This is the 61st episode of Sonic Boom: Crossover

This Episode Focuses on Sonic, SpongeBob, Kraw & Gox


Plankton and Eggman have teamed up with crab pirates with their leader: Cap'n Greenbeard, it's up to the Heroes to stop them before they steal everything.

Who Ordered Pirate Crab Meat?Edit

(The scene starts at Eggman and Plankton's Island Fortresses)

(Plankton is seen pacing back and forth)

Plankton: How can I destroy those insolent fools? (Got picked up by a claw that belongs to a crab pirate who is Cap'n Greenbeard) OW!

Cap'n Greenbeard and his Scurvy Crew

Cap'n Greenbeard and his Scurvy Crew

Cap'n Greenbeard: Avast ye scurvy tiny creature!

Plankton: What the barnacles?! Who are you?!

Cap'n Greenbeard: The name be Cap'n Greenbeard!

(Dr. Eggman then comes in)

Dr. Eggman: AAH! Orbot! Cubot! Who let these crabs in here?!

Cubot: Don't look at us!

Blue Pirate Crab: Do not fret. We be reckless pirate crabs.

Yellow Pirate Crab: We be here to assist you into leading you to victory!

Scurvy Crew: ARRR!

Plankton: But there's only 3 of you.

(Cap'n Greenbeard then claps his claw causing more of his crabby crewmates to enter the base)

Crab Pirates: ARRR!

Orbot: It appears that Cap'n Greenbeard is egger to help us.

Plankton: Yes, for behold! The Beginning of your doom SquarePants!

(The Villains and Crab Pirates then laugh evilly)

(Meanwhile at the Crossover Shack)

(The Crossover Gang and Team Sonic were playing badminton)

Vezok: (felt his racket being tugged) Hey!

Eddy: Gimme your racket, Vezok! It's my turn!

Vezok: My serve! (Throws Eddy into the net)

Eddy: (is pushed back by the net & crashes into Ed & Edd)

Vezok: Don't you dare touch my racket!

Kraw: This is supposed to be a friendly game of badminton.

Vezok: Don't look at me, Eddy started it!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (getting up slowly)

Eddy: (getting in Vezok's face) Hey! What's that suppose to mean?

Gox: (separating Eddy & Vezok from each other) Alright, alright you two. That's enough. If you two want to play badminton, then your gonna have to face each other this time.

Vezok: Good idea.

SpongeBob: Anyways, let's continue our game. What is the score on the board?

Discord: (dressed up as a referee) Let's see here. It's the Crossover Gang, 10. (Makes a 10 appear in thin air) Team Sonic, 10. (Makes another 10 appear in thin air) It's a tied game.

Kraw: Well, this game is in our home stretch.

Sonic: You mean OUR home stretch.

Rainbow Dash: Can you just finish the game already?

(Suddenly, The Heroes heard screaming coming from the village)

Sonic: Put the game on pause, we've got work to do.

(Meanwhile in the village)

(Cap'n Greenbeard's Crab Pirates were stealing all the money and threating the citizens)

Crab Pirate: We know ye have more in yer purse!

Lady Walrus: I swear that's all I have.

Blue Pirate Crab: (Holding Lady Walrus' baby) Maybe this will make ye spill it!

Lady Walrus: My baby!

Twilight Sparkle: (arrives with the gang, using her alicorn Magic to carry the baby off of the Blue Pirate Crab's claw & gives it back to the Lady Walrus, who is escaping with her baby) Claws off the baby!

Yellow Pirate Crab: What matter of "Witchcraft" is this?

SpongeBob: No witchcraft, just heroism.

Boggy B: So surrender now & you will not be harmed!

Plankton: Not happening, fools!

(Plankton and Eggman arrive)

Sonic: Eggman! What is with all these crabs!

Knuckles: And why are they dressed up like pirates?

Plankton: They are Cap'n Greenbeard's Crabby Crew.

Rainbow Dash: And where IS this Greenbeard anyway?

Cap'n Greenbeard: (On a giant cannon) That would be me!

(Cap'n Greenbeard fires a giant cannonball at the heroes are protected by Twilight's magic)

SpongeBob: That was close.

Yellow Pirate Crab: Cap'n, is it time?

Cap'n Greenbeard: Aye, it is.

Plankton, Dr. Eggman, and Cap'n Greenbeard: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!

Vezok: Kraken? What Kraken?

Gox: It's just our imagination.

Jinky: (noticing something huge emerging from the sea) IMAGINATION AT 12 O' CLOCK!

(The kraken emerges from the ocean and roars)


Rediak: Prepare yourselves, everyone!

Rainbow Dash: No need to guys, I got this one.

(Rainbow Dash then uses her Sonic Rainboom on the kraken sending far into the distance and out of sight)

Sonic: Nice one Rainbow. (No answer) Rainbow? (Sees Cap'n Greenbeard with all of his friends tied up in 2 sacks, with the Mixels in one sack & the others in the 2nd one)

Dr. Eggman: That's close enough, hedgehog!

Cap'n Greenbeard: The doctor be right! If you come any closer, yer friends will be shark food!

Sonic: You wouldn't dare!

Plankton: Oh we WOULD dare.

Cap'n Greenbeard: So seadog, what shall it be? The speed? or the SHARKS?

(Sonic struggles, he didn't know what to do. Cap'n Greenbeard then points his sword at the captives)

Sonic: STOOOOP!!!!

Plankton: Or what?

(They were lots of moving inside the sack & suddenly the Mixels maxed their way out of the sack by using the cubits, which is ripped apart by Mixing into their max forms. While Twilight just uses her magic to teleport herself & her friends out of the sack as well.)

Crossover Gang & the Maxed Mixels: (are determined, staring angrily at the Crab Pirates, Dr. Eggman & Plankton)

Glorp Corp Max #2 (2015): You were saying something about disposing of us as shark food, huh tiny?

Plankton: (Pretending to be scared) Oh no, the heroes have grown powerful. What ever shall we do?

Cap'n Greenbeard: This, of course. (Presses the button on a remote)

(A huge cage then traps Team Sonic and the Crossover Gang)

Sonic: You dirty crab pirate!


Blue Pirate Crab: Alright. Any last words before yer shark bait?!

(Soon after a ship came with a couple of heroes from Skylanders who's names are: Flynn, Cali, and Hugo)

Flynn 1




Hugo ingame


Flynn: Have no fear, Captain Flynn is here!

Cali: Flynn, we don't have any fear.

Cap'n Greenbeard: Well, ye should have fear. Because it all ends here and now.

Flynn: Holy guacamole! The crab talks! That's awesome.

(Cap'n Greenbeard then claps his claw to cause his crew to point their pirate swords at Flynn, Cali, and Hugo)

Crab Pirates: ARRRR!

Flynn: Okay, not as awesome.

SpongeBob: (goes up to Greenbeard, while still in his huge cage) Hey hey, look doc. Can we please have our last words? You see, I don't wanna cause any squabble but... I don't wanna get mixed up with any munity you see... (Whispers to Cap'n Greenbeard)

(They were confused on what SpongeBob is up to, however Cap'n Greenbeard is concern.)

Cap'n Greenbeard: You mean them... (Point to Eggman & Plankton) against us?

Plankton & Dr. Eggman: (lost their confidence with confusion) What?

SpongeBob: Of course, please tell me you haven't noticed those low criminal foreheads?

Cap'n Greenbeard: (now angry) Oh, munity makes me so angry. (Claps his claws) Eggman? Plankton?

Dr. Eggman & Plankton: (comes over to him) Yes?

Cap'n Greenbeard: (uses a cannon to blast a cannonball at their pods, destroying them to pieces)

Dr. Eggman & Plankton: (got blown off & grounded) Aah!


Dr. Eggman & Plankton: What did we do?!

Cap'n Greenbeard: Now let's have no more munity!

SpongeBob: (chuckles to himself) What a maroon. (Chuckling)

Flexers Max: (Kraw's Voice) What manipulative challenged minds.

Klinkers Max: (Gox's Voice) Indeed, how Buck Rogers can you get?

"More Coming Soon"