This is the 13th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Sally Acorn, Antoine, Boomer & Bunnie Rabbot


Queen Aleena: (Naratting) Sometimes big pains could be useful in anytime when your lost in the Forest

(We see Swatbots pushing Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet into a Jail Cell)

Chris: Ow, watch the face, dude

Chef: Why I outta...(Before he finished his Sentence, the Door is closed) Oh that's just great, we're stuck on another planet, got lost & got captured by those TinCans

Chris: We're still normal, are we alone Chef?

????: Your not alone

???? #2: You have us

???? #3: Yeah

(Chris & Chef turns to see Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast)

Chris: Who are you guys?

Drilldozer: I'm Drilldozer & this is Jetbug & Nitroblast

Jetbug: How do you do?

Nitroblast: It's nice to meet you

Chris: Your in here to

Drilldozer: Yep

Chef: Shouldn't we try busting out of this place?

Jetbug: No you can't

Chris: Why not?

Nitroblast: This isn't just no Ordinary Cell, it's also a Roboticizer as well, think !

Chris: What's a Roboticizer?

Chef: (Notices a Green Mobian Lizard) Hey, Chris man, take a look

Chris: What is that?

Chef: Look!

(The Roboticizer roboticized the Green Mobian Lizard turning him into a Robot)

Drilldozer: That's Robotication

Jetbug: How do we end up here in the first place

Nitroblast: I don't know

Chef: Well, Chris & I are not waiting around to find out

Chris: (pulls out his Skeleton Lock Key & puts it on the Door) There

Chef: It'll get us outta here for sure

Drilldozer: I don't think that'll work

Jetbug: Then why are we wasting our time

Nitroblast: Don't even think about it Jetbug!

Dr. Robotnik: Prepare to be Roboticized. Sleet, activate the Roboticizer Cell

Sleet: Yes sir (pushes the Button)

Chris: Wait for it

(And then the Green Light changed to Purple turning Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast into Mobians instead of Robots with Drilldozer as a Grey Echidna, Jetbug as a Yellow Bee & Nitroblast as a Red Gorilla)

Drilldozer: Whao! We're Mobians now

Jetbug: But how...

Chris: Your welcome

Chef: Yeah, your welcome

(Chris & Chef walks out of the Cell)

Nitroblast: We're following those Guys

(Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast follows Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet)

Dr. Robotnik: WHAT?!?!?! What just happened?

Sleet: Sir we've noticed an Skeleton Lock Key

Dingo: And it belongs to...

Dr. Robotnik: Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet ! Swatbots, go after those Prisonors

(Swatbots follows the 5 Escaped Prisoners)

Chris: Those Bots are gaining on us!

Chef: What should we do?

Drilldozer: We still have our Weapons

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: (Attacks the SwatBots with their Weapons)

Chris: Thank goodness, let's get outta here

Chef: I'm with you there

(Chris, Chef, Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast fight their way out of Robotnik's Base & they escape through the Front Door)

Chris: I still don't get it, Chef. How come we're the only ones who is not turned into these Furry Animal Creatures

Chef: I don't know

(Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast gets inside the Van)

Nitroblast: Quick in here

Jetbug: Hurry!

Chris & Chef: (Notices about 25 SwatBots)

Chris: Uh, Chef Hatchet?

Chef: Yeah?

Chris: Remember that time when we both decided to drop out of physical education in high school?

Chef: Oh, yeah.


Chef: ME TOO!

(Chris and Chef ran frantically while the SwatBots chased them down)

Drilldozer: Oh brother

(Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast takes down the SwatBots, grabs Chris & Chef & heads back inside the Van with them)

(But they didn't know it's that this Van belongs to the Sonic Underground)

Jetbug: I think they're gone

Nitroblast: Yeah, we betta hide, because I think I saw many People coming this way

(Chris, Chef, Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast hides in the Bags)

(Our Heroes goes inside the Van)

Sonic: Come on Gang, we're going

Sonia: We have a long day ahead of us

Manic: Yeah, so let's go dudes

Spongebob & Patrick: YAY!

Squidward: (Sighs)

Mr. Krabs: Ok, alright !

Ed: Buttered Toast !

Edd: Let's move on, shall we?\

Eddy: Alright, alright (Drives the Van, but they all didn't know Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Chris & Chef are hiding)

Reidak: I wonder what mission do we got this time

Hakann: We have to save the Forest from Desforestation

Vezok: Robotnik is trying the Deforsetation thing again

Zaktan: Robotnik never gives up

Avak: He never does

Thok: Let's stop Robotnik from cutting down the Forest

Meltdown: Yeah!

Thunder: Ok!

Corroder: You can count on us!

Rotor: Alrighty!

Xplode: Let's move!

Chris: (Whispering because of their hiding spot) Sshhh!! We'll show them we're tough as they are!

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: (Whispers) Yeah!

Owen: Here comes the Bumpy Bumps

(Then they have a rough shaking)

DJ: That was close call

Geoff: Yeah

LeShawna: You can say that again

Duncan: Try not to let the door hit your butt on the way out!

Heather: (interrupts) Door? It's a Van, idiot boy!

Gwen: Um, it's a figure of speech.

Harold: What you should have said was, "Don't let the flap flutter--

Courtney & Eva: Shut up, Harold!

Chef: I guess the road smoothed out.

(The mountain the Heroes are driving on is upside down, and Chris & Chef are screaming, fall from the Van, but drop in)

Bridgette: What's that?

Sonic: Did you hear something?

Sonia: I heard a big Thud on the Roof

Manic: Anyways, Tails & Cyrus gave us a Messaage saying that the Forest is there (Points to the Forest)

Rolf: There it is, ja? Robotnik shall be punish! This is Rolf's word...Daug!

Kevin: They'll never mess with us

Jonny 2x4: You got that right, huh Plank?

Plank: Chao

Trent: Let's keep on moving

Drilldozer: Where are Chris & Chef?

Jetbug: Up there (points to Chris & Chef on the Roof)

Nitroblast: Oh no!

Chris: That was a close one Chef! Almost left in the wilderness....without anybody! Nobody would know where to find us!

Chef: Weird. There's a door back here too?

Chris: No Chef No!

(Chris & Chef scream and are drop with Food Box, water bottle, and tent after Chef opens the door)

Chris: Drilldozer wait! Jetbug!!!!!!! Nitroblast!!!! Well, at least we have food, shelter, and water. I'll fix the tent while you start the campfire. Then when we're all done, You'll cook us some grub.

Chef: Ok then

(The Camera cuts back to our Heroes)

Drilldozer: CHRIS! CHEF!

(Our Heroes notices the Back Door was Open & Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast)

Sadie: Wait ! Who are those guys?

Katie: I don't know, let's ask them

Cody: Excuse us, but what are your names?

Drilldozer: We've been spoted?

Jetbug: Oh dear

Nitroblast: Not good

Sonia: Sonia...

Beth: Wait ! Maybe they are here to help us

Lindsay: Yeah!

Tyler: Ok then

Justin: We'll talk to them

Noah: Ok, Justin: The Anti Me

Justin: Would you stop calling me that, please?

Noah: Sorry

Ezekiel: Who are you guys eh?

Nitroblast: Ok, we'll tell you the whole thing


(Back with Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet)

Chris: Okay Chef, we're almost done. We have fresh water, a rug gage tent for shelter....

Chef: And a nice fire to keep us warm.

Chris: Say, where did you get the firewood? (looks at the food box) You burnt our food supply??!!!!

Chef: What? The sign says "Warning: Do not burn the Trees down, by Q.A.". Do you even know what Q.A. means?

Chris: We don't have time for this. Oh-no! Quick! Quick! Cover it over something! Aahhh! Aahhh!! (Chef puts the tent over the fire) Hey Chef, nice job. (The fire burns the tent) AHHHHHHH!!!! (Chris puts the water over the water bottle and their supplies are wasted)

Chef: Oops

Chris: Whew! Uh-oh, well, we burnt our food, ruined our tent, and lost all our water. Chef, we're going to need to use our razor-sharp quick wits if we're going to make it out of here alive!

Chef: Gotcha.

Chris: Okay. Here's the plan..

Chef: Hold it, HOLD IT!

Chris: You Bellowed?

Chef: You made the last decision! It's my turn

Chris: Sure Chef Hatchet, what do you think we should do??

Chef: Um...maybe,........uh.........hmmm? (thinking very hard)

(In Night Time)

Chef: Twenty-five of us went to the jungle that night... only five came back out.

Chris: Uh, Chef Hatchet?

Chef: Oh for crying out loud Chris, I didn't rush you when it was your turn!

Chris: Sorry, sorry, take your time.

(The Next Morning, Chef Hatchet is still thinking & Chris is sleeping)

(Then in 11:00 AM, Chef Hatchet is still thinking while Chris is pacing back & forth in a small Circle)

(In Night Time, Chef Hatchet is still thinking & in the Next Day, Chef Hatchet gets an Idea)

Chef: I got it Chris! Let's say we...(rain and thunderbolts come) Oh shoot! I forgot what I was going to say!

Chris: No hurry Chef.

(Night Time has come again & then it was Morning again)

Chef: I got nothing

Chris: Nothing? NOTHING?! We've been in this Forest for 4 Days & we haven't had a nibble, this is hopeless

Chef: What should we do?

Chris: Maybe we should go in that forest over there (Points to Knothole Village)

(Chris & Chef goes into Knothole Village)

Chris: I like it here, we've found Civilization & the best part is that we have this Place all to our selves


Chef: Overlander? That's a new word

Chris: Don't worry, as long as we're together we'll be smooth sailing

(But then the Knothole Freedom Fighters, including Sally Acorn, Antoine & Boomer Walrus, came out of nowhere & surrounds Chris & Chef)

Sally Acorn: Stop right there. Your an Overlander just like Robotnik

Boomer Walrus: Your both under arrest

Antoine: You'll be coming with muah

Chef: Shall we resume running for our lives?

Chris: Oh, yes. Let's

(Chris & Chef Hatchet run for their lives while Screaming)

Sally: Get them!

(The Knothole Freedom Fighters goes after Chris & Chef, but both of them are no where to be seen)

Antoine: Where'd they go?

Boomer Walrus: We'd betta keep on looking

(The Knothole Freedom went deeper in the Forest, but they didn't know that Chris & Chef are up in the Trees)

Chris: That was a close call

Chef: Yeah. If we can't get out of here, Either Robotnik or those Animals will French Fry us

Chris: I think that living in that village is a bad idea. (Points to the Cave) How about we hide in that Cave over there (Chris & Chef walks inside the Cave) I like it here. It's rooooooomy, and best of all, we have this cave all to ourselves.

Strange Voice: Ahh, hoo-heeheeheeheeheehee.

Chris: Huh? What was that?

Chef: Mice.

Chris: We'll have the night here, and head back home to Muskoka, Canada tomorrow.

Old Caveman #1: (Appears) Home? This is your new home. You'll be here forever just like me! (laughs)

Chris: What do you mean we'll be here forever? How long have you been here?

Caveman #1: 40 years I've been here. There's ain't no way out of this valley. You’re stuck in here’ with me for the rest of your lives!

Chris: We'll be here forever? We're doomed!'

Chef: Are you kidding? That old coot's been here for years! And look at him, he needs some help & we need his help as well

(Just then 2 More Old Cave Men came in here)

CaveMan #2: Hello there stranger

CaveMan #3: Greetings dude

Chef: Whao, there's more where those came from?

Chris: So what should we do?

Chef: Build a new home?

Chris: Your right, let's build a new home

(So Chris & Chef made a House out of Sand)

Chris: There just like the Cabin from Camp Wawanakwa, only smaller (goes inside) Comfy (goes outside) There's room for 2 in here, safe and sound in our little home.

Caveman #1: Safe? You're never safe out here in the wild!

CaveMan #2: If I were you, I'd keep an eye on that big fella.

Chris: Chef? (Chef waves hello to Chris) Do'h! Chef is my best friend! He wouldn't hurt me.

Caveman #3: He's a big boy! Wait until when he gets hungry!

CaveMan #1: Out here, It's eat or be eaten! [Chef chews on his arm]

Chris: Aaahhhhh!!!! He's got the taste of flesh! (Goes up to Chef) Hey Chef.

Chef: Hey Chris. [his stomach growls]

Chris: Sounds like you're hungry.

Chef: Oh, boy am I! I'm ssoooooo hungry, I could eat anything! I could eat an entire of your..

Chris: Aah-aaahhhhh!!!! [runs away]

Chef: ...ham. I was just going to share my Ham with him. It has delicious Sauce too! [eats the Ham]

Chris: Now I'm super hungry, I could eat anything! I could even eat an entire of your..

Chef: Aah-aaahhhhh!!!! [runs away]

Chris: ...Chicken. I was just going to share my Roasted Chicken with him. It has delicious cranberries too! [eats the Roast Chicken]

(Chris & Chef notices Swatbots are coming inside the Cave)

Sleet: Chris McLean & Chef Hatchet, we have you surrounded

Dingo: There's no where to hide

Chris: It's Sleet & Dingo, what should we do?

Caveman #1: You've got to protect yourself!

Caveman #2: What you need is a fort!

Chris: This fort replica of the Studio from the Abanddon Film Lot should protect us from those fiends: Sleet & Dingo!

Sleet: There they are, get him Dingo!

Chef: Aahh! They're onto us! Must hide! [Chris & Chef hides in the sand replica of the Krusty Krab]. Ha,ha, we're safe,

Chris: These 2 Jokers can't get me in here, [laughs], I don't need to go outside, I have everything I need right here!

Chef: Oh who are we kidding? I can't take it!

Chris: Me neither ! (Chris & Chef blows up the Sand Replica of the Studio) We need some real food !

Caveman #3: Remember you 2, it's eat or be eaten.

Chris: Yyyess! Yyeess! We'll shall eat Sleet & Dingo before he eats us!

Chef: Yeeeah!

(The Camera cuts to Sleet)

[Chris fries Sleet's arm on a pan while Sleet is still searching for Chris & Chef]

Sleet: [smells the tasty aroma of his hand frying in smoke by Chris's frying pan] Mmmm. Something smells soo good. What's cooking, Dingo?

Dingo: Uh, that's not me Sleet

Sleet: Wait, if it's not you, then who? By the way, what's cooking?

Chris: I'm cooking you, I'm gonna eat ya!

Sleet: What?! Why do you want to eat me?

Chris: I know what you're doing, you're playing dumb, but it won't work, because Chef & I are going to eat you & Dingo before you 2 eat us!

Sleet: Get away from me you creep!

Chris: Oh no you don't! [hurries to get Sleet] Where'd he go? Come on out, Sleet. You can't hide forever!

Dingo: Hello? Sleet? Where'd you go? What's this? [realizes he's in a warm boiling pot of water],warm water?

Chef: You seem kinda tense, so I drew you a hot bath.

Dingo: Ah thanks Chef! I did get a little tense, didn't I? Ahhhh, this is the life

Chef: Oops, I forgot the bathbeads! (Chops the Carrots & puts the Chopped Carrots into the Pot)

Dingo: Thanks! You're a real pal! Funny looking bathbeads. They almost look like carrots. CARROTS?! You're making soup out of me! AHHH! (hops out of the Pot)

Chef: No it's not! It was supposed to be Carrot Dingo stew!! [runs]

Dr. Robotnik: (Appears) What's going on in here? (Yawns) I'm getting tierd already

Chris: Why don't you take a nap on this nice, soft bed?[it's a white wheat bread] (Robotnik lyes down on the White Wheat Bread) there, that's it. Let me tuck you in with this nice soft blanket[it's another white wheat bread with a toothpick and olive] (Puts another White Wheat Bread with a Toothpick & Olive on top of Robotnik)

Chef: And what's a little blanket without a little ketchup? (holds up a bottle of Ketchup)

Dr. Robotnik: This isn't a bed! (Runs off)

Chris: Come on Chef, let's eat them, like they say...

Chris & Chef: Eat Or Be Eaten (Chases after Sleet, Dingo & Dr. Robotnik)

(Little did Chris & Chef know that the 3 CaveMen activated the Sonic Underground's Medallions)

(The Song Starts as Chris & Chef chases after Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo)

Sonic: You've got to face your fear to overcome it

Spongebob: Can't keep your head in the sand or run from it

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Show what you're afraid of

Hakann, Vezok, Avak, Thok, Beth, Courtney, Trent, Izzy & Lindsay: Exactly what you're made of

Zaktan & Reidak: Just take a big deep breath and face your fear

Owen: If you fall off, get on once again

Duncan & Harold: If you keep on trying you will win

LeShawna, DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Katie & Sadie: Tell what's got you beaten

Patrick: This time you ain't retreatin’

Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Tyler & Cody: Just take a big deep breath and face your fear

(The Music Continues as Chris & Chef started squirting Ketchup at Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo & then tackles them)

All: You gotta face your fear

(As the Song Ends, the 3 Cavemen plus our Heroes (Minus Sonic, Sonia & Manic) attacks Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo)

Dr. Robotnik: Let's get outta here

(As Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo retreated, Chris & Chef shouts at them)

Chris: And Stay out because you mess with the bull

Chef: You get the Horns

Chris: Well that takes care of that, shall we move on?

Chef: Let's shall

(As Chris & Chef are about to leave 3 Cavemen started clapping)

Caveman #3: Congratulations! You did it! That was mondo awesome!

Chris: Did what?

Caveman #2: Earned your survivalist medals, of course! Only a True Freedom Fighter would stop Dr. Robotnik in his tracks!

Chef: What a minute? Why do you care if we're Freedom Fighters?

Cave Man #1: Cause I’m not just some old hermits.

Sonic: We're [Sonic, Sonia & Manic rips Cave Man costumes out] Sonic, Sonia & Manic! The Sonic Underground!

Chris & Chef: The Sonic Underground?

Sonia: It was no accident that you fell out of truck, We're was just testing your survival skills.

(Our Heroes comes close to Chris & Chef)

Chris & Chef: You planned this?

Sally: (Appears with Bunnie [Unroboticized], Antoine & Boomer Walrus) Yup. And I'm happy to say that you both passed! Here's your Medals! And welcome to the Freedom Fighters! [gives them their medals]

[Chris & Chef cheer]

Bunnie: I was impressed, you've done mighty fine sugah

Spongebob: Congratulations Chris & Chef

Owen: Welcome to the Resistance, man!

Chris: Thanks. Wow! It's great to have our medals, but I'm still hungry.

Chef: [picks up his ketchup bottle] Me too.

[Chris & Chef plan to eat ketchup Mobians]

Patrick: Guys?

Ezekiel: What'd ya doing eh?

Harold: Aah, fellas?

Chris & Chef: Eat or be eaten!!

Sonia: Uh-oh! Next time I'll bring more granola!

[Our Heroes runs away out of the cave while Chris & Chef keeps on chasing them]

Spongebob: He's gaining on us! How long does Chris & Chef have to stop?

Manic: In about 3 to 5 Hours

Ed, Edd & Eddy: RUN AWAY!

(Everyone runs back into the Van, including Chris & Chef)

Chris: Just Kidding! (Laughs) Gotcha!

Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: (facepalms) Oh Dear !

All (Except Chris & Chef): Chris McLean ! Chef Hatchet !

Chris: What? We can't all be perfect (Winks)

The End