This is the 16th Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: The Kanker Sisters (Lee, Marie & May)


Queen Aleena: (Narrating) There comes a time that Girlfriends are nice, but they are 3 who are truly evil

(We see a Beatle inside the Van trying to escape)

Edd: Not so fast, little one (picks up the Beatle with his pillers & put it back into the jar) There

Spongebob: Wow, cool Bugs

Ed: I saw this in a movie: I MARRIED A THORAX!

Edd: Lets see. Ants, check. Centipedes, check. Moths-

Eddy: (Bored) Yep, It's a bug.

Ezekiel: But perfect specimans though, eh?

Edd: Well Guys, The time has arrived for my monthly insect expedition.

Sonic: An Expedition so that Robotnik won't roboticize the Insects

Edd: (gave everyone the supplies) A pair of boots and a pair of gloves to protect you from bacteria and germs.

Eddy: Insects bug me.

Sonia: Me too, YUCK!

Reidak: Oh brother

Zaktan: (thought about Krekka & Nidhiki with the 1st Piece of the Sacred Circle) (Sighs) (Thought: Krekka, Nidhiki? Your reign of terror will be over)

Edd: (handing out other supplies to Ed)

Trent: (look at Eddy) Whao!

Geoff: Dude!

Eddy: (poorly Dressed just like in "Nagged to Ed") Okay! Ready...

Xplode: What the?

Duncan: (Laughing at Eddy got poorly dressed) Oh man, that's good

Ed: Set... (blowing too much air into a glove when it was on his head & got shot out of the Glove crashing to the Wall)

Owen: Go!

Edd: Let us proceed to the forest.

Harold: To find the Second Piece of the Sacred Circle

Duncan: And rescue the Insects

Eddy: Yeah. Follow nature boy.

Spongebob: I'm Ready !

(Camera cuts to Dr. Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: Those 2 Evil Monsters in my vision with the 1 Eyed Creature has stolen the 1st Piece of the Sacred Circle, I want them destroyed once & for all !

Sleet: You mean your Vision is true?

Dr. Robotnik: Yes & I want them Roboticized, NOW!

Dingo: But how do you want them roboticized?

Dr. Robotnik: DINGO YOU...(has a vision about the 1 Eyed Creature with Krekka, Nidhiki & the 3 other Shadow Figures that looked like Girls)

3 Shadow Figures: (Giggling) (Chanting) Ed, Edd n Eddy, Sitting in the Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Dr. Robotnik: AHH! The 1 Eyed Creature is Back with Krekka & Nidhiki, this time he has 3 more Shadow Figures & that Chanting is unbearible!

Sleet & Dingo: (Looked confused)

Dingo: (to Sleet) Arkward

Sleet: Let's just leave Robotnik alone this time. Anyway, we got Hedgehogs to catch

(Camera cuts to the Darkest Part of the Forest)

(Our Heroes got out of the Van & goes into the Darkest Part of the Forest)

Edd: Isn't it magnificent? All the slendors of nature. Displayed in one giant world of life!

Ed: (swallowed hard) I think I swallowed a bug

Suddenly they heard something in the bushes.

Spongebob: What's that?

Squidward: I don't know

Patrick: Whatever this is, it's dark & scary

Noah: Oh please, it's just the Darkest Parts of Nature

Eva: I'm getting Angry here & you don't like me when I'm Angry!

Justin: We're afraid of you now

Katie & Sadie: Even we're afraid

Sonic: Don't worry guys. Everything is gonna be a-ok

Suddenly the Same Noise happens again

DJ: AHH! (jumps into Owen's Arm) There it is again!

Owen: Aw, don't worry DJ, I shall never let go!

Eddy: THATS IT! This nature stuffs for the birds! (went on a diffrent path) WHOA!

All: Eddy?

(Everyone follows the Sound of Eddy & found him. When they came to him, the Heroes found themselves in front of a huge spiderweb)

Sonia: Wow! It's Beautiful

Ed: Wow! It's Really Big!

Edd: It's a Masterpiece of Nature

Manic: A Spider Web?

Avak: Yep, it look preaty

Hakann: Yeah

Owen: So Majestic

Eddy: It looks like my Grandmother's Hairnet. Ok guys, let's get outta here &....ED!

Eddy had just noticed that Ed jumped on the web to have some fun along with Spongebob & Patrick!


Ed: Yeha! It's sticky!

Edd: You are disturbing the eco-envirome...(Gasps)

(We can hear giggling)

Ed: Guys, what was that?

Reidak: We'll get you down

(Xplode, Reidak, Zaktan & Duncan pulls Ed, Spongebob & Patrick out of the Web)

Duncan: Next time, be careful. It could get dangerous

Squidward: Speak for yourself. I'm outta here! (Goes through the Bush) AHHHHHHHHH!

All: Squidward?

Owen: He's Gone? But why?

HF Rotor: I'll go check on him (Goes through the Bush like Squidward did Before) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ezekiel: He's in big trouble eh? Let's go!

Gwen: I hate to say this, but that's not a bad Idea Ezekiel

Heather: For once I agree with you

(The Total Drama Gang, except Owen & DJ goes through the Bushes)

Total Drama Characters (Except Owen & DJ): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Owen: (gasps) NOOO! They're gone too

Meltdown: What is Owen talking about?

Sandy: I don't know, but let's go in after them

Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Rolf, Kevin & Jonny 2x4 with Plank: (goes through the Bushes) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

DJ: (stammers & then faints)

Vezok: Oh great, DJ passed out

Corroder: If you want something done right...

Drilldozer: You gotta do it your self

Hero Factory Villains: (goes after the Others) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Thok: I sence it's not gonna be easy

Piraka: (did the Same like the Others have done) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Eddy: Looks like we'll have to go in after them.

Edd: Are you certain, Eddy?

Eddy: Yeah, now lets' go!

Spongebob, Patrick & Ed: Right !

Patrick: (carries DJ) Don't worry DJ, I got you!

Sonic: Let's juice!

Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy & DJ: (did the same like the other before) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Owen: Oh No! I'm the Only one left, don't worry Guys, I'll save you ! (Charges through the Bushes)

(Owen suddenly realized why all the others had screamed: there was a pit and they had fallen into it!)

Owen: Uh Oh

(It was too late for Owen he was already fallen in. When he finally hit, Owen fell on top of our Heroes)

Owen: Ow, my Spine! (notices that he crushed the Heroes) Sorry guys (Chuckles) I guess you guys fall into a Pit too

Sonia: Are you alright Owen? (pulls Owen to his feet)

Owen: Oh, I'm fine, nothing broken.

Sonia: Well that's good

(Everyone else nodded)

Owen: Aww! (hugs Everyone) It's so nice to finally come back together as a family again. I shall never let go!

(They suddenly heard something that only the Eds recognized and they feared it. It was that rhyme! That horrible rhyme! The one that had led them into the quicksand in the forest near their homes, the one that had led them to the Kanker Sisters!)

??? #1, ??? #2 & ??? #3: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

(They looked up to the entrance of the hole and saw the three pairs of eyes that scared them into the quicksand.)

Owen: Ok, let me rephrase that.

Ed, Edd & Eddy: KANKERS!

Sonia: You know who they are?

Spongebob: And who are the Kankers anyway?

Eddy: They're the Kankers!

Edd: They used this trick to get us to their trailer!

Ed: We're doomed!

(The rhyme continued.)

??? #1, ??? #2 & ??? #3: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Zaktan: Ok now that's creepy

Squidward: Oh tell me about it

Noah: They're getting closer

Harold: We're dead

Lindsay: Dead? Dead?

Duncan: Nope, not totally dead, we're toast

LeShawna: What do we do now?


(Eddy, Double D, Ed, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, the Piraka, the Hero Factory Villains, & the Total Drama Gang charged out of the hole as fast as they possibly could and took cover in the van.)

Justin: Wait what about...?


Ed: (climbed behind the driver's seat and slammed on the pedal)

(The van sprang to life and charged outta here)


(Back in the Pit)

Sonic: Hey, what about us?

Manic: They're gone!

Mr. Krabs: Now what?

Sandy: Let's dig our way out

Rolf: I remember the Digging of the Plow when I was the Son of the Sheaperd

(Sandy & Rolf starts digging a tunnel to their way out, Kevin, Sonic, Manic & Jonny 2x4 with Plank starts crawling through)

Sonia: Oh, I HATE getting dirty!

(On the surface, the Heroes were fighting over who was going to drive.)

Xplode: Come on let me drive

Duncan: Move it or lose it

Harold: HIIYA!

Reidak: Let me drive!

Patrick: Hey it's my turn to drive


Leshawna: Why don't you just let little Leshawna sit in the front so I can steer the Van?

Squidward: Little? Are you kidding me? You're...

Leshawna: Oh no, no, no, no, no. You do not want to finish that sentence.


Edd: Gentlemen please, lets' not behave like children!

(But it was too late, our heroes broke into a Fight for the Steering of the Van)

Spongebob: (comes out of the Cloud that the Heroes are Fighting in) Nothing will stop me! Not even… [gasps. He sees a sign reading…] Giant clams?!

[So due to all of this fighting, our Heroes accidently drives the Van through a field of giant clams. They came out with a bunch of pieces missing & a few Holes appears from the Van]

(They keep on Fighting, then Xplode does the same thing like Spongebob did before)

Xplode: I’m… not… letting… go… not even for… [gasps, when he sees another sign for…] Cheese graters?!

[So due to lots of fighting, our heroes drives the Van through the cheese graters. Now the Van has more damage with more Bigger holes, a dented Roof, 3 Flat Tires & lots of Paint scrapped off of the Van revealing a bit of Grey Metal]

(Then Duncan is next doing the Same thing like Spongebob & Xplode did before)

Duncan: If you think I’ll let go just for a little… [he then approaches the most dreaded sign of them all…] Giant Mines & Demolition Sites?! Oh No!

(The Heroes drives through the Mines with lots explosions damaging the Van even more with lots of Black covered some parts of the Van & some parts like the Bumpers have easily come off of the Van due to Heavy Damage & then they have a 4th Flat Tire)


(Then the Heroes drove into the Demolition Site with lots of Banging coming from the Wrecking Balls, Smashers & falling Bricks from a Building that is started to be destroyed, with the Van got more damage than ever with Big Dents on the Sides, a puff of Grey/Black Smoke comes out of the Engine, the Window has cracked but not broken yet & the Doors almost lost their grip on the Van)

Zaktan: Wow, that was close!

(But the heroes forgot the Giant Mine that they are on now & then...)


(The Van with the Heroes inside we're sent flying into Ground & the Van rolled over as the Parts we're coming apart & finally they fell into another Pit, not as deep as the First)


(When they realized what was happening, the heroes screamed and braced themselves)


(When they finally hit, they look around, the van was in no shape to continue going. The entire front, sides & Roof we're smashed, the windows were cracked if not broken, they are all four Flat Tires, lots of Holes on the Van & also many Paint Scraps off of the Van revealing the Grey Metal)

Eddy: Are we dead?

Edd: No.

Ed: Ed is scratched!

Owen: But we're alive. WHOO HOO! It's good to be alive!

Izzy: Wow, what a headrush (chuckles)

Justin: Ow, not slikey smooth

Vezok: Never mind that, let's get outta here!

??? #1, ??? #2, ??? #3: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

(The Heroes snapped to attention & they spot the 3 Figures closing in on them)

(Those 3 forms were now in front of the Heroes.)

(They screamed.)



(In the Trailer Park of the Country Side)

All: (Wakes up)

Spongebob: Wow, what happen?

(The 3 Forms reveal themselves to be the Kanker Sisters: Lee, Marie & May
Kanker Sisters

Kanker Sisters: Lee, Marie & May


Lee: Hey eds, so happy to drop in with your new friends!

Marie: Hope you like our dad's robes!

(The Heroes looked down, and were a tad shocked to find labels. Edd's & one 3rd wrote "Bubba", Ed's & the Second 3rd wrote "Rod", and Eddy's & the last 3rd wrote "Butch")

Eddy: How'd we get into these?

Thunder: I don't know, but I feel nice

(Suddenly, the femine trio made gestures that looked like as if they were going to kiss them. Seeing this, the Ed's darted to a corner along with the Heroes)

Edd: This is not good.

Eva: Let me at them! Let me at them!

Owen: Should I scream now or wait till we get home?

Lee: Go ahead, yell. No one will hear you.

Drilldozer: Who are you guys anyway?

May: I'm May Kanker!

Marie: (eating bubble gum in a rude mannor) I'm Marie Kanker.

Lee: And I'm Lee Kanker. We're the Kanker sisters, we just moved in when we stumble into a New Portal to Mobius with our Trailer that we are in, heh heh.

Spongebob: Uh hi there, we're Ed, Edd n Eddy's Friends from Different Universes

Heather: Do you happen to know where our clothes are?

Lee: Oh they're drying outside, you guys sure were dirty.

Bridgette: Oh, wow. I guess we are when the van crashed into the Pit

Lee: We're gonna pop into the kitchen for the big boys and fix us some home cooking for ya!

Marie: We'll be right back!

Kanker Sisters: (they ran toward the kitchen, laughing)

Marie: Hey, wait for me

Katie: Oh my gosh, they're very nice

Sadie: You think that too? Oh my gosh me too

Katie & Sadie: (Hugs each other) EEEEEEE!

Corroder: OW! Quit it you two, I have sensitive ears, we all do

Katie & Sadie: Sorry

Courtney: This is very strange, we should go now

Eddy: I'm with you there

Edd: Me too

Ed: Wait for me Eddy

Duncan: Relax, will ya? They're new here, where's your manners? And they said they were gonna make us some food don't they? So why don't we just hang out for a bit, eat food for free, and then we can leave.

Jetbug: He's right!

Beth: I second that

Nitroblast: Come on, lets check this place out!

Noah: Where exactly are we?

Harold: (looks out the window, and saw they were in the middle of a small, seemingly abandoned trailer park) Looks like a postcard I sent to my Sister once

(Camera cuts to the Sonic Underground)

(The Underground, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Kevin, Rolf & Jonny 2x4 manage to get to the surface)

Sonia: Oh man, why couldn't we use Big Helicoptor Rotor?

Sonic: Because he's already gone with the Others

Sonia: Oh right, I forgot

Manic: Where could they be?

Kevin: Those Guys couldn't gone far

Rolf: Look, Tracks!

Jonny 2x4: Wowy! We found Tire Tracks!

Plank: Chao!

Jonny 2x4: What's that Plank?

Plank: Chao, Chao, Chao!

Mr. Krabs: What, What is it?

Jonny 2x4: Plank says "Let's follow the Tracks, it'll lead us straight to them."

Kevin: I'll get those Dorks for leaving us behind here

Sonic: Dorks?

Sonia: Listin, are you still mad about those 3 Eds & you kept calling them

Kevin: Yes I am still mad at those Dorks

Manic: Oh man, we gotta follow those Tire Tracks

Sonic: Then hold on, cause it's time to go super fast for the...

Mr. Krabs: Enough with the Rhymes already & get going, time is money

Sonic: (Sighs) Ok Fine, you could be a Crabby Crustation you know that

All: (Holds onto Sonic)

Sonic: Let's go! (zooms off with the Others holding onto him)

(With Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet: (noticing the loose parts from the van) Hedgehogs! Call a Swatbot Batallion, cause the hedgehogs can't be far away!

Dingo: Ok, by the way how many Swatbots in a Batallion?

Sleet: 25, you Knucklehead !

Dingo: Oh Thanks (spots Tire Tracks) Look Sleet, Tire tracks!

Sleet: (pushing Dingo aside)

Dingo: Hey!

Sleet: Look, tracks! They should lead us right to Sonic & those newbies.

Dingo: Er... that's what I said Sleet!

Sleet: Quiet Dingo, I've got hedgehogs & newbies to catch!

Dingo: (sighs) Ok Sleet (turns on his Comunicator) Calling Swatbot Batallion #1. Forward march!

(The Swatbot Batallion #1 starts marching with Sleet & Dingo)

(Camera cuts back in the Kanker's Trailer)

(The Heroes had already begun exploring the living room)

Rotor, Owen & Ezekiel: (spots the TV) TV

Xplode: (The telly woudn't show anything but black and white flashing) Let me fix it, I remember last time (adjusting the Attenna of the TV & the TV is fixed) Vollia!

Ed: Ah, it's a rerun!

Xplode: (turns it off) There we go

Justin: Wow, nice Scuba Diving Helmet (puts the Scuba Diving Helemt on & it's a Perfect Fit) At least this Helmet helps me protect my face from the Damages to my face

Thunder: Can I try? Can I try? Can I try? Can I try? Can I try?

Justin: Just remember to wait your turn ok?

Thunder: Ok

Noah: Let's see here (opens a book) What the? These pages are blank!

Duncan & Eddy: (laughing his head off at a drawn picture of Ed and May together, as if they were lovers)

Duncan: Artwork! Its "ed and me", Ha! How cute! (continued to laugh at a picture of Edd and Marie hugging oneanother)

Edd: Is that me?

Eddy: (his seemingly endless laghter came to a complete halt when he noticed a picture of him and Lee on their make beleif wedding day)

Duncan: (Laughs even louder)

Eddy: What the? AAAAHHH! How did Lee fix that? Thats not funny! (began to crumble the picture and threw it away)

All: (began to Laugh)

Eddy: I told you, that's not funny!

Harold: Now that's gotta hurt

Tyler: Wow, that was super funny

Suddently, the Kankers returned with their hands full of goods.

Marie: Okay guys, come and get some delicios powdered milk!

(Whithout any hesitation, the Heroes chugged down the milk, but Courtney, Edd & Heather began to cough up powder)

Edd: Not again

Courtney: Gross!

Heather: You tell me

Cody: Mmm, now that's a Glass of Powdered Milk

(Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the Kankers were talking about their welcome visitors. Marie seemed to injoy it the most, and was the first to speak.)

Marie: Oh, its so nice to have the boys home!

May: (grabbed the fish stick box that Marie was holding) Hey, I'm doing the Fish Stix!

Marie: Then give me the Squeezy Meat!

Lee: Girls shut up! We got lunch to make. (dropped lard on some food,) The way to a man's heart is through his stomachs, and a little secret sauce, KETCHUP! (poured some out of a huge barrel.)

(Later, the kankers gave the Heroes a table with burger like food.)

Kankers: Dinners ready!

(The Heroes quickly were attracted to the sweet smell. Then they took the burgers, and the rest is all but pleasent. Those burgers were being chewed away!)

Kankers: (Sighs) they're so dreamy! Heh heh heh.

Lee: We'll be right back to freshen up

Kankers: (Sighs as they went upstairs)

(The Heroes we're still eating away)

Spongebob: I think it's time for a Song

Eddy: Your right, let's Jam!

(They grabed their Instruments & starts playing)

(The Song Starts)

All: We need to be free

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: Like the wind across the desert sand

Ed, Edd & Eddy: We need to be free

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Like a nomad roaming mystic lands

Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah & Ezekiel: Oh freedom is a golden bird that lets us fly

Spongebob: And if someone tries to take that away we will stand and fight


Sonic: Did you hear something?

Sonia: It sounds like one of our Songs

Manic: Your right !

Mr. Krabs: Then let's go find out

Sandy, Kevin & Jonny 2x4: Right !

Rolf: Follow Rolf !

All: We need to be free

Like the wind across the desert sand

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Zaktan, Owen & Xplode: We need to be free

(The Song has ended)

Kankers: We're back!

Edd: Is there a problem?

Kankers: Everything's fine!

Lee: Now go do some chrous! (touches Justin's Scuba Diving Helmet) You should start by digging out for clams!


Kankers: (got scared of Eva's anger) AHH! RUN AWAY GIRLS! (runs into their bedroom)

Eddy: Uh Oh

Courtney: Now look what you've done, Eva!

Eva: I don't care!

(Just then Swatbots have entered the Trailer)

Sleet: Going somewhere? I don't think you would be a Problem at all

Reidak: Then let's dance!

(The Crossovers starts attacking the Swatbots as the Underground & the Other Crossovers appear)

Sonic: I'm Back! (spindashes through the Swatbots)

Sonia: Sonic! Look!

Sonic: (notices the Kankers are inside their rooms & opens it)

May: Don't you understand everything? Now get outta here & never come back (closes the Door)

Eddy: Well you heard her, let's go!

Dingo: Oh no you don't !

Sleet: Get him Dingo!

Dingo: (tries to ram the Heroes down to the Ground, but they all dodged it, making Dingo crashed into the Wall) Ow!

Cody: (ties Sleet & Dingo to the Staircase) There that'll lock them up tight!

Sleet; Hey, get us outta here!

Spongebob: Hello Freedom!

(When they are about to exit, the Kankers we're right in front of them)

Squidward: How did they...?

May: Just a minute there, you forgot to feed Eddy Jr. (holds up an Eddy Doll)

Lee: And Ed Jr. (holds up an Ed Doll)

May: Don't forget Double D Jr.

Marie: (Holds up an Edd Doll)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: AHH!

Sonia: Sonic, maybe we can fight Girlfriend, with Girlfriend

Sonic: What? Bring Amy Rose here? Your nuts!

Sonia: It's either we call Amy or we're traped here forever!

Sonic: Ok you win. Man that was cold. (calls Amy on a Phone)

Amy: (on the Other Line) Hello?

Sonic: It's me Sonic!

Amy: Sonic, it's sooo good to see you again!

Sonic: Yeah, I know. But right now we're in a tight spot here, so do you think you can help us?

Amy: Sure I'll be right there!

Sonic: Ok thanks, Bye! (hangs up) She says she'll do it

Kankers: (fires their Electric Shackels Blaster at the Heroes)

Sonic: Hey, I can't move! Electric Shackels?! Again?!

SpongeBob: So that's what they are, huh?

Kankers: (Giggles) (Chanting) We're gonna make you pretty! We're gonna make you pretty! We're gonna make you pretty!

All: (got scared by the Kankers' chanting) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Just then we see Pink Streaks of Light attacking the Kankers)

Kankers: AUGH! OOF! OUCH! (falls down, knocked out)

(When the Pink Streaks of Light faded away, it was Amy Rose with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Amy: I hate to say I told you so, but "I told you so" (aims the Electric Shackels Blaster, making the Shackels dissapeared)

Sonic: Thanks Amy!

Amy; Your welcome, now will you go on a date with me?

Sonic: Oh would you look at the Time, gotta run! (runs off)

(The Others follow him, after they got dressed up back to their Original Clothes)

Amy: Hey, Wait! (sighs) Come back here! (chases after Sonic)

Sleet: Hey, what about us?

Dingo: Don't leave us here!

(Back with the Heroes at the pit that the Van is at now)

Sonic: So where is the van?

Spongebob: Well, we accidently got it through the Giant Clams, Cheese Graters, Giant Mines & Demolition Sites & we drove the van into the Pit.

Duncan: And it got totally Trashed

Sonic & Manic: WHAT?!?! (Glares at them)

Sonia: But why would do that?

Reidak: Well, the Kankers are the Ed's Worst Enemies of them all in their Universe.

Sonia: Oh, you we're guys trying to get away from those bad Kankers right?

Geoff: That's correct Dudes.

Amy: Found you Sonic! (tackles him & hugs him tightly) Oh Sonic, don't you ever run off like that ever again.

Sonic: Help! Let me go!

Manic: (Laughing)

Sonia: Oh my goodness Amy Rose is your Girlfriend, Sonic.

Sonic: Amy is not my Girlfriend & she's crazy.

Amy: Yep, crazy in Love! (carries Sonic & hugs him tightly so he can't getaway) Come on Sonic, let's go on a Romantic Dinner tonight.

Sonic: Guys! Save me!

LeShawna: Enjoy your Date Sugar Baby

Harold: See you in the funny papers! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen! Don't let the door hit you in the-

Sonic: Okay, stop it Harold! I'm going!

Amy: EEEEE, I can't wait!

Sonic: Oh man!

Sonia: (notices her Bike is 100% Ok) My Bike is still ok!

Manic: And so is my Hoverboard

Edd: Gentleman, I got the strangest feeling that we've forgeting something, but what?

Hakann: I don't know

Vezok: Let's get back to work on the Van

Spongebob: Ok!

(Everyone starts fixing the Van)

(Meanwhile with the Kankers)

Lee: We got beaten up by that Pink Hedgehog.

May: What do we do?

Marie: Let's collect our Treasure beneath the Ground.

(The Kankers goes to the Hole that is been covered up by a Carpet, this hole also has a ladder for them to climb out)

Lee: (goes down the Ladder & picks up the Treasure Chest) Got it! (pulls it back up to the Surface & into the Trailer) Here it is Girls.

(The Kankers opens the Chest to reveal the 2nd Piece of the Sacred Circle)

Lee: We got it, let's go!

(The Kankers goes into the Dark Cave from before in Episode 15)

Nidhiki: (Appears with Krekka) Did you get the 2nd Piece of the Sacred Circle like I told you?

Lee: (shows them the 2nd Piece of the Sacred Circle) Got it in the Treasure Chest, just like you said

Krekka: Well done!

Nidhiki: (places the 2nd Piece on the Stone Stand & it fits 1/3 of the Sacred Circle Shaped Hole with the 1st Piece) You have done very well, Kanker Sisters.

Marie: Thanks, we'll get those Boyfriends

May: Our Boyfriends is the Eds!

Nidhiki: Right ! Only one more piece to go. We're closing in to make a Portal through Mobius for our Master of our brand new Empire that'll keep the Underground & Dr. Robotnik away for good.

Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers: (Evil Laughing)

To Be Continued...