This is the 79th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Zaktan, Hakann (Part 1) & Eddy (Part 2 & 3)

Main Villains: Kazuya Mishima, Ixis Naugus, Jinpachi Mishima. the Snowmads & the Bad Piggies

Super Transformation Debuts: Ultra Sonic, Hyper Tails, Alpha SpongeBob, Omega Zaktan & Ugly Naugus

Story #1: Transcript

The Kazuya Mishima Trilogy (Part 1)

(At the Tekken Universe)

(It was a stormy day on the cliffs, and Kuma II has arrived)

Kuma II: (noticing the cliff)

(Someone has climbed up to the top & we can see that it's Heihachi Mishima, who was thrown off a cliff by Kazuya in the previous episode)

Heihachi: Kazuya, you will pay for this... I swear it!

(Lightning cracks & thunder crashes behind Heihachi as he growls in anger succeeds into a roar of rage)

(Back in the Universe of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the snowy lands called the "Southern Tundra".)

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails arrived in their snow clothes & exits their bi-planes to begin their search in this destination, however Hakann had other ideas.)

Spongebob: Here we are.

Hakann: (suddenly pops out of the Sponge-Flyer Bi-Plane, running towards a pond) Yahoo! We made it to Palm Springs at last, last one there is a Monkey's uncle!

Spongebob: But Hakann...

Hakann: (he's too excited to hear him) Yahoo! Barbeques cooking hot dogs...!

Thok: But Hakann...

Hakann: And swimming pools! (jumps up) YAHOO! (about to dive into the pond)

Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy): HAKANN!

Hakann: (hears Eddy) Yes Eddy? (got his head smacked into a frozen pond)

All Stars: (got flinched) Ohh!

Zaktan: That's gotta leave a mark.

Edd: Do you think Hakann's ok?

Hakann: (walks up back to the All Stars, with his spikes flatten, pointing sideways) You & your shortcuts. (straightens up his spikes) I was going to tell you to turn West at the mobian version of Saint Lewis.

Heather: Focus Hakann!

Noah: She's right.

Meltdown: Way I figure it is that Naugus & Jinpachi have gone into hiding in the Southern Toon-dracula.

Hakann: (puts on a red coat) That's pronounced Southern Tundra! (suddendly in shock) THE SOUTHERN TUNDRA?! Ooh! Are you crazy? That's in the South Pole, known as Antarctica!

Squidward: Southern Tundra? No wonder it's so freezing all of a sudden! (shivering as he puts on a brown coat)

Hakann: Man, this place is cold. Let's search later.

Mordecai: No, we're searching Naugus & Jinpachi now!

Hakann: Ugh! You're so whipped.

Duncan: No we're not.

Hakann: Yeah right! You're whipped with a capital... (raises arm and makes whip noise)

Congar: Look gang, I have an idea. Let's assist Sonic & Tails by... (shouts) SHUTTING UP! You're interrupting their search.

Hakann: Well I'm out! O-U-T! Out! Because I can't stand the cold! How's about you guys stay here & learn to become snow-type commandos to track down those two baddies. I'm heading back to a beach of Downunda. (begins to tunnel away)

Trent: Wait! Hakann, don't be like that! Come back!

Vezok: Aw just ignore him. He'll come back.

Tails: (flying with his tails as helicopter blades) (spots a very tall & large mountain with a fortress on the side of the mountain top) Here, Sonic?!

Sonic: More like all the way up there, Tails... in the fortress built into the side of this mountain!

Spongebob: Do you think this is the place?

Sonic: I'm sure that's where the wicked wizard Ixis Naugus is waitin' for us!

Zaktan: Then that would be Jinpachi can't be far.

Tails: He knows that we're after him?

Sonic: Of course! Why else would he think we came all this way?

Swarm: Naugus' lair is so high up, our wings might froze up in this blizzard.

Ed: (pauses for 4 seconds & holds up a pickle) Pickle?

Sonic: We couldn't have tracked him without this gizmo my Uncle Chuck created! (holds up a gizmo) It detects the ionic residue left about by Ixis' Magic and, according to it's readings, we've found him at last!

Boggy B: Finally! We got a shot at Naugus & Jinpachi once again!

Tails: But how're we gonna stop him, Sonic? When your biplane flew into this frigid air, the Power that allows it to fly...

Kitty: What about it?

Tails: (pulls out the Power Ring, which is powerless & grey) It suddendly conked out!

Thok: Hmm... the deep freeze of this place must've render the energy of the power ring cold & useless.

Tails: Exactly! (drops the powerless power ring) It's totally useless! Even if we stop his plans, we're stranded thousands of miles from home! Ixis wins no matter what because we're never gonna see our friends again! (feels sad)

Owen: (hugs Tails) It's ok, hug it out. But I'm too young to die!

Spongebob: It's ok, gang! We'll get through this together & never give up.

Sonic: (to Tails) Spongebob is right. Don't talk like that lil' buddy! We can't give in to our fears... Ixis is gonna be counting on those very emotions to help defeat us!

Thunder: What are you saying?

Sonic: Ixis enjoys making up good guys doubt our own abilities... makes us easier to beat!

Spongebob: Right & Jinpachi is the founder of the Mishima Zaibatzu, but was defeated by Jin Kazama & his sand essence transfer to Mobius Prime & then got trapped in the Zone of Silence, a.k.a. the Void. That's why he is here now.

Sonic: The first time we met, Naugus almost made us believe his wand could turn us all into crystal... but it really only affected his followers who had been trapped in the Zone of Silence like he was!

Agamo: When we first met Jinpachi, he didn't come after us, he was after Plankton for trapping him in the Void in the past & he wants payback.

Magmo: But he retreated into the Void, stopping himself from turning into sand.

Sonic: Then Naugus took possession of King Acorn, heightening our monarch's fear of roboticized mobians... to spark a civil war that nearly tore apart Mobotropolis for good!

Astro Boy: And the weird thing is that when Jinpachi is about to start turning himself into sand, he quickly absorbs the Magicks from Ixis Naugus to save himself from becoming sand forever.

Alejandro: He is very mysterious, but more to the point about Naugus...

Sonic: If we let Ixis get to us now. Then we've chased him all the way around the world for nothing! Didn't we make good on our promise to defeat Doctor Robotnik?

Zaktan: Yes we did.

Dudley: What's your point? I'm busy making snow angels. (he is seen making snow angels)

Sonic: What I mean is that he was no different... one evil villian is just as bad as another. You've got my word as your best dude, Tails, that I'm gonna get us home once Ixis is down for the count... power ring or no power ring!

Spongebob: We will never give up, no matter what happens to us in the future!

Sonic: Trust me...

Tails: I will, Sonic, I promise...

Thok: Still, I wonder where Hakann is going?

(With Hakann)

(We can see Hakann still burrowing away, but as he did, he didn't notice the sign that he went past had a message in a strange unknown language, which in english translation, the sign said: "Beware the Abominable Snow-Man!")

Hakann: (still burrowing under the snow, but suddenly crashed into a large white foot) Ow! (emerges from the snow) Hey! What's blocking the road? When I get my hands on him, I'll, I'll... (notices the large foot) I...? (looks up)

(When Hakann looked up to see what it was he hit, it turns out to be a foot from a giant white Abominable Snowman. But he's no ordinary abominable snowman, he is Hugo the dumb, dopey, but friendly Abominable Snowman

Hugo the Abominable Snowman


Hakann: (screams for only a split second)

Hugo: Oh, what a cute little red hedgehog. (grabs Hakann & pulls him up) Just like I always wanted. (petting Hakann) My own little pet hedgehog. (cuddles Hakann) I will name him George & I will hug him & pet him & squeeze him. (hugs Hakann, squeezing him)

Hakann: (trying to keep calm) I'm not a hedgehog.

Hugo: (starts patting Hakann's head) And pat him & pet him and...

Hakann: You're hurting me... (got patted by Hugo) Put me down please?

Hugo: And rub him & caress him and...

Hakann: (yells) I AIN'T NO HEDGEHOG!!!

Hugo: Not a hedgehog, George? Then how come you got quills, how come?

Hakann: Quills? They are actually my spikes connected to my spine. I'm actually a Piraka. Now put me down, please?

Hugo: Oh George, you we're naughty pretending you we're a hedgehog. (shaking Hakann in his hand) I will punish you good. (starts spanking Hakann) Bad ol' George.

Hakann: (his head bounces in & out like a paddle ball) Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow! (notices a fight & an avalanche in the distance) Hey, look doc! If you put me down, I'll find you a better pet to play with, very cuddly pets for you to play with.

(Meanwhile, high above the planet's atmosphere...)

(Inside the Satellite that has returned from the dead.)

Plankton: (With the HenchCombats) The Snowmads are in position along with the Bad Piggies. Whoever those intruders that attacked them, they must be dealt with. In the meantime... status report?

???: O-Sat unit back online... and commencing system location of target.

Redbot: The targets are now somewhere in the Southern Tundra.

Yellowbot: So that's where they are.

Greenbot: Target locked on?

???: Target acquired... system locked...

Bluebot: Preparing for activation effect of the 2nd satellite.

???: ...and commencing activation... now! (activates the 2nd Satellite)

Plankton: 2 down... 6 to go.

(Back on the Planet's surface)

Vezok: Are you sure this is the right place?

Sonic: I'm no Rotor, Tails, but Uncle Chuck's device seems to indicate Ixis as bein' right h...

(Suddenly a large hand appears while they the gang are caught in a small avalanche)

Beth: Yikes!

Tails: Sonic! (bumped into a rocky wall & falls down)

(The gang then falls down almost covered in snow)

Thok: (emerges) That felt good.

Xplode: There's no time for sledding in the snow!

Tails: What happened?

Sonic: (spits out the snow in his mouth) There's only one answer... IXIS NAUGUS!

(Suddenly Ixis Naugus telepoered with the cold winds spinning around them)

Ixis Naugus: A brillant deduction, Quickster... but it shall be your last!

Zaktan: Hold on, where's Jinpachi?

Ixis Naugus: That traitorous human have stolen some of my magicks away to regain his Immortality! That is why I've chased him down throughout the globe to take him down!

Patrick: I can't feel my looking holes.

Zaktan: You mean to tell me that we've been chasing you, who is chasing Jinpachi all this time, willy nilly & you didn't tell us?!

Rainbow Dash: That would explain why he is alone as a storm cloud.

Ixis Naugus: You are more clever than you already know. You and your furry friend & your All Stars, especially have plagued me for far too long... but now, I have the upper hand! You are trapped on this frozen wasteland without a hope of ever getting home, fools!

DJ: Dude, that is not cool!

Ixis Naugus: As of now, I have a new partner.

Boggy B: New partner? What are you talking about?

Ixis Naugus: Behold!

(A figure emerges next to Naugus & he is actually...)

Zaktan: (gasps) KAZUYA MISHIMA?!

Applejack: (quickly covers Zaktan's mouth)

(The words "KAZUYA MISHIMA?!" echoed throughout the snowy mountains)

All: ?! (sighs in relief)

Thok: Zaktan? Do you have any idea what you've done?

Ixis Naugus: Without your precious talisman, your vaunted Sword of Acorns... you haven't a prayer against my mystic might... so go ahead... take your best shot!

(Suddenly they all hear some rumbling sounds coming from the top of the snowy mountains)

Ixis Naugus: ?!

Rigby: What was that?

Reidak: Would you settle for that?! (points to the top of the snowy mountains)

Twilight Sparkle: AVALANCHE!

(The snowy avalanche begins to crumble down carrying everyone downwards & then barries them all down, except for Kazuya who gone into hiding)

Squidward: (from inside the snow) (Sarcastic) Oh great choice of volume.

Zaktan: Sorry.

Kazuya: (smiles evily) Perfect.

(We see Hakann coming back with Hugo)

Hakann: Hello? (looks around) Now where those guys get to? (notices a sign of an avalanche zone & reads it) "Warning: Quiet Avalanche Zone." (notices someone is burried alive in the snow) Hugo? Go fetch, please.

Hugo: Duh, ok George. Anything for my pet. (goes up to burried snow & starts digging everyone out of the snow, one by one) Oh boy! Look at all of those beautiful pets in the snow! Duh... (starts cuddling everyone, including Naugus)

Hakann: Oh boy.

Hugo: I will name them all "George" & "Marsha" & I will hug them & pet them & squeeze them...

Hakann: Hey! Hello?

Hugo: (can't hear Hakann & continues cuddling them)

Ixis Naugus: Stop it! Stop it & desist! Don't you know, who I am?! I AM IXIS NAUGUS!!!

Hugo: Your Ixis Naugus, George? You are very naughty to yell at me & pretending you we're a pet. I'll will punish you good. (starts spanking Naugus)

Ixis Naugus: (his head springs back & forth like a paddle ball)

Hakann: Hah! That takes care of Naugus, I can't believe that was easy. Too easy infact.

Kazuya Mishima: (comes out from hiding, facing Hakann) Exactly! (punches Hakann down)

Hakann: Ouch! (falls down & gets up) Now it's on!


(The battle rages on as the All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails begin to wake up from the snow, feeling a bit woozy)

Ed: I feel funny. Ah, AHHH... (grabs a snowball) ACHOO! (sneezes a snowball, out of his hands, at Naugus, hitting him in the eye)

Sonic: And about that best shot! Okay! You asked for it, creep! (throws a snowball at Naugus's face, hitting him too)

Hugo: (drops Naugus) Oh boy, snowball fight! (starts creating a large snowball)

Ixis Naugus: (got hit by both snowballs & he is a bit blinded) Blast you! (launches Magicks at the group)

Sonic, Tails & the All Stars: (dodges the attack)

Sonic: Well, it's a good think you went and told me your next move, Ixe! A simple dodge and I can do... (charges at Naugus) This!

(Suddenly Naugus morphs himself into wind, letting Sonic ran through him)

Zaktan: What the?!

Ixis Naugus: Ha! Ha! Ha! Destroying you is going to be more fun than I had anticipated, Quickster!

Sonic: Hey! No fair! I went through him like he was... (notices Harold) Snow?!

Harold (turns to see Sonic heading right for him) What the...?!

Sonic & Harold: (crashes into each other) AAH!

Sonic: (falls, but grabs onto the ledge)

Harold: (grabs onto Sonic's feet) HELP!

Sonic: Oh no.

Spongebob: (goes up to Sonic & Harold) Guys! Hold on!

Thumpback: (grabs Sonic & Harold & pulls them up) Up you go!

Ixis Naugus: Oh no, indeed! I can mystically shape my body to mimic the four elements... earth, wind, fire and water! Your aircraft did not experience turbulence before reaching Sand Blast City... it was in cloud form attacking you!

Rainbow Dash: Exactly! We know it's you, Naugus!

Ixis Naugus: Indeed. (reforms back to normal)

Hakann: And speaking of fire... face against mine! (launches a fireball at Kazuya, sending him backwards) I DID IT!

Kazuya: (suddenly went flying backwards)

Ixis Naugus: HUH?!

Kazuya & Ixis Naugus: (crashes against each other, falling down)

Hugo: (clapping his hands) Wonderful light show.

Thumpback & Tails: Hang on, Sonic!

(Suddenly they heard roar coming from behind Tails)

Thumpback: (notices a being behind Tails) Tails! Watch out!

Tails: (turns to the being) ?

(Suddenly they heard evil laughter coming from on top of the snowy mountains & it's Jinpachi Mishima)

Thumpback: Up there! There he is!

Tails: (scared of the being) No! Stay away from me!

Sonic: Tails! Tails!

Harold: What's going on up there?

Thumpback: Hold on! (throws Sonic & Harold upwards)

Sonic: (in thought: If Tails has been hurt... I'll never forgive myself! (lands on his feet)

Harold: (crashes on top of Owen) Ow!

Owen: Owie!

Duncan: Nice use of your belly, Owen.

Hakann: Guys! Over there! (points to a being, who is actually a mobian yellowish orange yeti who is now a cyborg, with a frozen Tails in place, not knowing that the cyborg yeti is using the flamethrower to thaw Tails out) We have a big problem!

Edd & E,EnE Eddy: What is that?!

Sonic: Noooo! Get awat from 'im, ya big... big...

Thok: I believe the term you we're refering to is yeti.

Sonic: Whatever you say. (in thought: Well, I'll figure out exactly what 'it' is after I'm through rockin' it's world!) (begins to charge at the yeti cyborg) (in thought: Whatever that creature's doin' to Tails is way past cool... not... in other words' Hot!

Spongebob: (spindashes at the yeti cyborg) Gotcha!

Sonic: (spindashes at the yeti cyborg, diverting his shot) Take that, flame-brain!

Zaktan: Your not getting off that easily, Kazuya! (turns to Kazuya, but he mysteriously disappeared) Where'd he go? He escaped!

Ixis Naugus: (reformed again) My bet's riding on the Abominable Snow-Bot quickster!

Sonic: Snow-bot...?

Zaktan: You mean the Abominable Snowman?

Jinpachi: (from the top) (devil voice) ENOUGH!

(The word "ENOUGH!" echoed throughout the Snowy mountains, causing a large avalanche to trigger above the group)

Sonic: It's another avalanche! We're about to be buried!

Kitty: Not again...

All: AAAAHHH!!! (got burried underneath the avalanche)

Hakann: (muffled) Get me outta here!

(However, Hugo wasn't effected by the avalanche, as he pops out from the snow instantly)

Hugo: (begins to dig for the gang again & pulls the All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails out of the snow) Found them again!

(This time, the deep freeze has knocked the All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails out cold)

Hugo: Poor little friends, I know what will cheer them up. A visit to a friend of mine. (carries the gang through the snow)

(The scene fades into black & then the camera fades into Spongebob's P.O.V.)

Spongebob: (waking up, seeing Crystal Gem) Huh? Crystal Gem? Where am I?

Crystal Gem: My friend has brought you all here back in the All Star Temple.

(Normal P.O.V.)

(We can see that Crystal Gem is right, the All Star Gang & Sonic & Tails are inside the All Star Temple.)

Spongebob: Why did you friend brought us here?

Crystal Gem: You mean my friend, Hugo?

Spongebob: Who's Hugo?

Crystal Gem: He was the friendly abominable snowman who was found by one of your All Stars, Hakann.

Hugo: (keeping himself cold) Outer space is beautiful & it is cold enough to prevent me from melting. Duh...

Crystal Gem: (giggles softely) But as of right now, I need your help. I found my husband, but he is being held prisoner at Snowmad Prison, which is created by the Snowmads.

Spongebob: We thought you said...

Crystal Gem: (covers Spongebob's mouth with a finger) It's ok, I know what I said, but apparently the Snowmads are the only ones who figured out Platinum's existence. And now I need your help to save him.

Spongebob: We love to help, but we have a most important mission to take out Jinpachi & Naugus.

Crystal Gem: Including Kazuya.

Spongebob: Huh?

Hugo: I told her everything about the amazing light show you've put on.

Zaktan: (wakes up) Huh? Wha...?

Crystal Gem: (notices Zaktan) I see that your awake, Zaktan. (notices Twilight Sparkle waking up as well) Greetings Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle: (wakes up & notices Crystal Gem) Greetings Crystal Gem. (bows)

Crystal Gem: I realized that your on a mission to stop Naugus, Jinpachi & Kazuya.

Zaktan: That is correct.

Crystal Gem: I need to know where is Snowmad Prison is...

Spongebob: Once we locate the Snowmads' map from them, we would give it to you so you won't miss it.

Crystal Gem: Thank you All Star Warrior & good luck to the rest of your heroes. (uses her magic to transport them, plus Hugo back to the Southern Tundra)

(Back at the Southern Tundra)

(The All Stars, plus Sonic, Tails & Hugo teleported back & Hugo noticed the cyborg yeti, breaks out of the snow with his flamethrower)

Hugo: Hello friend, what's your name?

(The cyborg yeti then helps Hugo carry the gang up to the castle, by croaching down, launching upwards with his rocket feet & lands in front of the door)

Hugo: (croaches down, jumps up & then lands) Oh boy! I love this game!

(The cyborg yeti & Hugo enters inside the room, which is a tiny laboratory.)

Hugo: Can we play it again, cousin?

(As the cyborg yeti & Hugo sets the heroes down gently, they heard a voice...)

???: Eddy!

Eddy the Yeti: Ruwr? (turns to ???)

Hugo: (turns to ???) Huh?

???: (in the shadows) It's been over an hour since you went outide on patrol! Where've you been, old friend?

(The figure emerges from the shadows, revealing to be an old brown short male overlander, wearing a green vest, red trousers, blue sneaker shoes, a white lab coat & a pair of glasses, his name is Nate Morgan)

Nate Morgan: ...And who've you brought home?

Hugo: I found them freezing in the snow.

Nate Morgan: (checks on Sonic, Tails & the All Stars) These poor mobians & poor creatures couldn't have been responsible for the mystical attack on our home earlier, Eddy!

Eddy the Yeti: Rawr...

Hugo: (notices the gang waking up) Look, they're waking up. The cute little things.

Spongebob: (wakes up & notices Nate Morgan) Hello mister.

Nate Morgan: Interesting... you must be friends of Hugo.

Zaktan: (wakes up) Yes.

Nate Morgan: Let's see if they've suffered any serious injur...(suddenly heard Sonic & Tails waking up)

Sonic: Whuzzis...? (notices Nate Morgan & Eddy the Yeti) Back off, bozos!

Eddy the Yeti: Raarrgh!!

Drilldozer: Sonic! Never judge a book by it's cover, you know that!

Nate Morgan: (notices something familliar about Sonic) Jules the Hedgehog?! Is that really you after all these years?

Sonic: No.

Xplode: Hold on. Jules the Hedgehog is actually Sonic's father.

Sonic: But I've got a better question... who the heck are you?!

(Suddenly Vezok, smells something burning)

Vezok: Say, what's cooking around here? (notices Eddy the Yeti's flamethrower being activated, spewing out flames) Hey! Watch it!

(They all noticed that the fire is forming into Ixis Naugus, as Kazuya Mishima )

Hakann: What the...?!

Ixis Naugus: That is Nate Morgan... and he, quickster, is the key to taking absolute control of Mobius! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Nate Morgan: NAUGUS!

Ezekiel: I did not see that coming!

The Kazuya Mishima Trilogy (Part 2)

(Somewhere else in the Southern Tundra)

(We can see Crystal Gem, wearing white snow clothes, under her original clothes, camoflauge in the snow, checking the map of the Southern Tundra)

Crystal Gem: (looks at the map & spots a cyan logo with a white snowflake symbol) There it is. The Snowmads' logo. I must follow all of the signs that will lead to the Snowmads Prison. (starts following the signs while laying low)

(She begins to follow the Snowmads symbols, while keeping herself hidden from the Bad Piggies & the Pointy Tucks. Later on, she finally found the Snowmads Prison)

Crystal Gem: (in thought: I'm coming, my dear.)

(Back in the lab in the castle)


Dudley: Wait, did Morgan already said that before?

Sonic: I guess it was wishful thinking when I assumed you'd been burrried by that avalanche for good!

Zaktan: And I believe Kazuya wanted payback for what happened in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Kazuya: You are beginning to become a challenge for me, Zaktan. But I believe that it's time we settle the score.

Ixis Naugus: Come now, Sonic... did you really believe that several tons of falling snow could affect a sorceror who, with a mere gesture, can turn my entire body to earth, wind, fire or water?

Rigby: If you we're frozen in a comedy sort of way, yes.

Tails: But no, but that's why it's called 'wishful' thinking!

Lindsay: Did someone say a wish?

Ixis Naugus: You and your measly sidekick, along with the All Stars have chased me all over Mobius and I have had enough of your meddling, Quickster!

Eddy: What's the matter? All Star got your tongue

Ixis Naugus: I give you one last chance: go back to your home in Mobtropolis, leave me to my affairs and all shall be forgiven!

Zaktan: I don't think so, bub!

Nate Morgan: The green one is right. You're in no position to grant anything to anyone, Ixis... not until you tell me why you've brought your battles to my doorstep!

Gwen: That's right!

Ixis Naugus: I am the one who has been wronged in this instance, Nate Morgan! I was brought here against my will by your frosty, flea-bitten flunky... the Abominable Snow-Bot!

Eddy the Yeti: Rargh!

Congar: Hey! That's not nice!

Hugo: You are naughty talking that way to my new snowy friend, Naugus.

Nate Morgan: You always were and good liar, Ixis! You used your elemental ability to stow yourself away in Eddy's Flame Throwin' Cyborg arm! Otherwise, your foul form would never have gotten past the mystical wards placed around my fortress to keep out beings such as yourself!

Spongebob: Any plans of action?

Sonic: Say, now that you mention it. Say Tails... how's about we do what we came here for?

Tails: You mean kickin' Ixis' butt the way it was meant to be, Sonic? I'm there!

Preytor: Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Zaktan: Well then, I guess it's finally showtime!

Sonic: Get 'Im!

Sonic, Tails, Eddy the Yeti & the All Stars: (charges at Ixis Naugus & Kazuya)

Zaktan: (attacks at Kazuya)

Kazuya: (blocks the attack & uppercuts Zaktan)

Zaktan: (dodges) Whoa!

Zaktan & Kazuya: (circle around one another)

Kazuya: Let's end this fight once and for all!


Ixis Naugus: So be it! You've dug your grave, Quickster... (uses his magicks to choke the gang, missing Zaktan)

Zaktan: Hey! Stop! (rams at Ixis Naugus, stopping his magicks)

Ixis Naugus: AUGH! (falls down & gets up) Why you...! You'll pay for this! (chokes Zaktan with his magicks) And once I have done away with the hedgehog, his partner, and your bionic bodyguard...

Kazuya: (notices all of this) Hmm...

Ixis Naugus: ...I can turn my focus toward my real reason for coming here to Mobius' Southern Tundra, Nate Morgan... namely you!

(Suddenly a devil fireball suddenly slams Ixis Naugus, hitting him at the stomach)

Ixis Naugus: WHAT?! (got hit & was blown backwards) NOOO!!! (falls down, feeling injured)

(They all noticed that the devil fireball has been shot by Jinpachi Mishima)

Jinpachi: (evil laughter) Naugus!

Ixis Naugus: No! It can't be you! How was that even possible?! (got tackled by Jinpachi) AAAHH!!

Kazuya: (notices this) Grandfather?

Zaktan: (gets up) Aren't we gonna fight or what?

Kazuya: Hm? (turns to Zaktan) Fine, I'll make it quick!

(The battle starts as Zaktan & Kazuya faces off against each other in a battle, but the choking from Ixis' Magicks had cost Zaktan a bit of his energy, but the distraction of Jinpachi had cost Kazuya even more dearly in this battle as Zaktan was emerged victorious.)

Zaktan: I'd rather keep my neck instead of losing it. (walks back to the gang) Is everyone alright?

Squidward: (coughing) Do we look ok?!

Sierra: I can't feel my neck!

Jinpachi & Ixis Naugus: (now facing each other, face to face)

Hugo: (to Nate) What do we gonna do?

Nate Morgan: (in thought: Ixis is using his mastery over the air to suck the oxygen molecules out of it! He's suffocating them! I must act swiftly or not at all! (pulls out a power ring) Ixis! (throws the power ring at the window) Fetch!

Ixis Naugus: (notices this) ! (goes after the ring)

Jinpachi: Oh no you don't! (goes after Naugus) That power ring is mine!

(The Power Ring passes through the stained glass window as easily as a pebble through a pond & so does Ixis Naugus & Jinpachi who went after it in pursuit)

Kazuya: (notices this) Very clever, Nate Morgan. Well played.

Xplode: And as for you. (turns to Kazuya)

(A few seconds later, we can see Kazuya handcuffed to the strong pipe)

Zaktan: They're coming to wake up.

Sonic & Tails & Eddy the Yeti: (waking up, feely woozy)

Sonic: Whoa! I feel so light headed... what'd that horn-headed heel do?

Owen: I don't feel so... hot.

Spongebob: I feel so woozy.

Nate Morgan: Steady now...

E,EnE Eddy: What just happened?

Zaktan: Nate Morgan took care of Naugus & Jinpachi. And we took care of Kazuya.

Sonic: You got rid of Ixis!

Nate Morgan: Only temporarily...

E,EnE Eddy: Yeah, same with Jinpachi.

Sonic: Still, it was an awesome move for an ancient overlander. We started to black out and missed everythin'! How'd you do it, dude?

Nate Morgan: I've got a few tricks of my own as I'll wager Ixis is now finding out!

(From outside)

Ixis Naugus: (grabs the power, but it was actually a hologram) A hologram?! Curse you, Morgan!

Jinpachi: (hanging onto the wall) Well played indeed, Morgan.

(The camera zooms in to see Crystal Gem is heading towards Snowmads Prison)

Crystal Gem: (hides behind the crates)

(A Minion Pig & a Pointy Tucks arrived, but was stopped by 2 Piggy Guards & 2 Fish Poker Pops)

Pointy Tucks: Wait, we have a message for Lord Freking!

Minion Pig: We want to see him!

(The guards looked at each other & opens the door for them to Snowmad Prison, as Minion Pig & Pointy Tucks enter inside, Crystal Gem secrety enters in & hides)

Crystal Gem: (keeps quiet)

Point Tucks & Minion Pig: (goes up to King Pig & Lord Freking & gives them the message)

King Pig: Huh?! The All Stars are here?!

Lord Freking: (gets angry upon reading the message) What?! Double the guards?! Extra pre-cautions?! When the All Stars arrive, the prison may not be adequate?!

Pointy Tucks: Well, I uh...!

Minion Pig: Well, uh you see...! (backed away as he stared at the glaring Snowmad guards & he began to shake in fear) EEP!

Pointy Tucks: (gulps)

Crystal Gem: (in thought: Hm?)

Lord Freking: You two doubt my master security?

Pointy Tucks: Absolutely not, King Pig does. I'm just the messenger...

King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig & Minion Pig: Hey!

Lord Freking I'll give you a message for you, the Bad Piggies & the rest of the All Stars: "Escaping from Snowmad Prison is impossible!"

King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal & Minion Pig: (looked down seeing thousands of guards)

Crystal Gem: (looks down) (in thought: Interesting. It's a long way down for a prison.)

Lord Freking: (whacked the Pointy Tucks' back, scaring him as his penguin feather fell & laughed that he loved to scare the Pointy Tucks) Impressive isn't it?

King Pig: (still shaking) Oh yes, very impressive.

(As they walk down level by level, Lord Freking contines to explain, as Crystal Gem continues to sneak through the shadows)

Lord Freking: One way in, one way out, one thousand guards and one prisoner.

Corporal Pig: Wow, that's real craftsmanship.

Pointy Tucks: Yes except that prisoner is Platinum. (shivered from saying that name)

Crystal Gem: (gasps quietly) (in thought: I was right, my husband is inside.)

(Lord Freking, King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Minion Pig & Pointy Tucks arrives at the elevator)

Lord Freking: (he, Pointy Tucks, King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig & Minion Pig got in the elevator) Take us down.

(The guard pulled the lever and the elevator carried them down)

Pointy Tucks & Minion Pig: (looked down, still can't stop shaking.)

Lord Freking: (smirked and began to shake the elevator; he laughed as Pointy Tucks & Minion Pig screamed when they made it down)

(They did not know is that Crystal Gem had knocked out the guard & made her way down on the chain of the elevator, slowly & quietly)

Crystal Gem: (in thought: I'm coming for you, my husband.)

(Later, the gate and the bridge open, revealing a figure, all still and in chains and a shell with large pins on him, preventing for him to move. The figure is a male skunk, with his hair a bit dark grey & his skunk stripe is the color platinum, he wears a white karate outfit & a black belt & red straps around his hands & legs. His name is Platinum the Skunk, Crystal Gem's husband & the father of the Skunk Girl Guardians)

Lord Freking: Behold, Platinum.

King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Minion Pig & Pointy Tucks: (just stood there)

Pointy Tucks: (afraid of going near the skunk) I'll... I'll just gonna wait right here.

Minion Pig: Me too.

Lord Freking: (chuckles) It's nothing to worry about; it's perfectly safe (shoved the Minion Pig & the Pointy Tucks forward) Cross bows, at the ready! (the cross bows aims at Platinum, just in case he tries to escape)

Foreman Pig: Cross bows? Interesting

Crystal Gem: (makes it down quietly & hide behind the walls right next to the gates)

Lord Freking: (walked towards Platinum) Hey tough guy, did you hear? You are the last of your male skunk guardians. And believe you me, I don't wanna be you & your wife right about that now once we capture your wife.

Crystal Gem: (gasps quietly)

Pointy Tucks: What are you doing? Don't get him mad! (snapped, fearing that Platinum will lose it)

Lord Freking: What's he going to do about it? The Male Skunk Guardians are weaker than the Females. That's why I easily got him completely immobilize. (steps on Platinum's tail & laughed) Aww, did I step on the wittle kitty tail? Aw

King Pig: Ok, I'm good.

Minion Pig: We've seen enough.

Corporal Pig: I'm going to tell Plankton that there's nothing to worry about. The All Stars don't stand a chance against us!

Lord Freking: (he, King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Minion Pig & Pointy Tucks left Platinum) No they don't.

Pointy Tucks: Okay, I'll tell him. Can we please go now?

Crystal Gem: (notices they've tooken the elevator back upwards & goes up to Platinum as she took off her snow clothes, revealing her original clothes under the snow clothes) Aww... poor Platinum. How will I ever break my husband out of this jail. (starts thinking until she notices the Pointy Tuck's black feather from before & grabs it) Hmm... that's it. (turns to Platinum)

Platinum: (still immobilized)

Crystal Gem: Please come back. (gives Platinum a kiss on the cheek)

Platinum: (opens his eyes, revealing his red iris color in his eyes)

Crystal Gem: (holds up the feather) I can help you get out with this.

Platinum: (makes a tiny smile on his face)

(Back with Sonic, Tails & the All Stars, plus Hugo, Eddy the Yeti & Nate Morgan)

(We see Nate Morgan is discussing something to the gang)

Nate Morgan: The protective wards around my fortress should keep the wretches out for the nonce!

Mordecai & Rigby: Cooool...

Nate Morgan: In the meantime, allow me to introduce myself... Nathaniel Beauregard Morgan. You're a little bit on the rash side to be Jules the Hedgehog! (extends his hand)

Sonic: I'm his one and only son! (shakes Nate Morgan's hand) You can call me 'Sonic!"

Spongebob: Greetings, Nataniel...

Nate Morgan: (chuckles softely) You can call me Nate Morgan, if you like.

Spongebob: Ok then, my name is Spongebob Squarepants, leader of the All Star Freedom Fighters.

Sonic: This is Miles Prower, my best bud in the whole world, but we all call him 'Tails!'

Twilight Sparkle: My name is Twilight Sparkle.

Zaktan: And I'm Zaktan. You'll know the rest of the gang later.

Sonic: I wanna apologize for thinkin' your big friend was on Ixis' side earlier!

Spongebob: We're sorry too.

Nate Morgan: Who...Eddy? He's loyal to me and no one else!

E,EnE Eddy: Hold on, I'm part of the All Stars too you know.

Edd: Eddy, I believe he meant the other Eddy. (points to Eddy the Yeti)

Astro Boy: I have an idea. We'll call our Eddy, "All Star Eddy".

Boggy B: And we'll call his Eddy, "Eddy the Yeti".

E,EnE Eddy: "All Star Eddy" & "Eddy the Yeti"? I like the sound of both of them.

Cody: We can explain everything.

Sonic: We thought we were chasin' Ixis all the way down here to stop his continued threat to the Kingdom of Acorn...

Spongebob: But with Naugus chasing Jinpachi, this is beginning to be a real pickle.

Sonic: But we were completely clueless he was comin' here lookin' for you! Who are you anyway, Nate Morgan? How do you know my pops? Or Ixis for that matter? You're an overlander (turns to the Total Drama Gang) No offense...

Owen: None taken.

Nate Morgan: Do you really wish to know my tale, young one? It was... so long... ago... it seems like it was a mere dream... your would be the only ears to have ever heard it... besides Eddy, that is... and perhaps the first to understand it.

Gwen: Alright, tell us the story please.

Patrick: Oh boy! Story time! Story time! Story time!

Hugo: I love story time!

Pumbaa: We're all ears.

Nate Morgan: Very well. Once upon a time, I was an unknown geophysician who headed an underground team of scientists toiling away in the heart of the overland city of Megapolis!

Timon: Megapolis?

Dudley: (shrugs in confusion)

Nate Morgan: And what was it that demanded our attention every day and every night?

Tyler: We have no idea what it is.

Nate Morgan: What indeed?

All Stars: Huh?

Nate Morgan: All seemed in readiness... it was supposed to be a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that had been polluting the county side around us all for years!

Tree Rex: The one thing I hate is pollution!

Nate Morgan: But, still, something nagged at me to wait before testing.

Geoff: Who is the dude?

Nate Morgan: My assistant... Julian Kintobor of the house of Ivo, a brilliant young man with unlimited potential... assured me that he had checked all the calibrations to the tee. He told me to seize the day.

Spongebob: "Julian Kintobor"? Now where have I heard that name before?

Nate Morgan: Heaven help me... I did. I seized the day and was soon after, seized by the authorites.

Kitty: It's best to obey the law.

Vezok: Shh.

Kitty: (now annoyed)

Nate Morgan: Sedition. Negligence. Endangering public lives noise pollution. The of crimes went on...

Deimos: Dude, what happened to you after that?

Nate Morgan: It was decided that since there was no loss of life, I was to be banished from overland forever. Only forever... If I survived my trek through the badlands I resolved myself to being killed by the anthropomorphic mobians who often come into conflict with my kind.

Xplode: Mobians? Don't they mean your mobian kind, Sonic?

Sonic: Hmm...

Nate Morgan: As with Julian before I made a gross error in judgement. And although it would have been easier to meet me with distrust as his royal guard did... King Frederic Acorn did just the opposite... and, instead extended his hand in friendship.

Ed, Edd & E,EnE Eddy: Wow...

Bouncer: Now that's forgiving & friendship is formed.

Nate Morgan: The Kingdom of Acorns was very different back then. Unlike we Overlanders, you Mobians believed in the preservation of nature.

Spongebob: Nature is very pretty.

Nate Morgan: Yes. It was the same reason why the Kingdom had remained in a pre-indsutrial state. With the awful memory of the accident in overland city behind me, I felt once more at peace with myself. Where I had been cast out by my own people, here I was accepted... even as a member of the Royal Court.

Raw Jaw: Wow, that's amazing.

Nate Morgan: I resumed my work with new vigor and now I finally had the necessary component to safely complete my test... the power locked within a Chaos Emerald!

Twilight Sparkle: One of the Skunk Girl Guardians' Chaos Emeralds.

Nate Morgan: It's innate energies allowed the new, clean air power source I had been trying to perfect for years before to come to fruition.

Applejack: Now that's how to be green.

Avak: The good kind, not the Zaktan kind. No offense.

Zaktan: Non taken.

Nate Morgan: With the legendary gem provided by King Frederic and my own power rings as a conduit for it's awesome forces... the Kingdom of Acorn quickly advanced into a technological golden age and the city of Mobotropolis was built in commemortaion. Where there were four natural elements on Planet Mobius...

Spongebob: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water.

Nate Morgan: Correct, but there were now five: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water... and the Power Ring!

Courtney: Incredible! That's how Mobotropolis was created. That's interesting.

Nate Morgan: I was hailed as a hero by the populace... and later watched with pride as young Prince Maximillian accepted the sovereign mantle from his aging sire.

Squidward: It also explains how King Acorn was now become royalty.

Nate Morgan: Now the enviromental ring maker, I spent my time honing the finest you minds in the kingdom. I seem to recall having your father and his brother, Charles as two of my finest students, Sonic. All was well at last... or so I had foolishly believed.

Spongebob: So, why are you here now? You've become Mobotropolis' hero.

Nate Morgan: I was. And it's another story I have to tell you how I got here in my fortress.

E,EnE Eddy: Alright, if you say so.

Nate Morgan: Very well. King Max had certain... advisors who felt threathened by my presence in Mobotropolis when one of them, the royal wizard, Ixis Naugus could not convince the young monarch of my alleged traitorous nature.

Hakann: Whoa, wait, whoa, whoa. Sorry to interrupt, but Naugus is the Royal Wizard for King Max?

Nate Morgan: That is correct, there is so much more about the past you all don't know. Naugus had sought out other allies. General Kodos, hated overlanders more than anyone in Mobotropolis. For Ixis, winning him over was child's play!

Scorpio: That explains why Kodos had hated us & becomes Naugus' flunkie with Uma.

Nate Morgan: Ixis set about their scheme... one that would involve controlling the already strained emotions of a lost contigent of overlander ground troops!

Donkey Kong: Wait, what?

Nate Morgan: Did Ixis know that Kodos, his troops, and myself would run into the lost soldiers while performing an environmental survey of the Great Forest? Did Kodos?

Pumbaa: I don't know, this is making my head hurts.

Nate Morgan: You see, it was certainly odd that his armed troops should choose to accompany me on this occasion... my people aren't know for trying to settle arguments peacefully... and well, neither are yours! You can guess what happened!

Timon: Let me guess, a fight?

Nate Morgan: Yes, Timon. The sights and sounds of the battle must have been heard as far away as Castle Acorn... because the next thing I recall was seeing King Max, Doctor Horatio Quack, and a team of Medics coming through the smoke.

Vezok: Actually, I vote for where we're supposed to kick ourselves outta here.

Corroder: (groans as he facepalms) Please, continue before I say something I'm gonna regret.

Nate Morgan: As I was saying, that was the last time i was glad to see a mobian!

Rigby: The last time? What do you mean?

Nate Morgan: From his bedside, the wounded Kodos told the King that it was I who revealed the location of the Kingdom to the Overlanders.

Rainbow Dash: What?! Why that pesky!

Applejack: Hold on there, Rainbow. We've already tooken care of him, remember?

Rainbow Dash: Oh.

Nate Morgan: Ixis was quick to back him up in his lies! King Max and Queen Alicia were torn... I had bounced him on my knee when he was little... but that didn't belie the fact that Kodos and I were the only survivors of the skirmish. It was a terrible day...

Spongebob: Oh dear.

Rarity: What happened next?

Nate Morgan: I would bear scars, inner and outer from those events. I exiled myself this time... I had caused enough problems for overlander and mobian alike! Yes... it was a terrible day for us all...

E,EnE Eddy: Yeah, all of because of that conniving bottomfeeder, Ixis Naugus! Mark our words, we will avenge you Nate Morgan!

Ed: [running up a small pile of snow] Slide on the soap. [He slides down and climbs up again.] Slide on the soap. [He slides and climbs back up.] Slide on the soap. [Slide and climb.] Slide on the soap.

Nate Morgan: I appreciate of you avenging me for what happened to me in the past, but I still have to continue the story.

Harold: Sorry, please continue.

Nate Morgan: I hadn't gone very far in my travels when I, by pure accident, stumled down the hollow stump of a once proud oak... and found myself in an underground grotto leading to a hidden valley neatly tucked away beneath the thick expanse of underbrush. I could have lived out the rest of my days in that idyllic setting... but I didn't. However.

Nitroblast: How did you escape?

Nate Morgan: Before making my way back up through that subtle knothole in the forest floor, I left a momento within my lost world. The right technology was too powerful a force... beings like Ixis and Kodos would seek to exploit it for their own selfish purposes. So, I dropped the ring-forge into a deep, murky lake, where no one would ever find it.

Dudley: That would explain how we discovered the lake that produces Power Rings from the water.

Nate Morgan: For many seasons I trudged onward until I came to the snowy wastelands of the Southern Tunra. Did you know that the temperature here, at the bottom of the world, always remains below zero degress fahrenheit?

Thok: That is because the Southern Tundra is the Antarticia, otherwise known as the South Pole.

Nate Morgan: I see. I had become so numb from the pain of my past that I hardly felt it. But was I numb enough?

Spongebob: Hm?

Edd: Care to explain how you & Eddy the Yeti first met?

Nate Morgan: As you wish, Edward. Among the overlanders, there had been whispers of mutates that had been created as a result of the 'Days of Fury' that occurred centuries past.

Squidward: Hey! That explains the storm that we had once we're in Eurish, a.k.a. Europe!

Nate Morgan: There was no doubt in my mind that the snow beast trapped beneath the fallen avalanche was such a creature... but to hear it's anguished voice... to see it's pleading eyes confirmed to me that pain was real to it as it was to any mobian or overlander. But I had sword to never involve myself in the affairs of either group... hadn't I?

Gwen: You mean, you have been forced yourself to make a tough choice?

Nate Morgan: That is correct, Gwen. My one weakness had always been that I was a scientist who followed his heart and not his brain; that choice would often lead me into disaster. But on that day, I listened to my conscience again and I not only saved a life... but I gained a true friend who been at my side ever since. (smiles at Eddy the Yeti)

Eddy the Yeti: (places his left hand on Nate Morgan's left shoulder & smiled back at him)

Hugo: (smiles)

Bridgette: Aww, that's very sweet of you to save that yeti.

Bridgette: With Nate Morgan saving Eddy the Yeti reminds back in Season 3 in the Total Drama Aftermath for Total Drama World Tour, I was stuck in the snowy lands, but I tend to the black bear's wounds. His name is Bruno & he is very protective for me. That was very touching.

Nate Morgan: We built this castle... our home... flagstone by flagstone and lived here in peace until Ixis tried to breach it's mystical defenses earlier!

All Stars: (we're completely amazed) Whoa...

Big Brother Bird: (smiles) ...

Sonic: Don't you get it, Nate? You're the answer to a whole mess o' riddles we've been askin' ourselves for years! But it doesn't explain why Ixe would come all the way here gunnin' (softly) Or magic wandin' (normal voice) For you now! After all, didn't he get you outta the picture years ago?

E,EnE Eddy: Or the answers for Naugus to take out Jinpachi who betrayed him before the start of our journey?

Nate Morgan: Ixe, as you refer to him, did rid himself of me back then... he saw me as a threat to his continued position as royal wizard. He feared my science would replace his magic! (goes up to a door, which is glowing from the inside of the other room) But now... now I have something the fiend wants all to himself.

Sonic: Like what?

Twilight Sparkle: We're about to find out. (opens the doors with her magic & gasps)

Spongebob: What is it, Twilight?

All Stars: (gasps at the sight)

(We can see that it's a deep cavern with a balcony, full of hundreds of floating power rings)

E,EnE Eddy: (is extremely excited about the massive number of floating power rings) CHA CHING!

Sonic: ! Hold it! Don't say another word! I think I've got this one sewn up!

Spongebob: Talk about hitting the jackpot! Now we know what Naugus' top plan. If either Naugus, Jinpachi or Kazuya gets a hold of them, we're doomed.

(They didn't know is that Kazuya had made his way inside the deep cavern & was hiding behind the walls, close to the opened door)

Kazuya: (smirks evily) Speak for yourself.

The Kazuya Mishima Trilogy (Part 3)

(Back inside the Snowmad Prison)

Platinum: (grabs the feather with his tail & then places it & then uses the feather on the top of the shell. His ears went up when he heard a clicking sound as he heard another one.) Almost there...(The needles on the shell went up that he unlocked it. He let out his breath as he began to move; he's no longer immobilized) Finished...

Crystal Gem: I hope this works.

Platinum: (Suddenly, he began to broke the shell)

(At the bridge, Lord Freking, King Pig & Pointy Tucks looked down and saw that Platinum has broken the shell.)

Lord Freking: Oh no!

Pointy Tucks: What's happening?

Lord Freking: To your battlestations, hurry!

Corporal Pig: Bad Piggies, to your battlestations!

(The alarm went off and all the Snowmad Guards & the Minion Pigs began to go down the underground prison to stop Crystal Gem & Platinum)

Crystal Gem: They're coming! We got to move, fast.

Platinum: Alright, stand back. (slowly got up, moving the boulders that are attached to the chains; he looked up, much ticked) Lord Freking!

Pointy Tucks: (began to shake in fear, gulping)

Lord Freking: Fire cross bows!

Snowmad Guards: (shot the large bows towards Crystal Gem & Platinum, but the couple dodged; glaring at them)

Crystal Gem: That was close.

Platinum: What's the matter, guards? Are you chicken or something?

(The 2 Minion Pig shot another one, feeling enraged)

Platinum: (used it to break the shackle)

2 Snowmad Guards: (gasped and one covered his mouth)

2 Minion Pigs: Uh-oh.

Crystal Gem: Here, let me help you! (uses her kicks to broke another shackle)

Platinum: (now free from the chains) Thanks honey.

Pointy Tucks: Platinum is free! I must warn Plankton! (about to fly for his life)

Lord Freking: (grabbed the Pointy Tucks by his neck) You're not going anywhere and neither are they! Bring it up!

(The elevator began to go up while Crystal Gem & Platinum began to walk)

Platinum: How are we suppose to get up there?

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (noticed that the guards began to shoot the arrow. The arrow is coming right at them)

Crystal Gem: Watch out honey! (used her magic wand to block & then uses her magic to fire the arrow back as the Snowmad guards dodged and the arrow went to the rocky wall)

(After what they both saw, Platinum has a plan to get back up)

Platinum: I have an idea. Trust me!

Crystal Gem: Ok then. Let's do it!

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (threw the arrows in the air and kicked them towards the wall. They jumped on the stick of the arrow and it sends the 2 flying towards another one. The two lovely couple jumped on the arrow, one by one to make it up there)

Crystal Gem: Smart thinking, sugar bear.

Platinum: Your welcome. Anything to get out of this place.

Pointy Tucks: Crystal Gem & Platinum's on their way!

King Pig: They're racing towards the elevator!

Lord Freking: They won't get far! Archers!

(The Snowmad archers began to shoot thousands of dead fish arrows toward Crystal Gem & Platinum, but the couple saw them and jumped right towards the elevator to take cover.

Platinum: Ew, smells like rotten dead fish.

Crystal Gem: I know what you mean.

(One of the Snowmad guard used his axe to slash the chains and the elevator went down, hoping that Crystal Gem & Platinum won't get away. The guards smirked that the couple didn't make it.)

2 Snowmad Guards: Ha ha ha ha... (hi fives their axes each other)

(Without warning, Crystal Gem & Platinum kicked both of them and used the chain to swing up & the 2 skunks noticed that Corporal Pig, the Snowmad Guards & the Bad Piggies approaching them with their weapons, getting ready to attack)

Corporal Pig: Guards, ATTACK!

Snowmad Guards & the Minion Pigs

Crystal Gem: Just like old times?

Platinum: Just like old times!

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (charges at Corporal Pig, the Snowmad Guards & the Minion Pigs)

(Back in the Deep Cavern, with the Heroes)

Sonic: POWER RINGS... you've got a whole mess o' power rings in here, Nate!

Zaktan: How'd you get all these?

Nate Morgan: I forged them myself... each a near-limitless power source.

Sonic: Way past cool... (about to touch a floating power ring)

E,EnE Eddy: Come to papa... (about to touch a floating power ring)

Eddy the Yeti: (stops Sonic & E,EnE Eddy) Raargh!

Hugo: Ah, ah, ah. No touchy touch on the shiny rings.

Sonic: Then again...

Spongebob: Ok, that would be a bad idea to take them.

Edd: I think it's best as well.

Sonic: Yo! What's up with that? Me and Tails're the good guys, remember?

Noah: (bored) What else is new?

Nate Morgan: I believe, Sonic. That Eddy was only trying to inform you... that I won't have the rings' power exploited by outsiders like the sorcerous Ixis Naugus who attacked this fortress... my home... earlier!

Tails: Exploited?!

Sonic: Outsiders?!

Twilight Sparkle: I see what you mean. You we're trying to protect the power rings from any intruders who invaded here.

Spongebob: And also, Jinpachi & Kazuya would do anything for power, especially with Jinpachi needed power to keep himself from dissolving into sand.

Sonic: All we're saying is... power rings are so rare... just think of all the good you could do with these! You could even move back to Mobotropolis and help us...

Justin: And don't worry. We won't stop you from making any decision you make.

Red Bird: So what do you say?

Eddy the Yeti: Nate... friend! Nate... stay!

Squidward: What the...?! Did he just...

Patrick: Did what?

Sonic: He can talk?

Nate Morgan: A little bit in our language... and a lot in his own!

Katie & Sadie: Wow.

Yellow Bird: (was a bit surprized) Who knew?

Nate Morgan: Don't you fret, Eddy! I'm not going anywhere! My days as a loyal citizen of Mobotropolis were over long ago!

Avak: Well, that's the decision Mr. Morgan made. We'll be going then. (about to leave)

Sonic: (grabs Avak's tail & yanks him back, a bit disappointed & a bit angry)

Avak: Ow owowowowowowow! (falls down on his backside)

Sonic: Oh, that's great! Just great! Listenin' to your story made me think you were a hero! It even gave me hope for overlanders!

Mordecai: (makes a throat slashing gesture, trying to get Sonic to be quiet)

Sonic: But now, I see you for what you are... someone who was once a hero, but now chooses to hide himself away because a few bad breaks!

Mordecai: (facepalms) Ugh!

Geoff: I think he pushed him over the edge, bro.

Duncan: I think your right.

Sonic: Why can't you be a hero again, Nate?

Nate Morgan: (gets a bit mad) Because it never works.

Zaktan: Hey! Everybody calm down or I'll...!

(Suddenly, everyone was interrupted by an earthquake)

Sonic: Whoah!

E,EnE Eddy: What was that?

Edd: (notices Jinpachi emerging from the shadows & Ixis Naugus emerging from the stone walls as the element of earth) Um, Ed-d-dee-dee-dee?

Tails: Look, Sonic! The wall of the cave... it's changing!

(Suddenly a laser shot hits Kitty, burning her fur, leaving her charred)

Kitty: OW! (falls down)

Dudley: (smells Kitty) Ew, burnt cat.

Sonic: I see it, Tails! It's taking on a sickeningly familiar shape! It's... Ixis Naugus!

Ed: (notices Jinpachi) JA..! JA...!

E,EnE Eddy: Jinpachi Mishima! (hugs Edd in fear)

Zaktan: (turns to see the one who shot the laser beam & it appears to be Devil Kazuya Mishima) And Kazuya Mishima... as Devil!

Ixis Naugus: Greetings once more, Quickster! I've used my elemental mastery of the Earth to infiltrate Nate Morgan's so-called fortress and finally find his power-ring store-house...

Devil: It appears that my grandfather has returned to stop Ixis Naugus' revenge against him.

Ixis Naugus: And now it only remains for me before finishing off Jinpachi is to use that self-same power to eliminate all of you! (conjures a stone wall between the Mobians, the All Stars & the new acquaintances, Nate, Eddy the Yeti & Hugo)

Hugo: Duh, we're trapped!

Nate Morgan: Eddy... we've been cut off from Sonic & Tails & the All Stars!

Hugo: We betta get outta here & duh, fast! (runs off)

Eddy the Yeti: (carries Nate Morgan & runs off with Hugo)

Nate Morgan: Wait, Eddy! Put me down!

Devil: (shoots laser beam from his 3rd devil eye, causing the ceiling to collapse)

Applejack: Incoming rocks!

Spongebob: Everybody, get down!

(The All Stars, plus Nate, Hugo & Eddy the Yeti got away from the collapsing ceiling)

Nate Morgan: The ceiling has collapsed!

Zaktan: Sonic! Tails! We've got to get them outta here!

Eddy the Yeti: Nate... friend! Nate... stay!

Nate Morgan: I can't Eddy! They're buried! (notices the rocks are moving) Hold on! I see some movement...

Thunder: Uh, rocks can't move by themselves. Can't they?

Meltdown: I don't think so. What do you think it is?

Zaktan: I have a feeling, I know.

Nate Morgan: Uh-oh! We'd better move out of the way, Eddy... it looks like there's going to be some trouble!

E,EnE Eddy: Take cover!

(The War Monsters & the Skylander Giants, plus Hugo & Eddy the Yeti protected the rest of the All Stars & Nate Morgan, as the stone wall between them exploded.)

Hugo: Are you ok, George & Marsha?

Vezok: Uh... I think so.

Twilight Sparkle: What happened?

(The All Stars all noticed something that is an astounding sight to see.)

Donkey Kong: Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Hakann: I'm seeing what your seeing, but I can't believe what I am seeing.

(Having absorbed the Power Rings, Naugus and his heroic pursuers have transformed into super-powered versions of themselves: Ugly Naugus, Ultra Sonic, and Hyper Tails.)

Devil: What is this?!

Jinpachi: Whatever those forms are... (devil voice) TWO CAN PLAY THIS GAME!

(Jinpachi Mishima begins his devil transformation, he wears a stretched gold belt, red torn pants with patterns on them, his skin becomes purple with purple aura, his eyes becomes red, his shoulder blades begins to grow sharper, pointing upwards, and he gains a mouth in his stomach, from which he could shoot fire balls from. His transformation is complete
Devil Jinpachi

Devil Jinpachi


Mordecai & Rigby: Aw sick!

Devil Jinpachi: You will all meet your doom!

Ugly Naugus: (gloating in an super natural language)

(It appears that the All Stars can't hear what Ultra Sonic, Hyper Tails & Ugly Naugus are all saying)

Rigby: Dude, what are they saying?

LeShawna: I have no idea. Do I look like the girl speaking alien?

Spongebob: All the power rings are gone. It appears that it's all up to Sonic & Tails now.

E,EnE Eddy: (has his arms hidden behind him) Not exactly. (shows the gang a lot of power rings in each arm)

Edd: By jove Eddy.

Owen: How did you...?

E,EnE Eddy: You gotta get up very early in the morning to be very quick & cunning enough to take some while no one's looking.

HF Rotor: We have a problem. There's only enough for 2 Super Transformations.

Zaktan: Spongebob & I we'll take care of Jinpachi & Devil. It's the only way to help out.

Twilight Sparkle: Well there is no time to argue. Ultra Sonic & Hyper Tails need help fast.

(Ugly Naugus begins to open the portal to the Zone of Silence, but was interrupted by Ultra Sonic's charge)

Vezok: You heard the unicorn!

Spongebob & Zaktan: (grabs an even ammount of powers rings & felt the energy surge within, as they start spinning around, about an inch in the air, started blubblering faster as they spin around in mid air, faster, until they was enveloped in a bright golden light) TRANSFORM!

(Both Spongebob & Zaktan we're transformed into their muscled forms, Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan.)

Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan: (felt very strong energy within them)

Alpha Spongebob: Let's finish this.


Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan: (starts attacking Devil Jinpachi & Devil, with Alpha Spongebob vs. Jinpachi. And Omega Zaktan vs. Devil)

Devil Jinpachi & Devil: (starts fighting back)

(Back with Platinum & Crystal Gem)

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (began to defeat the Snowmad guards & the Minion Pigs one by one)

(The guards don't stand a chance against the couple, because they're too strong & too quick.)

Corporal Pig: (charges at Crystal Gem, letting out a battle cry)

Platinum: Now!

Crystal Gem: (knocked Corporal Pig with a huge blow)

Corporal Pig: AUUUGGHH!! (flew backwards, knocking more of them) (feeling dizzy) Check please, waiter?

Platinum: Wow, I never knew your own strength.

Crystal Gem: Like I said, it's been a long time. Now then, let's move.

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (began to climb while more of the guard locked the caged door, but Platinum knocked it out.)

Platinum: Let's dance!

Platinum & Crystal Gem: (grabbed two of the Snowmad guards with their arms and legs and they twirled them in the air, defeating them.)

Foreman Pig: (is about to hit Crystal Gem by using the ball with spikes on it) Bye bye, stinky!

Crystal Gem: (gasps) Help!

Platinum: (grabbed the weapon) Hey! (knocked Foreman Pig out) Now who's next? (used the weapon to hit the Snowmad guards & the Minion Pigs one by one.)

(Foreman Pig comes back & is going to attack the 2 skunks, but Crystal Gem used it to hit the weapon, right to his mouth)

Crystal Gem: Sorry, but your pretty close (kicked him, sending him flying)

Foreman Pig: AIIIEEEEEEE!!! (falls down, feeling dizzy) Don't worry, mama will fix it.

Platinum: Nice on

Crystal Gem: Thank you.

(The Two Skunks continue their climb to the top of the Snowmad Prison)

(Back in the Caverns)

Ugly Naugus: (launches fire from his eyes, at Ultra Sonic)

Ultra Sonic: (creates a shield of ice water, putting out the fire)

Devil: (launches a laser beam at the duo)

Omega Zaktan: (tackles Devil with the strength of earth)

Devil Jinpachi: (felt the Zone of Silence beginning to spill into reality)

Ugly Naugus: (felt his power being greatly increased)

Devil Jinpachi: (slams Ugly Naugus to the ground & begins to gain the Zone of Silence's power as well)

Hyper Tails: (sets his squadron of feathered familiars upon the villains, making sure history does not repeat itself)

Alpha Spongebob: (spindashes at Devil)

Devil: (kicks at Alpha Spongebob)

Ugly Naugus: (uses his magicks of water to freeze Hyper Tails' chirping charges in flight)

(The frozen birds begin to fall down)

Yellow Bird: AAH! Our fellow birds!

HF Rotor: (ready to catch them) I got 'em! I got 'em! I got 'em! (suddenly got slammed in the head by a frozen block with the birds inside, falls down on his stomach) Ouchie! I don't got 'em.

Duncan: He got it.

Hugo: This looks like fun.

Eddy the Yeti: Nate... friend! Nate... stay!

Nate Morgan: No, Eddy! I can't let this go on!

Ugly Naugus: (launches boiling water at Ultra Sonic)

Ultra Sonic: (creates an earth wall made of constructed granite, blocking the attack)

Devil: (uppercuts Omega Zaktan)

Omega Zaktan: (got hit & hits Devil with a super kick)

Alpha Spongebob: (spindashes at Devil Jinpachi)

Devil Jinpachi: (grabs Alpha Spongebob by the foot & pushes him back)

Nate Morgan: How dare you wreck my home, Naugus?!

Ugly Naugus: (launches boiling water at Nate Morgan)

Fangz: Nate! Watch out!

Hyper Tails: (swept Nate Morgan off of his feet, saving him from the attack)

Ultra Sonic & Hyper Tails: (lands)

Hyper Tails: (sets Nate down gently)

Ultra Sonic & Hyper Tails: (feeling dizzy & is tranformed back to normal)

Ed: Uh?

Avak: Are you two ok?

Sonic: (feeling dizzy & weak) What happened, Tails?

Tails: (feeling dizzy & weak as well) I can't remember, Sonic... feel so weak...

Katie & Sadie: (gulps)

Alejandro: What happened to them?

Nate Morgan: (in thought: Incredible! THey both seem to have no recollection of their transformation.)

Devil Jinpachi: I have had enough of this! (powers up) DIE! (launches a fireball from the mouth of his stomach at Ultra Sonic & Hyper Tails)

Sonic & Tails: (got hit by the blast) AUGH! (got blown back & gets up slowly, but falls down) Ugh.... (falls down, knocked out)

Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan: Sonic! Tails!

Patrick: What happened? Why are they sleepy?

Nate Morgan: (in thought: The rings' energy was never meant for this type of usage... they've burned themselves out...)

Ninjini: (had heard Nate's thoughts with her super hearing) That would mean the power rings that Spongebob & Zaktan had would drain out of them & they would pass out in the next... 10 minutes.

Reidak: Looks like it's a race against time!

Devil: Now that Sonic & Tails we're out for the count. That leaves Naugus to take on Nate while Jinpachi & I finish off... YOU!

Devil & Devil Jinpachi: (charges at the All Stars & tackles them down)

Ugly Naugus: (charges & grabs Nate by the throat)

Devil: Any last words?

???: KAZUYA!!!

Devil: (was in shock to hear that familiar voice) It can't be! (turns to ???, who is actually...) HEIHACHI?! You're suppose to be dead!

Heihachi: When it comes to near death experiences, I am invincible!

Devil: (growls) No matter. (turns to Heihachi) You will suffer in the underworld!


(As the battle rages on, Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan tackles Devil Jinpachi back.)

Devil Jinpachi: Die! (launches another fireball from his mouth from his stomach, at Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan)

Omega Zaktan: Bicycle Kick on three! 1... 2... 3!

Alpha Spongebob & Omega Zaktan: (bicycle kicks at the fireball with tremendous power, sending it back towards Devil Jinpachi)

Devil Jinpachi: What?! (got blown backwards, right through the caverns & out of it, blown away towards to the sky) NOOOOOOOOOOOO....!!! (dissapears with a twinkle in the sky)

(Meanwhile, However, Nate Morgan has one last surprise for his old foe: a last Power Ring, hidden in his glasses, upon which he makes a wish. The resulting act of magic casts Naugus back into the Zone of Silence and seals it closed behind him, exiling him from Mobius yet again.)

Ugly Naugus: NOOOOOO... (got banished back into the Zone of Silence)

(Now we can see that the Zone of Silence has been resealed)

Devil: What?! I don't need those geezers to destroy you?! (suddenly got knocked out by a dragon uppercut from Heihachi) AUGH! (falls down, knocked out)

Heihachi: I'm no feeble old man to you.

Devil: (transforms back to Kazuya)

Kazuya: (still knocked out)

Heihachi: (picks him up) I have unfinished business & this time, I'll make you pay. (leaves with an unconscious Kazuya)

Izzy: Wow! That's amazing! How did Nate Morgan do that?

Eva: No idea & don't care.

Eye-Brawl: (gently helps Sonic & Tails up) Are you alright?

Sonic: (feeling dizzy) Uhh...

(Suddenly, the effects of the battle leave the cavern destabilized and collapsing all around them.)

Crusher: Earthquake!

Nate Morgan: (In thought: Whoops! Another avalanche?)

Owen: (screaming) I'm too young to die!

Eddy the Yeti: Rowrr! (suddenly stops the ceiling from falling with his massive strength)

Nate Morgan: Eddy?

Tree Rex: Eddy the Yeti?

Omega Zaktan: He's using his strength to push the ceiling back up!

Vezok: Uh, guys? I don't think that ceiling is gonna last long.

Nate Morgan: Oh, no! Eddy! We've got to get out of here... before the roof caves in!

Alpha Spongebob: But the exits we're all sealed in after Heihachi escaped!

Sonic: I'm on it... with my Triple-S Spin! (uses his Triple-S Spin to dig an escape tunnel)

Drilldozer: Me too! (helps Sonic drill an escape tunnel with his drill) Dig a hole! Dig a hole! Dig a hole!

(The All Stars, plus Nate, Sonic, Tails & Hugo makes their escape through the escape tunnel easily)

E,EnE Eddy: Whoo hoo! We're free!

Alpha Spongebob: Are you alright? I feel funny... (falls down on his back, transforms back to normal)

Spongebob: I think I'm gonna fall asleep here.

Omega Zaktan: (falls down on his stomach, transforming back to normal)

Zaktan: I don't feel so good.

Sonic: I feel like I've run all the way to Mobotropolis and back... I feel so tired!

Kitty: Eddy the Yeti is still inside!

Nate Morgan: Then it's up to me, Sonic! (hurries back to the escape tunnel)

Fluttershy: (gasps) Oh my!

Sonic: Nate! Wait!

Xplode: Where are you going?

Boggy B: Come back!

Nate Morgan: I can't! Hold on, Eddy! Hold... (notices Eddy the Yeti, still holding onto the rocky ceiling of the caverns) ...on.

Eddy the Yeti: (struggling to hold it upwards) Nate... friend! Nate... GO!

(The entire fortress collapses atop the Yeti, crushing him, causing yet another avalanche, washing away Nate Morgan, Sonic, Tails & the All Stars down the mountain)

Nate Morgan: EDDY!

E,EnE Eddy: Why is everyone calling my name?

(Back in the Snowmad Prison)

(The two skunks climbed through and made it to the top; he stared at Lord Freking, King Pig, Pointy Tucks and all the guards, including Pompy, Skowl, Ba-Boom, Fugu (in a large fish tank on wheels) & Basher, blocking the gates. Lord Freking smirked as Crystal Gem & Platinum looked determined. Pointy Tucks stared at the couple, still shaking in fear as Crystal Gem & Platinum are about to attack)

Crystal Gem: Playtime is over for you, Lord Freking!

Platinum: It's time that your reign of terror comes to an erupt end.

King Pig: (gulps as he hides behind Lord Freking)

Pointy Tucks: We're dead, so very, very dead.

Lord Freking: (laughs) Not yet we're not, now!

(The Snowmad guard shot the dead fish arrow with fire on it. The arrow flew above toward the large, pointed rocks and it explodes, causing a rock fall. Crystal Gem & Platinum looked up when the pointed rock smashed the bridge.)

Crystal Gem: It's breaking apart! Come on, let's move!

(The 2 skunks jumped from bridge to bridge and jumped towards Lord Freking, but the 2 began to fall to their death.)

Platinum: NO!

Lord Freking: (laughs for his victory)

Platinum: Now what?

Crystal Gem: (looked up and saw dynamite on another pointed rock) I have an idea, hold on! (holds onto Platinum bridal style & begins to concerntrate)

(By using her magic, Crystal Gem makes large white feathered wings appear on her, shining brightly as she opens her wings, started to fly upwards)

Platinum: Crystal Gem... are those... angel wings?

Crystal Gem: That is the true power of an All Star Warrior. Now let's go! (begins to fly upwards with her white angel wings, avoiding each of the rocks)

(They both made it up the rock, where there's dynamite)

Platinum: Now it's our turn (grabs the fuse and the dynamite) Care to do the honours, Crystal Gem?

Crystal Gem: With pleasure... (flies downwards towards the Snowmads & the Bad Piggies, holding the rope which is tied to the Dynamite)

King Pig: Uh oh...

Pointy Tucks: Should we run now?

Lord Freking: (now scared) Yes

Crystal Gem: (threw the dynamite)

(Back outside)

(Just then, they all stopped sliding)

Ed: Slide on the soap.

Thok: Eddy the Yeti... he... had sacrifced himself to save all of us. A moment of silence... to honour our fallen.

(As everyone began to give a moment of silence, suddenly from the Snowmad Prison, which is in a far away distance, the dynamite exploded, breaking the silence and the gates from the Snowmad Prison broke through. The Snowmad guards & the Minion Pigs flew out of the prison due to the explosion.)

E,EnE Eddy: Whoa! What was that?! Did you see that?

Astro Boy: Someone might be in trouble, let's move!

Spongebob: Hugo, can you keep an eye on Sonic, Tails & Nate Morgan for us?

Hugo: Oh yes, George. I will keep an eye on them for you.

Spongebob: Thanks.

(The All Stars then heads off to Snowmad Prison)

(Back at the entrance of Snowmad Prison)

(Lord Freking, King Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Pompy, Skowl, Ba-boom, Fugu, Basher & Pointy Tucks flew out and landed on the ground.)

Pointy Tucks: (let out his breath & what he saw the Snowmad Officers & the Bad Piggies all laid out unconscious)

King Pig: (feeling dizzy) Ho ho & ha ha, to laugh, it is.

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (exits the front gates)

Crystal Gem: (folds her wings, closing them) Are you alright, Platinum?

Platinum: I am ok, thanks to you. I have to fake my death in order to find what we're looking for, for the current All Star Warrior.

Crystal Gem: You mean...?

Platinum: That is right. I'd do anything for the safety of the Multiverse & for you.

Crystal Gem: Thank you, sugar bear.

Platinum: Your welcome, pumpkin pie.

Crystal Gem & Platinum: (begins kissing each other in the lips, while hugging each other)

Crystal Gem: (lifts one of her legs up)

Crystal Gem & platinum: (stops kissing)

Platinum: (gives Crystal Gem a scroll) Here. Give this to the current All Star Warrior.

Crystal Gem: (nods as she puts her white snow clothes back on) I'll meet you back at the All Star Temple. (uses her magic to open the portal back to the All Star Temple)

Platinum: Alright then, tell Goldrahk that I've returned. (enters the portal)

Crystal Gem: (smiles & then turns to the All Stars, who arrived) Greetings All Stars, I've completed my mission & rescue my husband.

Edd: Greetings Crystal Gem.

Twilight Sparkle: Congratulations on your mission.

Crystal Gem: Here is something I want you to have. (gives the All Stars, the scroll) Here it is.

Raw Jaw: Hm? What is that?

Astro Boy: It's a scroll.

Spongebob: Hmm... I wonder. (opens the scroll)

(It appears that the scroll is about a large rainbow chaos emerald, which is actually called the "All Star Emerald")

Zaktan: It's true. The All Star Emerald exists.

Crystal Gem: It is indeed. It is fortold that it's hidden somewhere parts unknown. The first clue is also in the scroll. You'll find more clues in finding the All Star Emerald. Good luck. (enters the portal, before the portal closes)

E,EnE Eddy: What's the All Star Emerald?

Congar: Whatever that All Star Emerald is, this mystery about a returning enemy has split into 2, due to the new powerful gem being discovered.

Togera: Let's get back to the others.

(We see that the Sponge Flyer & the Winged Victory is ready to take off)

Sonic, Tails & Nate Morgan: (in the Winged Victory)

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (in the Sponge Flyer)

Squidward: We're ready to go.

War Monsters & Giants: (starts running off, while carrying the rest of the All Stars)

Spongebob: Say, Hugo. Would you like to help us take off?

Hugo: Oh yes, George. (picks up the Sponge Flyer & starts it by spinning the propeller) It'll be easy as pie. (throws the Sponge Flyer, launching it into the sky)

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (flying in the Sponge Flyer)

Hugo: (picks up the Winged Victory & starts it by spinning the propeller) Here you go. (throws the Winged Victory, launching it into the sky as well) Bye bye, my friends. I'll miss you.

(Hugo begins to wave goodbye to the All Stars & Sonic, Tails & Nate Morgan as they left the Southern Tundra)

(With Heihachi Mishima)

Heihachi: (carrying Kazuya over the snowy cliff & drops him down to the bottom of a snowy ravine) Farewell, forever, Kazuya. (turns to the top of the snowy mountain & climbs up)

Kuma II: (is waiting at the top)

(We see that Heihachi & Kuma II have found Pandora's Box on top of the Snowy Mountains of the Southern Tundra & then they both noticed a helicopter arriving along with an air craft carrier called the "Chum Carrier")

Heihachi: (smirks) Took them long enough.

(Emerging from the Chum Carrier are Von Nebula, Fire Lord & Witch Doctor)

Von Nebula: Is the Box of Pandora ready for activation?

Heihachi: Indeed.

(The Box of Pandora then begins to activate, opening up, giving the power of immortality & eternal life to Heihachi, making him young again, feeling faster, stronger & younger & regaining his full head of black hair.)

Heihachi: Finally! I've gained immortality!

Fire Lord: By then you will be even more powerful than you ever imagine.

Von Nebula, Fire Lord & Witch Doctor: (loads the Box of Pandora into the Chum Carrier)

Heihachi: Now then, why would you 3 need the Box? Is there a purpose?

Witch Doctor: There is indeed a purpose that Plankton wants the Box of Pandora. It will be the perfect Back-Up Power Supply. Let's just say that he wanted to finish building the Master Jack-X, a machine that is ready for Multiversal Domination in under Plankton's instructions.

Heihachi & Kuma II: (gets inside the copter & takes off)

Von Nebula, Fire Lord & Witch Doctor: (leaves in the Chum Carrier)

(As the Chum Carrier left, Heihachi was hanging onto the ladder that is hanging from the helicopter & he smirks as he hears the last avalanche occurring)

The End