This is the 74th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main Heroes: SpongeBob, Zaktan, Reidak, Vezok & Izzy

Main Villains: Kazuya Mishima, the Rahkshi & the High Sheriff

Story #1: Transcript

Friendly Heroes & Foul Villains

(We see that Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward flying inside the Sponge-Flyer & Sonic & Tails flying inside the Winged Victory are still traveling while the Giants & the War Monsters are carrying the rest of the All Stars, following them on foot.)

Spongebob: There's no turning back now.

Tree Rex: Right, even this bad weather can't stop us.

Timon: Uh? Do you think it's a good idea to go another way to find Ixis Naugus, if that way doesn't take us through that wall of death! (points to a very bad storm weather)

Red Bird: You mean a thunderstorm? No way!

Spongebob: Like we said, there's no turning back. Not now.

Vezok: The rain feels good & very refreshing.

Tree Rex: Indeed, the rainfall really strengthens my Life Type powers.

Reidak: Guys, I'm starving. When do we eat?

Patrick: I'm hungry too!

(A Lightning begins to strike, scaring Squidward)

Squidward: AAH!

Spongebob: Whoa! (flies lower) Sonic! Tails! Watch out!

Tails: (notices a lightning bolt) Hit the silk, Son...!

(A lightning bolt hits the Winged Victory's tail & the red bi-plane begins to go down)

Tails: Oh no! Hold on! (tries to land the bi-plane & he successfully did)

Zaktan: What happened?

Edd: The Winged Victory is hit, but they landed safely.

Spongebob: We might as well land too. (lands the Sponge-Flyer)

(Later, the All Stars gathered inside a cave, waiting for the storm to stop, which it did.)

Zaktan: The storm cleared out, let's move.

(The All Stars begins to head over to the Winged Victory, but Sonic & Tails are not here.)

Owen: Where are Sonic & Tails? They're gone!

Spongebob: Someone took them! But who?

Gwen: I don't know who exactly, but we have to check.

Zaktan: All Stars, start the search party, right this instant!

(At an instant, the All Star Freedom Fighters begins their search party for Sonic & Tails)

Ed: Sonic? Tails? Where'd you guys go? (checks inside the bushes & emerges) Nope, not in here.

Izzy: (on a tree branch, looking around) There might be in the trees. Be the tree. Be one with the tree. See what the tree sees. (laughs)

HF Rotor: (flies up & looks through the leaves in the tree) Nope. Not in there.

Spongebob: Keep looking. (looks around)

Reidak: Sonic & Tails has got to be around here somewhere.

Zaktan: We'll split up, we'll cover more ground that way.

Edd: Ok then, Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok will take one group this way & while, Izzy, Ed, Eddy & I go the other way.

Spongebob: Alright, who's going who?

(Suddenly, they noticed Knuckles the Echidna along with a teal hedgehog with a brown outfit with hood, brown boots & wields a bow & arrows. His name is Robert the Hedgehog, a.k.a. Rob O' the Hedgehog)

Noah: It appears we don't have to.

Vezok: (spots a city of Mercia far away) And we really don't have to. Look!

Squidward: Spongebob, you, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok go on ahead. We'll catch up later.

Spongebob: Ok Squidward, see you later.

Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok: (heads off to Mercia)

(The rest of the All Stars then heads up to Knuckles & Rob O' the Hedge)

Rob: (leaps down from the tree branch) Stand and deliver, varlet!

Knuckles: What th...?! Who are you, bub?

Duncan: What is this "Robin Hood" or something?

Rob: (jumps over Knuckles) I, King of Deerwood Forest ask the questions! (jumps on Owen's stomach)

Owen: Owwie! My stomach!

Rob: (lands on a floating log) And the name is Rob! Rob O' the Hedge! Not bub! Art thou animal enough to test my mettle?

Hakann: What did he say?

Beth: He's speaking the King's English.

Duncan: Great, we're now dealing with people speaking fancy.

Knuckles: (jumps over Rob, landing next to him) Hedgehogs! All 'tude and no talent!

Rob: (losing his balance) Whoa!

Applejack: Sorry, but above all of that... (kicks the log)

Rob: (falls down into the water)

Applejack: All hat & no cattle.

Izzy: (laughs) That's a splash down.

Rob: Lack (glubs) A day! Shrewd moves, pilgrim (turns to Applejack) & madam.

Knuckles: Echidnas think first, act second. (in thought: Well, sometimes we do.)

Applejack: We all have to be honesty & tell the honest truth. I'm Applejack, a member of the All Star Freedom Fighters.

Ed: Hello, my name is Ed.

Rob: E'en my addled fate recognizes a doughty ally! (extends his hand) Wouldst thou join my crusade? I promise... merry adventure and boon companionship!

Rarity: Very well darling. That was very kind of you to ask. (wipes Rob's hand with a hankercheif & helps Rob's up) I am Rarity & allow me to introduce to the rest of the All Stars for you.

(Meanwhile with Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok)

(The 4 noticed that they arrived at the Kingdom of Mercia)

Vezok: There it is. Now how do we get inside?

Spongebob: Hmm... I don't know, it might be tricky to get inside.

Reidak: How so?

Spongebob: Look. Over there. (points to humanoid soldiers in armor, which are actually G-Corporation Soldiers, along with the G-Corp's Jack Bots) Aren't those Jack-2 Bots?

Zaktan: They are Jack Bots, but I don't think they are actually Plankton's Jack bots.

Vezok: Hey wait a second. Plankton isn't behind this, is he?

Spongebob: We'll have to find out, let's go.

(Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok begins sneaking in the bushes, even picking up a large bush for 4 & carries it while hiding in it & sets it down quietly when the G-Corp Soldiers & Jack Bots are watching.)

Zaktan: (whispers) Nobody make a sound.

(The 4 keeps themselves quiet & sighs quietly in relief as the G-Corp Soldiers & G-Corp Jack Bots continues their working duties.)

Reidak: (whispers) That was close.

Spongebob: (whispers) Quick, through that door.

(The 4 quickly makes their way to the door & enters inside a small room)

Vezok: We're inside a closet, are we?

Spongebob: I believe so. Who we're those guys?

Zaktan: Let me check something out in my multiversal data base. (checking the type of soldiers in his new Hand-Held Computer) Hmm... it says here in my hand held computer says that they are soldiers & Jack Bots from G-Corporation.

Reidak: Why would Plankton get those Jack Bots from G-Corporation?

Spongebob: There must be a reason why. Let's find out more about it. (Checks around to see that there are no guards in this hallway) Phew. All clear.

Zaktan: Remember, we have to take out the security cameras, if there is any of them around that is.

Vezok: (nods) Hope the others are doing fine.

(The 4 emerges from the closet & looks around)

Spongebob: Remember, we're looking for Sonic & Tails. Got it?

Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok: Got it.

(The 4 then begins searching through the hallway & then enters another closet, when the robians are seen walking down the hallway)

Reidak: (whispers) Now what do we do?

Vezok: (whispers) No idea. But we can't stay in here forever.

Spongebob: (whispers) Yes it is a good point. (notices the robians are walking back down the hallway, while carrying a brown echidna in a tribal outfit & sandals. His name is Yanar) Who's that?

Reidak: No, it can't be Knuckles. Is he?

Vezok: We have to stick to the mission... for now.

(Back with the rest of the All Stars, Deep in Deerwood Forest...)

Dudley: Wait, you mean to tell us...

Knuckles; You're the only one still free?

Rob: All my brave band were captured and roboticized by the High Sheriff!

Fangz: The High Sheriff? Who's he?

Rob: He is Robotnik's Sub-Boss in the Land of Mercia!

Pinkie Pie: Robotnik has a Sub-Boss?

Twilight Sparkle: Guess Robotnik is not alone, if you count out the Plankton Empire.

Rob: Yet I despair not... (grabs a rope, which is hanging) I've vowed to release them and restore their former selves!

Knuckles: What about my tribe? Have you seen them?

Izzy: Tribe? What tribe?

Xplode: Care to explain?

Rob: No, but we'll spy them... (climbing up the rope, arriving at his treehouse base, which is also a hideout) ...from the top!

Knuckles: (climbing up to the top)

Red Bird: What's there?

Rainbow Dash: (flies upwards & notices some of the trees are falling) Huh?

Knuckles: (points to the falling trees) There! Trees are falling!

Rob: Let's scope it out! Lack-a-day! (looks through the telescope

Ultra-V: What did you see?

Rob: (spots mobian echidnas are chopping down the trees, being forced to do so by the High Sheriff's robots) Your missing tribe's run afoul of the High Sheriff's thugs! They decimate the forest!

Fluttershy: Oh my goodness!

Izzy: Oh! I wanna see it!

Knuckles: (looks through the telescope)

Izzy: Please? Can I please take a peek?

Knuckles: No sign of Yanar! Athair was right! These people are my responsibility, too!

Jetbug: I believe so. We have to stop this High Sheriff, so we can continue our search for Ixis Naugus & Jinpachi Mishima.

Knuckles: Pardon me while I trash some robots and free some slaves! (about to head off, but was stopped by Rob

Trent: Hold on Knuckles.

Knuckles: Wha...?

Rob: Hold hard, pilgrim... we fight together!

Cody: He's right, we have to work together to stop those robots.

Izzy: Come on, don't leave me hanging. I wanna see the telescope! (grabs the Telescope & looks at it) Very nice.

Boggy B: Okay?

Scorpio: Arkward.

(Back with Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok)

Spongebob: Just a little further.

(Suddenly they notice 4 different hallways)

Vezok: Aw man, there are 4 paths. Which way is the cells?

Zaktan: Let's split up. We'll pick each hallway, let's go. (goes down Hallway #2)

Spongebob: (goes down Hallway #1)

Vezok: (goes down Hallway #4)

Reidak: (goes down Hallway #3)

(In Hallway #1)

Spongebob: Hello? Is anyone here? (spots the prison cell) There it is! (notices the same robians) Uh oh. No where left to hide, unless...

(A few seconds later)

2 Robians: (enters the prison cell)

Robian #1: The High Sheriff wants you now!

Spongebob: (is a yellow spongy rug, by using his spongy transformation)

Sonic: Does he?

(We see that Sonic is uncuffed)

Sonic: Fair enough! I want him!

Robians: ?

Spongebob: (in thought: Sonic is free? But how?)

Sonic: (spindashes at the Robians) Time to juice, guys... and boy, it feels good!

Spongebob: (turns back to normal) Sonic?

Sonic: Spongebob, you made it.

Spongebob: How did you escape?

Sonic: While the guards took Yanar, they dropped a set of keys, which I catch them with my sneaker. Now let's go! (speeds out of the cell) Hasta la vista, fellas...

(Behind Spongebob, a dumbwaiter comes up into place, a delicious krabby patty on a plate inside it)

Spongebob: (about to go outside, but then smells a deliciously good Krabby Patty) Mmm, krabby patty. (goes inside the dumbwaiter & begins eating)

(The dumbwaiter goes down again almost immediately after he gets in.)

Sonic: (closes the door behind him) ...enjoy a siesta! (runs off) Now to find the Tailster! Don't need a road map to put the pedal to the metal... we'll be out here like zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Right Spongebob? (no answer) Spongebob?

(Suddenly, Sonic realized that Spongebob is not with him)

Sonic: Oh man! Spongebob!

(Sonic comes back to the prison cell, only to see that Spongebob is missing)

Sonic: Where'd he go?

(In Hallway #2)

Zaktan: That's weird, this hallway has nobody here. (turns on the communicator) Spongebob? Are you there? (no answer) Spongebob? Hello? No answer? How can that be?

(In Hallway #3)

Reidak: (in a dark cavern, crossing a stone bridge) (calling out) Sonic? Tails? Yoo hoo.

(Suddenly, the stone bridge falls apart, causing Reidak to fall down through a slippery crystal slide)

Reidak: AAAAAAHHH!!!

(Back in Hallway #2)

Zaktan: (hearing Reidak's scream, throughout the hallway) Reidak? I have to go back! (goes to the prison cell in Hallway #1 & notices Spongebob is not here) Spongebob? Where he'd go?

(In Hallway #4)

Vezok: (looking around the hallway) Hmm... this hallway is very ancient. I think this is getting harder & harder and... (hears Reidak's screaming throughout the hallway) Reidak?! Hold on! I'm coming!

(Vezok begins to run back, but he wasn't going anywhere, because he is on a slippery icy floor)

Vezok: What the?! WHOA! (slips & falls down through the trap door, sliding down the crystal slide) AAAAAHH!! Stop this crazy thing!

(Back in Hallway #2)

Zaktan: (hears Vezok's scream, throughout the hallway) Vezok? (notices someone is coming & hides inside a room with a desk)

(We see G-Corp soldiers & G-Corp Jack Bots marching down the hallway, with the Mecha-Rahkshi)

(Inside the room)

Zaktan: Phew. Are those... the Mecha-Rahkshi? (looks around & spots a desk & a phone) Hmm... (goes up to the phone & gets an idea) Hmm... (picks up the phone & begins making the phone call)

(Inside the throne room of the Castle of Mercia.)

(We see the 6 Rahkshi are checking the moniters that have been installed.)

Turahk: (checking the entire Kingdom of Mercia through the security cameras) Heh! Disguise those cameras is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Guurahk: Yes & once the leader of G-Corporation returns, we'll take out them out for sure.

Lerahk: Aw yeah! We got 3 pigeons!

Kurahk: I don't think they are pigeons.

Panrahk: It's a figure of speech.

Spongebob, Reidak & Vezok: (falls down inside a steel cage) Ow!

Spongebob: Yummy Krabby Patty.

Reidak: Dude! Snap out of it! Where are we?

Vorahk: You're inside a cage, and soon all the freedom fighters, where they belong.

Vezok: Aw man! It's all up to Zaktan now.

(With Zaktan)

Zaktan: (exits the room) There. That phone call would do very nicely. However I must know about the villain behind this. I know that the Rahkshi are here, but whoever else is here could be a very deadly opponent.

???: (in the shadows, his left eye glows red) So true. (throws a powerful punch at Zaktan)

Zaktan: (turns to ???) What the...?! (got punched in the right eye) AUGH! (falls down, blacked out)

(The scene turned black after Zaktan falls down)

(The scene fades in to see that Zaktan is inside a steel cage like Spongebob, Reidak & Vezok had)

Zaktan: (wakes up, groaning in pain) What happened?

Spongebob, Reidak & Vezok: (notices something disturbing)

Spongebob: Uh, Zaktan?

Zaktan: What?

Reidak: (gives Zaktan a mirror)

Zaktan: Why would give me a mirror... (notices something shocking) What in the name of...?!

(We see that Zaktan has a right black eye)

Zaktan: I got a black eye. Now that's experience!

Vezok: Hubba wha?

Zaktan: That punch had clonked my brain & it cause me to improvise on our escape.

Spongebob: How do we do that?

Zaktan: All it needs is a soda can, some shot, the right ammount gun powder & the wadding.

Spongebob: (pulls out a bag of wadding)

Reidak: (pulls out a bag of shot & a bag of gun powder)

Zaktan: Vezok, we need the soda can.

vezok: (pulls out a can of soda) Fine. I was gonna save it for a drink.

Zaktan: (grabs all those items) Alright then. Here goes. (opens a full can of soda & fills it with shot, gun powder & the wadding & gently mix them around & then seals it with duct tape) There. The soda bomb is finished.

Reidak: I hope it works.

Spongebob: I hope so too.

Zaktan: (throws the soda bomb at the Rahkshi)

Kurahk: (notices the soda bomb & picks it up) Mmm soda.

Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk & Vorahk: (goes up to Kurahk)

Lerahk: Did someone say "soda"?

Panrahk: Let's crack it open.

Kurahk: Ok. (cracks open the soda)

(The soda explodes in front of the Rahkshi's faces, blowing the set of keys towards the cage)

Rahkshi: (falls down)

Spongebob: (catches the set of keys) Got it! (unlocks the cage & opens it) Let's get outta here & find Sonic!

Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok: (nods & then begins to run out of the cage)

(They didn't know that the same mysterious figure that punched Zaktan in the eye, is watching them from the shadows)

???: Those punks have made quite a name for themselves. At least that's what I heard. Never send amatuers to do a pro's job. G-Corporation, send out our Jack Bots. They'll occupy them for a while. (follows them)

(Back at Deerwood Forest)

(Knuckles, Rob & the rest of the All Stars continues walking)

Izzy: Are we getting closer to the castle?

Edd: I believe so.

Rob: (stops them, when they reach a log bridge) Hold, friend Knuckles & All Stars! Pray, linger while I query yon stranger!

Duncan: Stranger?

Ed: Over there. (points to a strange being, wearing a brown robe with a blue hood & blue boots, weilding a long staff stick)

Knuckles: (in thought: Do I know him? Something familiar...)

Eddy: Who's that?

Tree Rex: That's what we're gonna find out.

Rob: (on the log bridge) Stand and deliver varlet!

???: (female voice) Varlet?! I'll deliver all right! (whacks at Rob with her staff stick)

Thok: Look out!

Rob: (blocks the attack with his bow)

???: But you need a stamp! (whacks Rob's bow away)

Rob: (falls down in the lake)

Avak: Hey! (charges at ???) Stop right there!

???: (whacks Avak with her stick staff & trips him)

Avak: Ouch! Whoa! (falls down next to Rob in the lab) Hey!

Knuckles: Oh! Of course! Not him!

(??? removes her hood, revealing her face, revealing to be Mari-An the Echidna from the Lost Tribe)

Knuckles: Her! Mari-an of the Lost Tribe!

Heather: Wait, you know her?

Avak: (in the lake) Sounds like it. (emerges onto the shore)

Rob: Charmed, I'm sure!

Mari-An: (helps Rob get up)

Avak: (shakes the water off of him)

Rob: You're generous in victory, fair maid! And... fairer to behold! You're very... uhh...

Mari-An: So are... uhh...

Rarity: How romantic.

Knuckles: (waving) Helloo...

Raw Jaw: We have a job to do.

Mari-An: (turns to Knuckles) Oh, Knuckles! Did you find my missing brothers?

Knuckles: I guess they're hiding, because the tribe's been captured! And it gets worse! Over here! Look!

(The all noticed Sonic's biplane, the "Winged Victory" along with the All Stars' biplane, the "Sponge-Flyer")

Izzy: Say, that's our biplane.

Katie: I think we've walked in a gigantic circle.

Sadie: We're right back where we started.

Knuckles: It's Sonic & Tails's plane! But where are they?

Rob: Sonic and who?

Owen: Sonic & Tails. They are from the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Knuckles: Friends of mine! It's a long story!

Rob: (notices the trail, heading towards the High Sheriff's castle) Their trail points towards the High Sheriff's castle!!

Applejack: That's where Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok are at now!

Rob: Which spells trouble for your friends!

Mordecai: Then we have to go get'em outta here!

Rigby: Ok, let's go.

(Back in the High Sheriff's castle)

(We see that Spongebob, Zaktan, Reidak & Vezok are getting lost in the castle)

Vezok: Which way was it again?

Spongebob: I can't tell! It's just like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Reidak: Let's just stick together this time.

Zaktan: Point taken. (spots a doorway) Look! There's a door.

(The 4 open the door & notices that they are in the balcony)

Spongebob: Wait, we're on a balcony.

Zaktan: We can use that as an escape route. Go back.

(They head back inside, only to spot the shadow figure with a glowing red left eye & a group of G-Corp Jack Bots)

???: I don't think so. You are very impressive escaping that cage. But your mad to think you can defeat me.

(The shadow figure appears to be Kazuya Mishima
Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima

, the leader of G-Corporation.)

Zaktan: (gasps) You're...!

Kazuya: That is correct. I am Kazuya Mishima, leader of G-Corporation.

Spongebob: You are responsible for this along with the High Sheriff. We won't hold back!

(The Rahkshi arrives beside Kazuya)

Turahk: They manage to escape, by improvising a plan, being creative!

Kazuya: Interesting... I could use a warm up before we reach to Heihachi Mishima & then Jin Kazama.

Spongebob: Heihachi?

Reidak: Looks like we've been challenged to a fight!

Kazuya: (chuckles evily) Not to worry. I'll make it quick!


(The battle rages on as the 4 heroes takes on the Rahkshi much easier, while they are having trouble facing Kazuya Mishima. Before they know it, Spongebob, Reidak & Vezok we're knocked down, leaving Zaktan to face off against Kazuya alone)

Kazuya: So, it's down to you.

Zaktan: This time, I won't make the same mistake!

(The battle continues as Zaktan & Kazuya continues to duke it out against each other)

(From outside the castle)

(We see that Knuckles, Rob & Mari-An & the rest of the All Stars arrives, noticing the High Sherrif's bots guarding the place)

Kitty: In order to get inside, we'll have to get pass those guards.

Yellow Bird: Question, how do we get pass those guards?

Mari-An: We'll never get past them!

Rob: Fear not, fair maid! All we need is faith! (runs inside the church) ...and the sanctuary of Friar Buck's chapel!

Knuckles & Mari-An: (follows Rob)

(Before the rest of the All Stars follow them, G-Corp Jack Bots begins marching around the castle.)

Eva: Great, now what?

Eddy: "I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

Patrick & Ed: Can I think?

Edd and Eddy: NO!

Patrick: Barnicles!

Red Bird: (notices a catapult) Who says you need a slingshot to become an Angry Bird? I've got an idea!

(Later, back inside)

Zaktan: (panting)

Spongebob, Reidak & Vezok: (getting up slowly)

Kazuya: Hmm, for a bunch of freedom fighters, you have remarkable ammount of spirit.

Zaktan: Trust me pal. If you face the All Stars, you ain't dreaming.

Kazuya: (chuckles evily)

Vezok: What's so funny?

Kazuya: That was noble of you, but utterly pointless.

(Suddenly, G-Corp Jack Bots begins surrounding the 4 heroes)

Reidak: Aw barnicles!

(Back outside)

[The rest of the All Stars are on the catapult. Edd is using four spinning paper cups to judge the wind's speed and direction.]

Cody: What's the word, Double D?

Edd: Well frankly Cody, I'm concerned. The wind conditions aren't suitable for our trajectory. The lean is much too steep for the span.

Noah: What else is new?

Izzy: Let 'er rip, Ed!

[Ed lets go of the rope he's biting.]

Ed: Gravy.

[The catapult that the rest of the All Stars are resting on, launches the gang, rocketing them away towards the castle.]

(Back inside)

Kazuya: Any last words?

Zaktan: Give it your worst!

Kazuya: Very well. On my mark...

(The G-Corp Jack Bots readies themselves)

Kazuya: 3... 2... 1...

Kurahk: (heard the screaming) Huh?

(Suddenly the rest of the All Stars comes crashing through the roof)



(The All Stars have crashed land on top of the G-Corp Jack Bots, including the Rahkshi)

Ed: I think I hit a pipe.

Lerahk: (from under Owen) Get me outta here!

Izzy: Wow! What a headrush. (giggles)

Spongebob: Guys! You made it just in time!

Kazuya: (growls) You all got lucky, but next time you won't be. (opens the balcony & jumps off it)

Zaktan: (goes to the balcony & looks down, but spoted a purple devil flying away) Where'd Kazuya go?

Spongebob: Never mind him for now. Let's regroup with the others! (hears Sonic's yelp from the depths of the castle) Found Sonic!

(The All Stars then begins to go into the dark, while the Rahkshi make their get-away downstairs. The All Stars spots Sonic & Tails with Rob, Knuckles & Mari-An)

Sonic: (rubbing his head) Boy, this place is full of surprises! Where did you come from?

Rob: I could query the same! Hail and well met fellow hog!

Spongebob: Guys! You've all made it!

Reidak: And who are those guys? (points to Rob & Mari-An)

Geoff: Oh right, they are Rob O' the Hedge & Mari-An the Echidna. Don't worry, they are friendly.

Sonic: No wonder the robots went nuts capturing me! They thought I was you!

All Stars: Huh?

Hot Head: Care to explain?

Sonic: I'll tell you once we get outta here.

Rob: Sonic! It was your village where I sent my cousin Amy Rose for safety!

Vezok: Your the cousin of Amy Rose? Wow.

Pinkie Pie: I know, right?

Sonic: You?! But I thought...

Knuckles: Bag the family reunion, guys! We've got heavy duty rescuing to do!

Zaktan: Follow me to the balcony! (runs back to the Balcony)

(The gang then follows Zaktan)

Rob: Well said! This way out!

Zaktan: Come on, we're almost there!

Sonic: Finally, someone knows Amy... whoa!

(Upon reaching the balcony, they stopped at the balcony, spotting something down there)

Rob: Zounds! One poor soul needs rescue!

Reidak: Aw rats! Who needs saving now?

Knuckles: Yanar!

(They all look upon a crowd of mobians, looking at the stage, where the High Sheriff is about to hang Yanar)

Twilight Sparkle: What's going on down there?

High Sheriff: Tremble in fear, underlings! Watch what happens if you disobey! Your leader's fate will spur you to work harder! (laughs evily)

Zaktan: Definately not cool.

Rob: Lack-a-day! I fear our friend, the High Sheriff plans to an example of that poor soul!

Timon: Who do you think it is?

Mari-An: Knuckles! It's Yanar! We have to save him!

Sonic: He's one of yours, rad-red, so you make the call!

Zaktan: And speaking of calls, I've already made one.

Duncan: Zaktan, this is no time for your call, it's Knuckles' turn to make the call this time.

Knuckles: Oh-kay! We'll have to move fast, people, so here it is...

Zaktan: That's just it. My call is the plan.

All: What?

Zaktan: All it takes... (holds a phone) is one prank call.

Mordecai: Dude, you don't mean...

Zaktan: Correct.

(Suddenly everyone feels the ground shaking throughout the castle)

High Sheriff: Have you any last words, knave?

Yanar: I'm sorry I have, but one life to give for my people!

High Sheriff: So noble, yet (felt the rumbling) pa-a-the-e-ti-ic?! What is the meaning of this?!

Rigby: Whao! What was that?

Zaktan: 3... 2... 1...

(Suddenly, right on Zaktan's cue, 5 monsters breaks through the gates & the walls, appearing to be the Crystal King & his 4 clones & they are extremely mad)

Crystal King: Where is he?!

(The 5 Crystal Kings begins to demolish everything in sight in the castle)

Knuckles: I've explained my plan to Sonic, Tails, Rob & Mari-An. Just go! NOW!

(The rest of the All Stars noticed Sonic, Tails, Rob, Mari-An & Knuckles already gets in the action, with Sonic saving Yanar)

Spongebob: Looks like a heroes work is never done!

(The All Stars then begins attacking the remaining G-Corp Jack Bots that remained in the castle)

Rahkshi: (emerges outside)

Turahk: High Sheriff! We've got a problem and... (gasps upon seeing the action)

Panrahk: Aw, not again.

Guurahk: Let's just make a hasty retreat. We're leaving right now!

Turahk: Alright, alright, we're going.

(The Rahkshi then tip toes outside of the castle, while the action still goes on strong.)

Crystal King: (grabs the High Sheriff) High Sheriff, no one makes fun of the Crystal Kings! (slams the High Sheriff to the ground)

Spongebob: Zaktan? What did you do?

Zaktan: Like I said, all it takes is one prank call.


Zaktan: (picks up the phone & begins making the phone call)

Crystal King: (answers the phone) (over phone) Hello?

Zaktan: (High Sheriff's voice) This is the High Sheriff. And you listen here, you good-for-nothin' toad!

Crystal King: (over phone) You can't talk to me like that!

Zaktan: How 'bout this? I think you stink! I can smell you over the phone! Meet me at my castle for a showdown & we'll settle this like men.

Crystal King: (over phone) Why, I oughta... fine, but we'll smash you to pieces you SNAKE-IN-THE-GRASS!!!

(A click and dial tone are heard)

Zaktan: Perfect. (exits the room)

(End of Flashback)

Mordecai & Rigby: Whoa.

Rigby: Dude, that's top noach pranking.

Zaktan: Thanks. All it takes is quick thinking. Be one step ahead of your opponents and...

Spongebob: (notices the fire begins to ablaze) Uh, maybe we should go.

Zaktan: Agreed. We don't wanna risk anyone that is very valuable, which is everyone neutral. All Stars, evacuate the citizens from the castle at once!

(The All Stars, plus Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Mari-An begins to evacuate along with the citizens)

Vezok: (sounds the alarm on Zaktan's hand held computer)

Alarm: Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!

(They all make their escape, except Rob who stayed behind)

Edd: (counting everyone who escaped) Wait, there's one missing!

Spongebob: Rob! We're missing him!

Mari-An: We can't just leave Rob behind like this, Knuckles!

Knuckles: We're not leaving Rob! He made a choice!

Reidak: A choice? Really? We we're never told!

Mari-An: And what about my brothers?

Knuckles: I haven't forgotten them! First things first, though!

Spongebob: Hope Rob is ok.

Tails: Sonic! What abou the General? What will we tell Antoine?

Sonic: We tell Antoine zip! Until we landed here we were just as clueless! He's Rob's problem now!

(Back in the castle)

Blue Crystal King: Come & get it! (crystalizes a group of Robians in place with his blue crystals)

Robian Guard: (spots Rob in the balcony) High Sheriff!! Up there!!

High Sheriff: Get him, my Roboticized minions!! Get him... or it's curtains!!!

Red Crystal King: Oh yeah? Zap! (crystalizes the High Sheriff & another group of Robians in place with his red crystals)

Orange Crystal King: That should take care of them.

Green Crystal King: Great, now what are we gonna do about...?

Rob: (shoots a flaming arrow at the explosives)

Green Crystal King: That?

Crystal King: Oh blitznack.

(With a flaming arrow, Rob blow them up along with the castle.)

Crystal King & his 4 Crystal King Clones: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

(Back with the group)

Spongebob: Look!

(The castle explodes)

Mari-An: Rob!!!

Knuckles: Everyone down!!

(The All Stars got down, along with the rest.)

(With the Rahkshi)

(The Rahkshi turns to see the explosion)

Kurahk: Pretty lights.

Vorahk: Wow, that sure is an explosion.

Turahk: Just shut up & keep moving. How are we ever explain this to our master, Plankton?

(Suddenly the Rahkshi got ambushed by a shadow figure)

The Rahkshi: AAH!

(Back with the Crystal King & his 4 clones)

Crystal King & 4 Crystal King Clones: (we're black covered)

Crystal King: Now what?

Red Crystal King: Wanna go get a sandwich?

Crystal King: Yeah.

(The 5 Crystal Kings walks away, painfully)

(Back with the heroes)

(They all witnessed the destruction of the castle)

(Short silence)

Patrick: It wasn't me.

Sonic: The castle! Talk about a Sonic Blast!

Mari-An: (felt a bit saddened) But what of Rob?

Zaktan: It's ok. It's ok.

Sonic: Awww, he's okay! He probably suffered only a scratch!

Knuckles: Sonic's right!

Rainbow Dash: What do you mean?

Yanar: It would be a trasedy if we lost him after enduring all those years of hardship!

Tails: Years? We were only imprisoned...

Spongebob: Wow, that was a long time.

(Suddenly, the Rahkshi we're thrown out of the bush, tied up & gagged)

The Rahkshi: (muffling unintelligently)

Squidward: What the...?!

(The shadow being emerges, appearing to be...)

Mari-An: (turns to the being) Wait! It's Rob O' The Hedge!!! He made it!

Rob: A bit shaken, but stirred, fair maiden... and I've brought you something I'm certain is near and dear to you!

Katie & Sadie: (notices 2 Echidna children) Aww, they look so cute!

Mari-An: ZAX! RAYNOR! (hugs them)

Lindsay: How did you...?

Rob: I found them wandering in the woods, and had them take shelter in my treehut, until I could return them to where 'er they rightfully belonged!

Mari-An: However can I thank you?

Rob: Merely part of a day's labour, beauteous one!

Spongebob: You know, I believe we found heroes that comes in all shapes & sizes. No matter what people think, they always like them being their true selves.

Twilight Sparkle: This is a lesson that we must cherrish for the rest of our lives.

Zaktan: (wears an eyepatch for his black eye)

Rarity: (places an ice pack on Zaktan's black eye) It's ok, this horrid black eye will dissapear & return to it's former glory.

Zaktan: It's ok, Rarity. I'll be fine.

Rarity: But this Black Eye is horrid, it ruins the vision of fashion of your style.

Zaktan: (sarcastic) Very funny. Ah heh heh heh

Reidak: The biplanes are ready to go.

Spongebob: Let's go gang! We still have Naugus & Jinpachi to stop!

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails returns to the Winged Victory & the Sponge-Flyer & they continued on their quest, with Knuckles, Rob, Mari-An, Zax & Raynor, leaving the Rahkshi tied up)

Turahk: The next time we meet, we'll boil you into soup! AAACHOO!

Lerahk: Gesunheit.

Turahk: Thanks. I needed that.

The End

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