This is the 11th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Sarah, Jimmy & Nazz (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

Transcript Edit

Queen Aleena: Sometimes Little kids can be a big pain like Ed's Sister Sarah, she learns that she need is friendship with his Older Brother, Ed

(The Scene starts at the Cul-Da-Sac of Peach Creek & the camera cuts to Ed's Room)

Sarah: ED! I just got back from Vacation, so clean my room or I'm telling Mom! (But Ed isn't around here) ED! ED! Ed? (Looks around in Ed's Room, like under the bed, in the Closet, even in Ed's Bathroom) Ed? Where'd you go? ED! (Goes outside) Where are you STUPID! (Echos the Word "Stupid") He isn't here. I wonder why?

Jimmy: Sarah! Double D isn't here as well

Nazz: Neither is Eddy, Jonny, Kevin & Rolf.

Sarah: Where'd they gone to?

????: (Women's Voice) Hello.

Sarah: Who are you?

????: My name is Queen Aleena, I know where your Friends are.

Nazz: You do? Where?

Queen Aleena: Their at Planet Mobius. I'll take you there. Good Luck. (Uses her Staff to transport Jimmy, Nazz & Sarah to Mobius & heads to the Nexus)

(The Camera cuts to Mobius)

Nazz, Sarah & Jimmy: (Appears out of nowhere & Lands on the Ground) Oof! Ow!

(Sarah & Jimmy appears as Foxes, Sarah is Orange & Jimmy is Light Blue & Nazz appears as a Blonde Hedgehog)

Sarah, Jimmy & Nazz: (looks at Each other & all 3 of them are startled) AHH! Who are you?

Jimmy: (Screams & faints)

Sarah: Nazz is a Hedgehog & we're Foxes, Jimmy

Jimmy: My retainer is gone.

Nazz: My hair dew is been replaced by Quills

Sarah: Ohhhh, when I get outta here, I'm telling Mom!

Swatbot: Halt ! You've reached Robotnik territory in Robotropolis, prepare to be Roboticized

Nazz: Like, run dude!

(Nazz, Sarah & Jimmy run for their lives)

Nazz: (Notices a Van that stoped in front of her) What the?

(Coming out of the Van is Sonic)

Sonic: Get in, we'll hold them off

Sarah: We?

(Coming out are the rest of the Gang)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (Activate their Medallions)

Sonic: Let's juice!

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic fire their Medallions at the Swatbots & the Swatbots are destroyed)

Nazz, Sarah & Jimmy: (Got in the Van)

Spongebob: Let's get outta here

Patrick: Ok

(Everyone got back into the Van & drives away)

Ed: BABY SISTER! (Hugs Sarah) It's nice to see you again

Manic: You know her?

Ed: Yep, she's my baby sister

Sarah: (Punches Ed making him slide up to Owen & Duncan)

Ed: Sarah's Mad

Owen: No kidding, hahaha

Duncan: (Faking) Ohh, I'm shaking in my Boots

Sarah: (Punches Duncan)

Duncan: Yep, she's mad

Sonic: Anyways, I'm Sonic & this is Sonia & Manic

Jimmy: (Notices everyone & screams) AHHHHHH!!! (faints again)

Edd: Looks like Nazz, Sarah & Jimmy are Mobians as well

Sarah & Nazz: Mobians?!

Xplode: Yep, your a Mobian

Nazz: Who are you exactly?

Reidak: We'll tell you on the way

Jimmy: (Woke up) What did I miss?

Eddy: Oh brother (Facepalm)

(The Camera cuts to Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: Those Meddling Hedgehogs have saved those 3 new people. We betta find them & destroy them once & for all

Sleet: Consider them caught & disintergrated

Dingo: How do we catch them?

Dr. Robotnik: I have no data on those New Mobians except for 1, that is this Yellow Hedgehog, you two knuckleheads betta catch them

Sleet: What should we do after we caught them?

Dr. Robotnik: (Sighs) Robotercise them, what else do you think?

(The Camera cuts back to the Van)

Sarah: You betta figure out how I got here or I'm telling mom!

Jimmy: But Sarah, we're on a different Planet, so your mother is back on Earth

Sarah: Oh right, I really forgot about that

Eddy: Oh brother, this is getting too boring

Sonic: Never mind that, we gotta find out where you have come from

SpongeBob: Don't worry, we'll be ok, just you wait

Patrick: How do we do that?

Edd: Let's just go find somewhere to hide


(They all notice a Swatbot)

Reidak: Relax, it's just one, One Swatbot can't hurt us

(just then 29 more Swatbots have arrived)

Reidak: I think my head is a little rusty

Harold: (Smacking a Swatbot with a Large Bone) Down Swatbot Down, get back to your junkyard !

Duncan: I think Harold Mc Doris needs help

Harold: Don't call me Doris, Duncan!

Duncan: (Chuckling)

Xplode: I got this! (Slices a Swatbot in half with his Ax) 1 down & only 29 more to go

Sonic: We'll fix that Xplode (activates his Medallion & starts firing at the SwatBots)

Sonia: (Activates her Medallion)

Meltdown: Quick, make a Fog & let's scram!

Sonia: Already on it (Plays her Keyboard to make Pink Fog so the Swatbots can't see a thing)

Nazz: Whao, nice work dude

Rolf: Let me drive this thing! (drives the Van away from the Swatbots)

SwatBot #1: We've lost them

SwatBot #2: We betta contact Robotnik

SwatBot #3: Lord Robotnik, we've lost the Hedgehogs, it's off radar sir

Dr. Robotnik: (On Speaker) Then find them fast or I'll turn you into Can Openers

SwatBot #4: Yes Sir, let's move

(15 Remaining SwatBots follows the Trail to where our Heroes are hiding)

(Back with our Heroes)

(We can see that their in a Dark Cave & we can see their Eyes in the Dark)

Sonic: Why do we have to hide in the Cave?

Rolf: The Soil says that the Cave is the Darkest Place of all

Avak: I think we are lost

Sarah: I'm scared

Jimmy: Me too

Nazz: It's freaking me out

Sonia: I don't like the Cave, it's dark, creepy & filled with bats

Duncan: Right. Anyway, I think we're safe here for a while.

(hundreds of Red Flashing eyes appear)

Patrick: That depends on what you mean by safe.

Heather: I never thought I'd say this, but please tell me that arm on my shoudler is Owen's?

Owen: No...that would be the...(Turns on the Flashlight to see...) SWATBOTS!!!

(Sarah, Jimmy & Nazz run to the Van, while our Heroes battle the SwatBots & won)

Manic: Whao, dudes, do SwatBots get stronger & meaner at night

Hakann: I don't know, but I don't wanna find out

????: Did someone called?

(It was Sleet with Dingo)

Sleet: Give up, that was just the warm up, this is the New Group

(40 Swatbots appear along with the other 15 Surviving Swatbots)

Swatbot #1: We found the Tire Tracks & follow them, it's time for you to be exterminated, hedgehog

Sonic: Not so fast, just watch our feet

Sleet: Huh?

Sonic, SpongeBob, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok & Xplode: (Goes super fast around Sleet & Dingo & the Swatbots making them dizzy)

Dingo: Whao, I don't feel so good (fell on his back)

(all of the Swatbots are destroyed except one)

Swatbot #1: Swatbots, ATTACK!

(100 more Swatbots comes in charging at our Heroes)

Spongebob: There's more where that came from

Justin: Let's do this!

(The Song Starts as they fight against the Swatbots)

All (Except Eddy & Duncan): You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything you see

You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything you see

SpongeBob & Owen: What makes you think you can take and take and take beyond reason, yeah

DJ, Harold, Trent, Justin & Cody: You have no right

Sarah, Nazz & Jimmy: You use your might to take our freedom, yeah

The Piraka: Change is in the wind

Ezekiel, Noah, Eva & Tyler: Won’t take it anymore

Eddy & Duncan: We want our planet back just like it was before

All (Except Eddy & Duncan): You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything you see

You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything

You can’t own everything you see

Can’t own everything that you see, yeah

Can’t own everything now

(As the song Ended & the Swatbots are all destroyed & Sleet & Dingo retreated, Eddy & Duncan are acting kinda nuts)

Courtney: Duncan?

Ed & Edd: Eddy?

Eddy & Duncan: (Running around in circles)

Courtney: (Slaps Duncan)

Duncan: Huh? Who's there?

Edd: EDDY! (slaps Eddy)

Eddy: YEOW!

Edd: Sorry about slapping you Eddy, but you went crazy when you don't like the song

Eddy: I like it, but when I don't I get greedy...for cash.

Ed: Like Jawbreakers?

Eddy: Exactly

Duncan: Where am I?

Courtney: Let's just go

(Everyone get back into the Van & Drove away, meanwhile Sleet & Dingo walk back to Robotropolis)

Sleet: I wonder how we ever explain to Dr. Robotnik?

(The Camera cuts back to Freedom Fighters HQ)

Edd: Sarah, Jimmy & Nazz, it's too dangerous for you to go on missions with us, so we'll put you in HQ to be safe with Cyrus

Cyrus: Don't worry, I'll take care of them, just like I took care of your Grandpa, Krabs

Mr. Krabs: Thanks Cyrus

Cyrus: No problem, see ya

Sonic: Wouldn't wanna be ya

(Everyone got back into the Van & drove away)

Thunder: Another Mission complete

Corroder: Yep, we did it

Meltdown: Anyways, how did Sarah, Jimmy & Nazz got here to Mobius?

Gwen: We don't know, but we'll not gonna find out

Manic: Yeah, Mother is still out there somewhere

LeShawna: For what I'm speaking, Queen Aleena is still watching us somewhere, but where?

All: Hmmm?

(They drove away)

Patrick: Eh, I got nothing

Ezekiel: Me neither, eh?

(As they drove away, a Familliar Female Figure in the Purple Cloak watches them as they go by in front of the Cave)

The End