This is the 17th Episode of the Sonic Underground

Character Debuts: Von Nebula


Queen Aleena: With the power of the Sacred Circle, my Children would relieased that they forgotten about the Sacred Circle been grabed into the Wrong Hands by Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers. My Children only has one chance left to get the 3rd & final piece before the New Villains will sent their Master into Mobius

(We see the Black Hole Orb Staff belonging to Von Nebula
Von Nebula

Von Nebula

inside the Dark Cave)

Krekka: (waves Von Nebula's Staff making him appear) Hello there

Von Nebula: Huh?! What the?! Where am I? And who are you?

Nidhiki: Welcome to the Empire of our Master

Lee: Yeah, so nice of you to drop in

Marie: Yeah, your now free

May: And you get to catch the Final Piece of the Sacred Circle so the Circle can be complete

Von Nebula: I'm Von Nebula! And I'm here to seek my Revenge on those Heroes, including Preston Stormer

Nidhiki: Never mind them (shows him the Picture of the Sonic Underground with the Crossovers & another picture of Dr. Robotnik with Sleet & Dingo) Here is your targets. Find them & dispose of them for good

Von Nebula: I'll use my Black Hole lair to Inhale them out of Mobius & into the Black Hole (goes outside) I won't fail you this time (leaves)

(We see Queen Aleena spying on Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers)

Queen Aleena: (gasps) (leaves)

(Camera cuts to the Heroes)

(The Heroes are in the Van driving up to the Snowy Plains)

Spongebob: Brrr, it's cold out here

Sonic: Don't worry, we'll be there in no time

Eddy: Why do we have to go to that cave that Oracle lives in

Sonia: Because he wants us to tell us something

Manic: Yeah, but what?

Reidak: A, a, ah, ah, ah AHCOO! (his sneeze Echos)

The group looked behind them. An avalanche had started!

Thok: Nice work Reidak

Reidak: Sorry

Sonic: Everyone in the cave!

Everyone ran as fast as they could into the cave to avoid getting crushed by the snow. They were suddenly shot out of something it felt like and they were sent flying right into a wall.

Xplode: Here we go again!

They crashed and ended up in a big pile.

Sonic: OUCH!

Manic: Whoa, major da ja voo.

Harold: That hurt, GOSH!

[The Heroes fall down into the Oracle's cave]

Ezekiel: Not again eh?

Thok: This bites

Meltdown: Big time

Oracle: (Appears) Ah, you're just in time - for lunch!

Sonic: (spots the Chilly Dogs) Awesome dogs, Orc! Cool!

Sonia: Oracle, you've sent us here because...

Oracle: The 2 Pieces of the Sacred Circle has been taken!

All: (Gasps)

Owen: Wow, how did he..?

Sonic: Don't ask

Owen: Sorry

Oracle: (Chuckles) You have only 1 chance left

Eddy: What do you mean "Only 1 Chance left"?

Oracle: Like I said: The 2 Pieces of the Sacred Circle have been taken by Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers

All: (Gasps)

Squidward: Wait a minute, you mean the Kanker Sisters are been hired by Krekka & Nidhiki?

Oracle: Correct

Courtney: That is impossible!

Eva: WHAT?! No way!

Oracle: I'm afraid so, the 3rd & final piece is hiddin somewhere unknown. Here's a riddle that could be easy for you to find the 3rd & Final Piece of the Sacred Circle. "In the Night Time that is Bright up high, you'll find the 3rd Piece within the Stars in the Sky". Good Luck (dissapears)

Nitroblast: Do you have the slightest clue on what the Oracle's Talking about?

Spongebob: Anyways, let's get outta here, but first how do we get out of the cave when the Exit's covered in Snow?

Thok: Don't worry, I got this (pushes the Snow away with his Ice Powers & it worked) Short cut anyone?

Duncan: Ok, I'll vote "Short Cut"

Sonic: Then let's juice & jam time!

Sandy: YEE HAW! Ride-em Cowboy!

(Our Heroes starts running into the van with Sonic, Spongebob, The Piraka, Xplode & Cody carrying the Others in Super Sonic Speed & then drove the van out of the Cold & into the Warm Lands down south)

Xplode: And off we go! (notices a Black Hole Staff) STOP!

(The Heroes stops the van & the Hero Factory Villains comes out to find a Black Hole Staff)

Xplode: (Gasps) It's Von Nebula's Staff !

Sonic: Who's Von Nebula?

Xplode: We'll tell you the whole story about Von Nebula. It all started about when he was created in the Assembly Tower.

(The Flashback begins as Xplode tells the Whole Story)

Xplode: Von Nebula was once a Hero from the Hero Factory, under the name of Von Ness. He was a part of Preston Stormer's first Hero Factory Team. They were sent to New Stellac City to stop a burglary in progress, but found a giant Drone attacking the city.

(Now we see Thresher, Stormer, & Von Ness battling it out against the Giant Drone)

Xplode: The team leader, Thresher, was badly injured while protecting the Rookies.

(We see Thresher got badly injured after he protected the Rookies)

Xplode: Von Ness was ordered to protect Thresher while Stormer went for the Drone. Instead, Von Ness attempted to escape in a Drop Ship, and when Stormer leapt on, to stop his escape, the coward shook him off.

(Now we see Von Ness making his escape in the Drop Ship & Stormer leapt on it to stop Von Ness' Escape)

(But now we see Von Ness shook Stormer off of the Drop Ship & makes his escape)

Xplode: Von Ness blamed Stormer for what had happened and vowed revenge.

(Now we see Stormer watching Von Ness escape, while helping Thresher get up)

(The Flashback has ended)

Xplode: And that's all I know

Spongebob: Wow, that's some story. I never thought this Von Ness will vow his revenge on this Stormer

Xplode: All I know is that Von Ness, a.k.a. Von Nebula, has been trapped inside his own Staff, thanks to Stormer & Furno

Sonic: Whao, mondo cool

Corroder: How can Von Nebula break out of his own Staff?

Manic: Whao! Incoming Swatbots!

(We see Swatbots charging at the Heroes)

Owen: Here we go again! (Chuckles)

Duncan: Let's go have some fun!

(The Heroes starts battling the Swatbots)

Sonia: There's more Swatbots than Usual

Edd: Maybe Robotnik thinks that Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers could be a new threat as well

Zaktan: But they stole 2/3 Pieces of the Sacred Circle, does Robotnik suffered enough? (slices a Swatbot in Half with his Tri-Scissor)

Drilldozer: I don't know about you, but Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo are on they're way in a minute

Sonic: Then we're ready for them

Patrick: For what?

Sonic: You'll find out later

Meltdown: (notices the Black Hole Orb Staff flys up to the Sky on it's own) How did it do that?

Thunder: Uh guys? (points to Sleet & Dingo) They're here

Sleet: We got you this time

Duncan: Alright, enough with the War & Games already, just tell us what's going on here?

Dingo: None of your bussiness

Duncan: Is it? (flips Dingo on his back)

Dingo: Ouch!

Sleet: (notices Robotnik has arrived) Oh welcome sir, we found them

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent

Sonic: You!

Dr. Robotnik: Hedgehog? Give up already, you have failed

(Everyone didn't notice that a Black Hole has started to form when a ThunderStorm appears)

Sonic: No way, Robotnik! We'll take you down & you'll be history

Dr. Robotnik: There's no way you can withstand my Swatbots


Dr. Robotnik: What the Devil?!

Xplode: I know that voice from anywhere

Meltdown: Me too

Thunder, Corroder & HF Rotor: And us too!

Avak: Who is it?

Vezok: Look!

(??? appears in the Sky inside the Black Hole with the Black Hole Orb Staff & reveals himself to be...)

Dr. Robotnik: GAH! It's you, another one of the One Eyed Creatures' Henchmen!

Von Nebula: Yes, I am now VON NEBULA!!!!! (evil laughter)

Xplode: It is him!

Drilldozer: Let's get outta here!

Ed: Where guys?


Von Nebula: I think not!

(The Black Hole inhales the Heroes inside it)

Dr. Robotnik: YES! YES! YES! I'm finally free from those Hedgehogs! (evil laughter)

(But his endless evil laughter came to a halt as the Black Hole inhales Dr. Robotnik as well)

Dr. Robotnik: GAH! I'm NOT ON THE MENU! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (got sucked into the Black Hole)

Sleet: Uh oh!

Dingo: We've should've stayed in the Ship!

(Sleet & Dingo got sucked in as well)

Sleet & Dingo: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Von Nebula: No one escapes from VON NEBULA! (as he dissapears in his Black Hole Lair, the Black Hole that sucked the Heroes & Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo dissapears)


Sleet & Dingo: (Wakes up & notices they are inside the Black Hole)

Sleet; Where are we?

(Von Nebula's Black Hole Lair is similar to Sub-Space from "Super Smash Bros. Brawl")

Dingo: (notices they've been Cuffed together by those Handcuffs) Sleet? We've been stuck together

Sleet: We gotta do something about this, but first let's Robotnik & get outta this place

(So Sleet & Dingo starts walking)

Sleet: Which way?

Dingo: Left

Sleet: Right? You sure?

Dingo: Right

Sleet: Oh, Right, then Left

Dingo: No! Left, left!

Sleet: Would you quit yelling at my ear you idiot ! (smacks Dingo's Head)

Dingo: Sorry

(Camera cuts to Heroes)

Spongebob: (wakes up) Ow, what happen?

Patrick: I don't know, but I'm getting scared of this place & I can't even find the Bathroom in this Black Hole

Beth: Their isn't one

Owen: Uh-Oh, getting Claustraphobic

Sonic: (wakes up) Whoa, have I got a Sonic-sized headache!

Sonia: We've got worse troubles than that! [points to handcuffs]

(everyone is handcuffed together

Manic: Imagine us getting sucked into Buttnik's plan like that!

Sonia: He was trying to trap us in this Endless BlackHole with Von Ness!

Sonic: And it worked too - thanks to...

Dr. Robotnik: It wasn't my idea! If it was, I could be ruler of the planet by now

(Everyone looks at Robotnik who is handcuffed with the Heroes as well)

All: This isn't your plan after all?!

Dr. Robotnik: I wish it was. But it was Von Nebula's Plan all along

Squidward: Wait, how did you know about Von Nebula anyway?

Dr. Robotnik: (got annoyed)

All: (everyone talking at once about what Robotnik is gonna say)

Owen: Sorry

Dr. Robotnik: Once I had that strange Vision about that 1 Eyed Creature, I was floating in Mid-Air & looked at the Destruction that the One Eyed Creature have done to Robotropolis & all of Mobius (to Meltdown) No offence

Meltdown: Non taken

Dr. Robotnik: Anyways, I just saw the One Eyed Creature coming down towards me with their Henchmen, Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kanker Sisters & Von Nebula, I was completly terrified because he could a bigger villain...even bigger than me

All: (Gasps)

Sonic: A Villain more Eviler than Robotnik?! Who knew?

Harold: Whao, that's no very good

Geoff: Dude! This place of Von Nebula's is creepy!

Tyler: Hey. I wonder what would happen if I barfed in here? You think my barf would float around too?

Leshawna: Tyler, if you barf in here, I will smack you upside your head if I can find it!

Edd: This could get dark in here gentleman, let's remain calm

Justin: This place is a nightmare. How can I keep myself looking fabulous if I can't even look at myself?

Ed: I'm not in my Happy Place Guys!

Courtney: Will everyone SHUT UP! How the heck do we get out of here?

DJ: I would like to know that too. I am deathly terrified of dark places!

Beth: And I'm really claustrophobic.

Patrick: What does claustrophobic mean?

SpongeBob: It means she's afraid of Santa Claus.

Squidward: No, it doesn't.

Patrick: Ho, ho, ho! [giggles]

SpongeBob: Stop it, Patrick, you're scaring Squidward!

Patrick: Ho, ho, ho!

Squidward: It's not working, Patrick.

Patrick: Darn.

Beth: Claustrophobic means I'm afraid of Personal Space

Spongebob & Patrick: Ohhhhhhh!

Eddy: Now what do we do?

Gwen: Well, we might as well get used to it. Because it looks like we're gonna be here for a long time.

Hakann: Anyone wanna play a game to pass the time?

Cody: Sure, why not?

(With Von Nebula)

Von Nebula: (watches the Heroes) That'll take care of them for now. Now to get my prize (spots the 3rd & Final Piece of the Sacred Circle above the Highest Platform in his Black Hole Lair) All I have to do is to climb up 10,000 Stairs & I'll claim my prize for the master (starts climbing the Stairs)

(With Sleet & Dingo)

Dingo; Wait, are we back right where we started?

Sleet: Shut up & keep on moving, Robotnik will be calling us soon

Dingo: (spots a lot of Minion Bots of Von Nebula) Uh Sleet? Maybe we should've stayed in the tent!

(They both run off)

(Back with the Heroes & Robotnik)

Lindsay: Okay. I'll go next. I'm thinking of a number between one and three.

Beth: 2?

Lindsay: That's right! You win! Who's next?

Harold: I'll go. I'm thinking of a number between one and one-hundred. What is it?

Spongebo: Um, 12?

Trent: 13?

Bridgette: 77?

Patrick: 62?

Lindsay: 101!

Cody: Uh, Lindsay? That's a bit over one hundred.

Lindsay: Oh, right. 102

HF Rotor: Uh, 35?

Harold: You got it, Rotor! It is 35, he wins!

Corroder: (groans) My turn, I'm thinking of a number between 1 & 50, what is it?

Squidward: Uh, 41?

Noah: (groan) Trapped in a dark Black Hole with 21 other teenagers, 4 Mammals, 4 Sea-Creatures, 6 Piraka & 8 Monsters playing boring children games for the rest of eternity. Story of my life right here folks.

Dr. Robotnik: I can't take this any longer, I need to get outta here!

Manic: Sorry, not even my Lock Pick can get us outta here

Spongebob: Hey, did anybody hear something?

Sleet & Dingo: (stops in front of them) What are you doing in those Shackles?

Spongebob: How can we break these Shackles?

Owen: Oh that (uses his strenght to break the Chains & it worked)

Eva: Why didn't you do that hours ago?

Owen: I don't know, it's on the tip of my brain

Sonic: Anyways, let's juice for the Piece to use & Von Nebula needs to be reduce!

Mr. Krabs: That Piece is mine now!

Eddy: Come on, let's go!

(They reached the Stairs & notices Von Nebula is almost to the top)

Justin: We'll never make it in time!

Sonic: I don't think so! It's Juice time! (runs up the Stairs in Super Sonic Speed & makes it to the top before Von Nebula & grabs the 3rd Piece)

Von Nebula: What?!

Sonic: (activates his Medallion) A 1... (fires a blue laser at Von Nebula)

Von Nebula: AH!

Sonia: [sparks medallion] And a 2... (makes Pink Fog by playing her Keyboard)

Von Nebula: Hey! I can't see! (uses his Black Hole Orb Staff to clear away the Fog)

Manic: [sparks medallion] And a 1, 2, 3, 4! (starts drumming, making a earthquake, shaking Von Neubla off of the Top Platform)

Von Nebula: AHHHHH!!! (falls flat on his back & gets up) You won't defeat me that easily ! Minion Bots ATTACK!

Spongebob: Let's go beat up those Minion Bots!

(The Song Starts as our Heroes battle against Von Nebula & his Minion Bots)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: Justice callin’

Tyranny fallin’

We’re not gonna take it anymore

Spongebob: A hero comin’

Patrick: Better start runnin’

Squidward, Sandy & Mr. Krabs: We’re gonna even up the score

Reidak & Zaktan: You’ve cheated the people, told them lies

Owen, Duncan, Harold, DJ, Trent, Cody & Justin: Now you have to pay the price

Beth, Lindsay & Courtney: You should've known

Spongebob: Good always wins

Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: You’ve spread despair, pain and hurt

Xplode: Knew just how the system works

Meltdown, Thunder, Corroder & HF Rotor: We’re takin’ it back

Ezekiel: Time to give it up, my friends

Eva: Justice callin’

Noah: Tyranny fallin’

Katie & Sadie: We’re not gonna take it anymore

Tyler, Bridgette, Geoff & Gwen: Oh, a hero comin’

Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast & Heather: Better start runnin’

LeShawna: We’re gonna even up the score

All: Justice callin’

(As the Song ends, Von Nebula is still standing & the Heroes are getting tierd)

Ezekiel: How did he get so strong eh?

Reidak: I don't know

Von Nebula: I don't know how you got the 3rd & Final Piece of the Sacred Circle, but that one you had was a Fake I had the Real One!

Sonia: Then Von Nebula...

Von Nebula: (turns around to see Sonic is behind him, not looking tierd at all) What the?

Sonia: It's time for you to take a ride! (does her Super Twirl making a Pink Tornado, like Taz from the Looney Tunes)

Von Nebula: What the?! (stabs his Staff into the Ground) the....likes...of....(got blown away & in Sonia's Super Twirl along with his Staff) YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! (getting Dizzy) I'm getting Dizzy!

(The Real & Fake 3rd Pieces goes inside Sonia's Super Twirl)

(Her Super Twirl is powerful, even the Black Hole twirls itself around)

(The Black Hole has Dissapeared & Sonia's Super Twirl has carried the Heroes Inside & her Super Twirl spits out Von Nebula)

Von Nebula: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (crashes into the Ground)

Sonia: (Stops twirling as she lands on the Ground with the Heroes)

(The Heroes, except Sonia feels dizzy)

Owen: Mama, is that you? (falls down on his Back)

Harold: I think I'm still dizzy

Justin: Me too, but my hair is now more perfect as ever thanks to Sonia', what did you call it again?

Sonia: My Super Twirl

Sonic: I know how being in a Tornado feels like

Tyler; Did someone bring a Barf bag? Cause I think I'm gonna be sick

Owen: Me too, I'm getting sick!

Sonic: (holds the 3rd & Final Piece of the Sacred Circle) We got it, we got the 3rd & Final Piece before they do

Spongebob: HOORAY!

Manic: And Robotnik got away & so are Sleet & Dingo!

(We See Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo retreats back to Robotropolis)

Xplode: They'll be back, just you wait

Sonic: And when they do, we'll give them a Sonic Underground Smackdown that they'll never forget

Gwen: (notices the 3rd Piece was a Fake) Hold on a minute (notices it's made of Styrofoam) It's made of Styrofoam!

Sonic: You mean the one we got was a fake?

Gwen: I'm afraid so

Owen: Holy Lola! Gwen's right, we got the fake by mistake! Hey, fake, mistake. Hey, I made a Rhyme (chuckles)

All: (Gasps)

Nitroblast: What?! How was that possible?

Sonic: If we got the Fake, then who got the real one?

Spongebob: I've got a bad feeling about this

(Camera cuts to the Dark Cave)

Von Nebula: (goes back into the Dark Cave)

Krekka, Nidhiki & the Kankers: (appears)

Nidhiki; Well?

Von Nebula: (shows them the 3rd & Final Piece of the Sacred Circle) I have it, just like you said

Krekka: (grabs the 3rd & Final Piece & places it on the Stone Stand & it fits the last 1/3 of the Sacred Circle Shaped Hole with the 1st & 2nd Pieces)

Lee: We've done it

Marie: Yeah!

May: So what happens next?

(the 3 Pieces of the Sacred Circle starts glowing, floats above them & then comes together into 1 & turns into a Portal for their master)

(Their Unknown Master comes out of the Portal & the Portal behind them dissapears & then the Sacred Circle is now drained forever & it drops on the ground)

?????: Well done my Henchmen, you have done well

Krekka: Thank you Master

Nidhiki: We're now prepared for the Real Battle against the Sonic Underground & Dr. Robotnik

(The unknown master reveals himself to be Plankton)

Plankton: I'm finally here on Planet Mobius & now thanks to all of you. All of you are now part of my empire & we'll shall rule the World! (evil Laughter)

Krekka, Nidhiki, the Kankers & Von Nebula: (Laughing with Plankton)

(The Camera zooms out of the Dark Cave)

(Now we notice Queen Aleena in her Purple Cloak saw & heard everything they did & said)

Queen Aleena: (Sheds a tear)

The End