This is the 81st Episode of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog: Crossover

Main All Star Heroes (Story #1): SpongeBob, Thunder, Drilldozer, Agamo, Magmo, Crusher & Hot Head

Main Villains (Story #1): Splitface, Vegon, Tiki Tong & Raptros

Main All Star Heroes (Story #2): SpongeBob, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot & Aku Aku

Main Villains (Story #2): Dr. Neo Cortex & Uka Uka

Story #1: Transcript

Surprize Outcomes

(In Knothole)

(We can see Vegon sneaking in the trees & bushes, camoflauging himself)

Vegon: (had waited for a very long time & can't take it anymore) (Head #1) That's it, I'm finished! (Head #2) I've been here for a long time since my last defeat & only time I stop the Forces of Darkness! (Head #3) This is hopeless!

(Suddenly Vegon heard something in Knothole Village)

Vegon: Keep it down, will ya?! (suddenly realized that voice sounded familiar) Wait a second. (peeks through the bushes & spots Antoine, Sally, STH Rotor, Bunnie, Amy Rose, Mecha Jules, Mecha Bernadette & Mecha Uncle Chuck)

Antoine: Do you think zat Knothole Village will remain three hours in zee future forever, Princess Sally?

Sally: Who knows, Antoine? Right now, I'm more concerned whether or not a certain blue hedgehog will be home for his sixteenth birthday!

Vegon: (quietly) Hm? Sonic is on a journey? Why didn't anybody tell me?

STH Rotor: He's been here for the other fifteen!

Jules: But never has our son undertaken a mission that has taken him so far from home for such a lengthy time, Rotor.

Mecha Uncle Chuck: Jules is right! It doesn't look like my nephew will be in Knothole for this one, kids!

Vezon: ?

Amy: If he's not here, then where is... Sonic the Hedgehog?

Vezon: He's coming back, but not here right now? Then where is he indeed? Wait a second... (suddenly zooms away, exiting the Great Forest)

Antoine: (heard Vegon, but didn't see him) What was that?

(In Mobotropolis)

(We can see Sonic, Tails, Nate Morgan & the All Star Freedom Fighter are all in red robes, to hide themselves from the crowd)

Thunder: What's with the decorations? Is there some kind of party or something?

Pinkie Pie: Oh boy! I love parties!

Twilight Sparkle: (covers Pinkie Pie's mouth) Shh... please not so loud.

Agamo: It appears that Mobotropolis is preparing for a special occasion.

Sonic: After Robotnik's rule, the sight of an Overlander (softly) Even one as short as you. (normal voice) Could cause a panic among the mobians, Nate!

Nate Morgan: I can hardly believe I'm back in Mobotropolis after all these years! Though it doesn't look like the city I left! But why the disguises, my friends? Point taken.

Spongebob: About the city? It's a long story.

Pinkie Pie: And about the disguises? We're making sure it's a super-duper-extra-fun surprize.

Twilight Sparkle: I see your point.

Nate Morgan: Say... what's all the excitement about?

Tails: Yeah, Sonic... some kind of parade is about to take place!

Hot head: Yeah, is there a party going on?

Crusher: Looks like it.

Sonic: Even though we landed my bi-plane on the outskirts of town, I think word might've gotten out early about our comin' back home, Tails!

Patrick: Who do you think the party's for?

Sonic: From the look o' things, these sly citizens are puttin' together a big, fat surprise birthday bash for yours truly!

Vezok: Wait one cotton pickin' minute. (quietly) Today's your birthday?

Sonic: (quietly) You got it. And talk about an adoring public. (normal voice) We'd better keep these robes on, so nobody'll recognize us! Don't wanna blow the surprise! Come on!

Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie. This surprize party is gonna be awesome! I can't wait!

Drilldozer: I think we'll have to wait until we are ready for the party.

(In Outer Space)

(Inside the Space Station)

Plankton: Splitface? Are you in position?

Splitface: (outside in Outer Space) (places rocket boosters inside the asteroids) (Metal Voice) The rocket boosters are in place! (Organic Voice) And once Mobotropolis is leveled down to the ground with a meteor shower! (Metal Voice) We'll be ready to attack those Freedom Fighters once their weak!

Plankton: Okay? I see that your from the Legion of Darkness & I believe you 2 are the same person.

Splitface: (Organic Voice) That's right. These Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters won't know what hit 'em! (Metal Voice) That's the last one.

Plankton: Good & about time too. (to ???) You know what to do.

???: (activates the satellite) K-Sat Unit back on line...

Redbot: Check.

???: ...and commencing system location of target.

Yellowbot: Check.

???: Target acquired...

Greenbot: Check.

???: System locked...

Bluebot: And check.

???: And beginning activation... now. (activates the satellites powers, firing a beam that pushes the asteroids towards Planet Mobius)

Splitface: (back at his rocket ship) (activates the rocket boosters, pushing the asteroids into the atmosphere of Mobius even faster)

Plankton: (turns on communicator) Plankton to Tiki Tong, you know what to do.

Tiki Tong: (in communicator) Yes, Master. Vegon is on his way to Mobotropolis already.

Plankton: Alright then. Raptros, I want you to attack Mobotropolis once the asteroids begins attacking the city.

Raptros: I'm on it!

Splitface: (pulls out walkie talkie & turns it on) (Organic Voice) This is Splitface, come in Black Phantom.

(Meanwhile, in the deserted island city of West Robotropolis... on Big Kahuna Island...)

(We see the rest of the Legion of Darkness getting a report from Splitface while Snively & the escaped prisoners are dicussing a plan for revenge.)

Splitface: (in communicator) (Metal Voice) The asteroids are ready to make a crash down to Mobius. (Organic Voice) The city of Mobotropolis will be leveled to the ground & will get crushed at the same time!

Black Phantom: Excellent, make sure the city is completely destroyed.

Splitface: (Organic Voice) We're on it.

Black Phantom: (turns off communicator & turns to the rest of the Legion of Darkness, Snively & the escaped prisoners)

Drago: So what're we going to do, Snively?

Snively: About what, Drago?

Drago: About Warlord Kodos... and Arachnis! Who else?!

(We can see the crystalized Warlord Kodos & Uma Arachnis are standing on the table)

Voltix: Those 2 would make perfect additions to the group.

Snively: I... I... (in thought: I don't know what to do! I am in charge here! It was my genius that allowed us to escape the Devil's Island Gulag...)

Black Phantom: (in thought: How stupid can Snively get? He didn't know that it was Plankton's new ally & I who let them escaped. This crystal from Kodos & Arachnis may be worthy for extra body armor for the Master Jack-X)

Sleuth: I don't know why in the world we bothered to bring them along with us after we broke outta jail! Just look... they're made out of pure crystal!

Nack: Maybe they're worth somethin' Sleuth Doggy... like diamonds!

Jawblade: Very valuable indeed.

Thornraxx: Precious.

Speeda Demon: Indeed it is.

Snively: (in thought: ...was't it? I mean... I'm not quite sure how I did it... but all the cell doors opened after I said I was goin to liberate myself!)

Toxic Reapa: Any ideas on what to do with Kodos & Uma?

Nack: I say we forget about 'em and pool our talents for figurin' out how to take over Mobotropolis! We've gotta be sly... real sneaky like...

Sergeant Simian: Bah! (slams his fists on the table) You're talking out of your hat, Nack! We've got to treat this invasion like it's a military operation... you read me?

XT4: I believe so.

Predator Hawk: Both you and the weasel are way off-base, Sergeant Simian! Our attack has got to be aerial or not at all!

Lightning Lynx: Yeah, like we've all got wings here...

Core Hunter: You would all know better that I have the power to steal all the Quaza from Hero Factory!

Speeda Demon: Oh yeah?! I'll show you!

(As the escaped prisoners & the Legion of Darkness are arguing, while Snively tries to calm them down, Black Phantom & Voltix begins to use a special vaccum to suck the crystals inside it, sending them inside a special canister for crystals)

Voltix: Perfect.

Black Phantom: This'll be much more interesting this time.

(Kodos & Uma's eyes begins to glow red)

(Camera cuts to Snively)

Snively: Come on now, fellows... how about a little... uhh... guys?

Black Phantom: AAAAAH SHUT UP! (slams his Razor Sabre Mace Staff at the table with the spiked mace end slamming the table, crushing it)

(At the same time, a very large double bladed axe slams at the table. The sounds of a table smashing, being destroyed cause everyone to shut up.)

Snively: (gasps)

Voltix: Now that we have your attention, here's our newest members!

(They all noticed Kodos & Uma Arachnis, who are now free from crystalization, thanks to Black Phantom & Voltix)

Kodos: Surprise!

Uma: We're back!

Black Phantom: And this time, we have unfinished business. We'll make them all pay, including our former allies.

(Back in the Great Forest)

(We see Tiki Tong descending from the sky & spots Vegon, feeling tired when his failed attempt of getting out of Knothole, due to having no legs.)

Vegon: (panting) (Head #1) Tiki Tong! (Head #2) I tried to warn you about Sonic's return... (Head #3) But I have no legs!

Tiki Tong: I know. Splitface is already on his way with the meteor shower already.

Vegon: (Head #1) Great. (Head #2) How am I suppose to get around without any legs?

Tiki Tong: Your a plant, try growing some legs you nitwit!

Vegon: (Head #3) I already tried.

Tiki Tong: Once we get back, I'm gonna...!

(Suddenly the 2 heard something)

Bunnie: (offscreen, coming from Knothole) I gots to say... it sho is a peashuh every time we visit Knothole Village, y'all!

Tiki Tong & Vegon: (spots Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Amy Rose)

Sally: I second that, Bunnie! These past three days almost seemed like a real vacation as a matter of fact, I...

NICOLE: (in Sally's hand) Princess... I am receiving an urgent signal from your father, the king, on my built-in radio transmitter!

Vegon: (Head #1) The King?

Tiki Tong: (covers Vegon's mouths of 3 heads) Shh.

Sally: Thanks, NICOLE... and you too, Rotor! NICOLE's upgraded systems are fantastic!

STH Rotor: Think nothing of it, Sally!

King Acorn: (appears from NICOLE as a hologram) Princess, we've been trying to contact you for two days now... all of you must return to Mobotropolis immediately or you'll miss the citywide celebration... to honor someone from your past who has finally returned after some time away!

(The hologram dissapears)

Tiki Tong & Vegon: (looks each other)

Sally: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Amy Rose: (head towards the city of Mobotropolis) Sonic's back!

Tiki Tong: (looking at the 5 running towards the city, smiling evily) But not for long. (laughing evily)

Vegon: (sprouts 6 large root-like legs) Well what do you know, I'm finally mobile!

Tiki Tong: Good for you Vegon, because it's finally show time.

Tiki Tong & Vegon: (head on over to Mobotropolis)

(Back in Mobotropolis...)

Sonic, Tails, Nate Morgan & the All Stars: (looking around, still wearing their red robes)

Hakann: Are you sure my robes would be handy?

Crusher: Sure they will.

Thunder: They will?

Agamo: (sighs) Yes.

Spongebob: Gee, they might be very happy to see Sonic.

Nate Morgan: It seems like you're really popular 'round these parts, Sonic!

Sonic: You think? You oughtta check out Sand Blast City, Nate...

Fangz: (glaring) Bad rabbit!

Sonic: (softly) Oh wait a minute... bad idea.

Drilldozer: Never mind, we didn't say nothing.

Sonic: I guess this is what happens when your local above average, way past cool hero leaves home for a while!

Spongebob: And now we've come back to see that everyone is getting ready.

Hot Head: And their going great.

Ed: I hope there's gonna be buttered toast here! I love buttered toast!

Rosie: (is with Snaggle Tiger, Sasha Cat & Rory Tiger)

Sasha: Are we going to see the parade, Rosie?

Snaggle: Huh? Huh?

Rosie: Goodness gracious, yes, children!

Jetbug: (notices Tails is flying with his 2 tails as helicopter) What the?! (jumps up & grabs his leg trying to pull him down)

Tails: (felt his leg being grabbed) !

Jetbug: Get down, you flying mountain goat!

Thunder: Mountain goats can fly?

Jetbug: Oh, that's name calling. Sorry.

Sonic: (grabs Tails by the robe, pulling him back down, helping Jetbug) Stay on the ground, Tails! The way you hover might blow our cover!

Tails: (lands on his feet) Sorry!

Squidward: And please don't do that again. You know how I feel after I learn to fly as a mobian fox, the worse thing is... (yells) I HATE HEIGHTS!

Agamo: (covers Squidward's mouth) Shut up! Not so loud!

Rosie: (heard voices, including Squidward's) ?

Squidward: (pushes Agamo's hand away) Ok, ok, I'm shutting up! But next time, you can't tell me to shut up! I'm not the guy who keeps blabbering & doesn't know when to stop! I will not be silenced! Especially when I'm playing my clarinet! Because I'm the boss & the boss says...!

Magmo: (bonks Squidward on the head, shutting him up) Shut up, shutting up!

Squidward: (feeling dizzy & falls down)

Rosie: (in thought: That cloaked trio & that cloaked group... their voices have a familiar ring!) (calling out to the group) Excuse me! Gentlemen... hello there!

Rainbow Dash: That sounds like Rosie.

Owen: Uh oh, busted.

Spongebob: Let's move!

(The All Stars, plus Sonic & Tails begins moving faster)

Sonic & Tails: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Mobian Citizen: (spots something in the sky) OH NO! LOOK OUT!

Agamo: (looks upwards) What is it?

Magmo: Looks like something's in the sky, lots of them.

Thunder: (looks at something in the sky) My eyes are fooling my brain.

Drilldozer: (looks at something in the sky) Say, my eyes ARE fooling my brain too.

Hot Head: What are you talking about?

Crusher: Is something wrong?

(A large shadow begins to grow, covering Thunder, Drilldozer, Crusher & Hot Head

Thunder: Our eyes are fooling our brains. Must we spell it?

Drilldozer: (points upwards) We have guests.

(A meteorite crashes on top of Thunder, Drilldozer, Crusher & Hot Head, crushing them. Luckily, Thunder, Drilldozer, Crusher & Hot Head use their earth & fire powers to break the meteorite, exploding it into pieces)

Hot Head: (feeling dizzy) Thank you.

Crusher: We're ok, just minor bruises.

Eddy: How did that get there?

????: (Metal Voice) AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (appears to be Splitface, on top of a falling meteorite & jumps up & lands on top of a building) (Organic Voice) Har, har! Hardy har har!

Spongebob: (notices Splitface on top of a building) Who's that?

Zaktan: Never mind him, look around!

(The heroes look around to see the mobians, fleeing from falling flaming asteroids & fire tiki meteors, which are crashing down on Mobotropolis)

Mobian Duck: RUN!

Purple Mobian Bear: The skies are falling!

Donkey Kong: Whoa! What in the batch of bananas is going on here?

Sonic: Say... this isn't part o' the celebration...

Nitroblast: I believe we've got a couple of bad guys, crashing the party! (points over to Splitface, Tiki Tong & Vegon)

Tiki Tong: Hello All Stars! We've meet again!

Vegon: And are you ready to die at the hands of falling asteroids & tikis froming the sky! (laughs evily)

Sonic: ...and that, Tails, is our cue to save the day!

Tails: Let's go!

(Suddenly they we're surrounded by tikis & then exploding out of the crashed asteroids we're Jack-2 Bots, getting ready for action)

Spongebob: Jack-2 Bots! Looks like the new villain is busy in outer space.

Applejack: If those bots we're busy, they'll be ready for a ride! Let's kick'em down!

(The All Stars begins their attack against the Jack-2 Bots & the Meteor Tikis & Tiki Goons, as Raptros flies into the city)

Raptros: Looks like a real fire rock power attack!

Splitface: (Metal Voice) That will hold them off long enough! (Organic Voice) Wait. (points to Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Amy Rose) Who are those guys?

Tiki Tong: Those are those 5 intruders, we'll sort them out for you!

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Go ahead, you & Vegon will get your chance.

Raptros: And so does mine! This'll teach'em that if you mess with the bull, you get the horns! GA GA! (heads off with Tiki Tong & Vegon)

(A few blocks away...)

Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Amy Rose: (arriving the city, noticing the falling asteroids are attacking the city)

Sally: Falling asteroids are destroying the city! We've got to do something! Antoine... Bunnie... Rotor... Amy Rose... let's move!

(However, they we're stopped by Tiki Tong)

Tiki Tong: (holding up an asteroid) Ah, ah, ah. Your not going anywhere.

Sally: Quick, go back!

(The 5 tried to, but was stopped by Vegon as well)

Vegon: (Head #1) I don't think so, bub! (Head #2) You won't be going anywhere. (Head #3) Yeah, don't let that escape plan bother ya, Jack!

Sally: Quick, this way!

(The group we're about to go down a 3rd path, but was stopped once again & this time by Raptros)

Raptros: Big mistake, now you're trapped!

Bunnie: Oh mah stars, we're surrounded & there's no way out!

Splitface: (from on top of a building) (Metal Voice) Exactly! (Organic Voice) Trapped like a mouse in a cage!

Sally: (notices Splitface) Oh my gosh, who are you?

Splitface: (Metal Voice) That question would be, "Who are we" to be more precised. (Organic Voice) We are both Splitface, from the Legion of Darkness! (Metal Voice) And now we've got you cornered & we're also gonna blow you all sky high with this!

Tiki Tong: (lifts up a falling meteorite with his strength)

Splitface: (Organic Voice) Starting with you! (points to Sally Acorn) (In Spanish) Salida Bellota.

Sally: (gasps in horror, as she heard that she was the first to be blown up sky high by a meteorite)

Alejandro: Splitface learns how to speak Sally Acorn's name in Spanish? (facepalms) Aye yi yi! What next?

(Back with the All Star Freedom Fighters)

(We see that the All Stars have taken care of of the Tiki Goons, Tiki Meteors & the Jack-2 Bots)

Reidak: That oughta put them all to sleep.

Xplode: (turns on communicator) Hello?

Sally: (in communicator: Xplode! We need you & the All Stars help! We're surrounded by 4 of the Plankton Empire's bad guys & we need your help!)

Xplode: Hold on we're coming!

Twilight Sparkle: Sonic, you & Tails we'll have to use your speed to put out the flames with the wind.

Sonic: We're on it! If you've got a handle on those innocent bystanders, I can put the lock-down on these flames, l'il buddy!

Tails: I hear you, big blue! (begins saving the innocent Mobian Bystanders)

Sonic: (using his speed to make a wind powerful enough to blow out the flames)

Spongebob: Quick, back to the others!

(The All Stars begin their charge to save Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Amy Rose from the hands of Splitface, Tiki Tong, Vegon & Raptros.)

Nate Morgan: (noticing the falling asteroids as well) Falling asteroids? Why, of all the unlikely...!

(With Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, STH Rotor & Amy Rose)

(The 5 are dodging the meteor attacks from Tiki Tong)

Raptros: (laughs evily) Dance, Freedom Fighters, dance!

Splitface: (Metal Voice) You 5 aren't out of my range. (Organic Voice) Or mine.

Vegon: Now, prepare to burned alive!

Tiki Tong: Goodbye, freedom fighters! (about to throw the asteroid at the group again)

(Suddenly, a cyan Bubble Blast Surge Fist launches at the asteroid, destroying it from Tiki Tong's hands)

Tiki Tong: What the...?!

Spongebob: (from offscreen) You've gone off long enough!

(The 4 villains all noticed the All Stars)

Hot Head: Your asteroid attacks will be ceased once & for all!

Crusher: Time to rock & roll! (reforms into a giant boulder & bowls over Vegon)

Vegon: (All 3 Heads) YEEOUCH! My roots! (falls down)

Crusher: (reforms back to normal)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Well, well, if it isn't the All Stars. Your not going to spoil our top secret plan soon enough! (hops off a building & lands on both feet) (Organic Voice) Yeah, now get lost!

Drilldozer: Not gonna happen, Splitface!

Rainbow Dash: (to the Hero Factory Villains) Wait, you know them?!

Thunder: Yes.

Corroder: And we're the same as the Legion of Darkness, that is until Queen Aleena changed us into good.

HF Rotor: Yeah. Let's get those mean meanies!

Raptros: (flying high, holding an asteroid with his claws on his feet) Oh yeah? Well dodge this! (about to throw the asteroid down at the heroes)

(However, a breathe of fire had shot the asteroid, blowing it up to little pieces)

Raptros: Ouch! What the...?! (notices a familiar mobian teenage dragon) You again?!

(The mobian teenage dragon appears to be Dulcy)

Bunnie: Hooray, Dulcy!

Splitface: Jack-2 Bots, stop them!

(More Jack-2 bots begin to emerge from the asteroids, as the All Stars begin to fight back)

Dulcy: I'm back (turns to Raptros) And as for you, it's time for a little payback!


(It was a dragon vs. dragon match, both of those dragons are very powerful, but Dulcy's power, strength & her unexpected new moves has taken out Raptros in no time.)

Raptros: (falls down on his stomach, hard, knocked himself out)

Dulcy: That's for ambushing me while I'm trying to save my friends!

Hot Head: (tackles a Tiki Doom to the ground) Gotcha!

Duncan: (chops a Tiki Goon in half with his tradmark axe)

Bunnie: (carrying a couple of Mobian bystanders to safety) Y'all hang tight, y'hear? It's Bunnie Rabbot to the rescue!

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Your not out of my range! (Organic Voice) Or mine! (launches his Insecticide blasts at Bunnie with his Infecticide Cannon)

Bunnie: (dodges out of the way) Whoa nelly!

Avak: Hey! Pick someone your own size! (punches Splitface)

Splitface: (blocks & uppercuts Avak with his Shredding Claw)

Avak: AUGH! (falls down near Bunnie)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) That was nearly too easy.

Splitface: (Organic Voice) Yeah, come on. Let's finish him off with my Infecticide! (Metal Voice) No, my Shredding Claw! (Organic Voice) Infecticide! (Metal Voice) Shredding Claw!

Thunder, Drilldozer, Agamo & Magmo: (charges at Splitface)

Splitface: (Organic Voice) INFECTICIDE!! (Metal Voice) SHREDDING CLAW!!!

Agamo: You know what? We agree with you.

Splitface: Huh? (Organic Voice) Which one?

Magmo: Doesn't matter!

Thunder: We'll take you BOTH on!

Drilldozer: Now get out of my face! (punches Splitface with a drill punch attack)

Splitface: OOF! (falls down on his back)

Spongebob: Quick, while the villains are distracted, go go go!

Justin: Yes! Hurry! (jumps into Courtney's arms) Go go go!

STH Rotor: This way, citizens!

Amy: What he said!

STH Rotor & Amy: (begins leading the citizens to safety)

Antoine: (jumps a bit, dodging a tiny flaming rock) Alors! My new trousers... we are very nearly singed!

Hot Head: No time for jokes, let's move!

Antoine: (catches up to the group)

Splitface: (gets up) (Organic Voice) We're wasting time, fighting each other. (Metal Voice) Yeah, it'll be more fun once we make scrap metal out of those Freedom Fighters! (begins blasting at the All Stars with Infecticide blasts)

All Stars & Sally: (making their get away as well)

Ed: Run away!

Tiki Tong: Get back here! (chases after Sally Acorn & the All Star Freedom Fighters)

Splitface: (turns to Bunnie) (Organic Voice) Well, well, well. What do we have here? (Metal Voice) Whoever she was, she is mine! (Organic Voice) Oh yeah? I saw her first!

Bunnie: Y'all maybe be attracted to me, but I'm gonna hav' to repel y'all plans!


(The battle between Bunnie & Splitface was intense, the odds of 2 against 1 is against Bunnie, but she never gives up on a fight. Her intelligence & power from her roboticized parts helps Bunnie make it a fair fight, with both fighters trading blows.)

Splitface: (tackles Bunnie & begins punching at her)

Bunnie: (blocking his attacks with her roboticized arm) Hey! That's no way to treat a lady!

Spiltface: (Metal Voice) Prepare to be skewered! (Organic Voice) (as Elmer Fudd) Bye bye, you screwy rabbit! (laughs like Elmer Fudd) (punches at Bunnie with his Shredding Claw)

Bunnie: (suddenly grabs Splitface's Shredding Claw with her roboticized arm, blocking the attack) I don't think so, sugah! (uppercuts Splitface with her organic arm)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Ow! (Organic Voice) What the?!

Bunnie: Take that you overgrown bully! (launches a large laser from her arm laser cannon at Splitface, zapping him)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) AUGH! (Organic Voice) DAAH! (Metal Voice) AUGH! (Organic Voice) NAGH! (falls down) (Metal Voice) Uuuuurrrgghh...

Bunnie: (throws Splitface with her strength of her roboticized arm)

Splitface: (crash lands into a pile of rubble) (Organic Voice) Augh... my head.

Bunnie: Whew, you're tougher than a bowling ball being shot out of a cannon by a pirate.

(With the All Stars & Sally Acorn)

Crusher: Any idea on how Splitface had created this meteor shower of doom?

Sally: (holding NICOLE in her arms) NICOLE... can you give me an analysis of the situation? How could any of this be happening in the first place?

NICOLE: According to my astronomic's file, a cluster of asteroids ws sceduled to pass within close proximity to Planet Mobius, Princess Sally... but not close enough to be caught by it's gravity!

Astro: (scanning the asteroids, noticing a mysterious energy wave & rocket boosters inside the asteroids) I'm getting weird energy signals & rocket boosters inside those Asteroids. That's how Splitface creates that deadly meteor shower.

Spongebob: I see, but what's with the energy waves around the asteroids?

Sally: Seems like we've got ourselves a...

(Suddenly, someone zooms past Sally & the All Star Freedom Fighters, saving more mobian bystanders.)

Sally: (in thought: ...Mystery?)

Owen: Whoa! What was that?

Sally: (in thought: Hold it one second! A speeding figure... rushing off to save helpless innocents?)

Spongebob: Say, that looks like...

Sally: (suddenly realized the figure) Sonic!

Sonic: (turns to see Sally) Sally!

Tiki Tong: (hovering above the group, holding the biggest flaming tiki asteroid of them all) Prepare to burn & die! (throws the asteroid at Sally)

Sonic: (notices this) (in thought: No!)

All Stars: (notices the meteor & begins to run)

Eddy: Run away!

DJ: Hit the dirt!

Sonic: (runs towards her, getting off his disguise and rescues Sally from the asteroid)

(The asteroid crashes creating a firey explosion, but Sonic, Sally & the All Stars are all ok.)

Xplode: That was a close call.

Sally: You're home! I can't believe you're finally home!

Sonic: Surprise, Sal...

Vegon: (suddenly grabs Sonic & Sally with his vines, picking them upwards)

Sonic: YIPE!

Vegon: I'm not finished yet!

Tiki Tong: We may have missed our target, but this time, squeezing you til' your heads pop will be worth it!

Sally: (gulps)

Hot Head: Let them go! (launches flames at Vegon)

Vegon: OW! (lets go of Sonic & Sally, feeling himself getting caught on fire) AAAAHHH!! (jumps into the water, putting the fire & growing into giant size) Oh yeah, that hit the spot.

Tiki Tong: (catches Sonic & Sally & looks at the 2) And now, Sonic & Sally! You... will... !

Spongebob: STOP! (spindashes at Tiki Tong)

Tiki Tong: Hey! Stop! (swats Spongebob away)

Spongebob: Ouchie! (falls down)

Sonic: I'll try to get Sally & myself out of this mess!

Agamo: (with Magmo & Crusher) Alright! We can do this the hard way!


(Using their own asteroids against the 2 villains, Agamo, Magmo & Crusher begin to fight back by throwing their tiki asteroids at Tiki Tong & Vegon, with a little help from Thunder & Drilldozer's meteor blast attacks. Vegon's heads we're knocked out one by one, as Tiki Tong was knocked down, letting go of Sonic & Sally)

Magmo: It's over.

Tiki Tong: (falls down, letting go of Sonic & Sally)

Sonic: (notices that he & Sally are still in the air) Definately not cool.

Sonic & Sally: (proceeds to fall down to the ground) AAAH!

Sally: Do something!

Spongebob: Hold on! (gets up & then jumps up with his Super Speed & his Super Jump, he catches Sonic & Sally & lands back down safely on both feet) Are you alright?

Sonic: We're fine, thanks to you.

Sally: Is everyone else ok?

LeShawna: We're just fine for a while.

Tiki Tong: (carrying Vegon & Raptros) You haven't seen the last of me yet! I'll be back! (throws a Tiki smoke bomb, exploding it)

(As the smoke clears, Tiki Tong, Vegon & Raptros simply vanished.)

Donkey Kong: They're gone!

Xplode: They'll be back for more, trust me.

STH Rotor, Amy, Antoine & Bunnie: (heads up to Sonic, Sally & the All Stars)

STH Rotor: Look, gang. It is Sonic! And the asteroids have stopped!

Amy: Hooray!

Antoine: And, as usual, he brings with him zee Sonic Boom!

Spongebob: He sure does.

Tails: (comes back & takes off his hood) What am I... chopped chili dog?

Amy: Double hooray!

STH Rotor: Tails is back too!

Geoff: We'd be back.

Harold: And we have good news.

Izzy: Crazy wizard Ixis Naugus is taken out along with Jinpachi as well in a cave that is like a blizzard and... (got her mouth covered by Corroder)

Corroder: I think that's enough.

Thok: Indeed.

Antoine: It eez Miles Prowler (softly) Complete with asteroid shower)...

Nitroblast: I think you mean, "Meteor Shower".

Antoine: (normal voice) Yes... but who eez this? (points to Nate Morgan)

Nate: (takes off his hood as well) I, youthful gent, am Nathaniel Beauregard Morgan! Call me Nate!

Spongebob: Well, it's very hard to remember, but...

Sonic: Let me handle this, Nate & don't worry Spongebob, I remember. (softly) Thhat overlander thing, y'know. (normal voice) This dude helped us kick Ixis Naugus' butt right on back to the Zone of Silence!

Tails: I saw it with my own two eyes!

Zaktan: The strange thing is that Heihachi helped us take out Kazuya, while Spongebob & I take out Jinpachi together.

Thunder: Wait, what about Splitface?

Drilldozer: Where is he?

Bunnie: (holds up a knocked out Splitface) Right here, he's more rough than a shark in a typhoon. (lets go of Splitface)

Avak: (holds up the new Hero Cuffs & cuffs Splitface) There we go. Considered Splitface caught & cuffed.

Spongebob: Now where were we? Oh yes. We're back home, safe and sound.

Sally: Oh my goodness... Sonic! Is my father okay? He told us you had returned and...

Sonic: Waitaminnit, Sal... I haven't seen your dad! I'm surprised he'd even know I was back... but then why the big celebration?

Twilight Sparkle: There must be some sort of explaination on what else is happening.

STH Rotor: His highness must have been talking about someone else fromy your past when he contacted you earlier, Sally!

Rainbow Dash: Who do you think it is?

Sonic: I say we go find out!

Spongebob: But first... (turns to Splitface) It's time to send Splitface to jail.

(The All Star Freedom Fighters & the Knothole Freedom Fighters heads off, taking Splitface to jail.)

Splitface: (Metal Voice) Your Infecticide was no help. (Organic Voice) Your Shredding Claw was no better. (Metal Voice) You don't know what you're talking about. (Organic Voice) Oh, and you do?

Rainbow Dash: (getting a bit annoyed from Splitface) Can you guys be quiet!?

(At Castle Acorn)

(We see that the Knothole & All Star Freedom Fighters, plus Amy Rose & Nate Morgan here in the throne room.)

Spongebob: (bows) Your majesty, we have returned from a daring around the globe mission.

King Acorn: Princess, I am quite pleased to see you here in such record time and doubly overjoyed that you're unharmed by today's disaster!

Sally: Thanks, Dad... I'm glad to see that you're fine too! But look, Dad... Sonic has returned from traveling the globe with the All Stars... with amazing news about his mission to stop Ixis Naug...

King Acorn: Yes, Yes, Sally... that's all fine and well, but we've no time for such trivialities! Not that I mean to diminish Sonic's accomplishments...

Trent: We're sorry to interupt, your majesty, but is there a reason why?

King Acorn: Yes indeed however, we have important matters to attend to!

Sally: Important matters?

Reidak: Like what?

(Right on cue, a door has opened, revealing a figure, a brown mobian squirrel, wearing a blue prince uniform, complete with a blue cape. As the fanfare had been played, the figure enters inside.)

King Acorn: Presenting... Prince Elias Acorn!

Cody: He looks like he's part of the Royal Family.

Tyler: Yeah, he is a squirrel like them?

HF Rotor: He wears royal clothes.

Owen: And he even has a cape.

Twilight Sparkle: Care to explain what happened, your majesty?

King Acorn: Very well. After being secretly smuggled to the Floating Island at the on set of the Great War between us and the overlanders, my son Elias and my Queen Alicia lived there until today! Geoffrey St. John's mission was to find them... and find them he did! And... as of two ago... they are once again where they belong... back in the Kingdom of Acorn!

(They were all amazed by Elias's return.)

Mordecai & Rigby: (we're amazed) Wow.

Mordecai: That's incredible.

Zaktan: It is indeed.

Geoffrey St. John: (notices Nate Morgan in a robe & hood) Now what's this hidden horror beneath this here hood...? (takes off Nate Morgan's hood, revealing his face & suddenly realizing this) Huh?!

Owen: Uh oh, busted... again.

Geoffrey St. John: It's a bleedin' overlander... makin' an assassination attempt on our liege, no doubt! Well, they should have sent someone taller, mate!

Twilight Sparkle: Calm down please?

Sonic: Back off, St. John! If you've gota problem...

Hakann: (breaks up the argument between Sonic & Xplode) Break it up! break it up! Whoa!

King Acorn: Geoffrey! Geoffrey! You've made a simple mistake... for this "overlander" you refer to was once the single greatest ally of the kingdom!

Hakann: (to Sonic) The skunk means the world to you. And you know that. (to Geoffrey) And the blue hedgehog means the world to you. And you know that.

Vezok: (grabs both Sonic's & Geoffrey's hands) And I mean the world to the both of you. And we all know that.

King Acorn: (hugs Nate Morgan) Welcome home, Uncle Nate! I've missed you!

Nate Morgan: It's good to see you as well, Max... it's good to see you as well.

Spongebob: (smiles, but then notices Sonic's sad face)

Sonic: (in thought: Well, so much for my big birthday home coming celebra...)

Spongebob: Sonic?

Sonic: Yes, Spongebob?

Spongebob: I noticed your sad face & I know why. Come with us back to Knothole. I think you'll be pleased.

(The All Stars then heads back to Knothole Village with the Knothole Freedom Fighters, following behind)

Sonic: Looks like I don't have a choice.

(At South Knothole)

(We see that everyone minus Sonic & Spongebob we're inside)

Spongebob: I can't explain it, but go ahead & come on in.

Sonic: Alright. What have I got to lose? (enters inside)

(Suddenly the lights go on, we can see the party decorations & the birthday cake with the number 16 on it with 16 candles & everyone jumps out yelling "SURPRISE")

Sonic: (was very surprised)

All: HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Spongebob: Yes, happy birthday indeed.

Sonic: (very happy) Man, that was way past close (softly) And it's a good thing too... I'm a sucker for happy endings!

Spongebob: (smiles, then notices Sanford & Astro Boy discussing something) Hm?

Sanford: (reading the 2nd clue) "To find the 3rd clue, with greens that you will not frown. You will find the clue, barried in the center of town."

Astro Boy: Hmm... I think I know where it is. (scans the area of Knothole Village & spots a box with the 2nd clue hidden inside & stops, smiling) The odds are even.

Deimos: Yeah. Let's enjoy the party.

Spongebob: (smiles & turns to Sonic) Happy birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic: (sharing pieces of cake with everybody, smiling)

The End

Story #2: Transcript

The Bandicoots are in the House!

(In the space station of Dr. Cortex)

Uka Uka: Idiot! Fool! Nincompoop! You can't seem to do ANYTHING right!

Dr. Neo Cortex: It's not my fault, Uka Uka, those meddling bandicoots are to blame.

Uka Uka: Enough excuses of your mouth Cortex! None of these plans are working at all!

(Dr. N.Gin then appears)

N.Gin: Dr. Cortex, I've just picked up a sensor of the bandicoots! They've gone to another planet for a vacation!

Dr. Neo Cortex: What?! Where?!

N.Gin: They went to a planet called: Mobius!

Uka Uka: We must follow those simpletons and destroy them at all cost!

(In South Knothole Village somewhere in Planet Mobius)

SpongeBob: [reading a story to Pinkie Pie] And then, the little ugly mollusk ran all the way home...

Patrick: (bursting through the walls) SpongeBob, you gotta see this.

Pinkie Pie: What's going on?

Patrick: There are weird orange animals & a floating mask in the center of Knothole Village! Come on! (exits through the hole he created)

Pinkie Pie: Oh boy! Wait for me! (follows Patrick)

SpongeBob: Orange animals? And a floating mask? I guess I must go to Zaktan & figure this out who they are. (heads off to Zaktan's hut) I hope Sonic would get the same message as I have.

(In Sonic's dream)

Sally: Sonic, where were you when the brains were handed out?

Sonic: Huh? Sal?

(Sally is seen on the other side of a collapsing bridge when a Jack-2 Bot appears and grabs her, taking her to other Jack-2 Bots with a portable Robotisizer)

Sonic: Hang in Sal! Here comes the hedgehog!

(A storm hits.)

(Sonic then gets stuck in Mega Muck)

Sonic: Mega Muck! (Grunts trying to escape) This is starting to tick me off! Auuuugah! I'm coming, Sal!

(Sonic breaks free, and tumbles forward to the beginning of the bridge, and runs across it)


(The bridge then collapses as Sonic falls)

(Then we can see a lightning flash from the cliff, shining a light to a black figure in black armor & a black jaguar mask with a right green eye & left red eye flashing. The figure letting out a massive roar.
Armor King II

Armor King II


(Sonic then wakes up in a shock)

Sonic: Man, I gotta stop eating my own cookin’.

(Patrick then came bursting through the door)

Sonic: What the...?!

Patrick: Sonic! You gotta come see this! There's some weird orange animals and a floating mask in Knothole!

(To the scene where 3 bandicoots and a magic mask are talking to the All Star Freedom Fighters & the Knothole Freedom Fighters)

SpongeBob: Hi Sonic.

Sonic: Yo, guys. Who are talking to?

Sally: Sonic, I would like you to meet the Bandicoot family: Crash, Coco, Crunch, and Aku Aku.

Aku Aku: Greetings, Sonic.

Sonic: Hey, How'd you know my name Aku?

Aku Aku: Sally told me all about you.

Rarity: Is something wrong, Sonic? You're sweating an awful lot.

SpongeBob: Care to tell us, what happened?

Sonic: Sorry, I just had a WILD dream this morning.

Vezok: That explains why I can't sleep from all this noise coming from you, Sonic!

(The gang then hears Uka Uka's laugh)

Ed: What was that?

Aku Aku: No, it cannot be. Uka Uka is here!

Bunnie: Who the hay is he?

Aku Aku: He is my evil twin brother.

STH Rotor: I didn't know you had an evil twin brother.

Aku Aku: Well, I must find out what he and Dr. Cortex is up to, I'll meet up with you all later.

SpongeBob: Ok Aku Aku, see you later.

(In an outer space coliseum)

Uka Uka: Ah, hello my feeble brother.

Aku Aku: You have gotten my attention, Uka Uka. What kind of diabolical scheme have you and Dr. Cortex have planned this time?

Uka Uka: No schemes, just some new faces dropping by for a visit.

(Plankton & his Jack-2 bots then appear)

Aku Aku: No! You've teamed up with new villains? Uka Uka, why did you team up with them? Don't you know what happened when Cortex teamed up with Ripto?

Uka Uka: So, they were responsible for a few plans, jailbreaks, a couple of centuries back. You were into much brother.

Aku Aku: You cannot trust them, Uka Uka. They are far too dangerous for us all.

Plankton: (Chuckles) On the pottery, Aku Aku, spells disaster for you and that precious planet you care so much about.. Aw, forget it! Jack-2 Bots! DESTROY HIM!

(The Jack-2 Bots shoot at Aku Aku, who dodges the attacks from the robots)

Aku Aku: You won't get away with this.

Uka Uka: (Laughs) Who's going to stop us?!

(Back in Knothole)

Sonic: So, Coco, You know anything about dreams?

Coco: Not really... Aku Aku told me once that there usually about some kind of personal fear.

SpongeBob: You know, you can try to visualize that dream & figure out what's going on.

(Aku Aku then appears)

Aku Aku: Everyone, it has just as I feared. Uka Uka and Dr. Cortex have teamed up with a tiny one eyed creature and a bunch of robots, know as the Jack-2 Bots.

SpongeBob: Do you mean Plankton?

Aku Aku: I suppose you know him.

SpongeBob: And also, he can't consider to be tiny on the count he has his Eggman Form & the size of an Eggman. It is a long story.

(Sally comes in)

Sally: Guys, guys Nicole just intercepted one of Plankton's transmissions.

Sonic: I know that's not good news.

Sally: No, it's terrible news! Listen to this! Nicole, replay intercepted transmission.

NICOLE: Replaying Sally.

Plankton: (Recording) Attention, Jack-2 Bot unit 1, prepare chemical payload for cloud seeding. Rendezvous with cloud burster on Island of Nimbus, precisely 1200 hours. Coordinates to follow.

Sally: That's all of it.

Aku Aku: He's gonna seed clouds with chemicals?

Sally: Toxic Rain.

Sonic: What’s a little more toxic rain? All of Mobius is fuming with the stuff!

Corroder: What are you talking about? That was in the past, we've regain control of Robotropolis, transforming back to it's former glory, Mobotropolis, ever since Robotnik Prime is gone. Remember?

STH Rotor: I bet it's another one of Plankton's crummy traps.

Sally: You’re probably right, Rotor. But we don’t know for sure. If that island is inhabited, we need to warn people!

SpongeBob: Sally is right, but how do we warn them without the Jack-2 Bots seeing us?

Sally: I have the old plan...

(Scene cuts to STH Rotor's workshop with Crunch at the door)

Crunch: Stand back, everyone. This could get ugly.

(Crunch opens it up and a wave of mechanical junk engulfs him before he can get away)

Eddy: WHOA!

Avak: Holy cow!

Ed: I love canoes!

Bunnie: Oh my stars! And I thought my closet was a mess...

Sonic: (Tapping his foot impatiently) Yo, Crunch, We're waiting...

Crunch: Alright, let's see..

Antoine: Uh, How many Jack-2 Bot zuits are you having, Crunch?

Crunch: Three, one for Sally, one for Bunnie, and one for you.

(Antoine dodges the Jack-2 Bot piece in fear)

Crunch: Hmm, on second thought. This last one goes to the sponge.

SpongeBob: (catches the Jack-2 Bot piece, but he falls down with it) This piece weigh a ton.

Aku Aku: Also, You'll need disguises of Cortex's henchmen. (Uses his powers to turn Rainbow Dash into one of Cortex's henchmen)

(Rainbow Dash tries to balance herself but falls)

Rainbow Dash: Ow! I need to learn how to stand on two feet.

(Sally then tries on her Jack-2 bot head)

Sally: Well, how do I look?

Tails: Aaaah! Jack-2 Bot! I'm juicing! (Runs off)

Sonic: Naaw! Not even close, Sal.

Zaktan: Alright, you had your orders. SpongeBob, Sally, Bunnie & Rainbow Dash, you 4 will have to stop that machine from creating acid rain, otherwise it's the fuel source for Meltdown's weapons.

Meltdown: (gets a bit annoyed) I heard that, Piraka!

(Cut to the side of a mountain. A giant eight-wheeled beast hauling what looks like a missile the shape of a blimp roars by, The four disguised heroes show up at the top of the mountain)

Bunnie: Stars alive! Would you look at the size of that ugly ol’ thing?

Sally: That must be the cloud burster!

(They hear a clinking noise and look behind them. SpongeBob's boots were shaking as he is a bit nervous, Bunnie then grabs his legs to stop the shaking)

Bunnie: Just RELAX Sugah Sponge.

SpongeBob: Sorry. I intend to get a bit nervous.

Rainbow Dash: Be cool, stay calm & follow our lead.

Sally: Ready, Bunnie?

Bunnie: Always ready, sugah!

(Bunnie activates a mechanical hand grenade and lunges it in front of the vehicle, obstructing its path with smoke.)

N.Gin: Henchmen! See what that smoke is about!

(Two henchmen and two Jack-2 Bots exit the vehicle to check things out)

Sally: They're in the smoke! Let's go!

(SpongeBob climbs up, helping Bunnie and Sally up.)

SpongeBob: Ugggh! Come on Sally! That's it! Pull up!

(Sally runs to a hatch and begins to pull.)

Bunnie: Allow me, sugah!

SpongeBob: Please hurry, the Jack-2 Bots are coming!

Sally: You guys guard the door, it won’t take me long.

(Sally goes through the hatch, removes the head and plugs Nicole into the computer.)

Sally: Nicole, access cloud burster security code.

NICOLE: Attempting access, Sally.

(Numbers begin spinning across the screen. While this goes on, Sally sees the Jack-2 Bots walking towards the others through a security monitor)

Sally: Come on, Nicole.

SpongeBob: They're coming.

Bunnie: Just keep your cute lil’ol knees quite Sugah Sponge, and we'll be fine.

Jack-2 Bot: (To SpongeBob, Bunnie, and Rainbow Dash) RETURN TO STATION.

(SpongeBob goes on instinct and calmly walks to his “Station... Only to trip, cause the head to fall off, and blow their cover.)

SpongeBob: Ow! (notices the Jack-2 Bot) Uh, hi?


SpongeBob: (tries to get up, but he can't) Help! Help!

(Bunnie raises her hand behind the Jack-2 Bot's back ready for a sneak attack, only to have two henchmen to raise they're weapons at her as well)

Henchman: Don't move!

Bunnie: I sure do hate when this happens...

SpongeBob: (tries to get up) Help! I've fallen & I can't get up! This armor's too heavy!

(Sally sees this all on the screen.)

Sally: Oh no!

NICOLE: First digit in place, Sally... Second digit, Sally...

(Sally looks at the screen again, the Jack-2 Bots coming closer)

Sally: Hurry, Nicole!

(She makes a grab for her Jack-2 Bot head, only to hear a flamethrower starting, she looked up and there was Dingodile with his flamethrower)



Dingodile: Going somewhere, mate?

(To the scene where N.Gin working at a desk going over some notes when a henchman walks in)

Henchman: Intruders, sir.

N.Gin: Intruders?

(The henchmen and the Jack-2 Bots lead the four in, with hands locked behind their backs. N.Gin shows off with a grin)

N.Gin: Well, well.. Fools in Jack-2 Bot clothing and a pony with henchmen clothes? Dr. Cortex will be pleased.

(Cut to Sonic storming through the mountains, and finds himself looking over an island. He checks his map)

Sonic: That’s gotta be ol’ Nimbus Island! He speeds down to the island, covered in futuristic travel tubes, and begins running through them, looking around He trips on impact, and lands face first in the dirt. He gets up, and looks around.) Whoa! Yo! Anybody home!? Anybody here besides you rats?, Guess not, I'm outta here.

(Without a second thought, he ditches the place and heads back to Knothole)

Zaktan: (was alone)

Sonic: Sal! SquarePants! Where are you guys!?

Zaktan: (notices Sonic) Sorry, I haven't seen Sally, SpongeBob, Bunnie or Rainbow Dash anywhere.

Sonic: Better check out that convoy.

Zaktan: (as Sonic left) Hmm... (calls Twilight Sparkle on his walkie talkie) Twilight? You may want to come see me at the Command Center of South Knothole. Cause we got a bit of a problem.

(Cut to the mountain side from earlier, Sonic finds a Jack-2 Bot head lying in the dirt)

Sonic: Wha? (He checks it out) … This was SpongeBob's. (He drops it and looks at the vehicles colossal sized wheel imprints left in the ground.)

(Back to Nimbus Island. The missile sitting outside the base, The Jack-2 Bots and the henchman inside are at work, while the All Star Freedom Fighters and the Freedom Fighters are chained down to a wall.)

Sally: What’s wrong with your “Great Leader”!? Is he to chicken to confront us himself!?

Plankton: (Off screen) My... Such a challenging one. (He comes out of the dark) It's so nice you could all drop by, also I'd like to meet a new friend of mine. Please welcome: Dr. Neo Cortex!

(Footsteps came out reveling Dr. Cortex)

Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex

Dr. Cortex: Ah, what do we have here? A princess, a half robotized rabbit, a blue horse, and a piece of mold.

SpongeBob: I'm not mold, I'm a sponge! There's a cellular difference, A CELLUAR DIFFERENCE!

Dr. Cortex: So, you must be the All Star Warrior that the entire multiverse is talking about. I can't say I'm impressed coming from you.

SpongeBob: I was nervous, ok?

Dr. Cortex: That doesn't matter, I have big plans for you, All Star Warrior.

SpongeBob: (gulps)

???: Yeah, yeah. Thanks for the information, Dr. Science.

(Uka Uka then comes in)

Uka Uka

Uka Uka

Sally: You must be Uka Uka.

Uka Uka: I am indeed. And hardly appropriate for a Princess... Not to mention the slander of my feeble brother Aku Aku. Now, where is your hedgehog friend?

Sally: ...In your dreams, Uka.

Uka Uka: No matter Princess. Patience is one of my strong points, (Chuckles) and when he does show up, I shall kill your puny little hedgehog friend. Kill him.. FOREVER.

(SpongeBob and Bunnie looked at each other very scared)

SpongeBob: Either I'm scared of the evil mask or the scientist that has big plans for me.

(Camera cut to Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle back in the All Star Command Center)

Twilight Sparkle: SpongeBob is in trouble & so are Sally, Bunnie & Rainbow Dash?!

Zaktan: Yes, I believe they are captured by Plankton & his new recruits, Cortex, Cortex's henchmen & Uka Uka.

Twilight Sparkle: Then it's time to send out reinforcements.

Zaktan: (turns to Crash, Coco, Crunch & Aku Aku) And I know who can help us on the job, just fine.

(Cut to Sonic following the vehicles tracks, leading him to the isle just in time to see the blimp missile rising in the sky.)

Sonic: Uh oh!

(Inside the base)

Dr. Cortex: Re-check all functions. There will be no errors.

N.Gin: Dr. Cortex! The guest of honor has arrived...

(A monitor overhead shows Sonic in site.)

Plankton: Excellent, let the party begin.

(Cut to outside, Sonic is speeding around.)

Sonic: Whoa! (He comes to a stop) Huh!?

(He looks across a large stretch of water and sees his friends held captive by Jack-2 Bots, Henchmen and a couple of mutant monsters such as ratcicles and rhinorollers)

Sonic: Hang tough guys! I’m there in a Sonic-Second! (He makes his way to the travel pods once again, every move caught on camera.)

Uka Uka: Welcome hedgehog. You’re right on time.

Dr. Cortex: Get ready N.Gin!

(N.Gin has his hands at the control panel, eagerly waiting to strike.)

Dr. Cortex: Wait for it N.Gin, Wait for it... NOW!

(N.Gin pushes a button… and back on Sonic, he hears something launch...)

Sonic: Whoa!

(A giant ball of fire chases after him)

Sonic: Better hit the ol’ after burners! (He speeds through the tubes, and finds an exit, with the fire ball still on his hide.) Time to douse this lame ol’ fire!

(Sonic pulls a sharp turn, and it follows, leaving him no choice up to hop into the water. The flame flies after him, and dies out. Sonic pops out of the water, when the island begins to shake.)

Sonic: Waaaah!?

(The traveling tubes across the water come apart, leaving Sonic without his shortcuts. The missile blimp is right over head.)

Plankton: Now we have you hedgehog!

Sonic: Aaaah!

Plankton: Look around.

(Cut to the villains looking at the monitor, as Sonic is ambushed by multiple Jack-2 Bots)

Uka Uka: I hoped the great hedgehog would be more of a challenge... He disappoints me.

(Back on Sonic, with a big ol’ grin.)

Sonic: It ain’t over till the fat-bot sings, Uka dooka! (He draws the Jack-2 bots to the side of dry land...) Woooah man! (His leg gets stuck in a puddle of mega-muck.) Mondo problemo! I’m stuck...

(The Jack-2 Bots close in on Sonic who pulls his foot out of the "mega muck no problem)

Sonic: Sorry bolt-brains! Gotta juice! (He leaps at them, hopping from head to head, knocking them all into the water.) Oh, forgot to tell ya: “Watch that first step.” Adios!

Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle: (arrives via teleportation)

Zaktan: There he is!

(Cut back to the base, Sonic races in and finds his friends locked in a laser force-field.)

Sonic: Chill guys, I’ll bust you outta there...

SpongeBob: (was chained upside down) Don't touch the bars! Dr. Cortex has big plans for me!

Sonic: Why not?

Sally: Because they’ll repel you!

Bunnie: To say nothin’ of knockin’ y’all on your little ol’ sugah hog behind.

Twilight Sparkle: (arriving with Zaktan) I have to agree with all of you because we are so dead! Look!

(Sonic turns around and watches the blimp fly into the sky.)

Zaktan: Spongebob! We'll get you down!

Twilight Sparkle: (uses her magic to get Spongebob down & off these chains)

Spongebob: Whoa! (falls down & hits his head) Ouch!

Sonic: Gotta be a way to take out that sucker!

(Cut to the villains)

N.Gin: Cloud Burster in position.

Uka Uka: Excellent! Prepare to commence seeding! (Laughs)

Sonic:That blimpo’s gonna chunk.

Antoine: Sacre bleu! What can we be doing?

Sonic: Good question, Ant...AHH!

(Sonic starts to remember his dream)

Sally: (off screen): Sonic, we have to do something!

Sonic: Hey!

Spongebob: Sonic, what's the matter?

(Sonic see’s Sally in his mind, looking at him with horror. Sonic begins to panic.)

Bunnie: What the hey is eatin’ that hunky lil’ hedgehog? He looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Sally: He seems to be day-dreaming... We have to snap him out of it, or we’re all done for!

SpongeBob: Sonic! Snap out of it please! Wake up! WAKE UP!

Sally: Sonic, it’s Sally! Can you hear me!? Sonic? Sonic!?

Zaktan: Dang it Sonic! What are you doing in there?

(In Sonic’s head, he’s struggling to break free from the muck while rain is pouring on him.)

Sally (voice): Come on Sonic!

Dream Sally (voice): Sonic, were you when the brains-

Sally (voice) Sonic, we need your help!

Twilight Sparkle: (voice) Sonic, snap out of it!

Dream Sally (voice): Sonic...

Sally (voice) Can you hear me?! Sonic?!

(Dream Sally is being robotosized once again)


Dream Sally: Sonic… where were you when the brains were handed out- Brains- Brains- BRAINS-

Spongebob: (voice) SONIC!


(Sonic snaps out of it, but was suddenly in a grave yard)

Sonic: Huh? Where am I?

(Sonic looks around & notices a tombstone which it says "R.I.P. Armor King I")

Sonic: What is that? (digs up the grave & opens the coffin, seeing Armor King I's skeleton)

(Lightning strikes as Sonic was a bit stunned in shock upon seeing the Skeleton)

Sonic: Whoa!

???: Now you know...

Sonic: (gets up) So, if it's only a dream, then... (turns to ???) WHO ARE YOU?!

Armor King II: (staring coldly at Sonic)

(Lightning strikes again & it begins to rain water as Sonic & Armor King II are staring each other coldly)

Sonic: Just exactly, who are you?

Armor King II: I'm Armor King... no one else.

Sonic: Don't lie to me! I saw your tombstone with my own eyes!

Armor King II: Armor King is not just one person.

Sonic: What the?!

Armor King II: I AM Armor King! And so was my older brother whom Marduk killed.

(Lightning strikes once again as a flashback in Armor King I's past is seen.)

Armor King I: (coughing as he is making his way to the arena, weakly)

Armor King II: He was killed 2 years ago.

(End of Flashback)

Armor King II: By Marduk's hand, I... CAN NEVER FORGIVE HIM!

Sonic: Calm down! I saw you in my bad dream last time.

Armor King II: You see... I was the one who send you the nightmare.

Sonic: What?! Why?

Armor King II: Because of the plans of the Master Jack-X.

Sonic: Huh?!

Armor King II: Plankton is closing in on completing the machine of destruction.

Sonic: (gasps)

Armor King II: And if he does, it will not just be the end of Mobius, but the end of the Multiverse!

Sonic: Oh man! What should I do to stop it?

Armor King II: There are times that you needed brains instead of your brawn. And that now. (leaves)

(A fog begins to roll in.)

Sonic: Wait! I still need more information about...!

(However, Armor King II dissapeared in the fog)

Sonic: (was snapped out of his trance & looks back at Sally.)

Zaktan: (slaps Sonic) SNAP OUT OF IT!

Sally: Sonic, hurry! He’s gonna release the acid rain storm!

(The blimp missile begins to release the acid. Sonic scratches his head.)

Sonic: (remembering what Armor King II said) Gotta use my brain...

Twilight Sparkle: Hurry Sonic!

Sonic: Man, if there was some way to use those wells, I could make it rain on old Dooka's Blimp.

Sally: How?

Sonic: Sal, got a past cool idea! Gotta juice!

Zaktan: Well you gotta juice fast Sonic, we got company!

(Giant Mutants begin to charge at the heroes)

Twilight Sparkle: Spongebob, Zaktan & I will hold them off.

Rainbow Dash: You can do this!

Spongebob: Let's get going!

Spoongebob: (charges & preforms homing spindashes at the Mutants)

Twilight Sparkle: (launches magic beams from her unicorn horn at the Mutants)

Zaktan: (slashes at the Mutants with his Tri-Scissor Blade)

(Sonic nods & then runs under the blimp.)

Sonic: YO! UKA DOOKA! Gotta little surprise....

Uka Uka: I don't like surprises! Especially not from rodents and bandicoots!

Sonic: But this one will be a kick… Promise.

(Sonic turns himself into a living drill and spins into the center of the island, gravel and rocks flying at Sally and the other’s cage.)

Antoine: Ugh! What is the fuelish hedgehog doing!?

Dr. Cortex: What is that miserable rodent up to, N.Gin?!

N.Gin: I don't know!

(Sonic continues drilling, until he finds a small cavity under the land, and in it a worn down machine once used to pump out water. He get on the gears and makes a personal treadmill out of it.)

Sonic: Time for some major hedgehog power!

(Water begins to flow through the piping.)

Uka Uka: They may thought they may have stopped us, but they're wrong!

(Cut to the Freedom Fighters watching the blimp lose control.)

(Aku Aku appears with the bandicoots)

Aku Aku: Well done, Sonic.

Spongebob, Zaktan & Twilight Sparkle: (goes up to Sonic)

Zaktan: Yeah, we did it!

(But then they see Uka Uka coming towards them)

Zaktan: Ok, maybe I spoke too soon.

Uka Uka: So you little insects acutely managed to destroy my blimp, well I've prepare a little treat for you all.

SpongeBob: Oh boy!

Aku Aku: No, probably not food SpongeBob, a bad treat.

Uka Uka: Oh, it's a bad treat alright. Tell me hedgehog, do your bandicoot friends remember the Evolvo Ray? Let's see what happens when I use the Evolvo Ray... ON MYSELF!!!

(Uka Uka then begins to use the Evolvo Ray on himself, evolving himself with a giant mutant body)

Zaktan: That's one giant monster.

(Uka Uka then slams the ground summoning spikes to emerge from underneath as the heroes dodges them)

Uka Uka: You idiots get in here before I tear you a new belly button!

(Scorporillas, Spikes, and Voodoo Bunnies then enter the fight)

(Sonic spindashes at Uka Uka but Uka Uka pounds him to the ground hard)

Aku Aku: Sonic! Enough fun and games, he means business! Use me!

Sonic: I'm on it! (He then runs towards Uka Uka who is now shooting at him but kept missing and Sonic places Aku Aku in front of Uka Uka)

Uka Uka: Aww! Gross! He's in my mind.

(Sonic controls Uka Uka towards one of the Evolvo Ray's energy containers and makes him destroy it)

Uka Uka: I'll destroy you for that!!!

(Twilight and SpongeBob are seen and about to be crushed by a Scorporilla when Bunnie kicked it in the face)

Zaktan: There's too many of them!

???: Perhaps you need a little help.

(A boy and a girl named Kei and Yumi with their Aunt Aki came running into the fight)



Ape Escape 3 Yumi




Crunch: Who the fudge are you kids?

Kei: I'm Kei.

Yumi: I'm Yumi.

Aki: And I'm Aki.

(A bunch of Voodoo Bunnies then came running towards Kei, Yumi, and Aki)

Voodoo Bunnie: Capture for Uka Uka!

Yumi: Let's get em!

Kei: Yeah!

Kei and Yumi: TRANSFORM!

(Kei and Yumi then transform into Dragon Kung Fu Fighters)

Aku Aku: Kids! Look out!

(A Scorporilla swung its huge scorpion tail at Kei and Yumi who dodges it)

Kei: What are these things?!

Aku Aku: They're my evil twin brother, Uka Uka's mutant monsters.

SpongeBob: Hey guys! A little help here.

(Crash then jumps on a Spike and uses it to fight Uka Uka)

Uka Uka: These blasted fools be leaving on my last nerves.. I mean, GUARDS! Get in here!

Bunnie: Don't look now old Dooka! (Shoots her arm cannon Uka Uka who then loses balance and falls on the second Evolvo Ray energy container)

Uka Uka: Oh, come on! I need that one!

Yumi: How do we get rid of all these monsters!

Coco: By making them fight each other.

Kei: How?!

Aku Aku: Like this, Crash!

(Crash then places Aku Aku on a Scorporilla and fights the other Mutants)

SpongeBob: Time to finish this!

Sonic: I'm with you SpongeBob!

Yumi: So are we!

(SpongeBob, Sonic, Kei, and Yumi then charge at Uka Uka who shoots at them again and the four heroes dodges the shots and places Aku Aku on Uka Uka and makes him destroy the last Evolvo Ray energy container)

(Uka Uka's body then begins to crumble)

Uka Uka: You've think you've defeated me? I get the last laugh on you fools. A curse on you bandicoots! A curse on you all! I shall return!

(Back in the Knothole Village)

Aku Aku: Thank you for helping us.

Kei: No problem.

Aki: You know what? This calls for a group photo.

(Rarity then gets the camera ready and she gets in the group photo as the camera takes the photo)

The End