This is the 14th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Amy Rose & Metal Sonic


Queen Aleena: When Sonic notices he only has 2 of his Sibilings, Sonia & Manic, Sonic soon finds out that he will have a Girlfriend named "Amy Rose"

(At the Lake)

(We see what it looks like an 8 Year Old Pink Female Hedgehog with the same Quills as Sonic, Green Sweater, Orange Skirt & Blue & White Shoes & it's Amy Rose in her Classic Form)

Amy: (Skipping happily while Singing like a Pixie) (Notices the Van with our Heroes in it) Hello Mr. Van!

(The Van stops)

(Our Heroes goes outside the Van)

Sonic: Oh hello little Girl

Amy: Hi there, I'm Amy Rose

Sonic: I'm Sonic & these are my Sibilings Sonia & Manic

Sonia: And don't forget our new friends as well

Spongebob: I'm Spongebob Squarepants

Amy: Hello

Spongebob: Hey little fella

Patrick: Coochy coochy coo coo

Squidward: (Sighs) Morons

Ed: Aw it's cute the little whatyoumaycallit

Eddy: It's a Hedgehog, Chowder Head

Edd: Perfect Specimen

Amy: I'm from the Kingdom of Mercia, or at least I was until that Scary Man showed up, his name is Robotnik (crying) He roboticized my Family & the only ones left in my family is me & my cousin, Rob-o the Hedgehog

Manic: Whao, that's mondo uncool

Sonic: The Roboticizer, it reeks of Robotnik !

Amy: What should I do? I'm only 12 Years Old

Reidak: Acculty your only 8 Years Old

Zaktan: He's right, your look like 8 Years Old

Amy: (Sighs) I wish I have a Body of a Teenager

Owen: Aww, it's no sweat it guys, as long as we have each other, that's what counts

Xplode: Owen's Right, let's take you into the Van, maybe you can join us when your get older

Amy: Older? Older for what?

Duncan: To be in the Resistance or the Freedom Fighters as they want to call it

Harold: Well she needs to be Older to join

LeShawna: Let's protect this little 12 Year Old Amy Rose

DJ: Agreed

Gwen: But Amy has a body of an 8 Year Old, how could we protect her

Plank: Chao

Jonny 2x4: What's that Plank?

Plank: Chao

Jonny 2x4: Plank says "we should protect him until Robotnik is tooken down for good". Boy buddy, that's smart thinking

Sandy: Yee-Haw, we'll do it !

Amy: (Smiles) Thanks Guys your the best. Especially Sonic

Sonic: Thanks

Amy: I'm your #1 Fan, Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic: Well what do you know, I have a Fan

Spongebob: Come on guys, let's go

Mr. Krabs: Arrrgh! It's gonna be an Adventure for her, as long she stays hidden

Sonic: Agreed

Noah: (notices Amy is gone) Where did Amy go?

(Just then a Robot looks like Sonic have Captured Amy)

Amy: Ack! HELP!

Sonia: Sonic!

Sonic: (Gasps) I've never seen that Robot before

Metal Sonic: My name is Metal Sonic

Lindsay: There we're 2 Sonic's?

Kevin: Your gonna get it, Robo Dork! (Got hit by Metal Sonic's Punch) Ouch!

Rolf: We must save Little Cutie Pie Amy Rose from the Evil of Robotnik!

Heather: Fine, let's go save her

Spongebob: We don't have time to lose

Sonic: Right !

(Our Heroes rushed into the Van & goes after Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic: Stay outta my way! (blasts the Van away)

(Our Heroes keeps on Dodging the Blasts from Metal Sonic, but the Blasts from Metal Sonic slowing the Van Down)

Meltdown: He's heading right for Robotropolis!

Thunder: I should've known it was Robotnik who had builted that Machine

Corroder: Anyways, let's go give this Metal Sonic a piece of our minds

HF Rotor: Yeah !

Sonic: Hold on, first we need a plan here

Eddy: Hmmm & I know just the plan (laughs)

(The Camera cuts to Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: Well done my Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic: (Pushes Amy) Thank you Doctor, now it's time for her to be Roboticized !

Sleet: The Roboticizer will be ready in 15 Minutes

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, thanks to you Metal Sonic, I will rule all of Mobius! (Evil Laughter, his Evil Laugh stops when saw another Vision of the 1 Eyed Creature) Ahhhhhhhh! Not you again!

Dingo; Who what again?

Dr. Robotnik: The 1 Eyed Creature in my Vision, I had that Vision again, what's wrong with me? Oh well, prepare the Roboticizer

Sleet: Yes sir

(Our Heroes sneaks inside Robotnik's Base)

Spongebob: Ok we're in

Patrick: Goody!

Sonic: Now let's trash the Party

Edd: Ok, I'll hack the Roboticizer so it won't be Function anymore

Ed: Gravy!

Zaktan & Reidak: No sign of SwatBots

Thok: Let's move

Hakann: Got it

Vezok: Ok

Gwen: This is gonna be way too easy

(Just then Swatbots came charging at them)

LeShawna: Whao, maybe we should've gone to the armory before we got here

Geoff: Let's get'em Dudes!

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic activated their Medallions & fire Lasers at the Swatbots)

Edd: (Hacking the Controls to the Roboticizer) I got it

(The Roboticizer Malfunctions)

Dr. Robotnik: What's wrong with the Roboticizer?

Sleet: Sir, it's the Hedgehogs & the Newbies again, they're back!

Dr. Robotnik: They're hijacking my Roboticizer!


(The Door Exploded by our Heroes)

Izzy: Here's IZZY!

Dr. Robotnik: SwatBots, stop them!

(Our Heroes go into Battle & then later Our Heroes have won)

Katie: That was easy

Sadie: Oh my gosh, I think so too

Cody: I'm Impressed

Tyler: Me too

Beth: Don't worry, we'll get you outta there Amy

Dr. Robotnik: Not so fast, Metal Sonic, stop those Rodents !

Metal Sonic: Yes Master! (charges at our Heroes)

Sonic: I'll handle this one! It's juice & jam time! (charges at Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic: I couldn't agree more!

(Sonic & Metal Sonic started battling each other while Sonia, Manic & our Crossover Heroes frees Amy)

Spongebob: Hold on we gotcha

Sleet: Sir, Amy is now free

Dr. Robotnik: WHAT?! Swatbots, stop those Hedgehogs, but uh don't hurt the Pink Hedgehog Girl, she's worth Roboticizing

Sonic: Not if I can help! (spindashes through the SwatBots)

Sleet: Dingo you stop them! (Turns Dingo into a LawnMower, by using his Shapeshift Remote)

Dingo: (Charges at our Heroes while chomping)

Owen: Incoming, Dingo LawnMover at 12:00

Sonic: Got it covered (Grabs Dingo superfast & throws him at Sleet)

Dingo: LOOK OUT!

Sleet: Got you this time

Dingo: (Crashes into Sleet) Sorry

Sleet: Get off me you Idiot ! (turns Dingo Back to Normal)

Dingo: Sorry again (gets up) It's like I squashed a Bug

Drilldozer: Alright, let's drill outta here (uses his Drill Weapon to make an Earthquake in Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: (been vibrated by Drilldozer & bounces off everywhere inside the Base) WHAO! OOF! OW! OUCH! OW! OUCHIE! OW! OOF! OW!

Manic: Let me help you Drilldozer (druming on his Drums making Earthquakes with Drilldozer)

(The Earthquake in Robotnik's Base is 2 Times Powerful now)

Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo: (falls out of the Window) AHHHHHHHHH!! (crashes onto a Group of SwatBots) OUCH!

Dr. Robotnik: Stop them Metal Sonic, don't let them get away

(Sonic, Sonia & Manic turn the Medallions back to normal & back on their necks)

Amy: Wow, your awesome

Ezekiel: Thanks eh? We should be more....

Metal Sonic: (Appears in front of them) Careful?

Eva: OUT OF THE WAY, YOU BUCKET OF BOLTS! (Crushes Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic: (feels dizzy) That hurt

Sonic: (Carries Amy) Hold on Amy, let's get outta here!

(Our Heroes zooms out of Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: OHHHH That's why I Hate Hedgehogs!

Dingo: Oh, ok then

Sleet: (Facepalms) Idiot !

(The Camera cuts to the Pond)

Amy: (Covered his eyes)

Noah: Ok Amy you can look now, it's all over

Amy: (Stops covering his Eyes) Hey, I'm back at Pond where I find Little Planet floating away

All: Huh?

Spongebob: Little Planet?

Patrick: What's Little Planet?

Edd: (Shrugs) I don't know & yet this place is beautiful to say the least

Ed: Ahh Wee-Big

Eddy: It's kinda looks like a Pond, come on guys, let's get outta here

Amy: (looks at Sonic & falls in love with him) (Sighs) Sonic

Zaktan: What's she looking at?

Amy: (Hugs Sonic)

Sonic: Uh thanks Amy, ok guys lets...(notices Amy won't let go) You can let go now. I said let go please?

Amy: I love you

Sonic: Say what?

Amy: Give me a kiss, Sonic (kissing Sonic)

Sonic: Ugh! Bleah! Yuck! I'd rather be hit by a train

Avak: Choo Choo?

Thok: Never mind that ok?

Avak: Ok

Reidak: Come on guys, let's go

(Our Heroes goes inside the Van while Amy is still hugging Sonic)

(The Camera cuts to Knothole)

Sonic: Sally, you take care of Amy for us

Sally: I'll try my best

Amy: I want to be something I like to be

Spongebob: And what is it, Amy?

Amy: I want to be a Freedom Fighter

All (Except Amy & Owen): What?!

Owen: Can I get that last line again?


Owen: (screams as the high volume of Amy's voice hurts his ears, causing him to fall over)

Amy: Sowwy

Harold: Man down!

Owen: (Gets up) What happen? Why are my ears are in pain of the High Volume?

Duncan: Man she's a Screamer, a loud one

Sally: Amy, please you gotta understand. Your too young & inexperience to be a Freedom Fighter

Harold: Well 22 of us from the Total Drama Universe are all 17 now & Alejandro & Sierra aren't here to help us

Sonic: Who are Alejandro & Sierra?

Harold: Well Alejandro is the Main Antagonist of the 3rd Season of Total Drama World Tour & Sierra is most likely Cody's Boyfriend and...

Cody: (covers Harold's mouth) Ok, Harold we've heard enough

Sonic: Ooh La La, sounds like someone's in love with Cody

Cody: (Blushes in Embarassment) (Nervous Chuckling)

Amy: Your just saying that because you want Sonic to yourself, Sally

Sally: (Blushes)

Geoff: Ok guys, this is getting way too heavy

Spongebob: Yeah, let's be smart & bring it off

Edd: Right, we must stop Robotnik at all costs, but it might be dangerous, to say the least

(But they didn't notice Queen Aleena letting go of the Poster that the wind blew up to Ed's Feet & then Queen Aleena walks away)

Ed: (spots a Poster with a Golden Ring on it) I found something guys, it is a Poster

Eddy: What good would that be with a poster that has the Golden Ring on...(his eyes widen in amazment when he saw the Golden Ring) Cha-Ching!

Reidak: Oh my, what is it?

Eddy: It's a Golden Ring! WHOO HOO! It must be worth a dozen of CASH! I could buy a truck-load of Jawbreakers

Sonia: Wait a minute, look. (points to the letters Q.A. on the bottom right Corner of the Poster) It's from Mother

Sally: Oh my gosh, it's not just any Golden Ring, it's the Ring of Acorns!

Spongebob: Ring of what?

Sally: The Ring of Acorns can only grate one wish, if Robotnik has that Ring, we're doomed

Sonic: We gotta stop him

Sonia: Right, before it's too late

Sonic: Hold on Mother, we're coming for ya!

Gwen: Sonic? Who are you talking to?

Amy: I wanna come too

Noah; Your too young to come with us

Amy: I'm only 12 Years Old

Heather: Yeah, with a body of an 8 Year Old

Amy: I'm Physically 8 Years Old & my Normal Age is 12

Edd: I'm sorry, but your gonna have to stay here with Sally

Amy: Awww

Spongebob: Poor Amy, she really wants to come with us'

Patrick: Yeah

Ed: Aww, she's cute the little dickens

Eddy: Come on, let's go!

(Our Heroes goes inside the Van to find the Lost Temple of Shazamazon, but they didn't know that Amy had sneak aboard the Van)

(At the Temple)

Spongebob: Wow, it's so Humongous!

Sonic: It's been discovered by Nate Morgan

Patrick: Who?

Sonia: We don't know who Nate Morgan is, Sally told us to go get the Ring of Acorns

Tails: Is it ok that I join in too?

Manic: Sure thing

Sonic: Good, we need all the help we can get!

Eddy: Then let's go!

Ed: Can I lick the Bowl?

Edd: Reidak do you have a manual for the Traps?

Reidak: Somewhere

(As they got inside the Temple, Amy followed them)

Zaktan: Wow, it's so big in here

Sonic: And watch out for the...

Vezok: (Steps on a Tile which activates all of the Traps) Oops

Sonic: Traps

Tails: RUN!

(Everyone runs away while avoiding the Traps)

Owen: AHHHH!!

Harold: This is Wicked!

Duncan: That was close

Avak: You can say that again

Thok: We're almost got killed

Gwen: You think so?

Heather: (Sighs) At least we're safe again

Vezok: Sorry

LeShawna: (points to the Ring of Acorns) There it is!

Sonic: (carefully grabs the Ring of Acorns off the platform)

Owen: (grabs it off of Sonic quickly) Got it!


Ed: Uh guys, what was that?

Edd: Now you done it Owen!

Owen: What? (notices a Giant Boulder is heading towards our heroes) Uh oh, Here we go again!

(Everyone runs off heading for the Exit with a Giant Boulder heading towards them)

Amy: (almost at the Entrance) I'm almost there!

Sleet: Oh no you don't!

Dingo: We got you now!

(Our Heroes escapes the Temple even Amy)

Sleet: (Notices a Boulder heading towards him & Dingo) TURN AROUND! (He & Dingo tries to run away but fails when he & Dingo got squashed by the Boulder) Ouch! (He & Dingo pull themselves out of the Boulder)

Dingo: Oh, we almost had them!

Owen: Sorry (chuckles) I just get so excited anyway

Sonic: That's ok big guy, everyone makes mistakes including me

Eva: What are you doing here Amy? You better answer me?

Amy: I was trying to follow you and...(notices the Ring of Acorns) Wow! (grabs the Ring of Acorns) It's beautiful

Metal Sonic: (Appears in front of them) Stop right there!

Sonia: Metal Sonic again? He never gives up

Sonic: Amy, run!

Amy: Ok! (runs into the Bushes)

Dr. Robotnik: Swatbots! Get that Ring & destroy those Hedgehogs!

(The Swatbots goes after them)

Geoff: Let's get them Dudes!

(Our Heroes starts attacking the Swatbots)

(With Amy)

Amy: (hiding in the Bushes) Oh Ring of Acorns, I wish I was older! (the Ring of Acorns glows brightly) (gasps) Wow

(We see a White Flash that it's too bright to be seen)

Dr. Robotnik: (notices a bright light) Found you! (goes into the Bushes & finds the Ring of Acorns, but there was no Amy in sight) Finally! I got it right where I wanted you. I wish I rule all of Planet Mobius (but nothing happen) I said, I wish, I rule all of Planet Mobius! (still nothing happened) No humming, no magic, no NOTHING?! How dare you interfere with your Master! (goes back to the Heroes where Sleet & Dingo are) Sleet! Dingo! Why is this Ring of Acorns didn't make any magic?

Dingo: Oops

Dr. Robotnik: Oops? What kind of Exclamation is "Oops"?

Sleet: Not a very good one sir, it's a bad one


Sleet: It looks like someone is already made a Wish with it

Dr. Robotnik: And who might that be Sleet? (Then we see a Pink Blur coming to fast) What was that?

Dingo: Uh Guys?

Metal Sonic: What? (got hit in the Head with a Piko Hammer)

???: Take that you Robotic Fiend!

Sonic: I know that voice!

Xplode: We know it too!

Meltdown: We know her as well

Spongebob: It's the same voice as we know from the Pond

Corroder: It's, It's...!

(It was Amy Rose with her new 12 Year Old Body, with her Quills curve down, Pink Fur with Peach Muzzle, Inner Ears, Arms & Hands, Green Eyes with Black Pupils & Glassy White Sclera, 3 Pink Furred Curves, Thick Bands coming out from her Forhead, 5 Thick Quills that Extends curved down around her Head (Like Knuckles' Quills only Shorter & Thicker), Pink Eyelids w/ 2 Thick Eyelashes on each Eye, Completly Full Pink-furred Tummy with no markings, Triangular, Constantly Alert & Perked Ears, Small Black & Shiny Nose with no appearant Nostrils, Small Slightly Arched Tail & Broaded Pink Furred Feet with no distinct visible toes.

She wears her Red Headband that appears to keeps her Spines Down, A rather Flimsy Red Halter-Top Dress with White Accents & a Skirt that flares out towards the bottom, While under netting keeps a Dress flared out, White Gloves backed with by very Thick Shiny Golden Ring Bracelets, Red Boots with a Vertical White Stripe Accents, Metal Soles & White Collars & White Panties/ Undergarments (They Show up often enough) & she's wielding a Yellow Piko Piko Hammer with a Thick Red Strip)

All (Except Amy): AMY ROSE?!

Sonic: Amy Rose? Is that you?

Amy: The one & only with a new & improved body! Now let's show them what we're made of !

Spongebob: Right! Let's do this!

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (activates their Medallions)

(The Song has Started as our Heroes battle against the Swatbots)

Sandy, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, Lindsay, Bridgette, Courtney, Beth, Katie, Saide & Eva: Bah bah bayah bayah

Bah bah bayah bayah

Bah bah bayah bayah

Bah bah bayah bayah

Baaaaaa laa laaaaaa laa laa laa

Amy: I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to (Courtney, Beth & Lindsay: packed up my stuff, set out for adventure...)

Amy: I know that your lucky color is that cool shade of blue (Rolf, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: won't mind painting myself blue for you...)

Amy: I guess I'm so easy to understand

I just do what ever that comes to me naturally

All: Oh yeah

Amy: I do understand the feelings of a Persian Cat (Katie & Sadie: but the Sphinx looked so cute I had to shave it...)

Amy: He reminds me of parsley when he's standing there all alone (Owen: makes me wanna be his speciality...)

Amy: I guess I'm just a self-centered girl

But there are nights that I have trouble going to sleep

(Spongebob & Patrick: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: So many things I want

(Ed, Edd & Eddy: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: I wanna be a wonderful girl

(Harold, LeShawna, Noah & Duncan: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: I'm not simple-minded

(Eva, Tyler, Cody, Beth & Lindsay: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: And I won't be a pearl

Amy: You probably need me just as much as I need you

Are you okay you seem to be a little bit tense (LeShawna, DJ & Jonny 2x4: you don't have to worry 'bout a single thing...)

Amy: We are free to get whatever that we want to have (Duncan, Xplode & Kevin: we're also free to do whatever we want...)

Amy: That's what we'll do, yeah, that's what we'll do

We should live our lives the way we think it ought to be

(Corroder, Meltdown & Thunder: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: There's no where to hide

(Gwen, Heather & Bridgette: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: Come on settle our lives

(Sonia, Sonic & Manic: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: I'll always be there for you

(Tails: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: In the best and worst times

You can be my sweetest honey for eternity

(HF Rotor: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: So many things I want

(Drilldozer, Jetbug & Nitroblast: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: I wanna be a wonderful girl

(Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: I'm not simple-minded

(All: Sweet sweet you're so sweet) Amy: And I won't be a pearl

I honestly need you just as much as you need me

Whoa, whoa

Sweet, sweet, you're so sweet


Sweet, sweet, you're so sweet


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Sweet, you're so sweet, yeah

Sweet sweet, you're so sweet

Sweet sweet, you're so sweet

Yeah, yeah, yeah

(As the Song ends, The Swatbots are destoryed)

Thok: I sence you don't stand a chance

Dr. Robotnik: RETREAT!

(Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo retreats, even Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic: I'll be back! (follows Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo)

Amy: Whoo Hoo! We've Won!

Sonic: Amy, that's a new look for ya, what have you done to yourself?

Amy: I used the Ring of Acorns to make a Wish & then poof, I'm older

Duncan: Your still 12 Years Old & you did have a Body of a 12 Year Old now, but your still too young, but thanks to your wish, you stopped Robotnik

Amy: Thanks Duncan

Spongebob: By the way, I made this Medal for your bravery (shows Amy a Golden Medal) Here (puts it around Amy's Neck)

Amy: Thanks Guys, I don't know what to say. I hope I join the Knothole Freedom Fighters soon, see you back at Knothole (kisses Sonic's Cheek & skips back to Knothole while singing like a Pixie)

Sonic: Sonia? Manic? What just happened?

Sonia: Oh you'll know Sonic, come on let's go back

(Our Heroes went inside the Van & drives off)

Owen: Wow, Amy is Adorable

Ed: Yeah, she reminds me of Sarah

Eddy: Ok Ed, we get the picture

Edd: Do you think Amy will stop chasing Sonic sooner or later?

Eddy: Nah, you know what they say: a little childhood trauma builds character

Zaktan: Right

Reidak: Let's go back to the Hideout & get some rest

Harold: Ok, but are you sure Amy is old enough to join in the Freedom Fighters?

Sonic: (Sighs) We'll find out soon Harold, we'll find out soon

The End