This is the 32nd Episode of Sonic Underground: Crossover

Character Debuts: Mordecai & Rigby


Queen Aleena: (narrating) My children the Sonic Underground loves to play music & sing & our two new friends Mordecai & Rigby learns that working in the All Star Underground is more important than working in the park, because they had one of the 7 chaos emeralds.

(Montage of Mordecai & Rigby begins with the two entering Planet Mobius through the Giant Portal to mobius, then Mordecai & Rigby arrives at a karaoke place & talks to the manager which is a dark green mobian crocodile similar to Vector the Crocodile about the song that they're gonna sing. Now we see Mordecai & Rigby singing the song they chose, along with the Sonic Underground who have become the guest stars of the place today)

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (getting an idea about Mordecai & Rigby)

(The next morning)

Mordecai & Rigby: (are in their new apartment [which they have use for comfort & a home in Mobius] in the grassy fields, which is a beautiful place far far away from Robotropolis)

Mordecai: [gets out of bed] Dude wake up, c'mon. [yawns] It's time for work.

Rigby: [flailing] Eh eh eh eh! (gets up) Lame! (gets out of bed) Dude c'mon, let's go watch that karaoke tape from last night!

Mordecai: What tape?

Rigby: Dude the tape from last night, remember? That old crocodile dude gave us a copy of our killer performance with the special guest rockband called the Sonic Underground.

Mordecai: Oh yeah. Dude we were awesome last night.

Rigby: Totally awesome!

Mordecai: Where'd you put it?

Rigby: Put what?

Mordecai: The tape.

Rigby: Oh yeah. I put in the fridge.

Mordecai: Oh yeah.

Mordecai and Rigby: To keep the tape as cool as were last night. Wooooooooahhhhh! [spin out the door & goes to the kitchen]

[Cuts to inside of the fridge. Fridge door opens and tape is visible]

Mordecai: So cool.

Mordecai and Rigby: Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm.

[Mordecai takes tape and closes fridge door. Mordecai plays the tape]

Crocodile Manager: (on tape) Ladies & Gentleman, singing with the music by the Sonic Underground. Give it up for Rigby and Mordecai!

[Mordecai and Rigby enter stage on the screen laughing]

Mordecai: (on tape) Dude! [pushes Rigby and picks up microphone] Hurry up hurry up. Alright.

Rigby: (on tape) Hello hello hello!

Mordecai: (on tape) [taps Rigby] Dude c'mon!

Rigby: (on tape) This is for all you hard workers out there that get treated like dirt!

Mordecai: Dude, so awesome!

Mordecai and Rigby: (on tape) [dancing & singing] We've got the right to chose and there ain't no way we're losin'. This is our life, this is our song. Oh, we're not gonna take it, no, we ain't gonna take it. We're not gonna take it anymore.

Rigby: Hey, we're pretty good!

Mordecai and Rigby: (on tape) [dancing] Woo!

Sonic, Sonia & Manic: (on tape) (gets an idea about Mordecai & Rigby)

Manic: (on tape) What aren't you gonna take from Robotnik?

Mordecai: (on tape) We're not gonna take anymore garbage from this Dr. Robotnik! What a loser!

Rigby: (on tape) Yeah, go back to your sad apartment and be alone forever!

Mordecai and Rigby: (on tape) Ohhhhhhhh!

Sonic: (on tape) What else, what else? Either Sleet or Dingo? 

Rigby: (on tape) Yeah, you mean this know-it-all guy Sleet? Forget him!

Mordecai: (on tape) Yeah, if you're so smart then why are you stuck working as a bounty hunter?

[Rigby laughs]

Mordecai: (on tape) I'm just sayin', I'm just sayin'!

[Pan to Dr. Robotnik Prime, Sleet & Dingo in Robotnik's throne with horrified expressions as they are watching the clip from their security cameras earlier last night]

Rigby: (on tape) Oh dude and Dingo! Dingo!

Sonia: (on tape) And about Dingo?

Mordecai: (on tape) Oh yeah and this guy Dingo just says the dumbest things all the time! You not as interesting as you think, Dingo!

Mordecai and Rigby: (on tape) Ohhhhhhhhhh! [laughs & continues singing] We're not gonna take it. No we ain't gonna take it!

[Pan back to Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo with horrified expressions againSleet fastforwards the tape]

Rigby: (on tape) Let's play basketball Robotnik with you as the ball !

[Sleet fastforwards the tape again]

Mordecai: (on tape, imitating Sleet) Oh, I'm so ugly, I don't know what beauty is!

Sleet: What the heck are they doing!

[Sleet fastforwards the tape again]

Mordecai: (on tape, as Dingo) My name's Dingo, let me and my muscles stare at you condescendingly.

Rigby: (on tape) Walking? No, thanks. I'm too good for that.

[Sleet fastforwards the tape again]

Dr. Robotnik: Do you remember any of this?

Dingo: No, no!

[Sleet fastforwards the tape again. Rigby and Mordecai are laughing on the tape. Sleet fastforwards the tape again. Rigby and Mordecai are laughing on the tape again. Sleet fastforwards the tape again. Everytime Mordecai & Rigby are laughing on the tape, Robotnik gets even more angry every time]

Dr. Robotnik: Hold up! Stop, stop!

Crocodile Manager: (on tape) What do you think, folks? Do you like these guys?

[Crowd on tape cheers]

Crocodile Manager: (on tape) Hey, you boys don't mind if I play this video at my club as a promo, do you?

Mordecai: (on tape) Nah, whatever dude.

Rigby: (on tape) You gotta give us a copy though so we can re-live this night forever!

[Crowd on tape cheers wildly. Tape ends]

Dr. Robotnik: That's it! Those 2 must be roboticized at once! Where are they?

Sleet: There are somewhere at the Karaoke Place downtown.

Dingo: I didn't know they have it there.

Dr. Robotnik: (notices something in the tape) Wait a minute. Sleet, rewind the tape.

Sleet: (rewinds the tape)

Dr. Robotnik: Stop!

(Sleet stops the tape & the video shows that there is a trophy with a Dark Blue Prime Chaos Emerald on top)

Dr. Robotnik: It's a Chaos Emerald. Change of plans, we're after that Chaos Emerald.

Dingo: But how are we gonna do that?

Dr. Robotnik: It'll be easy. We'll go ask the manager for the Chaos Emerald, and if he says no, we'll just take it from him by force & Swatbots.

Sleet: Very good stradegy sir.

Dr. Robotnik: Now then, once we get there, nothing will stop us now!

[Cut to Dr. Robotnik, Sleet & Dingo being kicked out from the back door of the Karaoke building & the Swatbots are all trashed because of 2 Powerful Crocodile Bodyguards, wearing black.]

Crocodile Manager: (with 2 Crocodile Bodyguards) I said no! I can play that tape whenever I feel like it and there's not a darn thin you can do about it. I don't wanna see you punks back here again. No Robotnik's allowed! (slams the door behind him)

Dingo: Now what?

(In the Mega Chum Bucket)

Plankton: (spying on the Karaoke building with his large signature periscope) Did you see that?

Krekka: We did

Nidhiki: There are heavily guarded with Crocodile Bodyguards.

Lee: (with Marie & May) That ain't nothing compare to us.

Snaptrap: (with Ollie, Francisco, Larry, the Chameleon, Bird Brain, Vezon, Von Nebula, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk, Kurahk, King Pig, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus & Discord) Indeed we do, they kicked Robotnik out of the Karaoke place.

Discord: I believe the Karaoke building are not welcomed for evil dictators like you & Robotnik

Plankton: Your right. (notices the Dark Blue Prime Chaos Emerald as a trophy) Hello, what's this? It's one of the 7 Prime Chaos Emeralds! Darkrahk was right, there are 7 Prime Chaos Emeralds here.

Turahk: What happened to Darkrahk, anyway?

Plankton: I don't know, but I think he has an important matter with his brother.

(With Lightrahk)

Lightrahk & Darkrahk: (standing face to face against each other)

"More Coming Soon"