This is the 22nd Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Alejandro, Sierra, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio


Queen Aleena: (narrating) Queen Aleena here, now we all know that the All Star Underground is born & there's some lessons has learn by my children & his new crossover friends by Owen that sometimes being big & heavy can have some advantages.

(The Camera starts back at Camp Wawanakwa)

(We see our New Contestants from Season 3 of Total Drama: Alejandro & Sierra arrived on the Island)

Sierra: Cody! I'm Back, did you (notices everyone is gone) Where did everybody go?

Alejandro: (still in the Drama Machine suit) (distorted voice) Face it, we're the last two left that hasn't been gone. Where could they be?

Queen Aleena: (appears) They are at Planet Mobius

Alejandro: I am Alejandro, I can't believe I'm stuck in this Robot Suit!

Queen Aleena: Hmm, it feels like the people being Roboticized

Alejandro & Sierra: Roboticized?

Queen Aleena: But don't worry let me fix you up

Alejandro: But how? I've been trampled on by the contestants & got burned by lava & now I'm stuck in this Robot Suit forever!

Queen Aleena: (waves her Staff around Alejandro & a bright white Flash surrounds Alejandro)

Sierra: (looks away, because the light is too bright for her to see)

(And when the Light fades away, Alejandro is now 100% Fixed & he's not in the Drama Machine anymore)

Alejandro: (normal voice) (gasps) Incredible. I'm me again! Who are you & why did you fix me?

Queen Aleena: My name is Queen Aleena & the reason I fixed you because I care about the people in mobius, including the others from different universes

Sierra: Different Universes? But how?

Queen Aleena: Follow me & I'll show you

(Alejandro & Sierra looked each other & shrugs & then follows Queen Aleena on the Boat of Losers)

(Camera cuts to Nexus)

Alejandro & Sierra: Wow!

Queen Aleena: (goes through the Giant Portal to Mobius)

Alejandro: Wait, where are you going?

Queen Aleena: (from the Portal) My children & I will be reunited when the time is right

Sierra: Huh?

Alejandro: Never mind, Sierra. Let's go through that giant portal & where it might lead us too

Sierra: Ok, but I got my eye on you!

Alejandro: Don't worry, I've changed into a new leaf, it means I give up being an Antagonist any longer, I hope that my gones be bye gones

Sierra: (growls)

Alejandro: (sighs) Ai yi yi

Alejandro & Sierra: (goes through the Giant Portal to Mobius)

(But they except Queen Aleena didn't noticed that Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio comes out from the Portal to Quatros)

Waspix: Where are we?

Raw Jaw: Remember what Queen Aleena said, we must help her children

Fangz: (barks) Yep

Scorpio: So let's move!

(So Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio goes through the Giant Portal to Mobius)

(Camera cuts to Heroes)

(We see the van has stopped & the heroes are coming out of it, starting with Duncan)

Duncan: (sniffs) Man, I missed the smell of the city.

Sonic: But not the smell of Robotropolis

Spongebob: Let's go

(Spongebob, Sonic, Harold & LeShawna steps out of the van next)

Heather: Step off !

Gwen: You step off! (both growl at each other)

Patrick: (pushes Heather & Gwen out of the Van) Excuse me! Sorry

Gwen: (accidently bumps into Harold)

Harold: (accidentally bumps into Leshawna) Ow! Sorry, Leshawna!

Leshawna: No harm done.

(The Rest have gotten out of the Van)

Tails: Wow, I can't believe that I'm joining you guys in missions

Amy: Yeah, I can't believe that either. But it's nice to be on a mission with Sonic

Sonic: Uhh...

Sonia: Remember we on a big mission

Manic: Yeah, it's our 4th one today

Sonic: That's three missions in a row now where we've come up empty! Three times! What's up with that? We're getting nowhere fast here!

Sonia: We're doing some good work, Sonic.

Sonic: Oh yeah? Is Buttnik still around? Do we know where Mom is? Are we making any _real_ progress?

Manic: Er... Yes, No and Hard to say.

Eddy: (groans) Can't we just keep on finding your mother & get this over with

Sonic: Cyrus told us that Robotnik is building something Humongus here today, but what would Robotnik built?

Ed: It is simply guys. Maybe It's a Giant Robotic Monster from "War of the Monster Bots"! (spreads out his arms dramatically)

(Short Pause)

Ed: Simple

Eddy: Your simple Ed


(They noticed 4 Flat Tires on the Van)

Manic: Whao? More Flats?!

Sonic: We're talking flatter than Dingo's Brainwaves

Edd: What happen to the Tires?

Zaktan: Can you say "Owen"?

Reidak: Owen!

Owen: (comes out of the van) Is it finally Lunch Time?

Sonia: Not yet, but our tires are flat because you are heavy. It's like I'm guessing that you weigh about more than 500 Pounds!

Owen: I'm only 296. And I'm sorry about the Fridge being empty. I'm really hungry

Vezok: Have you ever tried losing weight?

Owen: Hmm that's a toughie.

Avak: I got an idea that'll make you lose weight & save some gas for the van

Owen: Huh?

(Camera cuts to the Heroes in the Van)

Manic: I gotta hand it to you guys, this ride's pretty smooth and the fuel mileage is rockin'!

[We see that Owen is pulling the Van like a carridge while he's running to get a Steak that is hanging on the Hook]

Thok: (sitting on top of the van, using a Steak as bait for fishing, but he's making Owen chase the Steak making Owen pulling the Van without even noticing)

Owen: (panting) Come back here, Mr. Steak! Your right guys, it is worth chasing for

Hakann: Told you it would work

(camera cuts to Dr. Robotnik's Base)

Dr. Robotnik: Sleet, Dingo, report

Sleet: The New Giant Animatronic Monster Robot will be ready in 1 Hour.

Dingo: How long is 1 Hour again?

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, well make it quick because this Robot Monster is gonna help me catch those Hedgehogs & those Newbies!

Sleet: Uh sir, there is a slight problem

Dr. Robotnik: What is it now?

Sleet: The Auto-Pilot on this Giant Robot is been disabled for reasons unknown. But the good news is that the Manual is the only option left for controlling the Robotic Beast

Dr. Robotnik: And how do we plan on doing that?

Sleet: By using the motion-sensitive suit (holds up the Motion-Sensitive Suit)

Dr. Robotnik: Oh well, you can't have everything though.

Sleet: Dingo should wear the suit

Dingo: Uh Sleet, I don't I wanna do this

Sleet: You will cause if you don't, I'll morph you into a Sand Flea

Dingo: Ok you win (takes the suit & goes into the changing room)

(Moments later)

Dingo: (wearing a Motion-Sensitive Suit) I look silly

Sleet: You see, by using the Suit, the one who wears it controls the Giant Robot

Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, this could be a perfect time to catch these hedgehogs & those Newbies as well. (evil laughter)

(Camera cuts to Plankton's Base [The Mega Chum Bucket])

Plankton: (holding up a Picture of the Evil Staff)

Krekka: What's that?

Plankton: It's our ticket to becoming the Most Evil Empire in all of Mobius

Nidhiki: It's perfect! It's just what we needed

Plankton: But the bad news is that the Purple Devil Gene Orb & the 4 Pieces of the Staff have been scattered all across the world

Kankers: What?!

Von Nebula: (holding his Fixed Black Hole Staff) We need to find those Pieces & the Orb for the Staff & fast if we want world domination

Snaptrap: He's right, we need that Staff right here, right now!

Larry: But how are we gonna do that? It could be impossible

Snaptrap: (blasts Larry)

Larry: (got blasted) AHHHH! (black covered & feels dizzy)

The Chameleon: Ouchie, that's gonna leave a mark

Bird Brain: Your telling me

Plankton: Enough is enough, let's go & find those Pieces of the Evil Staff

Villains: Yes, Plankton

Plankton: Perfect


(The Van is cruising through Robotropolis figuring it out what kind of Machine is Robotnik making)

Spongebob: We still need to figure out what Robotnik's Giant Weapon

Sonic: I don't know, but we'll never know

Patrick: Maybe we can ask those Giant Bite Marks over there

(Patrick points to the Giant Bite Marks on the Buildings)

Squidward: (looks shocked) What happen to it?

Gwen: (sighs) In retrospect, you properly shoundn't have asked that question

Squidward: Why?


Squidward: What was that?

(A Giant animatronic robot monster [Total Drama] appears destroying buildings of Robotropolis)

Monster: (roars)

Duncan: Isn't that the Giant animatronic robot monster from Season 2?

Gwen: Not again

Sonic: Robotnik never gives up

DJ: (stammers as he saw the Robot Monster) (faints)


Eddy: Down for the count. Let's get outta here!


(Everyone runs out of the Van & run for their dear little lives, while Vezok carries DJ outta here)

Monster: (chases after them)

(Camera cuts to Robotnik's Base)

Dingo: (pretending to be a Monster, controling the Monster to do the same thing) Hey, it is fun!

Sleet: And it's good for your body too, now shut up & catch those hedgehogs!

Dingo: Yes Sleet

(With DJ & Vezok)

DJ: (after having seen the giant animatronic monster) I can almost hear your sweet lullabies, mama... (starts sucking his thumb)

Vezok: (pats DJ on the head) It's ok DJ, it's ok.

(With Owen & Izzy)

Owen: (sees the monster is about to grab Izzy) Izzy, duck! Duck!

Izzy: (giggles) Goose! (impact of monster slamming hand causes her to fly) WEEE! (lands in a construction lift) Do it again!

Owen: (shook his head no)

Monster: (grabs Izzy & drops her inside the Bouncy House Prison)

Izzy: (landing on the Bouncy House Prison, acculty having fun enjoying it)

Dr. Robotnik & Sleet: A Bouncy House Prison?

Dingo: What? They need a "soft" Landing (rim shot) (laughing)

Dr. Robotnik: (facepalms) Oh brother

(With Gwen & Trent)

Gwen & Trent: (Stops running)

Gwen: How are we suppose to get away from that beast?

Justin: (runs by) Follow the good looking people

Beth: (runs by as well) Yeah! Follow Justin!

Gwen & Trent: (follows Justin & Beth)

(With Owen, Spongebob & the Underground)

Spongebob: Phew, that was close

Owen: Maybe the monster won't look for us in here. I love Izzy. Not like love love, but I think she's amazing.

Manic: Sounds like somebody we know

Sonia: (sighs) Bartlby

Owen: I just wish Izzy would notice me and not that giant monster. How can I compete with it? Sure, we're both big and we both eat a lot. But it's really tall.

Sonic: Yeah & monda huge. I wonder how the others are doing?

(With Gwen, Duncan, Trent, Ed, Edd & Eddy)

(They we're still running away from the Monster)

Gwen: This challenge isn't so bad. What, no explosions? No burning buildings? No robots or SwatBots?

Trent: Maybe it's not in the budget.

(a set building explodes, another burns down to reveal to be Metal Sonic [who is now repaired] )

Ed: AHH! Metal Mutant is back!

Edd: Or maybe not

Eddy: You & your big mouth Gwen

Gwen: Oh shut it, Eddy

Metal Sonic: I'll get you for what you & the All Star Underground did to my robotic Sibilings, Metal Sonia & Metal Manic! (chases after them)

Gwen, Trent, and Duncan: (scream and run away)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (runs away as well) RUN AWAY!

Dr. Robotnik: (watching the monitors, chuckling) I thought Metal Sonic was destroyed by that Mutt, Dudley Puppy

Sleet: We have manage to rebuild him into his new level, sir

Dr. Robotnik: Nice!

Dingo: (sweating) Sleet? Can I take a break from all that controlling the Monster excercize? I'm getting tired

Sleet: Less talk, more Capturing!

Dingo: Oh alright

(With Geoff & Bridgette)

Monster: (grabs both of them)

Bridgette: This is it!

Geoff: As long as we're together, Bridgette

Monster: (drops them into the Bouncy House Prison)

Bridgette: I love you!

Geoff: I love you too!

(They both land in the Bouncy House Prison)

(With LeShawna & Harold, Dudley & Kitty)

Kitty: Dudley & Harold, would you guys get a hold of yourselves?

LeShawna: We gotta keep on moving.

(the 4 starts running)

Harold: If I wanted to, I can run as fast as a pronghorn antelope! It's the fastest land mammal after the Cheetah!

Monster: (roars at them, making the 4 feel deep in the sand) (grabs LeShawna, Harold, Dudley & Kitty)

Dudley: YIKES!

Leshawna: (after getting captured by the monster) Easy now! This booty is breakable!

Kitty: Seriously?

Monster: (drops the 4 of them into the Bouncy House Prison)

Harold: (getting dropped into the jumping castle) I love you, LeShawna!

Leshawna: (angrily) Say what now?

(With Ezekiel, Courtney, Cody, Noah, Eva, Katie, Sadie & Tyler)

Ezekiel: That Monster will never find us in the Sewers, eh?

Cody: I'm impressed

(But the Monster Makes a hole through the ground with his fist & grabs all 8 of them & drops them in the Bouncy House Prison)

Courtney: (glares at Ezekiel) "That Monster will never find us in the sewers", huh!?

Ezekiel: Or I could be wrong you know, eh?

Noah: Great, now we're trapped

Tyler: Now what?

Katie: I don't know

Sadie: Oh my gosh, I don't know either

Eva: LET ME OUTTA THIS PRISON! (tries to punch her way out, but the Bouncy House Prison is made of Rubber) GRRRR! I WILL GET YOU!

Cody: Who are talking to?

Eva: (slaps Cody)

Cody: Ow!

(Back with Gwen, Trent & Justin)

Piraka (Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok): (runs off from the Monster) RUN!

Gwen & Trent: (follows the Piraka)

Justin: Huh?

Monster: (grabbed Justin)

Justin: (calm) Yo

Monster: (his eyes widen & felt calm by Justin's Charms like he's in love with Justin)

(Back with Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik & Sleet: (couldn't believe their eyes as they saw the Monster was calmed down by Justin's Charms & then they both glared at Dingo)

Dingo: What? The kid's hot!

(The monster brung Justin over to the moon bounce and gently lowered him to the bottom, and he sat down next to the other captured friends [Izzy, Geoff, Bridgette, Harold, LeShawna, Dudley, Kitty, Ezekiel, Courtney, Cody, Noah, Eva, Katie, Sadie & Tyler])

Justin: (sees everyone in the jumping castle staring) What are you all staring at?

Everyone: You!

Justin: Oh. Right. (smiles)

(With Robotnik)

Sleet; (now wearing the wearing the Motion-Sensitive Suit)

Dr. Robotnik: Why is Dingo swoon with this Justin?

Sleet: It says on his files that Justin is widely considered to be a very handsome and physically attractive person. That's why Dingo thinks that guy is super handsome

Dr. Robotnik: (unimpressed) How Ironic. Sleet you control the monster this time.

Sleet: Yes sir, now I'll be more focused on those Hedgehogs & Newbies (evil laughter)

(With Heather)

Heather: (Running for her life) AHHHHH!

Lindsay: Is it just me or it deja yu all over again?

Monster: (captures Heather & Lindsay)

(Alejandro, Sierra, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio arrives)

Alejandro: What is that thing?

Sierra: It's that Monster from Season 2 of Total Drama

Waspix: Should we stop that thing?

Fangz: (finally speaking in perfect english) Yes

Scorpio: Wow Fangz, you can speak english

Raw Jaw: I'm impressed

Monster: (grabs Alejandro, Sierra, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio as well)

Beth: I'll miss you Lindsay!

Lindsay: Help me

Heather: Alejandro?!

Alejandro: Heather?!

(The Monster drops them into the Bouncy House Prison)

Heather: What is going on here? And why are you healed already?

Alejandro: Queen Aleena happened

Lindsay: Huh?

Alejandro: You know, she healed me?

Lindsay: (doesn't get it)

Alejandro: With her magic?

Lindsay: (still doesn't get it)

Alejandro: She's the Queen of Mobius?

Lindsay: (still doesn't get it) Who fixed you anyway?

Alejandro: (sighs) Ai yi yi

(With Trent, Gwen, DJ, Beth, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok)

(We see them running away from the monster & the monster stops right in front of them)

Trent: (to Gwen, DJ, Beth, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok) Everyone, follow me!

Zaktan: Ok (to Gwen) He's good, is he?

Gwen: That's what makes Trent such a great boyfriend to me. He's always thinking of others. It's one of the things I love about him.

Reidak: Come on, let's move

(Everyone keeps moving except DJ)

DJ: (too scared to move)

Vezok: But DJ's to scared to move

Trent: (to DJ) It's okay, big guy. I got you. (leads everyone into a building, only to find that it's a cardboard cutout) You mean everything around here is fake?

Gwen: That and Trent's exceptional powers of observation.

Zaktan: (unimpressed) How Ironic

Avak: Robotnik

(The Monster captures Gwen, Trent, Beth & DJ, leaving the Piraka behind)

(Gwen, Trent, Beth, and DJ are being carried by the monster)

Thok: What the?!

Beth: I'm coming for you Lindsay! (the monster drops them and they fall into the bouncy house prison)

Trent: (to Gwen) I'm her for you babe!

(All 4 of them lands safely inside the bouncy house)

Hakann: Aw man!

Sonic: Aw man is right

(The Piraka turns to see Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Owen & Duncan)

Sonia: Looks like we're the last ones left

Spongebob: We gotta save them

Eddy: Right!

Owen: Boy, am I ever glad I'm not them.

Ed: (points to the Monster in front of them) MONSTER!

Edd: Oh my lord!

Patrick: Wow!

Squidward: Oh no.

(We see the Monster roars at them)

Owen: AHH! (covers in fear under a Car Standee) I'm gonna die!

(The Monsters grabs all of them & puts them in the Bouncy House Prison)

(With Robotnik)

Robotnik: HehehehahahahahHAHAHAHAHA!

(But Robotnik didn't know that he'd missed only one)


Owen: AHHH! AHHH! AHHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHHH! (notices that he's the only one left that is not captured by the Monster) Ahh? (a car standee falls off of Owen) (looks around & gets up) I'm ok? I'm OK! YEAH BABY! But what if the monster comes back to get me?

????: (womens' voice) You have nothing to worry about Owen

Owen: (turns to see that it's...) Queen Aleena? Is that you?

Queen Aleena: Yes Owen, it's me. I know helping my Children is the right thing to do, but reunited them too soon can seal their fate

Owen: Oh (chuckles) Sorry.

Queen Aleena: Owen, you might be the only one that can stop this new Monster Machine made by Robotnik

Owen: But how can I compete with that Giant Monster? It's so gosh darn Gigantic!

Queen Aleena: Remember that maybe your size can have an avantage. And there's something you should know

Owen: Oh yeah? What's that?

Queen Aleena: Plankton is planning to gather up the 5 Pieces of the Evil Staff. (gives Owen a Diagram of the Evil Staff) It has 5 parts: The Tip, the thin part, the medium part, the thick part with the Devil's Hand & Claws & the 5th & final part is the Devil's Orb

Owen: Wow, do I have to memorise all that?

Queen Aleena: Yes. Good Luck Owen. (leaves)

Owen: Thanks. Hmm I guess the Devil's Hand with the Claws can be use to hold that Orb thingie in place or something

Tails & Amy: (appears)

Tails: Is the Monster gone?

Owen: Yep, but he'll be coming back for more, trust me

Amy: Ok then & we'll be ready for him cause we're the last 3 left

(Owen didn't notice Robotnik's Spy Orb is spying on him)

(With Robotnik)

Dr. Robotnik: What the?! What's Owen doing out here? I thought he was captured!

Sleet: Acculty he is hiding under the Car Standee that you can't even see him

Dr. Robotnik: What?! And who's that with Owen?

Sleet: He's with Tails & the new 12 Year old, Amy Rose, sir

Dr. Robotnik: What about the one with the Cloak?

Sleet: Not sure. But let's replay the tape (rewinds the Video & it reveals that it's Queen Aleena who is with Owen)

Dr. Robotnik: (gasps) Queen Aleena?! Sleet, get out of that suit ! Because the Queen is mine!

Sleet: Yes sir

(With Owen, Tails & Amy)

Owen: (looks around) Ok, I'm ready to go! (goes outside & starts walking, but get's tierd) Cant...go on...any....more (falls on his belly)

(We see that Owen walks not that far away, only 4 Feet)

Tails: (sighs) Come on Owen, we'll help you get up

Amy: Yeah

(Tails & Amy helps Owen get up, but they're struggling)

Amy: Wow! Your heavier than I thought, Owen

Owen: Sorry

Monster: (goes in front of Owen, Tails & Amy)

(The Monster changes his face to a TV Screen with Robotnik's Head in view of the TV Screen)

Dr. Robotnik: (now wearing the Motain Sensitive Suit) And then there were three, at least for you it is.

Owen: (out of breath) Take... me. I... surr (wheeze) ender.

Sleet:: (wearing his original clothing) Owen really needs to lay off those cheese puffs

Dingo: (wearing his original clothing as well)

Dr. Robotnik: Well, well, well. Queen Aleena may have escaped, Owen, but at least I have you! (controls the Monster to pick up Owen with his Motian Sensitive Suit, but Owen's too heavy for the monster to pick up & the Monster is malfunctioning & sparks come flying out of the robotic beast)

Owen: Huh?

Amy: What just happened?

Tails: I don't know Amy

Dr. Robotnik: What the?! Sleet, what's happening?

Sleet: I'm afraid Owen is just to heavy for the monster to pick up sir. We must abort the mission

Dr. Robotnik: Premission denided.

Sleet: But sir...


Sleet: (gulps) (scared) Yes sir

Dr. Robotnik: (struggles to control the Monster to pick up Owen) Come on! Come on!!

Robotnik's motian sensitive suit starting sparking and Robotnik was electrocuted

Dr. Robotnik: AHHHHH!


(The Suit explodes leaving Robotnik back to his Original Clothes, but with holes & black marks)

Dr. Robotnik: Ouch! (falls on his back)

(The Monster breaks down & the TV Screen on the Monster turns off & coming out of the Monster revealing to be a small piece of the Staff: The Tip)

Amy: (notices a Tip of the Evil Staff) Huh? What's this?

Tails: It must be a spare part or something

Amy: Oh ok then (puts it inside her Pocket)

Owen: WHOO HOO! I'm too heavy! (lands on the ground) Yes! I win baby, I win!

Tails: Not yet, Owen. We still need to rescue our friends, remember?

Owen: (starts walking back to the van) Aw Man!

Amy: Come on let's go back to the van

Tails: Since the Sonic Underground aren't here now. I guess I'll be driving this time

Amy: Ok

Owen: Okey dokey Tails, but I'm Starving.

Amy: Why?

Owen: I don't know, but My mom says I eat when I'm upset. And happy. And tired. Not to mention bored, gassy, morose, joyous, comatose, semi-conscious, (suddenly grows a moustache) avuncular... (giggles) Avuncular.

Tails: (notices Owen's grown moustache) Uh Owen?

Owen: Yes?

Tails: (thoughts about it) Never mind, let's go

(Owen, Tails & Amy goes inside the van & they drive the van all the way to Robotnik's Base)

Plankton: (appears & notices they're gone along with the Tip of the Evil Staff) Hmmm, they may have 1st piece of the Evil Staff, but at least I'll have the other 4 Pieces to find & I'll get the Tip of the Staff really soon (leaves)



(Alarm Blares, waking everyone in the prison up)

Owen: (without his moustache) (walking up to the Heroes with Tails & Amy helping Owen walk all the way to them) (falls on his belly)

Trent: (to Owen, who finally arrives at the prison with Tails & Amy) It took you ten and a half hours to walk three city blocks?

DJ: That's just sad, man.

Sonic: Come on Owen, I'm waiting.

(Owen pulls a pin out of nowhere and uses it to pop the bounce house prison)

Duncan: How come no one thought of doing that last night? (everyone groans)

Amy: (sighs) No time to explain, let's get outta here

Tails: But first we gotta pass those guys! (points to the Swatbots)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (activate their medallions & they we're ready to fire until...)

Owen: Is that....FOOOOOOOD!

(Owen thinks that the Swatbots are food because he's super hungry)

Total Drama (except Owen): Uh oh!

All (except Owen): Uh Oh!

Owen: (charges at the Swatbots) COME TO PAPA!!!

Spongebob: Owen wait...!

(But it was too late, Owen starts eating the Swatbots like crazy, thinking that the Swatbots are Food)

Sonic: Owen, let's do it, to it !

(The Song begins as Owen keeps on eating the Swatbots, still thinking that they are food)

Spongebob & Sonic: Well, take some nails and make a bed

Place your hands above your head

Cross your legs in a yoga stance

Now you’re doing the cosmic dance

All: Let’s get cosmic, let’s get cosmic

Everybody do the cosmic dance

Eddy: Take your sheet and make a robe

Patrick: Dance right over red-hot coals

Ed: Take out those M.C. Hammer pants

Edd: Gonna need them for the cosmic dance

All: Let’s get cosmic, let’s get cosmic

Everybody do the cosmic dance

Zaktan, Reidak, Vezok, Thok, Avak & Hakann: Let’s get cosmic, let’s get cosmic

Everybody do the cosmic dance


(the music continues as Owen is still eating the Swatbots the same way he ate the fake food in Season 2 of Total Drama: Total Drama Action)

Spongebob: Come on!

All: Let’s get cosmic, let’s get cosmic

Everybody do the cosmic dance

Let’s get cosmic, let’s get cosmic

Everybody do the cosmic dance

(The Song ends as Owen lyes on the ground on his belly)

Sonic: (to Owen, after watching him eat everything in the craft services tent) Owen, the man of many appetites. How was it, big guy?

Owen: The turkey was a bit-- (burps) --dry.

Sonic: Not surprising, since you ate an entire Swatbot Army.

Owen: Swatbots?

Sonic: Yep! Am I the only one who can take down an entire army of Swatbots?

Spongebob: With Owen, no

Eddy: It looks like Robotnik will be surprized at what Owen did to the Swatbots

Edd: Anyways, let's get outta here, shall we gentleman?

Ed: Follow Double D!

Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: (carries Owen back to the van)

Duncan: (laughing) Did you see that? Owen ate an entire Swatbot Army! Full props for that, man. (continues laughing)

Geoff: Way to find the key to victory, dude! I used to think Owen was just some party dude, but he's really a stand up guy to the Freedom Fighters. Party on!

Harold: I could have done that, you know. I just wasn't hungry.

Owen: No, wait, wait, wait, wait! There's still one more! (burps very loudly)

Sonia: Oh Eck!

Owen: Sorry

Leshawna: You know what Owen has? Guts! Guts full of Metal, foamcore and rubber. But guts still the same.

Sonia: You think?

Manic: Wow, way to go bro!

Owen: Um, the names Owen by the way

Manic: It's just a way of saying good job, Owen

Owen: Thanks (burps again)

All (Except Owen): Ew!

Owen: Sorry, again

(Moments later back at the van)

Sonia: (holding a glass of a dissolvable indigestion stimulator) Here Owen, you might wanna drink this.

Owen: (still lying on the floor after gorging down Swatbots. Sees Sonia about to give him a dissolvable indigestion stimulator) Oh, don't worry. I'm good. (laughs) My mom says I got a gut like a goat's. (bowel movement noise) Nope, call 911.

All (Except Owen & Sonia): (laughing)

Sonia: Guys, would you stop it! Owen needs his vitamins

Spongebob: (notices a Scroll of the Evil Staff inside Owen's Pocket) Hey, what's that in your pocket?

Owen: Oh that (chuckles) Queen Aleena gave this Scroll to me and...

Sonic: Whao, wait a nano second, did you say "Queen Aleena"?

Owen: Yep, she gave me this scroll & I put it in my pocket

Manic: Let me see that (grabs the Scroll & notices a picture of the Evil Staff) What's that?

Reidak: I have no idea

Vezok: Me neither

Zaktan: It looks like a Staff

Owen: It's the Evil Staff

Gwen: The what?

Heather: Evil Staff?

DJ: Did you say...(gulps) "Evil Staff"?

Trent: What?

Owen: Yep, yep. The Evil Staff. Queen Aleena said that it has 5 Broken Pieces.

Amy: (picks up the Tip of the Evil Staff from her pocket in her Red Dress) Those pieces are the cause of our troubles. When I found that Piece, I thought it was a spare part. But then I thought it looked preaty, so I kept it. I didn't know it was one of the five pieces of the Evil Staff)

Spongebob: Interesting

Sonic: The Evil Staff? What kind of Crazy Villain would use such a thing?

Manic: Could it be Robotnik?

Spongebob: Or maybe Plankton?

All: Hmmm

Owen: (stomach gurgles) Uh guys, can I use the Bathroom, cause I really have to go!

(Everyone [Except Owen] murmur in disgust while they drove away in the van)

All: Ew

Squidward: Owen!

Lindsay: Didn't need to see that

Kitty: Me neither

Trent: Sick!

The End