This is the 21st Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover


Queen Aleena: (narrating) Freedom is still at hand in the Great Mobian War, but with a mission like turning my children back to normal could be they're dangerous mission yet

(We see Tails & Amy entering the Sonic Underground's Hideout & they spot the Crossovers with the 3 Baby Hedgehogs: Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic)

Tails: Ready Amy?

Amy: Ready Tails. (blows a Trumpet really loud to wake them up)

(The Crossovers woke up & scream from the sound of a Trumpet Amy played with)

Harold: (after waking up from a dream) I can't take the shelling anymore, Sarge! I just can't take it! (sobs)

Duncan: Harold, if you added trumpets to your snoring, then it's definitely time for you to die.

Justin: That's it, I'm moving to Canada. Except we can't even get there...

Tails: Morning Guys! Today, Amy & I are gonna train you guys to the max

Amy: This is gonna be so much fun, I can't wait to train you guys. Tee hee!

Spongebob: Train? (gulps) To the Max?

Edd: Oh my

Patrick: Wow, this could be a fun time

Tails: Follow Me & Amy to the Training Course

Ed: Follow Tails & Amy!

Eddy: This could be a long day

Zaktan: Oh tell me about it

(Camera cuts to the Training Grounds)

Tails: We're here, welcome to the training grounds

Amy: Where you'll be training for a new mission to save the Sonic Underground from being Babies forever

Beth: Oh my glory!

Tails: This could require blood, sweat & tears. Your first training excercise is to push a Training Dummy with your strength, since Chris & Chef offers to help, Chef will be the Football Dummy

Chef Hatchet: (In a Football Outfit) Don't call me a Dummy!

Tails: Sorry

Chris: (chuckles) Love that Chef

Amy: You'll be pushing Chef because he's spiced up after eating lots & lots of Peppers

Justin: We've got to push spiced-up Chef like he's a football dummy?

Chef Hatchet: I told you, Don't call me a dummy.

Heather: Uh, I am not swapping sweat with an over-sized jalapeño!

Leshawna: You're taking it for the team. Now get your skinny behind over there and push that dummy!

Chef Hatchet: What did I say about the dummy thing?!

Reidak: Oh brother, let's just push him

Vezok: Agreed

(Everyone starts pushing Chef one by one, but no one was able to push him)

Chef Hatchet: Is that all you got? My grandma pushes harder than that, tubbies!

Patrick: Tubby? (Growls at Chef)

Spongebob: Uh Oh!

LeShawna: Don't you talk smack to me!

Piraka & Hero Factory Villains: Why you little...?!

Patrick: Nobody calls me Tubby!

Chef Hatchet: Not again

(Patrick, LeShawna, the Piraka & the Hero Factory Villains all pushed Chef out of the way into the Ground with their rage

LeShawna: Sorry Dummy, but we came play to hard ball

Patrick: And nobody calls my Tubby, you got that?

Chris: Deja vu

(Camera cuts to Lindsay, Beth, Courtney, Justin, Squidward, Ed, Edd, & Eddy running through the Tires)

(But the Tires are too small & their feet are stuck to it)

Beth: These are not real tires

Lindsay: My feet are getting stuck

Tails: Sorry about that (to Amy) I hope it doesn't filled with mousetraps

Amy: Uh Mousetraps?


(Tails & Amy notices the Crossovers got hurt with the MouseTraps)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: OW! NOT COOL! NOT COOL!

Amy: Whoops sorry

Tails: Ok uh, next.

(camera cuts to Crossovers crawling on the Mud under the barbed wires)

Avak: This one's getting tricky

Meltdown: You can say that again

Corroder: Does anyone know why we're doing this?

Ezekiel: I don't know eh?

Tails: Sorry, we have to reuse the props from the last mobian war

Crossovers: (groans)

Spongebob: (facepalms) This is going to be a long day

(Camera cuts to the Crossovers doing their training)

Spongebob, The Piraka, Xplode & Cody: (running laps around the Training Grounds in Super Sonic Speed)

Squidward, Eddy, Rotor, Jetbug, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Trent & Justin: (using their flying abilities to avoid the Obstacles)

Eddy: (uses his stinger to sting at the Targets)

Edd & Harold: (using their Invisibility powers to sneak each other, but they bump into each other by accident) Ow!

Harold: Idiots!

Tails: (sighs) Next

Patrick & Thunder: (Punches the Punching Bag together)

Amy: That's good. Next

DJ: (Gulps)

Tails: (shows DJ how to fly with DJ's Bunny Ears)

DJ: (flaps his Big Rabbit Ears & he's flying) Thanks

Tails: Your welcome

Tyler: (trying to swing from tree to tree like a monkey, but fails by crashing into the wall) Ouch! Darn it!

Mr. Krabs & Corroder: (snaps the Targets with their Crab Claws)

Corroder: (spits acid out of his Crab Claw Tips at the Targets) Yes!

Ezekiel & Rolf: (ramming each other with their Antlers)

Geoff: (practicing his Kangaroo Super Jumps)

Ed: (bites the Targets off with his Teeth) Gravy

Amy: Wow, they are on fire

Xplode: (fires his Spike Missiles at the Targets)

Tails: I know right

(Camera cuts to Tails & Amy)

Amy: Ok, your up for the next course

(Our Heroes we're tired & covered in mud)

Duncan: (sighs) Ok

Tails: Ok, now it's time for you to lift you canoes up as a team & keep holding it until someone drops out. Sorry about that

Amy: Ok, ready? And Canoes up & GO!

(The Heros divided into 2 teams & lift up the 2 Canoes with one team holding up the Green Canoe & the other team holding up the Red Canoe)

Owen: This isn't that hard

Geoff: Piece of cake

Spongebob: We can do this!

Patrick: Yeah!

(3 Hours Later)

(It was blazing hot outside & the Heroes are feeling tired, sweating & hungry)

Eddy: (groans)

Edd: (sweating)

Ed & LeShawna: (their stomach grumbles)

Ed: I'm hungry

Amy: (sitting on top of the Red Canoe) Wow, you guys are getting strong & keep holding your canoes up for 3 hours)

Tails: (sitting on top of the Green Canoe) I'm sorry that Amy & I have to do this to you, but it's the only way to help you get your Strength & Endurance up

Avak: That's ok, we can take the heat

(In Night Time, 7pm)

Owen: (snoring, still holding up the Canoe)

Reidak: I'm starving

Thok: Me too

Lindsay: Guys, I can't do this anymore (lets go of the canoe) I have no feeling in my arms (heads to the bell)

Xplode: Don't do it Lindsay!

Kitty: Don't you dare!

Lindsay: (rings the bell with her head due to exhaustion)

(One team falls down on the ground, while the other team puts down the Canoe properly)

Vezok: I'm glad that's over

Amy: (holding Baby Sonic, Baby Sonia & Baby Manic in her Arms) Don't worry, I'm taking care of the Baby Hedgehogs while you guys are training

Cody: Oh that's good

Tyler: I'm feeling pain in my arms

Squidward: Oh brother



Amy: Our Final Course is the Obstacle Course. We'll time your Scores & let's see who can do the Obstacle Course in under 1 Minute

Tails: Ready...set...GO!

(The Heroes are doing the Obstacle Course, by climbing over the wall, going through the Tire Tunnel, swinging on a Vine & crawling under the Net & they have done the Course, over & over again)

Tails: You can do this!

Amy: We believe in you!

(Harold falls over the wall)

Harold: Ahhh! (he lands in mud) (coughing)

Duncan: Uhh, General Tails & General Amy, we've got a situation here.

Dudley: And it's not preaty

Harold: Too... much... (coughs) mud.

Tails: Ok Harold, report to the infirmary. Your Training is finished.

(Harold leaves)

Duncan: Wow, poor guy.

Amy: Ok everyone, Back on the course & continue with your training

(Our Crossovers continue with the Obstacle Course, after many laps, they began to feel tired & having problems with the Obstacles)

(The Song begins)

Crossovers: I can run a mile and back before you even try

I’m smarter than a fox or you, and that’s no lie

But I can eat more chili dogs than anyone alive

But you can’t hold a candle to my fashionable design

(Owen, Patrick & HF Rotor can't climb over the Wall & the wall falls over)

Owen: Ouch, not again

Crossovers: Hey, we should try to beat Robotnik, not each other

(Gwen, Beth, Ed, Edd & Eddy crawls through the Tire Tunnel & accidently crashes on the Mud)

Eddy: Ow!

Crossovers: We worry too much about winnin’

And that’s a shame

It’s not who wins or loses

It’s how you play the game

Working as a team we’ve got so much on the ball

I know that we can surely beat them all

It’s not who wins or loses, it’s how you play the game

(Heather, Squidward, Meltdown, Tyler, Beth, Dudley, Ezekiel & Noah are tangled with the Vines)

Crossovers: Yeehaw!

Dudley: Help?

(The Song has Ended)

Duncan: (as Leshawna sinks in the mud) Fallen soldier, I salute you!

Xplode: (sinks in the mud) Help!

Trent & Lindsay: (sinks in the mud)

Lindsay: I'm stuck too, I so didn't see that coming

Trent: (Facepalms) Help! Somebody!

Spongebob: Uh Oh! (helps LeShawna, Xplode, Trent & Lindsay get out of the mud) Gotcha! Are you ok?

Trent: Yeah, thanks bro

Spongebob: Your welcome

Tails: (sighs in relief) Ok everyone, it looks like your ready for action

Crossover: (cheers)

Amy: I'm proud of you all for trying your best, including Harold & Lindsay

Harold & Lindsay: Uh, thanks

Duncan: Ok, I think Harold has done enough

Harold: Says you, GOSH!


Spongebob: Hold on, I got a transmission

Eddy: From who exactly?

Spongebob: You know what....I really don't know who he is, maybe it might be Mr. Krabs or Sandy or maybe...


Spongebob: What's the magic word?

Eddy: (groans) ANSWER IT !

Spongebob: Sorry, the correct answer was please

Thok: Let me answer that call please.

Spongebob: Perfect

Ed: Eddy's funny, Double D

Edd: (sighs)

Thok: (turns on the communicator on the wall)

It was Cyrus

Spongebob: Hey Cyrus

Cyrus: Hi Guys, We've got news on that Goo Goo Gas ray and it isn't pretty

Squidward: What is it?

Cyrus: There's only one of those ray guns. And it also has the only cure on a small button on the back.

Avak: Is that all?

Cyrus: And that's not the worst part

Hakann: (facepalms) I was afraid you we're gonna say that

Kitty: So what is the True Bad news, Cyrus?

Cyrus: The True Bad News is: If you don't turn them back to normal by midnight, tonight...You won't be able to change them back!

All (except Patrick & Duncan): (gasps)

Duncan: Oh relax it's cool

Patrick: Wait, I don't get it

(DJ fell to the ground with a huge thud.)

Courtney: Oh, great. He fainted.

Spongebob: But it's only 5am & we only have about 19 Hours Left we have loads of time

Tails: I hope so

Amy: I hope I can save my Sonikku

Vezok: By the way we still remembered that you've saved us from Robotnik by grated a wish before Robotnik ever finds it from your grasp, Amy

Tails: Don't worry, we'll stop them. And we need to resuce the Others as well

Katie: Anyway, who's going?

Sadie: Yeah I can't wait to see who's going

Tails: We need a plan. Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the Piraka, Xplode, Owen, Duncan & Harold to come with me & Amy to find that ray gun

Amy: While the others has to resuce Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Jonny 2x4, Rolf & Kevin. Is everyone ready for a resuce mission

All: Ready!

DJ: (gets up) What happen?

Spongebob: What are we waiting for guys, we got the Sonic Underground & the rest of our friends to save!


(We see Robotnik's Base in Robotropolis)

Spongebob: There it is guys, Robotnik's Base where he has our Friends in captivity

Owen: (points to a New Base next to it) We got more neighbours

(Everyone notices the New Base is the Chum Bucket that is now 5x Larger than the Original Chum Bucket)

Tails: That's Plankton's New Base called the "Mega Chum Bucket"

Spongebob: What happened to the Original Chum Bucket

Patrick: Maybe he made it even larger than before

Amy: Remember the plan?

All: Yes

Amy: Good

Tails: Ok, good luck

Gwen: Ok, come on let's go!

Courtney: Be careful Duncan, ok?

Duncan: Don't worry, I'll always be ok

Courtney: (groans)

(Gwen, Squidward, Heather, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Meltdown, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor (Hero Factory), Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Dudley & Kitty runs ahead to Robotnik's Base)

Tails: Ok gang let's figure out a way inside

Eddy: Might I suggest the air vents? (points to the Air Vents)

Harold: Ok that'll do

Duncan: Perfect

Edd: Do you know what kind of bacteria live in those things?

Eddy: Double D, at this point it's our only way in.

Reidak: I second that

Edd: But what about the babies?

Spongebob: Uh...

Sonic popped his head out of the backpack on Spongebob's back and giggled.

Spongebob: That's 1

Sonia did the same from Eddy's backpack, only hugging him around the neck.

Eddy: That's 2

Edd: (notices Eddy blushing only a tiny bit when he was hugged by Baby Sonia) Hm?

Eddy: (stops blushing when he noticed Edd is staring at him) What are you looking at?

Manic looked out of Zaktan's backpack and giggled loudly, causing Ed to go on about how cute he was.

Ed: Aww look.

Zaktan: And that's 3

Avak: It looks like every Baby is present & accounted for

Spongebob, Eddy & Zaktan: (pushes the babies back in their bags)

Thok: Let's see. How do we get inside?

Eddy: Where's the best place to start looking for a way in?

Ed: Oh, I see one!

They looked to see him pointing to the main entrance.

All: No.

Hakann: That's the wrong way Ed

Edd: What do we do?

Eddy: I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin'

Patrick & Ed: Can we think?

Edd & Eddy: NO!

Duncan: (facepalms) (sighs)

Spongebob: Let's try go through the air vent like Eddy suggested either we like it or not. But wouldn't that be stealing?

Vezok: Stealing for what?

Spongebob: The Krabby Patty formula is the sole property of the Krusty Krab and is only to be discussed in part or in whole with its creator Mr. Krabs. Duplication of this formula is punishable by law. Restrictions apply, results may...

Zaktan: (covers Spongebob's Mouth, but he won't stop talking) Let's just go inside the vent before I get a serious headace from Spongebob

Edd: Oh Please do

Ed: Gravy

(They started running up to Plankton's New Base: The Mega Chum Bucket)

(Camera cuts to Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: Only about 10 Hours Left until the effects of the Gas is permanent and those annoying hedgehogs will be out of the way forever! (his back cracks) Ouch! Ow, my back! The Effect of Plankton's Goo Goo Gas is still on me, I can feel it.

Sleet: Are you hurt, sir?

Dr. Robotnik: No. I'm just doubled over in pain, fightin back tears in me eyes because it's a new dance craze.

Dingo: Oh good, I thought you were hurt.

Dr. Robotnik: I am hurt, ya idiots! [Dingo got scared] I'm sorry I snapped at ya, Dingo.

Sleet: (shocked to hear that Dr. Robotnik said "Sorry" to Dingo) What?! I never seen you said sorry to either me or Dingo. Are you ok?

Dr. Robotnik: No, I'm not feeling myself today since Plankton arrives on Mobius & also my back is killing me. It's the effect of Plankton's Goo Goo Gas. When I got turned into a Senior Citizen by my own ray, It's like trying to sleep on broken coral. I'm going out of my mind. [back breaks again] Ow, my back. If you need me, I'll be in the other room to fix my back...again (goes into the other room while Groaning in pain)

Dingo: Poor Robotnik. What are we going to do, Sleet?

Sleet: Why do anything Dingo? I like the new Robotnik. He yells at you more & he's weaker than ever. [laughs]

Dingo: I'm serious.

Sleet: So am I. But what if we are in charge

Dingo: Uh oh, do you remember last time

Sleet: Oh yeah. The last time we're in charge, it's a slow day, but not this time. Come on Dingo, let's go stop those Hedgehogs!

Dingo: But are they been turned into Babies?

Sleet: The Next time you protest me again, I'll morph you into a Spitoon!

Dingo: Sorry

Sleet: Well you betta be

(Camera Cuts to Group #1 at the Mega Chum Bucket)

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the Piraka, Xplode, Owen, Duncan & Harold: RRRRUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHH!

The Heroes of Group 1 pulled the air vent cover off its hinges amazingly easily.

Spongebob: Wow, we're getting strong easily

Tails: Nice job, now let's go inside the Vent...

Amy: And save my Sonikku & his Siblings from being babies forever, but however Sonic is cute when he was a baby

Avak: Excuse me, but focus

Amy: Sorry

Zaktan: The last time we tried it we've save the Underground & we did & we can go through the Vent again

Spongebob, Patrick, Tails & Amy: (crawls through the vent first)

Eddy: I don't think we've ever done something like THIS before. (starting to crawl into the air vent after Spongebob & Patrick)

Edd: Yes we did, Eddy, remember the monster movie marathon incident?

Eddy: Oh yeah, I remember now

Ed: Movie was good for Ed! (crawling after them)

Reidak: Let's go!

(The Piraka crawls after them, then Xplode, then Duncan & finally Harold)

Duncan: Oh great, how can I cope with Dorris?

Harold: I told you my name is Harold !

Xplode: Oh brother

Ed: (felt his nose is itchy) A…A…A-

All: No, Ed! (Everyone placed a finger under Ed's nose, keeping him from sneezing)

Ed: Sorry guys, dust makes me sneeze.

Thok: I sence we don't need any misfired fireballs.

Vezok: Now let's move it before we're discovered.

Spongebob: I'm with you on this one

Patrick: I'm with what now?

Harold: There aren't enough rare tresskilling yellow 1855's in the world to ever make me work with Duncan.

Duncan: You really are such a dork.

Owen: (stomach gurgles) Um, I really have to go (farts) Oh never mind, I'm good

Avak: (coughing) Owen!

Owen: Yes?

Hakann: We're trying not to be discovered, not get half the building on us in the first minute.

Owen: Sorry (chuckles) I guess I kinda eat too many beans

Patrick: I can see some Light

Spongebob: Your right Patrick, we've found the way out

Tails: Let's go see

Amy: Ok!

Tails: (slid down the Vent, quickly took flight with his Two Tails spinning around like a Helicoptor & then lands)

Amy: (follows & lands on both feet, but stumbles a bit, but regains her footing) Phew

Spongebob & Patrick: (slides out the air vent, but fall on their butts) Wow!

Eddy: (slides out of the air vent and quickly took flight)

Double D: (followed suit but climbed along the walls)

Ed: (simply fell out and landed on his belly) Ow

Piraka & Xplode: (lands on both feet)

Owen: (falls out & lands on his back) Ow, my spine!

Duncan: (lands on both feet)

Harold: (falls out) AHH! (lands on Owen's Belly) Thanks for the soft landing Owen

Owen: Your welcome

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Owen & Harold: (Gets up)

Zaktan: Phew, made it

Xplode: Let's split up & find that Throne Room

Eddy: Right, we'll kick more butt that way

Tails: Meet back here in thirty minutes.

Spongebob: How about thirty seconds when your a Hedgehog?

Amy: But I don't have any Super Speed like Sonic

Spongebob: Oh right, sorry

Reidak: Let's go!

Spongebob, Patrick, Tails & Amy: (goes to Hall Way #1)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (goes to Hall Way #2)

Vezok: Good luck Guys!

Piraka: (Goes to Hall Way #3)

Owen, Duncan & Harold: (goes to Hall Way #4)

Xplode: (goes to Hall Way #5)

(Hallway #1)

Spongebob: Follow me Guys (activates his new Gravity Shoes that looked like Sonic's Sneakers, only Black) Come on Patrick (carries Patrick & walks on the Walls & then on the Ceiling, but only one problem is that Patrick is too heavy for Spongebob to carry) Wow Patrick your a big boy, aren't ya?

Patrick: Sorry

Tails: (carries Amy) Hold on (flies up to Spongebob who is walking on the Ceiling with his Two Tails spinning around like a helicoptor, while carrying Amy)

Amy: Oh my

(With Plankton)

Plankton: (evil chuckles) My Visit to Mobius is a Complete Sucess & I even get to make Robotnik's & the Underground's Lives miserable

Snaptrap: Yes your honourable Small one

Krekka: We'll do what you have commanded us to do

Nidhiki: What Krekka means is "Your wish is our Command" your honourable greatness

Plankton: Perfect ! With the Effects of my Goo Goo Gas Ray on the Sonic Underground & Dr. Robotnik, Mobius is as good as ours (evil Laughter)

Ollie: It's pure genius boss

Francisco: Yeah, we'll stop those Hedgehogs & destroy them

Larry: Are you sure we can't harm a baby when the Underground are turned into Babies?

The Chameleon: Oh here we go again

Snaptrap: (press a button & Larry is dunked into the Shark Tank)

Larry: (Attacked by the Sharks) AHHHH!!!

Bird Brain: Anyway, it's time we guard this Ray Gun

Plankton: And they'll be out of the way forever.

(But Plankton didn't notice that Spongebob is right above them on the Ceiling, Carrying Patrick & the Backpack with Baby Sonic inside & Tails following Spongebob while in the air, carrying Amy)

Spongebob: So far, so good

Tails: Yeah, so we need to stay calm & stay focus

Patrick: Gotcha

Amy: Right!

Patrick: (Slips & falls) Whoops. AHHHHHH!


Patrick had crashed on top of the Kankers

Lee, Marie & May: OW!

Spongebob: You ok, Patrick?

Patrick: FINLAND!


Patrick: YIPE! (runs for his life)

Spongebob: Patrick is in danger (climbs down on the Floor) Come on! (goes after Patrick)

Tails & Amy: (follows Spongebob)

Plankton: Quick Stop them! (notices the Goo Goo Gas Ray Gun is gone) OHHHH SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

Spongebob: (holding the Goo Goo Gas Ray Gun) I got it, I hope the others are ok

(Hallway #2)

Eddy: YAHOO! (playing chicken with the Jack-4 Bots)

Ed: PERPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER! (Chomps on the Jack-4 Bots, ripping them to Shreads)

Edd: Careful Eddy

Eddy: I know what I'm doing!

Baby Sonia: WAAHHH!

Eddy: (Notices Baby Sonia in his Backpack) Oh right I forgot, we can't take anymore risks (to Jack-4 Bots) I'll deal with you later.

(The 3 Eds makes a run for it, while Sonia is in Eddy's Backpack that Eddy is carrying)

(We see a laser wall ahead & the 3 Eds came to a Halt)

Edd: Maybe I should disable it in a giffi

Eddy: Let me help you, my Brother disables a Laser Wall once

Edd: Ok if you insist

(Edd & Eddy starts disabling the Laser Wall)

Eddy: I hope we can do this

Edd: I hope so too

Eddy: All we have to do is unplug the server and green wire and it should go down

After doing so, the lasers went out.

Eddy: YES!

Edd: Oh my word, how did you do that Eddy?

Eddy: Like I told you, my bro's a wiz of when it comes to disabling Laser Walls & Security Systems

Ed: Eddy's the man with the plan

Edd: But there are more Strong Jack-4 Bots where those came from

Eddy: Then let's get outta here. Hang on Sonia!

(The 3 Eds are carrying Sonia back to Spongebob, Patrick, Tails & Amy)

(Hallway #3)

(The Piraka smashes all of the Jack-4 Bots)

Zaktan: Come on, this way.

Baby Manic: Goo

(The Piraka with Baby Manic ends up in a Dead End)

Reidak: Dead end

Vezok: (notices Jack-4 Bots surrounds them) Bad!

Thok: Any bright ideas?

Baby Manic: (making a few giggling noises)

Hakann: (felt something itchy on his nose) A-A-AH-AH-ACHOO! (sneezed again & a fireball was shot from his mouth at once, hitting the wall. The fire burned straight through it, making a gaping hole!) Now why didn't we think of that before?

Avak: Let's get outta here!

Baby Manic: (giggled)

The Piraka went through the hole while carrying Baby Manic & continues their search

(Hallway #4)

Duncan: Anything?

Owen: Nope

Harold: Nothing

Duncan: Oh well

(Jack-4 Bots started charging through the Hall Way)

Duncan: Oh yeah, now that's the stuff

Owen: Let's get'em!

(Owen, Duncan & Harold starts attacking the Jack-4 Bots & won)

Duncan: (sighs) That takes care of those bot brains for now

Harold: Hey, you know something Duncan?

Duncan: What?

Harold: Our teamwork is really strong from that battle

Duncan: Yeah, I guess it was

Owen: It's nice to have everyone getting along. Sweet!

Duncan: Ok, calm down & let's go find the Others ok. (to Harold) And that still doesn't stop me from pranking you

Harold: Oh great, GOSH!

Owen: Ok then, let's go gang. WHOO HOO!

Harold: Got it

(Owen, Duncan & Harold continues their search)

(Hallway #5)

Xplode: (destroyed the Jack-4 Bots) Nothing around here (notices the Roboticizer) (gasps) The Roboticizer?! Where did Plankton get that? Unless...(gasps) Robotnik! (goes back to the Heroes)


(With Group #2)

Gwen: Come on, we don't have time to lose

Ezekiel: She's right eh? We gotta keep on moving eh?

Noah: (notices the Prison Lock) There you are

Mr. Krabs: Get us outta here

Sandy: Hurry!

Jonny 2x4: And fast!

Plank: Chao!

Eva: I'll knock it down! (knocks down the Prison Cell door, freeing Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Rolf, Kevin & Jonny 2x4 with Plank)

Rolf: We are free!

Kevin: Just in time

Dudley: Let's get outta here!

Heather: (notices SwatBots) Oh great, more SwatBots!

LeShawna: Let's get them!

(Group #2 destroys the SwatBots)

Geoff: I wonder why Robotnik wasn't feeling himself today

Sleet & Dingo: (appears)

Sleet: That's because Dingo & I are in charge now until Robotnik's Back feels much better

Izzy: Come to Izzy! (charges at Sleet & Dingo)

Sleet: Get him Dingo!

Dingo: No Sleet, I don't wanna...

Sleet: (transforms Dingo into a Lion)

Dingo: Oh alright! (charges at Izzy)

(Izzy tackles Dingo & she starts attacking Dingo while Izzy laughed maniacally The things she did most to Dingo were so graphic that Group #2, and even Sleet had to look away)


Sleet: Dingo is he...?

Dingo: (groans in pain)

Sleet: Nope, he's still ok (transforms Dingo back to normal) I give up, Izzy's crazy!

Dingo: Let's get outta here!

Sleet: Where?

Dingo: Anywhere!

(Sleet & Dingo retreats back to the Throne)

Izzy: (howls for victory like a Wolf)

DJ: (faints)

Lindsay & Bridgette: (gasps) Oh my

Eva: Not bad

Kitty: Wow, is Izzy that crazy?

Noah: We've seen crazier things in life, but with Izzy? Eeeesh!

(Camera cuts to the Crossovers, Tails & Amy)

Spongebob: Hey guys

(Groups #1 & #2 are back into one group)

Patrick: We did it !

Eddy: Ok now how do we turn them back to normal?

Spongebob: (holds up the Goo Goo Gas Ray Gun) Like Plankton said "A Second dose of this Goo Goo Gas, acts as an Antidote"

Zaktan: Hurry we have 1 hour left

Spongebob: Oh ok then (sprays the Goo Goo Gas at the Baby Hedgehogs: Sonic, Sonia & Manic, turning them back to normal)

Corroder: The deed is done!

Sonic: What happen?

Sonia: And why am I being hold by Eddy

Ed: You three were turned into babies by Plankton and we took care of you three until you were turned back to normal.

Manic: We were?

Ed: Yep, the Piraka took care of Manic, Spongebob & Patrick took care of Sonic, and Eddy, Double & I took care of Sonia.

Eddy: Ed, is that you?

Ed: Maybe

Sonia: Is that true?

Eddy: Yeah, pretty much.

Justin: Yeah, you could say that

Sonia: My hero. (hugs Eddy around the neck, and kissed him)

Eddy: (in a bit of a gaze) Grandad? (collapses to the ground)

Courtney: Ooh. That's gonna leave a mark


(Everyone turns to see Lee Kanker along with other Kanker Sisters, Plankton & the other Villains in his Empire)

Tyler: Not again

Katie & Sadie: Let's get outta here!

(Everyone goes inside the Van & drives away)

Plankton: They got away. One day, we'll be back for more!

(Camera cuts to the Heroes)

Sonic: Thanks for saving our tails guys

Spongebob: It was kinda dangerous but we did it. Acculty I'm a coward

Patrick: Me too

Tails: Don't worry, we'll keep you & the others safe

Amy: There's only one thing to do.

(Camera cuts to Freedom Fighters HQ)

Sonic: I want you to take care of Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Jonny 2x4, Rolf & Kevin for us while we took down Robotnik & the new enemy Plankton

Cyrus: He must've have the Sacred Circle & uses it's power to transport himself here on Mobius

Spongebob: That's correct

LeShawna: Since he's new to Mobius & so are we, maybe we should stop him together

Sonia: Say, maybe you could be a Band of ours

Patrick: But what should we call our band?

Spongebob: The All-Star Underground!

Sonic: I like that name of yours guys

Manic: Your from different Universes & that fits your Band name

Sonia: It's Perfect

Owen: Oh Yeah baby! The All-Star Underground is now ready to go!

Spongebob: Let's go team!

(Everyone goes inside the van & leaves)

Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Rolf, Kevin & Jonny 2x4 with Plank: (waving goodbye)

(We see the Van drove away)

(Now we see Queen Aleena watching the Sonic Underground & the All-Star Underground drive away from a Hill, not far away from them)

Queen Aleena: The All-Star born

The End