This is the 73rd Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover.

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob

Main Villains: None Yet

Story #1: Transcript

Flashback to Backlash (Part 1)

(At South Knothole)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters enjoying a relaxing time together)

SpongeBob: That sure is a relaxing day without any missions.

Patrick: You said it pal.

Zaktan: Can you believe that sun? [Patricks eyes are small]

Patrick: I could look at it all day. [Eddy sits up then takes his sunglasses off]

Eddy: Uhh, Patrick? [Patricks eyes go back to normal after he takes a drink]

Patrick: What?

Eddy: Nothing.

Twilight Sparkle: It must be the perfect time to look back on our adventures. Starting with the very beginning.

Squidward: Pass. (heads inside his hut)

SpongeBob: Well, most of us anyway. Where do we start?

Edd: We've began when the first group of 4 have formed the All Star Underground, even though we don't have a group until we rescue the Sonic Underground from being kids.

SpongeBob: I remember it like it was yesterday.

(Flashback to the Nexus: Sonic Underground Episode 1)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Appears out of the Orange Portal that says "Portal to Peach Creek Commons " & Screams as they saw Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward) SpongeBob, Patrick & Squidward: (Screamed also as they saw Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Eddy: Hey, who are you?! And how did you get here?...

SpongeBob: You tell me...

The Piraka: (Appears out of the Green Portal that says "Portal to Voya Nui")

Zaktan: It appears were not alone...

SpongeBob: Well Queen Aleena summoned me & my friends here...

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder & HF Rotor: (Appears out of the Red Portal that says "Portal to Hero Factory")

Xplode: Me too...

Ed: As do I...

Reidak: And also me too...

SpongeBob: As we greeted each other, Queen Aleena appeared as a hologram to tell us the real reason why we're brought here.

(But then they all notice a Big Hologram of Queen Aleena)

Queen Aleena: Faithly Chosen ones, Planet Mobius needs you, so get ready to enter Planet Mobius, it'll be far more incredible than you can ever imagine (Activates the Giant Portal to Mobius & she dissapeared)

(Flashback changes to the Events from Sonic Underground: Crossover Episodes 1 - 41)

SpongeBob: From new faces we meet to dangers ahead, from Plankton's arrival to baby hedgehog rescue, from Chaos Emeralds to Monster Pigs & from a big chase to traveling around Mobius to find a new HQ. And also from Lord Fuse's return to the Underground Version of Robotnik's sacrifice that has caused a ward to be born. For the final battle will commence in the right time.

(Flashback ends)

Tree Rex: Yeah, we all managed to feel each others lives ever since we first met.

(Flashback begins back at the events of Sonic Underground: Crossover's episodes again.)

Reidak: The Piraka Burger is made with the Healthy Ingredients, including Cucumber, Beef, Tomato Sauce & Tasty Cheeses!


(Everyone smells the Piraka Burger & comes over to get one)

All: (Sighs) (Calmly) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Grabs 1 Piraka Burger each & starts eating it together)

(Everyone goes inside the Van, SpongeBob, Eddy & Xplode is on the Front Seats while the others sit on the Water bed in the Cargo)

SpongeBob: I'm ready to drive!

Squidward: NO!

Edd: Why not?

Squidward: He never got his Drivers License...

SpongeBob: Oh, come on, how bad can it be?

Xplode: Nice & easy now

SpongeBob: Ok, nice and...(Shouts) EASY! (Slams his foot on the Gas Pedal & the van went super fast)

All: (Screams) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!

(Spongebob drives super fast & heads to a City)

Corroder: Hey, slow down pal !!!

SpongeBob: I can't!!

Patrick & HF Rotor: Wheeeeeeeeeee................

Eddy: Hey stop this thing!!!

Edd: I think the van has 99% Acceleration!!!

Eddy: 99%?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Reidak: (His eyes widen) LOOK OUT GUYS WERE ALMOST TO A DEAD END!!!

Eddy: (Looks Angry) That's it SpongeBob, I'm stopping this thing (Slams his foot on the Brakes causing the Van to slow down & stoped almost at a Dead End)

Ed: Boy, that was close...

Meltdown: You can say that again...

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 2)

SpongeBob: (to a conga beat) Saved, saved, saved, saved! Saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved! (SpongeBob starts doing a conga dance)

Ed: (Joins the Conga Dance with Spongebob)

Spongebob & Ed: Saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved, saved! Saved, we are saved!

Squidward: Will you two nincapoops cut that out?!

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 3)

Corroder: By the way, where are we?

Avak: I don't know

Zaktan: So we just gonna walk around all willy nilly or do we have to find our friends

Vezok: Hmmmm? Let me think. I got it, uhhh, do you remember when you...uhh, uhhhh....

Zaktan: Find help?

Vezok: Yeah, find some help

Hakann: And we betta watch out for....(they fall into a Hole) TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPS!!


Reidak: Ow my legs!

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 4)

Computer: Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds

Sonic: Already?

(Xplode is the one who activates the Self-Destruct)

Xplode: I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer

Sonia: If the Factory blows, so is the Forest

Squidward: What now?

Eddy: I got it (Grabs a Huge bag of Montezuma's Free Range Manure) It'll be sweet

Edd: Not again

Sonia: Montezuma's Free Range Manure?

Spongebob: I'll turn off the Self Descrute (Turns off the Self-Destruct)

Computer: Self-Descrute has been Cancelled

Spongebob: Done, ok Ed fire the Manure

Ed: (Unzips the Bag & fires the Montezuma's Free Range Manure everywhere) All done, Spongebob

Dr. Robotnik: Phew

(The Swatbots are charging at our Heroes)

Sonic (Underground), Sonia & Manic: (Activates their Medallions & plays)

(We can hear Rumbling & the munure grows Grass, Plants & other Vines & it makes the Factory Crumble)

All: (Carried by the Grass) AHHHHHHHHHH !!!

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 3)

(They all headed inside the Airvents with Eddy in front of them & HF Rotor from behind)

Eddy: This way hurry

Dr. Robotnik (Underground): I shall rule all of Mobius!

Squidward: Guys, I'm stuck

Eddy: Me too

Vezok: We're all stuck

Xplode: Rotor, give us a push

HF Rotor: Okey Dokey (Pushes our Heroes through a Hole in the Air Vent leading to Robotnik's Throne Room)

Dr. Robotnik (Underground): (Looks up & notices our Heroes about to crash on top of him & his eyes widen) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Our Heroes falls on top of Robotnik, including HFRotor)


HF Rotor: Whoopsie Doopsie

(End of Flashbacks)

Pinkie Pie: Wow! Wish I could've been there with you guys, it'll be so awesome!

Spongebob: Yeah.

Eddy: But you guys as recruits to the All Stars, you guys really crushed those villains into submission.

Ed: Yep, it's me alright.

(Flashback to Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 5)

(The Total Drama Gang, plus Rolf, Jonny 2x4, Plank & Kevin throws Dodgeballs at the Swatbots & then they attacking the Swatbots with their Pitchforks & the Swatbots are being Destoryed already)

Gwen: That was fast

Owen: We shall use the same tactic all over again!

Eva: Let me at'em!

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 18)

(Metal Sonic & the other 2 Dark Figures flys away with their Robotic Rocket Feet)

Kitty: They're getting away!'

Dudley: Not for long! To the T.U.F.F. Mobile!

(Dudley & Kitty hops in the T.U.F.F. Mobile & drives after Metal Sonic & the other 2 Dark Figures)

Metal Sonic & 2 Dark Figures: (goes through the Portal)

Dudley: They went in there

Kitty: Dudley, are you sure this is safe?

Dudley: Don't worry, I got this! (drives the T.U.F.F. Mobile at the Portal)

(Both Dudley & Kitty drives the T.U.F.F. Mobile through the Portal & they're both in the Nexus)

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 12)

Squidward, Lindsay & Rotor: (Uses their 2 Tails as a Propellers & flys up to our heroes carrying them)

HF Rotor: (using his 2 Tails & his Rotors to fly) I'm a Helicopter

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 21)

(Everyone starts pushing Chef one by one, but no one was able to push him)

Chef Hatchet: Is that all you got? My grandma pushes harder than that, tubbies!

Patrick: Tubby? (Growls at Chef)

Spongebob: Uh Oh!

LeShawna: Don't you talk smack to me!

Piraka & Hero Factory Villains: Why you little...?!

Patrick: Nobody calls me Tubby!

Chef Hatchet: Not again

(Patrick, LeShawna, the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains all pushed Chef out of the way into the Ground with their rage)

LeShawna: Sorry Dummy, but we came play to hard ball

Patrick: And nobody calls my Tubby, you got that?

Chris: Deja vu

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 12)

Justin: Let's keep on moving, guys, Lindsay let's move your Foxy tails faster

Lindsay: Do you know how much you, Beth, Patrick & the Piraka weigh? I'm trying my best

HF Rotor: I'm carrying Mr. Krabs, the Eds, & the other Total Drama Characters, apart from Beth, Justin & you Lindsay

Squidward: And I have to carry the Monsters

Meltdown: We heard that

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 26)

Dr. Robotnik (Underground): Hand over the Orb & the Hang-Glider before I throw you off the cliff !

Heather: (thinks & then grins mischievously) Ok, here (hands the Devil's Orb & a Hang Glider)

Harold: Heather, what are you...?

Heather: (winks at Harold, thinking that she has a plan)

Harold: Oh, I get it now

Dr. Robotnik (Underground): Well, well, it looks like your both defeated & given up. And It's time that I will rise! (flies away on a Hang Glider, but the Hang Glider breaks) Oh no (falls off a cliff) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! (his screams echos as he falls down)

Heather: See?

Harold: Dang, I guess it's not my best work either.

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 27)

Tyler: Alright then, let's go! (runs in super sonic speed leaving Red Streaks of Light behind him, due to Tyler fell into the Sonic Tonic) Hey! How do I stop?!

(Flashback ends)

Tyler: (chuckles) Yeah, that last part was embarassing.

SpongeBob: Yeah, but the biggest score here goes to the Mane 6 for sealing Pure Devil Xplode inside the original Xplode.

(Flashback to Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 28)

Twlight Sparkle: (to the ponies) Get ready girls. Here he comes.

Pure Devil Xplode: Your dead Spongebob!

Spongebob: Or am I?

Twilight Sparkle: Pure Devil Xplode?

Pure Devil Xplode: (snaps back at the Ponies) What!? (notices the Ponies wearing their Elements of Harmony) Huh?

Twilight Sparkle: Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt, represents the spirit of... honesty!

Applejack: (fires an Orange Beam of energy from her Element of Harmony at Pure Devil Xplode)

Pure Devil Xplode: (got hit) Hey! What the...?

Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, represents the spirit of... kindness!

Fluttershy: (fires a Pink Beam of energy from her Element of Harmony at Pure Devil Xplode)

Pure Devil Xplode: (got hit again) Ow! What is this?

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of... laughter!

Pinkie Pie: (fires a Light Blue Beam of energy from her Element of Harmony at Pure Devil Xplode)

Pure Devil Xplode: (got hit for the 3rd time) Grr! And also the one that banished my army of Devils. How dare you!

Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift, represents the spirit of... generosity!

Rarity: (fires a Purple Beam of energy from her Element of Harmony at Pure Devil Xplode)

Pure Devil Xplode: (got hit once again for the 4th time) What is the meaning of this?! I demand to know!

Twilight Sparkle: And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for her own heart's desire, represents the spirit of... loyalty!

Rainbow Dash: (fires a Red Beam of energy from her Element of Harmony at Pure Devil Xplode)

Pure Devil Xplode: (got hit for the 5th time) Gah! What kind of power is this? It's started to get annoying.

Twilight Sparkle: The spirits of these five ponies got us through every challenge Nightmare Moon threw at us.

Pure Devil Xplode: I don't even know who Nightmare Moon is, but the bottom line is I'm going to take you down right now! There's nothing more intense than my Devil Gene.

Twilight Sparkle: But there is. And I had that different kind of spark. I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you. The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all 5 friends! (her element of harmony started flashing)

Pure Devil Xplode: (shield his eyes) What do you mean your friends with each other & what is happening?

Twilight Sparkle: You see, Pure Devil Xplode, when those Elements are ignited by the... the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element:

Pure Devil Xplode: And what is the sixth element, exactly?

Twilight Sparkle: The element of... magic! (fires a Megenta Beam of energy from her Element of Harmony at Pure Devil Xplode)

Pure Devil Xplode: (got hit for the 6th time, but this time gotten pushed back by the blast) GAH! NO! (falls to the ground & then gets up slowly) (panting) not...gonna seal my....devil gene...with your...elements of harmony...

Twilight Sparkle: Actually, we're planning on doing that to cure you Xplode. (to the ponies) All right, ladies, let's show him what friendship can do!

(The 6 Ponies started to charge up their Elements of Harmony)

Pure Devil Xplode: That's it, I've had it up to here! (roars as he charges towards the Ponies)

Spongebob: Let's go

(As Pure Devil Xplode is closing in, the Ponies' Elements of Harmony are fully charged up)

Discord: (notices in horror) Oh no, I've seen this before.

Dr. Robotnik (Underground): What do you mean?

Discord: The Elements of Harmony have turned me into stone.

Snaptrap: (gasps) Then it would turn all of us into stone!

(Then they combine their powers and fire a giant rainbow, just like they did when they defeated Night Mare Moon, causing an explosion much like Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom.)


(The Villains, except Pure Devil Xplode, procceed to take over cover)

Pure Devil Xplode: FEEL THE WRATH OF THE DEVIL! (notices Twilight's Eyes glows white) Now what? (notices a giant rainbow heading towards him) NOOO! (got hit by the giant rainbow) IT CAN'T BE! NO! NO! NO! ONE DAY ALL STARS, I'LL BE BAAAAAAAACK! (got turned back into his normal form by the Elements of Harmony)

(Then Twilight's eyes floods the Toxic Bogs with white light, causing everyone to shield their eyes Once the light fades, the Villains are in shock & disbelief)

(End of Flashback)

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you SpongeBob for that nice compliment (blushes a bit) In any event, I have a feeling that you ran into some arguments & problems along the way, but pushed on right?

Spongebob: We remember that too.

(Flashback to Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 7)

Sonia: [ignoring Duncan and going head-to-head with Ed] The point here is that I don't smell.

Ed: Oh, yes it does.

Sonia: No, I do not! You're just saying that because I said your jacket stank.

Ed: Stinky hat!

Sonia: You've got a repulsive fermenting detachment of cheese in your pocket, Ed!'










Eva [getting in between to break it up]: SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!

[Sonia & Ed glare at each other & and turn away]


(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 8)

Squidward: And.... and suddenly I have the sense we're all in danger.

Katie & Sadie: Why?

Squidward: I don't know.... (runs off and returns with a flashlight, clown shoes, hoop skirt, sombrero, and tray full of cubed cheese; a diabolical look is on his face) Just a feeling!

Justin: (horrified) No.

Squidward: Yes.

Beth: No.

(Squidward begins making chimp noises)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Squidward, please don't!

(Squidward continues hooting, stomping, and waving flashlight around)

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 9)

Edzilla (Ed): (Bangs his head on the Tree many times) (Stops) (Calmly) Ouch! (Resumes on banging his head on the tree)

(The Clubhouse starts crashing down)


Xplode: Ow, that hurt

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 10)

(Every Boy starts fighting each other except for Girls)

Harold: Owen! You'll never fit!

Owen: I can try my best!

Edd: It's not about trying, it's just a scientific fact!

Justin: Ahh! A hangnail !

Eddy: Stop Goofing around & get climbing

Manic: There's gotta be a faster way, but what?

HF Rotor: Oh Brother (Flys up to the Way while carrying Everybody & puts them down on Deck) There

Gwen: Why didn't you do that hours ago?!

HF Rotor: What? And miss out on all the Action?!

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 11)

Sonia: I don't like the Cave, it's dark, creepy & filled with bats

Duncan: Right. Anyway, I think we're safe here for a while.

(hundreds of Red Flashing eyes appear)

Patrick: That depends on what you mean by safe.

Heather: I never thought I'd say this, but please tell me that arm on my shoudler is Owen's?

Owen: No...that would be the...(Turns on the Flashlight to see...) SWATBOTS!!!

(Sonic Underground: Crossover/Episode 13)

Chris: Thanks. Wow! It's great to have our medals, but I'm still hungry.

Chef: [picks up his ketchup bottle] Me too.

[Chris & Chef plan to eat ketchup Mobians]

Patrick: Guys?

Ezekiel: What'd ya doing eh?

Harold: Aah, fellas?

Chris & Chef: Eat or be eaten!!

Sonia: Uh-oh! Next time I'll bring more granola!

[Our Heroes runs away out of the cave while Chris & Chef keeps on chasing them]

(End of Flashback)

Chris & Chef: (had heard them)

Chef: What are you up to?

Avak: Hello Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, what are you doing here?

Chris: We heard you we're talking about the past. Nice. Brings me back so many memories of the Total Drama series all together. (Chris & Chef walks off)

Flashback to Backlash (Part 2)

Congar: What about our adventures that is right now as All Star Freedom Fighters?

SpongeBob: Oh yeah, we have lots of good times & bad ideas all together.

(Flashback to Episode 1)

Vezok: (running in Jellyfish Fields) Aw man, how much farther is it to the city?

Spongebob & Vezok: (accidently bumps into each other) OW! (falls on their butts & then stands up & notices each other)

Spongebob: Vezok? Is that you?

Vezok: Yes it's me.

(Episode 2)

Zoey: (notices a way in through the secret underground villiage of Knothole) There it is.

Kineticlops: Alright, race you down there.

Spongebob: Your on! 1, 2, 3, go!

Spongebob & Kineticlops: (starts racing through the passage way to knothole village)

Squidward: Great.

Rainbow Dash: A race? Can I join? 1, 2, 3, go! (follows after Spongebob & Kineticlops)

(With Eddy)

Eddy: (carrying a sack of gold coins) (chuckles) Robotic-Suckers! (was about to leave until...)

Plankton: Hey! P-Jack bots, get that Scammer!

Prototype Jack Bots: (charges at Eddy)

Eddy: Yikes! (runs off with the sack of gold coins)

(Episode 3)

Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: Give us the Coconut!

Spongebob: Okay, if you insist.

Sonic: You can have it. (throws the coconut at Coconuts & the HenchCombots)

Coconuts: Uh oh...


Snaptrap: (notices the damage on the bots which are damaged offscreen) Eeesh! Robotnik & Plankton are not going to like this.

(Episode 4)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Observe! I'm actually Boomer underneath this Mask (removes his mask revealing to be Boomer)

Boomer: Ha!

Boomer #2: Aha! But what about this? (removes his mask revealing to be Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Ho!

Lightning: That's nothing. (Chameleon's voice) Behold my true Identity! (transforms into the Chameleon)

The Chameleon: Hee!

The Chameleon #2: I don't think so. (Lightning's Voice) Now you know my voice (transforms into Lightning)

Lightning: Sha-Bam!

Noah: Oh yeah? (removes his mask revealing to be Plankton)

Plankton: Aha!

Plankton #2: Izzta so? (removes his mask revealing to be Noah) Haha!

Sonic: This is getting ridiculous!

Spongebob: This is gonna take forever.

Sonic: That's all I can stands...I can't stands no more! So, heads up...

Rainbow Dash: (gets bored & then suddendly she starts flying around Robotnik, Boomer, Plankton, Noah, the Chameleon & Lightning, spinning them all around, removing all of their masks revealing their true identities)

Sonic: (notices Rainbow's Speed) Boys?

Rainbow Dash: Or rather- heads off from my pantented "Rain-blow Dry".

(With Goliath-Prime)

Goliath-Prime: (grabs Spongebob) Gotcha!

Spongebob: Help!

Burrobot: Now to crush them under our trends

Goliath-Prime: Or rather, Fists & / or feet! (evil laughter)

(Suddendly both Goliath-Prime & Burrobot are being lifted & turned upside down one at a time & lands upside down)

Goliath Prime: What's this?

Burrobot: Does not compute!

Goliath Prime: We are being tossed upside down. Gah!

Bunnie: (had lifted both giant bots & tossed them upside down) Let that be a lesson to y'all...nobody bashes Blue Boy & Yellow Spongeboy when li'l ole Bunnie's around!

Spongebob: (escapes from Goliath-Prime's grip) Wow! Did you see that?

Sonic: Yeah, she used super strength to toss that Burrobot & Goliath-Prime backwards!

Spongebob: Let's finish them off!

Sonic: Right, Now hare this...we'll finish the job, Buns!

Bunnie: Whatevah y'all say, sugah!

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

Spongebob: Does this mean dinner's off?

Patrick: Aw come on, I'm hungry.

Plankton: It means, hedgehog, that your days as a Freedom Fighter are over.

Spongebob: talking to me?

Plankton: *flustered* Of course! What do you think?

Spongebob: I don't think so! There's still too much work to do. Listen, I'd like to stay and really get to know you, Plankton, but it's juice time!

[Spongebob starts kicking the P-Jack Bot with his feet, escaping and dashing up a wall and across the ceiling into a vent with Patrick holding onto him.]

Plankton: Get him! GET HIM! GET HIM! GET THE SPONGE!

(Episode 5)

Mecha Togera: What did you call me?!

Spongebob: NOW!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters use their combined strength to use a wrestling move called the "Backbreaker" to break Mecha Togera's back)

Mecha Togera: Ouch! My back! I can't move! (falls to the ground) Ouch!

(Episode 6)

(Montage of the Olympics)

(1st event: Long Jump)

Antoine: (running) First, the perfect Approach! (jumps)...Then, the Perfect leap!...

(Suddendly a robot bunny named "Splats" jumps up & pushes Antoine out of the way, making him fell on the sand)

Splats: ...And then the Perfect my ears! Later on, 'Twan!

Applejack: (running) Or betta yet...(jumps up & crushes Splats beneath her hooves) The Perfect Robotic Pancake.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?! How did she...? (looks in his made up rule books, but there's nothing about hurting his team) What the? That's not in the book? How did they...?!

Plankton: No rules against robotic injuries by others.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Then how did she...?

Applejack: Sorry, but stay off of my Apples, Robotnik!

Applejack: Years of applebucking. I was happy working on the farm ever since.

(2nd event: Swimming)

Sally: (swimming) I've always been the best swimmer in the forest!'

(Suddendly a Squid-like robot zooms past Sally, splashing water on her by using it's legs as a propeller)

Squid Robot: Maybe, but as far as I'm concerned, you're all washed up! Ha ha ha ha...!

Vezok: (suddendly swims past Sally & the Squid Robot in a super sonic speed & reaches the other side of the swimming pool & comes out of the pool in seconds) Denied!

Squid Robot: (looks shocked) Ha? (aciddently inks in shock, disbelief & horror)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What?! Impossible?!

Vezok: I'm the fastest swimmer in the All Star Team.

(3rd event: Weight Lifting)

Boomer: (trying to lift up a heavy barbel) Nnnngh! Nnngh! (sucussfully lifts up the heavy barbel) There! Let's see one of the Badniks top that !

SWATbot: (lifts up Boomer, holding up the barbel with one hand) You were saying, Dumbbell?

(Suddendly they hear rumbling coming from outside & we see Tree Rex lifting up the entire Robotnik Stadium with everyone inside it)

Tree Rex: I say "FEAT OF STRENGTH!". (sucessfully lifts up the entire Robotnik Stadium with everyone inside it with no problem at all)

All (Except the Skylander Giants): (their jaws drop to the ground)

Crusher: That's 3 in the row.

(Episode 7)

(We see the All Star Freedom Fighters & the Knothole Freedom Fighters charging towards Robotropolis)

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog will lead to battle!

Mordecai: Yeah!

Rigby: We're gonna wipe the smug looks off of those Empires' faces!

Bunnie: Charge, y'all !

Zaktan: There's no turning back!

Sonic: Follow me, Freedom Fighters!

Spongebob: And follow me, All Stars!

Sonic: This surprise attack on Robotnik's factory will shut him down once and for all!

Fluttershy: (notices a sign on the door) WAIT!

Sonic: Huh?

Spongebob: STOP!

(everyone skids to a halt, because of Fluttershy's yell)

Fluttershy: Oh, I'm sorry to stop this attack, but there's a sign on the door.

(Episode 8)

Plankton: Blast them!

Krekka: (open fires at the Heroes, but the Heroes dodges that blast easily) Darn, I miss.

STH Rotor: I think they're trying to pin the "Blam" on us!

Edd: What are we gonna do?

Sally: Our best chance is to run in different directions!

Sonic: Good Idea, Princess!

Deimos: Well someone has to fight back & I'm fighting back (open fires the ammo at the Swatbots & the Prototype Jack Bots with 2 of his G36 Guns)

Hank: Do you wanna be killed again?

Deimos: No

Sanford: Then let's go!

(The Heroes begins to fight back while their running away)

(In the Lair of Robotnik Prime)

Spongebob: Twilight, I'm sorry that we've failed. We're just scared of losing you & Sally. No matter what happens, I'm always your All Star Warrior, Twilight Sparkle. I'm sorry!

Twilight Sparkle: (her tears begin to drop as she witnessed Spongebob is about to be thrown into the roboticizer first) Please, let them go! I beg of you!

Plankton: No way!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: You will never see the All Star Warrior ever again!

Twilight Sparkle: Huh? But I-- (then her sadness turned into anger) WHAT?! How can you two villains be so cruel, that is low, even for you to roboticize the chosen one of the All Stars! Your hearts have to be ice cold! What can be more cruel than that?

Plankton: I don't know, roboticize the entire planet? Taking over the entire multverse? Even if we have to roboticize our own empires? All that sort of jazz

[kettle whistles]

Twilight Sparkle: Rrrgh...

Plankton: I think we've made her mad.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I think your right.

Spongebob: Uh oh, gotta get away from the Rage zone

Sally: (puts her sorceress hat back on)

Sonic: (escapes from the bots' grips, does a warp speed spin, making himself invisible again & then sweeps Sally from the bots & makes his escape with Sally before Twilight's rage is activated)

Twilight Sparkle: LET...THEM...(literally bursts into flames in anger, turning into her new Burning form)

Burning Twilight Sparkle:...GO!!!!!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: (notices Twilight's new burning form) (screams)

Burning Twilight Sparkle: Never mess with my friends again. Now leave my little yellow boyfriend down this instant or else!

Dr. Robotnik Prime & Plankton: Boyfriend?!

Plankton: But...

Spongebob: You've heard Ms. Sparkle, let me go.

Plankton: Prototype Jack Bots...release him

Prototype Jack Bots: (releases Spongebob)

(End of Flashback)

Hakann: Twilight Sparkle discovered her own Burning form in a face of rage?

Hot Head: Why didn't you tell us?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry, but I was too embarassed to tell you that I have teeny tiny crush on Spongebob.

Eddy: (singing) Spongebob & Twilight, sitting in a tree...

Ed: (singing) K, I, S, S, L, M, N, O, P!

Spongebob & Twilight Sparkle: (blushes)

Spongebob: Can we continue please?

Reidak: Let Zaktan take over.

Zaktan: Alright then.

Flashback to Backlash (Part 3)

Zaktan: Let's continue. As we we're saying...

(Flashback to Episode 9)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I trust all you freedom fighters are watching this live telecast...or perhaps Sonic's not so live anymore!

Plankton: Um, they're not watching your actions, only blackness, because of that (points to the camera which has the lens cap on)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: The camera's broken?!

Plankton: No, this. [takes off lens cap]

Dr. Robotnik Prime: What? Who put that lens cap there?

Patrick: Oh yeah, that was me!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looks shocked) Gadzooks, Patrick! Did you just put that on?!'

Patrick: Yup, because I didn't want you two to lose it, (puts the lens cap back on the camera) I put it there right before you started filming.

Dr. Robotnik Prime: [Goes insane like Spongebob did in a Spongebob Squarepants episode called "Mermaid Man & Barnicle Boy VI: The Motain Picture", lifts up piece of ground, and eats worms on bottom side.]

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Robotnik's gone mad!

(Episode 10)

Fluttershy: (flying low to the ground, finding Sonic & founds him crawling out of the poison sumac patch) Oh my goodness. (flys up to Sonic)

Sonic: (still itchy & feels very sick & woozy) (crawling out of the poison sumac patch) (panting) Hooboy!...It took all of my strength to crawl out of that poison sumac patch!...(notices Fluttershy) Fluttershy? What are you doing here? (felt itchy again) Yaaaa! (starts scratching rapidly) And I'm still itching like crazy!

Fluttershy: Are you alright? You look very ill.

Sonic: I'm fine Fluttershy (gets up) ...And I'm just itching to get back to Knothole...stand by for a Sonic Spin...(tries to do a sonic spin, but due for being too sick, he falls down) Oof! Not quite!

Fluttershy: I'm sorry, but your too sick to move very fast. Here you can hop onto that cart over there & I'll take you back to Knothole. (points her hoof at the cart) Now easy does it

Sonic: Ok. (slowly crawls towards the cart)

Fluttershy: Good, you can do it. It's ok. I can't touch you, because I was afraid I might catch it. I'm sorry.

Sonic: (climbs up slowly on the cart, very painfully) Augh! (gets inside the wagon) Ok, I'm in. (panting)

Fluttershy: (straps herself to the cart) Hold on. I hope I can carry you gently (flys into the woods, pulling a cart with Sonic inside it)

(Episode 11)

Xplode: (reads the sign) "DANGER. Do not open doors without permission of mobius sewer authority! (And some life insurance)" We betta be careful

Sonic: The Mobius River is behind those doors! It's to take my mightiest Buzz-saw spin to open them! (does a buzz-saw spin to cut through the thick 2x4)

Reidak: Here, let me help! (uses his Buzz-Saw to help Sonic cut through the thick 2x4)

Sonic: I guess I'm just a Saw Head!

Spongebob: Ouch.

(Both Sonic & Reidak sucessfully cuts through the 2x4, opening the door, letting out huge ammounts of water)

Sonic: (Starts running with the All Stars) We did it! But now we've got to outrun the river!

Thumpback: Or betta yet, let's make like a penguin & slide! (starts sliding on his belly) Hop on my back!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters hops on Thumpback's back, riding on top of him)

(Episode 12)

(We see Sonic & Evil Sonic running around in circles, while Spongebob & Doodlebob are side-stepping in a circle, while the rest of the All Star Freedom Fighters just blankly staring at the 4)

Sonic & Evil Sonic: Hey! You're not Sonic the Hedgehog. I AM!

Spongebob: I thought your trapped in the piece of paper!

Doodlebob: You Doodle, me Spongebob!

Sonic & Spongebob: Are not!

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: Am too! / NEOFINEYIN!

Sonic & Spongebob: Sez who?

Evil Sonic & Doodlebob: Sez me! / MEYAIOVAH!!!

Squidward: (in shock) There's 2 of Sonic's & Spongebob's?! (screams & then faints)

Owen: Uh guys? Are we seeing what I'm seeing?

Crusher: We're seeing what your seeing...

Donkey Kong: But we can't believe that we're seeing.

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! There's 2 Sonics & 2 Spongebobs

Patrick: And the white one's the Evil Doodle!

Twilight Sparkle: The evil doodle? I don't get it.

(Episode 13)

[Later, SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog have a cookout. SpongeGar sticks a marshmallow-like plant through the stick, and roasts it in the fire and eats it. Squog does the same with a piece of coral. Patar toasts a stick and eats it]

SpongeGar: Patar! Uh-uh. Wa SpongeGar!

[a prehistoric crab scuttles by]

Prehistoric Crab: Money! Money! Ooga booga! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Ooga boo...Agh! [SpongeGar steps on it, takes Patar's stick, and impales it. Patar takes the stick, puts it in the fire, and then eats it. The three jump up and down hooting and hollering.]

Eddy: So what should we eat?

Spongebob: Let's find some food

[They all run off. Spongebob impales some long grass, toasts them, and eats them. Ed impales some primitive flowers and leaves, toasts them, and takes a bit out of them. Boggy B impales some primitive leaves & then eats it. Zaktan twirls up some vines on the stick, toasts it, and slurps it up. Xplode puts some rocks in a pan, toasts it, and it becomes popcorn. He eats some. Owen lifts up a rock, and a bunch of Primitive crabs, crawl out.]

Owen: Mmm, fiber.

[Dudley draws a circle in the sand, impales it, and lifts it, revealing a sand Krabby Patty. He toasts it. Cut to the Cavemen & the All Star Freedom Fighters chewing vigorously. They all continue to eat, and they burp & the girls say excuse me when they burp. The three continue to run off, get something, toast it, and eat it. Over and over and over and over and over...and the full food cavemen are walking slow to get it and toast it and eat it and they run fast to get, toast and eat Over and over and over and over and over and over again! Eventually, they are all on the ground, now much fatter, satisfied. They yawn and get up]

(Episode 14)

???: (steps forward, with his foot goes into the light) That's the first intelligent question I've heard all day! (stepping into the light) Allow me to introduce myself! (reveals to be Knuckles the Echidna)

Spongebob: (gasps) It's him!

Knuckles: I'm...

Hakann: (suddendly interrupts) Knuckles, last of the echidna and guardian of the Chaos Emerald which is techinally the Master Emerald?

Sonic & Tails: (gasps)

Knuckles: Wait, how did you...?

Spongebob: It's a long story.

Pinkie Pie: We've been into the Underground Zone & met the Underground Version of you!

Knuckles: Lucky guess. Anyways, my pal Robotnik told me how you guys we're plannin' to put the snatch on the jewel!

Mordecai: (gets angry) What? (whispers to Zaktan)

Zaktan: (nods & then uses his Tri-Scissors to cut the ropes, trying to free Mordecai)

Knuckles: We don't take kindly to tresspassers on the floating Island--but we hate would-be thieves even worse!


Mordecai: (punches Knuckles in the face)

Spongebob: (gasps)

Knuckles: What the?

Mordecai: We're not Thieves! (shoves Knuckles to the ground)

Reidak: Oooooooh.....

Rarity: Reidak!

Reidak: What? I'm bored.

(Episode 15)

Sally: Tails, Patrick, being intelligent doesn't automatically make you leaders! You need courage..experience...

Patrick: (covers Sally's mouth) Thank you, Sally "Alicia" Acorn, my dear girl Unfortunately, this is a solo mission is for me & Tails only.

Rigby: (snickers) Your middle name's Alicia?

Sally: (punches Rigby's shoulder)

Rigby: Ow!

Eddy: I hope Patrick doesn't think that my middle name is (low voice) Skipper.

Tails: Tsk! Tsk! It looks as though I'll have to prove my superiority once and for all...(flys off) subduing our prime nemesises!

Patrick: I am with you all the way, my dear...(feels dizzy, meaning that the effects of the fruit from the tree of wisdom is wearing off) Uh, uh, buddy...uuuhhh

Lindsay: Patrick, are you ok?

Patrick: (feels even more dizzy) (dizzy voice) I feel like a million BUCKS... [falls over on his belly]

Spongebob: Patrick, are you alright? Say something Patrick!

Patrick: [in burps] Hi, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Patrick, you're back!

Patrick: (normal voice) Patrick, you're back.

Spongebob & Patrick: (hugs each other & started laughing together)

(Episode 16)

(The Beetle Bot throws the giant boulder at the Heroes)

Sally: Sonic the Hedgehog run or you'll be crushed by that boulder!

Sonic: This red stone will give me the strength to catch the boulder and toss it back, Sally! (uses the red magic stone, not knowing it's the red magic stone of Elasticity)

Crusher: The Red One?! (suddendly catches the boulder with one hand) Gotcha!

Spongebob: That gives me an idea. Sonic, how far can you stretch? Cause I have an idea. Patrick, Ed, you grabs Sonic's arms & legs & stretch him like a rubber band.

Patrick & Ed: Got it Spongebob! (grabs Sonic's Arms & legs with Patrick holding onto Sonic's arms & Ed holding onto Sonic's legs) (stretches Sonic like a rubber band)

Sonic: (holding onto the red magic stone while he was stretched)

Sally: (notices Sonic's been stretched by Patrick & Ed) SONIC!

Antoine: (feels sick when he noticed Sonic been stretched also) Ohhhhhh! I sink I am going to be seek!

Spongebob: Watch this!

Ninjini: I'm sorry Sonic (loads the Boulder on Sonic like a slingshot)

Spongebob: (pulls Sonic back & then fires the boulder off of Sonic & at the Beetlebot like a slingshot) Blast off!

(The Boulder then crashes at the Beetlebot)

Plankton: Ouch!

(Episode 17)

Ezekiel: Say, what do these buttons do, eh? (presses one of them on the machine)

STH Rotor: Let him speak now or forever--

(Suddendly Sonic teleported next to Antoine, holding a broom)

Edd: Ezekiel? What are you doing?

Ezekiel: Pushing buttons, eh?

Tree Rex: There's no time to goof off.

Boggy B: Well, at least you didn't turn a knob.

Ezekiel: Ok. (turns a knob on the machine)

Astro Boy: Hold on, we need to think of a plan to get them outta there.

Avak: At least you didn't turn the other know.

Ezekiel: Oh, ok. (turns the other knob on the machine)

Thok: Ezekiel, please no more, especially never fool around with the switches

Ezekiel: Switches it is, yo? (starts flipping the switches)

Eddy: No more switches, not even the buttons.

Ezekiel: Sure thing (starts hitting the buttons)

Squidward: Eddy never said hit those buttons you nitwits!

Ezekiel: Oh yeah, you knobs?! What else are you commanding me to do? This?! (bumps over all the buttons, switches & knobs at the same time)

Harold: Ezekiel, stop!

Astro Boy: Your gonna break it, you might even trap them forever when it's broken!

Thok: Please stop this madness at once!

(Episode 18)

Sally: (looks up to King Gong's eye) (now mad) Well I never... this is no way to treat a lady, Magilla! What's the big idea?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, why did you bring us here?

Mecha Congar: I've brought you here as a captive, Twilight Sparkle. Right, King Gong?

King Gong: (points to the sunset)

Sally: Oooh...You brought me & Twilight Sparkle all the way up here to see the sunset!

Twilight Sparkle: It's so beautiful, I guess Mobius is different to Equestria.

Sally: That's sooo sweet of you...but I already have a boyfriend!

Twilight Sparkle: Me too.

Mecha Congar: (notices this & facepalms)

(Flashback ends)

Vezok: (his stomach growls) Let's keep talking about the past while we're having something to eat. Let's break for lunch.

(The All Stars, minus Squidward, enters inside the dining hall, eating their lunch)

Flashback to Backlash (Part 4)

(In the Dining Hall)

Applejack: Alright y'all, let's continue.

Hank: Alright then.

(Flashback back to Episode 18)

(They all witnessed the crash site & in the center of the crash site is a glowing crystal orb)

Spongebob: Wow!

Sonic: Way cool !

Reidak: Yeah.

Sally: You're right, Sonic! It is cool...(picks up the crystal orb) to the touch!

Reidak: Wha?

STH Rotor: That's impossible!

Sonic & Spongebob: Hmmmmm....

Eddy: What's with the Orb?

Twilight Sparkle: This orb must be very special.

(Episode 19)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Where's Princess Sally?

Plankton: And where's Twilight Sparkle?

Sally & Twilight Sparkle: (still on the scaffolding, cutting the rope with Sally using a knife & Twilight Sparkle using her Unicorn Magic)

Sally: Up here, Doctor Robotnik...

Twilight Sparkle: I am up here as well Plankton.

Sally: Since Sonic & Spongebob both raised the gives our great pleasure to bring down the house! (cuts the rope, releasing the curtain, causing the curtain to go down, landing on Robotnik, Plankton & the Kankers)

Dr. Robotnik Prime, Plankton & the Kanker Sisters: (felt the heavy curtain & falls to the ground) Gyahh!!

(Then the other Knothole Freedom Fighters gathered at the stage, applaud Sonic, Spongebob & the All Stars, who is surrounded by robotic parts and a fallen Robotnik, Plankton & the Kankers)

Twilight Sparkle: Or better yet, close the curtain on your foiled plans

(At night)

Twilight Sparkle: (closes her eyes & a tear drops down from her eyes & from her cheek)

Sally: (leaves the room & notices Twilight Sparkle) (gasps) Why are you spying on me?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm so sorry, but your teacher reminds me of Princess Celestia when she tutored me & gives me the opprotunity to continue studying the magic of friendship in my new home in Ponyville.

Sally: I guess we both have something in common, we both have teachers that tutored us.

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, I guess we do. And by the way, Spongebob accepts my premission to find you.

Sally: (sighs) I guess that makes sence.

(Episode 20)

(Episode 20)

(The Mysterious Orb starts glowing more than usual, causing Reidak to wake up)

Reidak: Dude, turn off the light, I'm trying to sleep. (notices the Mysterious Orb glowing more than usual) Huh? What the?

Twilight Sparkle: (wakes up, noticing the light) Huh? (gallops inside STH Rotor's workshop) Reidak? What happened?

Reidak: I don't know, the orb started glowing all of the sudden.

(The orb then started floating in mid-air)

Mysterious Orb: (robotic female voice) Greetings, I have come for Sally.

Reidak & Twilight Sparkle: Sally?

Reidak: (shocked) Wait, did that orb just said something?

Twilight Sparkle: (shocked) Looks like it did talked & it's voice is a she

Reidak: (thought: Could it be the perfect girl that I wished for?)

(Sally, sensing something, wakes up and walks slowly to the workshop. She arrives to see Reidak & Twilight Sparkle the orb floating in mid-air, glowing madly.)

Reidak: (spots Sally) Hi Sally, I think this orb wants to talk to you.

Mysterious Orb: Hello, Sally...(turns into a flip-top hand-held computer device)

Hand-Held Computer Device: My NICOLE.

(Episode 21)

Spongebob Prime: Ready guys?

Owen: Ready!

All: STOP THE GIANT BORG! (starts attacking the Giant Borg)

Squidward: (still fainted)

Cyborg Plankton: What is this?

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Spare me & my partner the false bravado, you red white and blue buffoon

Cyborg Plankton: You too you Yellow white red brown & black All Star freaks

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: While we control the power of Giant Borg...(controls the Giant Borg to attack Sonic, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonics & Spongebobs back) are all less than NOTHING!!

Cyborg Plankton: Nice move.

Robo-Robotnik 1.0: Thanks, but the outcome was never in doubt!

Spongebob Prime: The Robot's off balanced ! This is our chance

Sonic: Now...while he's off balance...LET'S HIT THEM WITH EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!

(Sonic, the All Star Freedom Fighters, Sonics & Spongebobs starts attacking the GIant Borg, tearing the giant humanoid robot apart like spindashes, punches, kicks, tackles & more)


(The Giant Borg has been crashed to the ground, broken apart)

Cyborg Plankton: (got crushed by all of the giant broken parts of the Giant Borg) Ouch.

(Episode 22)

Spongebob: Ok guys, let's hope that SWATbot didn't see us. (to SWATbot) Excuse me sir, but do you have the time?

SWATbot: Sure. [looks at his watch] It's, uhh, ten to two

SpongeBob: Thank you.

SWATbot: Don't mention it. [turns around to notice no one is there]

Patrick: Don't mention what?

SWATbot: Uhh, who said that?

Patrick: Me.

Pinkie Pie: (lets out a happy yell) SURPRIIIIIZE!

[the SWATbot lets out a cry in fear]

SWATbot: Ghostzz [he runs away from them; his red robotic eyes pop out]

SWATbot's eyes: Aaah!! [they jump into a car and drive away]

Patrick: Hey, I'm no ghost! Well, the nerve of that bot and his driving eyeballs.

(At Night)

Sally: Look...whoever you are...we don't have time for this!! We need to get out of here before the explosion...

Skunk: Explosion? What explosion?!


Lightning: Sha-uh oh!

(The auto-destruct goes off, propelling the group away from the area & they all crashed to the ground)

Alejandro, Hank, Sanford, Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anne Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci: (groaning after the impact)

Sally: That explosion!

Skunk: (groans) Nicely done, Luv!

Cameron: I think I hurt my ribs.

Anne Maria: I hope it doesn't mess up my hair due cause that sure is hairy.

Brick: Everyone's present & accounted for.

Scott: (sarcasticThanks for the role call, soldier pants.

Brick: Your welcome

Scott: I was being sarcastic

(Episode 23)

Auto Sally: Knock it off, Hamlin! Geoffrey & Alejandro saved your & Captain K'nuckles' life, remember? You should be grateful...not suspicious!

Captain K'nuckles: I don't hear the others complaining & I guess I do owe them for saving our lives, but still...

Auto Sally: If you can't trust him after might as well not trust me, either!

Captain K'nuckles: (glares at "Sally") Exactly! Rrraaahh!!! (tackles "Sally" & starts attacking her, causing everyone to stop Captain K'nuckles from attacking her)

Auto Sally: (sparks a bit, but nobody except Dawn noticed it)

Dawn: (gasps)

Mung Daal: (to anybody) Uh check please!

Schnitzel: (groans) Rada. (goes to check "Sally")

(Episode 24)

E.V.E. & Robo Spongebob: (swings Sonic & Spongebob)

Sonic: LEGGO, MAN!


Avak: Hold on! (tackles Robo Spongebob)

Robot Spongebob: Hey!

Spongebob: Thanks Avak.

E.V.E.: (throws Sonic at a far distance)

Sonic: WHOA! Not exactly what I had in mind! (crashes at the All Star Freedom Fighters)

All Stars: Ow!

Black Bird: Watch it, buddy.

Sonic: UGH! Like they careful what you wish for!

Trent: Or we might regret it.

(Episode 25)

(They all look back to see more Swatbots & more P-Jack Bots)

Sonic: Well, if it isn't plum ugly, butt ugly and real ugly! Which is what we'll be if we don't put them down fast !

Hank: I got this! (pulls out 2 Uzi's & then open fires at the P-Jack Bots) Take that!

Rarity: I won't let me hooves get damaged. Aha! (uses her Unicorn Magic to rearrange the Swatbots into a sculpture) There.

Corroder: (rams through the Swatbots) Just take down the Swatbots already Rarity.

(Episode 26)

Car-Heem: (taps the glass)

Tiki Tong: (growls underneath his breathe)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Oh, no!

Plankton: He's back!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: We can we both do?!!

Edd: There's only one thing to do.

Sonic: Quick! Take the Freedom Fighter Oath!

Plankton: Fine, but standards won't let me. I, Sheldon J. Plankton, promise to fight for freedom, justice and good manners and oppose all evil tyrants...especially those with cheap red costumes and pointy heads!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: I, Ivo Robotnik, promise to fight for freedom, justice and good manners and oppose all evil tyrants...especially those with cheap red costumes and pointy heads!

Spongebob: Congratulations!

Sonic: You are now a freedom fighter!

Donkey Kong: Now, we need a plan.

Twilight Sparkle: Ok then. Let's do this.

Snively: Congratulations, Sir! Let me be the first to shake your...

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Shut up, Snively!

Plankton: (groans as he facepalms)

(Episode 27)

Chris McLean: (with Chef Hatchet, holding 1 cup of coffee each) What's going on here? [everyone stops as he & Chef reveals himself] I'll have no fighting on our watch. Oh, the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters. I might have known!

Chef Hatchet: What are you all gotten yourselves into now?

Vezok: Sorry, but...

Spongebob: GET THEM!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters "fake" fight the Knothole Freedom Fighters, forming a fight cloud around themselves, the Knothole Freedom Fighters & Chris & Chef, so that the angry mob can't see)

Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet: Hey!

(Then when the fight cloud clears, the Angry Mob's cheer went into confusion as they noticed that the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters have suddendly dissapeared, leaving a dazed Chris McLean & a dazed Chef Hatchet behind)

Chris McLean: (dazed & dizzy) Power to the people. (faints)

Chef Hatchet: (dazed & dizzy) (salutes) We salute you the power of the people (faints)

(Episode 28)

Sonic: (gets distracted) So the Sonicam focuses wherever my toe points?

STH Rotor: Yes, but...

Timon: (notices Sonic) Yipe!


Sonic: (crashes to the wall & accidently crushed Timon)

Pumbaa: Timon? Are you ok?

Timon: Going down. (falls on the floor)

STH Rotor: You still need to watch where you're going!

Avak: Yeah, otherwise you would be crashing through walls.

(End of Flashback)

Timon: (shrudders) You're telling me.

Pumbaa: We've finished our lunch. Let's go head back outside.

Spongebob: Alright then.

Flashback to Backlash (Part 5)

(The All Stars heads back outside & sits back down on the grass)

Spongebob: Now where we're we? Oh yes. The Floating Island above Knothole, where we meet Dian Wei, while we're preparing battle against Zhang Jiao.

(Flashback to Episode 29)

Zhang Jiao: Greetings, my children.

Twilight Sparkle: (gasps) Wait ! I heard that moaning ghostly voice from before.

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Before?!

Twilight Sparkle: That's not Discord, that's...

Dian Wei: The Leader of the Yellow Turbans!

Zhang Jiao: (turns to the heroes) Congratulations, you've figured it out that it was I, Zhang Jiao, leader of the Yellow Turbans! You do well to remember my name.

(Episode 30)

Spongebob & Patrick: (singing) And we race race race down the snow snow snow, And we race race race down the snow snow snow!

Hakann: Enough already!

Harold: That's alright. Sometimes singing can pass the time

Red Bird: Yeah. (shivering) it's so cold out here.

Big Brother Bird: Hm...

Thunder: Wait, which way is the way back to Knothole?

Geoff: I don't know dude. Why can't we find Knothole?

STH Rotor: The storm has made it impossible to find our way back to Knothole!

Mordecai & Rigby: Aw what?!

Astro Boy: (can't see) I'm sorry, but my vision is giving out on me!

Sally: We've got to find shelter soon or we'll all freeze to death!

Vezok: (shivering) W-w-w-well, w-w-w-what ab-b-b-bout Th-th-th-thok? He's the P-p-p-piraka of Ice! He can end-d-dur the Ice.

Thok: Don't worry, Hakann can use his fire resistance to melt the ice. Hakann & I can resist the snow.

Hakann: (the snow flakes that lands on Hakann begins melting on him, due to Hakann being a Fire Type Piraka)

(Episode 31)

(Suddenly, the whole mountain starts to rumble, causing them to loose grip)

Zaktan: What's happening?!

Knuckles: Whoa! The whole mountain's vibrating! (starts to glide away) Better glide to safety and...(got hit by a rock) OW! (got knocked unconscious, sending him plummeting to the ground below)


Avak: We gotta save him!

Hakann: Ok then, but who's gonna save us?

(The Piraka lost their grip & falls down)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (Screaming as they're plummeting to the ground)


(The Piraka crashes lands with a very big THUD, making a hole in the ground)

Vezok: (felt very dizzy after the impact) (slurry) But I wanna wear the pink one, mommy. (got hit in the head with rock, snapping him out of his dizziness trance)

Thok: Ow. That had to hurt...and it did.

Hakann: Sorry.

Zaktan: Next time, get a king size bed!

(Episode 32)

(Fangtom, Skalido & Acidicus are checking, but still no Spongebob)

Fangtom: Where could he be?

Acidicus: Why isn't he here?

Skalidor: (notices the All Star Freedom Fighters) Uh, I think I know

Fangtom & Acidicus: (turns to see them) THE ALL STARS!

Duncan: That's right.

Kitty: By orders from 2nd in command of the All Star Freedom Fighters: Zaktan, we're here for Spongebob

Tree Rex: (has Spongebob on her back) And we did.

Twilight Sparkle: Now for you 3 to have your punishment for letting your Snake King, capturing the All Star Warrior.

Skalidor: Uh oh!

(Episode 33)

Bunnie: Hang on, Princess & All Stars! The cavalry is comin' to the rescue! (grabs Sonic's arm) Time to get a grip on y'self, handsome! Or better still...(pulls Sonic down to the ground)...let Bunnie give you her special T-L-C treatment!

Sonic: T-L-C?

Spongebob: TLC?

Bunnie: Yeah! (wraps her robotic legs around Sonic & squeezes him really hard) Tight leg crush!

Zaktan: Or better yet...(holds up a fold up table) Tables...(smashes Acidicus with a fold up table)

Reidak: (holds up a ladder) Ladders...(hits Fangtom with a Ladder)

Vezok: (holds up a black fold up steel chair) And chairs! (hits Skales with a black fold up steel chair)

(Episode 34)

Sally [The Chameleon] & the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters emerges from the column and walks over to the All Stars.]

Sally [The Chameleon]: We got you all now!

Robo-Sonic: Say goodnight, All Stars!

[The Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters sticks their hand out to fire a laser...]

Hank: Oi !

[Hank rushes in and kicks Sally [The Chameleon] aside while Applejack & Rainbow Dash rushes in and bucks the Robo-Knothole Freedom Fighters. The three walks over to the All Stars and, Hank uses her mutated arm, pulls Spongebob out of the mega-muck.]

Hank: There you go, Spongebob! You're free

Spongebob: Thanks Hank, Applejack & Rainbow Dash. I owe you guys one

(Episode 35)

SpongeBob: Goodbye, Patrick.

Patrick: Goodbye, ice cream. [the two continue to scream, and then Vezok & Thumpback swims over along with Reidak, Hakann, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Ninjini & Hot Head [who is carried by Swarm & Ninjini who we're flying] & Hot Head. And then Thumpback emerges, picking the two up plus Tails & the Sea Fox. Obviously, Thumpback is under them the whole time]

Vezok: SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Yes, Vezok?

Vezok: You can't swim, can you?

SpongeBob: No, Vezok.

Thumpback: [carrying SpongeBob, Patrick, Tails & the Sea Fox on his head] Lets go, guys.

(Episode 36)

(As the All Star Freedom Fighters & Sun Jian begins for invasion, Sun Ce & Huang Gai arrives with the Wu Forces)

Spongebob: Hello

Sun Jian: This is Sun Ce, my son.

Sun Ce: Greetings...Father. Let me have the forefront.

Sun Jian: Hmmm. It would be your first battle with the All Stars. I shall expect good things! (to the All Stars & Huang Gai) Take care of him

Avak: We'll try our best

(The All Stars begins to venture through Robotropolis avoiding Swatbots' laser fire)

Crusher: (crushing the Swatbots with his giant hammer) Let's go, we'll stop the Bot Plane once we find something to fly with.

(Episode 37)

(We see Ed, Edd & Eddy are walking through the jungle)

Eddy: Put some muscle in it, boys!

Ed: (chopping down the leaves with his teeth) Mmm, salad.

Edd: Ed, please make sure to brush you teeth after you chomp on those leaves.

Eddy: Think big guys, the All Stars are busy taking down Plankton's plans for us, while we're going on a trip with the Knothole Freedom Fighters...speaking of which where are they?

Ed: Maybe we're lost Eddy in the jungle.

Edd: Um, it would be wise to turn back outside of the jungle & wait for the rest to come back

Eddy: (turns to Edd with a confident look) Relax, I know these jungles like the back of my hand! (suddendly crashes into a wall) Ow! (shakes his head & notices a wall) What the? Where'd that come from?

Edd: Uh Eddy? (points to a new amusement park that is built on the Floating Island with loads of people enjoying a day in the amusement park)

Ed: Cool! Amusement Park, Eddy!

(Episode 38)

Sally: (goes to a bridge above a rail road track, holding onto NICOLE) Excellent thinking, NICOLE! Cause that's exactly what we have to do...(stands the rail of the bridge)...if we're going to catch this train!

Mane 6: (follows Sally)

Rainbow Dash: (smiles) Now that's what I'm talking about!

Fluttershy: (gulps)

NICOLE: Sally, you're not going to do what I think you're going to do...are you?

Sally: (didn't answer)

Applejack: (notices the train is coming) Here comes the train!

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, here we go. 1...2...3!

Sally & the Mane 6: (jumps off the bridge with Fluttershy lagged a bit behind)


Fluttershy: A hop...skip...and a...JUMP! (jumps as well)

(Sally & the Mane 6 lands on the roof of the train, while Sally is still holding onto NICOLE)

Rainbow Dash: Made it!

Sally: Eat your heart out, Sonic the Hedgehog! Princess Sally is back in action again!

(Episode 39)

Donkey Kong: I wonder what it is...(to the Cavemen) Donkey Kong...

Mobie: Ah...ah...

Patar: (looks around) Yabba? Dabba?

Mobie: (smashes the glaciator with his clubs) ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!


SpongeGar: (screams as they begin to run around like crazy)

Squog: (yelling)

Spongebob: Ok, poor choice of words

Donkey Kong: Was it something I said?

(End of Flashback)

(The All Stars notices the rainclouds)

Vezok: Looks like it's about to rain.

Spongebob: Let's head inside everyone & continue our story.

Applejack: Alrighty then.

(The All Stars heads inside the hut.)

Flashback to Backlash (Part 6)

(Inside the hut)

(We see that Squidward's not impressed, even now the hut is now crowded with the rest of the All Stars)

Squidward: Well this is a stupid idea. There's no room in here.

Tree Rex: Well since we're here. We'll now talk about our bigger enemies, for example, the Forces of Darkness...

(Flashback to Episode 40)

Shang Tsung: (appears) Hm, you appear to be the All Star Warrior that I've heard about. You & your friends are an even more ignorance than the Forces of Light.

Eddy: Now what are you gonna do about it, Shang Tsung? There's over 50 of us & only one of you? How can possibly make this an even game?

Shang Tsung: Who says anything about "Even", Eddy? (morphs into Eddy)

All Stars: (gasps)

Thunder: What the...?!

Eddy: Huh?

"Eddy" (Shang Tsung): Now who's Eddy? (uses his powers to cause Eddy to remember no people in Knothole meaning no scams)

Eddy: Hey! What's going on with my head? Oh no. No people, no scams. No scams, no scams, not even a single one! [sinks to the ground.

[We are taken inside Eddy's head, where his brains starts to expand. It grows too big and explodes popcorn out, due to the power of Shang Tsung's controling his mind to remember that memory.]

Eddy: [his body then goes into spasms, and then he starts acting crazy like running around in circles, letting his green tounge flap from the breeze while laughing.]

(Episode 41)

(Back in the Unknown Zone, the Two combatants, Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles hurtle toward each other at incalculable speed, causing unimaginable raw energy to erupt littlerally bending time and space!)

Starfish Man: What are we gonna do?

(The walls contaning the unknown zone's reality begin warping wildly!)

Super Spongebob: (thinking, then gets an idea) On the count of three, we barge back inside the zone as fast as we can! Patrick, you go save Knuckles while I go save Sonic!

Starfish Man: Got it

Super Spongebob: Ok, 1...2...3!

(Super Spongebob & Starfish Man flies back in the Unknown Zone & as they enter, the zone can no longer contain swells...cracks & explodes, sending Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles heavy damage, so incredible that their forms gave out)

Sonic & Knuckles: (got blown away by the explosion, but got caught by Spongebob & Patrick)

Super Spongebob: Hold on! We got ya! (he & Starfish Man flies up to the portal, heading back to the Prime Zone before the Unknown Zone is destroyed completly) Mission acomplished, Patrick!

Starfish Man: Yeah, we did it !

(Episode 42)

Sonic: Nice uniform, Robuttnik! Did they kick you out of the marching band of swallowing the drum?!

Rainbow Dash: (trying her best not to laugh, but fails)

Vezon: ENOUGH! (aims his spear at Rainbow Dash) Now stand down!

Plankton: Thank you Vezon. I told you Kankers that would shut them up!

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Speaking of marching bands, tomorrow we're going to have a parade...(points to Sonic very closely)...and YOU'RE going to LEAD it!

Sonic: ???!

Tiki Tong: And as for you All Stars (grabs the All Stars & throws them outside of Robotropolis) GET OUT AAANNNDDD STAY OUT! (slams the door behind him)

(Outside of Robotropolis)

(The All Stars, minus, STH Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Preytor, Ultra-V, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Swarm & Ninjini [who used flight to keep themselves from crashing down], lands in a large pond)

Heather: Aah! My shoes!

Tyler: Wicked wipeout man! Yeah!

Spongebob: Well that was very intense

(Episode 43)

Avak: Come on you two doctors, off the dime. It's time to do the ol "23 Skidoo" play,

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (gets up from his Egg-O-Matic) You mean the long pass?

Spongebob: Right (readies to hike the football)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Fine. 66, 32, 23, Skidoo!

Spongebob: (hikes the ball to Robotnik Prime)

All Star Freedom Fighters & Plankton: (runs forward, waiting for the long pass)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (picks up & lights a stick of dynamite, and stuffs it in the football) This'll end those All Stars for good (throws the Football to the All Stars)

Zaktan: I got it!

Eddy: I got it!

Thunder: I got it!

Spongebob: I got it! (catches the football)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (chuckles) You're gonna get it...into little bitty pieces (evil laughter)

Plankton: (in the distance, tackles Spongebob & has the football)

Harold: Hey!

Deimos: No fair!

Plankton: (to Dr. Robotnik Prime) Punt formation! (kicks the football back to Dr. Robotnik Prime)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (catches the football) What?!


(The Football exploded leaving Robotnik Prime black covered)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: (black covered) I goofed

(Episode 44)

Sonic: (in thought: Only one shot! Four on the speed! And hope...I haven't made the wrong choice!) (charges at King Max Acorn)

Spongebob: Sonic, what are you doing?

Kitty: What is Sonic up to?

Dudley: I think we betta run!

Eddy: Take cover!

(The All Stars makes a run for it, trying to get away)

Lu Bu: Come back & face me!

King Max Acorn: ...I do...THIS!! (fires his laser lance at Sonic)

Sonic: (dodges) Not so fast chief! (presses the button on the energy inhibitor, causing a massive explosion in the zone, thus stopping the Zone of Silence's growth)

The All Star & Knothole Freedom Fighters: (launched back)

Lu Bu: (launched back to the portal back on Mobius) Graah!

Spongebob: Whoa, whoa!

Sonic: What have I done?

Ed: Can Ed go to the bathroom?

(Episode 45)

Vezon: (laughs evily) You know something, hot shot. I have to disagree with you & your 5 brothers on that one. (unleashes his Spear of Fusion, getting ready for battle)

Zaktan: Don't do this, Vezon.

Vezon: I'm done with you 6.

Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (unleashes their signature weapons & their Zamor Launchers)

Vezok: Then it's round two

Vezon: You will pay for your ignorance.

The Piraka: (charges at Vezon)

Vezon: (charges at the Piraka)

The Piraka & Vezon: (starts slashing at each other, with the Piraka slashing at Vezon & Vezon slashing at the Piraka)

(The sword fight goes on for only 15 seconds)

(As the battle changed into a shoot out, rocket jets have been mysteriously attached to the upper levels of the citadel, and ignite, carrying the building up through the atmosphere)

(The Piraka begins shooting Zamor Spheres at Vezon & Vezon begins shooting red electrical spheres at the Piraka & the shoot out goes on for only 15 seconds once again)

The Piraka & Vezon: (dodging the ammo they fired to each other)

Zaktan & Vezon: (slashes at each other's blades, trying to push each other's blades away)

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (ambushes Vezon from behind)

Vezon: Gah! (falls down a bit)

Zaktan: (tackles Vezon to the ground & aims his Tri-Scissor Blade at Vezon) Concede & say it.

Vezon: (panting) I...surrender.

(Episode 46)

Xplode: (to Mecha Uncle Chuck in his walkie talkie) Uncle Chuck, we have a problem. Tiki Tong & Teridax spotted us, what should we do? We can't deroboticize all of them

Mecha Uncle Chuck: (in walkie talkie) I'm going to overload the deroboticizer's circuits! When it explodes, I'm counting on it to create a blanket-effect! I believe you must do the same

Xplode: Alright, good luck (turns off the walkie talkie) We have to overload the de-roboticizer.

Edd: I believe it's a job for people with intelligence (begins overloading the de-roboticizer's circuits)

Sanford: I believe it would be better if I help

Deimos: Me too

Sanford & Deimos: (helps Edd overload the De-roboticizer's circuits)

Xplode: Kineticlops, on the count of 3...

Crusher: Turn on the de-roboticizer to full power while the rest of us duck for cover.

Kineticlops: Alright

Xplode: 1...2...3!

(The All Stars ducks for cover as Kineticlops turns on the De-roboticizer with the switch of the lever, causing an explosion, turning the Roboticized Mobians back to their flesh & bone forms, meaning they're deroboticized)

Twlight Sparkle: It worked!

Spongebob: Now let's get outta here!

(Episode 47)

(They heard someone clapping slowly & they noticed Fire Lord walking towards the heroes)

Fire Lord: Well done indeed.

Jetbug: Fire Lord?!

Drilldozer: Our master?

Fire Lord: Former Master, now that you have turned to the light side, a.k.a. the All Star Freedom Fighters.

Nitroblast: Look we don't want any trouble

Fire Lord: It's too late for that (gets into his battle stance) Now your my enemy!

Rainbow Dash: Think you can beat us?

Fire Lord: I don't brag about battles.

Vezok: Huh?

Fire Lord: Action speaks louder than words.

(As the battle rage on, Fire Lord is defeated & Antoine is been wrapped up by a STH Combot's steel wire)

Spongebob: Your right, action DOES speak louder than words.

(Episode 48)

Reidak: I'll go check it out & I'm gonna let Sonic know we're here & then we can get Sonic & get outta here.

Spongebob: Ok, good luck

Astro: And be careful, they're proberbly preparing an ambush

Reidak: No problem, I'll get to Sonic in a giffi (starts searching Sonic in the hallway) Which way's tje roboticizer chamber (notices a sign with an arrow pointing to the doorway to the roboticizer chamber) Must be that way.

(But what Reidak doesn't know is that behind the door is the Rahkshi hiding behind the wall right next to the door)

Plankton: Alright, everyone get ready

Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: (nods)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: Time for a test drive.

(A silhouette of Sonic is now at the door with his eyes glowing red)

(With Reidak)

Reidak: (goes up to the door & knocks it) Hello? Anybody there? (opens the door) I've come to...

(Suddendly the Rahkshi & the silhouette of Sonic begins attacking Reidak)

Reidak: (screaming in pain & agony, needing help)

(Episode 49)

Goro: (goes up to Sally with Sonic) You are no Princess, Sally. (grabs Sally & Sonic with one lower hand each) Your pathectic resistance shackles us no longer (starts hitting Sonic & Sally with his upper fists & throws them both away)

Sonic & Sally: (falls down to the ground)

Goro: You will suffer as my previous kombatant. Shao Kahn will be impressed.

Xplode: (notices that Sally is injured because of Goro) STOP!

Goro, Kano, Kabal, Sektor, Baraka & Reptile: (they all noticed the All Stars)

Goro: There you are!

Deimos: So much for our surprize attack

Donkey Kong: Let's stop them!

Spongebob: Attack!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters starts attacking the Black Dragon, the Lin Kuei Unit 5 Cyborgs, Saurians & the Tarkatan Horde with a little bit of a problem, but easy enough for the All Stars to handle)

Goro: You are all very lucky to stop me before...

Spongebob: It's time that we beat you...again!

Sonic: (gets up) I'm not giving up just yet!

(The All Star Freedom Fighters are an even match against Goro, Kano, Kabal, Sektor, Baraka & Reptile, but with Sonic's help who have remembered his previous battle against the same opponents, the All Stars have managed to stop their opponents soon enough)

Sonic: I may have been put in jail because of a misunderstanding, but I will not be guilty & be killed at the same time!

(Episode 50)

Lu Bu: We meet again All Stars! Prepare for your loss.

Sonic: I'm not sure I'm even in the running!

Red Bird: Who's that? (points to Dong Zhuo)

Lu Bu: This is my master Dong Zhuo!

Dong Zhuo: Now that I've finally meet you All Star Freedom Fighters, you will lose & die a hundred deaths!

Thok: Sounds like he's serious!

Tree Rex: Then we fight until the end!

King Acorn: I am the master of this domain, and you will submit your will in service to me...or you will be one sorry hedgehog!

Spongebob: Not so fast! If you mess with Sonic, you mess with the All Stars!

Lu Bu: (finishes scanning the All Star Freedom Fighters' moves & abilities) It's finished.

Dong Zhuo: Excellent. (opens the portal)

King Acorn: (notices Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu leaving the Zone of Silence) What's the meaning of this?

Lu Bu: We have what we want. Their powers & weaknesses.

Dong Zhuo: Now if you excuse us, we have other plans (closes the portal, leaving the Zone of Silence with Lu Bu)

Sonic: How about we flip for it? Heads you win! Tails, I...(runs behind King Acorn)...juice like I never have before! (punches King Acorn at the back of his head, knocking the king out) I'll take that! (hops on King Acorn's horse in front of a K.O.ed King Acorn) Hi-ho, Black Beauty! Away! (rides the black horse to Sally & Geoffrey)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (follows Sonic)

(Episode 51)

Duncan: Watch out for the bot's foot! (notices Silver Sonic is about to stomp on Sonic)

Sonic: Uh oh! He plans to stomp me...gotta think fast! (notices the sliced cables sticking out of the floor) Hmmm...these sliced cables are live!

Meltdown: We have a plan

Kineticlops: Prehaps I can help.

Sonic: (grabs a sliced cable) Okay, Robo-replica! Let's see how your metal metabolism handles a couple thousand volts of ray electricity! (electrocutes Silver Sonic with the sliced cable he's holding)

Astro: Very good Sonic, now let's try to reboot...

Kineticlops: Let me, Astro! [uses his electricity to help Sonic electrocute Silver Sonic's circuits, only for more electrcity to cause the Silver Sonic & the control panels to go on the fritz) It is off. Good, huh?

Edd: [frantic] Is it me? It's the robot, right?

Astro: Kineticlops, what are you doing?

Eddy: [as more electricity comes out] Boy, that giant robot & those control panels are getting crispy.

Hank: No kidding

Silver Sonic: (sparks & then cause small explosions within him, damaging it's own circuits, almost ready to shut down)

Ed: Wait! My brain is working. [He throws Silver Sonic against the wall.] Yep.

Silver Sonic: (falls to the ground & then shuts down)

Eddy: Nice one, Ed.

(End of Flashback)

Hank: Even after the Death Egg & the Death Bucket is destroyed, both Robotnik Prime & Plankton never gave up.

Spongebob: It's very interesting. We know that Plankton is still at large, but what about the other villains, like Ixis Naugus?

Twilight Sparkle: This is tough, even though he mysteriously dissapeared. It's still a mystery.

Flashback to Backlash (Part 7)

(As a storm is happening outside, the All Stars are still inside the hut, with the light on)

SpongeBob: Naugus? That wizard is mysterious & so is Jinpachi.

Xplode: Now we know, what's going on, but the real past that we've all encountered is the Endgame era.

(Flashback to Episode 52)

(Suddendly a roboticized version of Fly Fly Freddy named "Mecha Fly Fly Freddy", flys over the battle & starts firing laser beams at the heroes)

Spongebob: Whoa! What is that thing?

Tails: Look out,'s some kind of super bot!

Sonic: That's not just a bot...that's Fly Fly Freddy!

Professor Worminkle: That's not all !

(2 roboticized versions of the Worm Troopers arrives & then starts attacking Ezekiel & Noah first)

Ezekiel: Help!

Noah: Fighting is not my forte'.

Donkey Kong: Hold on, we're coming!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (goes in front of Donkey Kong)

Krekka: I don't think so Donkey Kong! (gets into his battle stance with Nidhiki)

(With his power & strength, Donkey Kong manages to win against the tag team of Krekka & Nidhiki after a long handicap match)

Donkey Kong: You got K.O.ed by D.K.!

(Episode 53)

Goldrahk: (gasps as he noticed the star symbol at the back of Spongebob's head) Your tattoo!

Spongebob: Yes? What about it?

Goldrahk: It matches the main All Star symbol in the temple. So it is true, the All Star Warrior has been chosen by the Council of 4 themselves.

Goldrahk & Golden Rahkshi Guards: (bows down on their knees in respect for Spongebob) We are at your humble service, oh wise one.

Plankton & Captain Haddock: (now confused) Wise?

Goldrahk: (to Spongebob) Forgive me for my actions, All Star Warrior. I am Goldrahk, son of the legendary giant Rahkshi, Giant "Jumbo" Rainbowrahk, or GJR for short.

Golden Rahkshi Guards: Amen.

Goldrahk: GJR is hidden inside a dark chamber behind those giant doors, being sealed in for a long time. He will never been seen by anyone except his family, Queen Aleena & the All Star Warrior himself.

Tin Tin: Interesting.

Professor Calculus: Amazing.

Spongebob: That means I'm on my own. You guys go on ahead. I'll catch up later. (goes up to the giant doors)

Sonic: Alrighty then, good luck. Energize!

Captain Haddock: And hurry, let's get outta here.

Professor Calculus: Very well. Back to Mobius we go. (activates the teleporter, sending Sonic, Plankton, Robotnik Prime, Snively, D.O.O.M., Tin Tin, Snowy, Thomson, Thompson & himself back to Planet Mobius)

(Episode 54)

Discord: (appears, looking angry) Oh for goodness sake!

Thunder: Discord again?

Discord: I have enough of this! I will stop you once & for all! (grins) But I will not do that alone.

Mordecai: What are you talking about?

Discord: I present to you, the latest creation of our new friend of Plankton. He is many warriors, their souls fused into one being.

(A new warrior, covered in a mask of cloth & red clothing, emerges from the portal & is walking up towards Sonic, King Acorn & the All Stars)

Rigby: Who's that?

Discord: new partner...Ermac!

(Ermac assumes a fighting kata. He glows with green energy, makes a magic light crackle before him and the air around him into ripples. Sonic & the All Stars looks concerned. King Acorn is a bit worried about this new warrior that he has never seen before in his life)

Duncan & Noah: Whoa.

LeShawna: (gulps) That guy looks creepy, especially those creepy glowing green eyes of his.

Donkey Kong: (gulps) Now what do we do?

Sanford: We must be wary. He is unlike anything we though before.

Sonic & Spongebob: (goes up to Discord & Ermac)

Sonic: We're ready.

Discord: Then let's fight.

Spongebob: I couldn't agree more.

Ermac: We are many. You are one. We will destroy you.

(They fight. Discord's chaotic magic & tricks plus Ermac's telekenetic powers & control over magic would be an even match for tough warriors & this battle would go on for a long time, but thanks to the teachings from Queen Aleena, Spongebob is no oridinary warrior. After a few minutes of battling, Sonic is defeated by Discord & Ermac's tag team attacks. Spongebob uses all of his fighting skills to overcome the Draconequus & the mystical warrior. After an intense battle, Spongebob was the last one standing to win the battle & helps Sonic recover)

Spongebob: King Acorn will not fall into your master's hands.

(Episode 55)

(Evil Sonic, Doodlebob & Anti Knuckles starts their ambush by jumping out of the bushes)

Sonic: HUH?!

SpongeBob: What the...?!

Tails: Looks like they found us?

Patrick: Are we playing hide & seek? Oh, I know it's a surprise party! Is it their birthday?

Tails: Sonic! Duck!

Twilight Sparkle: Watch out, Spongebob!

Sonic & Spongebob: (ducks the attacks from Evil Sonic & Spongebob)

Sonic: Way ahead of you, li'l buddy!

Spongebob: Thanks for the save.

Sonic: You shouldn't telegraph your punches that way, bubba!

Patrick: Who's Bubba?

Anti Knuckles: (trying to land a punch at Knuckles) Give it up, M'lad! While you still can!

Knuckles: Are you out of your mind?

Vezok: (trying to push Anti Knuckles out of the way) Patrick, don't just stand there. DO SOMETHING!

Patrick Star: Happy Birthday!

Anti Knuckles: (throws Vezok away with ease)

Vezok: AAH! (crashes into Big Brother Bird) Ouch. (falls off of Big Brother Bird)

Big Brother Bird: (didn't get hurt at all) ...

Patrick: (gives Anti Knuckles a rock) Here's your present!

Anti Knuckles: (bashes it on Patrick's head) -_-

Patrick: (has a goofy face after being hit) You're welcome. :D

(Episode 56)

Ed: (kicking his feet, pushing the All Star Cruiser forward) Kick my feet, kick my feet, kick my feet.

Hakann: (notices the pirate ship is gaining on the All Star Cruiser) They're gaining on us!

Eddy: Faster, Ed!

Ed: (begins kicking faster, pushing the All Star Cruiser even faster) Kick my feet faster, kick my feet faster, Kick my feet faster.

Zorgulon: They are retreating, shall we do something about this?

Plankton: Indeed. Man the Cannons! Hoist up the sails! Full speed ahead! After them!

Jack-1 Bots & Bad Piggies: (begins raising the giant sail up & loading the cannonballs into the cannons together)

Vezok: WOO HOO! We've being chased by pirates! This is fun!

SpongeBob: We're fighting for our lives!

(The Giant Sail from the Plankton Empire's pirate ship begins to propel forward because of the wind blowing into the sail)

King Pig: Wheee! (chuckles)

Eddy: [confident in getting away] We'll hit shore in no time and run like cowards.

Edd: [noticing the new pace the Plankton Empire have set] Um, Eddy?

Eddy: [oblivious] Thank me later, Double D.

SpongeBob: Not that, I meant this! (points to the Plankton Empire's Pirate Ship)

Eddy: [He turns around, and gasps at how close the Plankton Empire are.]

Plankton: Ready to call it quits?

SpongeBob: No way!

Red Bird: We never give up!

Avak: Ed, back in the boat! The engine is complete.

Ed: Ahoy! (climbs up to the All Star Cruiser)

Avak: Buckle up All Stars, we're going to be on the ride! (Starts the engines) FULL SPEED AHEAD! (drives the All Star Cruiser away from the Pirate Ship, taking off like a rocket)

Yellow Bird: WHA HOO HOO! That's what I call fast!

SpongeBob, Patrick & Blue Bird: Whee!

Vezok: Come & catch us now you pirates!

(Episode 57)

(Camera cuts to the Boys of the All Stars [minus Patrick, Zaktan & Owen] still doing chores yet again, with Donkey Kong & Congar as Zaktan's bodyguards of the king.)

Congar: No one is threatening the king.

Donkey Kong: We're doing a very good job.

Zaktan: (sitting on his throne, getting his foot massaged by Timon & Eddy) Thanks for the wonderful things your doing for me. You're doing excellent jobs. (whispers) Sorry about this.

Timon: You are too kind, oh supreme loyal big cheesiness.

SpongeBob: Well done, everyone. We're doing great.

Eddy: (to Zaktan) I don't know how we can keep this up we gotta warn everybody & get them outta here deeper into the jungle.

Zaktan: We can't leave just yet.

Edd: Why not?

Zaktan: Can you please scrub down my back really good?

Gorilla General: (nods to the All Stars)

SpongeBob: Alright then. Let's begin.

Zaktan: And don't be afraid to clean between the vertebrae. (turns to his back, showing the slime) That's where the slime lives.

Justin: (in shock & disbelief)

Donkey Kong: Ok, we'll do it. For them.

Justin: Rock, Paper Scissors for whoever's gonna do it?

(Episode 58)

Kano: So tell are things at Command? (starts zapping Sonya with his laser eye vision)

Sonya: Augh! Traitor!

Kano: Gullible Officer. Just had to point you in the wrong direction. Couldn'ta done it without ya!

Sonya: S.F. is on the way. You won't get far.

Kano: Oh, I got a knack for survival. You, on the other hand, are gonna die here.

Johnny Cage: (in thought: Not this time) (suddenly somersaults in front of Kano)

Johnny Cage: Step away from the lady!

Eva: It's about time!

Johnny Cage: (stalks toward Kano, dusting himself off)

Johnny Cage: Fans think my moves are all wire work and special effects. Truth is... I AM the special effects.

(They fight. While Johnny has his work cut out for him fighting a brutal thug like Kano, he manages to keep the fight at a level pace and, using a few tricks up his sleeve, leaves Kano on the floor unconscious.)

Johnny Cage: Throw that on your... barby... Shrimp...

(After Kano's defeat, Geoffrey woke up & notices the group having defeated the Black Dragon's Thugs)

Kano: (notices that his Black Dragon Thugs have defeated) You win this round, but this is far from over. (retreats with his Black Dragon Thugs)

(Episode 59)

Spongebob: (spindashes at Sergeant Simian)

Sergeant Simian: (falls down, knocked out)

Mammoth Mogul: I can't believe this! You've beaten the Fearsome Foursome!

Spongebob: Yes & you know who else is next?

Mammoth Mogul: What?

Spongebob: You're next!

Mammoth Mogul: You little yellow cracker box!

(Empowered by the Chaos Emerald's ancient magic and strength, Mammoth Mogul proves to be one of the toughest fight of Spongebob's life. It takes all of his fighting ability and power, strength, speed & agility to even keep in the fight, but in the end he gains an advantage and knocks Mammoth Mogul to the floor.)

Spongebob: Now Mammoth Mogul, it's time you face the All Stars' Judgement.

Mammoth Mogul: (gets up) Blast it all! That's impossible! You've beaten me!

Daxter: Yeah! How'd you like us now, Jumbo Pants! And how come he gets to wear pants also?!

Mammoth Mogul: Well, it seems that you indeed have the All Star Power to match my powers, but gloat all you want, Spongebob Squarepants. You're no match for my Master Form, it will be more powerful than you can ever imagine. As Master Mogul, I'm so powerful that a snake couldn't slither in without finding my weakspots! (kneels down on one knee) Uahahaha...

(Episode 60)

(Before they can take Sonic away, a flash of hell fire stops everyone in his tracks & it's ??? who appeared from the flash of fire, appeared to be none other than..

All (minus Plankton): (from different places) SCORPION?!?!

Scorpion: That's right & now you will all suffer the same fate! (launches a Kunai Spear at King Acorn's chest)

King Acorn: (got hit in the chest, begins to spark a bit)

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE! (pulls King Acorn towards him & uppercuts King Acorn's head off)

(Everyone soon gasps to see King Acorn beheaded, but soon realized that it was a fake King Acorn Auto Automaton, called an "Auto King Acorn")

Auto King Acorn: (wobbling as he is sparking a lot & falls down, sparking even more & shuts down)

Scorpion: (pulls Sonic away from everyone)

Ezekiel: (after he saw the Robot got beheaded by Scorpion) Ouch.

Fluttershy: (gasps

Justin: King Acorn is...a robot?

Hank: Another Auto Automaton by Robotnik.

Twilight Sparkle: I knew it!

Spongebob: Uh guys? (points to Scorpion with Sonic)

Sonic: Hey! What're you...?!

(With a loud scream, Scorpion bursts into flame and disappears with Sonic)

(The smoke begins to clear up, seeing Vezok dressed up as Sonic)'

(Episode 61)

Vezok: Welcome to Air Piraka! Thanks for flying! (reaches the Knothole runway)

(We see the rest of the All Stars noticed Vezok arriving with Antoine's plane)

Spongebob: Nice driving Vezok.

Applejack: Go Skylander Giants & War Monsters, y'all too big to fit in th' plane

Rainbow Dash: And carry Owen with you, he's afraid of flying.

Giants & War Monsters: (nods & then runs off outside of the Great Forest, carrying Owen)

(The rest of the All Stars enters inside Antoine's plane)

Waspix: Not to complain here, but we're kind of trapped here.

(They all took notice of the guards charging at the front of the plane)

Zaktan: Relax guys, once we take off. They won't be catching us up in the air.

Izzy: Yeah! Let's go go go!

Eddy: Yeah, cause they're gaining on us!

Mordecai: Anytime you want to punch it, Vezok.

Vezok: You got it, chum! (begins to drive the plane faster & faster)

Kitty: We're ready for take off!

Twilight Sparkle: Do NOT slow down, Vezok!

Vezok: I never do!

(The plane begins to move faster & faster, much to the guard's surprize & horror)

All Stars [minus Giants, War Monsters & Owen]: (felt the speed) WHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!

(The plane then takes off when the guards begins to take cover)

Rainbow Dash: YEAH! See you later, Geoffrey!

Geoffrey St. John: I can't believe this! Outfoxed by a blue piraka, how humiliating. (to the guards) Don't just stand there, after them! And while we're at it! Find the REAL Sonic this time.

(In a grassy field)

Geoffrey St. John: With these Tasmanian Devils who have not fully evolved, they can track Sonic's scent even from a far away distance.

Spongebob: Wow.

Geoffrey St. John: And since you helped Sonic escape. I'm afraid I'll have to arrest you all, starting with...(points to Pumbaa)...the pig.

Pumbaa: (gets angry) A pig?

Timon: Uh oh.

Pumbaa: Are you talking about me?

Avak: (sly smiles) He called him a pig.

Pumbaa: (gets a bit more angry) Are you talking about me?

Corroder: (sly smiles) (to Geoffrey) You shouldn't have done that.

Pumbaa: (gets even more angry) ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!

Rainbow Dash: (sly smile) (to Geoffrey) Now you're in for it.

Pumbaa: THEY CALL ME "MR. PIIIIIIIIG!" (goes beserk, charges & then rams Geoffrey, the Rebel Underground & the Tasmainian Devils into a tree)

Geoffrey, Rebel Underground & Tasmainian Devils: (hanging on the tree branches, feeling dizzy)

(Episode 62)

Eddy: Mordecai & Rigby! Release the beast!

Mordecai & Rigby: (opens the steel cage)

(The Tasmainian Devil escapes from it's cage, spinning like a tornado & stops, revealing to be the carnivorous Tasmainian Devil from the "Looney Tunes" named "Taz")

Taz: (roaring, growling, snarling & raspberries & then spots Geoffrey St. John, the Rebel Underground & other Tasmainian Devils, licking his lips in hunger)

Geoffrey St. John: Not again.

Taz: (begins attacking Geoffrey St. John, the Rebel Underground & the other Tasmainian Devils with his tornado attacks)

Applejack: Yee Haw! Let's get outta here, y'all!

(The All Stars begins their retreat again, while Taz continues attacking the Rebel Underground)

(Episode 63)

Thunder God Spongebob: On your feet!

Shao Kahn: (struggles to his feet, barely conscious)

Computer: (Deep male voice) Warning! Warning! Ultimate Annihilator system crash! Crossed circuits will result in intermalized energy emission! Destruction of war room...imminent!

Plankton: (looks around)

Computer: Probability of resulting shock wave destroying everything in it's path... 99.99999% Positive!

Plankton: This can't be good.

Thunder God Spongebob: It's about to blow, let's get outta here!

Plankton: And I'm desperate enough to believe ya.

Thunder God Spongebob: (grabs Plankton's shoulder) Hold on! (teleports himself & Plankton via yellow electricity)

Shao Kahn: (panting)

Dr. Robotnik Prime: How I hate that hedgehog! I've lived to see one dream come true...the destruction of Knothole Village and everyone within it. All that matters now is the pleasure of eliminating you once and for all!

Shao Kahn: (turns on communicator) Forces of Darkness, the Ulimtate Annihilator is gonna explode! Evacuate immediately!

(Everyone begins to evacuate except Sonic, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Shao Kahn himself)

Shao Kahn: This isn't over, Spongebob. I will finish you. You will never be rid of me! I am superior!

Sonic & Dr. Robotnik Prime: (looking each other with angry eyes, staring at each other)

Shao Kahn: Now then, there's only one thing left to do...(his aura glows green again)

(Although conscious of their impending doom, at this point, both combantants feel they have nothing left to lose...After years of exchanging insults and vows of personal destruction, all is said and done. The only recourse left is...)

Shao Kahn: FIGHT!

(Sonic, Dr. Robotnik Prime & Shao Kahn hold nothing back. It is nothing but one punch after another, each matching each other blow for blow. The control room is pandemonium, as the three combatants duke it out, with Robotnik and Sonic fighting as speeds that it's difficult to keep up.)

Shao Kahn: (roars)

(The two are locked together ready to continue the fight when the Ultimate Annihilator explodes, creating a huge shockwave)

Shao Kahn: (felt the huge shockwave, white beams emerging out of him) No! No! No! NOOOOOOOO!!!

(The huge shockwave explodes, deafens everything to white. It leaves nothing. Everything is gone; there is nothing but white for as far as the eye can see. Nothing but an empty white void.)

(In Robotropolis)

Thunder God Spongebob: (lands & turns back to normal)

Twilight Sparkle: Now's your only chance, Spongebob!

Zaktan: You've got to get to his head and destroy it before his auto-reconstruct circuitry kicks in.

Xplode: There's a auto-reconstruct circuitry?!

Plankton: (chuckles nervously) Was going to use it against you again.

Spongebob: (speeds up to the Prototype Master Jack-X & then spindashes at the bot's head multiple times, beginning to crack the warlord helmet from the bot)

(The Warlord helmet was now destroyed & before Spongebob can use his final spindash attack, he heard Shao Kahn, who is barely conscious)

Shao Kahn: (panting) (weakly) All Star Warrior! You will never be rid of me! (coughs) Shao Kahn is superior!

Spongebob: In your dreams, Shao Kahn. In your dreams. (spindashes at the Prototype Master Jack-X's head, destroying it, also hitting Shao Kahn at the chest)

Shao Kahn: AUGH! (crashes towards the wall & then emerges from the large hole he created from that crash) (groaning in pain & then falls down on his knees & then falls down on his stomach, knocked out)

(The All Stars & the Plankton Empire, plus the Forces of Darkness all witnessed the conclusion of the final battle between Spongebob & Shao Kahn)

Shang Tsung: I cannot believe. The All Stars...have won.

All Stars: (cheering for Spongebob's biggest victory against Shao Kahn)

Zaktan: Spongebob has saved Planet Mobius.

(As with Spongebob's victory before, a light from the heavens shines down on him, the Elder Gods noting his victory against the powerful Shao Kahn.)

Raiden: (had been watching the battle all this time) The Elder Gods have spoken. The Realm of Mobius is free from Shao Kahn.

(The Plankton Empire minus Plankton begins to walk away, heading back to the Mega Chum Bucket)

(Spongebob then turns to face Raiden, who bows his head in congratulations. Spongebob does the same.)

Twilight Sparkle: (smiles)

Zaktan: (gives Spongebob a thumbs up)

(End of Flashback)

Spongebob: All these wonderful memories.

Harold: But with Robotnik Prime, these memories told us about those events that we can never predict how are they gonna turn out.

Flashback to Backlash (Part 8)

(We see now that the storm has cleared up & it's become a sunny day once again.)

Spongebob: The storm is over. And we still have lots of memories left to remember.

Zaktan: Yes, after the endgame experience, Plankton is left to control his empire alone.

(Flashback to Episode 64)

Twilight Sparkle: [looks up.]

Spongebob: Twilight Sparkle? Is something wrong?

Twilight Sparkle: Do you remember when Sanford said that things beggining to make no sence at all?

Magmo: Yes. What's your point?

Twilight Sparkle: Well...don't look now, but there's a cow hovering just overhead. [The cow opens its mouth and a rooster crows.]

(As they all noticed the cow floating just overhead. They all took noticed that they are in a place where everything floats where it may & there no clear paths.)

All Stars: (gasps)

Spongebob: Whoa! What has happened to Mobius? Everything's completly out of whack.

(Episode 65)

Crusher: Alright Spongebob, perpare to transform on 3.

Hot Head: 1, 2, 3!

Spongebob: TRANSFORM!

(Spongebob transforms into his new morph, the Monster form. Spongebob's size is now 100 feet tall, he is green all over, his eyes are red instead of blue, grows big point eyebrows, sharp claws, sharp teeth & mushrooms. He has become Monster Spongebob.)

Monster Spongebob: (roars)

Total Drama Gang: Whoa!

Tree Rex: (turns to the Mane 6) Quick girls, use the Elements of Harmony to control Spongebob.

Mane 6: (controls Monster Spongebob with the power of their Elements of Harmony)

Twilight Sparkle: He's ready.

Bouncer: Twilight & Rarity, you got the arms. Applejack, you got the legs. Pinkie Pie, you got the cannon, loaded in his mouth. Fluttershy, you got the brain, just in case you're losing control of Spongebob. And Rainbow Dash, you got the laser eyes.

Applejack: You got it, partner.

Specter: (growls) Now you make me angry, I'll bring no mercy to you all!

Rainbow Dash: Bring it on!

(The battle was truly epic, both fighters we're both matched, each punch & kick being thrown at each other to damage the other. None of them have the will to give up. However, thanks to the Cooper Gang's & Carmelita's sabatoging the Mega Monkey Megazord from the inside, the robot begins to slow down a bit, causing Monster Spongebob to gain an advantage of the situation & finally after 5 more minutes of an epic battle, Monster Spongebob begins tear apart the Mega Monkey Megazord, zord by zord, until there was a bunch of pieces. Monster Spongebob was victorious.)

Monster Spongebob: (roars in victory)

(Episode 66)

Krekka & Nidhiki: GET 'EM! (charges along with the Jack-2 Bots they summoned)

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Taishi Ci & Huang Gai: (begins attacking the Jack-2 Bots)

Wei Yan, Cao Ren & Gar Ning: (arrives, ambushing the Jack-2 Bots)

Wei Yan:!

Gar Ning: And just in time too!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (charges)

Cao Ren: (notices the Skunk Girl Guardians are about to get rammed by Krekka & Nidhiki) Look out! (caught Krekka & Nidhiki with his signature spiked shield & holding his ground)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (pushing Cao Ren towards a cliff)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (notices the cliff) AAH! (tries to help Cao Ren push back)

Dian Wei & Xu Zhu: (helps as well, with massive ammount of effort, helping Cao Ren take control)

Dian Wei, Xu Zhu & Cao Ren: (tosses Krekka & Nidhiki in the air)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (lands with a thud) OOF!

Gar Ning: That's all of the Jack-2 Bots down.

Huang Gai: But those officers are coming back for more!

Taishi Ci: Brace yourselves.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (charging at both sides)

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, Huang Gai, Taishi Ci & Gar Ning: (nods at each other & charges)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (notices they we're unprotected)

Cao Ren: (hits Krekka at the head with his spiked shield)

Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, Xu Zhu & Dian Wei: (whacks Krekka down with their weapons)

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan & Gar Ning: (snags Nidhiki's claws & legs with their weapons, spinning & tossing Nidhiki aside)

Nidhiki: AAAAHHH!!! (crash lands hard)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (flinch) OOOH! (turns to Krekka, charging at them & screams)

Xu Zhu: (grabs Krekka & throws him up) Batter up! (whacks Krekka away with his signature club)

Krekka: AAUUGGHH! (got whacked away)

Nidhiki: (gets up, noticing a dandelion) A dandelion?

Krekka: (crashes on top of Nidhiki) Ouch!'

(Episode 67)

Agamo: You're finished.

(While the heroes continues their battle against the Flying Dutchman, Ixis Naugus, Kodos Lion, Uma Arachnis, Dong Zhuo & Lu Bu. Spongebob comes up to Jinpachi.)

Spongebob: (now beside Agamo & Magmo) Alright Jinpachi, you betta have a good reason why you attack us.

Jinpachi: Many years ago, I was defeated by my great grandson, Jin Kazama. I was turned to sand & was swept away into a mysterious portal, managing myself to escape in Planet Mobius, in another universe. I met Plankton & decided to join him, but he got sick of me because my power is far greater than he thought & I was sent to the Zone of Silence, in which you called it the void, but he never recalled me back. Someone helped me & it's Ixis Naugus. I escaped from the void because of the Flying Dutchman & now that I'm free, I'm ready for my revenge.

Spongebob: Well, you can stop looking now cause here he is. (points to Plankton)

Jinpachi: Greetings Plankton, wanna play?

Plankton: (gasps in horror as he noticed Jinpachi, backing away, back outside)

Jinpachi: Go help your friends, All Star Warrior. I've got work to do.

SpongeBob: Alright then.

SpongeBob, Agamo & Magmo: (hurries off back to the rest of the All Stars)

Jinpachi: Welcome former Master Plankton...

Plankton: Yipe!

Jinpachi: It's payback time. (looks at Plankton with anger)

Plankton: (now completely scared) No, please! It was an accident, Jinpachi! I didn't betray you! I swear it!

(Episode 68)

Avak: (arrives with a box of tools) Avak is the man for your job. I'll get it fixed in no time. (begins fixing the moniter)

Mecha Uncle Chuck: What in the world are you rebelling against?

Sonic: Whaddaya got? (leaves)

Zaktan: Sonic, don't be like that!

Tails: Boy... talk about attitude!

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Certainly not gratitude! Hrrmmph!

Eddy: Say, that rhymes.

Patrick: I don't get it.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: You would think that leaving the big city would enable my nephew to unwind! After all, isn't that the reason why he came back here?

HF Rotor: I don't know, but Sonic's a bit cranky about what happened to his parents.

Edd: I think it's best to stay out of it for a few minutes.

Spongebob: Then come on guys, we're gonna be late for a gathering today.

(Episode 69)

Sally: Oh, you're a real he-man alright! Kidnapping girls takes real bravery, I'm sure!

Monkey Khan: You're poking fun at me, aren't you?

Sally: And why shouldn't I? If you weren't so concerned with satisfying your own ego, you could be a true hero!

????: So would I. (shoots red electricity, electrocuting Monkey Khan)

Monkey Khan: AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! (falls down, letting go of Sally Acorn)

Sally: Oh my gosh!

Spongebob, Tyler & Lindsay: (goes up to Sally, coming out from hiding) !

????: (appears to be Specter)

Specter: So you must be the trouble maker that has stolen my Power Ring. But lucky for you I manage to grab a 2nd power ring & it has equals my power with yours.

Sally: Who are you?

Specter: I am Specter. And you must be the Princess of the Acorn Family, Princess Sally Acorn.

Sally: (gasps) Wait, how did you know?

Specter: Because, Plankton has given me all the info we want to take you out once & for all, this time we'll have the Master Jack-X by our side. The complete version we'll put up a fight unlike you've seen before.

Spongebob: Leave her alone!

Specter: You All Stars again? Here. Try this on for size! (shoots electricity at the group)

Tyler: Look out!

Spongebob, Sally, Tyler & Lindsay: (dodges)

(Episode 70)

Master Mogul: (slams Super Sonic & Hyper Knuckles) I didn't say that I would share my powers with a pathetic rock monster like you. (slams the Giants & the War Monsters) Once I have all of the Chaos Emeralds' powers, nothing will stop me! (pushes the All Stars back, leaving Super Celestia, Super Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians left standing)

Crystal King: [robotic tone] You serve no function, you must be destroyed! (lashes out yellow crystals at Master Mogul's body)

Master Mogul: (got hit as his chest becomes crystalized) AUGH! You dare resist against me?!

Orange Crystal King: Exactly (launches Orange Crystals at Master Mogul's left leg, crystalizing his left leg in place)

Master Mogul: (growls)

Blue Crystal King: We're tired of you! (launches Blue Crystals at Master Mogul's right arm, crystalizing his right arm)

Master Mogul: No! Stop! (slowly moves up to the 2 Chaos Emeralds)

Green Crystal King: Never! (launches Green Crystals at Master Mogul's right leg, crystalizing his right leg)

Master Mogul: I... must... complete... my... energy...

Red Crystal King: (launches Red Crystals at Master Mogul's left arm, crystalizing his left arm)

Master Mogul: Augh! I can't move! (slowly absorbing the last 2 Chaos Emeralds)

Super Celestia: Now!

Super Celestia, Super Luna & the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (launches their energy beams at Master Mogul's chest)

Master Mogul: AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!

(Suddenly a white flash appears right before their eyes)

(A tall female begins to appear from the flash, a white skunk with a pink muzzle, belly & long waist length rainbow hair & a big fluffy skunk tail with a rainbow skunk stripe. She is wearing a pink long sleeved shirt, yellow gloves, purple pants, dark blue skirt & green boots. She is actually the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians' mother, Crystal Gem)

Crystal Gem: Mammoth Mogul, you leave my baby girls alone! (shines a rainbow light at Master Mogul)

Master Mogul: NOOOOOOOO!!!! (is enveloped in white light & was trapped within the newly created Master Emerald)

Crystal Gem: (turns to the 7 Skunk Girl Guardians)

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (turns to see Crystal Gem & gasps)

Crystal Gem: I finally found my 7 baby girls.

7 Skunk Girl Guardians: (gets very emotional & goes up to Crystal Gem & happily hugs her with happy tears in their eyes)

Crystal Gem: (hugs her daughters back, feeling very happy with happy tears as well)

(Episode 71)

Sonic: You.

Spongebob: Oh no, not again.

Mobian Soldier #2: No! Stay ba...(got tripped) Whoah!

Sonic: (unleashes the Sword of Acorns & aims at both the Mobian Solder #2's & Sektor's neck) Why should I even bother asking why you killed my uncle, you filthy murderer?!

Sektor: You dare point that sword against the future Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei!?

Mobian Soldier #2: Please! I was only following orders, have mercy!

Mordecai: Sonic! Stop!

Mordecai & Rigby: (begins to pull Sonic backwards)

Sonic: Like the mercy you showed three seconds ago, creep?! Fat chance! (felt being pulled back by Mordecai & Rigby) Hey! Let me go! He deserve to die!


Sonic, Mordecai & Rigby: (stops & panting)

Astro Boy: (goes in front of Sonic) That's enough!

Sally: Astro's right, Sonic! Stop! Think about what you're doing!

Sonic: B-but he deserves it, Sally! (chokes)

Sektor: You fool! (cloaks himself & he dissapears into the background)

Mordecai: Hey! What the...?! Sektor got away.

Bernadette: (appears with Jules) No, Son! Don't do it!

Sonic: Huh? (turns to see Bernadette & Jules) Mom? Dad?

Jules: Please, son! Don't become what you've fought against for so long! You'll be no better than Robotnik!

Spongebob: Or Plankton.

Sonic: I... I... Okay. (lowers the Sword of Acorns, not knowing it's beginning to flash bright)

(Near the Snowmads' lair)

(Pointy Tucks spotted the heroes and warned his masters)

Pointy Tucks: Masters! The heroes have returned! I've gotta close the gates!

Lord Fredrik: You're not going anywhere and neither are they! Fish Poker Pops! ATTACK!

Plankton: Seize them slaves!

Plankton's Jack-2 Bot Minions: All hail Plankton. All hail Plankton.

(Donkey Kong calls for Rambi the rhinoceros and the heroes and they ran through Plankton's Jack-2 Bots & Minions and the Fish Poker Pops like bowling pins)

Pointy Tucks: They're still coming!

Lord Fredrik: They won't get far, Archies! FIRE!

(The Archies shoot their dead fish arrows at the heroes but Bunnie uses her arm cannon to burn the fish arrows)

Donkey Kong: You guys keep them busy while Bunnie and I open the gate. (Donkey Kong went under the gate and tried to lift it open but he wasn't strong enough)

Donkey Kong: Bunnie! Can you help me out?

Bunnie Rabbot: No problem, Sugah Kong!

(Bunnie and Donkey Kong lifted the gate together and the gate slowly began to open)

Bunnie Rabbot: Come on! Move!

Donkey Kong: Almost there!

Sonic: Can you guys hurry up?!

(Donkey Kong and Bunnie were lifting the gate as hard as they could and finally the gate was open)

SpongeBob: The gate's open! Let's go!

(Episode 72)

(Suddenly the Jack-2 Bots we're ambushed by the heroes who have mixed together with their cubit)

(The mixed heroes are: a Spongebob / Flain Mix, a Sonic / Zorch Mix, a Knuckles / Seismo Mix, a Sally / Volectro Mix, a Tails / Vulk Mix, an Bunnie / Krader Mix, an Antoine / Zaptor Mix, a STH Rotor / Shuff Mix & even a NICOLE / Teslo Mix.)

Plankton: What the?!

Spongebob / Flain Mix: Let's get Mixel & let's do it, to it

Plankton: Jack-2 Bots! Stop them!

Jack-2 Bots: (charges at the Mixed Heroes)

Bunnie / Krader Mix: We don't think so buster! (begins bashing at the Jack-2 Bots with his/her roboticized arm & Krader's arm)

Sonic / Zorch Mix: (begins spindashing at the Jack-2 Bots with his firey spindashes) Can't catch me! Tag, you're it! Tag, you're it!

STH Rotor / Shuff Mix: (digs underground & then drills through the Jack-2 Bots) Dig that, Plankton!

Tails / Vulk Mix: (flies up with Tails' two tails as helicopter blades & swoops down, punching at the Jack-2 Bots with Vulk's fists) Uppercut! Yeah!

Antoine / Zaptor Mix: (unleashes his sword, which is covered in electricity & slashes at the Jack-2 Bots, electrocuting them, causing the bots to explode) Shocking development I must say.

Sally / Volectro Mix: (notices Plankton about to release the Nega Max Mixels again) Oh no you don't! (grabs Plankton & begins electrocuting him)


Knuckles / Seismo Mix: Now then! Where is Master Emerald? (rams through the Jack-2 Bots like a bull, while punching them down) Answer me!

Plankton: Why would I tell you? How did you mix? I thought only Mixels can do that!

SpongeBob / Flain: (squirts lava from Spongebob's pours at the Jack-2 Bots, melting them) However, I used a bit of my All Star Energy to evolve the Cubits into much more powerful cubits so that they won't Murp ever again. (spots the Master Emerald) There it is!

Plankton: (his antennas droop down a bit in shock) Life my luck.

(End of Flashback)

Astro Boy: These past memories are great, but we never gave up & keep on going strong. Plankton still has some good left in him, we would make peace with him when he gives up on taking over the entire multiverse.

Spongebob: We may have evoled after the Endgame Era, but our evolution is never over.

Zaktan: Then we are ready.

(Later at Mobotropolis, we see the All Stars, along with the Knothole Freedom Fighters, nearing a plane called the "Winged Victory", which already begins to take off & the All Stars' plane, the "Sponge-Flyer", which is ready for take off.)

Twilight Sparkle: Did you get all the data base of the All Stars' past adventures, Princess Sally?

Sally: I have & I have to admit, you have grown quite strong & you all have quite a past.

Hank: We're glad to hear that from you. We're ready for anything that comes our way.

Sally: Then, you might as well follow Sonic & Tails, because the 2 needs all the help they can get on defeating Ixis Naugus.

Spongebob: If Naugus is here, then he might want some revenge on Jinpachi for what has happened.

Xplode: And the Plankton Empire are sending out a dispatch team to track us down.

Sally: Good luck & please be careful.

Tree Rex: We will Princess Sally.

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (hops in the Winged Victory)

Pinkie: Ignition, check. (spins the propeller of the Sponge-Flyer, starting it's engines) Landing gear. (feels the tires & they are pumped up with air) Check. Peanut Snacks. (holds up a bag of peanuts) Check-a-roo.

Spongebob: Ready for take-off! (flies the Sponge-Flyer upwards)

War Monsters & Giants: (carries the rest of the All Stars, minus Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward & follows the Sponge Flyer on foot, while carrying the rest of the All Stars)

Patrick: Goodbye guys!

Sally: Good luck guys. (gives them a thumbs up)

(Not too far away)

???: (his left eye glows red) (male voice) Yes. (chuckles evily) Good luck indeed.

The End