This is the first episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode focuses on the Crossovers & Sonic & Tails


SpongeBob & Patrick were visiting Sandy's place, but she is not here, when they enter inside, Patrick accidently activated the portals that sucks in a few crossovers into the world of Sonic Boom. Sonic & Tails has a dangerous encounter with Eggman, but Patrick accidently injures Tails by damaging his plane by mistake. These accidental actions made Sonic think that being his sidekick is too dangerous for Tails & fires him for his own safety. As auditions begin to open for a new sidekick, the newly team of Crossovers, will have to tell Sonic the truth, but it won't be easy when Eggman applies for the job, but even worse when Plankton shows up.

Sidekicks & CrossoversEdit

(The scene starts at Bikini Bottom)

(SpongeBob and Patrick were running to see Sandy but stopped to see her tree dome locked tight)

SpongeBob: Sandy? Are you in here? (Sees a sign and reads it) "Caution Do not mess around with the portal machine. (That means you SpongeBob)"

Patrick: Better put on our water helmets.

SpongeBob: Patrick, the sign said not to mess around in Sandy's place. Let's just go.

Patrick: What are you worried about SpongeBob? No means yes.

(Patrick opens the door and they see a portal machine)

Patrick: Holy sea-cow SpongeBob. That must be the portal machine.

SpongeBob: Yeah, just don't touch.. Patrick! NO!

Patrick: Stupid thingy! Why won't it give me back my quarter?!

(Patrick accidentally press the red button causing the portal to suck everything even him and SpongeBob)

(In the Cul-De-Sac)

(The Eds weree sitting on the curb, bored)

Edd: Relish the fine summer's day, Eddy. Absorb the solitude of the Cul-de-sac. The aroma of fresh cut grass.

Eddy: It stinks, I'm bored.

Ed: I forgot to wear underwear guys.

Eddy: I wish there was something we can do about scamming.

(The Eds then feel like there was wind blowing but it came from the portal and they got sucked in)

(In Equestria)

(Applejack was apple bucking apples from the trees when she heard all of the ponies in town screaming)

Applejack: What in tarnation is going on?

Pinkie Pie: There's a big portal sucking everypony in it!

(Suddenly Applejack and Pinkie Pie were feeling a big blowing breeze but it was coming from the portal and got sucked in)

Twilight Sparkle: Applejack! Pinkie Pie!

Rarity: Oh dear! Whatever shall we do?

Rainbow Dash: Dontt worry, I got this! (Charges at the portal)

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash! No!

Rainbow Dash: Get... out! (Bucks at the portal, but her hind legs got stuck) Uh oh! (Tries to escape, but was sucked in too)

Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash! (Felt being tugged by the wind as she is sucked in as well)

Twilight Sparkle & Rarity: (grabs Fluttershy) Fluttershy!

Twilight Sparkle: We got you!

Rarity: Yes indeed, but who is saving us?

(Twilight, Rarity & Fluttershy got sucked inside the portal as well, just as Discord arrived by teleportation.)

Discord: (appears) Huh? This is odd, but positively fun. Wait for me! (Jumps into the portal) Cannonball!

(At Canterlot High, in the alternate human world of Equestria)

Sunset Shimmer: (notices the portal) What is that? (Felt like being sucked in) That cantt be good. (Got sucked into the portal)

(In Voya Nui)

(The 6 Piraka we're battling against the Toa & winning.)

Zaktan: Don't you see, the Matoran are ours!

Reidak: And there's nothing you can do to stop us!

Vezok: Yeah man! We are invincible! Invincible!

Toa of Fire: We will never give up to the likes of you!

Avak: And how are you gonna stop us?

(Suddenly, they felt the wind blowing towards them, as they felt being pushed backwards)

Thok: (notices the portal behind him & the rest of the Piraka) Uh guys?

Hakann: I believe that would stop us.

Zaktan: (was dumbstruck, like the rest of the Piraka) Ohhh...

(Suddenly they we're pushed into the portal by the 6 Toa.)

Reidak: No no NO!

Vezok: You didntt do that!

6 Piraka: (got sucked in the portal, screaming)

Zaktan: Curse you Toa!

(In Mixels Land)

(The 27 Mixels in 9 tribes, were having a party called the "Mixel Festival". Mixel Festival. Vulk is at a DJ booth and the other Mixels are dancing and chatting. Vulk grabs and throws an Infernite/Electroid Cubit up and Flain and Teslo catch it.]

Flain and Teslo: Mix! (Balloons come out of the Cubit, and pop. The Flain/Teslo Mix floats down using jet boosters and lands while the others cheer. He grabs his tail like a microphone and taps on it, a feedback sound is heard.)

Flain/Teslo Mix: (in Flain’s voice, talking through his tail) Welcome, Mixel dudes, to the annual Mixel Mix Fest!

[Cut to three podiums. An Electroid/Cragster Cubit, an Infernite/Frosticon Cubit, and a Fang Gang/Flexer Cubit sit on them. The Mix pops up in front of them.]

Flain/Teslo Mix: …Where we celebrate the totally rad, super-awesome power of the Cubit!

Other Mixels: (cheer)

Flain/Teslo Mix: Great moves out there! And nice Hamlogna sandwich eating there, Zaptor!

[Cut to picnic table. Zaptor is next to it and a large plate of Hamlogna sandwiches is on top of it.]

Zaptor: I’m… not eating Hamlogna sandwiches… (Shifts eyes, slowly grabs a sandwich and eats it in one bite.)

[Cut to Mix, who is now accompanied by Slumbo, Krader, Tentro, and Gobba. They all look unimpressed. The latter four duck out of screen.]

Flain/Teslo Mix: Yeah… Anyways, let the mixing begin!

[He throws a large handful of Cubits towards the audience. Chomly catches a Frosticon/Fang Gang one, Krader an Infernite/Cragster one, and Slumbo a Frosticon/Infernite one. Pan to Zorch catching an Infernite/Electroid one, Tentro a Frosticon/Flexer one, and Volectro a Cragster/Electroid one.]

Zorch, Krader, Volectro, Slumbo, Chomly and Tentro (variously): Mix! Mix! Mix!

(However, they never realized the portal being opened up.)

Glomp: This is fun!

Hoogi: Yeah! It's amazing!

Magnifo: (notices the portal) Hey, look at that. A portal.

(Suddenly the portal got bigger & begins sucking in all 27 mixels inside it)

Mixels: (screaming)

(In the World of Worms)

Boggy B: (inside the bunker, checking for any enemy worms) Hmm... it is strange. No one is around, I must exit as soon as the coast is clear. (Exits & notices a bright portal, beginning to suck him inside it) Whoa!

(An amazed Boggy B was now sucked inside the portal.)

(Meanwhile in a desert)

(We see Sonic chasing Dr. Eggman)

Sonic: You can't lose me, Egg Head!

Dr. Eggman: Egg MAN! You know my name is Dr. Eggman! You do that on purpose!

Sonic: Do what? Egg Head.

(Sonic then see a cliff and stops just in time)

Dr. Eggman: It all ends here, old friend. Prepare to be destroyed by Burn-Bot!

(Burn-Bot then appears)

Sonic: So what, is he gonna burn me with some flamethrower or something?

Dr. Eggman: Flamethrower? Uh, no.

Sonic: Oh, Acid? Insenrated grenades.

Dr. Eggman: No, no, no, NO! Claws! His claws! Very painful claws!

Sonic: Well, you should called him Claw-Bot or Deleaso-rater or Pinch-a-tron 9000, but Burn-Bot? I mean that's just..

Dr. Eggman: I named the robot, Sonic! Burn-bot, ATTACK!

Burn-Bot: (jumps down & chases after Sonic in a giant circle)

Sonic: (smirks & then follows Burn-Bot by chasing him)

(As both Sonic & Burn-Bot chases each other around in a circle, Tails is seen flying high in his biplane, the Tornado.)

Tails: Blue Leader, this is Yellow Sky. I have eyes on Burnbot. He's on the move, over!

Sonic: Thanks Tails, initiating Swinging Speed Surprise.

(Tails swoops down & activates his Enerbeam, meanwhile Sonic & Burn-Bot jumps at each other. Just when the 2 about to clash, Tails lashes out his Enerbeam for Sonic to grab & swing, dodging Burn-Bot's attack & gives the robot a kick attack of his own, sending it flying towards a canyon wall.)


Sonic: (lands safely)

Dr. Eggman: Get up, get up, get up!

Burn-Bot: (gets up)

(The portal then opens with all the heroes from the other worlds and Patrick then accidently hits the wing of the Tornado causing it to lose control)

Sonic: Bail, Tails! Bail!

(Tails then accidently breaks the lever and looks at the camera in confusion)

(Sonic tries to get to Tails but is blocked off by Burn-Bot but Sonic then Patrick's screaming as Patrick falls and crushes Burn-Bot with his body then Sonic and sees Tails)

Sonic: Tails! NO!

(Tails then crashes and Sonic runs over to see if he's okay)

Dr. Eggman: We'll be back, Sonic! (Picks up Burn-Bot) Boy, you are heavy. Seriously Burn-Bot, you really should burn off a few calories.

(The heroes from other worlds begin to stir & wake up)

SpongeBob: (gets up) Ow, what happened? (Goes up to Patrick) Patrick? Are you ok?

Patrick: (gets up) I don't know, I feel like I hit something like a wing & a giant robot to boot.

Edd: Did someone say robot?

All: (All notice each other & screams)

Boggy B: (aims his 2 bazookas at the group) Who are you & how did you all get here? How did I get there?

Zaktan: Hey! I want to know too.

Applejack: So do I!

Flain: Me too! Were in the middle of the Mixel Mix Festival!

Eddy: You guys have some explaining to do.

(They begin arguing, ignoring SpongeBob.)

SpongeBob: I have something to say. I have something to say. I have... (yells) I HAVE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!

(The group stops arguing & turn to see SpongeBob & Patrick.)

SpongeBob: How do I put this delicately...? It was our fault!

All: (gasps)

Vezok: You did this?!

SpongeBob: I didn't have time to stop Patrick from messing with Sandy's portal machine.

Patrick: (felt ashamed) He's right.

Twilight Sparkle: It's not your fault, SpongeBob. We all got into this mess & now we need to fix this together.

Spongebob: Wait, how did you know my name?

Twilight Sparkle: Ever since I earned the title of Princess of Friendship & learned about the Alternate World of my world, I have been learning all the names of all the people of the Multiverse.

Edd: Multiverse? What a discovery, Imm speechless! Why, this an absolute coup! The dispatchment of perspective! Why weree...

Eddy: I thought you weree speechless.

Sunset Shimmer: Princess Twilight's right. We all have to put our differences aside & work together as a team to find our way back to our homes.

Eddy: Your right. Besides, what's the worse that can happen?

(Sonic turns Tails on his back and leans on his chest and hears a heartbeat and sighs in relief)

Sonic: Keep resting buddy, I'll get you home. (Picks up Tails) Promise, I'll never let anything like this happen to you again.

Edd: Look, some kind of hedgehog is coming. Maybe he can help.

Eddy: That's just a hedgehog Sock Head, he can't talk.

Sonic: Hey, kid. Did you say I can't talk.

Zaktan: Whoa! It said something!

Eddy: Uh, no you can help and talk.

Twilight Sparkle: Actually, can you help us?

Sonic: I would love to but I've got to get my buddy home.

Chomly: Yep, it's a talking hedgehog.

Vezok: Uh guys? We have a problem.

(SpongeBob and Patrick then start to dry out)


SpongeBob: Guys! We need WATER!

Applejack: Hang in there, boys. We'll get you water.

Sonic: Quick. Everyone, follow me the Tails' house. He's got just thing to moist your sea creature friends.

Eddy: Ed, could carry those guys?

Ed: Okay, Eddy. (Laughs as he picks up SpongeBob and Patrick)

(Everyone then followed Sonic to Tails' house)

Lunk: (can't keep up, because of his incredibly short legs) Wait... For... Me...

Reidak: (carries Lunk & follows) Lunk is beginning to make a stale mate.

(At Tails' House)

Zorch: (whistles) Nice pad.

Discord: Very nice place you have here.

Teslo: (looks at the pictures of Sonic & Tails together) Say, you & Tails really have fun together, did you?

Sonic: You know it, now where did he last have it? Hmm... Aha! (Checks the cabinets)

(Sonic finds the moister ray and uses it to moist SpongeBob and Patrick)

SpongeBob: Hey, we can breathe.

Patrick: Thank you, Mr. um.... What's your name?

Sonic: Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog.

(Tails then moans and slowly opens his eyes)

Pinkie Pie: Look, he's waking up.

Tails: Sonic?

Sonic: Hey buddy, how you feeling?

Tails: I'm great, ready to get back in action.

Sonic: Yeah, about that. I've got great news! You my friend are taking early retirement.

Tails: Early retirement.

Sonic: Yeah, You're gonna play lots of golf and spend time with the grandkids.

Tails: I don't have grandkids.

Patrick: Maybe it's the time to get some.

SpongeBob: Patrick.

Patrick: Oops.

Sonic: No, really it is. Trust me it's for the best. I'll see ya around pal. (Runs off)

Tails: Wait. What just happened?

Sonic: I fired you.

All minus Tails: (Gasp)

Tails: Okay just checking.

Applejack: That's crazy talk.

Patrick: That's not crazy talk, this is crazy talk (Talks silly and gets pounded in the head by Reidak) Sorry.

Gobba: No, Patrick's right. This is all our fault. If we haven't interfered by teleporting here in the first place, none of this would've happen.

Boggy B: Yeah, we gotta make up for all our mistakes.

Vezok: Oh come on, it's not like Sonic's gonna find a new sidekick out of all this stress & protection.

(With Sonic)

(Sonic was putting up posters all over the island)

Sonic: Don't look at me like that, I did what I had to do. Now we're gonna make sure Tails stays retired.

(The Heroes were hiding behind the tree.)

Vezok: I stand corrected.

(At Eggman's Island Fortress)

Dr. Eggman: (reading the poster) "Sidekick Tryouts. All proposed candidates welcome. Best candidate gets the job. Resume & references required." Can you believe this?

Orbot: A resume & references aren't that reasonable sir.

Cubot: Especially in this job market.

Dr. Eggman: (slams his fist grumbling & scrunches up the poster & throws it at Orbot & Cubot) What fool who want to be Sonic's sidekick? Spending every day with him, enjoying his friendship & respect. Not me! Thatss for sure! Unless...

(the camera zooms in on Eggman, but lowers down to his feet.)

Dr. Eggman: (holds the security camera up to his eye level) Lousy security camera!

(At Sonic's house)

(The heroes from other worlds all noticed a line of people in front of Sonic's house)

Patrick: Why are there a lot of people at Sonic's house.

Vezok: Sonic is looking for a new sidekick, genius.

Patrick: Oh... What's a sidekick?

Vezok: (Groans)

Discord: Oh ho ho, this I gotta see. (snaps his fingers & makes a lawn chair & a large box of popcorn appears & sits down, eating his popcorn)

Volectro: (turns to Discord) Are you gonna share those?

Amy Rose: I'm Amy Rose, & I'll be auditioning for the part of sidekick.

Sonic: Amy, I know who you are.

Amy Rose: Great, cause Imm fine with Methodism. Oh in under special skills you can add juggling and singing. (begins juggling while singing) Oh when the saints come marching in! (Scatting)

Pinkie Pie: Wow, I really gotta try that someday.

Sonic: (looks at the window)

(The Crossovers suddendly hides from Sonic's sight)

Sonic: Next!

(Next up is an anthropomorphic beaver named Fastidious Beaver.)

Fastidous Beaver: My biggest weakness? Actually is my incredibly cowardice.

Eddy: (snickers, then bursts into laughter) Is he for real?

Zaktan: (covers Eddy's mouth) Shaddap, Eddy!

(The next, however, Sonic is met by Amy Rose once again, who she came back.)

Amy Rose: Oh! Improv! I love Improv! (Italian accent) I'm a crazy pizza man, who juggles and sings! (Starts juggling & singing again) Oh when the saints coming marching in!

Edd: Um, a tad eccentric, don't you think?

Sonic: (is unimpressed & pushes Amy Rose out the door)

(Next is Knuckles, but somehow he has the clipboard instead of Sonic.)

Knuckles: I think you would be a great sidekick for me.

Sonic: (looks deadpan) No Knuckles, I'm looking for someone to be my sidekick.

Knuckles: We have to change your name though, I'm thinking Knuckles Jr.

Sonic: (grabs the clipboard & writes a cross on the clipboard)

Rainbow Dash: That's it, I'm bored of waiting around.

Tentro: Wait, who's that? (Points to a cloaked figure)

Flain: Only one way to find out.


Sonic: (to the cloak figure) Ok, last question: "What would do in a no win situation."

???: If I we're you, there's no such thing as a no win situation.

Sonic: Well, your really getting it, new guy.

SpongeBob: Whoever he is, he has heart.

???: I do get it, but Imm not a new guy. In reality, I am none other than... (Tries to take off the cloak, but struggles to do so & falls to the ground, with his cloak come falling off)

(Sonic, even the heroes from other worlds, realized who the cloaked figure is & it's...)

Sonic & Crossovers: Tails?!

Sonic: (notices the gang) What are you guys doing here?

SpongeBob: Sonic, we need to talk... Now.

Sonic: Ok 1. Why are you spying on me? (To Tails) And 2. You cannot be my sidekick.

Tails: (holds up the Sidekick Tryouts Poster) "All qualified candidates welcome. Best candidate gets the job." I'm a lock, unless there's something your not telling me.

Sonic: Fine! But get ready for the tryout of your life!

SpongeBob: Sonic, there's something we gotta tell you. We we're responsible for...

???: Hello.

(They all noticed....)

Tails: Eggman!

SpongeBob: Oh no! That means: "You Know Who" is here!

Sonic: "You Know Who"?

SpongeBob: Yes, P-L-A-N-K...

Plankton: (offscreen) T-O-N.

SpongeBob: Plankton!

Rainbow Dash: What are you doing here?

Plankton: Well, since I had enough to do with Bikini Bottom. I decided to build my own laboratory here.

Dr. Eggman; You sound like my kind of guy.

Plankton; Thank you, doctor. Say you're looking for a new sidekick, maybe I would like to try out.

SpongeBob: Yeah! You can... Hey wait a minute, how do you know you won't steal the secret formula?

Plankton: Um.. My honest face?

Applejack: Alright, but no tricks or it'll be bucking time for you.

Eggman: My name is Doctor Eggman, and I'm here about the sidekick position. [Holds up a resume]

Plankton: And my name is Plankton, and I'm here for the Sidekick position as well.

Sonic: Wh- but you're my arch-nemesis!

SpongeBob: And your my arch enemy!

Eggman: That's true. But I could be a valuable asset to your organization. For example, I'm a doctor. Not a real doctor, a PHD, but still!

Sonic: You can't be my sidekick.

Eggman: [holds out the flyer] "All qualified candidates welcome"?

SpongeBob: Ok, ok. You can move on, what about you Plankton?

Plankton: First of all, I'm the founder & owner of the Chum Bucket.

Shuff: Never heard of it.

Plankton: It's near the Krusty Krab, just across the street.

Boggy B: Doesn't ring a bell.

Plankton: (holds up a phone book, showing the Chum Bucket Add on the back cover) It's on the back of the phone book, come on! I'd payed a lot of money on that add. (Puts it away) Never mind, never mind. But still...

SpongeBob: You can't be Sonic's sidekick.

Plankton: (holds up the flyer) "All qualified candidates welcome"?

Sonic: ...Okay, fine. The three of you can move on to Round Two. But neither one of you is going to be my sidekick.

Tails: Who else is there?

[Fastidious Beaver pops back in the doorway]

Fastidious: Actually, do you validate parking?

Sonic: Congratulations, you're the fourth candidate!

Thok: (facepalms)

Fastidious: Actually...

(At the Jungle)

(Dr. Eggman, Tails, Plankton & Fastidious Beaver are on hover boards)

Zaktan: (inhales & exhales) (smiling) Smells like home.

Balk: Question, why are we up here?

Sonic: All right, being my sidekick is no easy task. This competitonn will test your strength, stamina & endurance.

SpongeBob: That sounds like fun

Patrick: Yeah.

Sonic: The winner will be whoever makes it...

Fastidious: Actually, it's whomever.

Plankton: (to Fastidious) Shaddap.

Sonic: (a bit annoyed) The winner will be "whomever" makes it through the unimaginable hardships & brings me the red flag I planted atop the incredibly dangerous, yet Inaccurately named "Mount Safety".

Rainbow Dash: No problemo, if I was in the competition I would capture the flag & bring it back to you in 10 seconds flat.

Twilight Sparkle: (to Sonic) Believe you me, she is one of the fastest flyers in Equestria.

Vezok: Yeah & I'm the fastest swimmer in the Piraka. Can we just get this competition over with?

Edd: Very well. On your marks... get set...

Fastidious: Actually...

[Fastidious is pushed by Eggman and goes down the hill, screaming all the way down.]

Edd: (sighs) Go!

[Eggman, Plankton and Tails soon follow, and Sonic takes off to follow and watch the race.]

SpongeBob: Come on gang, let's catch up!

(The Crossovers then runs off after them as fast as they can to watch the race as well.)

(Plankton's hoverboard then sends out missiles after Tails who dodges them and accidently rams into Fastidious, who falls off crash lands into the jungle)

Fastidious: Actually, I'm okay.

(The crossovers begins to catch up to the race, as they run past Fastidious)

Eddy: Hurry up, the race is getting away!

Edd: Excuse me, Mr.

Ed: What'd you do, Double D?

(The missiles were still going after Tails but he then stops his hoverboard and the missiles hit each other)

Sonic: What's going on here?

Tails: Nothing I can't handle. (Heads for his Tornado & takes off in it)

Eggman: (enters in his EggMobile & files after Tails)

Plankton: Good thing I've prepared for such emergencies.

(Plankton jumps inside a fist shaped flying hover pod & takes off, the hover pod looks just like the fist from the Chum Bucket.)

Sonic: (watches them go, then runs after them.)

Fastidious: Actually, I'm just gonna lie down in the fetal position and weep. [He does just that.]

(With the Crossovers)

(The Crossovers are running through the jungle, trying their best to catch up to the race & Sonic.)

(Edd pulls out a calculator & looks at the time & the GPS.)

(Edd then begins taking the Crossover's measurements of their leg span, arm span, body span, even wingspan & their own angles of running.)

Ed: (as Edd measures his leg span) Hup, hup, hup, hup, vroom vroom! Beep beep! Hup, hup, hup, hup, vroom!

Rainbow Dash: (as Edd measures her wingspan) Come on, my wings fly faster!

Patrick: (panting, as Edd measures his waist line)

Edd: (calculating as he punches the numbers in on his calculator & comes up with fearsome numbers) Oh my.

Spongebob: What's the matter?

Edd: Hightail it, ladies & gentlemen! At this rate, we'll never catch up to the race in time!

(The Crossovers pour on the speed. Most of the gang instantly bolted forward, while Edd, Lunk & Boggy B falls behind, getting tired.)

Boggy B: Wait up!

Lunk: Slooooow dooown.

Edd: Oh who am I kidding. (Looks around the jungle & picks up various items.)

(The rest of the Crossovers continue to bolt through the jungle, Zaktan comes across a bunch of logs blocking their path.)

Zaktan: Gobba!

Gobba: On it! (Hops into Zaktan's arms & begins chomping their way through the logs) Delicious as the Bar-B Cubes & the Rock Pops all together. And Gentle as a kitten in a tree.

Sunset Shimmer: Guys, Watch out! (She spotted a burrow with a door.)

Zaktan & Gobba: (looks alarmed as they tries to screech to a stop, but tripped & crashes through the door of the burrow)


Fluttershy: Oh goodness! Are you ok?

Zaktan & Gobba: (comes out feeling dizzy)

Zaktan: (dazed) Hello! Hey, it's a dead end!

Spongebob: Oh my! We'll have to around the burrow!

(The Crossovers continue to push on, running as fast they can.)

Eddy: Let's get a slingshot.

Patrick: (panting)

Tails: Give up, Eggman & Plankton! This job is rightfully mine!

Eggman: I'm not here to be Sonic's sidekick, you nincompoop! I'm here to get rid of you both once and for all!

[Eggman activates his electromagnet and picks up Burnbot from the jungle. Sonic & the crossovers sees this and picks up the pace.]

Spongebob: Tails! Hang on!

[Suddenly, a vehicle piloted by Edd, who are with, Lunk & Boggy B, hits the rest of the crossovers from behind, and they land on it.]

Applejack: Well I'll be.

Eddy: Where'd this wagon come from, hotshot?

Edd: Necessity, ladies & gentlemen. Fabricated from wild jungle nature combined with ordinary household suburban litter in order to increase our velocity within our ever-shrinking window of opportunity.

Zorch: Yawn. Just kick this thing into high gear and let– [He stops suddenly. All except Edd noticed something coming at them. Edd looks forward and sees Plankton readies his hover pod, which drops a giant metal fist, which is attached to a strong metal chain.]

Edd: Ah-ah- guys? BLOCKADE!

All: AAH! (Steers clear of the giant metal fist)

Plankton: (reels back in the giant metal fist) It's funny, I'm think of the same thing. While Eggman is eliminating Sonic & Tails, I'm gonna get rid of the rest of you once & your for all!

Rainbow Dash: Ain't gonna happen, pipsqueak!

Boggy B: Good thing we came prepared. (Puts the harnesses on Flurr, Mesmo, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy) Now giddy up!

Flurr: Huh?

Rainbow Dash: Excuse me?

Boggy B: Yee Haw! (Whips the 4 with the harnesses)

(Flurr, Mesmo, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy flies upwards & carries the vehicle, along with the rest of the crossovers, like their flying in a carridge.)

Avak: Plankton! Eggman! We're coming for you!

Plankton: Nice trick, but too bad that you have to be grounded.

[Burnbot fires its claws at Tails' plane, finally catching it in the wing again. Tails' plane goes out of control again.]

Glomp: Not good! Not good!

[Burnbot launches it's claws at the Crossovers' vehicle, hitting Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Aah!

(The vehicle falls down into a Spiral, out of control.)

Eddy: (camera zoomed in on his face) BURNBOT!

Ed: (camera zoomed in on his face) EXTREME CLOSE UP!!!

Edd: Retreat!

Patrick: (falls off the vehicle & lands on Tails's plane, crashing into it) Owie!

[Sonic picks up the pace further, but has to cut back as he goes sliding across the ice of a frozen lake. Tails' plane is in the middle of it, broken partway through the ice, while the Crossovers' vehicle is in pieces, with the Crossovers scattered on the ice.]

Spongebob: Patrick!

Sonic: Tails!

Tails: Sonic, I'm stuck!

Patrick: Help! I don't want another butt cramp now!

Spongebob: (running towards the plane) Hang on, we're coming to rescue you!

[From above, Burnbot fires its claws, which turn into buzzsaws that cut into the ice, cracking it further. Sonic & Spongebob jumps onto the plane, and helps the dizzy Patrick & a struggling Tails out of the cockpit. They manage to get clear just as the plane sinks into the water, and land a ways away.]

Twilight Sparkle: Guys, are you ok?

Spongebob: We're ok, how about you guys?

Avak: We're alright, no cuts, no bruises, we're just fine.

Sonic: Tails... I didn't really wanna fire you. I was just trying to protect you.

Tails: How? By putting me in more danger?

Sonic: The plan had holes!

[Sonic helps Tails up.]

Spongebob: (all of the crossovers gathered up together) Sonic, we have a confession to make. We we're the ones that caused all of this to happen now.

Sonic & Tails: (was surprised) What?

Spongebob: I know, what we're trying to say is that we're sorry.

Crossovers: Sorry.

Sonic: Ah, it's alright.

Spongebob: You forgive us?

Sonic: Yeah, because you showed me a valuable lesson.

Boggy B: Oh & what was that?

Sonic: I learn that you can't selfishly protecting your friends from danger like a bad babysitter. A true friend would want our friends to be free, free to do the things that they do best, for our case, it's to kick butt.

Twilight Sparkle: (writing a friendship lesson) This will be a unique letter to Princess Celestia & Princess Luna from you Sonic. (Finishes the letter & uses her Alicorn magic to send the letter through each universe back to Canterlot)

Plankton; Aww, what a heroic lesson. Too bad you won't see the light of day anymore.

(Plankton then fires at the frozen lake causing Sonic, SpongeBob and Patrick to fall into the water)

Sonic: I can't swim.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Help us! We're drowning!

(Tails then tries to pull Sonic, SpongeBob and Patrick but he couldn't)

Tails: Sonic! You're water lodge! I can't lift you!

Sonic: Don't worry about us! (Tries to let go) Get outta here! Save yourselves!

Tails: That's not what sidekicks and friends do.

(Tails grabs Sonic, Spongebob and Patrick & is pulled under with him)

Eddy: Tails!

(Ed, Edd & Eddy grabs Tails's tails, but is pulled under too.)

Zaktan: Eds!

(The Piraka grabs onto the Eds & is pulled under as well.)

Twilight: Piraka!

(The Mane 6, plus Discord & Sunset Shimmer grabs the Piraka & is pulled under like the others.)

Flain: My little ponies!

(The Mixels grabs onto the Ponies & tries to pull them out)

Flain: Pull out the cubit, pull out the cubit, pull out the cubit!

Seismo: (pulls out the cubits)

Flain: Hah! Let's mix it up a...!

(Suddendly the Mixels we're pulled under as well)

Flain: (as the Mixels fell in) Oh schnixel!

Boggy B: Wait for me! (Grabs onto the Mixels, but Suddendly pulled under) AAH!


(Sonic, Tails & the crossovers we're in underwater, noticing the cubits floating around underwater.)

Flain: (bubbling) U-u-s-e the Cub-b-b-b-i-i-i-i-t!

(The crossovers grabs all of the cubits as Tails manages to use his tails as propeller himself, Sonic & the Crossovers back up & out of the water & into the surface in the air)

Crossovers: (grabs each other's cubits & begins to mix) MIX!

Plankton: (notices the mixed combinations of the Crossovers in each mix) WHAT THE?!

(The Crossovers in their mixed combination begins their attack on Burn Bot.)

Spongebob / Vezok Mix: (launches water beam rays from his water harpoon & his sponge pours, at Burn Bot, putting out the fire)

Patrick / Ed Mix: (headbutts at Burn Bot with his strength, damaging the bot a bit)

Twilight Sparkle / Sunset Shimmer Mix: (uses her Alicorn magic to blast at Burn Bot, causing it to stumble a bit.)

Reidak / Slumbo: (Reidak's Voice) We're good to go!

(Tails lets go of Sonic, who goes into a spin and slams into Burnbot. Burnbot's impact cracks the ice under it, causing it to sink into the water. Tails catches Sonic, and they fly into the jungle together, while the mixed Crossovers follows Sonic & Tails behind.)

Eddy / Discord Mix: (Eddy's Voice) (to Eggman & Plankton) See ya, suckers! (Laughs as they make their escape)

Eggman: I'll be back! With a new robot! Who has an accurate name! And super laser eyes! And he'll feed me ham! Evil ham.

[Eggman flies off in his Eggmobile.]

Plankton: (still surprised by the Crossovers' abilities & begins thinking) Hmmm... How interesting. Prehaps it's time I let my villainous schemes be unleashed onto the world. You'll see & they will all see that I WILL RULE THE WORLD!

(Plankton Laughs evily as he makes a get away in the Hover Fist Pod, but swallows a bug, coughing)

Plankton: Swallowed a bug! It ruins the evil laugh.

[Scene Change: The Beach.]

[It is nearing sunset. Sonic and Tails are sitting together.]

Tails: You know Sonic, I never thought people from other universes be here.

Sonic: Me neither, they just want to go home. We promise that we will do everything we can to get them back to their homes.

Pinkie Pie: (Suddendly appears behind the 2, accidentally spooked them.)

Sonic & Tails: AAH!

Pinkie Pie: (is serious, crosses her heart, flapping her hooves like wings & places a hoof on her eye) Do you Pinkie Promise?

Sonic: (sighs) Yes. We do Pinkie Promise, whatever that meant.

Sonic & Tails: (does the same thing Pinkie Pie does)

Pinkie Pie: (smiles happily instantly) Okie dokie lokie. (Skips away, happily) Lalalalalalalala...

Tails: (turns back to Sonic) About this job... What're the hours like?

Sonic: Well, it's seven days a week. But you get your own plane.

[Tails smiles.]

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack.]

(The Crossovers are seen, along with a returned Pinkie Pie, figuring out where they gonna live.)

Spongebob: Well, I'm glad that's over with.

Eddy: Yeah, but where are we gonna live now? Our homes are back in our worlds!

Zaktan: We can always build our own shack that is big enough for all of us.

Sunset Shimmer: Right, and we're going to feel very busy building our own shack.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes indeed & according to the map I just have. We're on somewhere called "Bygone Island".

Mixels: Island?!

SpongeBob Eds, Piraka, Mane 6 (minus Twilight Sparkle), Sunset Shimmer & Boggy B: Island?!

Patrick: (sleeping, snoring)

Twilight Sparkle: I'm afraid that is correct.

Spongebob: Patrick & I are just visiting Sandy, now we're transported to an island?

Boggy B: Looks like it.

Reidak: Now what do we do?

Edd: First things first, we will build a home for our own & then we try to blend in with the people & act normal & casual.

Flain: At least things are back to normal.

Rainbow Dash: You might be right.

Vezok: Yes it is and... (Hearing the bell ringing) Somebody turn off that racket!

(The Crossovers notice Amy Rose angrily ringing the bell to Sonic's Shack)

Amy: Lemme in! I demand a call-back! (Notices the Crossovers)

SpongeBob: Uh... Hi?

Pinkie Pie: (waving hello to Amy) Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!

Amy: Who are you guys & where did you come from?

Zaktan: Trust me, it's a long story that you won't believe.

Eddy: Yeah, because of Patrick Star...

[Knuckles walks past, looking depressed.]

Amy: One sec please, thank you. (Turns to Knuckles) Knuckles! What's wrong?

Knuckles: [sighs] Knuckles Junior isn't workin' out. (Walks off)

Amy: Oh... so you're saying you need a...

Flurr: It's ok, as long as you stay true to yourself, you'll find one soon enough.

[Amy follows Knuckles]

Amy: [mocks Italian voice] I'm a crazy pizza man! Who juggles and sings!

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) Not this again.

Amy: [sings When The Saints Go Marching In]

Knuckles: Knuckalina!

Eddy: (groans as he facepalms)

SpongeBob: This is gonna be a long series.

Krader: Yep.

Hakann: I hear that.

Pinkie Pie: Stay tuned. (Winks to the viewers)

The End