This is the 75th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main Heroes: SpongeBob, Katie, Sadie, Dudley & Kitty

Main Villains: Krekka, Nidhiki, Vezon & Witch Doctor

Special Guest Star: Kath Soucie as the Robot Skunk Girl.

Story #1: Transcript

Opposite Sides

(We can see the All Stars stopping, while SpongeBob, Patrick & Squidward lands the Sponge-Flyer. And Sonic & Tails lands the Winged Victory.)

Dudley: We've spotted something unusual!

SpongeBob: I wonder what it is?

Tails: (points to the same unusual flashing lights) Look over there, Sonic!

Sonic: Ever since the Ultimate Annihilator was used, this planet has more than it's fair share of bizarre sights and sounds...

Katie: What do you think we should do?

Sonic: Let's check it out!

Sadie: Ok!

(Sonic, Tails & the All Stars then goes towards the strange lights. They come across a dome of energy.)

Patrick: Holy Seacow!

Spongebob: What is that thing?

Sonic: Careful, little buddy. Unless I miss my guess, this is another weakened wall between our reality and an unknown zone!

Tails: I wonder what's on the other side?

Dudley: Ooh! I wanna see! (about to enter, but stopped by Kitty)

Kitty: No stop! This could be dangerous. We need to analyze the dome of energy for all we know.

(Suddenly they felt they are being pulled in by the dome of energy.)

Sonic: Uh-oh! We're about to find out!

Zaktan: (still wearing an eye patch from the previous episode) What's going on?

Tails: I'm being puh-pulled t-towards it!

Giants & War Monsters: (grabs hold of the ground & pulls the All Stars away from it, trying to get away from it)

Robo-47: Hold on!

Spongebob: Sonic! Tails! Get away from that!

Sonic: (tries to make a get away with his speed, but he isn't going anywhere) Get away from it!

Tails: (triles to make a get away, but he isn't going anywhere either) I cuh-can't!

Mordecai: (holds out his hand) Sonic! Tails! Take my hand!

(Sonic & Tails we're about to, but they both got hit by a electrical laser, plunging them inside the dome, being teleported to another zone & the energy dome dissapears after the 2 being entered)

Mordecai: NOO!

Rigby: Aw man!

(The All Stars turn to see that it was Vezon who shot a laser beam at Sonic & Tails with his Spear of Fusion.)

Vezon: Ha! A direct hit! Sonic & Tails are long gone in another zone. (blows the tip of his spear)

Dudley: What have you done to them?!

Vezon: You mean "What have WE done to them?".

Katie & Sadie: Wait, "We"?

Vezon: Yes.

(Emerging from the bushes are Krekka, Nidhiki & a giant white being named "Witch Doctor")

Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio: (gasps at the sight of Witch Doctor) Witch Doctor?!

Witch Doctor: Yes, it is I, Witch Doctor! I have been expecting you.

Hakann: Did you do this?

Witch Doctor: I have used the power of Quaza Stones to close the portal, so you'll never seen them again! (laughs evily)

Nidhiki: Now that we got you. There's no escape!

(Right on cue, emerging from the forest are the Jack-2 Bots)

Krekka: It's the end of the line, All Stars!

Spongebob: Don't be so sure of that. (pulls out a rainbow power ring & shines a rainbow flare up towards the sky)

(The lights begins flashing rainbow colours in the sky)

Vezon: Flashing rainbow lights won't help you! Jack-2 Bots, destroy them!

(The Jack-2 Bots charges at the All Stars, but the All Stars we're enveloped & teleported by a rainbow light, leaving behind a note with a giant bouquet of flowers, causing the Jack-2 Bots to crash into each other by mistake.)

Witch Doctor: What?! Where'd they go?!

Vezon: They dissapeared?

Krekka: There's a note with a giant bouquet of flowers.

Nidhiki: Let me see that! (picks up the notes & reads it) "Dear Plankton Empire, Roses are red, Violets are blue, Leghorns are chicken & so are you!"?

Vezon: Why those dirty helpers of those All Stars!

Krekka: (reads the note as well) "P.S. We enclosed a big "B" in the flowers.". What does that mean?

Vezon: Who cares about a big B? It stinks.

(Suddenly a mobian bee emerges from the flowers, looking extremely angry)

Mobian Bee: Oh yeah? Well I'll give you such a pinch! (stings Vezon & flies away)

Vezon: YEOW! (jumps up & comes crashing down)

Witch Doctor: No time for slacking off! Look! (points to a black & white WW2 Heavy Bomber flying away) They're getting away!

Nidhiki: Oh no they don't.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (changes to flight mode & flies after the WW2 Heavy Bomber)

Vezon: (goes up to a grey biplane) Contact! (tries to start it, but fails) Hm? (tries to start it again, but failed again) Come on, contact!

Witch Doctor: My patience is wearing thin.

Vezon: I know, I know! I'll learn that plane! (pulls out a mallet) When I say contact, I mean contact! (whacks at the plane, starting it)

(Suddenly the grey biplane then begins to drive without the pilot)

Vezon: Whoa, plane, whoa! Whoa, I said "Whoa", plane! Aw come on! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! (hops inside the grey biplane before it takes off)

Witch Doctor: Send out the Aerial Jack-2 Bots at once! (summons Aerial Jack-2 Bots) Blast those helpers of the All Stars out of the sky!

Aerial Jack-2 Bots: (flies up & chases after the black & white WW2 Heavy Bomber)

(Inside the Black & White WW2 Heavy Bomber)

(We noticed that the All Stars we're a bit dazed & confused about the teleportation, except for Spongebob.)

Katie: Where are we?

Sadie: We're inside a plane?

Owen: Oh no! Not again! Get me outta here!

Kitty: (pinches Owen's neck)

Owen: Auuuugh... (falls down & falls asleep)

Dudley: How'd you do that?

Kitty: I've learned karate, remember?

Dudley: Not that, I meant the rainbow colours that teleported us.

Avak: Hold on, who's driving the plane?

(They check the cockpit to see Crystal Gem & her 7 daughters, the Skunk Girl Guardians)

Crystal Gem: We are.

Katie: Wow, it's Crystal Gem. Thank you for saving us.

Sadie: We're really grateful.

Amethyst: Spongebob called us with the rainbow power ring to help you out.

Emerald: Say, where are the Giants & the War Monsters? We know that they can't fit into our plane.

(The All Stars notices this)

Xplode: Where'd they go?

Dudley: We've lost them!

Kitty: No they don't, you idiot! (slaps Dudley)

Dudley: (bonks Kitty on the head)

Dudley & Kitty: (growls at each other & starts a slap fight)

Ruby: I think we got bigger problems than those arguments.

(They all noticed Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon chasing after them)

Sapphire: Ooh! It's gonna be a good ol' fashion Dog Fight!

Dudley: (tackles Fangz)

Fangz: Get off of me you idiot!

Dudley: What? Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon are not dogs, Fangz is.

Crystal Gem: Hold on! (flies the heavy bomber upwards into the clouds)

Krekka: They are in the clouds!

Nidhiki: They are trying to hide themselves in the clouds! Well that's not gonna work this time!

Vezon: Come on out! We know you're in there! Come on out with your hands up. If you won't come out on the count of 3, we're coming in after you.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (notices something) ?!

Vezon: 1... 2...

(The grey biplane crashes into the mountain, causing attention to Krekka & Nidhiki to change to normal mode & lands on the mountain)

Vezon: (begins falling down, ranting angrily)


Krekka: Now what?

Nidhiki: To the top of the mountain!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (begins climbing up to the top of the mountain)

(Back inside the WW2 Heavy Bomber)

Topaz: That was a close one.

Turquoise: The Skunk Plane is working perfectly.

Opal: Indeed.

Squidward: Where can those Giants & War Monsters be?

(Back with Witch Doctor)

Witch Doctor: (notices Vezon coming soon) Back so soon? Where are the All Stars?!

Vezon: Don't ask questions, bub! (hops inside a red biplane & starts it & flies it upwards to the sky) And I'm working on it!

Witch Doctor: Well you better, otherwise Plankton will punish you for the next 3 days!

???: You don't say.

Witch Doctor: What?! (turns to ???)

???: (appears to be Tree Rex)

Tree Rex: Let's go!

(The rest of the Giants & the War Monsters then ambushes Witch Doctor)

Witch Doctor: Jack-2 Bots, stop them!

(The Jack-2 Bots then charges at the Giants & the War Monsters, who have begun attacking the Jack-2 Bots back)

Tree Rex: SUCKER PUNCH! (sucker punches Witch Docter)

Witch Doctor: AUGH! Now it's on!


(With Vezon)

Vezon: (flying in a red biplane) If you All Stars are not yellow, come on out & fight, wherever you are!

(He didn't take notice of the Skunk Plane is behind Vezon)

Spongebob: Hey! I am yellow!

Katie: Any ideas?

Sadie: Those propellers could be sharp.

Crystal Gem: Hmm... very useful thinking Sadie.

Amethyst: Yeah. Commencing the sharp centre propeller blades. (activates the centre propeller blades)

(The 5th propeller in the centre begins to activate with the propeller blades which are extremely sharp like swords)

Thok: Commence the buzz saw attack.

Reidak: Go! (flies the plane forward)

(The Skunk Plane's 5th propeller buzz-saws right through Vezon's 2nd biplane, leaving the top wings)

Vezon: (quickly hops on the top wings as he falls down to the ground) You'll pay for this. (splashes down into a river)

(With the Giants & the War Monsters)

Tree Rex & Witch Doctor: (already begun fighting each other)

Bouncer: (shooting bullets at the Jack-2 Bots)

Congar: (slams 2 Jack-2 Bots together & sonic roars at a group of Jack-2 Bots)

(Back with the Skunk Plane)

Emerald: Nice use of the propeller blades to be sharp, Ruby.

Ruby: Saving this propeller for any emergency.

Fluttershy: (notices Vezon in a blue biplane) Um, All Stars? We've got a problem again.

Spongebob: (notices Krekka & Nidhiki on top of the mountain) We have double the trouble! Look!

Topaz: They never give up do they?

Deimos: Reidak, let me take the wheel!

Reidak: (moves aside) Fine.

Turquoise: What are you gonna do?

Deimos: Distracting them! (steering the Skunk Plane around the blue biplane)

Vezon: Aha! (begins blasting red electricity orbs at the Skunk Plane)

Deimos: (maneuvers the Skunk Plane, to dodge the red electricity orbs)

Vezon: Stand still! (keeps on blasting)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (in flight mode, dodging the blasts, but got hit by the final 2 shots)

Krekka: AUGH!

Nidhiki: OW!

Krekka & Nidhiki: AUGH! (falls down & crashes down)


Vezon: Oops.

Krekka: Dirty Dog! (blasts at the Skunk Plane, but he missed & hit the blue biplane by mistake)

(The blue biplane then begins to disintegrate into nothing but a unicycle)

Vezon: (falls down & lands on the unicycle & wobbles around in a unicycle once he lands)

Nidhiki: Idiot! (slaps the back of Krekka's head)

(Back with the Giants & the War Monsters)

Togera: (stabbing through the Jack-2 Bots with his bone blades)

Jack-2 Bots: (charges at the group)

Crusher: (slams his hammer against the Jack-2 Bots, crushing them)

Tree Rex & Witch Doctor: (punching each other)

Preytor: (grabs Witch Doctor & throws him at a group of Jack-2 Bots)

Witch Doctor: (crashes into the group of Jack-2 Bots) Gah!

(Back with Vezon)

Vezon: (inside a red bomber aircraft & spots the Skunk Plane) Aha!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (in flight mode, side to side with Vezon)

Vezon: (locks onto the target) Bombs away! (ejects 3 bombs, but accidently himself off the bomber & realized this) Oh no!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (lands on the red bomber aircraft & looks down)

Nidhiki: 3... 2... 1...


Vezon: (on the ground, feeling a bit damaged)

Krekka: Who's watching the bomber?

(The red bomber aircraft crashes into the mountain, exploding)

Krekka & Nidhiki: (now black covered)

Nidhiki: Here's your answer, numskull!

(Back with the Giants & the War Monsters)

Tree Rex: (tackles Witch Doctor through the Jack-2 Bots)

Swarm: (stings a Jack-2 Bot & slams it to the ground)

Robo-47: (launches at rocket at the Jack-2 Bots, exploding them)

Jack-2 Bots: (charges at the heroes)

Hot Head: (launches oil & fire at the Jack-2 Bots, causing the mixture to explode on the Jack-2 Bots, destroying them)

(Inside the Skunk Plane)

Katie & Sadie: (looks out through the window)

Katie: Have they given up?

Sadie: I would think so too.

Spongebob: They never give up this easily.

(Suddenly the engines begins sputtering, because the Skunk Plane is running out of gas)

Timon: Uh, what was that?

Opal: Uh oh, it appears that we nearly out of gas.

Crystal Gem: We have to land & refuel, otherwise we might crash.

Eddy: (gulps) No kidding. Now I know how Owen feels.

Edd: Prepare for emergency landing.

Crystal Gem: (pilots the Skunk Plane to land gently in a runway, near a gas station, on a vast grassy field) We're very lucky to land just in time.

Pumbaa: And it looks like we're out of gas.

Ruby: Aw man, now what do we do? Get some fuel.

Spongebob: That's exactly the point.

Amethyst: Let's go!

Dudley & Kitty: (looks at each other & turns away) Hmpf!

Emerald: Dudley? Kitty? You two must work together like the rest of us.

Meltdown: Let's move!

(The gang goes up to a gas station, while Vezon Krekka & Nidhiki are with a ZX29B Jack-2 Robot)

Krekka: ZX29B Jack-2 Bot, prepare to capture the All Stars & those skunks.

Nidhiki: And once you do, bring them to the Mega Chum Bucket, once we've capture Sonic & Tails!

ZX29B Jack-2 Bot: (salutes, then marches over & spies the heroes through the window)

Dudley: (chewing on a new bucket filled with fried chicken legs he bought) Delicious chicken legs!

White Bird: (gasps) Well I never!

Spongebob: There, we've bought enough gas for the Skunk Plane.

Hank: Have you get the feeling you we're being watched?

Crystal Gem: (senced ZX29B Jack-2 Bot's arrival) We are being watched. Thank you for reminding me.

ZX29B Jack-2 Bot: ! (hides behind the trash cans & transform into a trash can)

Dudley: (heads outside & noticed ZX29B Jack-2 Bot, mistakenly as a trash can) Well, what do you know, a new garbage can.

Katie: The other trash cans are full.

Sadie: So let's go with the new can.

Dudley: Alright then. (throws the bucket & loads of bones inside the new garbage can, not knowing that's ZX29B Jack-2 Bot) Done.

(As the All Stars, plus Crystal Gem & her 7 daugthers, head back to the Skunk Plane with loads of fuel, the ZX29B Jack-2 Bot transforms back to normal, coughing out chicken leg bones)

ZX29B Jack-2 Bot: (coughing out chicken leg bones, malfunctioning)

Vezon: (noticing this) OOOOH! I knew we shouldn't send out Jack-2 Bot, ZX29B. Because he's the most stupidiest robot we've got.

Krekka: We can't let them escape!

Nidhiki: Send in the Demolition Squad!

Vezon: (sends in 3 Demolition Jack-2 Bots, which are red) Squad! You will destroy the fuel supply, so they'll be sitting ducks!

3 Demolition Jack-2 Bots: (salutes & then charges after the Heroes, while carrying loads of TNT)

Kitty: Look out! There's only 3 Jack-2 Bots!

Spongebob: Are you sure? They seem rather... large.

(They all noticed that the Demolition Jack-2 Bots are larger than the heroes)

Xplode: Aw nuts!

Amethyst: We've been invaded! Protect the fuel supply!

Dudley: But how?!

Yellow Bird: Thinking makes my head hurts!

Black Bird: I have an idea! (pulls out a giant magnet & goes far away) This'll take care of those mechanised monsters!

(The Manget then begins pulling the Demolition Jack-2 Bots, while the bots try to make a run for it, but fails, still holding onto the TNT)

Black Bird: (lits the fuse, getting angry)

3 Demolition Jack-2 Bots: (is now close to Black Bird, stuck to the giant magnet)

Black Bird: (his top feather begins to smoke)

3 Demolition Jack-2 Bots: (notices this) ! (tries to get away, but still stuck to the giant magnet)

Black Bird: (eventually turns red)

3 Demolition Jack-2 Bots: Uh oh.

Black Bird: (explodes with anger)


(The Demolition Jack-2 Bots exploded by contact of Black Bird's explosive anger, destroying the bots)

Black Bird: (unarmed) Oh yeah! That's demolition, Black Bird style!

(The All Stars & the Skunk Girl Guardians goes up to Black Bird, cheering for them, while Crystal Gem smiles.)

Twilight Sparkle: Yay Black Bird!

Black Bird: (smiles) Aw shucks. It was nothing.

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (noticing this)

Vezon: (now even more angry) OOOOOOOHHH!!! We'll take care of them ourselves!

Nidhiki: And fast!

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (charges at the heroes)

Kitty: No time for celebrating just yet! We gotta get outta here!

Dudley: Yeah, while the get is good!

(The heroes begins to refuel the Skunk Plane, litre by litre.)

(Back with the Giants & the War Monsters)

Witch Doctor: (slams Tree Rex towards the ground)

Tree Rex: (uppercuts Witch Doctor)

Agamo: (tackles Witch Doctor, off of Tree Rex)

Tree Rex: Thanks Agamo!

Ninjini: (slashes the Jack-2 Bots into pieces)

Magmo: (grabs 4 Jack-2 Bots, one from each hand & crunches them into one large scrap ball & rolls it at the Jack-2 Bots, like a bowling ball, knocking the Jack-2 Bots down like bowling pins) Yes!

(Back at the Skunk Plane)

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (arrives)

Krekka: Stop right there!

Nidhiki: We got you cornered! There's no where left to run!

Rainbow Dash: No, but there is some where left to fly!

HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy & Astro Boy: (begins carrying the rest of the All Stars upwards)

Crystal Gem: (creates a force field bubble around herself & the Skunk Girl Guardians, carrying herself & her 7 daughters upwards)

Astro Boy: Let's rocket!

(The Heroes then begins to fly away while they are carried by HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Astro Boy & Crystal Gem's force field)

Amethyst: See ya!

Vezon: (putting on a jetpack) Hah! They must be crazy to think they can get away.

Krekka & Nidhiki: (changes to flight mode & chases after them)

Vezon: (points upwards) VEZON PIRAKA OF OUTER SPACE!

(Those 5 words activates the jetpack, sending Vezon upwards)

Vezon: (chases after the heroes)

(The chase continues on, until the heroes hides inside a forest)

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (lands)

Vezon: Hah! They think they outsmarted us!

(They didn't know that Spongebob changes the jetpack rocket with a big stick of TNT)

Krekka: We'll wait for them to come out.

Nidhiki: Then we'll capture them for Plankton & Witch Doctor.

(However, the Heroes makes their hasty retreat back to the Skunk Plane)

Krekka: There they go again!

Vezon: (points upwards) VEZON PIRAKA OF OUTER...!

Krekka & Nidhiki: (about to chase the Heroes)


(The TNT has exploded, leaving Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon charred again.)

Vezon: Space?

(Back with the War Monsters & the Giants)

Tree Rex & Witch Doctor: (trying to push each other away)

Thumpback: (slams his anchor & chain at the Jack-2 Bots, crushing them)

Ultra-V: (slashes at the Jack-2 Bots with his large sword)

Eye-Brawl: (shoots a laser beam from his eye at the Jack-2 Bots)

Witch Doctor: (notices all of the Jack-2 Bots we're destroyed) What?!

Tree Rex: You got tree wrecked! (punches at Witch Doctor)

(Back with Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon)

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (notices the All Stars, Crystal Gem & the Skunk Girl Guardians nearly finished refueling the Skunk Plane)

Krekka: They are nearly done.

Nidhiki: (sends out a Jack-2 Robot Ferret)

Vezon: Looks like we'll have to ferret those heroes out with our Jack-2 Robot Ferret.

(However, Crystal Gem sensed them coming.)

Crystal Gem: They never give up. We need to fight fire with fire.

Amethyst: I knew we have the use for our technology stuff.

Spongebob: Let's build a robot.

Zaktan: Anybody got the tools?

Avak: You're talking to the right Piraka.

Twilight Sparkle: Hurry, here they come.

(The Heroes begins building a robot as well, while Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon sends out the Jack-2 Robot Ferret inside the Skunk Plane, while holding onto it with a piece of black wire)

Vezon: Go get'em Ferret!

(Back inside the Skunk Plane, it's strangely empty as the Jack-2 Robot Ferret enters inside, spotting a Robot Skunk Girl)

Robot Skunk Girl: (robotic girl voice) Greetings, I am the Robot Skunk Girl. What's up doc?

Jack-2 Robot Ferret: (robotic male voice) I'll show you what's up. (changes his robotic hand into a machine gun) Come with me or I'll blast you!

Robot Skunk Girl: I'll go with you on one condition. That you don't press this button. (points to a button on her belly)

Jack-2 Robot Ferret: Oh yeah? Well no Robot Skunk Girl is going to tell me what button I can't press. I'm a pressing. (presses the button on the Robot Skunk Girl's belly)

(With a press of a button, resulting in the release of a metal block that smashes the Jack-2 Robot Ferret to pieces.)

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (pulls the Jack-2 Robot Ferret out of the Skunk Plane, only to pull out the skeleton of the Jack-2 Robot Ferret) !


Krekka: No more games!

(Meanwhile, back inside the Skunk Plane)

(The All Stars, plus Crystal Gem, the Skunk Girl Guardians & the newly built Robot Skunk Girl builds a robot Spongebob [made from parts from the Jack-2 Robot Ferret), sets a time bomb, puts it in the robot's stomach, and dresses it up like Spongebob Squarepants.)

Emerald: It's ready.

Twilight Sparkle: Finished.

Spongebob: This'll be good.

Vezon: (from outside, readies a giant ray gun) Attention! Bring out the All Star Warrior or we'll blast you & your plane to kingdom come!

Spongebob: (faking) Don't fire! Don't fire! I'm coming out! I give up!

Dudley & Kitty: (sends out the Robot Decoy)

Kitty: (faking) Oh no! Without the All Star Warrior, we're doomed!

Krekka: That's all we needed to here. Let's move.

Nidhiki: Let's move!

Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon: (carries the robot decoy away)

Ruby: Phew, they're gone.

Dudley: They bought it! Let's head back!

Crystal Gem: Fasten your seat belts. (pilots the Skunk Plane back to where the Giants, the War Monsters, the Winged Victory & the Sponge-Flyer is at)

(Back with the Giants & the War Monsters)

Witch Doctor: (falls down)

Tree Rex: Give up yet?

Witch Doctor: Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon has got what we've wanted & that's the All Star Warrior! Farewell All Star! (retreats)

Tree Rex: We gotta go after them & save...!

Spongebob: (from the Skunk Plane) There's no need.

Avak: We've built the decoy so we can gain some time to think where are Naugus & Jinpachi are hiding.

Crystal Gem: (notices the same energy dome opening) And I have the feeling that your friends, Sonic & Tails have returned.

(Suddenly Sonic & Tails got shot out of the energy dome)

Sonic: Eeeeeeyow!

Tails: Whooooa!

Robot Skunk Girl: (catches Sonic & Tails) Are you alright?

Sonic: That depends. Who are you?

Crystal Gem: We have built this Robot Skunk Girl to match the robot ferret.

Sapphire: We're still working on the name of our Robot Skunk Girl friend.

Spongebob: And it's good to have you back, Sonic & Tails.

Sonic: Yeah, thanks.

Tails: (points to the energy dome, dissapearing) Look... the doorway to Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al's zone is disappearing!

Sonic: And not a minute too soon... good riddance!

Spongebob: Verti-Cal & Hortizont-Al? Who are they?

Sonic: You don't wanna know.

Tails: It makes you wonder about them, through they'll be fighting each other like forever and ever.

Sonic: Tails, my main concern is finding the nearest chili dog stand and warpping my upper hand around a foot long with extra peppers and onions! So, what's going on with you guys?

Katie: Oh my gosh! We have a big adventure while you we're gone!

Sadie: We've stopped Witch Doctor, Krekka, Nidhiki & Vezon. And I gotta admit, we we're a bit scared.

Topaz: But we're tough & fought to the end.

Turquoise: And all it takes is a robot decoy.

Opal: And we must be going.

Spongebob: Thanks for all your help, we couldn't have done it without you.

Crystal Gem: You are very welcome & let's hope that Dudley & Kitty are getting along.

Dudley/Kitty: What?!

Dudley: (in union) Get along with her? No way!

Kitty: (in union) Get along with him? No way!

Crystal Gem: (giggles) I understand clearly. (opens the portal back to the Nexus) Farewell.

Crystal Gem, the Skunk Girl Guardians & Robot Skunk Girl: (enters the portal, returning to the Nexus)

Spongebob: Goodbye! (turns to Dudley & Kitty) So, can you two get along like Katie & Sadie?

Dudley & Kitty: We said "No"! (slaps each other by mistake & starts attacking each other)

Katie & Sadie: We're scared.

Spongebob: Ok, I stand corrected.

(Spongebob, Katie, Sadie, Dudley & Kitty then stirkes a pose as the camera freezes in place)

The End