This is the 76th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Hot Head, Nitroblast & Kineticlops

Main Villains: Iron Queen, Iron King, Sidorak, Roodaka & Zhang Jiao

Story #1: Transcript

Arsenal of Sidorahk & the Iron King

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails are somewhere in an eastern continent called "Yurashia" & they are still on the search for Ixis Naugus & Jinpachi Mishima)

Spongebob: Hmm...

Avak: Now where are we?

Zaktan: (his right eye is now bruzised, but still wears an eye patch) It says here that we're in some sort of Asian Continent.

Hot Head: Any sign of Jinpachi or Ixis Naugus?

Tails: (flying, carrying Sonic) No signs of Ixis Naugus anywhere, Sonic & Hot Head. Face it, his trail's starting to run cold!

Thok: Ha, ha, very funny.

Sonic: Not a chance! We've been searching forever... we must be getting warmer...! (sweating) In fact, scalding might be a better choice of words! Whew! Who turned up the heat?!

Nitroblast: We've only been searching for Naugus & Jinpachi for days. And why would you say it's hot?

Tails: Hmm... it is unseasonably hot, isn't it? I wouldn't sweat it... weather like this won't last... (notices a mountain on fire) long?

Spongebob: What in the name of...?

(They all noticed the mountain on fire)

Sonic: Holy mackeral! Wha...?! Am I seeing things?

Xplode: Nope.

Sonic: The entire mountain is a raging inferno!

Nitroblast: The mountain is on fire!

Hot Head: Are you sure? I think it's a raging volcano.

Nitroblast: It's a mountain!

Hot Head: Volcano!

Nitroblast: Mountain!

Hot Head: Volcano!

Tails: But Sonic, that's impossible! A fire like that would set the whole forest ablaze!

Hot Head: I don't think that's me.

Hakann: It wasn't me.

Tails: Maybe our eyes are playing tricks on us.

Courtney: Are you kidding me? It's blazing hot!

Sonic: Get a grip, Tails... Courtney is right! Can't you feel the heat? (huffs) I'm gonna pass out if we don't get outta here and fast!

Rainbow Dash: Now you're speaking my language.

Kineticlops: Let's get outta here!

(The gang makes a get away from the blazing mountain)

Tails: (spots a village) Hey, look! We're in luck... a village at the base of the mountain!

Sonic: How could anyone stand to live so close to that giant bonfire?

Hot Head: There must be an explination.

Spongebob: Let's get going to that village & fast.

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails hurries over to the village)

Eddy: (checks the sign) It says that we're in "Stormtop Village" or something.

Edd: It is part of a kingdom called the "Dragon Kingdom".

Kineticlops: The Dragon Kingdom?

Heather: What is this, Asia or something?

Hot Head: Looks like it, it is like Asia.

Kineticlops: That is the Mobian version of Asia!

Nitroblast: No wonder it looks so ancient.

(They all noticed a red mobian female fox with violet eyes, long black hair in a low loose ponytail. She wears a violet tunic-like top, violet pants, black armbands & black boots. Her name is Li Moon.)

Nitroblast: Hubba, Hubba. Who is that?

Drilldozer: I don't know, but she is one pretty doll.

Justin: Let's go ask her.

Spongebob: Agreed. Cause I'm feeling thirsty already.

Sonic: Hi there, little lady! Think you could see it in your heart to help out a couple of tired and heat-stricken travelers?

Tails: We could sure go for a cold drink of water, if you can spare some.

Vezok: Please? Because it's blazing hot out here. Or was it just Hot Head?

Hot Head: Hey!

Li Moon: I'm very sorry, but we can't.

Rigby: What do you mean?

Li Moon: Our water supply is low and closely rationed.

Pumbaa: Uh oh.

Togera: You gotta be kidding me!

Sonic: Oh, that's great! And here we are on the verge of dehydration!

Hot Head: Why would be low on water?

Li Moon: My people have no choice. Mount Stormtop has burned continuously for more than a hundred days! Without the water, we would all perish.

Preytor: That is not a good sign.

Fluttershy: (Gasps) Oh my goodness.

Tails: A fire that's raged for a hundred days? Amazing! But if it's such a problem, why don't you townsfolk just up and move?

Thumpback: And simply put out the fire with water?

???: Move? Heh! (appears to be an elder mobian lion) Easier said than done, strangers!

(A Mobian Lion has light yellow fur & a dark brown mane/beard & he is standing twice the height of an average mobian, wearing blue ropes & he is holding a cane, due to old age. His name is Li Yuen, the grandfather of Li Moon.)

Nitroblast: Who are you?

Li Yuen: I am Li Yuen... Li Moon and I and our family have lived here all our lives. Would you be so quick to leave the place you've always called home?

Xplode: I beg your pardon?

Li Moon: Grandfather!

Squidward: Did she say "Grandfather"?

Sonic: Okay, fair enough, old man... but exactly what's causing this fire in the first place?

Li Yuen: The curse of the Iron King!

Spongebob: The Iron King?

Li Yuen: Yes. My people refused to abide the tyrant's dictatorship, and as payback... his wife, the sorcerous Iron Queen, set the mountain ablaze.

Hot Head: No wonder, it doesn't look like anything like a volcano.

Nitroblast: See, I told you.

Reidak: How did the Iron Queen does it?

Li Yuen: Her foul black magic powers keep it burning non-stop! The only thing that can put out the fire is the enchanted fan of Pen Xing.

Timon: Just a magical fan? That's easy enough. Let's go!

Zaktan: (picks up Timon with a grab of his hand) Not so fast! There's always a catch.

Li Yuen: Unfortunately, Zaktan's right. The Iron King keeps it locked away in his arsenal...

Sonic: Bingo! All you guys need is someone brave enough to go get it!

Spongebob: And Sonic, Tails & the All Stars are on the job!

Li Moon: Challenging the Iron King in his own fortress isn't brave... it's stupid!

Congar: Whoa, whoa, wait! We're not stupid! We can do this!

Kineticlops: Yeah man! We can stop this deadly duo of the Iron King & the Iron Queen all together.

Spongebob: And we're so manly, that we kick ourselves out of places.

Sonic: Lucky for you, Sonic the Hedgehog can't tell the difference! Let's move it, guys... roadtrip!!

Spongebob: Come on, All Stars (kicks self out)

Patrick: Look out trouble! (kicks self out)

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails then heads off to find the Iron King's fortress)

Kineticlops: Off to the fortress we go! Wait, how long was the hike again?

Duncan: It's only a hike over the mountains.

Zaktan: Indeed, we have a long journey ahead of us. So keep an eye out for anything suspicious. If Naugus & Jinpachi are here with those 2 iron villains, this could be trouble.

(Meanwhile, at the Iron Fortress...)

(Inside it, we see Zhang Jiao with the Iron Queen, who has green hair, yellow eyes, pale skin & wears a crimson & black dress, with a crown & staff, & a silhouette of the Iron King)

Iron Queen: (discovers the presance of Sonic, Tails & the All Stars) Heeheeheehee! I spy with my little eye... a pair of unexpected guests.

Zhang Jiao: It is Sonic, Tails & the All Star Freedom Fighters. They have come seeking for Jinpachi & Ixis Naugus.

Iron Queen: My! Don't they look determined! How adorable. Do you suppose the little dickens mean to aid us in our pursuits?

Iron King: (a silhouette) Don't be foolish! There's no doubt these interlopers are up to mischief! Mischief that could prove deadly for us!

Zhang Jiao: Especially if mischief has come from those All Star Freedom Fighters, who are non-believers of the Yellow Turbans!

Iron Queen: (to Iron King) Ee-hee hee hee! Such a woeful worrywart you are, my love! (to Zhang Jiao) The situation is not as dire as you make it out. All that's called for is a spoiler to add to the mix... (discovers the presance of Monkey Khan) Speaking of whom...!

???: Never underestimate the All Stars. They are very tricky as the Toa. (appears to be Sidorak)

Zhang Jiao: Welcome Sidorak, I trust that Plankton has summoned you & Roodaka here to help.

Sidorahk: Indeed.

Roodaka: (arrives) Even now that we're ressurected by the power of the Makuta, Plankton has let us join in his empire.

Zhang Jiao: And what kind of army did you send?

Sidorak: Since the Visorak are now with Turaga Vakama, we've used the DNA sample of the Visorak to create new visoraks, so that we'll be in charge of them.

Roodaka: This is a Visorahk.

(A Visorak appears & it screechs)

Zhang Jiao: Interesting creatures. They can prove the Plankton Empire some use for these dangerous creatures. And one way or another, the All Stars will fall victim to the new age of the Yellow Turbans!

(With Sonic, Tails & the All Stars)

(The gang are seen, hiking at the mountains & most of them are very tired.)

Spongebob: (panting) Wow, this is a long journey.

Sonic: (gasps) (pants) I... am beat! Never thought I'd see the day I couldn't handle an easy hike!

Congar: What are you talking about, we still have a long way ahead of us.

Spongebob: (stops panting) Your right, I should stop playing the "Panting Contest".

Patrick: (panting) Me too. (stops panting)

Kineticlops: We're getting closer.

Sonic: Take five, Tails... the humidity's really wearing me out!

Tails: It's not the humidity, it's the heat.

Nitroblast: I think it's neither.

Sonic: Nitpicker! Either way, we're finally gonna get a break. (spots stormclouds in the sky) Check it out!

Spongebob: What are they?

Tails: Stormclouds? Gosh, I don't like the way this looks!

Beth: Me neither. I'm scared.

Rainbow Dash: And from the looks of it, there are no ordinary storm clouds.

Sonic: Oh, relax! Kick back and soak it in, bud! A few raindrops never hurt anyone!

(Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes Robo-47, electrocuting him)

Robo-47: (getting electrocuted & is malfunctioning & falls down)

Ultra-V: Whoa! Are you alright?

Robo-47: (gets up) I've gone from robotic cold to well done. (falls down again)

Sonic: Crud! Me an' my big mouth!

Alejandro: Kineticlops, watch where you zap with those lightning bolts!

Kineticlops: Uh, that's not me.

Tails: An electrical storm! We better find some cover before we're french-fried right in our boots!

Nitroblast: Yeah, that's a good idea.

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails begins to run off)

Hot Head: Where did that lightning bolt come from?

Spongebob: That lightning bolt can only mean 1 thing.

(They all noticed a possessed Monkey Khan on his nimbus cloud, chasing after them)

Monkey Khan: (possessed) Run all you want, Sonic... you know your speed can't match mine!

Sonic: Yeah, right!

Spongebob: If you want Sonic, you gotta have to go through me!

Monkey Khan: Not a problem. (launches lightning bolts at Spongebob)

Spongebob: (begins dodging the lightning bolts)

Sonic: Tails, something mondo un-cool is going on here!

Tails: Yeah, Sonic... a blood thirsty lunatic is trying to murder us!!

Eye-Brawl: And he's more like a real nut case than he was intelligent.

Sonic: That's just it. Khan's a harmless psycho, not a murderer! It's like he's possessed. And hey, did you catch a glimpse of his weird eyes? What's up with that?!

Dudley: Those eyes are really freaking me out.

Spongebob: Come on, you didn't electrocute me one bit.

Robo-47: (gets up slowly) Still, I feel a change of pace, let's give it a swirl. (falls down again)

Monkey Khan: Grrr!! Monkey Khan grows tired of the chase! (jumps off of his nimbus) Recess time over, cretin... (lands) Prepare yourself for a hellatious slug-fest!! (begins throwing punches at them)

Sonic & the All Stars: (dodging the attacks)

Kineticlops: Bring it on, monkey boy!

Sonic: Oop! It alwasy comes down to violence with you! I tell ya. You've got to find another way to channel you aggressions!

HF Rotor: And also you gotta chill out, Mr. Monkey Man.

Sonic: (to Monkey Khan) Like through a hobby... which you'll have plenty of time for once I whup your butt clear into next week!

Spongebob: And it looks like we got company. Look! (points to the Iron Queen & Zhang Jiao)

Iron Queen: Heeheeheehee! Determined and ambitious, aren't you? I like that in an enemy! Pity those virtues won't keep my simian pawn from mopping the floor with you!

Zhang Jiao: Now that Monkey Khan is under our spell, the Yellow Turbans will have it's revenge!

(Right on cue, yellow robotic Yellow Turban Jack-2 Bots appeared from the grassy hills, armed & ready to attack)

Iron Queen: Fighting him is a futile gesture, blue-boy!

Zhang Jiao: My glorious Yellow Turbans, you have been reformed & upgraded into a stronger army than ever before. And I order you to attack at the non-believers!

(The Yellow Turban Jack-2 Bots then charges at the All Stars, who they begun attacking back)

Ninjini: (slashes at the Yellow Turban Jack-2 Bots with her katanas)

Tails: (notices the Iron Queen) Uh-oh! This must be the Iron Queen!

Harold: Looks like she's dangerous.

LeShawna: Oh yeah? We'll see about that!

Iron Queen: Monkey Khan's boiling over with rage and fury! That's what makes him so easily manipulated... not to mention undefeatable in a no-holds-barred battle royal!!

Nitroblast: Sounds like someone's jealous of the All Star Warrior.

Sonic: Oh, puh-leeze! To be the man you gotta beat the man, queenie! And you better believe I am the man!

Hot Head: You're just jealous because your scared of us to face the All Star Challenge!

Spongebob: We've faced many villains before & all of us manage to survive.

Sonic: So, what'cha gonna do when Sonic runs hog wild on you?!?

Zhang Jiao: A very bold question & the answer is MAGIC! (unleashes yellow fireballs at the group)

Sonic & the All Stars: (begins dodging the blasts)

Gwen: Incoming fireballs!

Vezok: I got it, I got it! (sprays waves of water at the fireballs, putting them out) Aha! Now what are you gonna do, you can't even touch us!

Iron Queen: (sighs) Everyone's gotta have a dream, I suppose well enjoy those scant few moments of buss, hedgehog, 'cause you're in for a rude awakening! Hee! Sorry... I couldn't resist!

Zaktan: Despicable!

Iron Queen: You've got 'im on the ropes, Monkey Khan! Finish him off!!

Sonic: (notices he's at the edge of a cliff) YEEKS!

Spongebob: I don't think so! (spindashes at Monkey Khan)

Monkey Khan: (falls down)

Iron Queen: What?!

Spongebob: Sonic, are you ok?

Sonic: I'd forgotten what a tough customer this guy is! Next time I won't make the mistake of underestimating the opposition!

Kineticlops: Well don't look now, but he's coming back!

Monkey Khan: (gets up, growling)

Zhang Jiao: Monkey Khan, seize the All Star Warrior!

Spongebob: I'll keep the monkey busy, you go now! We'll get the fan!

Sonic: Er... assuming there is a next time! What a thrill... an honest-to-gosh cliffhanger!

Spongebob: Like I said, I'll keep the monkey busy. (gets into his battle stance)


(It was a tough battle for Spongebob, since Monkey Khan has the advantage. But after a few minutes of battling each other, Spongebob found an opening & spindashes at Monkey Khan's head & belly, knocking him down, thus winning the fight.)

Spongebob: It's not easy, but the monkey is down.

Monkey Khan: (gets up instantly)

Spongebob: Or not.

Donkey Kong: Man, Monkey Khan is a tough nut to crack.

Tails: (flying towards the Iron Queen) (in thought: Sonic's toast unless I can mess up the witch's spell... like by knocking out her crystal staff...) (rams through the Iron Queen's staff, breaking it to pieces) COWABUNGAAAAAH!

Zhang Jiao: What?!

Nitroblast: Nice ambush Tails!

Monkey Khan: (free from the Iron Queen's possession spell) Huh? Wha? Who? How? Where? Sonic! All Stars! What am I...?

Hot Head: Calm down, Monkey Khan, calm down.

Sonic: Yeah, easy does it, bud. You've just come to your senses... or y'know, a reasonable facsimile!

Tyler: Yeah, we've managed to break the Iron Queen's spell...

Reidak: And an army of Yellow Turban Jack-2 Bots along with it.

Kineticlops: You hear that, Queenie? You're spell is broken!

Zhang Jiao: You All Stars have managed to defeat my first batallion, but there's more where that came from, once we have return! (retreats)

Iron Queen: Oooh!! Darn your socks! Now you've gone and ruined my fun! You win round one, hedgehog, but the game's only getting started! (retreats with Zhang Jiao)

Sonic: Yeah, yeah! Don't come cryin' to me at half time, toots!

Harold: And don't you 2 be a sad witch & warlock, once your evil castle comes crashing down.

Squidward: (chuckles) sand witch... (chuckles) Warlock... (chuckles) Sad... (chuckles)

Spongebob: They'll be back for more.

Sonic: Way to save the day, Tails! So, what's the skinny? Te crystal staff was the source of her so-called "Magic"?

Tails: I don't know if she's really got mystic powers, or not because when I smashed her staff look what came out of it.

Thok: What is it? Those look like...

Tails: (picks up 2 Power rings)

Sonic: Power Rings! That's right, Thok. The Iron Queen must've built them into her staff to amplify her staff!

Owen: So, what are we dealing with?

Sonic: We're dealing with some scray characters here Tails & Owen!

Spongebob: And we're dealing with the Yellow Turbans with Jack-2 Bots on the Yellow Turbans' group.

Ezekiel: What are we going to do?

Monkey Khan: Normally, Monkey Khan would relish such a challenge... but it might be wise to back out while we still can!

Rigby: Yeah, that would be a great idea. Let's go (about to leave)

Sonic: (places his hand on Rigby's shoulder, stopping Rigby from leaving) Are you kidding? I can't wait to see how this misadenture turns out MK & Rigby!

Mordecai: Don't worry dude, we'll just stop Zhang Jiao & a couple of new villains, grab the fan & we'll get this mission over & done with.

Spongebob: Sonic & Mordecai are right. We can't give up now, let's go!

Hot Head: Right, I'm burning hot for a fight!


(The All Stars, plus Sonic, Tails & Monkey Khan arrives on a hill, near the Iron King's fortress, called the Iron Fortress)

Sonic: Train ride's over, troops, and I do believe this is our stop... the Iron Fortress, in all it's glory! Uh, such that it is.

Tails: S-s-such that it is!

Jetbug: Are you sure about this? It looks a bit too well guarded. (spots a mechanical spider, called a Visorak, guarding the door) What on earth is that?

Zaktan: It's a Visorak, they we're taken care of as an army by 2 vicious villains, known as Sidorak & Roodaka.

Spongebob: They indeed sound vicious.

Sonic: Don't have a cow, kid! The old sinister architecture trick is an obvious ploy!

Eddy: Are you sure?

Monkey Khan: Sonic's right, it's merely a strategy designed to fuel our fears and throw us off guard we're far too smart to fall for that!

Kineticlops: And besides... (electrouctes a Visorak from a far away distance, stunning the creature a bit) It's only one Visorak guarding the place. No biggie.

Alejandro: Well then, let us go.

(The gang begins to head to the front gate of the Iron Fortress)

Tails: (shrudders) Y-y-you don't think they know we're coming do you?

Sonic: Heck, no! They always leave the doors open for weary travelers!

Spongebob: Still, we have to be very careful. One false move & we're done for.

Monkey Khan: I've got a bad feeling we're walking into a trap!

Hot Head: Your right.

Sonic: No duh! Pointless trying to second guess them, so let's just find the Arsenal and get it over with!

Thunder: Ok, if you say so.

Monkey Khan: In a castle this size, it might take hours. The Iron King probably keeps it well hidden!

Nitroblast: (spots the door with a symbol of 2 swords & a shield) Found it!

Spongebob: Or maybe not.

Sonic: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Here it is!

Avak: That was easy.

Boggy B: Now let's grab the fan & get outta here. We don't have all day.

Tails: Cool! Let's see what's in the...!!

(Suddenly they heard screeching sounds throughout the castle)

Sierra: AAH! (hops into Cody's arms)

Cody: (struggling to carry Sierra) What was that?

Owen: Let me guess, more Visorak?

Zaktan: Yeah & judging by the sound, they are awfully close?

Owen: (not knowning a Visorak is behind him) Really?

Tree Rex: Owen! Watch out!

Owen: (turns to see a Visorak, screeching in anger) AAAAHHH! (goes back to the gang, not knowing he dodged an attack by the Iron King) Phew.

Iron King: Egocentric pup! You couldn't be further off the mark!

(The Iron King appears to be a large brown mobian ox with white eyes, wearing Metal Armour, a Metal Helmet & wielding a Tremor Mace)

Sonic: Cheezit! The big guy's on to us!

Spongebob: Yikes! Look at the size of that big guy!

Duncan: Quick, somebody get the fan!

Kineticlops: (notices a horde of Visoraks) Guys? We have a bigger problem? There's visorak everywhere!

???: Exactly. (appears to be Sidorahk, along with Roodaka)

Zaktan: Sidorahk & Roodaka!

Reidak: You're suppose to be dead!

Roodaka: There is so much more you don't know.

Iron King: The Iron King's security system is top notch... each and every sneak thief is dealt with personally!

Sidorak: Finish them off, our visorak horde! Destroy them!

(The Visorak horde then begins charging at the heroes, while Sonic, Monkey Khan & the All Stars begins their attack against the Visorak Horde)

Sonic: Don't just stand there, Tails... now's your chance to nab the fan!

Spongebob: We'll hold off a horde of those robotic spiders.

Tails: But, Sonic & Spongebob, I can't leave you & your friends behind like this...!

Monkey Khan: Ridiculous! Not when Monkey Khan is here to back them up! There's nothing me and my atom-bat enjoy more than a good tussle!

Hot Head: No worries Tails, we can take care of ourselves. Now go!

Tails: (nods & enters inside the arsenal)

Iron King: HAHAHAHA! We'll see how you feel about that after the Iron King crushes you to pulp!

Eddy: Then we challenge you! Fight if your not a bunch of cowards!

Roodaka: How noble, yet utterly pointless.

Spongebob: We'll see who's pointless after this battle!

Tails: (notices a lot of weapons) Wow! What a collection! But there's so many... (checking the weapons) ...cannons... butterfly swords... maces... heat-seeking missiles...!

Edd: (dodging the Visorak's sharp teeth) Please hurry! Time is not on our side!

Tails: (spots the Fan of Fen Xing) Bingo! The fan of Fen Xing!

Kineticlops: (zaps at the Visorak)

Sidorak: I don't think so! (Launches a red beam from his weapon, the Herding Blade, at the heroes)

All Stars: (dodges out of the way & continues attacking the Visorak)

Sidorak: Hold still!

Iron King: (tries to whack Sonic, but missed) Grr! Hold still, blast you!!

Tails: (comes back to the group) Sonic! I got it I got it I got it!

Lindsay: Oh goody! (clapping her hands)

Sonic: Ataboy, Tails! Hand it over... fast!

Tails: (gives the Fan of Fen Xing to Sonic)

Spongebob: (dodging Sidorak's blasts) They are getting to be very tough!

Roodaka: I'm almost impressed. (charging up her Claw Catcher)

Hot Head: Look out!

Crusher: (begins to form a boulder wall in front of them) That won't hold for much longer!

Roodaka: (fires powerful dark shadow energy at the boulder wall, destroying into pieces & hits Crusher)

Crusher: AUGH! (falls down) That's some powerful stuff.

Robo-47: (sparks a bit) Welcome to my world.

Magmo: (helps Crusher & Robo-47 get up) Are you alright?

Crusher: I'm in a bit of pain, just dizzy.

Sonic: Let's cut loose an' see what this bad boy can really do! (starts fanning the Iron King, Sidorak & Roodaka away with powerful gusts of wind)

Iron King, Sidorak & Roodaka: (felt the powerful gusts of wind, pushing them back)

Roodaka: (growls as she hold onto the wall really tight)

Sidorak: What is this?!

Iron King: Nooo!! I won't let you take my fan...!!

Sonic: Too late... we already did! So take a hike, will ya?

Spongebob: Or better yet, make like a tree & leave!

Iron King & Sidorak: (now blown away by the powerful gusts of wind)

Sidorak: YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS, ALL STARS! (crash lands through the wall of the Fortress)

Roodaka: (in thought: They are more stubborn to give up than I thought. They never give up. I must report this to the Iron Queen & Zhang Jiao. Not to worry, Makuta. You'll be ready soon.) (retreats)

Nitroblast: That was close.

Sonic: Incredible!! This baby blew him clear into the next time zone!

Spongebob: Including Sidorak through the wall.

Monkey Khan: I've heard legends about how awesome the fan was, but I had no idea...!

Ed: I don't even have a clue on what you said, Monkey Khan.

Tails: Bet you thought it was just a lot of hot air! (snickers)

Hot Head: Very funny, Tails & I thought Hakann is the one blowing hot air more than I do.

Hakann: Hardy har har.

Twilight Sparkle: We've got a problem. Roodaka has escaped.

Rainbow Dash: She's gonna warn the Iron Queen & Zhang Jiao!

Sonic: Yo, guys... hold off on the celebration. We got ourselves a fire to put first!

Spongebob: Then we will take out the rest of the villains after that!

(Finally, at Stormtop Mountain)

(The All Stars, plus Sonic, Tails & Monkey Khan arrives at the Mountain of Stormtop)

HF Rotor: There it is!

Monkey Khan: Mount Stormtop dead ahead! Ready to rumble, Sonic?

Sonic: No problem, the tough part's over... from here on out, it's a cakewalk!

Spongebob: Are you sure? Look out!

(The gang dodges electricity & yellow fireballs being thrown by the Iron Queen & Zhang Jiao)

Iron Queen: (on a hover pad) Eeeheeheehee! Don't be so sure, hedgehog! Our game isn't over yet!

Heather: It is for you, you witch!

Roodaka: (shoots more dark shadow beams at the All Stars)

All Stars: (dodging the shots)

Monkey Khan: Lookout! The Iron Queen's back for a rematch!

Sonic: Just get the job done, and let me do the driving!

Roodaka: It's the end of the line for you all!

Kineticlops: Not this time! (electrocutes at Roodaka)

Roodaka: AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! (falls down & crash lands)

Zhang Jiao: (launches more larger yellow fireballs at the All Stars)

Hot Head: (launches flames at the yellow fireballs, stopping the attack) Oh no you don't!

Hot Head & Nitroblast: (launches fireballs at Zhang Jiao)

Zhang Jiao: (got hit) GAH! (falls down & crash lands) (groans in pain) This fire power... coming from both opponents... are very... impressive... (coughs) The Yellow Turbans will still live... forever... (groans & then passed out)

Nitroblast: 4 down, 1 to go. (turns to the Iron Queen)

Iron Queen: Insolent dogs! How can you be so inconsiderate? I invested a great deal of time and energy into that mountain-fire! Why must you ruin my handiwork?!?

Sonic: Sorry to disappoint you, queenie... I got this thing against power-crazed meanies making other people's lives miserable!

Spongebob: And also, anyone who is allied with the Plankton Empire, is an enemy of ours!

Sonic: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a birthday cake to blow out! (begins fanning the fire out of the mountain)

Avak: Mountain, that is.

Spongebob: It's working!

Sonic: Whomp... there it is! Out like the matchlight! Game, set, and match, queenie! Another spectracular victory for the good guys!

Eddy: Yeah! In your face, Queenie!

Spongebob: Zhang Jiao & Roodaka, the All Stars will never give up! Remember this well.

Sonic: Got any parting words for the home team crowd?

Iron Queen: Yes: "Curses... foiled again!" I won't rest until I have my revenge! Until then, look for me in your nightmares!

Hot Head: AHHHHHHH SHADDAP! (blasts oil at the Iron Queen & launches flames at the oil, exploding, blowing the Iron Queen far away)

Iron Queen: (screaming while being blown away by the explosion, dissapearing with a twinkle in the sky)

Hot Head: That'll learn ya.

Thumpback: Strong finish there, buddy.

Hot Head: Thanks.

Spongebob: Let's head back to the village.

(The gang heads back to the village, meeting up with Li Moon & Li Yuen.)

Li Moon: (heading up towards the heroes) Hahahaha! You did it, Sonic! The curse has lifted at last!

Sonic: Well shucks, Li Moon! T'weren't nothin' any other hero wouldn't have done! The All Stars have helped me all the way against new baddies.

Tails: Hey, don't forget... we couldn't have done it without the Monkey Khan's help.

Mordecai: He's a cool guy, he really is a helpful ally.

Li Yuen: I'm not at all surprized, the ancient prophesies fore told the ascension of a great Monkey King!

Monkey Khan: Monkey... KING?!?

Donkey Kong: Well I'll be. You mean to tell me that Monkey Khan would be the Monkey King?

Spongebob: Sounds like a possibility.

Li Moon: Pfft! Go figure! The hedgehog does all the work, but the monkey gets his own prophesy!

Sonic: Man, I have got to get a new publicist!

Rigby: Should we continue our search for Naugus & Jinpachi?

Spongebob: Good idea. Sonic will figure it out.

The End