Learn 2 Fly Music Techno

Learn 2 Fly Music Techno

Music that plays when you fly (0 - 175+ MPH)

Kenny's World: Learn to Fly II (Kenny's World: Learn to Fly 2 or simply titled Learn to Fly II/2) is the sequel to Kenny's World: Learn to Fly.

The game was released on September 24th 2010 and is considered the best flash game ever made.


Ciaran wakes up in a hospital bed, angry about the previous events (When he smashed into a wall when he tried to prove that he could fly) and how they crushed his/her dreams, he/she then angirly decides to destroy "The Wall," Ciaran then takes a full night to think of ideas to destory "The Wall," he then has the idea to make a sack version of him/herself (made of snow on the inside, and very poor fabric on the outside) and put it on a ramp to make it "fly" and destory the wall...


Ciaran "Rose" McCormick

Amy "Rose" McCormick

Kenny "Kenneth" Wakeman

Finlay "Jay" McDowell

Jaden "Jay" McDowell

Cuddles "Rabbit" Thomson

Cream "Jay" McDowell


Unlike the first game, there is quite a lot of upgrades.

Ramp/Rocket/Jet UpgradesEdit

Ramp Length: $10 - $50,000 (Lvl 1 - 30)

Ramp Height: $50 - $75.000 (Lvl 1 - 45)

Rocket/Jet Fuel: $100 - $100,000 (Lvl 1 - 75)

Rocket/Jet Power: $250 - $200,000 (Lvl 1 - 80)


The Plank I: $25

The Plank Mk. 2: $125

Sledge: $750

Bobsleigh: $2,500

Ciaran's Tricycle: $4,500

Ciaran's Tricycle Mk. 2: $10,000

Coli: $25

Coli V2: $100

Spring Box: $150

E1 Bouncy: $500

(ka)Boom Box: $2,500

TNT: $1,400

Kenny Wakeman: $60,500


Kite: $15

Beat-up "Glider": $200

Hang-Glider/Aerius 8: $2,400

H.I.G.H Tech: $5,000

Ultralight Trike: $1,500

Ultralight Aircraft: $7,500

Pingu Balloon: $25

Umbrella: $125

Parachute: $500

Zeppelin: $3,500

Old Fan: $350

Propeller: $2,200

Whirlybird 512: $5,500

The Brick: $0/FREE (Secret)

Tricyglider: $75,000


Water Bottle: $25 Propulser: $100

Suger Rocket: $250

Pulse Jet: $1,000

THOR Ramjet: $10,000

Air Balloon: $15

Canned Air: $150

Rocket Firework: $800

Cruise Missile: $9,500

"Whistle" Rocket: $200

Auxiliary Boosters: $1,200

"Lift-Off": $7,500

SUPER-Rocket: $40,000

Ciaran's Water Bottle: $85,000


Sand: $25

Iron Pellets: $175

Cast Iron: $1,000

Osmium: $10,000

Obsidian: $50,000

Omega Catlogue ItemsEdit


SuperSlide: $10,000

Omega Coli (Coli V3): $15,000

Omega Tricycle: $150,000


Omeglider: $35,000

The Chopper: $40,000

X-Tornado: $750,000


Omega Drive: $25,000

Solid Booster: $25,000

Balloon Mk.2: $25,000

Tricy-Jet: $950,000


Dark Matter: $25,000

Toad's Mushrooms: $450,000

Ciaran's Skin: $850,000

Bedrock: $1,200,000 (Most expensive item in the game)

Endings (SPOILERS)Edit

STORY: Ciaran's Payload-thing destorys "The Wall," as Ciaran jumps in joy, he goes to his laptop, opens up Fakebook (a parody of Facebook) and goes to his page and makes a post saying he destroyed the "enemy," as Ciaran stares at the screen in truimph, a person named "SomeJERK" types in that he's a jerk and "should go die in a fire," Ciaran gets mad and goes to his attic, where he finds the items he used when he tried to fly, Ciaran then punches his fist and pushes the box full of stuff outside, you then unlock "Classic" and "Arcade" mode and a screen pops up saying how much days you made it.

OVER-THE-WALL: Ciaran's Payload-thing flies over the wall, Ciaran stares like "what happened," we then see a house made of straw, inside the house is a Dodo, he types in a retarded-fashion, "Cirin is dum ans iz faat," then clicks on the spell check button, Ciaran's Payload-thing flies over and destroies the Dodo's house, the Dodo is presumed to be dead, the screen cuts back to Ciaran, who still stands in a "what happened" position/expression.

CLASSIC: Ciaran flies quite far and lands near "SomeJERK's" House, "SomeJERK" is doing his "checklist" and checks "Crush an idiots dreams" and then hears the doorbell, the camera zooms outside to show Ciaran ringing the bell, who then runs behind the garbage can, as "SomeJERK" opens the front door, Ciaran runs up to "SomeJERK" and does an air-punch in his face, as usual, a screen pops up saying how many days it took you to complete.