This is the 80th Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes: SpongeBob, Timon, Pumbaa, Sanford & Deimos

Main Villains: Meng Huo, Zhurong, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus, The Chameleon & Bird Brain

Story #1: Transcript

Tomb Raider

(On top of a cliff high above the Great Rainforest)

(We see the All Star Gang & Sonic the Hedgehog are looking upon the Great Rainforest. We can see that Sonic is wearing a brown hat & jacket)

Spongebob: Any clues?

Sanford: (spots something in the horizon) Over there.

Sonic: (spots something in the horizon with his bionculars) Like whoah. I see it... but I can hardly believe it!

Deimos: We've found it...

(We can see that the All Stars & Sonic have found the Prime Version of the Lost Temple of Shazamazon.)

Sonic: (in thought: It's there... just like Nate Morgan told me! The Lost Temple of Shazamazon... tucked away in the middle of the Great Rainforest!)

Spongebob: Do you know what building is this, guys?

Pumbaa: Uh... that's a temple?

Zaktan: You may see that it's a temple, but we've seen that structure before in the Underground Zone, known as... the "Lost Temple of Shazamazon"!

Rainbow Dash: Wow! That temple reminds me of the books of Daring Do. I love these stories, especially when Daring Do saves the world from dangers like her arch enemy, Ahuizotl!

Boggy B, Mordecai & Rigby: Wow!

Cody: I'm impressed.

Sonic: (in thought: Who would've ever thought a place like this could've gotten by without ol' Robuttnik ever muckin' it up with his foul fossil-fueled factories! Guess I got so used to his polluted port city, Robotropolis. I forgot that a paradise as clean as this could ever exist!)

Tree Rex: Hold up. We've got company. (looks through the bionculars, spotting the Chameleon, Bird Brain, along with henchmen, Zippy, Owl & Bat, and the Serpentine) The Chameleon, Bird Brain & the Serpentine.

Squidward: Oh great. What is Plankton up to now?

Timon: Up to no good, I'll say.

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on. Who are those guys?

(Twilight Sparkle had spotted a tribe of tan human natives wearing tribal clothing & minimal armor & they are the Nanman Tribe)

Dudley: I have no idea who are those guys are?

Xplode: Wait a minute, they're the Nanman Tribe. They'll do anything to protect the jungles.

Patrick: Then why are they with them?

Spongebob: I have no idea, but that's we're gonna find out later.

War Monsters & Giants: (carries the rest of the All Stars on their backs)

Hot Head: Hold on!


War Monsters & Giants: (jumps off the cliff & lands safely on the ground in the jungle below)

Sonic: (in thought: The scenery's happening in a way past cool way, but for now I'd better juice on over to the temple and sightsee later!) Triple-S Spin! (uses his Triple-S Spin to make his way down the cliff safely)

Zaktan: (cutting a way through the jungle leaves with his Tri-Scissor Blade) Sonic? Do you mind giving me a hand?

Sonic: (spindashes through the leaves, leaving a clean path for the All Stars to follow)

All Star Freedom Fighters: (follows Sonic the Hedgehog)

Edd: How convenient. Let's keep going ladies & gentlemen.

Spongebob: Is there anything we know about the All Star Emerald?

Ninjini: Sonic is still thinking back to where we faced off against Ixis Naugus.

Sanford: It appears that the 2nd Clue to the All Star Emerald is somewhere hidden inside that temple.

Timon: Oh great. How do we suppose we get inside this death trap, without being captured by the Chameleon, Bird Brain, the Serpentine & the Nanmam Tribe?

Kitty: We'll find out once we get there.

(As they journey through the jungle to get to the Lost Temple, they we're spied by the Chameleon, Bird Brain, Bird Brain's henchmen & the Serpentine)

Pythor: So, they appear to be finding the Ring of Acorns.

Skales: What's so special about that ring?

Bird Brain: It says here that the Ring of Acorns has the powers to grant wishes. We will be grabbing that ring & I'll get the first wish!

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: Me! The Ring of Acorns is hidden inside that temple. We'll let those heroes lead us to the Temple.

Bat: Where?

Bird Brain: For once, I really hate you more than Owl.

The Chameleon: It's a good thing that I've spied on them as a polar bear to spy on them, but I never heard of an All Star Emerald before.

Pythor: All Star Emerald?! So Crystal Gem really does have a secret to hide. Not anymore.

Fangtom: This time, we will follow them once they reach clue by clue.

Skalidor: And once we do... the next clue will be ours!

Acidicus: The Nanmam are ready to fight.

Pythor: Now then. It's showtime.

(The Chameleon, Bird Brain, Bird Brain's henchman, the Serpentine & the Nanmam Tribe then begins to follow the heroes slowly & sneaky, without being seen)

(Meanwhile with the All Stars & Sonic)

(The heroes arrived at the Lost Temple of Shazamazon)

Spongebob: It does bring back good memories.

Harold: Indeed it does.

Tyler: Yeah, this previous adventure we had with the temple, it's awesome!

Owen: I kinda regret grabbing the Ring of Acorns quickly.

Vezok: And I regret stepping on the tile that activate the booby traps.

Sanford: Like machine guns, arrows, spikes & trap doors?

Avak: Hey, how did you know?

Sanford: DUCK!

(The All Stars & Sonic ducks down just in time as the hidden defensive guns emerg from the walls, open firing at them.)

Sonic: Bad!

Sanford: Those gun!

Deimos: Everyone, crawing position!

Sonic: Crawlin' around on my belly isn't exactly my style... but this time I guess I'll have to make the excepetion!

Rainbow Dash: We have to take out the guns!

Pumbaa: Do we have too?

Bouncer: Hold up, look!

(The hidden guns are now out of ammo. The gang manages to get back up on their feet.)

Bouncer: They're out of ammo.

Sonic: Whew! That was close! Now I'm ready to move on!

Timon: That's it! I'm outta here! (about to leave, but was stopped)

Duncan: Hold it, right there. There's no turning back now.

Sanford: That's right.

Sanford & Deimos: (readies their 3 Ingram MAC-11 Submachine Guns & Sanford's signature hook)

Pumbaa: I don't think I'm gonna like this.

Squidward: Great. What next?

Sonic: (steps on the tile, pressing it down like a button, activating another trap)

(The floor opened & reveal a bubbling pool of lava.)

Spongebob: Uh oh!

Sonic: YIKES!

HF Rotor, Jetbug, Waspix, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Preytor, Ultra-V, Astro Boy, Swarm & Ninjini: (grabs the rest of the All Stars & flies upwards & over the obstacle)

Sonic: (falls down) (in thought: Gotta make... like lightning!) (manages to snag an overhanging beam and swing across the obstacle) Woo-hoo!

Hot Head: (refueling his lava ammo) Ahh, much better? (notices everyone is looking at him) What? I'm a Skylander Giant of Fire. I gotta refuel with lava to recharge my ammo now-a-days.

(In an unknown space station in Outer Space)

(We see a 3rd Satellite coming back online)

???: T-Sat unit back on-line...

Plankton: HenchCombots are the reports coming in?

Redbot: (with Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot) Yes sir. The Box of Pandora is in place inside the Master Jack-X along with the corrupted power rings, the corrupted Chaos Emeralds & the canister of the Devil Gene.

???: And commencing system location of target.

Yellowbot: And we also have bad news.

Plankton: What is the bad news?

Greenbot: We have reports from the Chameleon that Crystal Gem's rainbow emerald called the "All Star Emerald" actually exists along with clues on how to find it.

Plankton: What?! So it does exist. Well then, get those clues. We'll find a way to destroy that gem before it reaches towards All Stars!

Bluebot: Step 3 is ready for action, sir.

Plankton: Good.

???: Target acquired... system locked... and beginning activation... now!

Plankton: This'll be interesting.

(Back outside the Temple)

Pythor: Finally, we're here. And just in time for Phase 3. (dissapears by using invisibility)

The Chameleon: This is gonna be too easy. We'll trap them in cages once they come out.

Bird Brain: Indeed, but how are we gonna catch the flight types?

Zippy: You just gotta believe that you can fly.

Bird Brain: (groans as he facepalms) How many times do I have to say it, I'm a flightless bird! I can't fly!

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: Me, you imbecile! Oh forget it, you don't have any brains at all.

Owl: Who?

Bird Brain: You!

Bat: Where?

Fangtom: (growls) Your right, Bird Brain. They are extremely annoying!

Bird Brain: Welcome to my world.

Bat: Where?

Skales: (now annoyed, facepalms) Just make them stop & get this over with, already?!

Skalidor: This is making my head hurt.

(Back in the Temple)

Spongebob: Is everyone ok back there?

Sonic: Sheesh! Talk about burning rubber! (notices the light & follows it) ?

All Stars: (follows Sonic)

Hakann: We're getting close.

Sonic: (in thought: Could that be... it? Could that be...)

Sonic & the All Stars: (arrived in a chamber & spots the Ring of Acorns on top of a pedestal)

Sonic: (in thought: The Ring of Acorns?)

Spongebob: There it is.

Deimos: (spots a clue under the floating Ring of Acorns) And look, there's the 2nd clue.

Sanford: We have to grab it, but carefully.

Sonic: (in thought: Gotta remember what Nate said... and then do it... exactly!) (carefully & quickly replaces the Ring of Acorns with another ring)

Sanford: (grabs the clue carefully)

Owen: Phew.

Sonic: (in thought: Got it! Game, at last, over!)

Timon: That was close. (places his hand on the wall & felt something odd) Why is the wall feeling scaly?

???: It's not over... (appears from thin air, revealing to be Pythor)

Pythor: Til' I say it's over.

Pumbaa: SNAKE!

Spongebob: Pythor, what are you doing?

Pythor: To take back the clue or else the "walls" will close in.

Vezok: Then show me!


(Suddenly the walls begins closing in without Pythor, the walls we're actually a giant sleeping mutant snake.)

Pythor: I believe that reminds of the Great Devourer, but it's not the same. Attack!

Sonic: Uh-oh! The walls are closing in!

Eddy: Well way to notice that, Captain Obivious!

Patrick: What's happening?

Sonic: Taking the ring must have activated some kind of hidden booby-trap in this round room!

Thunder: Any ideas?

Sonic: Looks like the only way out... is up! (begins to jump up high)

Eye-Brawl: We'll just have to go... UP!

War Monsters & Giants: (grabs onto the rest of the All Stars & then jumps up high, following Sonic)

Congar: Hold on!

(The gang manages to evade the giant snake's squeeze.)

Scorpio: Whoa! What the heck is that?

Sonic: That was no circular chamber! It was a slieepin' mutate! (in thought: Definitely one of the monsters Nate spoke of... created out of the forgotten wars of mobius past!)

Spongebob: It's a giant snake!

Geoff: Did you control it, Pythor?

Pythor: It was nothing but a free snake. All I want is that clue you're holding!

Duncan: Not today, snake!

(The Serpentine Warriors, Soldiers & Scouts begins charging at the All Stars, who started attacking back. Meanwhile Sonic is being chased by the giant mutant snake.)

Avak: (launches Zamor Spheres at the Fangpyre Warriors, Soldiers & Scouts, stunning them) Looks like I've got their lights punched out!

Hypnobrai Warrior: Look into my eyes! (about to hypnotise Sanford)

Sanford: (his black glasses somehow reflected back to the Hypnobrai Warrior) You really are stupid as you think.

Hypnobrai Warrior: What is your command, master?

Sanford: Take out your traitorous kind.

Hypnobrai Warrior: As your command, master. (starts attacking his own Hypnobrai kind)

Deimos: Nice job.

Sonic: (in thought: No time to worry about where it come from, 'hog... only what it's about to do this very second! Which is eat me...) (skillfully evades it and manages to tie it up in a giant knot) ...Knot!

Timon: (notices the Constrictai surrounding him) Not again! HELP!

Pumbaa: (rams at the Constrictai Warriors, Soldiers & Scouts away from Timon) Always here to help Timon.

Spongebob: (spindashes at the Venomari Warriors, Soldiers & Scouts. without getting sprayed)

Pythor: (growls) You haven't seen the last of the Serpentine!

Courtney: Oh come on. That was your best attack? More like the weakest.

Pythor: You got me good, that was just the appetizer. But that... is just the beginning. (dissapears by using invisibility)

Sonic: (in thought: Well, I guess that about wraps it up! Heh! Heh! Heh...)

(As the All Stars taken down the Serpentine. They notice the Serpentine Warriors, Soldiers & Scouts beginning to run away outside of the temple)

HF Rotor: Yeah! You better run you mean meanies!

Edd: (notices the giant snake is about to roll) Gentlemen? I don't think we're the ones who they are running away from.

Sonic: (notices the tied up giant snake starting to roll) Huh?

Spongebob: Here we go again. Run!

(Sonic & the All Stars starts running away from the tied up snake, who started to roll after them like a giant bowling ball)

Rarity: I heard of giant sized bowling, but this is absolutely ridiculous!

Astro Boy: We can't stop now!

Timon: (riding on Pumbaa's head) Run Pumbaa! We may be cowards, but we're fast cowards!

Sonic: (in thought: I'd better get to steppin! Nuthin' I hate worse than bowling. 'Cept maybe needlepoint)

Hank: (spots more Robians & Jack-2 Bots, emerging from the statues & now blocked their way out) We've got a problem!

Spongebob: Jack-2 Bots!

Patrick: Hi Robians!

Sonic: (in thought: Oh, no! Those weren't statues outside the temple! They're mindless robians... like the ones we tackled in Sand Blast City! In other words: Hostiles! I sure could use a vacation!

Deimos: Oh great! Can't we ever take a break?

Crusher: No time, dig a trench!

Drilldozer: Gotcha!

Pumbaa: Digging down!

Sonic, Avak, Thunder, Drilldozer, Timon, Pumbaa, Robo-47 & Crusher: (starts digging down a trench)

Sonic: Gotta juice like there's no tomorrow!

Ed: Duck!

(The All Stars & Sonic ducks down through a trench they dug up)

Justin: Where?

Lindsay: Oh, I love ducks.

Patrick: Where?

Reidak: (get Justin, Lindsay & Patrick to duck down into the trench as well)

(The tied up mutate rolls over the trench & pass them, heading towards the Robians & the Jack-2 Bots)

Sonic: That mutated snake's about to...

Jack-2 Bot: (notices the mutate) Uh oh.

(The tied mutate strikes the Robians & the Jack-2 Bots out of the way)

Sonic: ...strike!

Sonic & the All Stars: (exits the trench & exits outside)

Timon: Finally! We can get outta here!

(However, 2 figures, along with the Chameleon, Bird Brain, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Fangtom stopped them in their tracks. One figure is the king of the Nanmam Tribe wearing tribal clothing & tribal metal & a Nanmam Tribe crown, his name is Meng Huo. The 2nd figure is his wife, wearing female tribal clothing & is said that she is the Daughter of the God of Fire, her name is Zhurong.)

Meng Huo: Hey!

Reidak: Double "Uh-Oh".

Meng Huo: How dare you invade our people of Nanmam!

Spongebob: Wait, what?!

Zhurong: Don't play dumb with us! Our allies, the Plankton Empire told us that you we're invading our village!

Sanford: (turns to Pythor)

Pythor: Guility as charged. Nanmam, let us take care of those trouble makers!

Meng Huo: Right. (readies his large Nanmam gaunlets) If you All Stars mess with the people, you mess with the King!

Vezok: Aw come on, man...!

Meng Huo: (smacks Vezok silly with his gaunlets)

Vezok: (feeling dizzy) Check please, waiter. (falls down)

Zhurong: (readies his signature boomerang weapon) Who's next?

Sanford: Hold it, pal!

Deimos: You'll have to deal with the 2 of us!

Meng Huo: Very well, your asking for it!


(The tag battle begins with Sanford vs. Meng Huo. And Deimos vs. Zhurong. They are all equal in battle, except for the advantage from Meng Huo with his strength & power. After taking out Zhurong, Deimos begins to help out Sanford take out Meng Huo. It took some timing & teamwork, but in the end, Sanford & Deimos' teamwork had helped them take out Meng Huo more easily)

Sanford: This battle is over.

Meng Huo & Zhurong: (gets up)

Spongebob: He's still standing! (charges at Meng Huo, jumps up & spindashes at him)

Meng Huo: (blocks it with his gaunlets & pushes Spongebob away)

Pumbaa: (catches Spongebob with his tusks) Gotcha.

Spongebob: Thanks Pumbaa.

Meng Huo: I've seen your tactics! Next time, I'll defeat you! (retreats with Zhurong)

(The Jack-2 Bots, the Robians, the Nanmam Tribe continue to charge at the All Stars, as they make their hasty retreat with Sonic)

Sonic: (spindashing through the enemies) okay, guys, here's the drill... (rams through the Jack-2 Bots) ...we got through the gunfire, licked the lava pit, retrieved the ring and survived the slumbering super-serpent... you wanna cut me some slack?

Timon: They're gaining on us! Step on it!

(The gang starts running faster, as the Jack-2 Bots, the Robians & the Nanmam Tribe starts chasing them down)

Rainbow Dash: (spots Tails & Nate along with the Winged Victory & the Sponge Flyer in seaplane mode) There they are!

Twilight Sparkle: We have to hurry & fast!

(With Tails & Nate)

Tails: So, Mr. Morgan...

Nate Morgan: Call me Nate, Tails.

Tails: Okay...Nate. If you we're the one who made and put the Ring of Acorns in the Temple of Shazamazon years ago, then what was originally there? What'd the ring replace?

Nate Morgan: Oh, that. It was one of the legendary Super-Emeralds of Mobius.

(We can see Sonic & the All Stars running towards the 2 in the distance, with the Nanman Tribe, Jack-2 Bots & Robians still chasing them down)

Tails: A Super Emerald?! What'd you do with it?

Nate Morgan: Why, I used it to create those rings Naugus wanted! Since I was without a Chaos Emer...

Rainbow Dash: (flies up to them) Tails! Nate! We've got a problem! (points to the Nanmam Tribe, the Jack-2 Bots & the Robians)

Sonic: Tails! Nate! Like... start the engines! ...with this! (throws the Ring of Acorns to Nate)

Nate Morgan: (catches it)

Spongebob: Start the engines, guys!

Harold: GET'EM OFF!

Reidak, Hakann, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: (carrying Vezok)

Vezok: (still dizzy & slurry) Crunchy, creamey, cookie, candy, cupcake.

Tails: I don't get it... why the huge rush?

Owen: Hurry! They're gaining on us!

Applejack: The Nanmam Tribe are tricked by the Chameleon, Bird Brain & the Serpentine, mostly by Pythor. We hav' to move now!

Tails: (notices this) Oh, okay.

Sonic & the All Stars: (arrives at the 2 Bi-Planes)

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: (gets inside the Sponge Flyer)

Tails: (places the Ring of Acorns in the Winged Victory) Sonic! I've got it in place!

Sonic: (gets inside the Winged Victory) Stylin'! Now hang on! 'Cause it's gonna take a wing and a prayer for us to... (spots several small snakes in the plane along with small serpentine snakes) What the...?! You've gotta be kiddin'! (throws the snakes out of the Bi-Plane)

Zaktan: Snakes? I don't even know how they got inside.

War Monsters & Giants: (picks up the rest of the All Stars, minus Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward)

Sonic: What's with this Ring of Acorns, anyway? Why aren't we halfway to Mobotropolis by now?

Spongebob: What is the power of this ring?

Nate Morgan: Just make a wish!

Patrick: Just like a genie! (laughs)

Ninjini: What was that?

Patrick: (zips his lips)

Sanford: And make one fast, cause they are getting close!

(The Winged Victory & the Sponge Flyer flies upwards with the War Monsters & Giants getting close to the biplanes)

Sonic: A wish?

Deimos: Yes! And fast!

Sonic: Well, I've had enough of this jungle adventure! Now I wish it were and over with!\

(As Sonic makes the wish, the 2 bi-planes goes rocketing towards home, with the Giants & the War Monsters hanging onto the bi-planes, due to their incredible speed, leaving the Chameleon, Bird Brain, his henchman & the Serpentine in the dust)

Acidicus: They got away!

Skalidor: Now what do we do?

Fangtom: The best thing to do is to return to base.

Skales: Fine. But we'll be back.

Pythor: We promise you that.

The Chameleon: Are you alright, Bird Brain? You seemed a little... (spots a worm) Ooh! Meal worm! (catches it with his tongue & eats it) A little... cooked.

Bird Brain: (his feathers are a bit charred by the fire from the rocket booster of the Winged Victory) Wow, looks like our goose is cooked.

Owl: Who?

Bat: Where?

Bird Brain: Oh knock it off!

Zippy: Why?

Bird Brain: (gasps & then faints)

Skales: (groans as he facepalms) Why do I even bother?

The End