This is the 49th Episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This episode focuses on the Infernites (Flamzer, Burnard & Meltus), Orbitons, Glowkies, Frosticons (Krog, Chilbo & Snoof), Klinkers, Lixers, Glorp Corp (Dribble, Gurgle & Slusho), Weidos & Munchos


The Series 4, 5 & 6 Mixels make their first appearance on their first adventure on Bygone Island. They seem to have mistaken by Zurg who thinks that they are Reinforcements from the Star Command, how wil the Series 4, 5 & 6 Mixels escape out of this mess?

Zurg Strikes BackEdit

(In Outer Space)

(A Star Command Spaceship is seen being chased by a even bigger & scary ship with a "Z" symbol.)

???: (evil laughter coming from the bigger & scary ship as he is in pursuit of the Star Command Ship)

(In Night Time)

(We can see that a portal appears & emerging from it are the Series 4, 5 & 6 Mixels. It started with the second group of the Infernites, known as Flamzer, Burnyard & Meltus.)

Flamzer: Oh yeah, this looks like the perfect place to pitch our tents.

Burnard: We didn’t bring any tents!

Flamzer: You didn’t bring any tents?! On a camping trip?! What did you mix-monkeys bring? Sleeping bags?

Burnard: Nope!

Flamzer: Beans and bacon? Trail mix?

Burnard: (Dismissively waving hand.) Nuh-uh!

Flamzer: Board games? S’mores? Fudge brownies? Moist towlettes?!

Burnard: We brought… (Hoists up giant ice cube.) …AN ICE CUBE! (Starts to shiver and juggle ice cube around between hands.) OH! OH! SO COLD! (Drops cube on ground.) We’ll have a cozy campcube!

Meltus: And chill weenie burgers!

Burnard: And freeze Mixmallows!

Flamzer: Hmm! Well if that’s how you handle a campcube, you’ve got a lot to learn about camping!

(We can see that the rest of the Mixels begin to come over to the 3. And they are Niksput, Nurp-Naut & Rokit of the Orbitons. Krog, Chilbo & Snoof of the second group of Frosticons. Globert, Boogly & Vampos of the Glowkies. Gox, Jinky & Kamzo of the Klinkers. Spugg, Turg & Tungster of the Lixers. Dribble, Gurgle & Slusho of the second group of the Glorp Corp. Kramm, Forx & Wuzzo of the Weidos. Snax, Berp & Vaka-Waka of the Munchos.)

Meltus: Looks like everyone is here.

Rokit: All present & accounted for!

Flamzer: (sighs)

(Later that night, we can see the Series 4, 5 & 6 Mixels are getting cozy around the camp cube.)

Flamzer: Now that's what I call a cold camp cube.

Snoof: Thanks, we got it fresh from Frosticon Land.

Niksput: Nicely done.

Lixers: (licking the frozen mix mellows)

Globert: It's fabulous being under a starry night in the dark.

"More Coming Soon"