WELCOME TO THE Anime & Cartoons Fanon WIKI ! ^-^
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Enjoy ! \(^o^)/
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These are this wiki`s rules, be sure to obey the Rules, or you will get P E N A L T I E S ! \(^o^)/

The Rules :

  • DO NOT
    vandalize any kind of things that isn`t yours in this wiki,
  • DO NOT
    troll/disturb any other users, and
  • DO NOT
    leave any inappropriate comments.
Simple, isn't it?.
Next headline is about the P E N A L T I E S !


And these are the penalties for those who broke the rules /(-,-)/ :

  • For any users who BROKE THE RULES ONCE, he/she will receive a warning in his/her talk page,
  • For any users who BROKE THE RULES TWICE, he/she will be banned for two weeks, and finally
  • For any users who BROKE THE RULES THRICE, he/she will be banned permanently from this wiki.

H A V E - F U N ! \(^o^)/

ǝɔɐdS ʞuɐlq 05:46, March 7, 2015 (UTC)

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