Kenny's World: Learn to Fly is a game based on Kenny's World realeased on June 23rd 2008.

The game is about the protagonist, Ciaran trying to fly as he finds out his species are flightless (which annoys him/her for no reason whatsoever).

The goal is to make it to 6,000ft (distance, not height) in as few days as possible (less than 18 days is enough)

You'll have to keep upgrading your flight equitment until you are able to make it to 6,000ft.


Ciaran "Rose" McCormick - The protagonist of Kenny's World and this game.

Amy "Rose" McCormick - Ciaran's hedgehog sister and the "deuteragonist" of this game, she makes a cameo at the end of the game with Cream and Cuddles.

Cream "Jay" McDowell - Jaden's rabbit sister, she makes a cameo at the end of the game with Amy Rose and Cuddles.

Jaden "Jay" McDowell - Ciaran's best friend and the "tritagonist" of this game, he appears at the upgrade screen.

Cuddles "Rabbit" Thomson - Ciaran's second best friend who is a yellow rabbit, He makes a cameo at the end of the game with Amy and Cream.


Ramp Height $20 - $10,000 (Lvl 1 - 30)

Acceleration $40 - $12,000 (Lvl 1 - 24)

Fuel $80 - $20,000 (Lvl 1 - 40)

Glider Lvl 1. $1,000 (Increases flight and speed by 10%) Lvl 2. $5,000 (Increases flight and speed by 25%) Lvl 3. $10,000 (Increases flight and speed by 75%) Lvl 4. $24,000 (Increases flight and speed by 95%)

Rocket/Jet Lvl 1. $2,000 (Power/speed increases by 15%) Lvl 2. $8,000 (Power/speed increases by 30%) Lvl 3. $16,000 (Power/speed increases by 80%) Lvl 4. $30,000 (Power/speed increases by 100%)

Ending (SPOILERS)Edit

Ciaran makes it over 6,000ft and believes he can fly now, but ends up smashing into a wall (his legs from the torso fall into the water and blood pours down the "wall" and in the water), Cuddles, Amy Rose and Cream stare in horror on a nearby iceberg as they see their friend presumably dead, a screen shows up saying "That's why idiots like him/her, will never be able to "Learn to Fly".