!

Super Luna: You'll know his identity soon enough.

???: Those voices in my head were telling the truth! It's really working, just like it does for them! (revealing his white gloves as he punches Mammoth Mogul) Now I really am Captain Super Fox-Man! But I guess I should go by the name they gave me... (removes the hood, revealing to be Tails in his super transformation called "Turbo Tails") Turbo Tails! (rams Mammoth Mogul again)

Super Sonic: Wow! Way to go, big guy!

Hyper Knuckles; I didn't know the kid had it in him!

????: That's because we also helped him gain this new power. (appears to be Purple Skunk Girl along with her 6 sisters)

(The 7 Skunk Girl Guardians emerges)

Super Sonic: Who are you?

Super Celestia: They are the Guardians of the Chaos Emeralds.

Purple Skunk Girl: The reason for helping Tails activate his super form...

Green Skunk Girl: It is because of our mother, Crystal Gem.

Super Sonic: You're... mother?

Super Luna: The Skunk Girl Guardians have a mother.

Yellow Skunk Girl: And about our 7 fathers. We lied. We only have one & his name is Platinum.

Red Skunk Girl: We've realized the truth, Lord Fuse only killed our father & our mother escaped.

Hyper Knuckles: Whoa. Talk about a killing spree.

Dark Blue Skunk Girl: I know, it's very scary.

Cyan Skunk Girl: If our parents continue to baby me & my sisters, we won't be able to grow mentally & become warriors.

White Skunk Girl: That is correct, but our mother needs rescuing.

Purple Skunk Girl: And that's what me & my sisters are gonna do. For hope that the All Stars will return to help soon.

(With the All Stars)

(They are seen running through the portal room's wormhole)

Spongebob: We almost there, guys?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. We're almost to the center.

Heather: Faster!

Noah: Hey! Quit criticize my running, sports are not my forte, remember?

(They reached the next room, which is covered in red crystals & arrives at the next portal door, which is locked with a digital mainframe.)

Tremorox & Geolix: (is seen guarding the door)

Tremorox: Well done, I see you made it this far.

Courtney: Yes & this door leads to the center exit!

Xplode: The door is secured with an esoteric encryption system.

Zaktan: Yes, we need a hand held computer to do that.

Geolix: Yes, too bad you don't have NICOLE, otherwise... (suddenly realized something) Ohhhs! We'd forgot about NICOLE! We're trapped!

Drilldozer: Hey, what's going on here?

Reidak: Yes. I'm getting a weird feeling in my stomach, and I think it's 'cause of you 2 & the Crystal King. You'd better fess up to whatever you're doing.

Applejack: We got no time for nobody dancing around and acting like fools at my expense. I'm Applejack and people know I'm kind and honest, that's why I discover the true power of honesty.

Tremorox: What's she saying?

Geolix: I don't know, but I think it has something to do with a megaphone.

Applejack: So stop sellin' fib-bibs and give it straight!

Drilldozer: We don't want you to fall into pieces.

Crusher: Or smashed.

Spongebob: Or stomped on.

Zaktan: Or crushed.

Reidak: Or sliced into pieces.

Twilight Sparkle: Or...

Tremorox: Grrrr! All right! Geolix, the Crystal King & I knocked you all out & brought you here under Mammoth Mogul's instructions.

Geolix: We have to do it! Otherwise he'll break us apart into pieces, litterally!

Rarity: He would?

Tremorox: Yes, you have the exact qualites & watched you through our vision eyes: Applejack & Pinkie Pie with your baking skills... Hot Head with your oily & lava...

Hot Head: Essence. (regained his oil & lava powers)

Geolix: Oh right, whatever. Boggy B who is the bait for the Blue Crystal King.

Boggy B: (gets a bit annoyed) I thought we agreed not to speak of it again.

Tremorox: And NICOLE, who should've been here in the first place! Geolix & I are trapped, not knowing the exact combination!

Geolix: Ahhh, We falled!

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs as she uses her magic to hack the mainframe, causing the door to make short circut-like sounds & opens up to them) Happy?

Tremorox: Oh. I assumed we need NICOLE.

Geolix: Me too.

Spongebob: Well, we didn't.

(The All Stars, exits the zone, arriving back at Mobius Prime)

Thunder: So, if there's a yellow, orange, blue & green Crystal Kings, why isn't there a Red one?

Tremorox: Oh great, we totally forgot about...

(Suddendly the portal explodes behind them, blowing them back & the Orange, Blue & Green Crystal Kings emerges along with the Red Crystal King)

Red Crystal King: Hi kids, I hope you saved room for a battle with the KINGS OF THE MELTROXES!

Geolix: Now that we're free. Stop those All Stars!

Red Crystal King: I'm gonna say this: "You're Grounded"! (shoots red crystals at Noah, trapping him)

Noah: AAH!

Red Crystal King: You're grounded! I like it!

Spongebob: All Stars, attack!

(The All Stars then proceeds to attack the 4 Clone Crystal Kings, while Noah is still trapped in Red Crystal)

Blue Crystal King: (slams Reidak & Drilldozer at a trash can)

Reidak & Drilldozer: (crashes right into the trash can) AUGH!

Blue Crystal King: That'll learn ya.

Green Crystal King & Crusher: (trying to push each other off)

Zaktan: (notices the battle between Super Sonic with Turbo Tails & Hyper Knuckles against Master Mogul) Look!

Master Mogul: (has already set up a force field around himself, protected from Turbo Tails' attacks) But I did! Those voices are obviously the Ancient Walkers! Legend has it they foretoldthe coming of the Chosen One even before my birth!

Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles: (begins attacking the force field too)

STH Rotor: Then Tails was telling the truth about his solo adventures in Downuna! That's why Mammoth considered Tails as much a threat as Sonic & Knuckles!

Crystal King: (getting up slowly) You don't say. Now you're gonna regret this!

Spongebob: (notices Celestia & Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians) Princess Celestia, Princess Luna & the Skunk Girl Guardians, what are you doing here?

Super Celestia: Mogul is about to take control of the Floating Island as a massive flying fortress.

Super Luna: And aparently these special Skunk Girl Guardians have helped Tails become Turbo Tails.

Master Mogul: (notices Athair on a balcony) Yes! Destiny has decreed that these three will be your Era's greatest champions, especially Young Prowler! But do not smile in triumph yet, old one! Your champions will never reach their divine status. For it has ever been told since ancient times that the power of a titan always paled before that of a god... (lets out a blast of chaos energy at Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles knocking them out)

Twilight Sparkle: Sonic! Knuckles!

Reidak: They're still in their super forms, they're just unconscious temporarily.

Super Celestia & Super Luna: (turns to Spongebob & nods)

Spongebob: (nods)

Super Celestia & Super Luna: (shares the harmonic energy to Spongebob, transforming him into his Super Form)

Spongebob: TRANSFORM! (transforms into Super Spongebob)

Master Mogul: ...and what else would you call an immortal overlord like me?! Unlike Dimitri, I have mastered my chaotic strengths and intend to... (hears Spongebob's battle cry)


Master Mogul: What the blazes?

Super Spongebob: (spindashes at Master Mogul's chest, gaining more chaos energy)

Master Mogul: AUGH! What the...?!

Super Spongebob: Surprize!

Master Mogul: You again?! Your beginning to be very troublesome.

Turbo Tails: (holding the Chaos Syphon) Y'know, kinda funny how you should mention the "Black Sheep" of Knuckles' Family!

Master Mogul: (notices the Chaos Syphon in horror) I... know... what... that... is...

Super Spongebob: Fire!

Turbo Tails: (uses the Chaos Syphon to syphon Mogul's energy from him)

Mammoth Mogul: Agh! The Chaos Syphon! Who is responsible for the renegade echidna's brainchild appearing here and now... you Athair, or your masters?! Yes! I know you're here... I can see you watching... Nevertheless, put not too much faith in your "Chosen One"... Ancient Walkers! Ambitions and power of my caliber leave no room for failure! (unleashes the Sword of Acorns)

Timon: It's the real Sword of Acorns!

Pumbaa: And Mammoth Mogul has it. Spongebob, who send you those visions?

Super Spongebob: I don't know, but I have a feeling our work is never done.

Helmut Von Stryker: Still, concentratining all your power in one direction did free us!

Charmy: Guess he was too 'ambitious' think of minor things!

Super Spongebob: (with Super Celestia & Super Luna) Now that we're in our super forms. We're more ready than ever.

Mammoth Mogul: Very well.


(They fight. The evil immortal mammoth brings all of his dark magic to bear, from his telepathic powers to the chaos force he controls. But Super Spongebob, Super Celestia & Super Luna fights past all of it, delivering a vicious beatdown to the treacherous dictator. Finally, the 3 super beings knocks Mogul to the floor, leaving him beaten.)

Super Spongebob: Do you give up or not?

Master Mogul: (getting up, feeling his chest cracking up a bit) Arrgh! I will compensate for your interference, Ancient Walkers! Chaotic energies can act as a homing beacon... and "like" powers will seek their brethren! (blasts at the ground with his chaos energy beam, creating a hole, towards the Chaos Chamber)

Crystal King, Tremorox & Geolix: Whoa!

Super Sonic: What's he mean? What's he doing?

Crystal King: Let's move!

Crystal King, 4 Crystal King Clones, Tremorox & Geolix: (goes down to the Chaos Chamber through the hole Mogul created)

Master Mogul: (follows)

Knuckles: He's going for my island's Chaos Emeralds in the Chaos Chamber! After him!

Xplode: You don't have to tell us twice.

(The All Stars, plus Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, Hyper Knuckles, Super Celestia, Super Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians goes after the villainous group)

(At the Chaos Chamber)

Master Mogul, Crystal King, 4 Crystal King Clones, Tremorox & Geolix: (emerges from the hole & lands on their feet)

Master Mogul: Hah! How can you measure the limitless power of two more! (spots Turbo Tails flying with the Chaos Syphon) Suffice to say, it's power enough to deal with any mechanical construct, no matter how well desgined! (blasts Turbo Tails & the Chaos Syphon)

Crystal King: Now, they'll know the true power of the Crystal Emperor!

(As the All Stars, plus Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles begins attacking Master Mogul, the immortal mammoth begins attacking them back with ease)

Super Celestia, Super Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (arrives)

Master Mogul: (slams Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles) I didn't say that I would share my powers with a pathetic rock monster like you. (slams the Giants & the War Monsters) Once I have all of the Chaos Emeralds' powers, nothing will stop me! (pushes the All Stars back, leaving Super Celestia, Super Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians left standing)

Crystal King: [robotic tone] You serve no function, you must be destroyed! (lashes out yellow crystals at Master Mogul's body)

Master Mogul: (got hit as his chest becomes crystalized) AUGH! You dare resist against me?!

Orange Crystal King: Exactly (launches Orange Crystals at Master Mogul's left leg, crystalizing his left leg in place)

Master Mogul: (growls)

Blue Crystal King: We're tired of you! (launches Blue Crystals at Master Mogul's right arm, crystalizing his right arm)

Master Mogul: No! Stop! (slowly moves up to the 2 Chaos Emeralds)

Green Crystal King: Never! (launches Green Crystals at Master Mogul's right leg, crystalizing his right leg)

Master Mogul: I... must... complete... my... energy...

Red Crystal King: (launches Red Crystals at Master Mogul's left arm, crystalizing his left arm)

Master Mogul: Augh! I can't move! (slowly absorbing the last 2 Chaos Emeralds)

Super Celestia: Now!

Super Celestia, Super Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (launches their energy beams at Master Mogul's chest)

Master Mogul: AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!

(Suddenly a white flash appears right before their eyes)

(A tall female begins to appear from the flash, a white skunk with pink irises on her eyes, a pink muzzle, belly & long waist length rainbow hair & a big fluffy skunk tail with a rainbow skunk stripe. She is wearing a pink long sleeved shirt, yellow gloves, purple pants, dark blue skirt & green boots. She is actually the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians' mother, Crystal Gem)

Crystal Gem: Mammoth Mogul, you leave my baby girls alone! (shines a rainbow light at Master Mogul)

Master Mogul: NOOOOOOOO!!!! (is enveloped in white light & was trapped within the newly created Master Emerald)

Crystal Gem: (turns to the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (turns to see Crystal Gem & gasps)

Crystal Gem: I finally found my 7 baby girls.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (gets very emotional & goes up to Crystal Gem & happily hugs her with happy tears in their eyes)

Crystal Gem: (hugs her daughters back, feeling very happy with happy tears as well)

Spongebob: (turns back to normal) Well I'll be, the Skunk Girl Guardians found their mother.

Twilight Sparkle: It's very touching. I'm glad they are back together again.

Zaktan: Yeah, but what are we gonna about our friends, plus those 5 Crystal Kings & their 2 bodyguards?

Spongebob: Hmm...

(Back at Echidnaopolis, in dawn)

Eddy: Finally we can catch a breather.

Cameron: (emerges with the 2nd Generation of Total Drama) Is it over? Is the mammoth gone?

Izzy: Yeah, but guess who's still here?

Cameron: (notices Izzy) AAH! (hides behind Scott)

Cameron: When I faced my fear of spiders back in Season 4, I am now completely terrified of Izzy.

Zaktan: Mogul is finally dealt with.

Remington: And you believe that, combined with the mysterious distress call to your friends translates to outside interference?

Archimedes: Sounds logical to me!

Reidak: Yeah, now that's what I call Ruthless Aggression.

Sonic: We still don't even know what caused that chaotic explosion, but at least our super forms saved our hides!

Knuckles: Says you! I think the explosion changed us back, but something other than our Hyper forms saved our butts!

Twilight Sparkle: The Skunk Girl Guardians' mother has finally returned to help us defeat Mammoth Mogul. I didn't know she has that much power within.

Princess Celestia: Indeed. She has saved us all in the nick of time.

Knuckles: Yes! Today brought forth a lot more unanswered questions... but one day they will be answered!

Drilldozer: I know what you mean.

Echidna Security Team Officer: (carrying a wrapped bundle) Here you are, guardian!

Knuckles: (unwraps it, revealing to be the Sword of Acorns)

Crusher: It's the real Sword of Acorns.

Knuckles: But right now, I'm more concerned with keeping a sacred vow! (turns to Sally & kneels down on one knee) Princess Sally Acorn, for the first & hopefully last time, I finally present you with... the real Sword of Acorns! (gives the Sword of Acorns to Sally)

Princess Celestia: Today marks a new era of peace & harmony, Mammoth Mogul has been defeated by the might of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & the All Stars & the Skunk Girl Guardians & also, we couldn't have done it without their help & surport, especially the returning mother of the Skunk Girl Guardians, Crystal Gem.

Sonic: We said it before but it's worth saying again...

Spongebob: Everyone, let out your victory cry. Today, the Sword of Acorns now belongs to Princess Sally!

All: Hip Hip Hooray!

Xplode: Hold on, what about the Rock Monsters?

Eddy: All taken care of.

(With the Rock Monsters)

Crystal King, 4 Crystal King Clones, Tremorox & Geolix: (eating crystals)

Crystal King: Mmm, that feast is worth waiting for.

Tremorox: You said it.

Geolix: Yeah.

(Later that day, with the All Stars)

(The All Stars, along with the 2nd Generation of Total Drama have returned to South Knothole)

Spongebob: (notices the Skunk Girl Guardians with Crystal Gem) You girls are glad to have your mother back.

Purple Skunk Girl: Yes & it's all because of you & the All Stars. We have made it this far.

Crystal Gem: And now I'll tell you their true names. The Purple Daughter is Amethyst, the Green Daughter is Emerald, the Red Daughter is Ruby, the Yellow Daughter is Topaz, the Dark Blue Daughter is Sapphire, the Cyan Daughter is Turquoise & the White Daughter is Opal.

Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Turqoise & Opal: (smiles happily)

Amethyst: We're gonna miss you.

Twilight Sparkle: We're gonna miss you too.

Emerald: It's tough saying goodbye.

Zaktan: It is. By the way, if you want to help us. You know what missions do we have now. Ok?

Ruby: That's a great idea. We'll be together no matter what.

Sapphire: Yeah! I love meeting new friends!

Pinkie Pie: Me too!

Pinkie Pie & Sapphire: (giggles)

Turqoise: (gives Spongebob a rainbow power ring) I want you to have this. If you ever what to call us, raise the rainbow power ring up high & we'll see the signal.

Spongebob: Thanks girls.

Opal: Your very welcome darling.

Reidak: You know, maybe Knuckles would like to join us.

Crystal Gem: He rather not. He said that the floating has gone through changes unlike anything we've ever seen before in the past weeks, even today. Even now the Master Emerald is now one giant emerald.

Spongebob: I see.

Drilldozer: Guess Knuckles will have a big time guarding that giant emerald.

Xplode: That's why it is called the "Master Emerald".

Crystal Gem: We must be going.

Princess Celestia: My Sister & I will head back to Equestria.

Crystal Gem: No need to worry, we'll lead you back to the Nexus, to go inside the portal to your home world.

Princess Luna: Thank you so very much. We really adore a helping hoof, or hand in your case.

Crystal Gem: Farewell All Stars & may the Multiversal Gods watch over you.

(Crystal Gem, the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians, plus Celestia & Luna heads inside the portal to the Nexus)

Twilight Sparkle: Good luck Princess.

Spongebob: Farewell. What do you think it's gonna happen next time?

Zaktan: We'll probably never know.

(In the Zone of Silence, also known as the void)

(The portal opens & we see Jinpachi about to exit it)

Jinpachi: I have total control of my powers & I've prevented myself from turning into sand. These All Stars won't know what hit them. Jinpachi is back & he is bigger, badder & better than ever. (laughs evily as he enter the portal, exiting the Zone of Silence)

The End